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iPhone, iPad and Android App Improvements

March 31, 2014

We’ve added important new features to the QuickBooks mobile apps!

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We know as a small business that you’re not always working from your office at your desk. You’re in the field. You’re meeting with customers. You’re bouncing from the job site to your kid’s soccer game and back again. That’s why we’re adding features you’ve requested to QuickBooks mobile apps for those days when time at your desk is a luxury.

What’s New?

iPhone and iPad Updates

It should be easier for your customers to view and pay your invoices online, so the iPhone and iPad apps now include a better invoice emailing experience for you and your customers:

  • From your invoice email, customers can click ‘View Invoice Now’ to view invoice details and save it. ‘Pay Now’ lets customers immediately pay you from their phone, tablet, or computer (payments enabled through QuickBooks Payments).
  • Sending emails through your iPad or iPhone app is easier than ever. Now you can set a custom, default message when you send emails and customize the originating email address.


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An example of an invoice email. Track invoice views and get paid faster with this new format.


 iPad App News

  • In the menu you’ll see a new tab called Products and Services. Here you’ll be able to look through all of the products and services you offer and add new ones to the list. We know that a lot of you have been asking for this, so hopefully this update helps.

Android App News

The QuickBooks app on Android is new too. You’ll notice that not only does that app look cleaner, but it also has new features to help you get work done.

  • Now you can add customer notes to jot down something in the moment and remind yourself later.
  • We’ve also added the ability to create expenses with or without a receipt photo and even split expenses between different categories and customers.
  • Add your vendors into the app too. You can pull them right from your phone contacts.

We hope these additions make it easier not to miss a beat when you are on the go. If the feature that you’re looking for isn’t in these most recent updates, fear not, we’ve got a lot in store for these apps coming soon.

Remember to update your apps so you are always working with the latest version.


If you haven’t tried out the apps for QuickBooks Online yet, click below:

QuickBooks Online for iPhone

QuickBooks Online for iPad

QuickBooks Online for Android



What’s new on QuickBooks for iPad and iPhone?

November 11, 2013

[Quick note: As of June 13, the QuickBooks blog has moved to Follow us there!]

The QuickBooks team wants to take some time and talk to you about our improved QuickBooks for iPhone and iPad, which was just released last week and was featured as one of the best new apps in the App Store. These iOS apps now offer a more efficient design and some new features that we hope will make running your business each day easier.

  iPad_WordPress_Final          iPhone image for WordPress     

When you’re away from your desk and using QuickBooks, we want to make sure that you can see information that matters to you most with just a glance at your phone or tablet. We also want our mobile apps to be familiar and complement QuickBooks Online. To accomplish that, we’ve included the most common workflows but made them tailor made for the iPhone and iPad. Try scrolling through your activity feed. Bold color swatches signal the status of your invoices before you can even read “paid” or “overdue.” Click the universal create button at the bottom of each screen in the app (it’s a blue plus sign). From here, you can easily create a new invoice, estimate, note and more.

Feature-wise, we haven’t mentioned several features that we’ve made available in the past few months. We’ve integrated both iOS apps with the ability to receive payment through GoPayment. This means less waiting to get paid; swipe a credit card and the transaction will flow right into QuickBooks.

So, what’s new on QuickBooks for iPhone? Well, you can now add all your customers and vendors that are currently stored as phone contacts right into QuickBooks. We’ve also heard that a lot of you wanted to see a complete list of your product and service items (and to add new ones) right in the app, so that was built too. You can now even add service dates to the invoices you create from the iPhone.

On QuickBooks for iPad, a top request was to be able to record a sale and payment using a sales receipt, we heard you and added that in. Also, now available is the ability to capture a customer’s signature on invoices they approve. Tell your customers to simply use their finger to sign their name! Lastly, for those who require visual assistance, we now offer iPad’s VoiceOver guidance within the app – as you navigate, your iPad will tell you what you’re touching.

Be sure to check out these new features and we’ll keep the new ones coming. Click below to download these iOS7 optimized apps in the App Store:

                       QuickBooks Online for iPhone                                 QuickBooks Online for iPad

                         Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40                                               Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

Apple Features our New FREE QuickBooks Online for iPad companion app

February 18, 2013

[Quick note: As of June 13, the QuickBooks blog has moved to Follow us there!]

*Update: We are extremely humbled that Apple featured our banner on the Business Category homepage for iPad. None of this could have happened without you! Much love and thanks to our loyal QBO customer base.*

You asked for it and we delivered…QuickBooks Online for iPad is here and it’s free! You can start using it right now! Sign in using the same User ID and password you use for QuickBooks Online.


Free for all QuickBooks Online subscribers, QuickBooks Online for iPad syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. It helps you manage your customers, invoices, estimates, and expenses from work, home, or on the go. Not only have we been featured by Apple as a “New & Noteworthy” app, but QuickBooks Online for iPad already ranks among the Top 10 free iPad business apps on the App Store.

Optimized for the iPad with Retina display and iPad mini, QuickBooks Online allows you to:

Gain insights into your sales, income, and expenses with interactive reports and charts
Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 5.59.35 PM

Instantly capture your customer’s electronic signature to approve estimates and send invoices from anywhere

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 5.59.07 PM

See a timeline of your customer’s latest transactions and attach photos and notes to your estimates

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 5.59.20 PM

So what are you waiting for? Check out QuickBooks Online for iPad now!



