4 tips on navigating the new QuickBooks

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Here are four quick tips on finding your way around the new QuickBooks.


1. Click Create (+) at the top of the page to enter pretty much any transaction — including invoices, sales receipts, expenses, and bank deposits. Click the “Show more” link to see the full list.



2. The settings gear in the upper right corner includes Reconcile, Chart of Accounts, Recurring Transactions, and Products and Services, as well as your QuickBooks subscription details.



3. The navigation bar on the left side of the page is your gateway to all features — including your income list under Transactions > Sales.



4. The gear icon above a table lets you customize how the table looks.



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272 Comments on “4 tips on navigating the new QuickBooks”

  1. Pete Cuff Says:

    Looks good – when does it get released to existing customers? We are on QBO Plus.

    • Paige Says:

      You should receive your invitation to update within the next two months. Stay tuned :)

      • John Ricci Says:




        your up grades are just TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for me !!



        Ciao Ciao for now
        John Ricci

        • Mike Says:

          Allow me to go back to the OLD Version. I’m that old dog, and I can’t stand my master’s demands!! NO NEW TRICKS!!!!! Ditto!

      • Laura Says:

        I am not liking it at all. My stuff either doesn’t print or it prints in landscape all of a sudden. I have wasted a bunch of check vouchers messing with it and it still won’t work. Bring back the other one….do you have to switch? I have two companies and only one was prompted to switch.

      • Do not upgrade my quickbooks. I like the old version. The new version is too complicated and confusing. Please remove the up grade.

        • We don't want the upgrade but we're stuck with it Says:

          Hello New Faith Ministries – Sadly we’ve all been asking the same thing and QBO will not do this. We’re stuck with the upgrade whether we want it or not. If you read the blog you’ll see what you’re in for.

    • 'D' Eprock Says:

      Pete… the new QB’s on line really isn’t what its cracked up to be. I suggest you hang on to the old version as long as possible. The frustration I went through today with screen freezes, learning how to write a check and printing checks was an exercise of frustration. I have wasted far too much time and ruined far too many checks!!!
      The help screen isn’t much help either. QB could really learn a lot from Apple in this area… especially after revamping a program that many of us bookkeepers have been using for many years!!

      • nancy houghtalen Says:

        I agree! I still can’t figure out how to write checks. Horrible…i would rather keep the old version

        • Paige Says:

          Hi Nancy, I’m sorry you don’t like the new version. The team will work hard to make it better. in the mean time. you can write checks by clicking the + symbol at the top of the home page. Be sure to “show more.” You can also print checks from Expenses, which is under Transactions on the left navigation panel. Hope this helps!

          • Tamara Says:

            I’ve used QBO for several years and HATE the new version. So much that I’m looking at other options. PLEASE ALLOW US TO USE THE OLD VERSION. I have no problem learning new programs and it’s not a matter of figuring out where things are, this new version is cluttered, and very inefficient. Perhaps you should consider two versions…one for folks new to accounting who need a lot of color and fluff, and one version for those who just want to get work done.

          • Robert Says:

            Paige, we just can wait several months to receive a few updates every month. We need them now before the release of your much debated version.

            Keep the old version for Safari alone, there will be less people upset than with your new system now. And work your a$$e$ of at the new system. If Firefox and Chrome will change than there is always the Safari solution as we have it for now.

            The way QBO is handling the subscribers i.e. customers is unheard of.


        • Kathy Says:

          I agree! I can’t even run payroll as easy as before! There’s at least 3 added steps to everything I do whether it’s banking, customers, payroll, etc. Doesn’t work as good as it looks!

        • venkat Says:

          yes ! You r right , The new update is not user friendly

      • mariana Says:

        awful awful awful
        it takes me a lot more to create invoices now
        i’ve spent too much time dealing with this today!
        can i switch to the older version?

        • 'D" Eprock Says:

          We’re hoping it’ll go by way as the NEW COKE!!! smh

          • mariana Says:

            can we switch to the old version until this one is working well?

          • Rob Says:

            ‘D” Eprock,
            can you recommend a good replacement for QBO, please respond to this post or use my email address robtechno101@gmail.com.
            I’m very interested.

            Thank you.

            • 'D' Eprock Says:

              Rob, QBO reps are saying this upgrade was initiated because of Google Chrome & Firefox changes. Can’t we just go back to Explorer and Safari? That makes the most sense to me.

              • 'D' Eprock Says:

                Rob, as a representative of QB your arrogant response tells us QB’s has a monopoly on the acct’g software and doesn’t really care about the end user. Nevertheless, I’ll ask the questions again:

                1. Is it possible to make QBO look more like the off-line QB’s?
                2. Is it possible to give us back the same drop down menus and terminology? IE: Banking… Write checks, Deposits, Reconciliation, Etc.
                3. Can’t we just go back to Explorer & Safari?

                • Rob Says:

                  I am niot a QB rep nor in any other way related to QB other that I am a pissed and upset user of QBO.
                  My English is nit my first language as you might have noticed but I don’t like the way QBO is treating us and that probably shows in my comments.

                  I was wondering why they didn’t keep the old version for Safari and sort out the problems they encounter with Safari and than work on the new version.
                  Maybe to simple.

                  Kind regards

        • Frosi Says:

          I agree, I need my old version back!

