What’s new in QuickBooks: May 2014

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You told us loud and clear: there’s always room for improvement!

Based on your suggestions, here’s what’s new in QuickBooks:

  • Hide financial numbers from view. Click the Private mode toggle at the top of the home page to hide sensitive information from passerby. (We call this “Starbucks mode.”)
  • Access recent transactions in forms. Click the clock icon in the upper left of a transaction form (like an invoice or payment) to view a list of recent transactions.
  • Richer sales form customization.
    • We added a new template called “Fresh.” It’s like Bold but with no background color.
    • We added the invoice number to the Friendly template.
    • The Airy template is now window envelope compatible. Click the More tab to turn it on.
  • More convenient timesheet entry.
    • No more horizontal scrolling.
    • You can now view subtotals by day.
  • Receive payment by invoice number. Click the Find by invoice no. button at the top of the Receive Payment form.
  • Save as you go. On most forms, click the new Save button, located to the left of the primary action button on the bottom right.
  • Send statements from customer detail. You can send a statement from the customer detail page, not just from the group customer view screen.
  • Finding a customer is easier. Now you can search for a customer by company or contact name on the Customers list.
  • Smoother check printing. We improved the way you select, align, and print checks.
  • “Other details” are now called “Notes.” Find this in the Customer Information window and the customer detail page.
  • Drilling down to customer detail is easier. Click anywhere on a customer row to view their detail page.
  • Service date is now the first column. The Service Date column is now on the left side of the table on your sales forms.
  • Up/Down arrow keys support. Whether you’re making a journal entry, or entering a sales or deposit, you can use the Up/Down arrow keys to move from row to row.
  • Better tabbing. Tabbing is more logical on the sales transactions and expenses lists, as well as the invoice, sales receipt, receive payment, expense, and check forms.
  • Fixes to various features. This includes .bmp attachments, multi-recipient reminders, check balances, and markup calculations on products and services.

Don’t see this yet?

If your QuickBooks doesn’t look like the screenshot shown here, it means you haven’t been switched over to the new QuickBooks yet. Learn when the switch will happen for you. If you see the new interface but don’t see this kind of sales customization, it’s because we are running two versions of sales form customization in parallel. Don’t worry, we will make sure you get the winner soon.

Got an idea or suggestion?

Leave feedback by clicking the Gear icon in QuickBooks, and then click Feedback. This is the official way to get your ideas recorded and heard!

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944 Comments on “What’s new in QuickBooks: May 2014”

  1. Jay Mehta Says:

    This is a good update there is still a lot to be worked on. I have submitted a detailed feedback but important to look at includes
    Menu Memory: Remember what was selected so you dont loose your selection moving from details to listings
    Remember Customer view: It doesnt remember last view and always defaults to all transactions
    FIx Unknown Errors
    Change emails while setting up recurring templates
    Allow to set default colums in view so I dont have to add Memo each time
    Select multiple customers and delete
    When going to page 2 of customer and going to details and coming back should go back to page 1 it should go to page 2 … MEMORY FOR MENU very important..
    Cannot copy and paste in Memo field…

    • Paige Says:

      Thanks, Jay! Great observations. I took notes to bring back to the team. What do you mean by change emails when setting up recurring templates? That’s the only one that I don’t really understand.

      • Bob Says:

        I want to go back to the prior version. This one is not good for simple use. The ‘Find in Register ‘ doesn’t even allow looking up checks by their number. When working in the register I have to scroll up from the bottom to click save.

        I want the option of staying with the prior version. Otherwise I probably will switch.

        • Bea Says:

          I agree….we do NOT like the new version at all.

          • Donna Says:

            how do i go back to the old way… this new way is taking me to long and i don’t like it

            • Kelly Says:

              I was a one-man walking Chamber of Commerce for the old version however I would not recommend the new version to anyone how do I go back?

              The old version was the easiest to navigate program I have ever worked with in 40 years of business. And this was from day one I didn’t even need to think.

              In order to fix a couple of minor bugs they made it incredibly difficult to navigate.

              • Padma Says:

                I just want to go to my old version.Will somebody please tell me how to get to chart of accounts.It has been highly frustrating.They should give the option of updating.They should not have updated it for everybody.It should have been a choice

                • Wendy Says:

                  Click on the settings gear in the upper right corner. You’ll see the chart of accounts in the drop down.

              • maureen h Says:

                I agree with everyone who says this new update is terrible – I’ve just spent over three hours trying to pay bills and print checks – nothing prints! Have cleared cache, have checked to make sure Adobe is okay. Have been waiting more than an hour for a call-back from tech support. I’ve noticed they have removed their phone number from most places so they obviously are having too many issues to handle. Our time is very valuable but it is obvious they didn’t test this before making all of us try to figure things out – the number I finally located is 800-488-7330 if that helps get their attention.

                • Nancy Says:

                  Did you ever figure out how to print a check? I am having the same problem. It is extremely frustrating!!

                  • Paige Says:

                    Were you able to print checks? You should be able to to it from the top of Expenses (under Transactions in the left navigation) or from the individual check itself.

                    • Nancy Says:

                      Yes. After 2 hours, and after hitting every print button that I could find, I discovered that if you hover over the print preview, 4 icons come up. If you click on the third from the left, your check will print! Go figure.

            • Melissa Says:

              I agree I HATE this vesion can we revert to the older??

            • Sheila Says:

              HOW do I return to the OLD VERSION, I HATE THIS, I have lost everything…..

              • mariana Says:

                i wish i could go back to the old version too.

                • eric c.r. Says:

                  This new version is so annoying and time consuming. If anyone can figure out how to get the old version back please reply to this comment.

                  • Margie Butler Says:

                    I don’t know how to get the old version back, but I just want to say I agree with you — the new version is definitely “annoying and time consuming”

            • Jennifer Says:

              I agree. I want to go back. I cannot find anything. I received an email telling me Payroll Taxes were due and it provided a link to go to pay them. I thought YAY! This will take me exactly where I need to go and I won’t spend 30-60 minutes searching. WRONG… the page it took me to was just a list of employees. There was nothing on that page about paying taxes. HOW DO I PAY MY PAYROLL TAXES!! WHERE IS THE PAGE THAT SHOWS “TAXES DUE NOW”???

              • Jennifer Says:

                Okay…found it. It is NOT on the Employee page at all…don’t know why the email link took me there. It is under the menu on the right that says “TAXES”. Duh…now I see it. The grouping of tasks has been changed so much. I think that is the biggest problem when trying to find things.

          • Joel Says:

            100% agree. This change-over is complicated, does not work well, and needs to be reversed!

            • Joanne Says:

              I agree, the prior version was much easier to work with. This one is not easy any more; bring the old one back.

              • Dawne Says:

                I totally agree this new version is very difficult to maneuver. Does not seem organized or complete.

                • IntuitMeg Says:

                  Hi guys – We definitely don’t want you to feel slowed down or like you can’t find what you need. When I started with the new look, I know that I felt a bit lost not knowing where to find the features I needed, too. Something that’s been a big help to a lot of people feeling the same way is this blog from our developers describing the four main places you’ll find everything you need in the new look. Here’s a link:


                  I know it can be hard to adjust, but check out that link. It should help you get moving a bit faster and more efficiently – I know it helped me.

                  • Dan Says:

                    I would have GLADLY switched earlier this year or even in a few months, but not during my busiest time of the year. I dont want to learn anything new while trying to work (HVAC contractor in Arizona during the summer)

                    It would also be an easier transition if the change wasnt so drastic and awkward to navigate and use. I really dislike the deposit forms now… to annoying to reconcile everything. It was much easier before this update

          • sherricapps3@hotmail.com Says:

            AMEN, this new update takes me longer to pay company bills and payroll then before. Do Not like it.

          • Paul Says:

            I also prefer the old version much more

            • Ron MyCA Says:

              Intuit has shown they do not know what they are doing – just like Microsoft with ribbons and no start menu – a new interface for the sake of change – no new functionality like transaction uploading – a big waste time and money learning a new interface and the new names given to things (eg, pay employees is now run payroll, etc.) that does not work as well as the old, the menu selections are now in three places, lots of extra mouse clicks and key strokes needed to navigate and do your work, screen layouts feature lots of white space, a vertical navigation bar that can’t be hidden or resized taking up space that could be used to see actual data, horizontal scroll bars that don’t work, must zoom out using browser resulting in 7 point text that you can barely see, when doing journal entries, etc CPU/memory usage spikes because they are using dynamic forms where one must click on a line to open it up for data entry but if you switch windows to do a cut & paste, when you return you have to re-click to open the data box – I could go on and on but what is the point – the people who ok’d these changes obviously do not use their own product – enough said

              • Roger Solem Says:

                I totally agree. The old version is more functional with less keystrokes. The presentation looks fresh but the results are not. I will take the old version.

              • ed Says:

                I agree – being a large user of qb on line – over 45 clients – the new version is bad , in every way shape and form.

                We are also a large user of qb , pro and premier, and qb accounting, We are in the process of closing out 21 set of qb on line for the tax period and federal tax returns . when done will be moving all my clients to qb in house.

              • Well said. Intuit said they were making this product more intuitive and quicker with better work flow. How is moving “Print Checks” from the Transaction menu to the Expense screen intuitive and faster? Now I have to make 3 more clicks to get my checks printed and this was after about 30 minutes of searching for where they hid it. I was in front of a new client trying to train on how to use Quickbooks Online. Embarrassing. I had just used the Print Check function two days before and it was under Transactions. Payroll is a total nightmare. Don’t they test their product before releasing it?

                • Tina Says:

                  It took me 2 days to do payroll. Thank goodness I started it early just for the purpose of possible problems.
                  I didn’t get to work on the old version, I was ‘dumped’ into this one and I’m pretty software smart…but really?? I can’t just print my payroll with 3 clicks now? I have to go into reports and then scroll down to paycheck list and jump through hoops there just to print the checks!!!
                  Shoot, I’ll go back to my desktop version.

            • Nancy Rutledge Says:

              Please get me back to the old version. This is way to time consuming . Nancy

              • Hilda Aguilar Says:

                I do NOT like this version. Way to complicated and not easy to navigate.

            • cindy Says:

              I will agree. I have been using this old system for 2 years now and loving they system. Now have been on hold for 58 minutes and counting just to get an answer(when they first said 13 minutes). I have been transferred 2x with no answer. This is just horrible and I am starting to look for another system. Not worth the headache. Why can we not go back to the old version. The updates are not better just more confusing.

              • IntuitMeg Says:

                Hi Cindy – I’m sorry that you had a hard time getting in touch with us. Since you reported being transferred, I wonder if maybe you accidentally called an incorrect number within Intuit, leading to you being looped around. In the future, if you ever need to get in touch with us, try using this link:


                Just click Using QuickBooks and Call QuickBooks to get our number. We’re here from 6 AM to 6 PM PST. We even have a handy “Call Me Back” feature where you can request a representative give you a call when it’s your turn, rather than you holding for a significant amount of time. Hope that helps you get in touch with us when you want to be.

          • Crmen Diaz Says:


          • Karen Says:

            I love all of your new updates. Keep up the good work! Its hard to please all of the people all of the time!

            • maureen h Says:

              So Karen – perhaps you can help all of us who cannot print checks if you have had success with the new updates. What have you found that allows printing of checks rather than a blank page?

              • arnie sawyer Says:

                printing checks is a bit “interesting,” due to both the software and your printer settings. What I did was print to blank paper, after marking them Front and Back. That way I could see how it is relating to my printer, because I was having double sided issues too since my default setting is double sided to save paper.

                What I ended up with was a set of Page Layout choices so that when printing a batch of checks they all print perfectly on the correct side of the preprinted checks. I access them by clicking the PRINTER button on the “floating” Acrobat printing toolbar (it appears when you hover over the preview).

                YES it was frustrating at first, but like all the changes, once you learn the new way you are done and can get work done. YES it would be easier if everything stayed the same, and for you accountants complaining about lost man hours etc, yes that isn’t great. Yet, my accountant never complained when his people tallied a lot of hours, and with the 3 to one billing protocols you guys still cling to, Im surprised MORE hours is a bad thing.

                My accountant recommended QBO to me, and probably since I was not a heavy OLD QB user, the transition has been a fairly smooth learning curve.

            • AJ Says:

              Karen, You must not use the QBO files and bank feeds. It is insane what they have done with online banking. Takes a really long time to code one credit card statement because the rules “feature” shuts down the program. Don;t click on the rules button on the top of the page or you will lose all the work you have done.

              • Reesa McKenzie Says:

                Rules button? You have a rules button?? I don’t have this on any of my files.

              • qbojen Says:

                AJ, I’m not sure what Rules button you are talking about since we don’t have Rules. Can I follow up with you offline to understand what you are seeing? thanks, Jennifer

              • IntuitMeg Says:

                Hi AJ – We absolutely don’t want you to lose work you’ve done when working with your downloaded transactions. I have to agree with the other posters – I’m not familiar with any kind of “rules” button on the Banking page. Could you perhaps let me know a bit more about where you’re seeing that button? I can then zip back here and we can try to troubleshoot the way that button currently behaves. Thanks so much for letting me know!

            • You must not have the new version.

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Karen – I’m glad to hear that you’re liking what you’re seeing! Don’t forget – you can send our developers feedback about features you like, too. This way, they know not to change that feature! Here’s how to let them know.

              Click the gear in the upper right of your Home screen.
              Choose Feedback from the dropdown.
              Let them know what you’re liking, then click Next.
              Choose a category, and click Send message.

              That way, they know what’s working and what isn’t :) Thanks so much for letting us know you enjoy the changes!

          • Cathy Says:

            I hate this new version! Please give me the old version back or I am considering changing to a different program. this one isn’t user friendly.

        • Steve Chapman Says:

          I agree 100%. At least have a way to go back to the old start up screen. Thsi is not simple for a small company / Church.

          • Joanna Says:

            I agree as well. This new program takes longer and now they have added more steps and confused the process of even printing a check.

            • Robin Says:

              Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m ready to scream!

            • Beverly Says:

              It took me 45 minutes today to figure out how to print a check and it seems new steps have been added. The original program was easy. I finally got used to the update, and now it’s changed again and not easier at all. Do the people writing the programs actually try to use them afterwards?

              • Vijay Says:

                Hi Beverly,
                With the upgrade you can now bookmark the URLs for most pages. So for print checks too, you can bookmark its url that you see in the browser’s address bar. Then you can eliminate the extra click of going to Expenses and then clicking on “Print Checks”. You can directly access from the bookmark.

                Hope this helps.

                • This is a mistake to bury this on the expenses page! Just put it on the Create menu under the Vendors section…you know, like “I want to CREATE checks”. You will save on the confusion for a ton of your customers!

                  • Karen Says:


                  • Joanne Detter Says:

                    I agree. The first update had print checks under transactions instead of banking, like the old version. Now it’s changed again to Expenses? Way to confuse us even more! Pick one and stick with it please!

              • HEATHER Says:

                thats my problem , i cant fiqure out the checks!

                • Are you looking for Print Checks? From the left menu, go to Transactions > Expenses. The print check button is at top of page.

                  • Nancy Says:

                    When I click on that it takes me to another screen and there is NO where I can see to print the check. I see print preview and print setup, but for the life of me I cannot figure ut how to print this check!

                    • Paige Says:

                      Hi Nancy,
                      Where you see the PDF of the check you’d like to print, you need to hover over the document with your mouse to see the print icon or right click it to print. This definitely needs to be fixed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

              • George Says:

                I have never seen anything so foolishly done, you ever is running this company should be fired. How dare a company go and change something without giving the option to stick with the old version. Did they even take into consideration the disruption this would cause in small companies trying to operate?? I am trying to print checks and it is so backwards and utterly ridiculous that I am going to have to handwrite checks because it will not let me do it.

                Whom ever is running QuickBooks should probably resign immediately!!!

                • IntuitMeg Says:

                  Hi George – I’m sorry that you’ve been having a hard time, and that you’ve ended up frustrated. If you’re trying to print Checks but you can’t find where to go, try clicking Transactions on the left side of your screen, then select Expenses from the menu that appears. You should have a button for “Print Checks” at the upper right. If you need to align your checks, you can click “Print Setup” at the bottom of the page. Hope that helps!

            • tom Says:

              I agree with everyone and my biggest complaint is not getting a warning or notice this was coming!
              you should not change over a program as important as QB without our permission!!!
              totally outrageous and creating huge problems in my business
              I will be looking for options elsewhere when my subscription runs out!!!!!!!!

              • Susan Hoffman Says:

                I totally agree with all the users who are upset about the changes – especially the no warning. Our church uses QB 2013 and our preschool uses QB Online. I much prefer the standalone version! It is easier to use and allows greater flexibility in searching and reporting. I have hated QBO from day one and now I hate it even more. As soon as I can convince the decision makers to switch the preschool, I will be much happier.

                • Karen Says:

                  I use QBO simple for a small business and love the new updates. Sometimes all of the screen is not viewable without moving the whole tab from side to side. But it is definitely better

              • IntuitMeg Says:

                Hi Tom – I’m very sorry the new look took you by surprise. I know it can be a big adjustment to move to a new look, especially if you’ve been using the old look for some time. While we did our best to notify people we would be moving to a new look with emails and pop ups, I do understand how those warnings could have been missed. Something that was a big help to me when I got started with the new look was locating the features I needed. Here’s a link to a blog by our developers that explains the four places you’ll want to go to access the most commonly used areas in QuickBooks Online:


                Check it out – it’s helped a lot of people, so I’m hoping it helps you, too. Feel free to pop by the Community if you ever need help finding anything ( http://community.intuit.com/ ). That’s where you’ll find me when I’m not here in the blog. Hope that helps.

                • Dan Klinglesmith Says:

                  Oh Meg Please get off you high horse and acknowledge that this is not just a new Look!

                  If in fact this was a new look with all of the functionality of the last version most of us would just be asking simple questions like where can I find this thing I used to do this way in the old system.

                  This new version is MISSING HUGE PIECES OF FUNCTIONALITY That made the old version usable. if incomplete I was at the front of the line Begging for the system to be rewritten but never dreamed we would get stuck with this dud!

                  The Home Page is a waste of space. The Menus are disconnected and inconsistent.
                  Creating a new customer requires that one go the Customer menu before you can fid a button to create a new customer.
                  Creating a New Estimate or Invoice is accomplished 2 different ways depending on wether you are in the customer list or viewing a customer.
                  You can’t search the Customer list You can can only search for a customer. go ahead ask why I make that distinction.

                  Dan K

                  • Don K Says:

                    “get off your high horse” Really? What is it about the internet that turns people into jerks, even when responding to someone who is trying to be friendly and helpful?

                    • Dan Klinglesmith Says:

                      Hey Don it’s not the Internet I will talk to live support the same way. High Horse was the politest way I could say what i was thinking!

                      The Issue it that Intuit has not Officially responded to any of these complaints. Meg’s Cheerful responses telling people that they should read the 4 tips for using the new QBO interface, rather then saying what and when they plan on fixing the problems people are complaining about is an insult to Us the customers.

                      If you are happy with this cruddy version that you are paying for Monthly then good on you. Most of us are Not!

                      I am fed up with Intuits big corporate attitude that allows some mid level manger in a power struggle with some other manager Insisting that his Ideas be implemented just be cause they are his ideas with thought or care that the end result might suck as long as it has his name on it!

                      Dan K

          • Nancy Says:

            I agree. This is not simple for a church. I liked the old version a lot better. I have not been able to find my way around in this new version. I have to keep clicking on items until I find what I need.

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Nancy – I really don’t want you to feel lost – I know it was hard for me in the beginning too when I felt like I couldn’t find what I needed. You might want to check out this blog from our developers about the most commonly used navigation tips in the new look. It’s helped a lot of people, so it might help you find what you need, too. Here’s a link:


              • Kim Says:

                Yes, this link helps a little. I agree that the new system is hard to adjust to because it is so different and so far is not eaiser. Anything new is hard so it will take some time. How do you go to a print a batch of checks instead of printing them one at a time?

                • IntuitMeg Says:

                  Hi again – If you’d like to batch print your checks, try clicking Transactions > Expenses on the left side of your screen, then click “Print Checks” in the top right. You’ll be able to check off the various checks to select them, then click “Pay and Print” to get the physical checks printed out. If you ever have more trouble, feel free to send your question to http://community.intuit.com/ . You’ll find me helping answer questions there when I’m not poking my head in the blog :)

                  • Kim Says:

                    Thanks Meg! I will save this for next time.

                  • Christina Says:

                    Hello, I need to know how to include several reimbursable expenses onto one Invoice. With the old version, I would have to manually type each line item onto a single invoice. I see the new option “start invoice” which is wonderful because i do not have retype or enter invoices at all with this new option. However, i do believe there is “an easier and more efficient way” to work – I least i hope so. So far I am having to print invoices for each item, when i need to have the option to put several items that have previously been paid onto a single invoice. Thank you for any help you can offer.

                    • Michele Hensler Says:

                      I agree a batch command would be a solution – check off all the items you want on an invoice.
                      also when creating an invoice more info is needed to select from the list; a date and money amount isnt enough

                    • IntuitMeg Says:

                      Hi Christina – I think I can help save you a little time here. Rather than creating individual invoices for each time charge, we can actually create one Invoice with all those time charges in just a couple clicks. Here’s what to do.

                      1. Click Transactions on the left side of your screen.
                      2. Select Sales from the menu that appears.
                      3. Click Unbilled Activity in the colored bars at the top of the page.
                      4. Click Start Invoice to the right

                      This should give you an invoice with all unbilled activities linked, easy as pie. Does that give you more of what you’re looking for? I hope so! Let me know if you ever need help with anything else, we’re here for you.

                  • Bill Paine Says:

                    Having the print checks function under expense in the transactions menu? Really? In what universe does that ever make sense? Printing checks is a top-level function that should be accessible directly on the transactions menu. I was going crazy trying to find it this morning and never even considered the possibility it was buried under expense transaction. Come on, Intuit, you can do better then this.

              • Theresa Says:

                Totally agree with the numerous comments about how miserable this product is to work with now. I am a CPA with about 15-20 clients on this platform. I hate to backtrack with them, but if there isn’t MAJOR improvement soon, we will talk them into moving. I understand Sage has released an online product. One of the key pieces you folks are missing is that we liked the menus/sub-menus that took us where we needed to be to perform tasks. The home page and menus were very logically organized by the area of accounting. “Vendors”, “Customers”, “Banking” etc were all very intuitive (no pun intended) when you were looking to do a particular chore. Now they are just one big clump. Printing reports is beyond horrendous. Can’t get the same look to a report two tries in a row. We shouldn’t have to ask for help (and wait for answers) just to learn a simple task like batch printing checks. I spent 10 minutes trying to find the bank reconciliation start. And I still can’t find a link to take me to the Intuit Community. Don’t you know your customer base – accountants are pragmatic. We have a task to do and we want the most reasonable and logical way to complete that task. Don’t need the fancy charts on the home page – we need to post a G/L, pay our bills, collect from our customers and reconcile our bank accounts. Intuit Meg – so sorry you have to defend this product. It is abysmal.

                • IntuitMeg Says:

                  Hi Theresa – I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling to work with the new groupings of features in the new look of QuickBooks Online. I had to adjust a few months back when I had to learn the new look, and it wasn’t an easy adjustment for me, either. Something that helped me a lot was learning how the new look of QuickBooks Online displays like features together. Here’s a link to a blog from our QuickBooks Online developers that’s helped a lot of people understand where to find what they need:


                  Check it out – knowing where to find my features has sped me up immensely. If you ever have more questions on how to accomplish anything in QuickBooks Online, you can reach out to us via the Intuit Community (that’s where you’ll find me when I’m not on the blog). Here’s a link:


                  Hope that helps.

              • Suzanne Yunker Says:

                Intuit Meg – really we have to go to a blog to figure out how to use the program that some of us have been using for over 15 yrs! And most likely we were all self taught on using it in the first place. And now because of this change you are telling us to go to a blog – we shouldn’t have to, if the program was redesigned correctly.

                • It’s brand new…not the software you have been using for 15 years. Hence, you may want to see the tutorial about how to use it, if you cannot figure it out on your own. I’ve not seen many accounting software programs that you could just jump in and start using without any tutorials.

                  • Theresa Says:

                    This is NOT new software – we all did NOT go out and purchase a new product. It should NOT be our job to “relearn” something that we already knew. All your comments have been in defense of this horrid situation – its difficult to believe you are not employed or compensated by Intuit. Take a good look at the comments flying around here – many of these folks are well educated business owners/accountants/CPAs, etc. It’s not just a whiny bunch of no-nothings. This is costing us money-big time!

                    • No, you didn’t purchase it, but it is new-completely redesigned and new “guts” on the back end. My comments are in defense of it because I use it everyday and it’s not as bad as everyone is saying. My company was on the old version and now the new one. Now, because I am a degreed accountant/software trainer, I understand that it may be easier for me to use the program. I am not an Intuit employee but I am a trainer that they use to teach other accountants about QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. I get that change is difficult…I hate when something I use everyday gets changed, so I can empathize with you, but my “sky is not falling” so to speak…I learned it and now I can train other people on how to use it.

                      The clients I have on it, that never experienced the classic version, love it.

                    • t humphrey Says:

                      There is no adapting when it cannot perform basic functions, necessary functions. It is not even able to print a simple statement for a client that shows charges and payments. That’s pretty basic.

                    • Sure you can print a “Balance Forward” statement! Click the plus sign, show more link, then Statements under the Other heading. There are some options in company setting that affect how statements appear (gear/company name in upper right > Company Settings > Sales tab).

                    • Theresa Says:

                      Reesa: Since you seem so well informed and determined to defend this train wreck, figure this one out: How do I print a multi-page report and get the report title and headers to appear at the top of each page? (No fair exporting to Excel, I shouldn’t have to spend extra time/effort to do a common chore.) Or how do I get a report to print in the same font size two times in a row? And how do I get rid of the unexplained gaps of varying sizes that just show up in the midst of many reports?

                    • There is not an option to repeat the headers on the report and this annoys me as well. I have submitted feedback to intuit via the gear/company name > Feedback option. If enough people request it, perhaps it will be added, if not already on the radar.

                      I have not experienced the other problems you have mentioned so I cannot comment on it. I would suggest you use the feedback option as well.

                      As I just said in another comment, I never said it was perfect! I have a list of things that I would change/improve/fix and I try to implement change through other channels.

                      There is accountant specific training for the new version at http://IntuitAcademy.com

                    • t humphrey Says:

                      I’m sorry to say that you are incorrect. There is a way to generate statements for ALL of the client list with balances due, but not for an individual with a zero balance account. QBs has stated this as a fact. That is no longer a function that is available.

                    • Good news! You can do this. You can create the statement from the Create menu: plus sign > show more link > Statements. In the pop up, section 3- Additional Statement Criteria, uncheck the box next to “Show clients only if they have: A balance greater than $ ___” (it says zero by default).

                      On the next page you can choose which clients and the list includes those with zero balances.

                      You just can’t do it directly from the customer/sales transaction screens…I agree that this is a BIG oversight that adds a lot of extra steps. I will submit feedback to Intuit (company name/gear in upper right > Feedback) and let them know there should be an option to Create Statement from Customer Center for zero balance accounts. The more people that report it here and the more likely it is to get changed..if not already on the radar.

                    • Forgot to mention, you can also print statements from the Customer Center (action button on customer line) or the Customer detail screens (create new button).

                  • Bob Says:

                    Reesa, I didn’t look for or buy a brand new software. This was thrust upon everyone. If I was looking for something new this would not be it. This version is not only poor, it represents Intuit’s level of customer appreciation. It’s amazing other companies haven’t rolled out special offers for people wanting to leave this company.

                    No one is opposed to change but this version is basically a self-aggrandizing manifestation of let-me-show-you-what-we-can-do by gaming programmer wannabes.

          • Phyllis Wyatt Says:

            I also have issues with the new set up. We’re a small church and this just complicated things for me.

            • atlantadeliverance Says:

              I agree, we are a small church and it does nothing for us. I couldnt be much more unorganized then what i am now.

          • Alexander Lukenberg Says:

            This new version Totally suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Hate QB for doing this to me

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Alexander – I’m really sorry you’ve been having a hard time. I can understand that it can be really difficult to move to a newer look of a program – it was not easy for me to make this transition myself some months ago. Something that’s helped a lot of people new to the new look is learning the couple places where you’ll find all the features you need. Here’s a link from our product developers regarding where to find those features (with screenshots!):


              I’m hoping it helps make this a bit easier for you. In the future, if you ever need help with using the new look to QuickBooks Online, try asking in the Community ( http://community.intuit.com/ ). That’s where I hang out when I’m not here in the blog, and we’ll be able to help you get answers to whatever you need. Hope that helps.

        • Nicola Says:

          Same here, I hate it

        • Joy Says:

          I agree 100%. I have a problem with it taking more time to do everything! I have been working with QB for many years and can’t believe that we didn’t have the option to stay with the prior version. When you look up the vendor/customer page you now have to adjust the the columns to show the full bill/invoice numbers, date, etc., And you have to adjust it each time you look something up. Also, there is not an option to make a checking account inactive, I had to delete it so it wouldn’t show in in the chart of accounts.

          • Mary Says:

            I agree!!! I don’t even know how to use this now. I want my old version back. This is totally different and I am lost now. Thanks for nothing.

          • I hate this new version. Can’t even figure out how to write checks. i have to go back to old version immediate;ly

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Shirley – It’s really important that we’re able to create Checks in our QuickBooks Online. To create a Check, just click the Create (+) and choose Check from the dropdown. To print the check, try clicking Transactions > Expenses on the left, then click “Print Checks” in the upper right. You can also click “Print Setup” at the bottom of the Print Checks page if you need to align your checks more precisely. Hope that helps you get back to moving forward again.

          • Darren Says:

            I think “delete” was what you had to do in the old version as well. There was never an “inactive” choice for online. (Even though “delete” only makes the account inactive; it doesn’t really delete it.)

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Darren, and Joy too – I wanted to let you both know that you’re absolutely right about this. “Delete” and “Make Inactive” achieve the exact same goals, no matter what the button says – either deleting or making an account inactive will remove the account from your Chart of Accounts, as well as making the account unavailable for use on transactions. The account can easily be restored by checking “Include inactive” at the top of the Chart of Accounts, clicking the account to select it, clicking “Edit,” unchecking “Inactive” in the lower left, and then clicking “Save.” It works just like it did before. Hope that helps you get back to business.

          • Ada Wildberger Says:

            I totally agree–this version is not efficient at all! As a matter of fact, it’s cumbersome enough that I’m considering one of the other more popular software products designed for construction. Whoever thought this would improve productivity has to seriously look at this. It’s terrible. I never thought I’d say that about Quickbooks! I’ve been using Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Pro for years. Rethinking that.

          • Roberta Says:

            This is awful. I want my old version back. I hate it. You have messed up something that worked OK. and made it terrible.

        • IntuitMeg Says:

          Hi Bob – I help out in the Community, and I couldn’t let your comment go by without a little help from me. You’ll be happy to hear that you absolutely should still have the ability to search by check number in your Register. When you click “Find in Register,” try selecting the option to search by “Ref no.” When I searched by Ref no., QuickBooks Online had no problem locating a specific check number in the Register. It’s a bit of a timesaver that helps me a lot! Hope that helps you, too.

          • Steve Erdman Says:

            When a did that it found the wrong check numbers.

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Steve – That’s definitely not normal behavior. Are you certain the correct check number was entered in the Search field? If you’re positive you’re getting different results when using the Find in Register feature than we should be seeing, we might want to try using that feature from a different browser and see if that helps. We could also try clearing our current browser’s cache and cookies, closing out of the browser entirely, reopening to a fresh new session, and trying again. Finally, testing the Find in Register button on a different computer altogether might show if there’s some setting on the initial machine interfering with this feature and stopping it from working properly. Let’s try those couple ideas and see if they help – I’m hoping this helps you get moving forward again soon.

        • Gege Says:

          I wholeheartedly agree! This version has been horrible from day one. We will be switching as soon as we can. I used to love QBO and in the last 2 months the new version has completely ruined by life (workwise). I have spent hours and hours wrestling with the problems the new program has…

          The worst part is the invoicing. My invoices spit out as pages and pages with no descriptions next to the expenses and the time charges are not grouped by service. It is beyond comprehension.

          The time sheets now finally add up by day (duh!) but they still do not have the DATE next to each day – really?

          I need to make changes to 2013 but I can’t because it requires a password but there is NO PLACE TO INPUT THE PASSWORD.

          i have been complaining since March 25th, the day we switched over and nothing changed until this last week. And then not everything was fixed! It is unreal – I would call it criminal – people should be fired over this.

          This program was not ready for prime time when they rolled it out and I am so disgusted with Intuit for doing this to our company – it has cost us so much…

          • Doctor Note Says:

            “i have been complaining since March 25th, the day we switched over and nothing changed until this last week. And then not everything was fixed!”

            Some of your issues have been fixed within a couple of months. I’ve been complaining repeatedly about issues for more than 2 years that have not yet been addressed.

        • D Says:

          I agree, not simple to navigate. frustrating having to re-fill in accts with each CC entry line etc.

        • Adora Carrillo-Russ Says:

          I agree, please bring back the “FIND” option of the previous version!

          • Robin Surface Says:

            I agree as well. That was probably my most used option since my customers are constantly asking me to look up past invoices, etc. I also use it to refer to previous pricing, etc. It was extremely convenient before. I could find an invoice, check, etc. Now every time I have to go to Quickbooks I cringe and wish I didn’t have to.

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Robin – I’m not sure if you’ll be alerted that I responded to Adora above, so I’m just sending you a comment of your own. You’ll be glad to know that we definitely do still have a Find feature in the new look of QuickBooks Online. It was one of the first things I went looking for when I switched to the new look! Try clicking the magnifying glass at the top of your Home screen. This will be your new place to go whenever you need to Find anything. Need more options? Just click Advanced Search at the bottom of the pop up window.

              If you ever need help finding anything in the new look of QuickBooks Online, please don’t let yourself get a headache. It might help to send the question to us in the Community ( http://community.intuit.com/ ). It’s where I am when I’m not here in the blog, and we love to help and answer questions for people in there, too. Let us know if you ever need help finding anything – we’re here for you!

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi Adora – I had to pop over to you and make sure that you know that we absolutely, definitely, positively do still have a Find feature in the new look of QuickBooks Online. Try clicking the magnifying glass at the top of your Home page. You can use this field like you used “Find” before, or you can click “Advanced Search” for more search parameters and options. I use the Find feature a lot, so I know how essential it can be :) Hope that helps!