QuickBooks Mobile v2.0 released and featured on the App Store

November 16, 2012

[Quick note: As of June 13, the QuickBooks blog has moved to Follow us there!]

Optimized for the iPhone 5 and iOS6, QuickBooks Mobile version 2.0 now offers a convenient sliding navigation and revamped design that allows easier access to the most used features.

Free for all QuickBooks Online users, QuickBooks Mobile helps you manage your customers, invoices, payments, sales receipts, and estimates no matter where you are – home, work, or on the go.


An improved customer filtering, details, and maps help efficiently pinpoint your customer and boost your productivity.


Try it yourself! Check out QuickBooks Mobile in iTunes or on your iPhone.

We’re also delighted that Apple showcased QuickBooks Mobile Version 2.0 on the App Store! This time, QuickBooks Mobile was featured in the following collections:

Check us and the other apps out to help manage your small business and to stay productive on the go! We’re extremely humbled to be held in such high regard by Apple and we will continue to improve our financial management solution for all of our small business owners.

QuickBooks Mobile Featured on the App Store

October 13, 2012

We’re thrilled that Apple recently selected QuickBooks Mobile as part of the “Start Your Business” section on the App Store! We’re so excited to be a member of this power-packed group of mobile apps for small businesses. Free for all QuickBooks Online users, QuickBooks Mobile helps you manage your customers, invoices, payments, sales receipts, and estimates no matter where you are – home, work, or on the go.


So what are you waiting for? Check out QuickBooks Mobile in iTunes or on your iPhone.

To check out other apps in the “Start Your Business” section click here to launch it in iTunes or on your iPhone OR on your mobile device click through the top featured banners on the App Store home page until you get to the “Start Your Business” section.

QuickBooks as a platform – Take advantage of your data in the cloud

June 22, 2012

This blog post shares some insights on how an accountant (virtual CFO) leverages the power of QuickBooks as a platform.

Cathy Iconis

Cathy Iconis

Meet Cathy Iconis, a power user of QuickBooks Online and the owner of Iconisgroup. Iconisgroup ( is more than just an accounting firm as they help clients connect their numbers to their vision by offering virtual CFO and consulting services.

How does Cathy successfully manage her clients’ finances as well as her own business?

QuickBooks Online helps Cathy with the essentials for her business. She utilizes QuickBooks Online in three ways:

  1. As a platform: Cathy creates a QuickBooks Online company for each client.  This serves as the foundation for each client’s data and is stored securely in the cloud. Then she utilizes multiple third party applications to analyze and share analytical data insights with her clients. Transaction pro importer, a third party application, available on Intuit’s app center ( allows her to import her client’s financial data into QuickBooks Online. She creates memorized reports in QuickBooks Online and other systems, like Salesforce, that are then emailed to her clients and/or added to personalized dashboards Cathy has created using Google Sites. Finally, her client’s accounts payable needs are met with, one of Intuit’s key partners for billing. For her office communication needs, she is happy with Google Apps, which includes Google Sites, Docs and Email for only $50 per user per year. Cathy uses many third party applications to unleash the power of QuickBooks Online, and they all work well together. This platform approach enables Cathy to harness the latest innovations inside and outside Intuit. Given Cathy’s affinity to the cloud it comes as no surprise that she uses social channels such as Linkedin and twitter to stay connected with her clients.
Report created by Cathy

Report created by Cathy Iconis

  1. As a reporting system: Cathy’s strengths are in demystifying complex financial problems for her clients with a simple and customer focused approach. She understands the power of numbers and creates actionable reports to help clients better manage their businesses. Cathy is also a problem solver and will go the extra mile to help her clients grow. Recently she created her own customized report for “Job Costing” when she did not find this as a standard report in QuickBooks Online.
Sample job costing report

Job costing report in QuickBooks Online

  1. As a financial management system: QuickBooks Online covers the nuts and bolts of financial management helping Cathy’s clients organize their finances and make better decisions. Since all the information is online, Cathy is able to oversee her clients’ financial statements throughout the year and communicate with them real time to resolve issues.

As you can see there are multiple ways to unleash the power of QuickBooks Online to grow and manage your practice. If you have better ways or insights to share about how you leverage QuickBooks Online to be successful, please reach out to us with your contact information.

Small heads up for Firefox or Chrome users

February 10, 2012

[Quick note: As of June 13, the QuickBooks blog has moved to Follow us there!]

As we roll out changes to QuickBooks Online in the future, we may use some new HTML5 features like IndexedDBHistoryAppCacheWebStorageGeoLocation etc. We may also look at copy/paste from outside applications into QBO. Few of them will make browsers like Firefox or Chrome ask for extra permissions. It’s your choice to accept or ignore them and in either case your regular usage of QuickBooks Online will be unaffected. However accepting / allowing such features may just help enhance your browsing experience. Such notifications only come up once, till you eventually clear your browser’s cache / cookies / site preferences, which causes a reset. So you can always reset your browser preferences any time in case you want to change your choice.

One such page using couple of the above mentioned technologies is our new Sales Receipt page (

In Firefox 10 on the mac you will see the permission request notification as shown in the image below. Other versions on other platforms might look a bit different visually.

For Chrome users, you can just grab the Chrome Web Store app if you haven’t already done so. This will automatically add the necessary permissions (without the app, the notifications may come as a yellow bar on top). After installing that app, in the future you may notice the QuickBooks Online app shortcut greyed out on your Chrome’s New Tab page as shown below and Chrome should prompt for you to accept some permissions. Click re-enable to get it working again.


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