    • Brian R Says:

      I have been using QB online for over 10 years. I use it everyday. I know how to use it. Now you changed how it works, looks, and how to use it. I am very frustrated. Please make it look and work like it has for the last 10 years.

    • Laura Says:

      This is a nightmare….all my checks are printing sideways! I don’t have my settings on landscape, how do I stop this?!?!?!?!?!

      • Dianne Says:

        Hi Laura,
        I don’t know if this is what is happening for you, but I have a bad tendency to change my browser to print landscape (because I need a journal entry printed in QBO, and if I don’t, it cuts off part of the entry), and then when I go to print something else that should be portrait (checks) I discover I’ve forgotten to change it back. So, if you haven’t already, you may want to try checking your browser settings to make sure they are okay.
        QBO isn’t printing well for me, either, so, as much as I hate adding yet another cumbersome step, I generally print everything to PDF first, just to make sure I know what I’m getting, then print from the PDF. From the comments, it looks like I’m not the only one doing this work around.
        Be sure to go under the gear, find Feedback, and tell QB there, too, what the issue is.

  2. metro900 Says:

    Why don’t I have this new look?

    Michael Means METRO INSTITUTE 331 N First Ave, Ste 100 Phoenix, AZ 85003

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Michael, You should receive an invitation to update within the next two months. Stay tuned.

  3. Kim Says:

    The show more rarely opens. Is there away to get this to work properly.

  4. Ken Fischer Says:

    What’s the shortcut to remove that terrible sidebar?

    • John Shapiro Says:

      In the previous version, there were multiple levels of menus and you had to remember where to find each individual item. In the new QuickBooks, we worked hard to simplify navigation, which can now all be found on the left side. Can you please help us understand why you’re looking to remove the sidebar? Is it a screen resolution issue? We designed for screen resolutions as low as 1024×768, but we’d love to get your feedback.


      Group Product Manager

      • Ken Fischer Says:


        Thank you for taking the time to reply. The sidebar undoubtedly makes navigation TO a destination better. It also undoubtedly makes being IN that destination worse. After I have navigated to an area, what benefit does that sidebar provide? I often split screen between two QBO windows, or a QBO window and Excel, Acrobat, or some other program.

        If I want to split screen two new QBO windows, I instantly sacrifice 23% of my available screen real estate, for what purpose? Of the 9 sidebar buttons, 3 are just links to purchase modules I have no need for. Of the remaining 6, only ONE has a drop down, the rest just take you to a different area. Three out of those 5 are headers on the Create (+) Button, and oddly enough those headers are not clickable links to those areas. Home and Reports can’t be found on the Create(+) Button drop down, but it certainly wouldn’t be terribly hard to add them. If you did, that Create(+) Button would have 5/6 the current functionality of the sidebar, which makes giving up so much screen real estate for it to be there an even harder pill to swallow.

        Ease of navigation does not equate to ease of use. I don’t mind if you keep the sidebar there, but how hard would it be to add a little minimize button that would make it essentially invisible when I don’t need to navigate?


        • dvra18912 Says:

          Ken has taken the time to very clearly document this issue. If you truly deem this waste of screen real estate to be value you could take a lesson from Win 8/8.1 and only have it appear when I roll my cursor near the left edge of the screen.

          While screen real estate is being discussed, many transaction screens (example, posting payments)have way too much white space which makes splitting screen nearly impossible and requires scrolling for even a simple transaction.

          • Sarah Edwards Says:

            I absolutely agree with what both Ken and dvra18912 have to say. While the extra white space may look “prettier” (as my non-accountant boss put it) it greatly decreases efficiency, and I dare say most accountants like myself prefer a more “compact view.” I would suggest considering the way that Gmail sets up their inbox – it initially has all of the extra white space but then lets you choose a “cozy” or “compact” view as an option, and you can select to make it default.

            • John Shapiro Says:

              Thanks Ken, dvra18912, Sarah, those are all helpful points of feedback. I’ll make sure to pass along to the rest of the team.


            • Laura Says:

              Here is a direct quote from the QBO blog way back last fall about reasons for the design change. I printed it and posted it on our bulletin board because it caused so much out loud laughter. I guess that was about the only joy the new QBO has brought so far!

              “We wanted to instill confidence and inject an element of surprise and joy into managing finances.”

              Really?! Who wants surprise in managing their finances? And I’d take efficiency over joy…

            • Yes, a “compact” view is much needed. Just having the eyes jump all over the screen to go from one box to another (that is, logically, just next to the first) decreases productivity.

          • Dianne Woodruff Says:

            I absolutely agree with you and Ken. The inefficiency added to nearly every basic transaction in this version is sufficient that we are seriously looking to dump the online version and go to something else.

            • Paige Says:

              Hi Dianne,
              While it’s not great today, the team knows and is working hard to improve efficiency at every level. Every month you should see very noticeable changes. If you have precise recommendations for us, please send us a message using the Gear in QuickBooks and click “Feedback.” We really want to have a QuickBooks you love and will work until we have delivered it.

              • David Joffin Says:

                Paige, “while it’s not great today” ????? Then Why where we forced to switch and why are we paying full price while being testers???

              • Teri Says:

                My system keeps locking up and I feel this is just not worth it. Will advise my client to switch from QBOE. Error messages are confusing. Using Google Chrome and no way to allow cookies.