        • Grace Says:

          I am another customer who is livid about this update. No choice was given to customers, the update was foisted upon everyone. It is taking so much longer to do simple tasks and still has many things that need fixing, and we are all guinea pigs! The stand alone QB2013 is such a better product. If I could change our company over to it, I would do it in a heartbeat. Boo to QB, this product sucks!

          • Cheryl Kaster Says:

            Same here. I was told they improved the speed, but tell me, how you improve speed with all the graphical stuff on the home page. I can’t wait til our accountants try to go in and do what they usually do…. I use it for two companies and printed checks in one company and then went to the other company and couldn’t find the “Print Checks” option under Transactions. Had to call because couldn’t find that specific issue in help and found out that they had changed where the “Print Checks” menu was in a newer version!

            I will likely stick it out but have put in several feedback comments and will absolutely NEVER NEVER NEVER refer anyone to Quickbooks. Intuit used to be so great. I also agree with other comments here: The people who are designing this cannot possibly be actual users of the program. Horrible!!!!

          • Ruth Duran Says:

            I agree, It seems I can’t even find a place to get help, like a phone number

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              Hi Ruth – I’m sorry you had a hard time locating our number. Since phone numbers change, but this post can’t be edited once I click “Post Comment,” I don’t want to post our number here just in case. However, you’ll have no problem finding our number here:


              Just click Using QuickBooks and Call QuickBooks to get our number. We’re here from 6 AM to 6 PM PST, Monday through Friday, and again 6 AM to 3 PM PST on Saturdays. We’re here for you if and when you need us!

          • Elyse Says:

            Agree with you 100%

          • Dan Klinglesmith Says:

            I Totally agree Grace. I switched to QBO in 2011 when Intuit stopped supporting Payroll in QB2008 and realized that the Price to Buy QB2011 was the same as the subscription price for QBO assuming Intuit would force me to buy QB2014 in the same manner.

            The Big plus for me at the time is my bookkeeper being able to access QBO at the same time as I was working in it at a different location! With QB2008 I needed to carry a laptop back and forth from work to home so she could access QB and pay bills and receive payments.

            In hind sight I’m not sure it was such a good tradeoff loosing so much fictionality.

            Dan K

        • Diane Leibowitz Says:

          I am with all the other people who want to KEEP IT SIMPLE and stay with the prior version !!! Do you think the bright colors and graphs helps us to do our basic tasks like write a check ??? What were you thinking ????

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi Diane – I’m sorry that you were having a hard time finding how to write a check in our new look. It can be difficult when you move to a new interface and you aren’t sure where to go to access the features you need. Our developers and engineers have come out with a blog (with screenshots!) to show you where to find the most commonly used features of QuickBooks Online. Here’s a link:


            That blog has helped a lot of people, so I’m hoping it helps you, too. Once I got more familiar with where to find the features, I was able to work with my books much faster and more efficiently. Hope that helps.

        • Susan Hoffman Says:

          I agree! It took me forever to FIND the “Save” button. I guess the programmers think every user has a giant flat-screen monitor.

        • Ginny Says:

          I agree…I do books for 6 companies & I had switched them all to QB….I DO NOT LIKE the new version and it lacks many things that I used ALWAYS. Not Happy!

          • Joanne Detter Says:

            I have over 6 different companies all on different versions now. The largest company hasn’t switched to the first update yet. Some of the rest only switched to the first update, and the rest switched to the 2nd update. Talk about confusing! I keep having to search for stuff because it’s different every time I switch to another company! I am starting to figure out some stuff, but I really prefer the old version, and want to go back.

        • kathleen Tenaglia Says:

          I agree. The new version is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I have already started looking for another financial software.

        • Brian Dehler Says:

          Yes, I also need to go back to the old version ASAP. Otherwise, I am being required to switch to a different accounting solution.

        • Linda Says:

          I agree and asked yesterday to revert to prior version. I don’t have the time to learn a totally new system.

        • Maureen Says:

          I agree. Hate, hate, hate this new version. Why fix something that is not broken!! How do I search for an entry for amount??????

          • ed Says:

            One more example of lazy management delegating responsibility to the programmers – Patients are running the nut house…
            The top 50 Intuit executives should be fired.

            I see this nonsense all the time. Banking, pos systems, Insurance. Programmers allowed to do what they want without any real skills or input from the Clients -

            • JC Says:

              Fired, because people don’t want to take a little bit of time to learn it, that sounds logical. Sure, there have been some legitimate questions/concerns that have been brought to everyone’s attention by reasonable people, presenting their dissatisfaction in a mature manner. If the whiners, and ‘soccer-moms’ who can only say “me too” or “I hate this” with their caps locked, and a row of exclamation points would either grow up, or go away, the folks that are here trying to answer questions, and be of assistance could do their job more efficiently. Sifting through a page of childish rant to get to a legitimate post in just about any forum is sadly becoming more of the norm now that everyone is strapped with their tablet or smart phone 24-7.

              To the above poster, (Ed) referring to management as being lazy because they delegate responsibility to the people who are hired to do a job, and firing 50 people because you don’t like where an icon or button is located, leads me to believe that perhaps you are one of the patients in the nut house that you refer to.

          • Don K Says:

            Well Maureen, every single pop up that was in the old QuickBooks Online will be broken when Chrome and Firefox update this summer, so would you have preferred they wait until its broken and you are pissed off? Or is it better that it was fixed before you even knew it would break?

            • Dan Klinglesmith Says:

              Hey Don K I don’t know about Crome and Firefox breaking QBO’s old code. But I do understand that Intuit had to rewrite the entire code in order to improve performance and provide future flexibility. I was begging them to do it for the last two years. They finely relented and rewrote the whole program. BUT they did not even build the same functionality that existed in the last version.

              This is a serious step backwards for the user! Some one at Intuit should have recognized this and held off on the release until the it had at least more of the functionality that we had before!

              Dan K

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi Maureen – While the older look of QuickBooks Online isn’t currently broken, it will be soon. You see, in mid-July, Google Chrome and Firefox are making a significant change to their Web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to display popups. In time, the other major web browsers will likely follow suit. As you know, the old QuickBooks Online has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will make the old QuickBooks completely unusable as no popups will work at all. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to fix the old QuickBooks before the change takes place, or indeed at all without a huge investment in technology that just doesn’t meet modern needs.The new QuickBooks Online uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is why we are updating customers to the new QBO in advance of this deadline.

            If you need to locate a transaction by the amount, try clicking the magnifying glass at the top of your Home screen. If you need to set more parameters, try clicking Advanced Search at the bottom of the window. I love using the Find feature, and I’m really glad we still have it – give it a try and see if helps you. Let me know if I can help you find anything else in QuickBooks Online – we’re here for you.

        • Bonnie Says:

          I want to go back to the old way. This is too time consuming and difficult to navigate.

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi Bonnie – I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time getting around the new look to QuickBooks Online. Our engineers have actually written up a blog post that details – with pictures – where to find the four most commonly used areas of the new look of QuickBooks Online. Here’s a link:


            Learning where to find the features I need really sped me up and made me more efficient when working with my books. You can also post questions to the Intuit Community (http://community.intuit.com/) and we’ll do our best to help you find whatever you need. Hope that helps you get moving forward again.

            • Elyse Says:

              Can we go to the old version? This version is HORRIBLE and not user friendly!

              • intuitstaci Says:

                Sorry, no. We will be retiring the old QuickBooks soon as it will no longer be compatible with emerging technologies or popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. We know it can be difficult, but expect that you’ll love the version once you’ve become accustomed to it. We are also here to help! We are answering questions at Community.intuit.com and can also be reached by following this link:


                Just click Using QuickBooks and Call QuickBooks to get our number. We’re here from 6 AM to 6 PM PST. We even have a handy “Call Me Back” feature where you can request a representative give you a call when it’s your turn, rather than you holding for a significant amount of time.


        • Nancy Says:

          I also do not like this new version plus it does not work well with explorer

      • Sarah Edwards Says:

        Paige – I could write my own individual feedback but Jay did a GREAT job of listing almost all of my concerns and issues that have made my job exceedingly less efficient and more time consuming. The only one I would add at this time is to allow us to directly view a customers recurring transactions from their customer page.

        And also, thank you and the team for already fixing numerous issues that frustrated me when I first started using the new update! I love a lot of the changes and think it will be great after the items listed above are changed.

        • Paige Says:

          Thanks, Sarah! The team is working hard to make it better. I know it isn’t there yet. Were you able to see recurring transactions under individual customers before or is that a new feature request? It’s a great idea!

          • Michelle Scott Roark Says:

            Recurring transactions used to be an option under customer invoice, vendor bill and also under journal entry with just the specific transactions of each type. Now you have to go to one place and they are all there. Please would you put the previous options back into each area?

            • IntuitMeg Says:

              I do agree that it’s a big help to be able to view all Recurring Transactions of a certain type when you’re using QuickBooks Online. Have you checked out the filters for the Recurring Transaction list? I use that feature all the time to help keep my different transactions straight. Try clicking the gear > Recurring Transactions, and then set the filter for “Transaction Type” to whatever you’d like to see. It should narrow that list considerably for you, and help keep you organized :) Hope that helps you out!

              • Michelle Scott Roark Says:

                Although filtering the recurring transactions works and I can certainly do what I need to this way. It was more intuitive to go to JE’s and then find a recurring one there. Or to go to customers invoicing and find my recurring invoices there. This upgrade seems to have just juggled everything for no apparent reason and added steps and clicks to every task. You have millions of user who were used to and liked the product. Change is good if it helps us be more efficient – but change just to change is not helpful.

                • IntuitMeg Says:

                  Hi again Michelle – I do understand what you mean. I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along to the developers, but you can send it through customer channels as well by using the Feedback option in the gear menu. We’re always working to improve, and we’ll only know what to implement once we hear your voice. Thanks so much for letting us know!

                • Paige Says:

                  Hi Michelle, I will bring your specific recurring transactions feedback to the team. I also want you to know that this is not change for the sake of change. Our old technology was preventing us from fulfilling customer feature requests and delivering a faster experience. Additionally, Google and Mozilla announced changes to their web browsers come July that will completely break the old interface. The new interface is only the tip of the iceberg (and we can change it!)– the big change is the underlying infrastructure. In the long haul, this will be much better to deliver what customers expect from QuickBooks.

                  • Michelle Scott Roark Says:

                    I understand that changes needed to be made to the infrastructure and technology. But things have been shuffled around. The drop down lists were quirky at times but why couldn’t the contents of each drop down been brought to the sidebar. That is what I initially expected. But things are not where you expect them and are not organized together as they were in the old version. Perhaps they are someone’s idea of better organized but everyone was used to certain things being together. And now to have things scattered does not make as much sense.

                    • Leigh Says:

                      I agree Michelle! Changes happen and need to happen…but as a user of Quickbooks for over 15 years, I have never seen them change the layout so drastically….it has never taken me this long to get the hang of an update. It makes no sense for those of us actually using the program! Its like they gave someone who has never even used the program a day in their life freedom to handle the new format with absolutely no regard to their current customers. Want to reconcile your accounts? Good luck finding it….oh wait…its in the same place where most programs and interfaces let you edit your account info and login/logout…make sense right? Come on Intuit….have some respect for your current customers.

                    • Michelle Scott Roark Says:

                      Exactly. I have now been using it in 4 of 8 clients and have gotten used to it a bit more. I am not having as bad a time as some other users but still it is less efficient than the previous version. Not that that was all that intuitive when you first learned it (JEs under Banking??) but we got used to it.
                      It made no sense to take the dropdowns we were used to and scattering the functions around the screen. My first thought would have been to move those drop down choices to the sideboard where they now have some things.

                      The bigger issue though, is that they have broken functions during this upgrade. We are now beta-testing the version and are supposed to give our feedback without being able to go back to the other version until this one is “finished”. I understand their time constraints and the technology change that was necessary but they handled it all wrong.

                      A few other websites that I use, insurance portals, etc, have also had to upgrade their technology and they updated their websites, and yes, some learning was required to find things, but they kept like things together – Key issue.

                  • Chuck Says:

                    I can’t believe you screwed up the reoccurring transactions panel. That was your best tool for getting right to you wanted to do and save time. How do we go back to the old version because this one sucks????

                    • IntuitMeg Says:

                      Hi Chuck – I agree that the Recurring Transactions feature is really helpful, and a great way to manage those transactions that just keep coming back up again. You’ll find your Recurring Transactions by clicking the gear in the upper right of your Home screen and selecting Recurring Transactions from the dropdown. You can then click the transactions and use the templates, edit them…whatever you like, just like before. Hope that helps you get back to business, Chuck.

          • Cheryl Kaster Says:

            Why didn’t you put this into beta testing to get feedback from real users before foisting this colossal mess on us?

      • Randy Says:

        Hello Paige,

        When entering a time activity and marking it billable, the bill rate gets auto populated however when you add the time to a new invoice to the client it is billable to, the amount of hours and the bill rate is not brought over. It should. It begs the question of why we set up a billable item in the first place in the list if we have to manually do it every time we invoice.

        • Christopher Says:

          The issue you describe regarding billable time is a bug that we have had for several weeks (since then end of April 2014). We were told it was going to be fixed within days. We are still waiting.

          • Paige Says:

            Hi Christopher, It’s really strange that someone said it would be fixed within days. I’m sorry for the miscommunication on that front. The bug has been on our radar for a while, and we have found a fix that we are testing now. It should be rolled out the first week in June. Sorry about that!

        • Paige Says:

          Hi Randy, Yes, that’s not good. We are trying to get a fix out for this the first week in June. It’s been on our radar for a while now but the fix took longer than expected. Sorry for slowing you down. It should be better soon.

        • John Says:

          Good morning! A huge problem for me is when sending an invoice you cannot add anyone as a bcc or cc. The system simply populates the email address from the client?
          I participated in the webinar but no one contacted me as promised. Any suggestions?

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi John – That’s a great idea, and I appreciate the way you’re thinking about using QuickBooks Online. You’re right that right now, an email address is populated based on the email on file for a customer. I’ll send this idea to our engineers here on my side, and I’d like it if you could let them know you want to CC or BCC sales forms from your end as well (gear > Feedback). This way, they can develop exactly the features we need.

            • Laura Says:

              The old QBO DOES allow CC. Are you telling me the new and improved QBO will be TAKING AWAY functionality?

              • Becky Says:

                Yep Laura – lots of things are either no longer there, or you can’t find them :( If you are on the old version – stick with it as long as you can (although due to others updating (Mozilla?), QBO HAS to update to keep functional. Hopefully they will continue to try and work out ‘bugs’ before you have to switch.

                • Patricia Carrrillo Says:


                  Se me presento un problema grave de inconsistencia de información esto va mas allá de simples cambios de forma, la semana pasada registre un cargo en una cuenta y ahora que estoy revisando el registro esta en otra cuenta completamente diferente, tengo la impresión de cuanto hice el cambio esto es muy peligro ya estamos hablando de seguridad en la información por favor regresen a la versión pasada y hasta que este lista la liberan. A todos los usuarios por favor revisen su información esto es muy grave.

                  I was presented a serious problem of inconsistency of information that goes beyond mere changes of form, last week I recorded a charge in an account and now I am reviewing the record was a completely different note , I have the impression as did the Instead it is very danger we are talking about information security please return to the last version and it is ready to release it . All users please check your information this is very serious .

              • Joanne Detter Says:

                I also have an issue with not being able to CC someone else on an invoice being sent to a customer. Things that can be done on the original program should continue to be available on an update, not just taken away because some programmer thinks you don’t need, just because they don’t have a use for it.

              • IntuitMeg Says:

                Hi Laura – I just wanted to let you know that you absolutely can send an Invoice to multiple people from QuickBooks Online; we just don’t have a specific field that reads “CC:” or anything like that. To send a sales form to multiple email addresses, simply use a comma to separate the email addresses at the top of the page. This way, you’re sure the right people are receiving your sales forms. Let me know if I can help you find anything else in the new look – we definitely want you to be able to utilize all the features you need.

          • Reesa McKenzie Says:

            While it is not a cc….you can send to multiple email addresses. Just add them both in the client email field and separate with a comma. This will email it to both recipients.

            • Joanne Detter Says:

              You shouldn’t have to update a client with multiple emails. What if you only want this particular invoice to get CC’d, and not all future invoices? You expect someone to change it then change it again after the email? How tedious!

      • Jay Mehta Says:

        In the old system, when I am turning an existing Invoice to a recurring invoice there was a way for us to see and edit the email that this invoice is going to be received. Currently as it stands there is no way to do so, it automatically sends the email to the main email in the account.

        • Paige Says:

          Great feedback, Jay. Consider it noted and passed to the team.

          • Cheryl Kaster Says:

            I got it!!!! You folks hired the same folks who developed the Obama Care website!

            When you finish entering a check there is a button at the bottom of the screen that says “print check.” I had to call to find out that this “print check” SINGULAR also means you can print the batch of checks you just entered. Or that “Print Preview” ALSO means “Print Checks.” What is wrong with the folks that are designing this? That is why I say they can’t possibly be users and they are getting paid to design this mess while we are suffering and spending all kinds of time and you all are just feeding off of our suggestions for changes. Something doesn’t seem right about that.

      • Leslie Says:

        I haven’t been able to enter my daily register close outs since the update. This new update is putting me way behind. Please tell me that I can find a way to go back to the old forms. I can’t even find a tutorial for this entry. I also don’t like entering checks in this system anymore.

    • I WANT AN OPTION FOR THE OLDER VERSION!!! I am a small company and use it to write checks and keep track of expenses for my 2-person real estate office. I do not to payroll or forms on it!! Bring the option for the simple version back WHEN I WRITE A CHECK THERE IS NO OPTION TO GET OUT OF CHECK WRITING WITHOUT LOGGING OUT! THIS IS TERRIBLE!

      • Vijay Says:

        Hi Karen,
        I am an engineer with the QBO team. I’ll reaching out to you separately via email in order to understand the issue you are facing. We have not seen anything like you described above. You should definitely be able to get out of the check by clicking on the ‘X’ located in top right.

      • Beverly Says:

        I’m with Karen. We are a three person company. I liked the old QB. I complained a lot at the beginning because I felt we were being used to beta test the upgrade. That should have been done prior to the “upgrade” which I prefer to call a downgrade due to the massive amount of time spent trying to learn. The only options at the beginning were on user forums getting advice from folks who had worked out bugs on their own. For instance, I couldn’t get out of the check writing either until I figured out that not only did I have to click the X but in order to write a new check you have to hit “Preview” which you didn’t have to do before. It’s very confusing.

        Being told to go watch a YouTube video is crazy. Half of them assume that we are as tech proficient as the programmers and don’t help at all.

        • Cheryl Kaster Says:

          AHA!!! that is sounds like it. WE are doing the beta testing. This is not right.

    • Holly Says:

      I can’t get the register to show the balance column on the far right!!!
      Urghhh, this is frustrating.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi Holly – I’m really sorry you’re getting frustrated. Have you tried checking your browser’s Zoom settings? For best results, we’ll want to use QuickBooks Online at 100% Zoom. You could also try changing the Zoom from something other than 100%, then changing it back to 100% to try and “kick” the system into working again. You could also try changing your system resolution. To display all pages properly, QuickBooks Online requires the screen resolution be set to 1024 x 768 or higher. The Register should definitely display all columns on one page with no scrolling or scooting required. Let me know how it goes – if it doesn’t help, I have some more ideas we can try. Fingers crossed!

        • Becky Says:

          Yikes! Now we have to “kick it” to get it to work right? Oh my…. :(

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi Becky – Just an expression. Sometimes, when troubleshooting computers, it can help to turn a system off and then turn it back on again. Changing the Zoom to something other than 100% and then restoring it to 100% is kind of like turning that Zoom level off and on again. It can cause a computer system to react differently, since a change has been made. You won’t be literally kicking anything (that might hurt!). Does that make sense?

        • Denny Says:

          The problem here is the lack of response from QB. So many folks are in a jam because of this “upgrade” that they are going to be forced to go elsewhere at great expense. The people who answer these posts are doing the best they can, but the powers to be don’t give a hoot about our problems and won’t listen to the people who have to have to listen to us….

          NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!!!!

          This is a money thing for them…..

          • annoyed Says:

            Are you saying that the top1% don’t care about the bottom 99%? What a shocker!

            • Felix Dennis Yonkus Says:

              How did you get that out of my post??? What a way of twisting things around!!! Get a grip!!!

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi Denny – While I’m not exactly a high up person on the chain, I can definitely tell you with full confidence that those powers that be are absolutely concerned and upset by your pain. We care a great deal about how we can help you keep your books better and more efficiently. As part of this migration, we are working very hard to address customer feedback we’ve received so far about where the new QuickBooks can be improved. We’ve always been really dedicated to responding and implementing ideas suggested by our users – this post alone is an example of that. If there’s ever anything you’d like to see changed, or even a feature you don’t want to see changed, here’s how to let our developers know:

            Click the gear in the upper right of your Home screen.
            Choose Feedback from the dropdown.
            Let them know what you’d like to see changed, then click Next.
            Choose a category, and click Send message.

            We really do put through a lot of updates, and I’ve actually seen things I’ve told people to suggest implemented in later releases. I know you don’t have a view into our development process, but I promise you that Feedback option is not connected to a shredder bin. We are actively and constantly soliciting your opinions about our product. This Feedback area is the best way to get your voice heard where it can make a difference.

    • Brent Says:

      This “update” is a complete train wreck! I don’t have time for some programmer at Intuit to try and justify their existence at the expense of my productivity. I simply do not have time for this!

      Any suggestions to a alternate non-Intuit accounting software option?

      • Theresa Says:

        Haven’t looked at it yet, but Sage has come out with an online version – so I hear. This is beyond frustrating.

    • Very confusing, wish I hadn’t updated before doing my payroll, finally figured out how to run it but can’t figure out how to print the checks now?????? HELP!!!!

      • Colt R. Says:

        I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, but in case someone else reads this post, go to Transactions > Expenses and you will see all the checks that have been created. Check the ones you want to print and hit the Print button in the top right.

        Not as intuitive as the old version, but it works.

    • Cheryl Kaster Says:

      How can you say this is a good update with all of those issues that don’t even begin to touch the issues in plain, simple english use on the program. (Print Check means ONE CHECK and the one you see on your screen, not a batch you just entered). Please, please, please, give us our old QBOL back!

    • Joe King Says:

      This new version is horrible!!! I wondered what happened to the people who got fired from healthcare.gov – now I know. They were hired by intuit to create this hot mess.

    • Amy Moody Says:

      I absolutely hate this. If you are going to change it, then supply ample training so I can work the program. I can’t find what I need. It is so confusing. I am so frustrated.

    • Lori Says:

      How can I go back to the old version?? this new one is taking forever to load and I cant get to everywhere I need to be-this is not faster or easier!

    • Les Says:

      Ditto to all of you. This is a totally new, complicated and cumbersome version of what had been a perfect program for my small business. If I cannot go back to the original version I will start searching for another program to use.

    • Barbara Says:

      I create over 50 invoices at the beginning of every month! I just finished – it took me over three hours. What I have found is extremely annoying is:
      1.you have to go into an account in order to create a new invoice after and repeat this process for EVERY invoice; 2. How do you print out the invoices at once without going into each invoice and printing from there! 3. I have job numbers that belong to each invoice – I used to put it in the memo section and when I go to search in a customer by a job # it appears – no there is NO memo section. I am highly frustrated!

      • You create invoices by clicking the plus sign at top and selecting Invoice. 1. Not sure what you mean by “you have to go into every account”. You should not have to click into customer account to create the invoice. 2. To mark it as “print later”, click the print button at bottom of screen and select “Print Later” check box. You can print the batch by going to Transactions > Sales. Click the Filter button and change status to “To Be Printed”, then use the Batch Action button to print them. 3. You should create a custom field for the invoice and put the job number there, this becomes a searchable field in the program. Go to the Company Settings (gear icon in upper right of window) > Sales to turn on and label your custom field.

    • KScott Says:

      Our secretary has found that she can copy and paste when she uses QBO through Firefox. I think they should be the same on all browsers because I have noticed that both Firefox and Chrome have issues with certain areas but usually not the same so we have to toggle between browsers to get the best of QBO. I am trying to get use to the online but there is so much that is missing from the desktop version and at a higher cost. I also just watched a youtube video with the new payroll settings updates got excited the log on to see that the new settings are not on my screen. Does anyone know if the UK has a different version then we do or is there something I’m suppose to do to update?

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi KScott – You’re absolutely on the right track with this one. Since there are different regulations and needs for different people and businesses in different parts of the world, we do have slightly different versions of QuickBooks Online for the UK, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world, too. If you’re searching the Internet for help with QuickBooks Online, you might want to make sure you include “UK” somewhere in your search string so you’re getting the most accurate information. You can also post to the QuickBooks Online Community, which is where I hang out when I’m not here in the blog. We’ll be sure to get you the answers you need. Here’s a link to where you’ll find us:


        We’ll do our best to get you whatever you need to be successful. Hope that helps.

    • Chris Says:


    • mur Says:

      2007/2008 Pro version has better features and much easier to use.

  2. Jay Mehta Says:

    Once I create a new customer I should go directly to its details page…

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Jay – That’s a great idea, and I can imagine a few other users would find that feature useful. While I don’t see any plans to introduce this feature quite yet, we should let the engineers know this is something we want for possible future development. Just click the gear and choose Feedback, and I’ll send the same thing through my channels as well. As you’ve seen, we take customer opinions very seriously. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Shannon Vietmeier Says:

    *Finding a customer is easier*. Now you can search for a customer by company or contact name on the Customers list.

    This isn’t working for on our new version. I search a name of a contact within a company like I did on the old version and nothing comes up. It only works if search the company name; unfortunately, it is not always available.


    • Liz Says:

      Mine is not working either.
      But I REALLY like the recent transactions update. Thanks!

    • Sarah Edwards Says:

      I agree, this is desperately needed!!

      • Lance Says:

        And shouldn’t you technically be able to search any single field? Numerous times we’ll use a phone number, email, etc. like we used to do in QB2011. I haven’t found (surprisingly) any way to do this in the online version…and as the person above mentioned, I found out today that if I search for a person’s name that is actually a part of a company, QB won’t find it. It’ll only find the display name.

        • Tim Says:

          Yes, the search feature thus far is limited to the “company display” name. Search the customer database for other fields is critical to ours and our clients’ needs in QBOE.

          • IntuitMeg Says:

            Hi guys – I can definitely understand how having even more search options for finding your customers could be a big help for a lot of people. It’s important to be able to find people quickly, and while we’ve improved the search feature with this update, we don’t have as robust a search as each of you is requesting. While I’ll pass this along to the team, it would make a huge difference if each of you could send this along via the Feedback link in the gear menu in the top-right corner of the product. This way, we’re sure the right people are hearing it, and we have the best chance of getting an improved search worked into a later release. Thanks very much for sending that in!

  4. Tom Stachowski Says:

    These changes look good. I would still like to see, as I know others would, the ability to duplicate a timesheet for the current week so that a service provider with the same time and descriptions can just have their name added to a timesheet and duplicate the hours and descriptions.

    • Paige Says:

      Hey Tom,
      I just asked the team about it and it sounds like this functionality will become available after our release towards the end of next month. Let us know if the changes suit your business, and if they don’t, please let us know what we need to tweak.

  5. Michelle Dossett Says:

    When making a change in the Quickbooks register during a bank reconciliation, I would like to be able to save my change and have the register remain at the same point/date where I made my change. As it stands right now, once my transaction is saved, the register reverts to present day. Thank you for your consideration.

  6. chills Says:

    Its REALLY frustrating getting these announcements about what’s new in a version of the system I’m told we won’t be getting for 9 to 12 more months.

    • Paige Says:

      You should actually get the new version by the end of June! We wont be supporting the other product come July.

      • Whoa! A one month transition period? Totally uncool. Look like a long June for us when the update happens. And maybe a longer July.

        • Paige Says:

          Sorry Chuck! We would have loved to have a longer transition period, but the older version is going to break in July when Google and Mozilla change their browsers– so we had to pick up the pace. When you do update, let us know what we can do to make the transition smoother. Our team is working hard to read and digest feedback so that we can act quickly to make the new QuickBooks suit your needs.

  7. Chet King Says:

    I like what I see so far this morning! The updates make navigation much better, and the new form format is great! Thanks for listening, QBO Team!

    • Paige Says:

      Our pleasure, Chet! We are cranking on some great improvements for next month too. Stay tuned!

  8. RAB Says:

    Would love to be able to use the new version…..

    • Paige Says:

      You should get your invitation by the end of next month. We can’t wait for you to try it out and let us know what you think.

  9. VPController Says:

    Hi Paige,

    Thanks for the new improvements in QuickBooks Online posted today.

    Overall actual users may find new features very useful and most importantly time saving.

    Bottom line to me:

    Smart one is able to hide financials from the home page if necessary.

    Not so smart one is to move “Print Checks” feature to somewhere under Transactions > Expenses.

    Check out our instructional video regarding these improvements:


  10. Bob Cat Billy Says:

    It seems that something has “glitched” in the estimates interface because the amounts are not displaying properly. The “cents” look as if the return key has been pushed after the decimal point consequently putting the “cents” below the dollars (it looks like the amount column is only able to handle a total of 4 digits until it pushes any additional digits down). Also I just noticed that the word “AMOUNT” is no longer displaying above the amount column. I have tried to change the font size but this still doesn’t fix the problem. It also looks like something has been changed regarding the “FONTS” because now if I increase the font size to make our company name show up as big as it was the other day, it makes our website too big to fit as it used to.

  11. Bob Cat Billy Says:

    Sorry, I should’ve clarified, I am using the ‘BOLD” template, however the same issues are happening on the “FRESH” template, but not on the “FRIENDLY” template.

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Bob, this is happening for you on the template itself, not on the form, right?


      • Bob Cat Billy Says:

        Hi John,
        Unfortunately, wrong. These issues are not only happening on the templates but they’re also showing up on the form when I print them as well as when I save them and send them to customers. It’s a big bummer because of course, it makes us look really unprofessional to have all of this stuff going on on our estimates.
        After all, the first impression is everything, right?
        Thanks for your help,

        • Paige Says:

          Thanks for letting us know, Bob. I’ll tell the team. We’ll push a fix ASAP.

  12. Kandy McCloud Says:

    The glimmer of hope is that you fixed the time sheets so that they fit on a page now and added the totals. Neither of these were problems in the old version though. The major problem now still (that again was NOT a problem in the old version) is that I can’t do invoices. The info from the time sheets does not pull into the invoice so I have to manually add the name, the quantity, the rate, and the date. Are you going to fix this?

    • Blaine Says:

      WHAT? Ugh… 90% of my invoices are derived from pulling in time sheet information. At first I was frustrated that we weren’t moved over. Now I’m glad that we are still in the old version after reading all of these issues.

      • Paige Says:

        We are working on a fix for this. It should be out within the month. Thanks for your patience, Kandy. Blaine, by the time you come over, you should be in good shape :)

        • Kandy McCloud Says:

          Unfortunately, I have been switched to the new system some time ago and I would go back to the old version in a heartbeat. I am SICK of manually doing invoices. I really don’t understand how you guys can charge us for this “new” product with all the problems with it until you fix it. All these folks complaining that they haven’t switched yet to the new HORRIBLE version are so lucky they have not switched yet…… But, I thank you, Paige as you are the FIRST person to at least tell me you are working on fixing the invoicing piece.

    • Brad N. Says:

      I agree, the invoice functionality has basically brought my QB functionality to a stop. I had to manually create invoices for April based on exporting data to excel. Now I’m receiving payments for those invoices but have not been able to create them in QB so I have nowhere to apply the payment. Now May is coming to a close and I’ll likely need to create another round of manual invoices, but exporting the data will be more difficult because all of the charges which I added to my manual invoices for April still show up as unbilled.

      Time is running short to fix this functionality before it becomes a huge financial nightmare for my company.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi Brad – I just wanted to let you know that we do have a fix scheduled for this specific issue due out within about a month or so, just in case you missed Paige’s post on the topic above. While I’ve passed your feedback along, I wanted to let you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Stay tuned.

  13. Gayle Says:

    Hi there is there a new quickbooks version that needed to be downloaded?

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Hi Gayle,

      The beauty of the cloud is these improvements are immediately available when you log in next time — no download or update required!


    • DJ Says:

      You will receive an invitation when it is time to convert. We are using payroll and have not been switched over to the new version yet. Those using payroll will be the last to convert.

    • VPController Says:

      Paige, please correct me if I am wrong. There is no such QuickBooks version with number at this time. Not knowing which version you have is definitely a bummer among users.

      • DJ Says:

        There are two versions of QBO – the old version and the new version – I think it is quite obvious if you are using the old interface like I am, or if you have been migrated over to the new interface…

        • Sheila C Says:

          Yes, if you can find your way around with out a lot of searching, then you have the old version. If you feel lost and have to search and test via trial and error, you have the new version.

          Also, does anyone else notice that while working in the new version their computer seems to be making noises like it it processing? I am finally starting to be able to find things.

          Just a word to programmers — stop radically changing the user interface on your programs. It wastes our time, frustrates us, and makes us unhappy.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi VPController – You’re right that QuickBooks Online doesn’t use the same naming convention as the desktop product (QuickBooks 2014, for example). Instead, we have QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus. A user can find which version they’re using by clicking the gear in the upper right, selecting Your Account, and looking for the Product Version on this page. There’s also currently an older look and a newer look. While we know this might cause confusion, we’re hoping the confusion ends soon once everyone is on the new look together. Hope that clears this up a bit.

  14. AP Says:

    Thank for the changes. We have been requesting a change in formatting for the Profit and Loss statement. We run a small restaurant and we need the ability to group certain P&L items together instead of just alphabetically as they now appear. For instance the Uniform System of Account for Restaurants requires that food cost and labor cost to be reported together to make up the all-important ‘Prime Cost’. No doubt you have a lot of small restaurant owners in the mix. This change would help all of us greatly. Thanks for your time and good work.

    • Paige Says:

      Our pleasure! I will tell the guy who works on reports about your P & L need. Would it be alright for him to contact you if he has further questions about your request? Thanks!

  15. Jane Says:

    Can you please bring back some form of the Income List? Or at least allow sorting by date on the client page? Before I could see at a glance which customers has the oldest outstanding invoices by date (and the related aging data). Now all of that information is grouped together by customer name or amount and you can’t see aging details without running a report.

    • John Shapiro Says:


      Does the “Sales” tab help you accomplish what you need? On the left navigation, click “Transaction,” then select “Sales.” You should be able to click on the “due date” header to sort transactions by age. You can also filter to only show overdue transactions by clicking “overdue” on the Money Bar.


