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An Update on QuickBooks Online

May 24, 2012

We have restored access to the affected QuickBooks Online customers so that you have access again to your data. We understand your time is valuable and we apologize. Here is what happened.

The issue first appeared when we were exercising our disaster recovery capabilities — over the weekend, we had “flipped” our active and backup data centers while maintaining continuous data replication between them. At 10pm PDT 5/22, we introduced a storage-level change to address a performance issue we noticed on Monday. Unfortunately, an error occurred while implementing the change, and this error introduced a synchronization gap. Once we realized that the data had not synchronized for a subset of customers, at 9 AM PDT on 5/23, we took them offline until we could fix it .

Over the course of the day, we provided access to most customers after verifying that no issues existed with their company data – but the data for a little less than 2% was still not synchronized. At 10pm PDT on 5/23, we provided access to approximately 2000 of these customers who had very few transactions so they could very quickly synchronize their data. At 10am PDT on 5/24, we restored access to the remaining 3700 customers.

All affected customers can now login to QuickBooks to see what steps to take to re-enter the few transactions that are missing. Our Customer Care team is here if you need any help following these directions, or if you’d prefer to have someone walk you through the first few to get comfortable, we’re just a call away and would be happy to help — we’re in this together. If you‘d like help please contact Customer Support at 1-800-488-7330

Again, we apologize and we are committed to helping you.

Quickbooks Online service interruption

May 23, 2012

UPDATE 5/24: Please click here to see an update on the situation.

We have an interruption in service to a small subset of QuickBooks Online customers. At this point, we do not expect that the interruption will result in any loss of data. The issue first appeared at 10pm PST 5/22 as the result of our testing our disaster recovery capabilities. We had previously “flipped” our active and backup data centers while maintaining continuous data replication between them. At 10pm 5/22, we introduced a storage-level change to optimize performance. Unfortunately, this change interrupted the data replication and introduced a synchronization gap. We believe that no data has been lost and are working to reconcile the two data sets. Only the subset of customers who created new transactions between 10pm PST 5/22 and 10am PST 5/23 are affected. If you currently have access to your account, you are not impacted.


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