            • a pissed off bookkeeper Says:

              I agree with all my other fellow QBO loathers. This is the most ridiculous “upgrade” I have ever encountered. As a professional bookkeeper I use QB everyday for hours. I know the various desktop versions (for both MAC & PC) and knew the online version well enough. It has always been an inferior version of QB …. but some clients like to access their file from various computers and for this it was helpful to have the software online. It’s already ridiculous that these three versions are as different as they are. But whatever, I learned them and was making a living. With this change, I wasted HOURS!!! of my time and my clients time to perform even the most basic tasks. It is UNBELIEVABLE that QB would make this big a change and expect ANYONE to be happy with it. I am advising all of my clients that I will not use QB online. They must either use the desktop version or find a new bookkeeper. Even if I learn this ridiculous version, I have no confidence that QBOnline won’t change again and waste more of my time. How utterly disrespectful to long time users.

              • A CPA Says:

                Amen. We’re considering going to a desktop version somewhere that we can access via our own secure internet connections.

                • Rob Says:

                  I am considering the same move, my only fear is that QBO is not able to have my files relicated ti my QB for MAC version from QBO.

  5. Rob Says:

    Why is QB not listening to all the comments.

    • Paige Says:

      We are. Our teams are focused on poring over feedback and implementing requested changes. This week we are going to roll out a lot of customer requests. More will come every month. If you have more precise feedback about what you’d like to see changed, please click the gear in QuickBooks and select Feedback. We love hearing from you.

      • rob Says:

        What I would like to have on an invoice is to have a discount possibility per item and not per the total invoice amount.
        I asked for this for many years now and not just me.
        But as stated in many of my comments, QB is not listening.
        You are just writing new stuff and not focused on what your customers need. That is my feeling about QB

        • DJ Says:

          I agree with feeling like QB does not listen… I understand the need for the major technology change and the need to move to mobile. I don’t understand how Intuit (whether it be QB or QBO) can make changes that increase the frustration of using their program, decrease the visual ease and usability of the screen layout, increase the number of mouse clicks, and ignore basic functionality – like user authorization levels. My boss was ready to move to a mobile app three years ago, but QBO does not have the functionality of job costing and high-level estimating.

          • John Shapiro Says:

            It hurts to know that our users feel like we’re not listening. We’ve clearly failed in communicating what happens behind the scenes given this sentiment. For that I’m very sorry. Know that while we may not be able to respond to all of the feedback left inside of QuickBooks or here on the blog, we do our very best to read every single item.

            Your feedback is part of every prioritization discussion our team has. We have to make tough tradeoffs as we work to continually improve the product, but one of the benefits of online software is that we release new capabilities every month. We are working to better share what’s in each release so you know what to expect. Expect to see more of that in the coming weeks.

            We love that we have such passionate, vocal users. We recognize that we’ve reduced your productive in some cases with the new QuickBooks. Foremost, I would like to deeply apologize for that. Please keep the feedback coming. A significant number of people on the team are furiously working to address these issues. Some things are easier to build than others, and it may not always be intuitive which is which. We strive to work on things that will have the most positive impact for you.

            As to the specific items mentioned above, we are looking into what it would take to add line item discounting, more robust permissioning and authorization levels, and job costing. In the meantime, many users have found this job costing workaround to be helpful: http://www.cpapracticeadvisor.com/document/11409800/how-to-job-cost-in-quickbooks-online-plus

            DJ, QBO does have basic estimating capabilities. Are there things it’s missing? If so, please let us know.


            Group Product Manager, QuickBooks

            • DJ Says:

              John – Sorry I can’t remember right now what the specific limitation is on QBO estimating – but the issue was communicated directly to the person in charge of QBO two years ago – we looked into QBO but chose to upgrade to 2012 Contractor… On the surface, it seemed like we would be able to switch, but when we started asking specific questions, QBO did not have the functionality we needed. QBO Plus does not have all the features of QB Premier. There was some functionality that we use in Contractor that is missing in QBO.

              I work three employers, on three versions of QuickBooks plus some irregular clients that use 2004 thru 2014 and with all the changes, my mind is swimming… The contractor uses QB Contractor and just switched from 2012 to 2014 – we are looking at trying the mobile app, but anticipate there will be limitations there.

              Basically we need a fully functional Contractor version in a mobile environment. We need a fully functional estimating system that uses a large item list, fully supports groups from the estimate to the invoice, fully supports jobs from the estimate to the invoice and fully supports classes, The idea is to be able to access our full QB file on the road, create an estimate, modify an estimate and create an invoice from an estimate. We need to access multiple templates for estimates and invoices. We also need job costing. From what I have seen in QBO Payroll, the job costing function is not there.

              • John Shapiro Says:

                Got it, DJ. QBO fully supports classes, but yes, job costing is not currently available. Have you explored the workaround I posted at all? It is on our radar to address, but hopefully that could be helpful in the meantime.

                We’ve also heard about the need for multiple invoice/estimate templates. To make sure we’ve got the right use cases in mind when we tackle it, what specifically are you looking for that to do?


                • Rob Says:

                  With all respects about your comments and advice on what you are working on but most if the questions you answer are years and years ago asked and VOTED for.
                  Please read your votes and it is all in the VOTES from your subscribers.