    • Dan M Says:

      I agree, bring back the income list, and let my column widths remain once I select them. It is a pain to have to readjust the columns so I can read my invoice numbers or details in the memo, I can’t abbreviate enough to make these default columns work.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi Dan – Let me blow your mind – try clicking Transactions > Sales on the left sidebar. You should have access to the same data you had in your previous Income List! I do understand that constantly resizing columns can get old really fast. I checked in with the team, and I can confirm for you that we have sticky column widths in the Vendor and Customer centers coming within the next few releases. Hold on for now, Dan – we’ll have you covered soon.

        • Behzad Says:

          The fact is you shouldn’t have to “blow our minds”. It should be intuitive (get it) and we shouldn’t have to take something that used to be done in one click -> Income List and turn it into two clicks transactions -> Sales

          and lastly, Why would anyone not have sticky columns as default for a version that was rolled out as a required upgrade… A good idea would be to allow customers to choose versions until all these “coming soon” updates/bug fixes are deployed.

          • Paige Says:

            You make good points, Behzad. We aren’t able to keep both versions running due to browser changes that will break the old version in July. Therefore, we have to move to the new version sooner than expected across the board. There were plenty of things that weren’t perfect (like remembering column resizing (sticky columns)), but the teams have identified what they are by listening to customer feedback and the changes will be out soon. Sticky columns will be fixed by the end of June.

  16. Csaba Soos Says:

    I am new at Intuit Qbooks. Some of my clients wondering if I can text the invoice for them. I can not see other option then email it. I think it will be a great idea.

    • John Shapiro Says:

      That’s a great suggestion. I’ll take a note, but you may want to also add it by clicking “Feedback” under the gear menu in the top-right of the product.

  17. Love the private mode. Positive changes are always appreciated and I am enjoying having moved from a desk top version to the cloud version to always have the latest version.

    However, I have one pressing issue. On the desk top version I could give “users” the ability to create purchase orders without giving them access to financially sensitive information such as payroll, check writing and bank accounts.

    As a promotional products company, tracking purchases from hundreds of vendors through purchase orders is imperative. Having only the employees with full access able to create them is not efficient. All of our customer service people need to be able to create a purchase order.

    Is there a plan to make the online version similar to the desktop version in this area?


    • John Shapiro Says:

      Hi Rusty,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying private mode! Online also has “users” with limited permissions. For example, when adding a new user, you can choose “regular or customer user,” then select “limited, vendors & purchases.” Can you please take a look and see if that’s what you’re looking for? We’re in the process of adding more controls, so your feedback would be particularly timely.


    • Paige Says:

      Hi Rusty!
      There is a plan, but we are only just getting started on rethinking user permissions to make it robust and a solid counterpart for desktop users. I will document your use case and get back to you when we are about to release the update. It is on the roadmap though! Can’t wait to solve this for you.

  18. Helen Rosen Says:

    This upgrade has now made QB the most hated system. I would not recommend QB to anyone at this point. It is way too complicated to find what I’m looking for. You should have left it the way it was, or at least give people an option to go back. I dread every time I have to use QB now.

    • Jane Says:

      I agree. I find it hard to believe that the only way QBO could figure out how to handle the the Google/Mozilla change without rolling out a whole new version. It seems surprising that I have not seen any other company telling me about the “AWESOME” changes that MUST be made because Google and Mozilla are changing!
      I, too, dread having to use QuickBooks now.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi Jane – I’m very sorry you’re feeling dread when doing your books online with us right now. You see, the previous look of QuickBooks Online was built more than ten years ago. Think about how the Internet looked in 2004 – it was a very different place! The technology we used in the older look to create pop up windows is being eliminated. Many other companies stopped using that technology some time ago, which may be why you aren’t seeing other companies making changes. However, due to the nature of our product, we were unable to make major infrastructure changes until this update. If you’re willing, you can let our developers know exactly what it is that makes you dread QuickBooks Online with our Feedback button (gear > Feedback). This way, they’re able to work with what you need as a business owner, and implement exactly the features you need.

    • Robin Says:

      I completely agree. I just spent 10 minutes finding a previously compiled invoice and figuring out how to print it. My next task is to make a new invoice and I’m dreading it. I tried to write a check, but can’t figure out if it’s overwriting the previous check (it’s telling me the check number has already been printed when it should be a new check) or not. The other version was straightforward and things were grouped logically (at least to my thinking). I can’t find anything now and when I do, I can’t figure out how to do what needs to be done. So irritating. Maybe there should be 2 versions – one for people with very small, uncomplicated businesses and another that has all this extra stuff that only bigger businesses need (I guess).

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi Robin – We certainly want to make your life easier, not harder, I’m sorry that you’ve been having such a hard time so far. You might be a bit surprised to know that the new look of QuickBooks Online groups the different features as well, just a bit differently than the previous look. I tend to think of the new look as having your “reference material” – your Customers and Vendors, Transactions, Registers, and reports – on the left sidebar, your different Transaction forms in the Create (+) at the top of the Home screen, and your more administrative tools – Reconcile, Audit Log, etc. – in the gear menu in the upper right of the Home page. Here’s a link where our engineers describe those three areas with screenshots:


        Hope that helps.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Helen – It really bothers me to hear that you dread using QuickBooks Online now. Our mission is to make bookkeeping a more painless experience, not more painful. I can appreciate that it can be an adjustment to move to a new look of software, especially when you’ve been using the older look for some time. Something that was a big help to myself and other people who have migrated like you was a blog by our developers describing couple places to find the main features with screenshots. Here’s a link to that post:


      Check it out – I’m hoping this simplifies matters for you.

  19. kristi Says:

    I am absolutely so frustrated and disgusted every time I log in I am strongly considering leaving your services after 10 plus years. Search function is a joke. And banking which is paramount is all over the place.

    Is there a feature to use it in the old version like Windows 8 offered?

    Please advise.

    Sincerely, HUGELY UNHAPPY

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Hi Kristi,

      We’re really sorry to hear you’re having trouble. That’s the last thing we want. Unfortunately, we actually can’t let folks stick around on the older version of QuickBooks. In mid-July, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are making significant changes to their Web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to display popups. As you know, the old QuickBooks has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will break the old QuickBooks rendering it unusable.

      The new QuickBooks uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is the main reason we are updating customers to the new QuickBooks without the option to return or stay.

      As part of this acceleration, we are working very hard to address customer feedback we’ve received so far about where the new QuickBooks can be improved and are actively soliciting your input. We’d love to hear how we can improve search and banking. The best place to share that is by clicking “feedback” under the gear menu in the top-right corner of the product.


      • ek Says:

        I agree, I am looking for another accounting software, I have been using qb for 15+ years. This is worthless.

      • ek Says:

        The tail is wagging the dog. This is making QB obsolete.

      • Randall Parker, MBA Says:


        I’ve been using QB since its first release, and I’ve been a beta-tester for Intuit since 2002.

        In all honesty, I can say that I really dislike the new version of QBO. As a power user of the software who is very familiar with its functions, I can tell you that the new online version stinks.

        I was excited to have the chance to upgrade, because new is always exciting. This version has been a tremendous disappointment. Everything that I do in QBO takes longer to finish. This is an issue, when many of my accounts that use QBO pay me on a weekly retainer, rather than by the hour. I’m either going to have to increase my rates to customers who use QBO or force them to get the desktop version.

        The banking downloads are atrocious. Integration with Stripe was a joke; so bad in fact, that I had to kill it and go back to entering manually. PayPal integration also does not work properly. For MC/Visa, Stripe and PayPal transactions, it would help immeasurably if QBO could discern from the data provided, the amount of the original charge, discount fee and net deposit. Having to edit every transaction does not save me any time.

        Also, if I have cash (bank) accounts set-up for each of these, your system does not have a way to tie-in a deposit to my bank account to a payment from these providers. Transfers made from the bank account to PayPal to cover payments to vendors cause all kinds of issues. Some result in double-postings and some don’t show-up at all. This lack of functionality adds hours to my reconciliation time for these transactions.

        Several of my online clients have web-based businesses that do significant numbers of transactions in PayPal, Stripe and other MC/Visa merchant providers. QBO is creating a lot of extra work for me, but not any extra income.

        It would be a big benefit if QBO could work with the same functionality as the desktop programs. If that is not possible, how about providing a way to sync between the desktop version and the QBO version, so that I can do my work on the desktop and then upload the file into QBO for my clients to see?

        Thanks for all that you do, but please, make this system more functional. You don’t want to lose market share over this.

  20. Wincey Says:

    I’m still quite disappointed that I “upgraded” to a version with LESS specificity. I cannot indicate the client’s name on checks or categorize non-billable expenses (vendor payroll, printing, travel) like I could in QB2011. It is important for me to have an accurate accounting of the costs per job. What’s the point of paying for accounting software if Quickbooks is going to downgrade the accounting features?

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Hi Wincey,

      We worked really hard to make sure that you wouldn’t lose any functionality. There’s a field to indicate the customer when entering a line on a check. Would you want/expect that to show up on the printed check? What would you want to show up if you selected different customers for different lines of the check? You can add a note in the “memo” field that WILL print.

      Any expense can be categorized into accounts whether or not its billable. You should be able to select that under “account.” Is there somewhere else you’re trying to categorize and not able to?


  21. Mark Caruso Says:

    While it is difficult (for some more than others) to accommodate changes in the evolution of a new product – for me the benefit of the online version more than compensates for this cost/inconvenience. I like the changes I’ve seen so far, and find the improvements in the interface more simple and convenient (after a bit of learning curve and hunting for the once-familiar things).

    I would like to see “Progress Invoicing” as a high priority for feature addition.
    Also, something like a “known bug list” more visible from the home screen as well as disposition (e.g. next minor update, or “Q4′ or “postponed”).

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Thanks Mark, great to hear that! Appreciate the feedback on progress invoicing. I’ll make sure that gets passed along to the right team.


  22. Vanessa Says:

    Billing and Shipping addresses should appear on the same page just like the previous look rather than having to click edit every single time you need to look up the shipping address. Other than that, the new look is great!

    • Paige Says:

      Thanks, Vanessa! I told the team. Hopefully they can fix that soon. It makes total sense.

  23. D Says:

    Intuit is out of their collective mind – who thought it would be better to make it MORE DIFFICULT / TAKE MORE STEPS to use??? Not to mention being forced into the change at the worst possible time for our office – if we’d been asked, a slight delay would have gone a long way to help.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      I’m really sorry that you aren’t liking the new look right now, and that the switch came at an inopportune time for you, D. I can definitely assure you that our engineers are working frantically to make QuickBooks Online better every day. We absolutely welcome your feedback about anything that’s not working well for you right now, anything you want to see changed, or even about the features you love that you don’t want to see touched. Please don’t hesitate to let them know – it’s the best way to make your voice heard.

  24. Roni Says:

    I miss where I could see the ‘almost due’ transactions. I would be nice if I could from the home page, on the bottom right choose from the drop down ‘upcoming transactions’ I can easily use the clock at the top for historical ones.

    • Paige Says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Roni! You make a great point. I will see what we can do to resurface transactions that are coming due. Are you thinking about reminders to create transactions or about transactions that are about to become overdue?

  25. Robin Says:

    Okay – I really hate the new stuff. I am not accounting minded and this new setup is making my head hurt. I’ve spent ten minutes trying to figure out where I create an invoice. I really wish when you make updates/changes like this you also offered the option to stay with the old version. I hate to spend extra time trying to figure out something that shouldn’t have to be figured out again. I do things very simply and all these bells and whistles may look pretty but they’re pretty much keeping me from doing what I need to do. I’m sure I’ll eventually figure it out, it just irks me that I have to spend more time dealing with this and less time doing what I’m supposed to be doing!

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Hi Robin,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. In this particular case we couldn’t let people stay on the older version of QuickBooks. In mid-July, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are making significant changes to their Web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to display popups. As you know, the old QuickBooks has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will break the old QuickBooks rendering it unusable. The new QuickBooks uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is the main reason we are updating customers to the new QuickBooks without the option to return or stay.

      To create an invoice, just click the create (+) in the middle of the top of the screen. You should find every transaction type there (you may need to click “show more” first).


      • For me this whole upgrade is an unmitigated failure.
        You keep saying google chrome and Firefox are making you force this upgrade upon us. What about the other browsers out there IE for instance. Can I get the old quick books back and just use another browser?

        • IntuitMeg Says:

          Hi Paul – Since we’re unable to control which browser someone uses (nor would we want to – that’s a personal choice), and since Chrome and Firefox are very commonly used browsers, we’re not able to limit use of QuickBooks Online to simply IE and Safari. Also, as is the way of technology, often once one program has made a major change such as this, other programs later follow suit. The technology used in the older look of QuickBooks Online is no longer tenable with the current way the Internet works, and we won’t be able to keep using the older look for much longer. The new QuickBooks Online uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is why we are updating everyone to the new QuickBooks Online in advance of this deadline. I do understand that it’s hard to move to a newer look of a program, especially if you’re very familiar with the older look. Here’s a link to a post by our developers that explains – with screenshots – how to find your more commonly used features:


          Hope that helps you get where you want to be.

  26. Tom Says:

    When you invoice off of the reoccurring invoice list the invoice goes to one line and adding information does not show where the spaces are ect. slows down the process. Very frustrating working with this feature. I am not sure why they did it this way????

    • Paige Says:

      I’m not sure why that was done that way either. I’ve asked the team to fix it ASAP.

  27. Ted Says:

    Any chance we could get the ability to create progress invoices or a percentage invoice. Used to do this from estimates in QB 2103, and it was a great way to track customer deposits; ie – 50 % down,

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Hi Ted,

      We’ve gotten that request a lot and I’ve passed it onto the team working on invoicing. Thank for sharing your feedback!


  28. VPController Says:

    What would be one minor (not major) thing would you ask QuickBooks to publish on the home page screen today?

    Keep me in mind, these are QBO users with many years experience.

    They would like to see (at least) blog news and announcements more visible from the home page screen.

    Case in point, they were so turned off when they could not see “Print Checks” under Transactions. Obviously, it was moved to Expenses section. You could have avoided all those unnecessary confusions and frustrations if you have just posted on the home page screen as upcoming events, changes and updates blog.

    Small stuff like this goes a long way to keep QBO users happy Monday morning!

    • Paige Says:

      Thanks, VPController. Great point! We will try to keep a better eye on that. Lots of little teams doing the work– sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye on things to ensure that the changes are effectively communicated. I’ll try to do a better job.

  29. Charles Pankow Says:

    I really really dont like the new Qbooks. no good for my type of company. old Qbooks was much easier to move around in. couple clicks…done.. now several clicks later…may still not get there.
    Hate it

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Charles – We want you to love QuickBooks Online, not hate it, so I had to jump over here to try to save you some time. If you don’t want to click to navigate to different features, perhaps utilizing keyboard shortcuts could help you move faster. Here’s a link to a blog detailing those shortcuts:


      It’s helped me be a lot more efficient with my books, so I’m hoping it helps you too.

      • Debbie May Says:

        How about listening to the comments instead of forcing a change in user habits? I understand you are the messenger but I am disappointed that we have not heard anything from CEO or Senior Management on why this change was forced and how it will be fixed.

        We are already looking at new platforms as we fear the day our two largest companies will be rolling to the new layout.

        • Technology was old..old version originally built in 2000. And there is a change coming to firefox and chrome in July that will break the old version. Here is a comment from QBO product manager https://community.intuit.com/questions/795871-i-hate-the-new-update-for-quickbooks-i-need-it-to-go-back-to-the-old-one

          The old one is gone for good. You can also submit feedback by clicking company name/gear icon in upper right in QBO and selecting feedback. Most of the changes mentioned in this blog post are the result of user feedback/requests.

          Everyone is threatening to move, but the competing online products have their own set of challenges or else they are way more expensive than QBO.

          • Debbie May Says:

            Thanks for the comment and feedback. It is not about price. It is about launching a crap product and forcing it down the users throat. We don’t use Chrome or Firefox but I do appreciate that will impact some of your users. Seems like using a different browser is an easier change for those than asking all customers to use a completely different system. Today I was notified I am late paying three bills because I could not even find them without clicking on 3 different links. Since there is no intention for QB to change we will start the sourcing of a new product now.

          • Michelle Scott Roark Says:

            Reesa – the technology change is understandable, many websites that I use are changing format. But, the differences with QBO are:
            1 – this is an integral part of our businesses – this needs to work efficiently and consistently
            2 – the change is not just to the format but to every single task, the menus have been moved around to someone’s idea of a better placement – but I do not know of one user who thinks the set up is more efficient (or even makes any sense) – I am using the work-around of creating bookmarks – which works great – but is all-in-all a work-around that should not have been necessary
            3 – Many tasks and processes and links to other programs have been broken by the change – this blog and other help areas are helping but the amount of broken items is overwhelming and we don’t have the time to help you make a better system (or even correct this one) (see #1) – most of the posts are not features we would like to see but features that were there and are now gone or broken or changed in such a way that the task is either inefficient or impossible to perform.

  30. Dave Fry Says:

    I hate the new version. There was nothing wrong with the previous version. Why fix something that was not broken? Very, very annoying.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Dave – While the old look of QuickBooks Online wasn’t broken yet, we had to make major changes to the program’s infrastructure due to coming browser updates that will break the old look. You see, the older look of QuickBooks Online used over 600 pop up windows with older coding to generate those windows. In July, Google and Mozilla will be pushing updates that will stop those pop ups from appearing. Therefore, to maintain a functional product, we had to make changes that can’t be reverted. As always, we’re always making changes based on what you think (that’s the whole reason for this blog post), so please, feel free to keep using the Feedback option and letting the engineers know what you think.

    • Doctor Note Says:

      I have not been updated to the new version yet, and I’m not sure I’m looking forward to it based on all the complaints I read. But “nothing wrong with the previous version”? There’s plenty wrong with it, probably as much as the new version.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi Doctor – If you’d like, you can absolutely try out the new version before your company is invited to move over. We have a neat sample company available where you can play and make all the changes you like, and as soon as you close the window, your changes are reverted. Here’s a link to that sample company:


  31. Cindy Weiss Says:

    Timesheets-I miss seeing the date with the day of the week (ex Sunday May 25). It helps ensure I am putting the right data in the correct box. Thanks.

  32. Really need to see each date on the top of the column on the Timesheet.

    • Paige Says:

      Philip, great point. We will add the dates back to the top. Expect to see it back in the product within the next 2 months. It’s officially on the list.

      • Kandy McCloud Says:

        It would be really great to be able to see “the list.” Then every week when I have to manually do something I had been paying for the QBO product to handle in the old version (but can no longer do or it takes longer), I wouldn’t feel the need to ask someone to tell me if it is going to be fixed. You guys missed the boat on handling the disaster of making folks move to the new version when it clearly wasn’t ready. Maybe you ran out of time, I don’t know but saying nothing and not acknowledging that functionality was indeed lost made things much worse. Until you told me that timesheet info to invoices would be fixed within the next month, I have complained and gotten so upset every week when I have to do invoices. It was like talking to a wall though until you responded. Just post “the list” with a timeline. Even if you have to tweak the timeline sometimes, it would really help to keep some customers if you communicated this. Thanks.

        • IntuitMeg Says:

          Hi Kandy – I wanted to specifically hop in here to let you know that I’ve personally passed your feedback along to the highest level I could. I agree that it would be helpful for a lot of people to see the different coming changes to QuickBooks Online. I would really appreciate if you could back this up by sending this idea directly to our developers. Just click the gear in the upper right of the Home screen, choose Feedback from the menu, and tell them just what you’ve told me above. This way, the right people are hearing this idea. Thanks for letting them know – I’m hoping we see something like this very soon.

  33. Ellen Says:

    My company uses Quick Books to pay vendors, post deposits, reconcile bank account, (deposits, write checks, print checks), and use some of the reports. I am not happy with the changes. It takes forever to print the checks written, that is if you can figure out how. I put in a check # and the system changes it to a # we used two years ago. Also we no longer use the bill section, I do not put in each bill received. I cleared out the “Unpaid bills” report in March of 2014. Now when I pay some vendors it is coming up with open balances from 2010, 2011, 2012 and I can’t get rid of them. Perhaps if we were able to call and speak with a person for guidance our frustration level would be lowered.

  34. Chris Says:

    Is there a way to shortcut getting to the register from any screen? From the Home screen, I see the register I want under Bank Accounts on the top-right, and I can click once to get me there. But from other screens, I don’t see a shortcut to get back to the main register, and I have go to Transactions, then scroll down to Registers, then wait for them to populate before clicking on the main register I use every day. Is there a one-step way of getting to the register I want from any screen?

    Also, for me, this would make QBO perfect: If I could customize buttons for frequent tasks, and those buttons would be displayed on every page. Essentially, this would be one-click navigation or a bookmarks-like feature. Now, for some things I do, I have to navigate to the options on the left, sometimes clicking through two or three options, and for others I have to go to the Plus icon at the top of the page. Allowing me to customize buttons for frequent tasks would eliminate literally dozens, maybe hundreds, of repeated clicks every day.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Chris,
      I don’t think we have access to registers from any screen, but you make a fair point about the value of allowing that. I will see if we can make that any easier. In the meantime, your second idea about one click navigation has a shortcut you can use today that a lot of people love. Michelle Long made a cool video to teach the trick: http://youtu.be/IwWVyV_2P44 Thanks for your feedback!!

      • DJ Says:

        My Bookmarks bar is already filled with the web links I use all the time – there is no room to add QBO bookmarks.. There should something in QBO that is the equivalent to the customizable icon bar in the desktop version – a place where one click on one of seven icons or buttons will take me to that highly used function… in one click without having to go through several layers of clicks to get where I want to go…

    • Kimberly Morris-Ward Says:

      same here.

  35. Peter Says:

    It’s ok, but I still don’t understand why I can’t present Other Income next to Other Expenses at end of P&L? Is it possible to move it far down?

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Peter – so glad you’re doing all right with the new look. I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to the person who works with reports about your needs on the Profit and Loss. There was actually another post on this thread regarding the possibility of customizing the order of the accounts on these reports, so I’m hoping we see something about this soon. Thanks so much for letting us know!

  36. Kevin Says:

    As an independent contractor, I am bound to use corporate issued softward and hardward, is there a way i can access without downloading a new browser?

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Kevin – If you’re not able to download Firefox or Chrome, you should have no problems at all accessing the new look of QuickBooks Online from either Internet Explorer version 10 or higher or via Safari 6.1 or higher. I can’t wait for you to start playing with the new look so you can let us know what you think!

  37. Danielle Says:

    Quickbooks is great, but i truly cannot stand the newer version. Two thumbs down.

    • Paige Says:

      I’m sorry, Danielle. The team is working hard to make it better. Hopefully you will be happier with QuickBooks soon.

  38. Shawn Says:

    I have an iphone app called Contractor Expenses where I can take a pic of a receipt then enter it into my expenses. I then extract it as an excel at the end of the month and send it to my bookkeeper so she can enter it in. Why can’t you just add that function to your app?

    • Paige Says:

      Shawn, the team is working on it. Stay tuned :)

    • Paige Says:

      P.S. We do have receipt upload in the app today, it just doesn’t read the data the way we want it to, automatically inputting all your numbers. In the meantime, however, it should save you and your bookkeeper some time.

  39. Alison Says:

    Terrible changes! After receiving payment from invoices and going to banking to make deposit
    some checks are double and triple. Then go back to customer and their balances are now credits
    which is incorrect. It almost impossible to correct.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Alison, that sounds really bad. Can we reach out to you via email to see what’s going on?

  40. Marc Says:

    I would *love* to upgrade, but I’m not hearing anything about when it might be. I’m using Payroll, but otherwise, my company is pretty simple, since I’m the lone employee. Any news for those of us who want to touch the new bits?

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Marc, I’m glad that you are looking forward to trying out the new version! You should receive your invite to update within the next two months. If you’d like to see it sooner, click the gear in your QuickBooks and select “Feedback,” pick “Send us a message,” and put “Harmony Invite Request” in there. No promises, but we can try!

      • Marc Says:

        I don’t have a gear yet. :-) But I just sent the feedback as you suggested. Thanks!

      • Laura Says:

        Is the update now extending out two months (i.e., end of July)? If so, how can I bump out that far. I just got my invitation with mandatory conversion of 6/25 and I’d rather postpone.

  41. Bill Stanley Says:

    You took you old quick books system that was easy to learn and navigate and changed it to the most complicated and hard to use system possible. This reminds me of when Coca Cola decided that the customers would be happier with “New” Coke Cola, but everyone wanted the old Coke so they had to change back to the old Coke. I hope you go back to the old Quick Books system, otherwise we drop your service and find a easier to use system.

  42. Carol Says:

    Half the home page is for info I don’t need every day. I have numerous locations and therefore the P&L is useless. Income & Expenses are useless for the same reason. What I want to see first is how much money do I have in my accounts according to QB and the bank. The old version had that just fine.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Carol – I’m sure you’ve already noticed this, but try checking in the upper right of your Home screen. You should have information right when you sign in about your different accounts and both their real life and QuickBooks balances. We’re always working on making QuickBooks Online better, and I’ve passed what you had to say onto the team. Feel free to send our engineers feedback (gear menu > Feedback) any time you see something you want changed in our new look! We’re always improving.

      • Carol Says:

        The right hand side of home page has changed. That is an improvement. But QB has real problems.

        I’m thinking about shorting stock on INTU — it’s down over 1% today. Just keep going the way you’re going and the stock analysts will start to pay attention. This isn’t just a glitch — this is serious.

        As I’m reading the comments, there seems to be a general theme that the New Version is not an improvement because:

        1. It’s taking more steps for simple transactions; and
        2. The organization of tasks is not “intuitive”

        QB could have saved themselves the trouble of frantically making changes, if they would make the process a phase in process, with unhappy customers able to switch back to the old version for a while.

        I understand why QB has to upgrade, but listen to the customers when they are telling you that this isn’t about learning something new, it’s about having to learn something new that isn’t better, or that this is just bad timing for their business right now.

  43. Bill Stanley Says:

    This is Worst than trying to sign up for OBAMA CARE on the Government website that does not work. “Screw” your modern cloud technology. I want something that is SIMPLE to use and navigate, you need to go back to the drawing board. Meanwhile we are going to look for another alternative to Quick Books.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Bill – I’m really sorry that you’ve gotten so frustrated. I can understand how hard it can be when you’re moving to a newer look to a program and you can’t find what you need. Something that was a big help to me when I was getting started was realizing that you can find just about everything you need in just a couple spots. Here’s a link from our developers that describes with pictures where to find what you need to do business:


      Hope that helps – I know it helped me.

  44. David Wistocki Says:

    I own a rental company. I would like to see a pick up date next to the delivery date. I also am having trouble with the footer. Although it is on in customization it does not print with it on.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi David – You might be surprised to know that we can absolutely add custom fields to our sales forms, which could be used for that Pick Up Date information that you need. You’ll find the options for the custom fields in your Sales Form Customization area! It’s definitely a problem if your footer isn’t printing. You may want to try changing your Sales Form Template and see if the footer prints on another template than the one you’re currently using. Hope that helps!

  45. Barbara Reed Says:

    At the end of each month, prior to sending customer invoices, I add a note on customer invoice that has a past due account. I do this by going through the customer list alphabetically and when I see a past due, open the current invoice and add the comment about the account being past due. In the old QuickBooks, after editing and saving each respective invoice I was returned to the same plus in the customer list and I could continue to navigate on through the list. However, exiting a customer account after editing current invoice now takes me back to the beginning of the customer list and I have to scroll back through the list again or know which customer I need to search for. This new QuickBooks makes this task extremely time consuming and aggravating. Your new rewrite did not take into account that all users of your product do not have the same needs and you are trying to do a one size fits all. It is not working!!! I am having to navigate through way more screens in your new version that I ever did in the old.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Barbara,
      The way lists don’t remember where you were have certainly made QuickBooks more cumbersome to navigate. The team has heard this loud and clear and is setting out to add back in the spit view (with the skinny alphabetical list) and make sure it remembers where you were. Last I heard, the fix should be back within the next two months. In the meantime, we are so so sorry for slowing you down. Thanks for letting us know what we should be focusing on.

  46. Paul Leggett Says:

    Please split Quantity and Rate columns it is my biggest complaint we need to show quantity not rate at present I have to put a X? after each entry
    also footer does not ptint

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Paul, I’ve asked the team to split Quantity and Rate. You should see it in one of our next two releases (so likely within the next two months, hopefully sooner.) I wonder why the footer isn’t printing– that’s definitely not okay. Which template are you using?

  47. Ben Cameron Says:

    Need to add ‘markup’ to the estimate form and an area next to the total that shows profit, like in the desktop version. this was very handy for my team to create estimates on the fly for customers using standard markup practices.

  48. Liz Thurston Says:

    I really like the new update. I feel like it is much easier to maneuver through, especially, how it auto populates the services on the invoices. I have one request that bothers me. I wish that the program would automatically capitalize the first letter of the names and address information and also allow us to set a default area code.

    • Paige Says:

      Thanks, Liz! That’s a great idea. I will capture that and bring it back to the team. Let us know if you spot anything else like that. We are constantly trying to make it easier.

  49. David Says:

    I’ve been getting used to the new version for a while, and finding many items I thought had been lost. But one thing that I’d really like to have back is the ability to switch between my browser and another program (like Word or Acrobat) and copy/past things into QB invoice and other forms. Whenever I CTRL-TAB away from the form and come back, it forgets where I am and I have to pick up the mouse and click in the field again. This is a huge time waste. Can you fix that?

    • Paige Says:

      I’m not sure, David. Let me ask the team. Your request makes total sense. I’m glad you are starting to get used to it. We will do our best to make it better and better every month.

      • David Says:

        Thanks – And actually, I ALT-Tab back and forth between programs, for what it’s worth.

  50. Blake Eiseman Says:

    Sure wish I could see the updates… still haven’t been invited to upgrade my account!

    • Paige Says:

      Sorry about that, Blake! You should see your invitation by the end of June. We can’t wait to have you try it. It’s very different, yet in the long haul, the biggest difference is the underlying technology that will make it easier and faster for us to fulfill customer requests. Hooray for that!

    • Randall Parker, MBA Says:

      Be careful for what you wish. Most people seem to prefer the old version.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Blake – I just wanted to pop by and let you know that if you’d like to take a sneak peak at our new look, you might want to try opening our sample company! It’s a “new look” type of subscription that’s fleshed out with data, so you can play around and experiment to your heart’s content. Here’s a link to that sample:


      While you should be invited to update soon, this might be a nice peek around the curtain for what’s coming for you.

  51. Xuan Says:

    I have tried entering an expenses but the description box does not. I could not enter the full description and it does not enable me to key in the amount. It just go to the next line. Please resolve this as soon as possible. I am starting to hate the new upgrade.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Xuan – I’m really sorry you’re having a hard time, because we want you to fall in love, not hate the new look. When using the arrow keys to navigate a transaction in the new look, the arrow keys will only allow you to move up and down within lines from text boxes, not menu boxes. You’ll have to use the Tab key or the mouse to move between lines from a menu box. If you’re blocked from entering anything in that field at all, try try clearing your current browser’s cookies and cache, closing out of the browser entirely, reopening to a fresh new session, and trying again. Clearing the cache and cookies and restarting a browser solves a lot of problems for a lot of people. Hope that helps.

  52. ravisamrat Says:

    Dear Quickbooks team….very good job…new updated very nice!!!

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi ravisamrat – great! I’m so glad you’re liking what you see :) Don’t forget to submit Feedback (gear menu > Feedback) to let the engineers know what you’re loving, if you want. Thanks so much for letting us know!

  53. Gulam Says:

    It’s very difficult / time consuming to find list report on previous estimates, receipts and invoices in the new layout. It was so much easier in the previous version.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Gulam – Those reports are really handy, aren’t they? I know I rely on reports on my sales forms to access past transactions quickly. The fastest way I’ve found to access my previous sales transactions is by clicking Transactions on the left side of my screen and then clicking Sales (it appears below Transactions). This Sales area is a quick way to access all your different sales transactions! You can even click Filter to sort what you’re seeing into a more manageable group of transactions. Hope that helps.

  54. Arthur Nwigwe Esq. Says:

    With the new version, I have not been able to access Customers register. This has made it difficult for me to reconcile my customer’s account very easily as it was in the old version.
    Secondly, we need quick report for products and services to enable us check inventory balances as at any date as it is in the desk top version. It is very vital to know the balance of quantity of goods on hand at any time and not only the value of goods at a particular date.
    Please have these included in the next update because this new version is making the work difficult and reconciliations tedious.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Arthur – I’ve heard a lot from different people about missing Customer and Vendor Registers. While you can absolutely still access a list of your different transactions associated with a given customer, you’re right that there isn’t a specific Register. Please send feedback (gear > Feedback) to remind the engineers about this feature, and I’ll do the same thing on my side as a “plus one.” I do have some good news regarding your item quantity! Try clicking the gear in the upper right of your Home screen and choosing Products and Services from the dropdown. You should see all the different quantities available in the column to the far right. Hope that helps you get back to business today!

  55. Nick Gooding Says:

    I love Quickbooks and have shown loads of people how easy it is to use. What i’d like to see is clicking cutdown. On sales receipts and invoices, there’s loads of room near the banner – it’s going to save anyway so lets have send, close and print as 3 separate buttons next to each other. Thank you for making my accountancy easy =)

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Nick – That’s great! I’m so glad to hear it – we all want your accounting to go as smoothly as possible. I can definitely understand not wanting to click any more than you already have to. I was wondering if you were aware of our new keyboard shortcuts in our new look. It might really speed up your data entry! Here’s a link to a blog discussing those shortcuts:


      Hope that speeds you up a bit!

  56. Dave Goodwin Says:

    We moved over from the in-house hosted version to the online version and it is completely different, my staff have had a nightmare learning the hosted version, its no way near as simple as our previous version and im wishing we never changed.

  57. Business Office Says:

    It has not worked as expected for me, finding information in the old version was easier and faster. New presentation takes over the whole screen when you were able to navigate better with he old version. Our plan is to look for a new vendor for all our companies.

    • Bob Says:

      This version is a disaster and all who spearheaded this should be canned. If you don’t return the prior version and make the data “go backwards” I’m outta here after decades of use. Really, take a selfie in the stupid mirror.

  58. Accounting Staff Says:

    You can skip the self-aggrandizing comments about how wonderful your new version of QB online is. I use QB Enterprise in my other position with a larger company and have merely tolerated the online version here . . . This new version has removed everything from the home screen that I appreciated and used daily and replaced them with everything I don’t need to see or use daily. Finding anything I actually use regularly (printing checks; you really had to hide that???) often requires hunting in help screens. And, wonder of wonders, you’ve finally allowed me to order the chart of accounts by account number. How spectacular of you. In case you hadn’t guessed, I am decidedly not a fan.