                  Another proof that votes are BS to QB and voters are not important to QB.
                  Kind regards

            • Rob Says:

              Hi John,
              The estimate program for me works but it’s not perfect. What I would like to see added in estimates and therefor also in invoices is a product line with a Gross price, a discount and A net price per line of already in the product or goods we sell.
              Now we can only do a general % per invoice or estimate and that is not always doable. We have to make different estimates and different invoices per product group to make it work. That is multiple times workload, different invoices are pain on different times and more work for all parties involved.
              So simple but so effective.
              Thank you for your attention span.

              Kind regards

              • John Shapiro Says:

                Thanks Rob. To make sure I’m understanding you correctly, is this what you’re looking for? “Apply a different discount to individual lines of an estimate/invoice”


            • David Joffin Says:

              John the only reason your users are vocal and passionate is because they are UPSET. This has been bungled terribly.

          • Dianne Woodruff Says:

            Agreed. Having to guess what non-intuitive place the functions I need are now at, needing one or two extra clicks to do repetitive transactions, having to go to multiple places to search for the transactions I need, screen arrangements like having the bill (invoice) number so far away from all the other entry fields and to the right that it’s nearly off the screen, losing the check figures to increase the odds of errors in data entry, having to scroll to get to the bottom of most pages, or, as an alternative, having the resolution too small to really see things because there’s so much dead space on the page, and, as a bonus, having QuickBooks fail to fix issues from the prior version just takes the cake. It does not help that far too many of your “support” staff are unfamiliar with both your product’s capabilities and accounting in general. Heaven help you if you need payroll support. I really don’t have the few hours to few days it has sometimes taken to get issues addressed that I could have fixed myself in under ten minutes on one of your desktop versions.

            For several years, I commented on adding an extra field in Pro in the deposits and general journal entry screens for job costing, all to no avail. I know how to work around it, but a lot of my clients didn’t. I also made a lot of money cleaning up bank “reconciliations” that didn’t reconcile thanks to QuickBooks creating plug entries when they didn’t work. QuickBooks certainly wasn’t listening then, and it doesn’t appear things have changed.

      • Pat C. Says:

        Phooey! Every time I try to access Feedback, I get caught in a spiraling rabbit-hole that never stops. I cannot even Log Out to break the connection–so I shut down entirely. This is the most asinine “upgrade” I have ever seen. I don’t like being forced into this “improvement” and then further, be forced into a price increase that is certainly NOT justified given the unresponsiveness of this flawed program. This is the least “Intuit”-ive interface I have ever seen! Folks. I do not want this program despite the corporate fawning over its many merits.

        My “precise feedback about what [I'd] like to see changed” is that you drop this this cursed attempt to justify increasing your bottom line and really give us what we want–the old QuickBooks Online. The time you are going to spend “tweaking” this new program could have been more productively spent correcting the minor aberrant issues of the old program. We need a solid old workhorse that is an industry standard instead of an Alice in Wonderland experience forced onto unwilling participants.

        • Laura Says:

          Price increase? Is there going to be an automatic increase once I am converted?!?! I was reading online reviews of alternatives and came across a QBO price that is more than what I am paying. Is that going to be a new surprise feature?

  6. Bob Jennings Says:

    Issues with new Online QuickBooks-after 3 years as prior version without problem.

    1. Intuit has thrown out my 3 year learning curve without regard to the customer-what is this the Microsoft model of do what we want you to do instead of what the customer wants? I prefer to keep the old screens since I know my way around the program. This should have been an option instead of a slap in my face that you are more valuable than my time is.

    2. Mobile version on IPhone is still worthless-I cannot see checking account register, invoice details or the other info I want. I could have lived with the new version of the mobile version actually had all of the features of the desktop version.

    3. Screen views-I use the program on a number of different computers-it never fits any screen correctly-too large or too small, even after increasing or decreasing font size.

    4. Intuit has apparently determined what they think is important on the home screen rather than what the customer thinks. I own a small business-I want to know what is in my checking account first, but it takes 4-5 mouse clicks to navigate to the check register and I am unable to change the home screen to allow me to see what I want on the home screen rather than what Intuit has decided I should see. If there is a way to change the home screen why should I have to learn it?

    5. Online is no longer able to access my bank accounts and I am unable to remove them from the home screen view so they take up 1/4 of the screen with absolutely worthless information I cannot use.

    6. I am a CPA who advises literally thousands of other CPAs annually as president of a continuing education company. I have fought the naysayers about Quickbooks online for 3 years saying it works great for me. I am no longer saying that.

    • Rose Says:

      I agree with everything you say I do not want to change my old QB’s How can I keep my old QB’s after all we pay for it. Maybe we should we should all stop paying for QB’s & why can’t we get want we want? This is a terrible thing QB’s has done to the small business people

      • Scott Says:

        Quickbooks….Why would you do this to yourselves? Look at all the “forest fires” you have created. It makes no sense and I go to bed scratching my head. How many customers have you
        lost versus how many you gain. And the frustration you are putting on your employees. I’m just sending a signal to you, as are your other rooted customers. WHY would you just throw out the old model? Not trying to be rude but this sounds like hasty decisions by young inexperienced corporate executives who don’t have the knowledge to run big companies. I care and just want you to succeed.

      • Paige Says:

        Hi Rose,
        We actually can’t let folks stick around on the older version of QuickBooks. In mid-July, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are making significant changes to their Web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to display popups. As you know, the old QuickBooks has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will break the old QuickBooks rendering it unusable.
        The new QuickBooks uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is the main reason we are updating customers to the new QuickBooks without the option to return or stay.
        As part of this acceleration, we are working very hard to address customer feedback we’ve received so far about where the new QuickBooks can be improved. Thanks!

        • When do I get the new version!

        • David Joffin Says:

          That sounds great and I understand if the technology has to change, BUT why does the geography of the site have to be altered to the point of Non-recognition. The ability to utilize the same screens that the old version has, should have been a priority. New “modern” technology should make things quicker and easier, not 4 or 5 mouseclicks away. I shouldn’t have to toggle between one screen and another when the previous version included the same info on one page. How is this better?

        • 'D' Eprock Says:

          Paige….if that’s the case then why can’t we go back to using Explorer & Safari??

          Also, is it possible to give us back the same drop down menus and terminology? IE: Banking… Write checks, Deposits, Reconciliation, Etc.

        • Janet Says:

          Is Intuit going to compensate me for the time and money I am losing because of this debacle? We put our trust in you to run our business and you screw with us. See ya QBO as this is a frigging nightmare.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I tried emailing you because I’d like to talk with you to better understand your concerns and offer the team’s perspective. Please let me know if you are willing to chat.
      1. At QuickBooks, our number one goal is to save you time. By causing you time loss, we have failed. We recognize that there are plenty of things to fix in the new update to make it up to you. As such, our team is taking great pains to read feedback and talk to customers to address misses. We are rolling out a large chunk of these fixes later this week and more over the next month.
      2. Mobile was not a part of the overhaul, per se. The primary reason we updated QuickBooks was because the underlying technology could not deliver the performance, speed, and customer requests that we faced. The visual design is just the tip of the iceberg. The visual design can be fixed, the technical guts needed to be replaced.
      3. We are trying to address how it looks on different monitor sizes. We optimized for 1024×768.
      4. We will be redesigning the homepage fairly soon, after some higher priority issues are addressed. In the meantime, you will be able to change privacy modes on the homepage so your data isn’t visible to others. This should be rolling out over the next two weeks.
      5. I’m not sure why it is not accessing your bank accounts correctly. Have you tried disconnecting them and reconnecting them? Have you changed online banking passwords recently? Your banking institution may also have changed validations (like requiring an image key) which can break the download functionality.
      6. We are very sorry to hear that you will no longer be promoting QuickBooks. We truly value your opinion and your role as a customer and CPA. Regardless, our team will work to tirelessly to correct the issues you and others have identified. Hopefully you will find yourself willing to support us again in the near future.

    • Ann Sangha Says:

      I entirely agree with everything you just outlined. I will no longer promote this program!!

    • Inge Bacon Says:

      Bob – You are absolutely spot on with your comments – as are the others in this section of the comments. I am also having trouble recommending QB online to my clients as a result of these changes – not just the changes themselves but the way it was thrust upon us. It was especially disappointing to me that they made the online version LESS like the desktop version instead of MORE like it.

      • Paige Says:

        Hi Inge, The team is very sorry about the fast timeline for the changes. We too would have preferred a longer timeline. Unfortunately, Google and Mozilla are making changes to their browsers that will render the older version unusable mid-July, so we had to move off the old technology much faster than we’d expected. Please bear with us while we make adjustments to the software to better suit your needs and win back your recommendation.

        • Janet Says:

          Paige, bear with you!!!!!!!!! In the meantime I can’t bill, so I can’t bring in money. I have to pay someone now to help because I just don’t have time. Let us revert back to the QBO that works with explorer and safari. Who cares about Google and Mozilla.

      • 'D' Eprock Says:

        Articulated very well Bob….THANK YOU!!

    • Laura Says:

      Bob, were you auto downloading credit card transactions? Is that broken? That would be a nightmare! I hope you will post after you try Paige’s suggestions and let us know if online banking updates.

  7. Mr Munoz Says:

    This new version sucks!!!!!!!! Total disregard for the customers who want a simple bookkeeping program. As bad as your Quickbooks Plus Program, totally worthless to me now. What am I suppose to do to get my old version back…?????

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Mr. Munoz, We actually can’t let folks stay on the older version of QuickBooks. In mid-July, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are making significant changes to their web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to show popups. As you know, the old QuickBooks has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will break the old QuickBooks.
      The new QuickBooks uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is the main reason we are updating customers to the new QuickBooks without the option to return or stay.
      As part of this acceleration, we are working very hard to address customer feedback we’ve received so far about where the new QuickBooks can be improved. Please let us know which precise things need fixing and we will add them to our list. Click the gear in your QuickBooks and then select “Feedback.” Thanks!

  8. Steve Says:

    PLEASE include core functionality (like employee time tracking) on the mobile version. A paid app should not be required to have core functionality on a mobile device. Thanks.

  9. Carl F Sapelli Says:

    How do I generate a single statement for a single member? There seems only a way to generate a full set of statements in batch mode. As a 35-year software developer, I can tell that this is no way to run a conversion roll-out. If functionality is missing you do not roll it out. The new generation of development managers. definitely, has no respect for or understanding of the concerns for their clients.

    • Helper Says:

      Hi Carl. I think you do it like this: Click Customers (Members). Then next to any member, click the action drop down list and select print statement or send statement. Hope this helps.

      • Carl F Sapelli Says:

        Thank you; you are absolutely right.