  59. The new version is great but it introduced a misalignment of the Bank Account balances (I use QBO in French in CHF). Also the Private mode button hasn’t been translated…

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Eric – So glad you’re liking the new look. I really appreciate you letting me know that that Private mode information hasn’t been translated. I actually have a Swiss company, so I was able to verify that and get that issue looked at. In terms of the bank balance, I’m not seeing the information misaligned. You may want to test in another browser and see if you get the same results. Hope that helps!

  60. DR Says:

    I think this is a terrible update. I want to be able to have the option of sticking with the old version. I feel that we should be able to choose which version works best for us and not be forced to make this change that does not accommodate our needs. Now I need to evaluate if Quickbooks is the best program for us to use going forward. At the moment it is not!!!

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi DR – I know that it’s hard to change from one look of a program to another, and I’m really sorry that this adjustment has been difficult for you. We’re not going to be able to stay with the older version because the older version will no longer function properly after a coming Google and Mozilla update regarding pop up windows. Since that update will cause the old look to stop working, we’re not going to be able to leave any companies on the older version. The beauty of the online product is that we’re able to quickly and frequently update the program, so we’ve always got new features, fixes, and changes coming down the line. If you’re not liking what you see now, send us some Feedback and we’ll get right to work on developing to impress.

  61. tdanelski Says:


    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi danelski – I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time. While we’re always working on improving and making QuickBooks Online better, it’s apparent that we’re not quite there yet for you. While you can always send our engineers feedback (gear > Feedback) on how to improve, I wanted to send you a link to a blog that details where you can find the major features of the new look. The blog has a lot of screenshots, and it’s helped a lot of people find what they need. Here’s a link to that post:


      Hope that helps you find what you need in the new look.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        I’m sorry, I meant to type *t*danelski, but I guess I didn’t type the “T” hard enough. My apologies!

  62. Do not like the new quick books I am so confused by trying to print a check its a process

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Gail – I’m really sorry that you’ve been having a hard time. You’ll find the Checks queue by clicking Transactions > Expenses and then clicking Print Checks in the upper right. You can then check off the Checks and click Print Preview when you’re finished. Please do send our engineers feedback (gear > Feedback) whenever you see something that you’d like changed – it’s the best place to communicate and let them know.

  63. Carrie Howery Says:

    Please give us the option to return to past views in QB. I have 22 companies with QB and no one in our office likes QB. It is not user friendly. It takes double the time to write checks, post invoices and even deposits. WE WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK!!!!

  64. Zulma Says:

    Hi. I like the new update and I’m getting used to it now. Somethings t I miss from the old version like being able to see and edit recent transactions on the check/receive payment/deposit modes. I have seen a couple of glitches but also have seen that the QBs team takes immediate action to fix them once aware of them. Overall, I really like it. Change is hard but not always bad.

  65. Linda Says:

    This is ridiculous, cannot find my Products and Services list. Spending most of my day searching for simple things……This is wasting my day at work….I am not happy today.

    • Bob Says:

      ” You told us loud and clear: there’s always room for improvement! ”

      Yep, and you should start now – because this problem is not a learning problem, it is a like it or leave it problem.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Linda – I don’t want you to be unhappy. Try clicking the gear in the upper right of your Home screen and selecting Products and Services from the menu. That gear menu will be your home base for your lists, tools, and settings within QuickBooks Online. If you ever need more help finding anything, try checking out this developer blog. I’ve linked it a couple times in this thread because it’s really useful for finding features we need. Here’s a link:


      Hope that helps you find what you need.

  66. marlene Says:

    I dislike it!! old version much better!!

  67. Ron Says:

    I do not like the new version. I will find another accounting software for my company.

    This new version sucks.


    • Paige Says:

      I’m sorry, Ron. We work really hard to make it better and understand that it isn’t perfect yet. If you tell us what you want changed, the team can try to change what is bothering you about the software. We want you to be happy.

  68. Deanna Says:

    “Finding a customer is easier. Now you can search for a customer by company or contact name on the Customers list.”

    I’m still unable to search by Contact Name. Only by Company or Display Name. Please don’t advertise a fix unless it’s actually fixed.

  69. Akiva Says:

    There are a few fixes that we are still waiting for. Spoke to support over the last few months and was told being worked on.
    1. When you go to the parent customer totals only show parent activity does not include subs. On Ipad app totals include sub accounts.

    2. Need to send monthly statements and would like to email to those with email addresses, but there is no way to do automatically. Should be able to email the ones with addresses and print the rest. No way to do – we have review each statement manually and email or send.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Akiva – I can agree that it would be helpful to be able to toggle a preference to see subcustomer totals along with the parent customer totals. I also think your idea regarding sending and printing statements is a fabulous one! Even if you’ve sent that feedback in before, I’m going to send those ideas to the team so they know this is something we need. Feel free to send it again through your channels as well (gear menu > Feedback). Since the engineers are the people making changes to the program, it’s important that we let them know what we want directly. Thanks so much for letting them know – hoping we see this feature soon.

      • Laura Says:

        Akiva, I already posted feedback that is similar. I would love to have your votes added to it. The title in feedback is “Navigate Customer List by Letter of the Alphabet” but the purpose is to get to a screen where a parent and all of the subs show at one time.

  70. Diane Stewart Says:

    We are a CPA office that have about 25 clients on QuickBooks online and we are thinking about switching to another software. We loved the old version of QuickBooks on line and it was so friendly user, but this one is horrible. I do a lot of journal entries and when you print it you have to go around the country to print it. I hope you don’t lose a lot of clients because we spend a lot of money with you all. I could go on and on with complaints from our clients.

  71. Patricia Carrillo Says:

    1. Please help I have more than three weeks without coming budget and a scrip error appears and finishes loading the budget and therefore you can not edit or do anything , please please help .

    2. Paragraph of preparation of reports if they can make the screen bigger selection of accounts, but had now the size is fixed and if I have accounts with similar names to start me select them is very difficult to make my reports.


    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Maricarmen – I’m very sorry you’ve been having a hard time working with your Budgets in the new look. If you’re getting a script error, you may want to try switching browsers to see if this is a problem with one browser, or if it’s affecting all browsers on the main system. You could also try clearing your current browser’s cookies and cache, closing out of the browser, reopening, and trying again. I’ll be sure to pass your feedback regarding the reports along to that team, but I’d love for you to let them know as well by clicking the gear in the upper right of your Home screen and selecting Feedback from the menu. Thanks again for letting us know.

  72. Kavitha Dornala Says:

    In old quickbooks the we can find any thing by name of payee, check number or amount as well as we can find invoice, bill and so many other things. while in new version we can find either by Date, Amount or Transaction number, which is not good.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Kavitha – I had to make sure you got an answer because I wanted to surprise and delight you :) You’ll be glad to know that you can absolutely still search your different transactions by those different parameters. Try clicking the Search (magnifying glass) at the top of your Home page, then click Advanced Search. You can manipulate the fields to search by amount, date, display name, last modified date, line description, and more. Give it a try – I hope it helps you find your transactions a bit faster!

  73. Nick Williams Says:

    Still sux. Bring back the old format for God’s sake!

  74. Debra Jackson Says:

    When printing out your payments for today why does is not give the total like it used to ?

  75. Neisha Layman Says:

    I would love to see a way that I can enter an invoice that I need to appropriate between different locations in ONE “bill” input transaction. As it stands right now I have to post the same invoice twice (or more) in order to appropriate the correct amount to each location.

    Also, while inputting invoices to be paid, I would love when I tab over to the description (after entering the account number) for it to either clear out the description (it currently autofills from previous invoice entered), or become highlighted to where all I have to do is start typing to input something different then what autofilled. Currently, I have to manually click and delete, or manually highlight and delete the information to be changed every time I enter an invoice. This is pure convenience; however it stops the efficient flow of input.

    Thank you!

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Neisha – Great suggestions. I do understand how those two different tactics could really save you a bit of time. I’ve passed this along to the team over here, but I’d appreciate if you could let the developers know from the customer side as well (just click the gear in the top right and choose Feedback). In the meantime, when you tab into that Description column, you might want to try utilizing the button combination Ctrl + A to highlight everything in that field. You can then use the Delete key to remove all the information. You could also turn off the AutoRecall preference in the Company Settings to turn that feature off altogether. Thanks for the ideas, Neisha!

  76. Toni Cordts Says:


    • Shirley Khan Says:

      I aree.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Toni – It really bothers me to see how frustrated you are. Since it seems a lot of your frustration is stemming from not understanding how to use the new look of QuickBooks Online, I wonder if maybe looking over our little Guide could help. Here’s a link:


      You’ll be able to review changes we’ve made and get more familiar with the new look. Also, don’t forget there’s also a Community of users and experts who can help you (that’s where I am when I’m not here in the blog). You can ask questions there any time! You’ll find the Community here:


      Hope that helps you get to a less frustrating place, Toni.

  77. Angela Robinson-Spencer Says:

    Yes, I was confused when forced to use the new version yesterday. I’m a simple one woman operation…BUT….after clicking around…finding what I needed…all is ok AND I like the new look. Something is only new once. I like the new aesthetics…and the responsiveness to make “fixes” is good. Everyone that has been using QB has been doing so because it IS simple and the best…just because it changed..doesn’t change that. IF so…just try going to another new software that you will then need to try to figure out!!! Quit moaning and learn how to “dot” your “i’s” a new way!

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Angela – That’s fabulous! I just read your comment out loud to all my other “cubicle buddies” here in the office. We’re so glad to hear it! If there’s anything specific you like about the new look, feel free to let me know either in here, or tell our developers by clicking the gear in the top right and choosing Feedback from the menu. That way we know what’s working best right now :) Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and thanks for using QuickBooks Online!

  78. Sarah Says:

    I love this system. This system is very easy to use and to keep things organized. I think with everything it takes time to learn new things.

  79. Michelle Scott Roark Says:

    When I add a new customer or vendor, the name goes in as a person’s name. Most of my customers/vendors are companies. Is there a way to default to Company rather than a person? In the old version, I could cut and paste to easily move it. Now the name is broken into first, last, etc so it is more time consuming to remove it and move it to Company.

  80. Shirley Khan Says:

    I need to look at the old version. How do I get to it?

    • DJ Says:

      Shirley – sorry, once you have converted to the new version, you can’t use the old version anymore. All your data should still be there, you just have to figure out where they put it. Look under the “plus” (+) sign or the gear icon. You may have to click the “see more” to get access to all the menu items.

  81. I cannot edit transaction descriptions anymore when adding the transactions. When I click on it I just get a blank screen.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Christen – It’s really important to me that we’re able to create accurate descriptions for our transactions. If you’re trying to enter a description but getting a blank page, that’s not normal, and we’ll need to get you repaired. You might want to test entering that description from another browser and see if you have more luck there. You could also try clearing your browser cache and cookies, closing out entirely, reopening to a new session, and trying again. Let’s see if those ideas help, and let me know how it goes!

  82. Todd Says:

    Wow thanks for slapping us (who pay monthly) in the face – with the BETA release from elance india..

    1. The estimate form is so important, why can I not at least type a paragraph in a one line entry instead of having to use my mouse and scroll sideways to see what I’ve written in linear format?

    2. Ok, now I want to email my estimate – there again I have to type the email with many details in a tiny box that I can’t expand?

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Todd – I’m sorry that you’ve been having difficulty. I reached out to the team responsible for dealing with those Description fields on the transactions, and I can confirm for you we do have a fix scheduled for release to add word wrapping to those fields. You should see that fix implemented within the next month or two. I can understand how you might need to manually enter a longer email address in the email address field, and not being able to read the whole address could be a problem. I’ve sent that feedback to our developers, and I’d like for you to let them know as well (gear > Feedback). This way, they’re aware they need to work on that part of QuickBooks Online. In the meantime, you may want to consider saving the customer’s email address with the rest of their information. That way, when you select their name, the email will fill in automatically with no typing required. Hope that helps ease your pain a little today.

  83. Wendy McCarter Says:

    I’m having a difficult time navigating it and it’s taking too long to figure out simple things like how to delete a bill, etc. When I go to the help portion, it just shuts down. Is there an option to use the old version?

  84. Dorothy Says:

    I hate this version. We are a church and only need deposits and payments, I can’t even see how to enter a deposit. Dorothy

    • Becky Says:

      Hi Dorothy, I am a church too. If you click on the “+” at the top of the screen, you can click on make deposits and write checks from there. You may have to click on “show more options”, but at least that gets you started. Many, many more steps that we used to have to take to get done what we needed to. Blessings!

      • You can create your own shortcut list by bookmarking pages/features you use most frequently and putting them on the browser bookmark bar. In chrome, you click the star icon in the browser address bar to bookmark a page.

  85. Janine Says:

    I asked two months ago when you change a service on a time sheet that it be updated in the description however as of 5/28/14 it is still not updated and shows up on reports as the old description thereby causing confusion. How difficult can this be REALLY!

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Janine, I didn’t see your last request, but I made sure this was documented as important bug worth fixing. It should be working again within the next two months. In the meantime, sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting us know.

  86. Beverly Says:

    Search by Address
    We provide locksmith service for contractors who work on multiple properties. Sometimes we’d like to be able to look up an invoice by property address because we don’t know the owner’s name. So far, I cannot find this option.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Beverly,
      I’m happy to report that the team successfully built out search by address and is testing it today with a limited group of users. It should roll out within the next 2 months– Hooray!

  87. Luke Says:

    Can’t say I’ve had as many issues as everyone else seems to have with the new version. Nobody likes change I guess. One thing that does bother me with the new version is that I cannot seem to select and pay multiple bills at once in a batch. I have to go through and pay each bill, one at a time. The old version made this much easier. So please bring that back with future updates!

    • Paige Says:

      Thanks, Luke! When you click on the + at the top center of the screen, can’t you still click Pay Bills and pay multiple at once? Just checking that I document your feedback correctly.

      • Luke Says:

        I see now. You’re right. I was clicking the vendor tab on the left side and paying bills from that screen. Thanks for pointing that out.

  88. Becky Says:

    Does anyone know how to print a deposit summary? In the old version, you could print a list of the contributors, their payment information and amount. Now when I go to print at the bottom of the screen, it gives me an error message that my deposit is to many line items and I need to split it. I am not trying to print a deposit SLIP, I want to print a deposit SUMMARY. Help?!?

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Becky, Print deposit summary was a total miss– we forgot to build it. The team rebuilt it this month and is testing it now. You should see it back in the product by the first week in June. We really apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

      • Susan Says:

        Having to search for functions in the + or settings instead of having them in the drop down menu by function is very tiresome. This may be good for the small company that works from his car but working from the desktop is now clunky and not ideal for your better than average bookkeeper.

        • You can create your own lists by bookmarking the page and putting on the browser bookmark bar. In chrome, you can create a folder and save the bookmarks in it and it becomes your own personalized drop down list to functions you use most frequently.

          • Michelle Scott Roark Says:

            If you have multiple companies that you switch between during the day, do the bookmarks take you to the task or are the bookmarks tied to the task within a specific company? I work with up to 8 companies a day and that solution just does not work the way it is currently set up.

            • They take you to the task, regardless of which client you are in. Also, if you are using Chrome, you can create another, or multiple user profiles, and work on multiple companies at the same time, if needed. Or use it to switch between companies without losing the work or what you were doing. I have specific profiles for using QBO and the only thing on the bookmarks bar is my QBO shortcuts.

          • DJ Says:

            Very unhelpful as my brower bookmark bar is already filled with other links. There should be a place within QBO – like the customizable icon bar in desktop – where you can put links to the top seven pages/processes/reports that you use all the time…

  89. Judy Adams Says:

    Will I lose any data with this switch? I have invoices completed for upcoming events. Thanks

  90. Navdeep Says:

    i hate it and i would like to go back to old version .Do i have choice.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Navdeep. I’m very sorry you don’t like it. The team is working hard to make it better. Please let us know exactly what you would like to see changed and we will do our best to fix it. Leave product feedback by clicking the Gear at the top right of your QuickBooks. Unfortunately, we can’t keep the old version because the technology is old, slow, and can’t support customer requests. Additionally, Google and Mozilla are going to change their web browsers in early July in a way that is going to break the software, so we have to use the new technology. Do let us know what we can change to make it better for you.

  91. Amy Says:

    I was excited to see the e-mail in my inbox about the differences, so I could share with my frustrated co-worker, and even more excited to see a link to the Getting Started PDF guide. What was frustrating is that the link doesn’t work! I tried to call support, but was informed my wait time would be a minimum of 35 minutes, and don’t have that kind of time to wait. PLEASE FIX THE LINK TO THE GUIDE!

  92. Christy Says:

    I would like to know whatever happened to the good ole “SPLITS” when entering payments? I used to be able to enter a payment to a vendor through the register, and split it up by accounts: supplies, equipment, shipping/handling, taxes, etc. etc. Now it’s one big happy payment to the vendor, and my accountant is NOT happy about it.

    • You would enter the payment to one account, save and then edit. Or get out of the register and use the forms located under the plus sign at top of screen. If you use the bank feed, there is a split button for those transaction lines.

      • DJ Says:

        “You would enter the payment to one account, save and then edit.” Obviously the programmer who designed that functionality has never done bookkeeping for a living…

        • I agree, it is weird. However….I’m an accountant and I NEVER work in the register view. Register view is a pain in the butt in both desktop and online. It’s always been easier for me to use the forms & keyboard shortcuts than to use the registers. It’s super easy to enter splits if you are not in the register.

  93. tarmarga Says:

    I need to reconcile my checking register but I want to be able to manually enter Beginning Balance and Date. Can’t seem to do that now. Am I missing something? TIA

    • Click the company name in upper right, then Reconcile. Select the account from the drop down and then click the Reconcile Now button. There should be a pop up window that appears where you enter the statement ending date. You don’t ever enter a “beginning date” for a recon. The beginning balance should be zero or pre-fill from a prior recon.

      • tarmarga Says:

        In our case, some prior ‘reconciliations’ weren’t accurate. In the prior version of QB, we could enter a beginning balance in order to make sure that a specific bank statement was reconciled accurately. We can’t do that now. We want it back. PLEASE!

        • I have never seen that option. The “Beginning Balance” in both online and desktop is the SUM of all previously cleared transactions. If you were able to put in whatever you want for this number, you would not really be “reconciling” the accounts in their entirety….it makes no sense to be able to reconcile for one month only…it’s a running reconciliation. The math just wouldn’t come out correctly and your accounts may still be off. If the beginning balance is wrong, it usually means that some previously cleared transactions have become uncleared or deleted and it should be investigated.

  94. Alli Says:

    It would be nice if there was still a way to print an employee’s social security number on their payroll stub. I realize that it is important to keep employee information private. However, I have an employee that needs this number printed on a legal pay stub in order to help him get an ID. It’s not something that would be needed every time but it would be nice if there was an option to print the social security number on the pay stub occasionally. There doesn’t seem to be an option available (unless I’m missing it, if so, please let me know how I might do this).

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Alli – I’ve run your question by my resident payroll guru, and she confirmed for me that right now, there’s no way to insert the Social Security number on the paycheck currently unless you utilize the Memo field. I’ve passed this idea along to the Payroll team so they’re aware this is something for which people may have an occasional need. You can let them know as well by clicking the gear in the upper right of the Home page and selecting Feedback from the menu. We’re always improving, so we appreciate any suggestions that can help make your life a little easier.

  95. Sydney Says:

    I have been using QB for a couple of years, but am very unhappy with the new version. Much more difficult to navigate. No response when I click on “help” ?. Need to make some changes on an invoice and cannot figure out how to do that. When I think I am opening a particular invoice to modify it, I get a blank screen. I also like the previous ability to change the email address of the person who should receive the invoice without changing the client information. Friend of mine moved a few months ago to go to work for Intuit. Think I will give him a call. Looks like many people do not like the changes. SF

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi SF – I’m really sorry you’re not liking the new look right now. If you’re getting a blank screen when opening an Invoice, that’s not normal at all, and we’ll want to do a bit of troubleshooting to find the problem and restore the functionality of your QuickBooks Online. You may want to try opening that historical transaction from another browser and see if you have more success from there. You could also try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache, closing out of the browser, reopening, and trying again. These couple tricks solve a lot of strange issues with QuickBooks Online, both in the old and new views. I’m hoping this helps.

  96. Raymond Chico Says:

    We are defenitely not happy here. The older version was much easier to navigate. I am a small family business, and a change like this is hard when you are trying to still work your regular day.

  97. Siraj Says:

    Is there is anyway to populate Employee details in QBO plus when you integrate your exciting Intuit payroll account with your QBO plus?

  98. Michelle Scott Roark Says:

    I am noticing that people are asking about “features” and the response has been “great idea”. But almost every “feature” people are asking about was in the old version. If there needed to be a change to the technology and infrastructure of the product, why also change how we do things and the organization of where things are on the site?

  99. Ari G Says:

    Three things:
    1) PLEASE USE ANTI-SPAM for the comments! PLEASE PLEASE. Also consider technologies for the server wherein you get Geo-IP filtering in your Firewalls, and possibly validate ALL comments before you allow them published to the public.
    2) Need a means to DELETE and or VOID existing invoices in EDIT mode.
    3) Check the code – often I enter the client name, yet it will not auto fill the address, etc. Real and existing clients. I am using Firefox, fully updated.Something there needs to be QA’ed and tested different ways in all browsers.

  100. I am a small company and do not like the new method. the older version was much easier to use and less complicated. you mentioned that it is now useable on my iphjone and ipad now, but that is not true either. i can not do my banking on either….the new bersion on my laptop is ver complicated……don’t like the new way. BUT DO WANT TO USE MY IPAD TO DO THE SAME INPUT AS MY LAPTOP. WILL NOT WORK HORIZONTALLY ONLY VERTICALLY AMD THE SAME ON IPHONE. HELP!!!!!

  101. JT Lee Says:

    Simple as it is.

    I understand iPad or mobile phone available pages.
    You did not understand that people don’t do serious business transaction with mobile phone or iPad.
    They still do business on desk, looking larger screen, check and balance,etc.

    Can I have old version back?

    • Lucille Femine Says:

      Agreed. Can you still make a phone call and get a live professional to help you? If that’s gone (I don’t see it0 then they have made a huge mistake.

      • IntuitMeg Says:

        Hi Lucille – You’ll be glad to know that phone support for QuickBooks Online is absolutely still both free and available to you. Since phone numbers can change, but my post can’t be edited once I click “Post Comment,” I can’t put our number in here. However, you’ll find that number on this page:


        Just click Using QuickBooks and Call QuickBooks to get our number. We’re here from 6 AM to 6 PM PST, and we’d love to help you with your questions. Hope that points you in the right direction.

  102. Steve Says:

    OMG, you have got to be kidding me. I cannot operate my business. That’s great, create a new version but give me the option to use the old version.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Steve – We definitely need you to be able to run your business. If you just have a minute, our developers have released a blog that quickly describes where to find the features you need in the new look of QuickBooks Online, screenshots included. Here’s a link to that post:


      It was a really big help for me when I switched over to the new interface, and I find myself now moving faster than before. Once you’ve found the features you need, I think you’ll be back in business. Hope that helps.

  103. Mel Says:

    I have not yet switched to the new version. I have reviewed the sample company and really feel stupid and have some concerns about the switchover:

    1) We use both the Department and Class features in bill payments, write checks, invoicing, sales receipts and journal entries. I have not been able to find the Department and Class features in the samples.

    2) I could not figure out how to do a “Write Check” and then print it.

    3) We make several sales receipts for different departments which we consolidate into one deposit. I haven’t been able to figure this out.

    4) As a non profit we have a number of folks who donate via an automatic charge (recurring transaction) to their credit card account. I haven’t been able to figure this out. I might have found it but is there a list of the scheduled, reminder and unscheduled recurring transactions?

    5) Where is the Journal Entry?


    • Reesa Says:

      Hi Mel,
      1. These are available in the Plus version and can be turned on in Company Settings (click company name in upper right).

      2. Click the plus sign and then Check to write a check and print check option is on the same page. Batch print is under the left menu Transactions > Print Checks

      3. Leave the “deposit to” field on the Sales Receipt as account “Undeposited Funds”. Then you can select and group them together by clicking the plus sign, show more link and then Bank Deposit. They appear in a list at top of page.

      4. I’m not 100% about the credit card processing…

      5. Journal entry is also under the Plus sign, then show more link, then Journal Entry.

      Also, a non-profit may sometimes need to create invoices or receive bills to multiple A/R or A/P accounts (Grants Receivable, Pledge Receivable, etc). QBO cannot handle that, at this time. You can only create transactions from one A/R or A/P account.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Mel – I’m glad to hear you’ve been playing with the sample company. It’s a great way to kind of dip your toe in the waters before jumping in to the new look. I see Reesa’s addressed most of your concerns below, but I wanted to chime in and confirm for you that yes, there is absolutely a list of your different recurring transactions – scheduled, reminder, and unscheduled. You’ll find that list by clicking the gear in the upper right of the Home screen and selecting “Recurring Transactions” from the menu. Hope that helps you feel a bit more comfortable.

  104. Susan Says:

    I have been using this new format in a separate company and it is very cumbersome and I don’t like it at all, For the medium to larger size companies, this is painful to get around in. Please have the option to go back to old format

    • Lucille Femine Says:

      Is there another program to use? I hate this new version..

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Susan – We don’t want you to feel like it’s painful to navigate the new look of QuickBooks Online. I can absolutely understand feeling worried and slowed down due to unfamiliarity with the new look, because I dealt with the same feelings when I switched over a few months back. However, given time and the ability to find my features, I’ve come to find the new version is a much more efficient workflow for my business. Something that was a big help in that venture was learning where to go to accomplish what I needed. Here’s a blog from our developers regarding the four most common places you’ll need in your QuickBooks Online:


      That article’s helped quite a few people, so I’m hoping it helps get you a bit more comfortable with the new look, too. Feel free to pop over to http://community.intuit.com/ if there’s ever anything else you need help finding (that’s where I’ll be when I’m not here on the blog).

  105. Megan Fehrmann Says:

    I’m not sure if this has been addressed yes, but why is it I cannot get check printing to line up. I can get the dollar amount right, but then the Memo is too far down. Or vice versa. I should be able to adjust on a per field basis. I’ve been meaning to open a case about this for a while now, I was sort of hoping the new update would address this.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Megan – It’s really important that checks line up properly while printing, so we’ll want to get you fixed up for sure. You may first want to try printing those checks from another browser to see if you’re getting the same mismatch there. You may also want to check if your browser’s default PDF viewer has been changed to something other than Adobe. Try checking those ideas and see if they help – I’m hoping this gets you back to work.

  106. Stephanie Says:

    Finding past Journal Entries is very difficult. When you are on the screen to make a Journal Entry, you should have a “previous” and “next” button so you can see your previous JEs without having to go to the list and find them from there. In the JE list, no amounts are given (or any Details for that matter) so you just have to click each one, one at a time to find the one you are looking for. Also there should DEFINITELY be a Print option to print a JE. If you are able to print a JE, i sure haven’t found how to do it yet.
    Every step in this version of QB just seems to take so much longer, with more key strokes and it makes no sense. I loved how all of the simple things I do on a daily basis, such as record checks, deposits, credit card charges and reconciliations were all under “Banking”. Now they are god knows where…to enter a credit card charge, you now have to go to Expenses, where you can either write a check, or put in a credit card charge, and if you are putting in a credit card charge, you have to choose the credit card, then later, under payment method, you have to choose the credit card AGAIN…just ridiculous extra steps for every little transaction. It was sooooo much more simple when all of these things were simply under “Banking”. And it took me 20 minutes to find where to reconcile…Really??? It’s under Settings??? and TOOLS? WTH?

    • I agree about being able to print. I would love to see a simple print option instead of having to click Save, then click More > Transaction Journal > Print,

      The “recent transaction” list is blank, but you can click the “more” option on the list and it will take you to another list that shows description and amounts.

      I also couldn’t find reconcile right away, but really, there are limited places to look. If you think about it, the reconcile function really is a “tool”. There is also a link to it from the register.

      You can bookmark the pages you use most frequently and add them to the bookmark bar or create your own bookmark drop down list(s).

  107. Eileen Hughes Says:

    No warning – no options – too complicated for a small business – I am so unhappy that I will look for a way to change out of this.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Eileen – I’m sorry you’re feeling the new look to QuickBooks Online is too complicated for you right now. Something that was a big help for me when I was feeling overwhelmed was realizing that there are only three places where you’ll need to go to accomplish most tasks in QuickBooks Online. If you’d like a bit more information – with screenshots – check out this post from our developers:


      It’s helped a lot of people get their bearings, so I hope it helps you too. QuickBooks Online is perfect for even the tiniest of businesses, so I’ve got my fingers crossed this helps straighten you out.

  108. Erica Says:

    It is really sad to see QB which I have used for years and recommended to several of my small businesses make such an unfriendly program. None of my client’s like the new interface of QB online and many are asking me for recommendations for new accounting software to move to.

    I’m a proadvisor and I find it very difficult to use as well. I’m not sure how QB could have made such a huge mistake did you not advise the end user or was the strictly a developer upgrade. Nothing make logical sense when you are look for reports or activity functions.

    I could go on and on about how the new interface is now more work and less intuitive….It’s a true fail.

    • Lucille Femine Says:

      If you find another program, please let me know. After 6 years, I am ready to quit QBs.

  109. Donna Martin Says:

    I am a new user and do not have accounting experience. I figured it out but they keep changing it on me, Also I asked QB the other day how can a business run with all these glitches? I may not even recognize the mistakes it’s causing in my reports for accounting purposes. Last week when I paid a vendor it was double paying them and giving me a credit or showing overdue after I paid. I DON”T GET IT!!ALSO, It keeps screwing up my invoice numbers.! You have to double and triple check everything. If you go back on an old bill the date sticks on the old date so if you don’t watch out , you write a check it goes on the old date and records way back in your register! Anyway I’ve been on the phone way too many hours in the last 6 monthes after signing up.

  110. Ziad El Awad Says:

    It is very much advisable to copy purchase order or bill to invoice, in our type of business we buy from suppliers & sell same items to buyers, some times at the same price & other times at higher, by copying the purchase order or bill to invoice we can save a big time, we may have to amend prices only. this is big advantage.cross reference of all documents between suppliers & customers can help a lot an easy access & easy reference to track.

  111. Irfan Ahmad Says:

    1.There must be default setting, by which all transactions including Outstanding Bal / customer wise / bill wise on monthly basis or time to time ) should be sent to the company id (other than from which we log in Quickbook)
    2. And also add a search option for customer on Home screen.
    3. Add a small window ( like sticky notes avl in windows software) for daily based quick reminders

  112. Debbie May Says:

    We have 9 companies including payroll on QB online and hate the new layout. We request the option to return to the old layout. Smart companies do not force customers to change behaviors, especially when it is something as important as finances. Just take a look at other companies that tried to change user behaviors and drastically failed: Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft. If QB doesn’t give the option of the old system we will be changing to a different platform.

    • DJ Says:

      Debbie, There is no option to stay with the old program. Come July, Chrome and Firefox will not support the old version of QBO, so all subscribers have to be migrated to the new version. I am still waiting for my main file to convert – though I have played with the test company.

      • Lucille Femine Says:

        In that case, I am looking for a new program and will leave QBs. It used to be very user-friendly, including persona service. You lost your way.

        • IntuitMeg Says:

          Hi Lucille – I’ve already answered you a little further up the thread regarding personal support, but I’ll repost down here just for the sake of thoroughness. You absolutely still do get personal and free support with your QuickBooks Online subscription. Since posts can’t be edited after they’re made, I can’t post our number here in case it changes in the future. However, you’ll have no problem finding it here:


          Click Using QuickBooks and Call QuickBooks to get our number. We’re here from 6 AM to 6 PM PST, M – F, and 6 AM to 3 PM on Saturday. We’re here for you – just give us a call.

  113. Based on the comments I’ve read and what I’ve experienced, I think I may have missed a training webinar?? I just updated yesterday afternoon and spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to move around. I tried to watch the video on the updates, but it would not launch. I even called support because I couldn’t get PDF documents to show. Finally figured that I have to actually launch acrobat now instead of let Firefox view it. I think you should have scheduled live training events on the new system. If I missed one, it was because I didn’t know about it. Needs to be multiple events, not just one.

  114. Michelle Scott Roark Says:

    The credit card reconciliation – when you choose to create a bill to pay later – messes up when you are sent to the create bill area – when you enter the vendor, it pulls in the last data (as it does when entering a bill in the usual way – but this loses your bank reconciliation information and if you were not prepared for it (or didnt notice it) causes the wrong amount to be entered.

  115. Donald Souder Says:

    Could you make it any harder. Why can’t you leave a good thing alone. This is terrible – force me to use the browser you want and learn a whole new way to use the same stupid system. This was the worst idea you ever had. If it isn’t broke why change it????????????????

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Donald – We don’t want you to be upset, and I’m sorry that you’ve been having a hard time. While the older look of QuickBooks Online is still functional right now, it won’t be for much longer. You see, in mid-July, Google Chrome and Firefox are making a significant change to their Web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to display popups. Since the older look of QuickBooks Online used over 600 popups, you can see how big a problem this would be! As part of this acceleration, we are working very hard to address customer feedback we’ve received so far about where the new QuickBooks can be improved. So please, feel free to send our engineers what you think by clicking the gear in the upper right of your Home screen and choosing Feedback from the dropdown. It’s only with your input that we can incorporate exactly the features you need!

      • Debbie May Says:

        I would be interested in knowing if Wall Street investors are aware of what a disaster this update is and how many paying users are so upset they are looking at jumping ship. With all due respect, fixing 600 pop ups is much more easily handled with simple programming solutions. I have been watching comments all day and now wonder if there isn’t something more going on. I just can’t believe such a thoughtless decision could be made by company. Then again..there is Netflix.

      • Debbie May Says:

        IntuitMeg you are a saint. I admire how you have answered so many upset people.

  116. Megan F Says:

    Does anyone else have issues with the memo not lining up on their checks when printing? I use Voucher checks and the Memo is in the envelope window. The only way to get it down is to move everything down and then other things don’t line up.