        Unfortunately, since the member requesting an updated statement was neither at the beginning of the alphabet nor at the end, I used the search. When you search by name and select the desired name, the new system takes you to a different screen – a transaction history of the customer/member. There is a CREATE NEW drop down menu on that screen as in the old version. Unfortunately, someone forgot to include statement as one of the available new items.

        This leaves one option: go the customer/member screen; scroll through all your customers until you find the one you want and, then, you can follow your suggestion.

        That will get me there. Certainly hope they are reading these posts and correct this omission. I would be writing up a member of my SQA team if they let this one get by them.

        • Helper Says:

          Bummer. I would try this. On the Customer page, press CTRL + F or COMMAND + F (apple) and type the customer’s name. Your browser will search for that name (displays in top right corner of chrome). then click next (in find box) until you’re on the customer record. This will only work if you have 300 or less members and you have the Customer page settings (cog icon) set to display 300 members.

          • Laura Says:

            Navigation for customers and vendors is very difficult if you have more than 300! I want to get to customers starting with a given letter AND display many of them. For example, if I have a parent that starts with “T” which has 10 subclients, I would like to go to the section of “Customers” that shows all of them.
            We have 1400 parent and subclients, so even if we show 300 per page it seems like I will have to page through many times to get to the “T”s. If I type the parent name in search and click on it, I just go to customer detail, NOT to that section of the list. In current Client Center I can scroll my entire list.

            I posted this to feedback in NOVEMBER and have had no response.

        • John Shapiro Says:

          Sorry about that. We’ve noted this issue.

          • Margie Webb Says:

            I would like to reiterate this issue with the statements. I’m a CPA with several clients using QB online, only one has the upgrade so far (thank goodness!) For this client there are a lot of customers and I regularly send out statements individually-never using the batch function. I used to be able to generate a statement within the client record after using the search function. I also used to be able to see all statements for that customer (instead of all transactions, all dates I could pick statements all dates) This way I could see if I had sent the statement or not-when sending out multiple ones and working on other clients you sometimes forget if you had done it or not. I also used to be able to create a statement, the preview would come up so i could see what I was sending and then I could click the send button. At the bottom of the statement it would then show the date and time this was sent. I now have to do a print statement to see what I’m sending (assuming I can scroll down to the client I want and don’t use the search function). Then I have to pick the send statement function which just blips and says statement sent. If I want to make sure I sent a statement I can go to reports and find the statement list- mind you this is just a list of statements not sent statements. I will find two statements for the customer- one for the print statement and another for the one I sent. The one I sent will have the date and time stamp. Needless to say this is incredibly cumbersome. I have called QB and the response is that they will make changes after everyone is converted. In the meantime we lump along and are held hostage by this conversion. Really- are you kidding me?????

            • Paige Says:

              Hi Margie,

              You are right, that does sound quite cumbersome. We will enable you to send the statement from the individual customer (not just the batch view) within the next week or so. I will bring your trouble with the absence of previewing and ease of access to the date/timestamp confirmation to the team to solve.

              Thanks for your detailed feedback. It helps us immensely.


              • Paige Says:

                You should now be able to send statements from the customer detail page. We are looking into the statement preview flow and timestamp functionality.

                • Margie Webb Says:

                  Yes I can now create a statement from the customer detail page- so thanks for that. However that only works if the customer still has a balance. If they have paid in full you can’t generate a statement for that individual at all- even by scrolling to that customer’s record. Now I have to use the batch statement feature (using the plus sign and then under the other options). I then generate statements for all customers for the dates selected. I then can unselect all and then find the one I want, select that one and then I can send it- with no preview. If want to look at it I then have to go to the statement list under reports and then I can see the statement and the delivery time stamp. We often have customers that when they pay it’s the entire amount. Why you would only have this option if a customer has a balance is beyond me. I appreciate the response to the feedback we are sending but I’m very frustrated having to pay for a product that now gives me less than I had before and I now have to spend hours on the phone and issuing feedback just to get me what I had before.

                  • Rob Says:

                    Spending hours on the phone after spending hours in finding the job within QBO.

                    Bring back the pld system.

                    I am about to loose my job because it takes to much time to do the work and I am days behind instead of hours behind.
                    Now I have to defend my hours on the phone.

    • Ann Sangha Says:

      Here Here entirely agree….this was forcing a product we did not originally buy!

  10. CHRIS WHITE Says:


    • Paige Says:

      Hi Chris, This is the QuickBooks Online blog. Our team works on QBO, not with desktop products. I’m sorry you are unhappy. Hopefully you can contact the desktop team to share your feedback so they can improve the experience. Sorry about that.

    • DJ Says:

      Chris, it sounds like you may have clicked the wrong link. You should not have to buy anything to create a custom template for your invoice. You are looking for the invoice template – then you need to click the designer at the bottom of the form.

  11. Pauline Everett Says:

    I also do not want to upgrade all of my online clients to the new version. It appears that I will not have a choice. Is there anyway to opt out of the conversion? I also work on several clients in a CPA firm. We upgraded one client to the new version and find it very confusing to navigate.

    • DJ Says:

      see Paige’s response above – The old version of QBO will not be supported by Chrome and Foxfire come July – so something has to change… And if you can’t find something, look under the plus sign or the gear. What makes sense for young techies, does not make sense to experienced accountants. Or at least that is my sense from changes Intuit is making to QBO and desktop QB…

  12. DJ Says:

    I just tried the test company. Hopefully, the real version functions better than the test company, as I could not do anything that I wanted to do in the test company – set up classes, set up a new employee, see how payroll taxes process, add another browser tab. I think I did manage to create a paycheck. Why don’t you give us some sort of navigation tool? When you enter a transaction, the transaction takes up the whole screen, and there is NOTHING to take you to another area.