  117. Kent Oglesby Says:

    It’s not formatted to the page. Data on the right is lost.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Kent – We definitely need to be able to see the entire page in QuickBooks Online. If part of your page is cut off, you might want to try checking your browser’s Zoom settings. For best results, we’ll want to use QuickBooks Online at 100% Zoom. You could also try changing the Zoom from something other than 100%, then changing it back to 100% to try and “kick” the system into working again. You could also try changing your system resolution. To display all pages properly, QuickBooks Online requires the screen resolution be set to 1024 x 768 or higher. You could also try testing QuickBooks Online in another browser and see if you get better results now. Hope that helps restore your screen for you.

  118. Jo Says:

    This is AWFUL! Not user friendly at all. Obviously this was not design by someone in the accounting field. The program is being used by business owners who want to keep control of their books, but don’t have a lot of time to spend doing it.

  119. hirelynnsolomon@yahoo.com Says:

    All menus need to be centrally located, including reconciliation, transactions/registers, etc. Be able to make splits without having to go to edit first. Would like to be able to customize register colors
    to assign to a color to an account.

  120. Hi, It is getting better BUT can we customise the statement please, if this is available can you let me know where? Also can we send statements from the Ipad app version. It is not easy to see where you customise the sales forms it always takes me ages searching for it

  121. hirelynnsolomon@yahoo.com Says:

    Home Page needs to be more functional with all the menu’s easily found. I’ve been using QB’s for several years in businesses and for my personal accounts. This is the worst version I’ve seen so far. The older versions were better.

  122. It was difficult to find how to enter the weekly timesheets – why isn’t that located under employees?
    There is no longer an “unbillable” checkmark when entering time from a timesheet – please add that feature back.
    Time charges no longer automatically populate an invoice when create one? It appears you have invoice time charges individually – this is not good – please fix.
    Deposits – are even more difficult – when I post payment – I would like them grouped as one deposit – this will assist with the monthly reconciliations – currently each payment is listed separately – this wasn’t the case in the previous version. Please fix.

    • You can add all time charges. Go to Plus sign > Invoice. Enter customer name, on the right, a panel will appear with all unbilled charges. Click the Add button to add the ones you want. Also, you can go to left menu Transactions > Sales and see the unbilled charges here. Filter for customer and it will show you a total of unbilled charges that can be added to invoice. You can also see this from the Customer screens.

      Deposits: When you receive the payment or create sales receipts, there is a field for “deposit to” account. You must leave this the system generated account “Undeposited Funds”…don’t change it to the bank account. Now, when you go to Plus > Bank Deposit, you will see all received payments listed at the top of the screen and you can select which ones to add.

  123. IntuitMeg Says:

    Hi Paul – We don’t want you to have a hard time using QuickBooks Online, and I’m sorry you’ve been so frustrated. If you’d like to make a Deposit, click the Create (+) at the top of the Home page and choose Bank Deposit (click Show more if you don’t see that option). You’ll want to check on this button any time you want to create any type of new transaction. You’ll use Transactions > Banking to work with downloaded transactions from your bank, rather than creating new ones from scratch. I know that it can be hard switching to a new look, but don’t give up – we’re still the same QuickBooks Online you know and love, just with a stronger skeleton that can support what you need even better.

  124. Administrator Says:

    I really need some help finding where my chart of accounts is so that I can make a simple up-date and conduct business. This version has screwed up my business and I am pulling my hair out. Can some one call me or is there a number I can use for some simple questions. I literally can not conduct my banking now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DJ Says:

      If you can’t find something, look under the “+” or the gear icon. From what I have seen you should find everything there…

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Administrator – I had to jump over to your question because I want to be sure you’re able to contact us when you want to. Since numbers change but this post can’t be edited after I post it, I can’t put our number here. However, you’ll have no problem finding our number at this link:


      Just click Using QuickBooks and Call QuickBooks to get our number. We’re here from 6 AM to 6 PM PST. In the meantime, try clicking the gear in the upper right of your Home screen. You’ll find the Chart of Accounts there, as well as several other really helpful tools! Hope that gets you back to work today.

  125. Stefany Diaz Says:

    The update itself is very attractive and quite easy to become accustomed to, but working wise, I do not find it as fast & efficient as the previous version. I understand that updates may come with certain glitches at first, but these glitches have been going on for a while now and are beginning to affecting our work!

    We called two weeks ago regarding a Bill issue, which up-to-date has not been fixed. We cannot receive merchandise in the system, now that the bill does not link to the PO & the page is missing sections of it. I have been copying previous bills, changing the information in them, & linking them to a new PO in order to be able to receive merchandise & pay bills. However, although this is a working solution, it’s time consuming.

    I agree with many of the comments above: INV/PO # do not show & I have to manually adjust the column every time I go into a client/vendor. When I scroll down the page sometimes it simply goes blank and I have to log out & log back in for it to work. When a new client/vendor is created, it’s the same case, I have to log out & log back in order to be able to see it, specially if another user created it in the system. I also miss the “recent” tab in each section (Bill, Payments, PO, etc.), now there’s just one recent tab for the whole system, so it isn’t as useful. The memo on the PO’s does not show in the vendor’s main page (used to be useful because that’s where we would put when merchandise was received), so now we have to actually go into every PO to read the memo & see if it was received by someone else.

    Overall, many useful features were eliminated and there’s too many glitches to work efficiently. I hope to see some changes soon.

  126. Rohan M. Says:

    Couple of items.
    1. Regarding Payroll, we have to make sure, even if this part of QBs was cancelled, all the data
    should be carried over with each clients account. This is a tremendous headache having to call up
    to retrieve needed past payroll data.

    2. Print Checks – the ability to select multiple Vendors and chose “Make Payment” does not exist.
    Rather I have to select individual vendors for payment each time. I would like the ability to identify
    numerous vendors, and click “Make Payment”

    Can an update be provided. Thanks

  127. Amy Says:

    I would like the old version back. I do not like the upgrade.

  128. Crmen Diaz Says:

    Esta actualización me ha complicado, no veo la forma de hacer depósitos, necesito con urgencia esta facilidad, favor explicarme como hacerlo.

    Carmen Díaz.

    • Paige Says:

      Hola Carmen, Puedes usar el + simbolo arriba en el primero pagina. Usa “show more.” Espero que ese ayudate.

  129. Crmen Diaz Says:

    Si yo prefiero la anterior versión.


  130. Cathy Palmer Says:

    This update is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go back to the previous one to keep your clients!

  131. Joann Williams Says:

    The LIST and TOOLS functions, which are currently under the SETTING gear, should be in the NAVIGATION BAR. I took me a very long time by clicking around the site to find the RECONCILE button. Whenever I see a GEAR symbol, I think of SETTINGS and the like, not actual
    QB functions. Anything that is going to be used in your accounting work should be in the NAVIGATION BAR. Hopefully you can make this change. Thank you.

    P.S. I don’t suppose there’s a way to get the old version back, is there?

  132. Jess Says:



    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Jess – We don’t want you to hate the new look of QuickBooks Online, so I want to show you something that’s helped a lot of other customers in the same boat as you. Check out this post from our engineers showing the four main spots you’ll want to go any time you want to accomplish something in QuickBooks Online. Here’s a link:


      So, you see, you don’t have to relearn a whole program – just four locations, and you’ll be good to go! Hope that helps.

  133. Mimi Pascale Says:

    HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT. How could you do this at the end of the month! I feel absolutely lost with the new version. Go back to the previous one to keep your clients! Who determined which changes were to be made….the clients or the developers! NOT USER FRIENDLY IN THE LEAST!

  134. Blanca Says:

    Is there any way to get the old version back…. I used to be able to pay an outstanding bill using a credit card from the pull down menu. Now my credit card is not part of the pull down menu along with my bank accounts. Where is it? I also used to be able to pay 1 vendor only, is that option still available?

  135. Kimberly Morris-Ward Says:

    New version looks very different than the old version, I like it.

    For me it’s a bit more user friendly, mostly because it’s easier to see without my reading glasses.

    Please please please put in; sick time, vacation time, holiday time, and other options into employee time sheets, not just regular hours. Thanks

  136. Lucille Femine Says:

    I don’t like this new system, I was fine with the old one – especially with the personal service.

  137. Denise Mechan Says:

    Both the CFO and I hate this version; it is so convoluted to get to what I need to do!!! And so far we have only been updated on the smaller company…one only knows what will happen with our main company! Go Back!!!!

  138. Sandra Says:

    Is anyone listening? All of these comments are negative! I want my old version back as well. It takes me 10 times longer to do anything in this new version. We will also be looking for something else.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Sandra – I can assure you that we are absolutely listening over here, and we’re constantly logging feedback from customers regarding what to change and what to keep in our new look. In fact, the object of this post is to show how much a difference customer feedback has made in introducing these new features (like the Privacy Mode or the additional sales form customization options). We’re always improving our program, and we get better based on your feedback. Since there’s a coming update to Chrome and Firefox (to be followed by other major browsers) that will break the previous look, there won’t be any reverting back. If you’re having a difficult time finding what you need, check out this post from our developers regarding where to find different features in our new look (sneak peek, there are only four places):


      Hope that helps you move around a bit faster today.

  139. CCSI Says:

    The “show ” money received no longer works, It is really hard to sort through the transactions, even if I sort them by the top row they aren’t in date order – It’s awful !
    and to get a payment and have to print a statement by going clear out of the account is crazy when someone is waiting at the counter!
    If we have more than one person on the account we have to open that many windows! CRAY CRAY
    THis needs a lot of work, and yes we are searching out new software

  140. Mandy W Says:

    The new version is terrible. The time to complete simple tasks has more than doubled. Menu options are not easy to find and moving between tasks takes much longer. I would like to revert t the old version.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Mandy – I’m sorry you aren’t liking our new look right now. In mid-July, Google Chrome and Firefox are making a significant change to their Web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to display popups. In time, the other major web browsers will likely follow suit. As you know, the old QuickBooks Online has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will make the old QuickBooks completely unusable as no popups will work at all. Because of this fact, we’re not able to move anyone back to the previous look. If you’re having a hard time finding the features you need, check out this blog from our engineers. It even includes screenshots of where you’ll want to go:


      Hope that helps you find what you needed today.

  141. John Castronovo Says:

    We have “save and close” and “save and new” – how about “save and print” as well?

    That would eliminate a few steps and save time when entering estimates, invoices and payments.

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi John – I wanted to let you know that our engineers are definitely looking at a “Save and print” option. While this is something they are already analyzing, I’d like for us to send them some feedback so they know just how many people want this option. Just click the gear in the upper right of the Home screen, choose Feedback from the dropdown, and tell them just what you’ve told me. I’ll do the same thing on my end, so we’re adding this through employee channels as well. I can see that it’s being worked on – let’s send them a little poke to let them know it’s something we need.

  142. So far I like it – After reading some prior post – I find hard to believe it’s harder to find things (just different) – I think people are creatures of habit – Love the new mods

  143. Richard Ayoub Says:

    We’d love to see prices Inc GST on Invoices and Sales Receipts just like they way they show when you are creating them.
    We’d love to see Price Levels.
    It would also be nice to see the invoice/sales receipt number while we’re creating one not just after you save it.
    AND we’d love to see the business Owner as the Master or Main User not their book keeper.
    What happens when you change book keepers, there’s a lot of functions that are restricted to the business owner with the way your software is developed.

  144. B Says:

    Way to long to look up products and services. locks up most of times. I don’t like the updates. It takes way to long to do invoices for customers. (time is money)

  145. Dan DeFilippo Says:

    We want the old interface — if you do not make that avail, we will not pay for this service anymore. PERIOD.

  146. Corrine Says:

    This new version is very frustrating. I dread working in it every day. I download our credit card transactions and I have to click on each line item in the journal make sure all the boxes are filled out i,e. client, description & memo, location, etc. Then when I click save I have to wait and sometime I’m near the next transaction and sometimes it jumps back up to the top of the page. Why you can’t navigate to the next item in the journal or better yet when the download comes in why can’t all the options be on that page? Don’t have time to write about all the things I would like to see improved. They didn’t ask the end users about this at all!

  147. NL Says:

    definitely don’t like the new version. the invoicing template is not up to scratch. would like to customise the templates eg. width of columns etc. …………would not recommend this to anyone

  148. Here’s our guide on navigating the new QuickBooks:

  149. Jann Says:

    I like the “new” Quickbooks! There is definitely a learning curve, especially when it comes to finding stuff, but I usually prevail…

  150. Liz Yeatts Says:

    I had only just got used to the old system, please bring it back !!!

  151. Darien Waters Says:

    This new version stinks. It is not user friendly, whatsoever. I am a church treasurer and before it was easy to do what I needed. Now, I can’t find anything. Being church treasurer is a part time, volunteer gig. I don’t have time to keep searching for things where I knew exactly where they were before. Where are the ‘enter bill’ and ‘pay bill’ options?

    • Darren Pilgrim Says:

      Agreed. We’re going to switch back to the desktop version. QBO is now nothing more than a shiny bauble for the SBO to parade about at Starbucks. I think the UI designers actually tried to be insulting. I’m not a preschooler. I don’t need bright colors and big text. I need succinct, complete information on one screen and a fast means of entering transactions WITHOUT TAKING MY HANDS OFF THE KEYBOARD and generating real financial reports.

      • HEATHER Says:

        I am so busy here at my job .. I do not have time to fiddle faddle just to write a damn check! I will be lost all day and I have invoices , checks and other stuff to do……..

      • Bob Says:

        Have you looked at other online programs similar to QBO? I would be interested in looking at others to switch to. This version is a geekfest of useless visual graphics. I expect that they are planning on doing a crawl at the bottom someday.

    • Any thing you want to “create” is found under the “Create” menu (plus sign) at the top of page. Click the show more link to fully expand. Tools and Settings, including reconcile, chart of accounts and products/services list is under the gear/company name in upper right and everything else is in the left side menu…including batch printing of checks.

  152. HEATHER Says:


  153. Shel Larkby Says:

    New version has taken an unfriendly, illogical version and converted it to a cartoonish version that is even slower than the original. Trying to find a simple straight forward print checks command wasted a good bit of time yesterday afternoon, and then because the system is now SLOWER, all the print button got me was a message stating that that function wasn’t working, that I could wait for it to function, or go to something else. That error message locked the whole stupid program.

    I feel you forgot the accounting basics and are now concentrating on being able to make cute looking invoices. Lets get back to basics…write checks, print checks, figure the payroll numbers without your HUGE surcharge, reconcile and see a clear register and do it as FAST as the non online version.

    I am very close to telling my accountant that I will make him a cd every week so he can do whatever they do on line. Going back to the desktop version has got to be cheaper and more time efficient than fighting this new version.

  154. KK Says:

    Not happy here – I don’t see why this was needed. The folks in my organization have a hard time with change and they Hate it. I was very happy with the old version. This is too glossy and simple and many features were removed or are impossible to find.

  155. NER Says:

    I need to make a deposit from undeposited funds. I click on the + sign, show more and it brings me to this page! I also cannot sign out when I click sign out. I hate this program!! Please bring my old version back.

  156. victor Says:

    PLEASE – Add Cashflow forecast option as it is on desktop version. Statement of cash flows is not enough and options like bill.com create double work when using other apps like SOS inventory

  157. Christina Says:

    I am having difficulties with all arrow down screens. I cannot even access my chart of accounts. The screen comes down when I click the setting COG in the corner but then you cannot click on anything in the drop down box. I can’t even sign out. Thsi is frustrating

  158. Heidi Says:

    The new look is pretty and cute, but let’s get real. Those of us that use QBO to make a living aren’t impressed with the new product. You have easily added hours to my work day. And I certainly would have thought you would have put the new QB in the hands of CPAs and professional bookkeepers before you forced it on us. I have already spoken to several of my accounts about leaving your online service.

    Sorry but you all get a Big Fat “F” from me.

  159. Here is number one tip on navigating new QuickBooks.

    Use Google Chrome browser for best navigating results.

    If you are using Internet Explorer, many screens/features don’t play well with IE.

    Try FireFox browser, if both browsers do not work right.

    Bottom line recommendation: have all three browsers ready-to-go, just in case.

  160. Diane Says:

    upset user: this is the worst program I have ever seen. I want my old program back.

  161. Mary Says:

    I really don’t like this…
    It is too confusing.
    Is there an option to go back to the old familiar way? Soon?
    Why would you change something that was working?
    I have to pay my vendors and print checks, and this system is not user friendly ..

  162. Notify Users First! Role out Second! Says:

    A few tips to everyone from an IT guy that deals with rolling out software like this all the time. First off, we know you hate change, everyone hates change. I roll out new software at my company and I am the devil, it happens. After a rough couple weeks people get used to the new “interface” then admit later it is easier to use. This version of Quickbooks is no different.

    If you are using Internet Explorer, stop now! Internet Explorer is the worst browser you can use and will not help with this new version of Quickbooks. Use Google Chrome or Firefox (make sure they are up to date), not just for Quickbooks, but for all browsing. It will save you from headaches using the Internet in general. Internet Explorer is also very prone to viruses, nobody should use it.

    Secondly, I am going to consider myself lucky in that I am a relatively new Quickbooks online user and have never seen the old version of the program. I’ve been on this version from the start, and after a week or two of figuring out where things are I find it very easy to use. I am not an accountant, but I do own and operate two business using Quickbooks online. Having the ability to get to my data from any device at any time is awesome.

    Now, I COMPLETELY agree that Intuit did a HORRIBLE job of preparing their users for this new version. Someone at Intuit should be fired for how this system was rolled out. I can tell by the comments that most users didn’t have a clue this was coming. That is a huge No-No for anyone in the software/IT world.

    In the end most people will end up liking the product, they will find where their forms or buttons are and grow to like it. Rather than taking the time to come on here and tell Quickbooks you are going to dump them, take some time and explore the software as well as watch their instructional videos so you can find the part of the software you are looking for.

    • Notify Users First! Role out Second! Says:

      Roll – not Role :) Typed that too fast :)

    • Sheila C Says:

      Well, I take your points; however, we should not be forced into spending the time to watch the videos and re-learn. If you are going to change the interface so drastically from the out of the box version, you darn well should introduce it better as you said. It is slower and my computer sounds like it it running (like when you use a lot of memory) on the one company of our which has the new version. I do not see how this version is vastly improved. It is workable, but clumsy. Too much eye candy.

    • Colt R. Says:

      I don’t know about everyone else, but I saw a “New Version” (not sure if that was the exact wording) item on my menu bar for months. In fact, I think I looked at the sample company back in March. I think there was plenty of notice. Were there only certain accounts that were notified, or were some folks just not paying attention?

  163. Jay Sumohan Says:

    It is a very complicated and poor update. The old system was easy to navigate and use. They should have left it alone or given the option to keep the old or use the new one. I would like to have the old system back. Is there a way to do that?

  164. Lou Says:

    I hate it. Hard to find what was easy before. It SUCKS

  165. Becky O'Neill Says:

    Just started a new job 3 weeks ago. I had worked in QuickBooks in the past, but it had been awhile. Was able to log in and it came back relatively quickly. No problem! Went to log in today and I am completely lost. It appears that QuickBooks as completely reinvented the wheel. Why?

    • Sheila C Says:

      It has forced an unwanted learning curve on us because it is so radical a change of interface. This is how I felt when Microsoft went from the old Excel 2003 to the new format. I went from being extremely proficient to an idiot over night. Things that would take me seconds, now took over a half hour as I stumbled to locate the commands in my “spare time.”

      I finally took a seminar and now I get along well in the new version. The complete changing of the interface is what screws us up. We know how to do things, we just can no longer find them!

      I was embarrassed as I had a vendor standing at my desk while I figured out how to print a check the first day I had this. Yeah, we will get used to it; it is not as if we have a choice at the moment, but really, did you have to move things all over the place to accomplish your “improvements”?

  166. Lou Says:

    Try to send a message to your other users. Does it show you have invoices to print? Not like before. Just sucks. How can I go back??

  167. I am having one problem that is leaving my customers standing at the counter waiting while I madly search. The prior version allowed you to print a customer receipt after payment is made by clicking the pop up. The new version just says payment made and then disappears.If the payment was with a credit card, I have to click on my company name, then settings, then quick book payments, then linked merchant account, then visit linked merchant account and then transactions just to get to the Intuit Quickbooks payment that I just made. Then click print. From my merchant account I can go back to QB with one click of the drop down menu. This same drop down menu used to be available to me in the prior version of QB. Now it seems to be a one way path. I miss that link.

  168. Lou Says:

    If your intent was to make it harder, remove features, and add steps to what was simple before, you did it!

    I will be moving to to hosted QB. I’m done. Constant outages and now this. Say goodbye to my monthly check.

  169. Wendy Says:

    some of my customers cannot open an invoice sent via email because they either need to upgrade their browser which one office of many cannot do –corporate entity — or they have gmail or customer name@customer.com which appears to be a problem. Any ideas?

  170. Lynn Says:

    I am finding it all slow, cumbersome and illogical. My most immediate concerns are:

    Only 18 checks per deposit–why??? Now I must make multiple deposits

    Payment Received screen won’t apply exact amount check to exact same invoice

    The Payment Received amount box zeroes out if I tab to it–have to mouse click on it, so much more inefficient

    Despite the above-mentioned fix to the “Recent” inaccessability, I do not see it on my create screen

    The auto-populate feature actually covers up what I am trying to type, instead of dropping below

    Returning to the top for every screen, and no highlight in my memorized reports–can’t tell where I left off when running lots of reports

  171. I have no idea how to even begin to navigate through this new version. I want to put a deposit in and have checks to write next week. I may go back to my handwritten checkbook or switch to Peachtree. This is really sad.

    • DJ Says:

      If you can’t find something look under the “plus” sign or the gear icon – and click more if you don’t see what you want to see.. They seem to have taken our old menu system that made logical sense to the accounting brain and reassembled them under the menu on the left, the plus sign and the gear icon. Why, why, WHY would you put bank reconciliations under “Settings”???!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. Jerry L. Jackson Says:

    HOW DO I SWITCH COMPANIES?? I am an accountant and have five QBO clients and can not figure out how to switch from one client to another. Is it possible to switch in the new and unimproved system that you have forced upon us today? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • From the home page screen
      •Select the Company Gear (located at upper-corner)
      •Select “Switch Company” under Your Company heading
      •It will take you to login screen with the “Company Selection” messages

      • Jerry L. Jackson Says:

        I was so upset yesterday with what I found when I logged into my first client to be updated by you, I failed to say that I had NO PROBLEM finding your “Switch Company” link under the Gear icon. The problem that I had each time I tried to switch to any one of my other four clients (that you have not updated yet) was to get a “Page not Found” error when I clicked on the other company name.

        Moments ago I tried making the same described company switch and IT IS WORKING TODAY!! Thanks for your quick action!! (By the way, when this Reply is posted, significant space might appear above this paragraph due to my need to space down in order to see the text of my Reply. Without spacing down as I did, my text was being displayed over boxes containing my e-mail address, my name and a box with the word “Website.” Another BTW, I am using IE10.)

        Now, after wasting more of my valuable time, I must get started processing my clients’ current payrolls. Thank God, you have not yet “updated” my largest client who pays approximately 100 employees bi-weekly. I dearly hope that you NEVER update my largest client to your new version of QB! (The last time that you forced us to a new payroll system, you changed the number of users that could be logged into payroll simultaneously FROM TEN (10) TO ONE (1). (Of course, we still pay for 10!!)

    • If you are supporting multiple clients, you should be using QuickBooks Online Accountant! Log into http://QBOA.intuit.com There’s a client list tab that stays open…you use it to switch between clients. Learn more at accountant training site http://IntuitAcademy.com

  173. Colt R. Says:

    I actually am not a “hater” of the new look but I think Quickbooks didn’t adequately consider its customer. By this I mean, the new design appears to lean heavily towards a tablet computer layout, which may be fine for a casual user, but nobody doing accounting as a business works from a tablet or touch screen sitting at Starbucks drinking a latte.

    Regarding your comments about the pending browser changes, are you saying there will be no such thing as a drop down menu after July? If it requires recoding, why not code a version that more closely resembles what has been proven to be successful?

    Again, understand your customer. Accounting people live by routine and organization. The new product may be great, but the rollout certainly was not.

    Just my opinion.

  174. Karen Wiechman Says:

    My invoices won’t print!!!

  175. Cathy R. Says:

    It seems they misunderstood who pays their paycheck. Over 75% of paid QBO subscribers probably use new QuickBooks on their office computers and work in 8-5 office environment. They use Windows operating system as well. They are the ones paying your salary. If you ignore 75% of them and start just catering “Starbucks” crowd (tablets, mobile phones and other similar device users), you will fail.

    If you want to succeed, listen to over 90% of really unhappy subscribers here, based on this blog.

  176. rob Says:

    I like the new look and feel – it will just take some time to get used to. But what I can’t get used to is it crashing. Is quickbooks online having a current problem. When I sign on I get a weird set of screens without any navigation.

  177. I have found that the print feature does not work correctly when using Firefox, but is fine in Internet Explorer.
    You can print a packing slip once the estimate has been invoiced, Can this feature be added to printing an Estimate to Packing Slip as some orders ship before invoiced ?

    • I also find the new version very cumbersome and confusing when trying to find reports of estimates and invoices. To many steps difficult to find .

  178. Obviously the “KIDS” who have designed the new look do not use the program , looks childish and wastes time jumping around to find what was once simple

  179. Kyra Bledsoe Says:

    Just because you make a thing look pretty doesn’t make it better. Ever put lipstick on a pig?
    This update is just about as useful.

    I understand system changes needed to be made in order to keep the software current and compatible to other programs that are changing and evolving – seemingly every day.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense however to keep the searches and options available even at least SLIGHTLY similar to the old version for those of us who use and DEPEND on Quickbooks on a daily basis to SURVIVE.

    This is not a program to be trifled with so easily. We as users do not have the luxury of time to sit and troubleshoot and decipher this mess your programers have so carelessly unloaded on us. We aren’t using it for a hobby. We are all trying to Run A Business and have others who count on us to complete our tasks in an Accurate and Efficient manner.

    Someone over there who is actually Familiar with the old system please speak up!
    You make yourselves look like incompetent rookies. That or you truly just don’t care about your users and what they go through.

    You need your software update – fine – Keep what we know and what we need available to us!

    If an option existed in the old version it should again in the new.
    Added features are great for some, but to completely rework every aspects of something so integral to everyone using it is just cruel.

    • DJ Says:

      Agreed. I will click the option to convert to the new system today. I am prepared to be frustrated for the next week…

      • Michael Papaleo Says:

        I agree , It now takes 4 or 5 steps for what used to take 1 or 2 steps. This is a waste of Business Owners Time . As business Owners we do not need it to look hip and pretty. Just give us the facts……and what works for business

  180. Evangelina Barreda Says:

    I would love if my employees could have access to it without making any changes to anything, just have a read only option to client statements- as I only want one person to be able to enter payments.

  181. Angela Ewing Says:

    I HATE this update! Please provide the old QB set up as an option. The fact that this update is mandatory is infuriating. It’s not what I paid for!

  182. Bobby Kenton Says:

    Previously, we would ‘receive payment’ and then after the deposit was made we go to ‘bank deposits’ and check and enter the item as deposited.
    Now, after we “receive payment” from a customer that payment no longer appears in ‘bank deposits’ so that we can enter it when it is deposited.
    Where did they go and why?
    I admit, this issue may have been addressed in an earlier post, but frankly, there were so many (and many negative) that I got overwhelmed and just stopped reading them.
    Please help with this issue.

    • Reesa McKenzie Says:

      On the Receive Payment screen, you have to leave the field “Deposit to” as account “Undeposited Funds”. Then, the individual payments will appear in a list at the top of the Bank Deposit (under the plus sign) screen.

  183. Pacific Home appliance Says:

    After I enter a new customer, I would like QB to go directly to the new customer’s “Detail” page so I can create an Invoice, instead of back to the main Customer Page.

  184. benzinjg Says:

    When having 2 or more check registers I would like to see an option to select what account to post it if made by mistake.

  185. karin stander Says:

    Cant send invoices….Says “delivery error”. It has been like this for a week. When will it be fixed? I have been using Quickbooks for one month and I am now sorry I chose this software. Please fix in 24 hours or I want my money back. NO NEW VERSIONS FOR ME PLEASE!

  186. david Says:

    I would like to see a simplified Timesheet. I had our employees to start entering their hours from the employee login-in but there are too many boxes that are irrelevant. And on top of that I would like their hours import directly into the payroll. Why do I have to click through their hours from one part of the site and add them to another? It doesn’t seem logical to double enter the info.

  187. oh and these people complaining about the “New Look” or their inability figure out a website can deep throat my balls. Its a great site that does wonders for our small business. You guys are doing a good job and I frequently recommend you to other small business.

    … The one feature that I dream about that is probably not possible for a while is creating and printing checks from my phone.

  188. Paulette Freeman Says:

    Please allow a custom access for sales people out in the field which allows them to only create invoices with access to sales prices only, not cost of goods sold or any other private company info.

  189. Raj Parangusam Says:

    hi! can we please have “MEMO” column appear back in the transactions? We had to open the each invoice or estimate to see what products that we quoted for unlike before we used to put a remark on MEMO BOX and it shows in transactions summary, Just invoice numbers doesn’t help.
    hoping to get fixed asap.
    or any other better idea would be appreciated. All we need is to know what products are in that specific transaction without opening an invoice or estimate from long list.

    • Paige Says:

      What browser are you using, Raj? I haven’t been able to reproduce the space bar issue.

  190. Allen Says:

    Shockingly horrible! Sadly, it’s now just another confusing piece of accounting software that is no longer simple or easy to use for small business, I guess it means more time looking after the books, less time to look after customers and make money! Clearly designed for accountants only Disappointed

  191. Garry Goodchild Says:

    It would be great if you couldbring back the option of sending all invoices/estimates at once, without having to go into EACH and EVERY customer! This is so time consuming and annoying! You recently introduced this and have now taken it away again :( please if you are going to update anything, please bring this back NOW! Thanks
    I dislike the new layout, it is not user friendl at all, it was just getting user friendly and then you go an update it to be un user friendly again!

    • Andy Says:

      Would also love to be able to send invoices in a batch again!

      • Andy Says:

        i FOUND IT! In order to e-mail multiple invoices at once, you can go to “Transactions-Sales” from the left hand pane on your screen. That will pull up a list of your sales transactions. You can then filter that to show only your open invoices by clicking on the orange bar at the top of the screen to show just your “Open Invoices”. You can then click the check mark box at the top of that list of open invoices to select the transactions you would like to send, and then the “Batch Transactions” button and “Send Transactions”!

  192. William Alex Says:

    The new version is extremely cumbersome to use. I am frustrated beyond words trying to print checks, previously a simple process. Overall the update while it has a “nicer” look, is not easy to use.

  193. Doug Wight Says:

    One of the issues I have with the new layout is simply that it is hard to read the small lettering. I have hunted for the ability to enlarge the print, but have been unable to do so. I also agree that a warning that changes were going to take place. You should have offered a tutorial ahead of time so that you could navigate thru the system instead of just laying on the user without warning. And your answers are not helpful to many ahead of me.

    • Helped Says:

      Use your browsers zoom feature to increase font sizes. Hold the control button on the keyboard, and scroll with your mouse.

  194. JOHN GOULD Says:


  195. Jackie Says:

    I agree with everyone who thinks that I liked the older version of QB. I have so much trouble generating invoices with rates and quantities. All data used to get transferred directly to invoice before. Now I have to manually input quantity and rate for each entry. Ridiculous !!!! I spend 4 times the amount of time I did before to do anything. Hope someone gets their act together soon and implement all the things we had before. This update is really really bad.

  196. It can only do payroll in 7 states, Massachusetts not among them.

    • intuitstaci Says:

      We can do payroll in all 50 states. QuickBooks Online comes with free phone support. Please find that at the bottom this page under “View contact options” and then “Call”: https://help.qbo.intuit.com/. We can help you get your payroll going. ^Staci

      • DJ Says:

        You can do payroll in 50 states, but you can’t provide a simple payroll report. I can’t believe how incredibly hard it is to print a wage and tax summary for last month… PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

      • DJ Says:

        YOUR PAYROLL IS NOT GOING. IT TAKES AN INCREDIBLY LONG TIME FOR PAYROLL TO LOAD. I don’t know why you have to gum up the works with all these useless graphs and circles and what nots, when printing a payroll report takes a huge amount of time to process while the stupid blue circle just sits there and circles and circles and circles. Yes, I am getting incredibly frustrated and angry.

        • intuitstaci Says:

          DJ, This behavior is not normal. Your payroll pages should load just as quickly as any other page in your QuickBooks account. Please give us a call so that we can troubleshoot this with you. QuickBooks Online comes with free phone support. You can find that under contact us in the help menu. ^Staci

          • Frustrated!!!!!!!!! Says:

            How do I print live checks and pay stubs on the new system? Will it prompt me which ones to print? Do I have to know who has direct deposit? Should I take my payroll to Paychex and avoid your system all together? Still no answer from your company. Your customer “Service” reps do not know. They sent me 25 emails with a link on understanding each line in the payroll forms. Not helpful.

    • Dee Says:

      Two VERY important questions to you Philip:
      Are they right or left wing states? It may matter…
      maybe QB’s is just preparing for our future and have been selected to be in one of the NEW territories.
      Seriously, my solutions are just as good as the ‘helpers’ on here!

    • Paige Says:

      We can do payroll in all 50 states. QuickBooks Online comes with free phone support. Please find it at the bottom this page under “View contact options” and then “Call”: https://help.qbo.intuit.com/.

  197. Chester Mandrik Says:

    I don’t like the new version at all, please let me go back to old version. I like it when it is like a book keeping system and not like the new windows

  198. Debbie May Says:

    Seems the future is consumer is in small business services. This press release would explain the new layout and lack of emphasis on traditional accounting requirements.


  199. Natalia Says:

    Is it any option to use old version ?????????????????

  200. Patricia Carrillo Says:


    El jueves inserte un comentario del que no he tenido respuesta que para mi es muy urgente, cuando entro al modulo de presupuesto no termina de cargar la pagina, no he podido actualizar ninguna información de presupuestos esto es muy importante para mi operacion díaria y tengo 4 semana sin poder hacera nada, otro punto es que cuado uno quiere hacer reportes a veces tienes cuentas con el mismo nombre al inicio y la pantalla esta tan pequeña o no se puede ampliar es muy dificil seleccionar cuentas para hacer reportes. Por otro lado al consultar cuentas, usuarios , reportes antes consultabas la cuenta o reporte y al regresar te dejaba en el ultimo renglon consultado ahora te regresa al principio y de nuevo tienes que volver a empezar y esto es perdida de tiempo.

    Pero por favor lo mar urgente para mi es poder entrar a presupuestos.