    • DJ Says:

      I found the plus sign useless. I clicked vendor, then the plus sign – four options popped up – all relating to customers. You would think that if you were in vendors, that the transactions related to vendors such as entering a bill or paying a bill would show up. No wonder people are confused.

      • Paige Says:

        You have to select “Show more” which contains all transaction creating actions.

        • DJ Says:

          Once more, the new system requires extra clicks to get at the information you want… If you are in vendors and click the plus sign, why should you have to click “Show More” to get to the vendor transactions?

  13. I wish there was more emphasis
    on functionality rather than user interface. In particular, it would be nice to build assemblies in inventory and have multiple locations for items in inventory, sure would help those of us with multiple locations.

    • DJ Says:


    • Paige Says:

      Hi Suzie,
      We are working on it! Hopefully you saw our blog post about acquiring Lettuce. We’re looking to accelerate the delivery of much stronger inventory and order management functionality soon. Take a look at https://lettuceapps.com/ and let us know what you think.

      • Rob Says:

        Yes wonderful and an extra expense every month. No thank you.

        • Paige Says:

          Actually– we bought it so it would be native, Rob. There will be no extra expense.

          • Rob Says:

            That it is part of QBO and for free is not stated.
            But thank you that it will be for free I look forward to use it.


  14. Mohammed albusaidi Says:

    I will open a salon and spa and I would like to know what program suits my business .

  15. Pat Says:

    how do i look at all entries in banking plus deposits like the old version? I like the old version!

  16. Samantha Says:

    Secure technology is the key word. I’m responsible for the identity of my clients. These changes have given us a sense of security which has allowed my company to pick up revenues.
    News Flash * Growing times and advanced software protects you from getting HACKED which allows you to sleep at night.
    Thieves are always looking to profit off your hard work, learn to embrace as you could be looking for an attorney crying “Why me”?
    Bo Who! Granted a different face, a little extra time rearranging your menu, Wow! What a disaster!
    I welcome the changes knowing at the end of the day technicians are working vigorously securing our information even if it’s has a bit inconvenience attached to it.
    Thank you QB Team!

    • Carl F Sapelli Says:

      While you are correct about the need for improved security, it has little or nothing to do with the topic at hand and the criticisms being directed at these changes. In fact, this volume of user interface restructuring actually makes me fear too much time was spent on front-end programming and, possibly, not enough on security which is all but invisible to the average user.

      It is well-grounded assumption that the more changes that are made to an application, the more error that will get by. This is true for all aspects of development including security.

  17. Yuri Says:

    its now taking 3 times the effort to do regular tasks. Why wouldn’t you make a separate Ipad version and keep the desktop the same ? I have to pay my employees double just to enter invoices and pay bills

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Hi Yuri,

      We actually couldn’t keep people on the older version of QuickBooks. In mid-July, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are making significant changes to their web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to show popups. As you know, the old QuickBooks has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will break the old QuickBooks.
      The new QuickBooks uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is the main reason we are updating customers to the new QuickBooks without the option to return or stay.

      As part of this acceleration, we are working very hard to address customer feedback we’ve received so far about where the new QuickBooks can be improved. Please let us know which precise things need fixing or are taking longer and we will add them to our list. Click the gear in your QuickBooks and then select “Feedback.” Thanks!


  18. angelajude Says:

    Can’t wait to get this new version of QBO. Anyone over at QB want to throw me an invite? Will gladly provide feedback as well. :)

    • John Shapiro Says:

      Positive feedback only? ;) No, we want to hear everything, the good and the improvement opportunities. You should receive your invite to update within the next two months. If you’re really excited, let me see what we can do to get over sooner. Click the gear in your QuickBooks and select “Feedback,” pick “Send us a message,” and put “Harmony Invite Request” in there. No promises and your company may or may not be ready to move quite yet, but we’ll try!

  19. Jessica Says:

    It would be extremely helpful if we could search in Downloaded Transactions. It would also be extremely helpful to be able to do that in Reconcile. It would save a tremendous amount of time and frustration in both cases.

    • John Shapiro Says:

      That’s great feedback. If you submit it in “Feedback” under the Gear icon in your QuickBooks, it will get routed to the team working on that feature. I’ll also make sure to pass it along.

      In the meantime, have you tried using your browser search? Hit CTRL + F (Win) or COMMAND + F (Mac) and enter what you’re looking for. It will only find results on that specific page, but hopefully that’s helpful.

  20. Laura Says:

    The best way for me to navigate would be for me to continue to be able to have shortcuts on my home page or customize my home page. Yes, I still use the “old” homepage layout on QBO and it works very well for me. One click each to access my bank register, run my AR report, get to customized transaction list by vendor, etc. All of these take many more steps in the trial version of the new QBO. Put me in the LAST group to get converted.

  21. Laura Says:

    I would like to be able to navigate from a vendor to the customizable vendor reports. (I know I can change columns, but I can’t filter by account or date range.)

    In old QBO I can double click on a vendor and it shows me recent transactions and then if I need to, it is only one more click to get to the report screen for transactions by vendor which I can customize. Even faster, I can just highlight the vendor and click report.