  201. Michelle Scott Roark Says:

    Question: I have followed the example from the you-tube video and created shortcuts for all of the tasks in QBO. Easy enough and it has helped navigation tremendously. But, why was this not just done in the program itself?

    • DJ Says:

      My bookmarks menu is already filled with bookmarks to other things I use all the time. I want/need the ability to have shortcuts withing QBO – like the desktop version does with it’s icon bar.

      • Michelle Scott Roark Says:

        DJ – I completely agree. I was, in no way, endorsing them. I have 25 clients in QBO and need to get things done and that helped but it still wasted a lot of my time to do something that should be part of the software. (I created a separate user in Chrome to use for QBO only, so only those bookmarks are there) – Lots of work for me to do while I am paying them for the software.

        • Debbie May Says:

          We are going to move our clients and accounts to QB Enterprise. After testing today it is pretty much like the old QB and you can have unlimited companies. It will cost more initially but this upgrade is costing us far more in man hours. The enterprise staff was extremely responsive to our needs. Not sure if this is an option for you DJ

          • Theresa Says:

            It’s a shame you have to reward Intuit’s bad behavior by purchasing another Intuit product. Why would they care to fix this mess when they figure most folks will migrate to some other OB/Intuit product? Doesn’t hurt their bottom line.

  202. Janice Says:

    I am so unbelievably frustrated with the new version. I have been spending so much more time each month trying to run invoices. I spoke with someone on the phone, Justin, who was not helpful at all. Asked for a supervisor or some to call me back and no one did. It feels as though nothing works the same and there is literally nothing better about the site that could make up for it. We are definitely going to switch as soon as possible, but i have been a HUGE fan of QBO for so long and recommended it to so many people, I really don’t want to leave it. But the extra time and frustration is major.
    After battling with the fact that the list function does not have any memory, I ran a bunch of invoices yesterday for different clients only to find they all had the same invoice number. I have spent 45 minutes so fare trying to figure out how to fix that to no avail. Navigation is no longer intuitive. This used to be such an amazing product. Very sad.

  203. DJ Says:

    We have ten employees. I just processed the first payroll. It took FIVE minutes for the payroll system to come up once I clicked Employees on the left hand menu…

  204. DJ Says:

    WHAT!!! I have private mode set for the home page and it shows a list of the paychecks I just prepared. NOTHING PRIVATE ABOUT THAT…

    The home page needs to be fully customizable as to what displays and does not display. For this employer, only myself and my bosses wife use QBO, so it it no big deal for me. But if my other employer or clients were to consider switching to QBO this would be a deal breaker…

  205. DJ Says:

    Someone must be bored… I clicked feedback. You get an option to vote on one of two feedback options. Next to “What should we add next?” there is an X to close out of the pop-up… It rotates 90 degrees… Cute… But lets save cute and cutsie for release 101 and get some of the basic functions that are still lacking up and functioning…

  206. Jeanine Badgett Says:

    I totally hate the new one. I was working in my credit cards it put things in different accounts because I had to connect online to download my transactions. You should give us the option to use the old or the new one.
    Now I have to try to navigate through & see if it got all my registers out of balance. Totally ridiculous. I don’t have time for this. I want to go back to the old format.

  207. T Humphrey Says:

    I am absolutely dismayed at the mess of this update! My specific issue is I am unable to print a statement for a client unless there is a balance due. So tough all you clients who have paid your bill and want a financial record of the transaction! I cannot imagine that this can be resolved. We will most likely have to move on to something else from this catastrophe.

    • Denise Johnsonbaugh Says:

      I had the same issue so I tried a statement with the “balance forward” option and plugged in the dates to cover the invoices in question. It worked for me. It showed the invoices and the payment applied. Hope that helps~

  208. Ida Williams Says:

    This version SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so frustrated I’m ready to delete it and buy the PC version on CD. Why can’t we have the option of the old version?

  209. Luis F Gomez Says:

    QBO should be worry about this and take immediate action, only bad comments in here, I agree with almost every one and I am ready to go to Desktop version.

  210. Kim Says:

    Not liking it! It takes more clicks to accomplish most tasks and talk about slow.

    • DJ Says:

      I am finding it EXTREMELY SLOW. and we have decent internet speed, if not the fastest in the world – it should not be this slow. Especially payroll – it takes FOREVER!

  211. Accounting Staff Says:

    QBO – have you figured out yet that this is one of the worst mistakes you have made to date?
    I just spent an hour of my life doing what used to take maybe 15 minutes. I still do not see any reminders (that used to be right in my face on the home page) nor have any notifications or reminders of memorized transactions appeared in my email. I’ve been a customer for 15 years and I am hoping to find an alternative. This is simply unacceptable.

  212. Tom Says:

    This update is HORRIBLE! We only accepted online payments from our customers via their bank accounts. We NEVER accepted credit card payments, and now it looks like with the new QuickBooks Payments that accepting credit card payments has been turned on. We used to have the option to turn processing credit cards on and off from within QuickBooks, and now that looks to no longer be the case. Please fix this immediately and let users go back to the previous version. This version is AWFUL!

  213. Patricia Carrrillo Says:


    Se me presento un problema grave de inconsistencia de información esto va mas allá de simples cambios de forma, la semana pasada registre un cargo en una cuenta y ahora que estoy revisando el registro esta en otra cuenta completamente diferente, tengo la impresión de cuanto hice el cambio esto es muy peligro ya estamos hablando de seguridad en la información por favor regresen a la versión pasada y hasta que este lista la liberan. A todos los usuarios por favor revisen su información esto es muy grave.

    I was presented a serious problem of inconsistency of information that goes beyond mere changes of form, last week I recorded a charge in an account and now I am reviewing the record was a completely different note , I have the impression as did the Instead it is very danger we are talking about information security please return to the last version and it is ready to release it . All users please check your information this is very serious .

  214. MC Says:

    We hate it. To much time is spend trying to figure out how this works

  215. Ken Says:

    Just horrible customer management. Opened up quickbooks to see ridiculous changes unsuited for my needs. Did anybody think to ask custmers which version they prefer? I cannot even sign out on this version because of the formatting changes.

    • DJ Says:

      Sign out is under the setting menu – click the gear icon. If you can’t find something, click the plus sign. if it is not there, then click the gear icon…

  216. Patricia Carrrillo Says:

    Alerta 2

    El mes pasado hice unos cargos a una cuenta tengo los reportes impresos y ahora no aparece esa cuenta y me mando la cantidad a otra cuenta (yo no lo borre ya revise el modulo de auditoria) , urgente regresar a la versión pasada no tenemos certeza de la información histórica esto es muy grave es consistencia de información un sistema contable no puede tener este tipo de fallas.


  217. Jim Roener Says:

    Jim Roemer

    • Jim Roener Says:

      Absolutely HATE this upgrade out of freaking left field. What is the matter with you people?!

      • Jim Roener Says:

        What other on-line accounting products are out there. This is an insult, QB.

  218. This is absolutely *awful* and is a classic example of an application that clearly needed a User Experience overhaul, but received a feature overhaul in the process. What should have been a series of smaller steps, became one sweeping change that (unfortunately!) broke the app. For the first time, I’m not confident in the numbers being tracked by quickbooks. It seems to be doing unexpected things with our data.

  219. Denise Johnsonbaugh Says:

    When creating and printing statements, it doesn’t open up in a new “window” but stays in the middle of the screen. When you click on “close” it doesn’t go away and then you can’t see items on the customer screen?!? So, you have to click on “customers” and search for the customer you were just in. . .weird. It doesn’t do that when you print an invoice only statements. Also, it would be nice if you have to use the back browser arrow if it would take you back to the customer page you were on instead of all the way back to the beginning. We have over 300+ customers and having to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the forward arrow is a pain.

    I’m a huge fan of QBO (user for over 2 years now) but I’m really uneasy with this new version. My needs and tasks are very simple yet this change has added additional time to things I used to do rather quickly. I’m pretty good at learning new programs quickly yet I’m completely lost with your new program. It doesn’t seem very user friendly. . .sorry because I really have enjoyed using your product.

  220. Ken Wilson Says:

    The new format is fine but took quite a bit of getting used to. I would like to see more options for users. I need to give an employee access to produce payroll cheques without access to full financial info. Can this be done please?

  221. dennis artale Says:

    Please change me back. I can not use this new format. Please do ASAP

  222. sudheer Says:

    After entering weekly time sheets and when we want to invoice the same hours it is not consolidating the total hours for Invoice is there any option that i have to check. Please help on this my email id : sudheer.siddella@gmail.com

  223. Pat Frank Says:

    I would love to have the prior version back, this is not user friendly. I find it frustrating to work with.

  224. arnie sawyer Says:

    One big issue I have is with searching. The default is to search for a number based answer: chk#. amount etc. But I most often search by NAME., and I am 2 clicks away from it! Please allow the choice to search for name sooner, either as a separate magnifying glass with a letter in the icon (while changing the existing one by adding a number… or give us a button to click instead of the pop up menu to scroll thru.


    • DJ Says:

      I started using Quicken 2010 for a new client last month – the search function is real easy – one box – just type in a number or a name or an amount and it will find it – Why can’t desktop or QBO use the same kind of search? One box, enter what you want to find and it will find it for you.

  225. Chris Quinn Says:

    Here’s an idea: Create a QuickBooksOnline ‘Classic’ look in the New QBO and put an option to choose it in the ‘Preferences’ section.

    The switch to the new QBO appears to be cumbersome for many. Other software companies have offered ‘Classic’ versions to keep their existing customers happy. Just a thought.

    • DJ Says:

      GREAT IDEA! Seems like that would be a simple thing to do – you don’t have to change the guts of the program, just rearrange the menus and provide an option to use the old menu system or a new menu system…

  226. atlantadeliverance Says:

    I will have to leave QBO until it figures this out for simple church use. Like collect tithes, post them to the accounts and product financial statements. I might as well go back to a writing system

    • Dianne Oldenburg Says:

      We are a church also and find this version extremely cumbersome. We don’t need invoices or many of the other “features” of this new version. We just need to enter the tithes, keep track of them, and have a simple way to make a deposit. I can’t even begin to reconcile the bank account because QBO doesn’t have an easy way to make deposits like the old version. It took us HOURS to figure out how to enter and pay bills. HELP!

      • You should record the tithes on a Sales Receipt (plus sign at top of screen, show more link > Sales Receipt). Leave the “deposit to” field as Undeposited Funds. To make a deposit, go to plus sign, show more, Bank Deposit. You will see the individual tithes you entered at the top of the screen, select them to group into one bank deposit.

  227. Matt Crozier Says:

    New quick books sucks.

    I cant even print a check the right way and it takes forever to load

  228. Robert Bennett Says:

    The paying bills could be improved when paying a vendor all open invoices are selected. I pay over 200 invoices at once for certain vendors and have to deselect all the invoices that I do not want to pay and for some vendors it is over 500 open invoices. if you fill in the amount you want to pay it takes way to long to update the paid invoices. in the old version you could enter the amount and it would apply to the oldest invoices almost instantaneously.

  229. Debbie Ford Says:

    Not feeling the love so far. Since I’m on the clock, I’m sure my employer will not like the time sheet I will turn in on just trying to navigate around in this newer version. For instance – finally figured out how to enter a vendor CM, but can’t seem to apply the CM to the bill I prefer to credit. QB has entered the CM to the first bill under the vendor name – I can’t figure out how to move it. Sometimes it’s best not to ‘fix’ what isn’t broken….

    • “Automatically apply credits” is a setting. Click the gear/company name in upper right and then Company Settings. Click on Advanced tab, in the “automation” section, turn off automatically apply credits option. You may also want to turn off automatically apply bill payments.

  230. Zhou Says:

    In the timesheet, the bill rate is no longer being auto-populated. Also, the previous week and next week buttons are gone. And when you click “Save and New”, it should go to the next week with the same employee name populated.

  231. Sunny Shah Says:

    Opening balances:- There should be an option to change the opening balances. If the client wants to shift to QB its going to take time to shift from other accounting packages. Currently we have started migration for few clients but the once the opening balances are entered they cannot be changed later on. Please guide us in this regards…

    • Reesa McKenzie-QB Online Trainer Says:

      You can change an opening balance. Go to the Register of the account, click edit on the opening balance transaction and the journal entry screen will slide down. Edit the numbers here.

  232. Mary Huey Says:

    Why did you feel the need to “improve” this program — it was so easy to use and now I’m struggling with every transaction I need to do to find “where” — I’m sorry I renewed for another year — it would be easier to get out an accounting pad and do everything with pencil and paper — hate it, hate it, hate it!!

    • Rachelle Dahl Says:

      We feel the exact same way!

      • Judy Jones Says:

        Oh how I hate this new version. Have been a staunch QB user for years and now I must admit that I dread having to deal with it. I can’t find anything, I need to print out a batch of cheques today and can’t figure out how, everything just takes so much longer and I can’t even figure out where to find the answer Judy Jones

  233. CM Says:

    Not user friendly, this new format is terrible and very hard to navigate. I am all for change but nothing as drastic as what has taken place. How do I get back to previous version?

    • DJ Says:

      No going back. Come July Chrome & Firefox will make upgrades that will not run the old version of QBO.

      • Reid Says:

        Here’s an option. Install an old version of IE and we could all keep QBO that we love so much. Problem solved.

        • Internet Explorer is not the recommended browser for QBO…many things do not work correctly. Anyhow, regardless of the change in July to the browsers, old version was going away.

  234. JME Says:

    Do not like this version at all. We are consider changing to another software. I have loved QB online for 5 years. I would not recommend this to anyone again.

  235. Rachelle Dahl Says:

    So many of your changes have been extremely problematic. We have been on the phone with someone at least every day this week. Prior to rolling out such substantial changes you should have better tested this. We are sick of being a guinea pig for your “upgrades.”

  236. Debbie Says:

    I hate the new version of QuickBooks. They should of taken all the problems out first before going live. When invoices a reimbursable from payables they took out the link that connects the invoice. Plus on the Invoice it does not sum up by product service type

  237. MadAccountant Says:

    Hate the new version. Takes me more time to do the same work and I can’t charge my clients for that. You’re costing me money intuit.

  238. Jan Says:

    I can’t believe my reconciliations are gone. Dec.2013 is the last reconciliation for 2 of my accounts, Jan.2014 is the last for my main bank account, what gives????? Is it possible to take me back to the old QB? This is going to cost me a whole lot of time to re-enter and balance 4 bank statements???? I have the paper statements, I don’t have extra time to give this new mess.

  239. shanna Says:

    I think you should have offered us a choice to switch. This does not work for me and takes me so much longer to do simple things. I want the old version back!!!!!!

  240. jeff Says:

    I HATE THIS NEW SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. This new look and feel is so frustrating and is taking me so much more time to complete transactions.

    1.) When entering a journal, I “used to be able” to type the GL account # and hit the down arrow on the keyboard to enter the next line item GL account number. NO MORE. I forced me to hit enter on the account number and then move to the next cell. Oh yeah, if you just hit enter without specifically moving the curser on the account # it also if defaults on making the GL account number, (which is already in the chart of accounts) a NEW GL account in AR (probably the first alpha category in my chart of accounts). STUPID

    2.) When entering a journal I used to be able to type select the class code (departments for me) and after I entered all the journal data I was able to actually see each line’s class code. NOT ANYMORE. I have to print out the journal to make sure all the class codes were entered correctly. ANOTHER WASTE OF TIME, PAPER AND EFFORT.

    Fix it or go back to what used to work.

  242. DJ Says:

    I don’t think the programmers who worked on this new design have had any practical experience. I just went to print my payroll tax liability report. The date range is “Last Payroll.” But the date of the last payroll is not printed – it just says last payroll… WHO RUNS A PAYROLL REPORT WITHOUT A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

    • DJ Says:

      Yeah for the new bells and whistles and pretty pictures… Not when you throw out the basics… Dates on reports are pretty basic…

  243. Jennifer Donohue Says:

    I do NOT like the new version. I reviewed it before the switch and waited until the last minute to make the change. I do NOT like the fact that I cannot put the date with a period between the month, day and year (which I’ve done for years). I work for several companies and use all versions of QuickBooks, desktop and online, and this is definitely a huge disappointment. I create several invoices daily and cannot make changes on the lines very easily at all. Also, when starting a new item, I cannot start typing a word and hit the colon (:) to finish when the correct item appears? I’ve been able to do that for years!
    I want the old version back! :(

  244. Common Cents Bookkeeping Services Says:

    I’m with everyone else….REALLY dislike this new version. Please, Please PLEASE bring the old version b ack

    • Laurie Armstrong Says:

      I’m with everyone else too – it is so difficult to use, please give us the option of going back to the previous version.

  245. Reid Says:

    Please let us use legacy browsers so that we can keep QBO and move to Harmony when desired. I for one would just keep a copy of IE 10 or something on my PC just to use for Quickbooks. It would be far simpler IMO. thanks for listening at least :)

  246. arnie sawyer Says:

    I can’t believe all the whiny complaining going on. “Who Moved My Cheese” was a children’s book, but thats what so many of you sound like. Yes its a learning process, or a RE-learning process, but isn’t that what we have been doing for 20 years on computers with ALL our software? Things Change. Intuit had to change too… can’t stick with that antiquated DOS looking interface forever! and they are willing to listen and adapt…. but I for one LIKE this new version. The old one was harder to use for me and in a short time I was functioning BETTER with this new layout. Once you find everything you were used to in a new way, you’re done. Schools over.

    However, having said that, I do sympathize with all you accountants who now must waste time and money relearning your most basic tool you were so comfortable with. That sucks. and I’m also not using the accounts receivable and payable systems, so I may be missing many seriously error prone functions you are experiencing.

    But SNAP out of it already : ) and get back to work. Adapt already, or go somewhere else. I’m a small business owner and being up to date with my banking etc is great. Plus I no longer have to make backups to send to my accountant and wait the file to come back.

    • Intercontinental Ip Says:

      Glad you like it. Not everyone feels your happy glory jumping up and down that the ‘new update has arrived” My feeling is that Businesses should be given the option to UPGRADE and not be forced to. All you small business non-complainers should be charged to upgrade if that is what you desire.

    • DJ Says:

      Adapting to change is one thing. Having loss of functionality that relates to basic bookkeeping tasks is quite another. Not being able to invoice customers appropriately is a major business killer… I can live with change if it brings real improvements – and hopefully the new architecture will enable true improvements – but the way I see it the new interface took the old product and rearranged the pieces and in the process broke some of the pieces so they no longer work….

    • Accounting Staff Says:

      Let’s see… 650+ comments with greater than 90% being angry over the changes that create increased labor time to do anything at a real $ cost to business. A handful of people, like you, who LIKE it. And the 90% of us are to SNAP out of it already. After all, every one of us are just whiny complainers. We MUST be the ones who have it wrong……..

      • t humphrey Says:

        Obviously Reese McKenzie is affiliated with QBs! Give me a break…..

        • I did give you a break, I seem to recall that I gave you an answer as to how to produce a balance forward statement on a client with zero balance…how about a “Thank You!” Terry, instead of vitriol?

      • arnie sawyer Says:

        well, as is common with these things, the “satisfied customers” don’t bother to chime in in the numbers that the unhappy people do, because theres nothing to complain about. SO out of the 1000s -(millions?) –of users, the fact that the complainers far outweigh the rest on this “complaint” chat board is at best circumstantial, or, certainly, not a scientific survey of the reception to the changes made by Intuit.

        • Matt Says:

          Yeah and there are just as many users who hate it that don’t take the time to find out where to express said hatred. What’s your point? A lot of people are pissed. Consider yourself lucky.

          • arnie sawyer Says:

            probably true… Don’t get the wrong impression from my posts. I too went through a bewildering first few weeks, calling my accountant and QB for help. But again, (sorry to be a broken record playing tunes from “Pollyanna” all day) once I knew where everything was, it has all gone smoothly and all I had left to do was just use the software, and make some suggestions on how I thought it could be smoother and better. I too think I should be able to get to certain screens with fewer clicks. And the make checks at first was less intuitive than they fixed it to be… the old “tab…tab…return to save” felt faster, and the old QB didn’t take you out of writing checks when you hit save, but then they fixed the Save and New button nicely.

            Im a screamer and a yeller too when Im frustrated. This change was tough for awhile, but not anymore. what can I say.

  247. Wendy Says:

    We print ‘checks’ for our EFT payments. Since the upgrade, we are unable to change the check number without getting errors. Now we have to enter them as manual checks, but cannot print the ‘stub’ as back up. It is frustrating, because we don’t have printed backup for our files.

  248. Brad Says:

    The Client -> Income list is not replicated anywhere. Now all invoices/estimates are grouped by Client, I need to see them as individual line items as I have for years. Also the options for customizing the columns are missing several options including the Memo. Not a fan of rolling out a “new” version with less functionality…

  249. Intercontinental Ip Says:

    This update reminds me of the WINDOWS 8 fiasco. Not real thrilled with the new Quickbooks, it has slowed down our billing. Businesses should be given the option to update and not be forced to. Just my opinion. Still doing our billing 2nd day when it used to take 5 hours. :(

  250. Debbie Klein Says:

    There seems to be an error with one my patients listed – it doesn’t have the option to send a statement – all others do – it is like it is missing – please contact me – I need this fixed asap.

    • DJ Says:

      Click the gear icon and click feedback – there is a way for you to ask them to contact you. Intuit employees now seem to be neglecting this blog…

  251. Mike Says:

    I have to chime in here too. QuickBooks has killed our billing process. This whole thing is a mess, hard to use, hard to figure out and has caused nothing but problems at our small design studio.

    We bill using Time Activities. In the old quickbooks we would add time slips for our clients and put a reference number at the beginning of our description area. That way when we would go in to invoice a client we could see a truncated description. Now the brilliant folks at QuickBooks decided we didn’t need to see that description! Why would need to see the description, we have the date and total for timeslip? You’ve got to be kidding me. We have clients that we track hundreds of time slips for. Now we have big boxes with no descriptions sitting on the right side of our invoices. The only way to find out what the time slip is is to click it open. That’s not easy when you have a hundred time slips for 10 to 15 jobs.

    You’ve made so many bad decisions with the update it’s hard to believe you pushed it live. And, you’ve given us no way to go back to the old version. You basically stopped our business in it’s tracks, made invoicing 10 times harder, take enormously longer and you have no answers for us.

    I’m blown away by how bad this is. Unbelievable.

    • DJ Says:

      Once more, evidence that the programmers who designed this new version have no practical experience with actually using the program!

    • It appears they pushed out a fix for this. I use the time activities to and I am really happy that I can now see what the description is.

  252. Deborah Horton Says:

    Thanks for making my job harder and longer! Will not recommend your product as in the past.

  253. Steven Innis, CPA Says:

    I’m all done with this mess. I’ve used the online version for over a year now and honestly, the only thing I liked about it was the portability. Never understood why Intuit would put out a QB program that looks and functions nothing like what I have been using for 20+ years on my PC’s and laptops. And I have read through much of what is above and I find the answers from the QB experts insulting. I am an accountant. And very good at what I do. And all of us in here taking the time to comment are talking about a product that we have invested very, very heavily in for a long period of time. We are experts at QB as well and we are the ones that matter most. This project was very poorly handled and this product is vastly inferior to the standalone product – it was even before this ridiculous fiasco of the past couple of months. In companies who actually listen to their customers and care – which apparently is NOT Intuit – people lose their jobs when a project gets managed this poorly.

    So here’s my deal….I am all done. I will call in tomorrow morning and cancel my subscription to QB online. And you damn well better be prepared to provide me with a complete and accurate data file with which to go back to QB 2013 or (if I am feeling generous 2014). I have tolerated Intuit for many years now, both on the QB side and the tax software side. I spend thousands of dollars a year with this company – and my clients spend thousands more as we constantly support your products. I am done and I am disgusted!

    • Theresa Says:

      Hear! Hear! You are so on target. I too am a CPA with numerous clients on this platform. Spend THOUSANDS each year for Pro Series, plus more bucks as a Pro Advisor. I have no problems with change, it happens. It is the poorly thought-out, poorly implemented change in this case that is devastating. Our only product to sell is our time, and we are now wasting it on this miserable conversion.

    • Well since I am one of the few QB experts commenting here, I will reply to you. You feel insulted…how exactly have I insulted you?? Get a grip! I’m trying to help folks learn a new software program…not sure how that insults you. I am a customer of Intuit as well and have chosen to take a different approach.

      I have not said the program is perfect, there are many things I would like to see different, fixed etc. I have been working with the new version since it was first introduced last fall and, with the exception of a handful of “major” problems (timesheet/billing issues, templates, emailing issues, to name a couple), I just don’t think it is as terrible as the people commenting here. The folks that do like it are not visiting this blog so there is only one side represented.

      • DJ Says:

        The program has been out for 6-8 months now and we STILL have “major” problems with time/sheet/billing issues, templates and e-mailing? I call those very basic functions to most of the QB users I know. It seems like those issues would have been fixed by now. The conversion was started with the simple accounts – the comments posted now are coming from those more complicated customers who use the payroll system as they are forced into using the new product.

        My main employer is a contractor who has been chomping at the bit for three years to go online so we can do estimates and invoices on the road. In the next couple of weeks we will try the mobile app for desktop – when asked a specific question about functionality, all support would say is “you get a free month trial, try it and see if it will work.” That is no way to run a business. Our needs are simple – full functionality of using groups in item master, full functionality of customer:jobs in estimating and invoicing, full job costing support for time entry and payroll processing. QB Contractor has this.

        When QBO can compete with QB Contractor it will gain all those contractors as customers – unless Intuit frustrates them into finding a different provider. The choices Intuit seems to be making in bringing out this new QBO product and the 2013/2014 desktop product signal that they are not interesting in capturing or retaining the small business construction industry. The changes may seem small to some, but have a big impact on the day to day usability of the product – such as reducing the number of lines shown on the Estimate Entry screen down to five. We converted from 2012 to 2014 last month, and our estimator is frustrated at the small amount of information that displays on the monitor when he is creating a three page estimate…

        • The best bet for your employer would be to use hosted QuickBooks on laptops with internet access out in the field. I use unidata IT for hosting my desktop files…but per user cost can be prohibitive for some. QBO would be ideal but it is lacking on the job cost functionality and has no labor costing ability so that is a deal breaker for a lot of contractors. I expect to see improvements to QBO on these issues in the future.

          Has your estimator tried the “super max” setting on the estimate screen in desktop? It may help get a few more lines on the screen. It’s the symbol in the upper right of window looks like four arrows pointing outwards.

    • DJ Says:

      I am experienced with the desktop version – so I too was disappointed with QBO when we decided to move this client from a real DOS based system to an Intuit product last year. QBO had a couple of positives that made it a logical choice for this client – but given the frustrations of using the old QBO it might have been better to go with a desktop product. I despise QB 2013, so when 2014 became available, I was about ready to suggest that we migrate to 2014 desktop when the announcement about a revised QBO came out. I made a decision to wait out the frustrations and try the new version. I am even more disappointed with the new version of QBO than I was with the old version. It will be interesting to see what Intuit’s market share does over the next five years…

      • It is definitely not comparable to desktop! I really wish there was more done on the marketing/advertising side to let people know this important fact. I have spoke to many people that have switched/converted without understanding it is totally different software…just still called “QuickBooks”. Many, many desktop files are not candidates for converting to the Online software.

        • DJ Says:

          I knew the limitations when we made the software decision – based on a comparison chart between the different QBO and desktop versions that Intuit hides on it’s web site somewhere. I say “hide” because I can never find it on my own when looking at their website – I generally have to call Sales and they then send me a link to the chart.

    • Bob Says:

      Well said. Just when are we going to get an explanation from the CEO of Intuit, along with corrective action, other than “you dummies will just have to learn”?

      • Intuit and QuickBooks Online just won a tech innovation award from CPA Practice Advisor mag at California Accounting & Business show. I don’t think you will be hearing from the CEO…

        Here is a message from the Senior Product Manager for QBO and the one responsible for the conversion process. https://community.intuit.com/questions/795871-i-hate-the-new-update-for-quickbooks-i-need-it-to-go-back-to-the-old-one

        I don’t kill the messenger…I’m just letting you know what I know.

        • A CPA Says:

          It seems Mr. Blitz is living in an alternate reality from the bulk of his customers, and his reply was both insulting and dismissive. Thanks, Reesa, for sharing yet more evidence of QuickBooks contempt for its customers.

          In over two decades as an accountant, working with accounting software packages from the $100 – $100,000 range, I’ve not seen a conversion roll-out this bad before. Sure, there is always a learning curve, and a glitch or two here or there is not uncommon, but nothing like this, even in the previous updates of QuickBooks. QBO has a Senior Product Manager that should be fired.

  254. ginny Says:

    Should give us a choice to have the old one which as a business we were used to and now we can’t do what we did before. Causing us to spend more time (and thus money) in figuring out the system to just do what we did before easily.

  255. Steven, one more thing to prepare you for your upcoming conversion back to desktop….you may or may not have a complete file. Since the two programs are different and have different functions, it’s possible that the converted file may be missing some data. Be sure to use whatever procedures you would normally use for an accounting software conversion. You can test it out by going to the gear/company name in upper right, and then Export data under the Tools heading. Be sure to use Internet Explorer.

    • Steven Innis, CPA Says:

      And Reesa, maybe some of the disconnect for a lot of us who have been so heavily invested in Intuit for the bulk of our professional careers is that when we bought into this product it was not presented as a new product at all. It never dawned on me when I decided to try the online version that it was going to be wildly different from what we had been using for so many years. We are not dumb people who are just lamenting change here. We have been dealing with changes to the QB platform for many, many years. Often times it was just change for the sake of change so Intuit could rationalize making people go out and purchase the product again. Some of it was good pickups – often times as a result of feedback from us that use the product and sell it to small business clients on a daily basis. We are pretty good at figuring our way around and making things work. I’m not sure I EVER used a tutorial on a QB product in the past 20+ years, other than this last month. So it IS insulting to me to think that a product that I have paid this much money for, that shares the same name as a product that I have used for decades, would now think that I can accept the amount of time I have wasted in the past month….. And your answer seems to be to check the tutorial? Here’s a news flash for you…. Even the tutorial completely sucks. I got to the end of that little ditty and was shaking my head at how little I learned!

      Now, for me, the real fun begins. We will see just how bad my company data file is as I convert back. Thank God I didn’t convert all of my client files or force my clients to make this jump. This product is, in my humble opinion, unusable in it’s present state. It was tolerable prior to this last “update” and tolerable is what I, and some of the other professionals commenting here would use as a characterization of Intuit’s performance of late. Tolerable is not good enough given the price point. None of us can deliver a tolerable performance and get paid. I spent all winter fighting with Pro Series having to display my client letter first before printing it because to just print it would produce a page that was not centered and cut off down the right margin. Intuit is not a small outfit and the amount of money I pay Intuit a year is not a small amount. Defend all you want, but I am sorry to tell you that you are just flat out wrong here. And if you don’t understand why we are dissatisfied with this product then you simply don’t understand our business model. And if you don’t understand what it is we do out here, then stop commenting on this blog!

      • I didn’t point anyone towards a tutorial, and I agree that the training options for new users is lacking. I support many clients on the new platform so I understand perfectly well what “we” do out here. I have many clients that I would not even think of switching to QBO because it does not fit their business model/needs.

        There are many professionals that use it and are not as dissatisfied with it as you are..so please get off your high horse! I hardly think the comments here represent the hundreds of thousands of users of QBO.

        I will stop commenting to the folks that are just here to complain and save my comments for those looking for help or need to know how to do something in the new version. Have a good one!

        • Sheila C Says:

          I would hardly call it a high horse to be frustrated at being unable to quickly perform the simplest of tasks without having to search, read tutorials, study blogs, and waste time. Really? Look at the majority of the comments. Do you think these people are all simply grumpy children who are resisting change? I have two companies on QB Online (not my choice) one has the new version the other I will be forced to “upgrade” on 6/24. I am finding my way around in the new one, but it is a time waster. Also, and no one seems to have addressed this, when I use the new one, my computer continually makes noises like it is heavily processing data. This does not occur in the old version.

          In a world where “time is money” and folks are juggling so very many things, do we really benefit from such a departure in our graphic interface as to render formally competent users back again to the status of novice users who are re-learning the wheel? I think not. But then, I do not like the new Windows and I use the Classic Shell program to stop my having to search around for things…

        • Jan Says:

          Without insulting your stance on Quickbooks, I am looking for “software” and getting out of the cloud. I was warned but gave no heed as I trusted a company that I had been using for well over a decade. The software was easy to use, easy to understand, but always had a backup system in place. We jumped to the cloud 4 years ago as it seemed to be safe and secure.

          I have lost January 2014 – April 2014 reconciliations for one account, and February 2014 – April 2014 for two accounts with this new conversion. Any suggestions as to how we may retrieve those 10 reconciled periods?

          Even though the information shows up on the registers, I can’t reconcile May as the balance forwards are all incorrect, and I do no want JE adjustments for QB’s issues.

          Any ideas?

          • Hi Jan, I have not seen this particular problem on a converted file yet. But here are some ideas….the beginning balance field in QB recons (online and desktop) is not “hard coded” it is a math function…the sum of all transactions previously marked as cleared. That’s why journal entries are not appropriate to fix a reconciliation beginning balance error.

            Whenever it is not correct and there is no indication as to why in the “changes” column of a previous rec, then I enter my ending balance and continue into the screens and see if the transactions that were previously cleared are sitting there…just having been marked as not cleared somehow. They should be (if nothing has been deleted) and you can simply mark them off and then keep reconciling.

            It helps if you have the printed report from the last recon you did (that’s gone missing) so that you know what was truly outstanding at that time. You can do it in months, to recreate the missing recs or one big one rec to capture the entire missing period.

            • Sheila C Says:

              Two things about Bank Reconciliations:

              1) The Transaction Report:

              After I reconcile, I always go to the balance sheet report and set the dates to be only the month I just reconciled (instead of 1/01-03/31, I would use 03/01-03/31). I then drill down on the bank account total to get the transaction report. I modify it by removing the “account” and “split” on the columns so that it is larger and then I print a hard copy. Why? Because QB allows us to change things and this is the actual amount you tied to when you reconciled. If any changes are made, you will be able to go back to this report to see what happened and fix it.

              2) Missing Reconciliation Reports in the New QBO Version:

              At first glance, the previous reconciliation reports seem to have gone missing; however, this is not the case. You now have to go back and find them via reports. It is cumbersome to find, but under Accountant Reports you will see Reconciliation Reports. Here is the not intuitive part – you must double click on the bank name, and THEN when the current report pops up, you can use the arrow down box to change the date to the older reports. To me this is much more time consuming than simply being able to see it on the screen as in the past, but alas, I am a mere consumer of this product and I suppose I will take what they give me a like it… LOL

              • A few ideas for you: Any changes made will show on the Reconcile screen, in the “changes” column. You can click the amount to see the detail of what was changed. Also, the recon reports are accessible right on the recon page (company name/gear in upper right > Reconcile under Tools heading). You should see a list of previous reconciliations here. When you hover over a line, it turns blue and you can click it to view the recon report. This way, you don’t have to go to the reporting menu to access it.

              • Jan Says:

                Thanks Sheila, I have saved a few of the blogs as I know they will come in handy. I am trying to not be so negative, sometimes change is beneficial, so you have helped me this afternoon. I do appreciate you taking time to help someone else out without all the name calling.

                I don’t like all the additional steps, but you have kept a positive attitude and for that I shall have a great day. l will try what you have suggested. Any followers? I miss I the old version and wish that I would wake up tomorrow and this was just a bad dream BUT I will roll up my sleeves, and get to it. Best wishes to you all – keep helping each other. Someone will catch on and fix this. Believe!

      • Theresa Says:

        Steven – you are on the money with your comments. Reesa is an Intuit tool. Googled her and found the she is “a self-proclaimed QuickBooks evangalist”. Her own website states the following:

        “You can trust that I can train and support your small business on QuickBooks. I work as a consultant for INTUIT TRAINER NETWORK and I train other accounting professionals on QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. I wrote and recorded 5 of the 10 training courses for the 2014 ProAdvisor Certification Training for Intuit. I also present webinars on QuickBooks Online for Intuit. I provide bookkeeping services if you are tired of doing it and want a professional to handle your books.”

        I doubt she does all of this for nothing. Meanwhile we are eating hundreds of billable hours trying to work with this garbage.

        • Thank you for posting my qualifications as a software trainer Theresa! What exactly am I doing here that has you so upset…oh, that’s right…I’m trying to help people learn new software! Gasp! How dare I!

          Believe it or not, I am here on my own time because I am an expert in the new version, use it everday, and like it! So if you want to continue to harass me until I go away and leave the people that could benefit from my expertise floundering, then go right ahead.

          To all the other people that may really want help with this new version, you can also post a question to the community forum and perhaps I, or someone else, can help you there. https://community.intuit.com/

          • Forgot to mention that there are some other free QuickBooks Online tips on my website and I will be adding to these in the coming months. http://abilitybooks.com/wordpress/posts/category/help-with-new-quickbooks-online/ You can also find me as a contributing author on the Sleeter Group and Intuitive Accountant websites, with QuickBooks Online articles..coming soon.

          • THERESA Says:

            You are so welcome. I am just trying to shed some sunlight on the issue, as I think you are trolling for clients. You should not profit at the expense of these good folks who are struggling to get their arms around this difficult conversion. You fail to see that many are insulted by your “no big deal” attitude. We are educated, experienced people who have no problem adapting to reasonable change. What is unreasonable is having such difficulty doing very basic, routine chores such as check printing, payroll processing and invoicing of customers. It appears that your livelihood revolves around training people to use QB. Our livelihood revolves around actually using it – being able to write checks, invoice customers, pay employees and print reports without investing 10 X the amount of time we used to. I guess that goes to the old saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” I believe it would go a long way to help relations if Intuit would simply apologize for the handling of this and give us some concrete answers and timelines. The placating “So sorry you are frustrated” lines from Intuit Meg etc are just condescending. For many of us, we are losing big time $$ with the bleeding of time it takes to accomplish these routine tasks.

            How about a mea culpa from Mr. Brad D. Smith, the Intuit of CEO? He should consider giving these clients some credit again their fees, since the loss to Intuit will be much greater if they flee to alternative providers.

            • Joanne Detter Says:

              Well said, Theresa!

            • LOL!! I have many accounting/bookkeeping clients. I teach because so many people actually believe the myth that they can use accounting software with no training. Trolling for clients?? um no, I like to help people…what are you doing to help these folks here? Nothing. I spend many hours volunteering my expertise. So unless you have some tips to ease their frustration, maybe you should stop commenting or trying to bait me into commenting.

              I refuse to waste anymore time on someone trying to attack me because I’m one of the few (apparently) accounting professionals that has figured this thing out. You seem to be angry that I understand it and you don’t. As I said before, there is training for accounting professionals at http://IntuitAcademy.com. You maybe could have learned something in the time you have taken to google and attack me. If you care to have the last word…have at it. I’ve got work to do.

  256. T. Merritt Says:

    I really don’t like the new version. The colors are nice and the graphs seem promising but way to complicated to pay bills, enter bills, run payroll and find things in the register. Please bring back a cleaner version of the old one. And, now my AMEX syncing is a problem… a mess!

  257. R. Prow Says:

    I am so glad to see almost everyone hates the “Improved” QBO. I use it mainly to enter invoices from vendors and to pay the bills. Nothing that should be complicated. Intuit has found a way to make it much more time consuming. I guess they are keeping all the specialized training people employed.

    • mariana Says:

      exactyl creating invoices and selecting invoices to print is now too complicated.
      i still can’t figure out how to print selected invoices
      it was so easy before just going to the home tab and clicking on PRINT INVOICES
      #$%#$%$# i’m so upset with QB right now

  258. Lucy Slade Says:

    New version is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me back the old version. Reminds me of Windows 8 that was supposed to be so much better and “user friendly” than 7 -NOT.
    I am a 1 person LLC and way more complicated than I needed. Perhaps we could have had the option to switch instead of shoving this new version down our throats.

  259. Lou Says:

    Really? Does anyone really believe they care? Just look at all the outages and how they handled them. Look how they are handling this? Wow! I hope they lose 50% of there paying clients (or more). We all need to find a good hosted Quickbooks service or something else. If you do know of a good alternative, please post it.

  260. sivachitra Says:


    In this New version it is Very hard to use. i have a quarries too .in this if we create an Invoice Times already entered by Employees is not shown in New Invoice How to Link this . In any one suggest means i will Thankful For You.

  261. Bruce Brown Says:

    Someone needs to test this better. Not intuitive at all. Most important, it doesn’t fit on my pc screen only on my wider mac screen. No scroll bar. UGH

  262. Laura Says:

    I just signed up from Premium 2011, so far its only “OK”. I hate that I cannot slide columns over when entering a bill or other items, some of my categories in chart of accounts are long and I cannot see them, and the keep jumping back to the top when I try to select them. The features to add additional users truly stinks, there is almost no customization at all, very difficult to hide the company confidential info from users but still allow them to check inventory and create purchase orders, invoices and credits. I don’t know if I will be keeping the online version but unfortunately I was forced to update the software because they don’t support my credit card and bank downloads on 2011 anymore.

    • DJ Says:

      Come July, the old version of QBO will not work with Chrome and Firefox – I think Intuit fast tracked converting those of us with payroll so that we would be up and running before those changes come into being in those browsers.

  263. diana dinardi Says:

    I have to say I agree with all of the above comments about not “liking” this new update.
    I was fine with the other and shouldn’t we have had a choice?

    • mariana Says:

      i’ve spent so much time creating invoices now, too many steps to go from A to B. this is ridiculous, already looking into a different software to switch to, this is ridiculous

    • DJ Says:

      Come July the old version will not run on Chrome and Firefox because of changes those browsers are making to their systems… I suspect this fast tracked the conversion from old QBO to new QBO for the payroll users.

  264. mariana Says:

    this new update is awful
    how do I select the invoices i want to print/email
    this is too time consuming!!! HELP

    • You can do this from the left menu, Transactions > Sales page. When you create the invoice, click the Print option at bottom of invoice and check mark the “Print Later” box. Then, from Transactions > Sales, you can click the Filter button and change the status box to “to be printed”. Then select what you want to print and then click the Batch Action button and select to Print Transactions.

      • mariana Says:

        Hi Reesa
        I think I got it now, but still too many steps compared to the previous version which was much simpler.
        this is too time consuming :(

        i’m also having problems not being able to see the complete screen and not a scroll bar to go down , the blue button “save/close” i only see the tip of it

        • What browser are you using? Make sure to use google chrome…it just works better in chrome. If you are using chrome, is the zoom on? Look in the address bar, is there a magnifying glass with a plus in it? Click it and then choose “reset to default”. If it is not on zoom, try zooming in (ctrl+plus sign or minus on keyboard) and then pressing the “reset to default” option…sometimes this will make it appear better.

          Also, not sure if it helps with this problem, but I always try clearing my browser cache when I have problems with QBO. Here are instructions on how to do that with chrome: http://bit.ly/QBOClearCache

          • mariana Says:

            i’m using google chrome
            followed all the steps
            cleared the cache and still can’t see it :(

            • Darn it! I’m fresh out of ideas on this one. I can’t seem to recreate it happening in my files with the bottom bar and when I have seen it happen with the top “create” menu, the steps I gave you corrected it. You should probably give tech support a call…they may have seen this and know exactly what to do. https://contactus.intuit.com/ Sorry I couldn’t help.

        • DJ Says:

          If your mouse has a rolling scroll button, try pressing the control key and rolling the button – this will change the amount you see on the screen – it zooms out or zooms in to have smaller or larger fonts…

  265. Jeanine Badgett Says:

    I cannot handle this new version! I am stressed enough at work. I do not need this! I cannot find anything I need, At this point, I think I will buy the the Quickbooks & use the cloud to connect to my accountant in Oklahoma and do away with stupid update, I just did a deposit & saved it and cannot find where to print it & it is not showing in my account. It must be out in the great blue yonder because it sure isn’t in my checking account. I cannot believe Quick Books did this to their customers!

  266. Tim Says:

    DO NOT LIKE this new version, way to many steps. We want to go back the previous version, is that possible?

  267. Cindy Says:

    We are having problems with our one computer that is on Windows 8. It does not show the ability to write a check- WHAT IS WRONG?

  268. Carol Fraley Says:

    Great I found my missing vendors. I have spent over an hour and still can’t figure out how to print checks after I make payments. I am all for new learning but not to do old stuff. All I want is to keep books! and pay bills.

    • Are these Bill Payments or regular checks? “Pay Bills” is found by clicking the Plus sign, show more link, then Pay Bills. Unless you are using an international version, they do not have a batch Pay Bills function.

    • DJ Says:

      I seem to be missing vendors as well. Or maybe it is a missing vendors list… I click on vendors and there is a list – but Auto Owners is not listed… I also can’t print the Auto Owners check. I have tried to tackle it from about seven different angles, and nothing works so far.

  269. Ellen Says:

    I sent a comment last week expressing my dislike for the new system, I know, you are all shocked at that. I received a comment back from QB that I could go to the bottom of the page and get a phone #. Couldn’t find it. Then I’ve received emails telling me I would be contacted. Still waiting. Yesterday I spent my time reading the blog hoping for assistance from my fellow QB haters. I only want to print the six checks I finally got through the system. Someone put on about batch printing. Transactions, Expenses, Print checks etc. tried that got one check printed. I did get a 73 page report of all transactions from all dates. My frustration level has hit the top. Two weeks ago I got to print the checks I wrote, even last week I got them through. This week I tried the same way as before and apparently it changed again.
    Please someone out there help me do this small task. We are a small medical office and only use the basics. Unfortunately I can’t even get that done.

    • I am having a hard time following the problem. Are the checks not present in the list when you go to Transactions > Expenses > Print Checks button? If so, this probably means they were not marked as “to be printed”. Go to Transactions > Expenses. Click the Filter button and filter for Checks. Click on one of the 6 you need to print to open it and cick the “Print Later” box in the upper right of the form. You could also print them individually from the Transactions > Expenses page.

      • DJ Says:

        The basics just are not there… I am trying to print a simple insurance check. The bill was already created from a monthly recurring transaction. We generated the bill payment, but I could not figure out how to print the dumb check. I can set up the check and align it. What seems to me the logical “Print Check” icon prints the list of checks to printed – it does not print the check(s). I can preview the check – and I might expect the hovering mini-menu to appear when I preview, but that does not seem to be working. It look forever to find the bank register so I can print the check directly from the check transaction – but the same issue. I CAN’T FIND A WAY TO PRINT THE CHECK. I am using Chrome. Maybe I need to see what happens if I use Explorer…

        • Reesa McKenzie Says:

          Yeah, I have submitted feedback about this. Very rarely would someone need to preview the checks! This button should be print and not print preview. But I do get the floating menu in the print preview box so I am not sure why you don’t see it as well. I do have to move my mouse over the lower right of the print preview screen…in the gray area for it to appear.

        • arnie sawyer Says:

          take a few minutes to see how your printer is relating to QBO/Acrobat defaults. Place a blank paper in your printer after marking it front/back/top and bottom . print the check and see what is going where. Then just place the preprinted checks into the paper drawer accordingly. Make sure to tell QBO that NO CHECKS PRINTED so they are NOT taken out of the queue to be printed, and you can print them again.

          then leave your self a sticky note as to your successful process for printing so its quick next time, or like me, so you don’t forget if its a few days later when you print checks again.

  270. Kyle Huber Says:

    this is HORRIBLE. I tried to come in with a good attitude but this is a NIGHTMARE. Cant find ANYTHING. NOTHING makes Sense anymore about where things are located. I just printed checks from the wrong account for wrong amounts.. I have no idea why wrong amounts. I HATE YOU INTUIT. I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS. My employees are very upset it takes them longer to get anything done. One lady refuses to use it. THIS IS HORRIBLE. I WANT THE OLD FORMAT BACK NOW NOW NOW NOW… I want a product that doesnt look like a toy. I want a product that flows with me. Not hunt and peck. THIS IS AWFUL. AWFUL AWFUL….

    • Louis Says:

      This change is absolute garbage!!! To make matters worse when I called the support number that I’ve always used (800)-729-2401 I got a phone sex hotline!!!! What kind of a company changes their number without warning and does not at least keep the old number active directing the caller to call the new number???
      I have now been on the phone with support trying to fix an issue with the payroll page. We’ll see if it gets fixed!!!

  271. Lou Says:

    So when I tried to download my data to get off this, it tells me I have to use IE. But it only shows the menu bar on the left and a spinning wheel in the center on IE11 on windows 8.1, CANNOT DOWNLOAD MY DATA FILE!!

    Please, I want to get my data and cancel this service asap.

    • A CPA Says:

      We may be in worse shape than you are. We operate in an Apple environment and thus don’t have (or want) IE. Maybe Reesa knows how we are supposed to get around that?

      • If you have no machines that run parallels, bootcamp or any of the other virtualization programs in which you can run IE, I believe that you can contact support and they will create the file and send it to you. 1-800-488-7330

        Open: 6AM-6PM (PST) Mon-Fri, 6AM-3PM (PST) Sat-Sun

    • I had to downgrade/roll back IE to version 9 in order to use it to connect my payroll accounts to QBO. You may have to do the same. I googled how to do it. OR, I believe that support will do it for you and send you the file, but I don’t know for sure. 1-800-488-7330 Open: 6AM-6PM (PST) Mon-Fri, 6AM-3PM (PST) Sat-Sun

  272. Diane Bridge Says:

    Absolutely the worst QB update ever!! I have worked with QB for years and if I can find another software to use I will switch. So not “user friendly”!! I am having a hard time printing checks. I tried using the help function, no help. Also, big surprise no phone number to call for help. Someone really dropped the ball on this update!!!!

  273. Penny Says:

    Good Morning,
    While I certainly like some of the new features in QB online, the one thing that is very frustrating is the missing “Copy last week” tab in time tracking. We use this feature to copy each week into the next as most of the information remains the same from week to week with minimal adjustments. Please bring this feature back as soon as possible. I’m still reviewing the changes, one more thing I was hoping to see was the option to have a week ending date, instead of just week starting date in the preferences. We have multiple clients, each requesting different information on their invoice. We would love to be able to set individual preferences for each of my clients recurring invoice separately from my company preferences. Thanks for you time!

    • Dianne Says:

      Penny, can you share what you like in the new version of QBO? I still haven’t found any, so am hoping you can point out something I’ve missed.

  274. tammy smith Says:

    I do NOT LIKE this new version. At all. Can someone please tell me how to do a simple deposit where I just enter checks and record a deposit? They have so complicated things that I can’t even navigate my way around to make a simple deposit where I enter checks. Help!

    • Click the plus sign at top of screen, click the show more link, Bank Deposit is under the Other heading. If you receive payments against invoices, do that first, leave the “deposit to” field as Undeposited Funds, and then the list of received payments will appear at the top of the Bank Deposit screen for you to select.

  275. Kate Says:

    Where can I find my “income list” and add filters?? I am a fan of change, but I can’t navigate to the simplest of things I used to do!!!

  276. This new version needs to be done away with and give me back the old one! Whoever thought of this one should find another occupation. What a waste of my time to try and navigate this mess. Just read Reesa McKenzie’s reply above…clear as mud!

  277. Mary Jane Says:

    Please change this back I can not go and pay payroll. So frustrating!!!!! And can we change it back.

  278. Matt H Says:

    I’m enjoying QBO so far. Having trouble with a couple things- creating recurring payments, and figuring out how to take distributions as an S corp (not taking the distribution but how to input it). other than that I compared your software to a few others and found it very robust inuitive. we are enjoying it. let us know how we can be a testimonial


    • Dianne Says:

      Please help us out by telling us what you like with the new version of QBO as compared to the old version. Clearly the bulk of us have not found those features yet. If there is something redeeming about it, the three heavy users in my current workplace would like to know.

  279. Patricia Carrrillo Says:

    Sigo con los siguientes problemas:

    1. No puedo actualizar nada del modulo de presupuesto, esto ya es una falta de respeto como usuario nos están atrasando el trabajo y no es posible que nos les importe.
    2. Tengo inconsistencia de información esto es alarmante.
    3. Quise sacar un reporte del mes pasado de todas las operaciones realizadas que antes podia hacer sin problema y ahora no se puede tengo que ir rubro por rubro para obtener un reporte.

    Auxilio necesito la versión pasada

    I still have the following problems:

    1. Anything I can not update the budget module, it is already a user disrespect we are delaying the work and is not possible for us to care about.
    2 Inconsistency have information this is alarming.
    3 Wanted out a report last month of all operations performed previously could do no problem and now can not I have to go line by line to get a report.

    Help I need the last version

  280. John Says:

    Intuit, you should probably listen to your paying customers. I really can’t add any more negative feedback as it has pretty much all been said. Your arrogance is astonishing!

  281. Suzie Morton Says:

    I hate it! I am doing all I can to return to former or better yet go back to software program.

  282. Frank Mcloud Says:

    Is it possible to get a calendar it would make it much easier to use.

  283. Jim Godfrey Says:

    This new program is bad. When I have an employee come into my office in tears and tells me someone else needs to handle our financial records then it becomes a huge problem. When you waste five hours on the phone with customer service representatives who don’t even understand the new problem there is a huge problem. When the customer service representatives can’t speak English there is a huge problem. Get this solved or we will find a new vendor.
    Are you listening QB!

  284. Susan Gangsei Says:

    I hate it. When data was transferred to the new format, the years did not transfer correctly. Now I have to reenter all the dates and figure out what year each transaction happened. I will not be renewing my subscription. I can’t even find a number of customer service!

  285. Denise Says:

    Okay, after reading all the complaints I don’t feel so bad or stupid. I really HATE this new version. The only thing I do like is that they added the ability to do an “alt S” to save instead of having to use the mouse. Right NOW I’m trying to find the place where I reconcile the bank account! Use to be under banking. What a waste of time for me and my clients. The previous menu was so much easier to work with. This is a mess!

    • It’s under the gear/company name in upper right > Reconcile (under Tools) setting. You can bookmark it and add to the bookmark bar for easier access

    • DJ Says:

      To find anything that you can’t find, look under the plus sign and then under the gear icon. They blew apart our old menu system and distributed them to the plus sign menu and the gear icon menu. Bank reconciliation is now considered a “Tool” and not part of the banking system. Does not make sense to me…

  286. William R. Trione, CPA Says:

    Wow, what an unusual thing to do. You change the look as well as many of the functions we have learned to rely on. I am a volunteer for a reasonable sized not for profit religious organization. We have several volunteers who know nothing about accounting who regularly work with in our finance department. I have spoken with only one today (the first day she saw the changes) and she was ready to quit. We worked through some issues and found a way to accomplish what we wanted but it was very painful. Do you not realize there is a comfort level with what we are familiar with and too much change at one time puts many people into crisis. This change to quick books is such a change.

    I now need to start the process to find different accounting software as a backup plan in case this continues to happen. Once you lose a customer you will probably never get them back. I can’t believe you did this.

    William R. Trione, CPA

  287. Vicki Says:

    I agree give me the old version. I don’t have the time to learn this new version. It is not user friendly. How do I get a bank deposit slip:?

    • To get a bank deposit slip, navigate to the Bank Deposit screen (plus sign, show more link, Bank Deposit). You can access list of recent deposits by clicking the clock symbol in upper left. Print is at the bottom middle. Right now, it is limited to 18 items at a time because it is the deposit slip and summary combined. They are supposed to be fixing this very soon so that a bank deposit summary can be printed alone, without the slip at the top.

      You can also print a report “Deposit Detail” report instead of the deposit slip. Go to Reports screen (left menu) and in the search box, type Deposit Detail.

  288. Karen Says:

    Please give me the old version back. This version is so hard to learn and not “intuitively” easy to use. I am so frustrated!!!!

  289. TONI Says:


    • Paige Says:

      Hi Toni,
      Sorry you are having trouble finding what you need. Everything will be either along the left navigation, in the (+) expanded view at the top of your screen, or under the gear at the top right of your homepage. Deposits is in the create + icon. We will work to make it easier.

      • Dan K Says:

        Page why won’t you answer any questions other then the ones where you say look at the + menu?

        how about some kind of time line for the next few weeks as to what is going to be worked on?

        Dan K

        • arnie sawyer Says:

          with all due respect, most if the comments deriding the new software are about not being able to find things now. But the answers really is a simple one: all the functions were regrouped under wither the three blue boxes center top; or within the GEAr symbol, which contains a wealth of stuff that used to run along the top of the Quickbooks. Im guessing, but since QBO now runs within a browser, they do not have access to the browsers’ tool bars at top, and, writing the code for each browser was a complication they didn’t choose to deal with.

          Either way, all the functionality is in these two places, or down the left column. I am puzzled that so many here refuse to work WITH these changes and just get back to work… choosing instead to name call and threaten Intuit with everything short of bodily harm. : )

          Sure change is confusing sometimes… for a while. What would be more constructive use of these blogs would be limiting the critiques to specific coding errors or omissions that still need to be fixed, or explained how to work around…. and letting them fix them. No?

          • I think it is indefensible to simply disregard a large portion of your customer base with the attitude of we should just spend more time learning. We use Mozilla, but not everyone does. Customers set the demands and desires in the market place. If a product is produced contrary to the customers’ wants, it will fail. Now we shall see if this is the case or not.

            • arnie sawyer Says:

              you are essentially correct. Its up to Intuit to make their customers happy, or lose them. However, since they and you have a vested interest in making the new version work (for intuit to make money, and for its customers to get back to work by adapting a BIT instead of just complaining “I hate it go back!” which is not going to happen…. it seems we have 2 choices: we all learn to use it asap, or go somewhere else and learn a new software there as well plus worry about whether our files will transfer 100% correctly.

              We must all choose which path is less painful for our businesses. Get back to work, or seek to punish Intuit for the crime of updating their software for the mobile era from the DOS Ages.

  290. Peter Lehrack Says:

    Intuit appears to be trying to appeal to nicknack shops run on iPads while abandoning larger businesses and accounting professionals. Relaunch this piece of junk as a separate product and give us a more professional product like what we had or lose us forever. AWEFUL!

  291. Anna Says:

    Are you KIDDING? This is WAAAAAYYYY more steps to do everything; I want to go back to the old version too. Will you please stop changing things, because business owners want to run their business, not learn NEW programs!

  292. LBoz Says:

    I guarantee most of the complaints are coming from old school accountants that probably complained about having to upgrade phones from dial to push button. It is a much faster and more elegant UI. I love the homepage and charts. It is a learning curve to mind dump the older version and relearn the new one, but it is clearly more intuitive and will soon result in saving me valuable time.

    • Lou Says:

      Can I have some of the drugs your on?

    • Dianne Says:

      “Elegant” is not a description I’d use, but even if I agreed with you, “elegant” does not trump “efficient” in my world. I have worked with a lot more sophisticated and expensive software than QBO, and can generally find my way around a new accounting program in pretty short order.

      The first few days of trying to find things in the new and odd places where QBO has moved them to certainly didn’t lead me to consider their grouping “intuitive,” but I’ve pretty well found them now. That said, now that I know where they are and can pretty well accomplish what I need to get done, I am very displeased with all the extra clicks, mouse work, and waiting required to get to where I need to go and do what I need to do.

      When dealing with a large volume of transactions, one or two extra clicks or times your hand has to leave the keyboard per transaction add up to real time and money. Even having to shift the eyes around a poorly designed page slows down the entry process. I’ve also noticed that the pages are loading slowly, and I’d rather not wait for spinning plus signs and menus to slide into view, when a good part of what’s on them could be out front and readily available.

      The home page is full of pretty colors, white space, and random bits of information that aren’t particularly useful, and all that junk takes up space that could be better utilized to facilitate more efficient navigation to the entry screens front-end personnel need, and to the information management truly needs to evaluate performance and plan for the future.

      This product is a huge fail, and it isn’t because the bulk of us are simply “old school” and change averse. Those of us who have been around a while simply believe that we should get the product we paid for, and that upgrades should allow us to do more work, faster, and with more accuracy so that we can move on to other things we’d rather be doing. We have seen vast improvements in technology in our lifetimes, so we know it is possible, but we’ve also seen flops like this one. I’m happy that you like the product so far, but would encourage you to raise your expectations.

  293. Lou Says:

    Repost as no reply to messages sent to QBOE and here…

    So when I tried to download my data to get off this, it tells me I have to use IE. But it only shows the menu bar on the left and a spinning wheel in the center on IE11 on windows 8.1, CANNOT DOWNLOAD MY DATA FILE!!

    Please, I want to get my data and cancel this service asap.

  294. Sreeju Says:

    There is one issue in member tab . ie, Member details with Country name is not showing.

  295. arnie sawyer Says:

    Im not a trainer or a power user, but here are two options (from my accountant: 1) set up AMEX as a bank not a credit card account. QB didn’t like this but it worse fine. 2) download transactions as an Excel file and import it into QB. I prefer matching them daily demo downloaded transactions, so I use the Bank acct solution.

    • Arnie – thanks for the tip, Like you, I like to match the transactions – it helps me catch orphaned transactions. But the problem now is that the American Express servers for OPEN charge cards are refusing connections originating from the Intuit servers now. So even if I call it a checking account in QBO, when you go to add the sync, you have to choose select OPEN if your card has the OPEN logo on back. The you get kicked back to a page that says to set up the sync on the American Express side.

  296. Matt Says:

    I hate the new QB’s with a passion. If it was my decision I would be moving 30+ accounts to something else. Hopefully my employer feels the same way.

    • Paige Says:

      Sorry, Matt! If you tell us what you want us to fix, we will do our best to fix it.

      • Matt Says:

        Everyone on here wants the old version back and you’re asking me what you need to fix. QuickBook’s is run by a bunch of idiots.
        Thanks for nothing.

        • Paige Says:

          We aren’t going back to the old technology or the old interface. If you make recommendations about where to go from here, I am more than happy to take them to the team.

          • The new version is NOT an improvement. It is a chaotic departure in interface from every previous version of Quick Books. It is a memory hog. It is time consuming and clunky, and I am not a fan. I have figured out how to get around (either + or gear or transactions) but I still have to search for things, still find little queer things that it does, and frankly I wish that we could further delay implementing it on our company which has payroll. It is usable, but not an improvement over what we had. Isn’t the point of an upgrade to improve the program? Personally, I do not see it.

          • Louis Says:

            Hello!!!! We have given you recommendations, go back to the old technology and interface which is much much better than your so called improvements and then fix this POS of a roll out!!!!! Then when the functionality actually works give a few users the option to use and test. If still not right they go back and you guys continue to fix it. I’m sure that this will not happen as I have the sneaky suspicion that you guys hired the same dumba$$ programmers that created the “ObamaCare” website!!!
            This is complete incompetence!!!! All of these extra clicks to do simple tasks, the payroll page is a complete fiasco. I spent 3 hrs online trying to get the page more usable. I had columns for pay types that I was not using that could not be removed from the page (yes I tried unchecking them in 3 different browsers. FF, Chrome and IE!!!) they would not go away. the columns and rows are now about twice as wide and tall as they need to be thus pushing more than 1/2 of the columns off of the screen. This causes me to have to take extra steps in scrolling from left to right for each employee to get everything filled in! Then once I have about 4 employees paid I have to scroll back up to the top of the page to see each pay type so I know what I am entering. Anyone who thinks this manure pile is acceptable is certainly nothing more than a complete moron!!!!!
            From your response and the response of the rest of the Intuit water toters this is going to fall on deaf ears as it is quite obvious that you folks could give two shakes about the customer or their needs but we will not be quite little sheep to be slaughtered by your crappy programmers!!!
            This thing looks like you tried to give it the look and feel of Windows 8 which is also a failure in modern programming!!!

            • arnie sawyer Says:

              feel better now??? that was a lot of anger to be rid of…. want a cookie?

              • Louis Says:

                So after all that you can’t respond to the facts about the failure of Intuit on this but rather the format in which you were informed???
                Spoken like a true Koolaide drinker!!!!
                Considering what we’ve seen so far I didn’t really expect anything better from you guys!

                • arnie sawyer Says:

                  I just think that for all the energy and time you are spending railing against Intuit would be far better spent getting back to work, finding where things are now, and pointing out changes and fixes you del are necessary. That was a very long and angry letter you wrote which did nothing but waste time… and make you feel better for a while… no?

                  • Louis Says:

                    Well I was going to say no but you may have a point since as it seems I was talking to folks who could care less whether the users are happy with the new changes or not. Seems to be that instead of listening to the needs of the community they only listen to the needs they are willing to deal with. Everything else seems to be ignored.
                    As to time and energy railing against intuit, do you think I’m the only one here? While certainly harsh and for good reason, my posts are mellow compared to many others that I’ve read.
                    There may be some positive changes but it’s really hard to tell when all the unnecessary changes do nothing but waste valuable time and energy which in turn causes frustration and yes anger!!
                    So to summarize, I agree with you that I am wasting time and energy, as we all know no one is listening!!

                  • Dee Says:

                    Hey…Roger Smith (the almighty QB’s president all) is that you? How ya doing buddy! Haven’t seen you since the QB’s ‘people who do nothing and make all the money’ corporate meeting in Bermuda! Unfortunately, I think we may have all had a little too much rum, that bet we made to see if a flawed, poorly developed program could be force fed to our customers and they would cheerfully hand over their cash may not have been the best bet. Hey, Roger? why are you walking away bro……?????

                    • Dee Says:

                      This message was for all the mini me Roger’s trolling this site trying to make people feel stupid for actually wanting a program WE PAY FOR to work the way it is supposed to. How dare us.

                  • People are frustrated and have a darn good reason to vent. Telling us to stop wasting time and spend more time learning the program may be logical, but in our hearts we know we have been subjected to a rather large, time consuming hassle here.

            • Dee Says:

              LOL! Don’t worry, they will double our price to pay for their garbage to be picked up. Wait a minute! Does Roger know Obama? Well all be. Luckily, the Obamacare website has already copied all your companies data so if you ask nicely and pay the affordable premium (HAHAHA) you can have your info downloaded back the way it should be, we think.

        • Dan K Says:

          Hey Matt the old version is not coming back! They completely rewrote the program to make it easier for them to fix the Issues some of us were complaining about.

          They should never have pushed this version out to the public I have not idea who was smoking what.

          I just wish there would be some more communication from Intuit with projected dates for at least the basic fixes that need to be done to get us back to the level of functionality we had in the last version!

          Then we need to know when the Real Improvements will be worked on!

          Dan k

          • Matt Says:

            Yeah I’m aware that it’s not coming back. What they did doesn’t make sense to me. Intuit needs to know that they made a terrible decision on this. Ultimately I don’t think they really care but it still needs to be said. I completely understand that they had to update their code so that it would work with the new browsers. That part makes sense. However, I don’t see how this change in code would require a complete redesign and subsequent loss in functionality. They should have left it the same and introduced these “upgrades” gradually and only after they were properly field tested. Intuit looks really bad in this. We should just keep piling it on until they give us what we want.

          • intuitstaci Says:

            Dan, I may be able to get you some information on upcoming fixes. What specific issues are you experiencing? ^Staci

            • Dan Klinglesmith Says:

              I agree with you Matt! They did the Same thing with the Mobile App. I was helping bata test it but it was so far removed from what the online version was. That they heard enough flack that they switched to this for a solution. Un fortunately I think they let whom ever was in charge of the App Version lead the decisions as to how the new one should look and work. EPPIC FAIL if ever I saw one!
              We are stuck until they bring it back to at least the functionality of the Last version! or we find a suitable replacement!

              Stacy I am experiencing all of the Problems that are listed in this Blog as well as a few others.

              The ones on the top of my list are.
              1: A home page that will show what I want not what some designer who has never run a company thinks I want!
              2: Notification / reminder to Batch Send/Print Transactions that have been created but not sent yet!
              3: Put the customer Page back to the way it use to be! (not totally possible I know) but make it behave more like the old one. When I search for a customer I want the Customer list to advance to that customer so I can see all of the sub-customers below the parent customer. LOTS more that needs to be done to the Customer page!
              4: reduce the number of clicks there is MORE THEN ENOUGH ROOM on any page for links to any actions you may want to take with out having to open a Menu!!!!!
              5: the header ayout of the estimates and Invoices is Stupid why are the Billing address, Shipping address, Estimate Date, Expriration Date, Ship via, Shipping Date, PO Number, arranged in a Grid leaving ungodly amounts of waisted space on the screen?
              6: WHY does a MEMO on an Estimate not Cary through to the Invoice?
              7: WHY Does a new sub customer of a parent customer who is not taxable end up as taxable when bill with parent customer is selected?
              8: WHY Can’t I edit a customers info from an estimate? would make fixing #7 easier until you figure out the BUG and fix it!
              9: Back to #3 in the old version I could select a customer in the list then click new estimate and the customer Info would be in the new estimate when it opened! What happened to this?
              10: I am at my wit’s end it took how many months of bitching from us about the home page showing the world our income and past due $ value before you gave us privacy mode which still shows in BIG BOLD COLORFUL numbers what any customer we are viewing owes us! AND THIS is after we begged successfully to have this feature removed from the previous version!

              Please Stacy address any and all of the above issues for they are just the tip of the iceberg and Intuit is looking like the Titanic about know!

              • Jan Says:

                Thank you Dan, I have saved your blog, along with others who have stated issues that need to be addressed. Mine are also just as upsetting and as we maintain some dignity in our “rantings” I think we stand a better chance of being heard. I know it took you precious time to put it together, thank you for listing your regrets.

                I have finally gotten through the last 7 days without too much frustration but the real education has been reading the legitimate blogs. I have deleted all the posts that don’t apply to me and have saved about 30 great ones, which now includes you. This is how I get better at this new, crazy conversion, it’s my go-to problem solver.

              • intuitstaci Says:

                Thank you for your patience I know some of these items are very frustrating for you. I’m still researching your requests but I wanted to update you with what I have so far.

                1: A home page that will show what I want not what some designer who has never run a company thinks I want! – Tell me more about what is important for you to see so that I can share your feedback.

                4: reduce the number of clicks there is MORE THEN ENOUGH ROOM on any page for links to any actions you may want to take with out having to open a Menu!!!!! – We are working on this! Hopefully you will see improvements with each release. Is there any particular page or task that you would put at the top of your list?

                7: WHY Does a new sub customer of a parent customer who is not taxable end up as taxable when bill with parent customer is selected? – We have some fixes coming to sub customers at the end of June, hopefully it will fix the tax issue also. I’ll also report this to make sure they know that it is an issue, just in case they don’t already have the detail around the taxation.

                9: Back to #3 in the old version I could select a customer in the list then click new estimate and the customer Info would be in the new estimate when it opened! What happened to this? – You should still be able to do this. From your customer list on the right is an Action. Click on the action arrow for that customer and select create estimate.

                Hope that helps you out!

                • Dan Klinglesmith Says:

                  Staci thanks for the response

                  1: A home page that will show what I want not what some designer who has never run a company thinks I want! – Tell me more about what is important for you to see so that I can share your feedback. — on the old version we could pick what showed up and what did not on the home page I believe most people want this functionality. The main thing I am missing is the Reminders and messages from Quickbooks you know like links to this Blog every month!

                  4: reduce the number of clicks there is MORE THEN ENOUGH ROOM on any page for links to any actions you may want to take with out having to open a Menu!!!!! – We are working on this! Hopefully you will see improvements with each release. Is there any particular page or task that you would put at the top of your list? — Well I copy estimates all the time and right now I have to click the more menu at the bottom of the estimate and then Pick Copy ! Why can’t I create a new estimate from the page I am viewing a customer on? with out clicking the + menu

                  7: WHY Does a new sub customer of a parent customer who is not taxable end up as taxable when bill with parent customer is selected? – We have some fixes coming to sub customers at the end of June, hopefully it will fix the tax issue also. I’ll also report this to make sure they know that it is an issue, just in case they don’t already have the detail around the taxation. — Thanks why is the tax thing always an issue? we went through this on one of the releases of the last version!

                  9: Back to #3 in the old version I could select a customer in the list then click new estimate and the customer Info would be in the new estimate when it opened! What happened to this? – You should still be able to do this. From your customer list on the right is an Action. Click on the action arrow for that customer and select create estimate. — OK But why do I have to get out of the Customer list? Why can’t the search feature just fine the customer in the list and let me create an estimate from there? AND Once I am viewing the customer instead of the customer list the Option to create a new estimate in in a different location then it is on the Customer list Page? This and the fact that GBO support keeps saying go the the + menu to create new makes this confusing!

                  11: Why can’t we create new customers from the home page? or any place other then the Customers List page? There is no Create new Customer option in the + Menu!

                  Dan k

  297. Felix Dennis Yonkus Says:

    I don’t understand what the heck these people are thinking!!!! This is NOT what I paid for, I want the old system back and I want it now…..;
    I tried to log in and it said my browser isn’t good enough so I down loaded Firefox LIKE THEY SAID and it still dosen’t let me in. I’m trying to run a business here and I don’t need this agravation. I can’t print an invoice, hwo do I get paid??????

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Felix,
      Please try using Google’s Chrome browser. You should be able to quickly invoice and accept payments from the (+) symbol at the top when you are in the new version. Hope that helps.

      • Felix Dennis Yonkus Says:

        Then why are you telling everyone that Firefox is one of the browsers that will work with QB?

        • Paige Says:

          It should work. I’m offering the browser that I use easily with my QuickBooks since you were encountering issues with Firefox. Let me know what works.

  298. Kate Says:

    We just received the email about the update. Since you’re going to force us to use the interface, we are starting the process to move away from Quickbooks Online.

    Put simply, it makes things much harder. With the old system, it’s trivial to do things like print a bonus check and gross it up. Sometimes we don’t want to direct deposit things, and we shouldn’t have to change employee or company settings to do so.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Kate,
      We are really disappointed to hear that you plan to move. What needs to change to make you want to stay on the new version? Have you used it yet? We want to make it the tool you need it to be.

      • DJ Says:

        What change needs to be made? Restore basic functionality that was in the old version. I have customers that are not marked as taxable. Yet – sales tax is being charged on parts when I create an invoice… And this is six months after the program was first rolled out.

        • Paige Says:

          If a customer is marked not taxable but you still put in a sales tax rate in the drop down, QBO will charge tax. By default if the customer is setup to be ‘non taxable’, when you bring up a sales form, the tax drop down will be blank. Are you experiencing this?

      • DJ Says:

        Improve the efficiency of data entry. This new system is so cumbersome to use… It takes many more keystokes to use – You can’t get to a new screen from a transaction screen, you have to X out of the screen first. You can’t give feedback from a transaction screen. Control Alt S is not a shortcut – it is a cumbersome set of keystrokes. Then you have to wait for the invoice to post. When entering an invoice you have to tab through several prefilled fields before you can enter a line item – Why do we need to tab through the address, e-mail, terms, due date in order to get to the gut of an invoice: the line items? These items are all prefilled as normally they would not change – why to we have to waste time tabbing through them. If a customer is not marked as taxable in Customer master, sales tax is still charged – so you have to unclick the tax box… You can’t hover over the clock to see recent transactions – you have to click the clock. All the screens take noticable time to load. You can’t just enter data, you have to wait. In payroll you have to wait, and wait, and wait. We enter invoices after-the-fact – it would be helpful if the system remembered the last date input instead of constantly converting to today’s date. It seems like the old version was set for this in the old system, but I can’t find the setting in the new version – so I constantly have to reinput the date. Automatic application of payments no longer work. – You enter $220.67 as a payment, and it is applied to the oldest invoice, instead of the $220.67 invoice.

  299. barrington Says:

    I Love this version. change is inevitable and take some time to learn it and you will be glad you did. I did and i will never go back.

    • Jennifer Says:

      I use all of the QuickBooks versions, as I work for several small businesses. The new online version is by far a huge disappointment. The simple things that I’ve grown accustomed to using over the past twelve years with all versions have now become extinct on the new online update. I am having to take three times as long to figure out HOW to print a check, or print invoices, or most anything. My employer is getting frustrated because I cannot get him his information in a timely manner. I am not opposed to change, but I don’t feel the training for the upgrade was adequate. Our bank did a merger recently and we’ve had four different webinars to make the change an easy process. Maybe online training would have eased the confusion, loss of time, and most unwanted frustration, but at this point it is too late. I’m exhausted with QuickBooks online…..

    • Dee Says:

      LOL ( that’s laugh out loud for you younger ones). It locks up half the time just for trying to open it…yeah, even the tiny QB’s bits have had enough and retreated to their lawn chairs. Best program, Quicken & Excel does a better job, for almost free!

  300. Kelly Ellis Says:

    In the old version when I was in the “Overdue” section of the money bar I could quickly see how many days past due the invoice was and when the invoice was last sent to the customer. Both of these features are now gone. Any way to get them back?

    • Paige Says:

      Sure! Make sure you are using Transaction > Sales for this sort of viewing. Now click on the gear icon above the table to hide and show the columns you like to use. I’m guessing you want to add Aging to the table. Hope that helps!

      • Paige Says:

        You will be able to add Aging and Last Delivered.

        • Dan K Says:

          Hey Paige I don’t think you get what Kelly is saying.

          From the Home Page if you click on the RED OVERDUE of the Income section you see all customers with over due Invoices but you do not see aging or the last delivered date. AND There is no option to add these columns in the gear shaped SETTINGS menu.

          I am sure this is caused by the fact that when you click the RED OVERDUE of the Income section on the Home page it takes you to the CUSTOMER Page and shows you customers with over due Invoices. But not the Individual invoices for each customer.

          Kelly would rather end up in the TRANSACTIONS/SALES Page with a pre set filter of

          INVOICES – OVERDUE – ALL DATES – and probably sorted by customer.

          Dan k

  301. Jason Says:

    Switched today – New Miserable Experience!! Are all of these complaints not being heard by the QB brass. Your existing customers loved the previous version and hate the new one. Are you listening – do you care???

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Jason,
      We do care (very very much) and we are listening! Seriously though, I had nightmares last night about how people were having a hard time printing checks. The team makes a long list every month of things people request or are concerned about. We then prioritize it and have the teams work to fix what’s bothering our users. Please let us know what you’d like to see changed by clicking the gear at the top of your homepage and clicking Feedback. It’s the best way to make sure it gets to the product team. In the meantime, I hope this guide helps you find your way a little better. http://http-download.intuit.com/http.intuit/CMO/payroll/qbdt/Getting_Around_QuickBooks.pdf

      • DJ Says:

        So why is sales tax being charged for a customer that is marked as non-taxable? This program was rolled out last fall – yet six month later, you still have basic bugs in how the program functions…

      • Bob Says:

        I do not want your program. You produced a turd and we have to suffer while you use your customers for suggestions to pretend you are fixing a problem that you created. The division head and programmers should be fired.

        The CEO should announce a return to the prior version while you fix this mess with volunteer beta testers only, and not the trapped customers you are going to lose. And just when is the CEO going to make any announcement about anything?

        • Dee Says:

          Because they don’t care.

          • Dee Says:

            Forgot to add…they think we all wear diapers and will quietly sit by and be screwed, oh wait! we do that a lot. I do think however, that most people are tired of o’quietly. I wonder if we all got together and hired some college kids to make us one we could be the new QB’S!!!! It’s really not a bad idea.

  302. Sarah Johnson Says:

    Forced to leave my QB 2011 which worked perfectly. Switched to Quickbooks Online and wasn’t impressed with the restrictions in customization from the desktop version I was used to. Hoped 2014 desktop would fit my needs better. I’ve never been more disappointed in a product. I have been using QB for the past 5 years, as long as my business has been open. It was one aspect of my business I never worried about. Never even thought about leaving. Now I’ve been forced to “upgrade” to this counter intuitive garbage. Beginning the search for a new product now. So long QB.

  303. Walter Says:

    this is crazy I can not find how to do my daily deposits.

    • Joanne Detter Says:

      Try clicking on the + sign, Show More, and on the right under Other, you should see bank deposit.

    • DJ Says:

      The old menu system was blown up and redistributed – to find anything: click the plus sign, or click the gear icon, or look on the left hand menu.

      • Mel Says:

        Three places to go to when it used to one place along the top of the screen.


  304. hAYTHAM Says:


  305. Thad Johnson Says:

    My reports are no longer accurate. Is anyone else having this problem? When I run a report of recent transactions, the listing of the invoices is not in date order, it is all mixed up and incomplete. The reports appear to be completely useless now. How do I fix this??

  306. Wow. I must be an idiot because love and the new version of QBO shall not be used in the same sentence by me. My best advice is that anyone who works with multiple companies should either go back to the out of the box interface, or else abandon Quick Books entirely.

    I have not liked the Online version versus the out of the box version as the same level of functionality does not exist. Little things like being able to keep multiple windows open so you can toggle back and forth. Being able to create back ups instead of having the C.P.A. log in to work yet be unable to import into their existing software. I don’t know the answers to everything, but I am certain that this upgrade is nothing sort of a deal breaker with many who will switch. Once business ramps up I will press management to the best of my ability to get out of this. The cloud is over rated in this instance.

    • A few tips: In Chrome browser, right click the tab and choose duplicate to have multiple windows open. You can also right click an option and choose “open in new tab” to accomplish the same thing. You can set up another chrome user in order to work in multiple companies at once.

      • We use Mozilla not Chrome. I do not see the open multiple tab option, but I will spend yet more precious time wrapping my head around the mystery tour fun house of the new version…

        • In Firefox, put your cursor in the address bar and the press alt+enter to duplicate the tab. Then you can navigate to another screen. You can do this multiple times.

    • Dee Says:

      What? You don’t want to be inconvenienced by your accounting program? Just because you bought a program to do it for you, because that’s what it’s supposed to do-although QB’s can’t even keep the correct date in memory now, doesn’t mean you still may need to do it by hand, etc. while the poor company you gave your money to gets their head out of their butts! I don’t think any business owners who use this program would get away with selling a product that didn’t work, why should they?

  307. A few tips: In Chrome browser, right click the tab and choose duplicate to have multiple windows open. You can also right click an option and choose “open in new tab” to accomplish the same thing. You can set up another chrome user in order to work in multiple companies at once.

  308. Dianne Oldenburg Says:

    We are a small church and the new program is enough to make our preacher swear! We are having problems with making a deposit. In previous program, we clicked on Members, clicked on sales receipt, entered their name, date of service, choose form of payment then hit save. After all the tithes are entered, all of them are listed and we hit “save deposit.” When we pulled up “recent deposits” at the top of the page, we print a copy for our files.

    What do we need to do differently with this new version? We’ve figured out how to pay bills, but not how to enter a deposit of the tithes. (No invoices!)

    Thanks for your help. I can not reconcile the checking account until the deposits show up in the register! Our small regional bank is not one that is listed so doing it that way doesn’t work for us.

    We’d also like the feature of “Recent deposits” added back to this version. It makes it easier when doing reconciliation.

    Dianne O.

    • Dianne, You can click the plus at top of screen, then Sales Receipt. Make sure to leave the “deposit to” account as Undeposited Funds. Then you can go back to the Plus sign, click the show more link, and then Bank Deposit over in the far right column. All the Sales Receipts should be listed here, check them all and then save the deposit. Now, last I knew, there is not an option to print a Deposit Summary only and the system only prints a combined summary/deposit ticket limited to 18 line items. If you have more than 18, it will not allow you to print. To get around this (they are fixing this!), go to Reports, and then type Deposit Detail into the search box to get a print out. Also, recent deposits is the clock icon in the upper left of the deposit screen.

      • Dianne Oldenburg Says:

        Thanks, Reesa. We’ll give it a try and let you know if it works for us. Dianne

      • Dianne Oldenburg Says:

        Reesa, We are a small church and still having problems with deposits even after following your previous advice to limit items to 18.

        Currently weekly tithes are entered with new program under “Sales Receipt”, congregant’s name, tithe amount, date, and check # or cash or ccd. Then secretary selects “save.” She goes to check the bank deposit after 2 or 3 names are entered to be sure that it is OK. Sometimes it is, and sometimes only one is listed. When she entered 18, only 3 were listed and no others.

        She has had to separate the May 25 contributions into 4 different deposits. She is only 1/4 through the list for that Sunday and it has taken her 2 hours.

        Please relay to The Team that we are having a problem with sales receipts/deposits and give us a “work around” until they can come up with a solution to the problem.


    • Dee Says:

      Do you do funerals?? Many of us would like to attend the old QB programs that we miss terribly funerals to say goodbye. Secretly we want to get together and ‘off’ the new and not improved version but it is well guarded.

      • Dianne Oldenburg Says:

        Love it! A funeral for the old version followed by a wake at a pub to drown our sorrows! We have fond memories of the old version THAT WORKED for us, but we’re trying to live with the reality of having to live with this mess of a program.

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  310. Customer Complaints – They Are Just the Tip of The Iceberg! Print E-mail
    Written by Juliet Mumford

    Juliet Mumford of Intelligent Insight explains why measuring customer satisfaction reaches far beyond counting the number of customer complaints.

    Often when I talk to clients about measuring customer satisfaction, I’m told that they already know they have satisfied customers because they very rarely receive any complaints. It therefore may be as much of a surprise to you as it is to them that using customer complaints as a measure of overall satisfaction can be about as useful as rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic! Here’s why…

    I’d like you to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. It shouldn’t be too difficult as we are all customers every day of our life. Let’s imagine you go out for dinner with a loved one or friends. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that the service at the restaurant is not as slick as you would have liked, and the food is ok but nothing out of this world. Despite the restaurant’s shortcomings, when the waitress comes over at the end of your meal and asks, ‘Did you enjoy your meal?’ what do you say? I’m not a betting woman, but my money would be on you responding with something along the lines of ‘It was lovely, thank you.’ Why? Because: most people feel they will ruin a lovely evening by complaining; its generally too late to do anything about it anyway, so what’s the point; and most people don’t like to complain face to face because it feels confrontational.

    However, when our friends and family suggest going to the same restaurant for dinner, what do we do? We tell them that they shouldn’t bother and list off all the reasons why they should go elsewhere. Sound familiar? So why would your customers be any different?

    Recognising this phenomenon, BA decided to conduct its own research to see what happened with its complaints procedure. Remarkably, they discovered that only 8% of customer complaints were ever registered with a customer services representative – in other words, just the tip of the iceberg. Instead, 23% talked to the nearest employee, and a further 69% suffered in silence and did not tell anyone at BA. Had BA been basing its customer satisfaction on the number of complaints received they would have only been looking at a tiny part of the total picture.

    “Very few dissatisfied customers complain, making this a meaningless measure of customer satisfaction.”

    Very few customers will complain directly to you, but that does not mean that they won’t complain to other people. In fact in reality it’s quite the opposite! Let’s think back to the restaurant example I gave at the beginning of this article. Realistically, how many people would you tell if you thought a restaurant was offering bad food and service?

    A research study conducted by TARP research back in 1999 discovered that on average an unhappy customer will tell 10 people about their experience. In turn, these 10 people will each tell a further 5 people, meaning that a total of 50 people will have heard about their bad experience. A sobering thought, wouldn’t you say?

    What’s even more frightening, however, is that if we work on the basis that only one out of every ten of your dissatisfied customers registers a complaint with you, then in total, for every formal complaint you receive, 500 people will have heard about your customers’ problems!

    “Customers very rarely complain to the service/ product provider. Instead they will tell their friends, who will in turn tell their friends, creating a pyramid of dissatisfaction.”

  311. GULNAZ Says:

    Please move “Next/ previous” button on the top of the customer view window & add Page #, ie 1,2,3.
    “Track quantity and price/rate” make them two separate items. On customer page there should be more choices to ” Edit Columns” and I need ability to add or change the name of columns as my company needs. More columns on customer page!!. Please Fix the $ amount on invoices!!!, when I view or print invoice if amount is $1000.00 or more the .00 are coming to next like, made the complain with qbook team and they told me IT is working on this issue . Its 1 & 1/2 month cannot send the invoice to my client, still waiting for correction from qbook team. I really HATE this new version.

    • DJ Says:

      I keep trying to get away from the “hate” word – but the more I use this program, the angrier I get, so HATE is not too strong a word.

  312. DJ Says:

    I see that they have given up calling general ledger accounts accounts and are starting to call them categories – at least that is how they are listed on the transactions listed under a vendor. That looks to me like they want to take QBO away from small business accounting and towards a home application like Quicken.

  313. SLOW TOWN USA Says:

    Slower than my cat’s bowel movement. Pathetic, this is supposed to be an “update”??!??!?!?! It’s so damn slow it’s timing out my browser, my PC thinks the application is frozen. Garbage.

    • intuitstaci Says:

      Hopefully we can help speed you up! The update should not be running slower for you. We want to help. Are you having the same problem in more than one browser? Sometimes it’s as easy as clearing your cache. If it’s still running slow for you contact us so we can troubleshoot. You can find our number at this link:


      Just click Using QuickBooks and Call QuickBooks to get our number. We’re here from 6 AM to 6 PM PST. We even have a handy “Call Me Back” feature where you can request a representative give you a call when it’s your turn, rather than you holding for a significant amount of time.

      Hope that helps!

  314. Cathy R. Says:


    Here is another standard report you forgot to build it in new QuickBooks.

    Product/Service List report


  315. Patricia Carrrillo Says:


    Tengo dos meses sin poder actualizar mi presupuesto esto es horrible y desesperante, cuando van a mejorar la versión no es posible que nos cobren y no paguen todo lo que esta versión nos esta retrasando las hora hombre perdidas no se comparan con las mejoras.

    • woodbridgeperio@gmail.com Says:

      ON PRINTING CHECKS I have been having problems with the simple task of printing the checks that I write. Last week I spoke with a QB engineer and he walked me through it. I wrote down his instructions and this week it only took me an hour to print 9 checks. I then realized one was incorrect. I voided it, re-did it, and after half an hour hand wrote the check. I won’t even go into my frustration level.

      ON RECONCILING Last month, on the new system I was delighted when I got to reconcile my May bank statement accout with limited problems. Today I started to do June’s, Gear, Tools, Reconcile. simple right? Well my beginning balance, in QB, does not agree to last months ending balance, (as it should), and I don’t know why. QB’s balance is $3,200.00 more than it should be. Please explain.

      I realize that the QB’s staff is also frustrated because of the blog comments. I don’t have the time to sift through them hoping for help, which I shouldn’t be getting from fellow users. It is not the users fault, QB should have run the system side by side with certain clients that use a variety of the software, to test it and they also needed to send out written instructions on how to handle the changes to the users. Ellen

      On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 10:08 AM, QuickBooks Online Blog wrote:

      > Patricia Carrrillo commented: “Urgente: Tengo dos meses sin poder > actualizar mi presupuesto esto es horrible y desesperante, cuando van a > mejorar la versión no es posible que nos cobren y no paguen todo lo que > esta versión nos esta retrasando las hora hombre perdidas no se compara” >

      • intuitstaci Says:

        I can understand how this can be frustrating to you. We do have a getting started guide that hopefully will help you navigate more easily. It can be found here: http://http-download.intuit.com/http.intuit/CMO/payroll/qbdt/Getting_Around_QuickBooks.pdf

        To print checks you can go to Transactions on the left then expenses and print checks is in the top right hand corner.

        The best way for us to troubleshoot your balances would be to give us a call so someone can take a look at it and if it’s a bug, they will report it for you.

        If you need additional assistance feel free to post your questions in our community at Community.intuit.com where we have employees and QuickBooks experts to help you.


  316. Sarah Kennedy Says:

    I think that the remainder of the check amount doesn’t auto fill when splitting a transaction, and when choosing an “account” to list a transaction, it doesn’t let me hit the colon key to auto fill the chosen account then choose a sub account. It takes a lot more time for me to do my billing.

  317. Mel Says:

    I converted to the new QBOL system last week. Yesterday I called and talked with Branden about a feature that I believe is missing from the new system. He had some help in getting me to be able to function but it is not the best.

    We are a non profit and through recurring transactions we charge some donor credit card accounts weekly and/or monthly. In the upper right side of the former QBOL system there was an area that would notify us of credit card transactions that did not process (were rejected). This does not appear in the new system. I am able to get this information by printing a Recent Automatic Transactions report and identify rejected transactions by the “Error” message under “Paid by MAS”. It was nice to have the error noted on the home page and it saved the possibility of not following up with the donor. I would request that this information be returned to the home page and that we do not have to go hunting for possible rejected transactions.

    The above covers when a transaction is rejected. Transactions that are not processed because the expiration date has passed are handled differently. There was a different notification to us about those rejections. I do not recall that process but I am concerned about how we will be notified (or not notified).

    Another feature of that section of the old home page is the Pending Reminder Transactions that have not been processed. Now we need to go looking for them in the Gear – Recurring Transactions – Choose the Template Type – then look for the recurring transactions that are currently pending. Many more steps that the old system.


  318. Mel Says:

    I converted to the new system last week. It looks like I will have comments as we go along.

    When entering a bill under vendor the system recalls the previous transaction for the particular vendor. However, it does not recall the Department from the previous transaction for the vendor. It uses the Department of the previously entered bill (not by the same vendor). Also, when tabbing to the various fields the system highlights all the fields except the Description field. So, on that field you have to highlight with the mouse and delete. I believe both of these items described are the same as the old QBOL. Is there a setting to get around this so that the Department is recalled and the Description is highlighted?


    • arnie sawyer Says:

      to avoid using the mouse to select all, just use the keyboard command, CMD-A in Mac or whatever the Windows keystroke is. Similar solution to changing the DATE and ACCOUNT, hit the down button to pop up the list of accounts — and in dates, to show the calendar to select a date, which you can also use the keyboard to navigate, up, down right left, then RETURN to select.

  319. Frustrated!!!!!!!!! Says:

    I have a question about payroll. I ran it for the first time with one of our companies. It was all direct deposit. When i went to run the pay stubs, they no longer print on our checks. I had to run them on paper. Next week we are supposed to update our other companies. They have live checks and direct deposits. I called to ask how do I run these next week. Do I have an option to run the pay stubs and then the checks separately? Do I have to count and stick paper in between the checks for the stubs (I know this sounds crazy but it is QuickBooks!)
    I waited 25 minutes for a callback. I really tried to hold my patience with the customer rep. She said she will check my company for the alignment preferences because some companies were having problems with that. I wasn’t and told her NOT to check that.
    Then I was told to go to the homepage and go to transaction. She said I should click on payroll in transactions. Payroll is not in transactions. I Suggested the employee tab. The rep then took me through 5 clicks to get the pay stub that can print on the check. That was for one employee – EACH EMPLOYEE MUST BE DONE SEPARATELY?!?
    I asked for a supervisor and she gave me a hard time about that saying she can take care of me. SHe didn’t know understand what I wanted.
    She said to hold on for a supervisor and the phone went dead. I had it on speaker phone for 25 minutes and no one got back to me. I hung up.

    How do I print the pay stubs and live checks next week with the new company, Intuitstaci? Your free phone support just gave me a reason to take high blood pressure meds, not helpful at all.

    • intuitstaci Says:

      I apologize for the service you described, that is not what we are striving for here at Intuit. I can understand your concern about payroll next week. I have a few options for you. First I’d like to suggest you check your print settings. To do this go to the gear icon, then select payroll settings and next select paycheck printing. Double check that you do not have the blank paper option selected.

      If you would like to print your pay stubs and pay checks separately here is one option.

      Just click on:

      1. Reports, All Reports, Manage Payroll, and Paycheck List or in the Search field type Paycheck List.

      2. Now under Pay Method, select all items listed as Checks (or Direct Deposit).

      3. Next under batch options you can choose Print

      Hope that helps!

  320. kathy Says:

    I have said many times that it would be very helpful if the memos on the invoices would also show up in the receive payment screen and not just the invoice number and date.

  321. Mel Says:

    When reviewing reports is there any way to see the column headings when you scroll down?


    • intuitstaci Says:

      Being able to lock the column headings would make viewing a report easier! We aren’t there yet, but you can export to excel as a work around until we are able to get that feature for you. I have brought this to the team so I’ll let them know we have another customer asking for it. ^Staci

    • IntuitMeg Says:

      Hi Mel – That’s an excellent idea, and one I’ve seen suggested by one or two other people in the Community. While I’ve passed your recommendation along to the team responsible for the reports, I’d really appreciate if we could send this feedback in through customer channels as well. Here’s what you’ll want to do:

      Click the gear in the upper right of your Home screen.
      Choose Feedback from the dropdown.
      Let them know you’d like to see the column headers when you scroll on Reports, then click Next.
      Choose a category, and click Send message.

      This way, they’re getting this idea through both customer and employee channels. Thanks so much for sending that in! We update a lot, so I’m hoping we see some work on this feature soon.

  322. J. Sorrentino Says:

    This ‘Upgrade’ to QBO is as successful as Windows 8 was to Microsoft. User unfriendly and time consuming…..but pretty to look at. Of course if you are a business owner or bookkeeper ‘pretty’ doesn’t matter. Time to start shopping around for new software.

  323. Alex Says:

    Thank you for making it impossible for me to log-in at work. Since the IT department makes browser upgrade choices and decisions it leaves me out of luck. Losing support for all older browsers SUCKS. At least incorporate a few older versions when doing an upgrade like this. Not everyone is in a cut and dry situation of being able to upgrade quickly. I am stuck using IE, and version 9, until someone makes a decision to do otherwise. Believe me it’s not what I want to be using.

    If there is a way to log into the non-upgraded system, it might be nice to know. I clicked on the log-in help also and it brought me to a broken page, most likely an upgraded page that doesn’t play with “Old Browsers”

    This means time sensitive nature things that just came up today I will not be able to do in time.

    Thanks again for thinking this process out so well and letting your customers continue to use your product. :|

    Also a side note, this feedback form does not function properly at all in this brownser. So i cannot actually see what I am typing right now, as it is covered by the E-mial and Name lines.

  324. Kristen P Says:

    Can we please have the Old Version Back. We should have the option to go back to the Old Version and should not have been forced to switch. As someone who owns a software company, I can tell you that this practice of forcing people to switch, switching everyone in their company, and then not allowing them to switch back was a very bad idea that is not going to be well perceived by your customers. This is taking way too much time to navigate and was handled VERY poorly. I’ve searched online and on intuit’s websites and most of the help information is still referring to the old version of quickbooks. The help information should have been updated prior to the release of the new system. I do not have time to go through the step by step to learn things I do not need to know at that time only to then finally find out the ONE thing I needed to know to complete the task at hand. Many other software companies have gone through this type of upgrade (i.e. Google with Gmail) and they allow their clients to switch between versions for an extended period of time before forcing their clients to switch to the newly released version. Please give us the option to switch back so that we can take the time to learn the new version and can actually enjoy the experience instead of feeling like it was forced upon us.

    • Sherri Dalton Says:

      I agree Kristen!!!! We should have the option to go back to the old one. I don’t like one thing about the new version!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. Elyse Says:

    How can one go to the old version this one is not user friendly at all, considering changing all together if they can get it together

  326. Hey all! I see lots of comments about not being able to find where anything is in the new QBO interface. I wanted to share The QB Show (www.TheQBShow.com) YouTube Channel playlist.

    My amazing co-host, Woody Adams, has created and uploaded a bunch of how-to videos, you can find them here: http://bit.ly/QBShow_QBOPlaylist

    Also, please check out our show – it’s live (almost) every Tuesday: http://bit.ly/qbshowlive

    If you have anything specific you’d like us to talk about or demo, you can join the chat each week, or feel free to email us: show@TheQBShow.com

    Hope all of this helps!

  327. Tim Kraetsch Says:

    I just logged in and now it looks like old quickbooks online, but with a lot missing.

    • Dan Klinglesmith Says:

      Tim I would suggest you logout and maybe clear your cash. I had this happen a couple of times too at least once I know I used a tab that had been open and logged in to QBO before the update.

      My concern was that even though I would have preferred to work in the old UI I was afraid of corrupting my data.

      dan k

    • Cathy R. Says:

      Do you also hate new QuickBooks version? It may be QBO developers have some psychic powers after all. They switched back to older version for you. Let us know if that’s the case.

  328. Ron Says:

    Ok one thing is finally fixed but we’re still far from the quality of product that we had before this fiasco. I wish I could post up a pic of my issues in payroll but it doesn’t appear to be an option here so I’ll try to explain.
    I have several different pay types setup. Some are not being used at all, others are. Upon the initial conversion all of my pay types were showing up. I tried to go through the gear icon to uncheck them but they would not go away in any browser. Spent 3 hrs on call with support but got absolutely no where. I went in today to look and the unused pay types are now off the screen as they were before this fiasco of an upgrade.
    Other unfixed issues. First off the rows and columns are way too big. the box that numbers are to be plugged into are just over 1/2 the width and height of the cells. There is no option to shrink these. With the previous version those cells were only as big as they needed to be to enter the numbers. NO WASTED SPACE!!!
    Now those over-sized cells or columns push several of the pay types off of the screen. This causes the user to have to scroll from side to side to make sure everything is filled. EXTRA STEPS!!
    This also scrolls the employee names off of the screen creating a greater possibility to enter a value on the wrong line.
    The over-sized height of the rows compounds the issue as well. Once all rows are filled to the point that you have to scroll down the headers scroll off of the screen and now the user can’t tell that they are filling in the correct pay type without scrolling up and then back down on each pay type to be filled. This would not be as big of an issue if the headers was either stationary at the top of the screen or if another header was planted ever 10 rows or so like the old version. Again EXTRA STEPS and greater possibility of error.
    Still amazed that NO ONE at intuit would have seen these as issues but then from most of the response I am less amazed!! :-(
    Please fix these issues!!!!!!

    • Louis Says:

      Wow no response from the so-called experts at all!!!
      I have the exact same issue!!!

      • Paige Says:

        Actually, Louis, I’ve asked a person on the team to reach out to Ron personally because these issues really concern us. The blog is not a support site. We don’t have experts here to help out, just volunteers. If you need help on something in particular, please call us or ask your question in our community, which is staffed to support you. http://community.intuit.com/

  329. Woody Says:

    To quickly get abreast with the new QBO version, these two videos by Michelle Long are great:

    Intro to the New QBO and Basic Navigation: http://youtu.be/ERpGLCnQTU0

    QBO Navigating tips & Michelle Long’s One Click Trick: http://youtu.be/IwWVyV_2P44

  330. Sherri Dalton Says:

    ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    This new version is ridiculous. I have spent almost 2 hours trying to run payroll and print my checks. If anyone finds out how to go back to the old version, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know. This is SOOOO confusing!!!!! It is not user friendly AT ALL!! What were they thinking??????????

    • Louis Says:

      I can give you the standard response………….Tough Rocks!!!!
      The emperor doesn’t care that you’re having trouble cause he’s makin money!!!
      If they cared they would not have pushed this heap of garbage on us!!

      • Paige Says:

        Hi Sherri and Luis,

        We do care (very very much) and we are listening! The team makes a list every week of things people request or are concerned about. We then prioritize it and have the teams work to fix what’s bothering our users. Please let us know what you’d like to see changed by clicking the gear at the top of your homepage and clicking Feedback. It’s the best way to make sure it gets to the product team. In the meantime, I hope this guide helps you find your way a little better. http://http-download.intuit.com/http.intuit/CMO/payroll/qbdt/Getting_Around_QuickBooks.pdf


    • intuitstaci Says:

      I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your payroll. We are here to help! QuickBooks Online comes with free phone support. Please find it at the bottom this page under “View contact options” and then “Call”: https://help.qbo.intuit.com/. Or please reach out to us with your questions on the Community at Community.intuit.com where experts and employees are waiting to answer your questions.

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