    There does not seem to be a quick way to get a vendor report in the new system from the vendor list. To navigate through reports, you click reports, all reports, review expenses, customize trans by vendor, and THEN enter the vendor name. (4 clicks to get to the customize screen instead of just 2).I often want to see all trans for a vendor in a date range for a specific account. Sometimes I don’t know that I want the whole report if a quick glance at the vendor answers my question, so I usually start at vendor.

  22. andrea Says:

    Why is it that i can’t even get in to sign in anymore. it keeps telling me that i have to update my browser? I pay a fee every month to use Intuit and if your not going to be user friendly for me, I need you to refund my money and still enable me to get to where I can get to bill my customers so that I can make my living.

    • Rob Says:

      What browser are you using, and which version?
      Thank you.

    • Kathy Says:

      Yes, it sounds like you are using an older version of a browser that is no longer supported. You should be getting a message upon sign in advising of this with links to update your browser. Is this not the experience you are seeing?

  23. Jay Mehta Says:

    Is there any way to switch back to the old version of Quickbooks this one is just painfully slow and doesnt work 60% of the times.

    Browser I Use IE 11 & Chrome 34.0.1847.137

    Issues I am facing
    1) Very Slow Browsing
    2) WHen I go to list of clients and Search for a client and hit their name it just refreshes the page but dont load their transactions or anything else, I have to refresh the page several times and in some cases even jump between browsers to get it functional again
    3) When I hit save, 30% of the times it gives me an Unknown error message and doesnt save and in that case I have to click on print and then it will save the invoice.
    4) Lets assume I have 600 CLients and I am on page 2 on clint number 350 and I go to their details and hit back it takes me back to Page 1, client 1. It doesnt remember my selection
    5) I hate how there is no easy way to create a statement, in order to create a statement I have to type half of the name of the client and wait hit search and then mark them to print statement, why dont you have it in details when I am looking at all clients descriptions.
    6) From the dashboard there should be a way to turn off the income and expenses and profit & losses as I open quickbooks some time in front of clients and I dont want to peep them in to this thing. I also want to hide Income & Expenses in Private Mode
    7) Most of my clients hate the online version of the invoices that go to them, they ask me to send PDF to them, so I am not happy that the new system doesnt send them a PDF. I know there is an ability to download PDF in email but the button should be a lot bigger and labeled so its easily visible.
    8) When I sort by my client list in certain order it should save that when I come back again
    9) Default client view is all transactions, it should be open transactions
    10) There is no way to select and delete multiple clients at a go
    11) Memo field should always be on in the Row View, I have to go in and turn it on manually every time
    12) Recurring Transactions should be a main menu item below Clients or there should be customization options for us on what to use
    13) Ability to changes an email address when you are creating a recurring invoice from a standard invoice
    14) Cannot copy and paste with Ctl C and Ctl V in memo field when creating new invoice, I have to paste with Mouse

    These are just some of the issues I have, there is a lot more. I am not enjoying the new system. Its more of a nuisance to me mostly because it doesnt work most of the times, it reduces my productivity. My accountant has all the same issues.

    • DJ Says:

      no way to switch back – and come July, the old QBO won’t work with Chrome – see earlier posts from Paige… give feedback through the feedback link in the QBO program.

  24. Jane Sampson Says:

    It appears these posts are being read by Intuit developers so I will reiterate a request I’ve made over the past 8+ years: we want to be able to bill an employee’s effort out at different rates for different customers. We’ve worked around this manually for years – creating effort reports and manually entering the rates – and when I requested this feature years ago to QBO I was told “we do not comment on what features are in development”. Evidently, not this one. As long as you’re rebuilding QBO, this would be the time to do it. I am certain it would be widely useful.


    • Pete Says:

      I’m yet to receive this version of QBO but am very much hoping that the US terminology doesn’t stay in the UK version – no offence to our America cousins – as no-one here talks about vendors, wires or checks.

      • Rob Says:

        I am sure rhat your QBO version will chenge pretty soon as WB here in the US make us blieve that the change we undergo has to do with the new upcoming changes in Safari and Firefox and I’m sure that there is not a UK version of these providers.

        Any input from QBO on this.

        Thank you.

        • John Shapiro Says:

          Yes, the new version of QuickBooks will be rolling out worldwide in the next two months. Expect your invite soon! And Pete, we’ve done our best to use more appropriate terms for our UK friends, but do send us feedback on anything we may have missed once you have a chance to check it out.


          • Rob Says:

            jihn, don’t you have enough feedback from all of your subscribers.
            If you are not sure just scroll down or up and please don’t forget to read.

          • Rob Says:

            Hi John,

            Is the new version if QB online for QBO and QB for MAC is not part of it. Am I correct?

            Thank you.

            • John Shapiro Says:

              Hi Rob,

              Correct, it’s a new version of QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Pro/Premier and QuickBooks for Mac are not changing as part of this transition.


          • Laura Says:

            How do I get back to the old version….this is a nightmare. Either I switch back to the prior version or I find a new vendor. I don’t have time to play anymore games. My payroll prints wrong, it sucks to navigate through and CONTACT US doesn’t work ever…I get error messages.

            • John Shapiro Says:

              Hi Laura,

              I’m terribly sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. We actually couldn’t keep people on the older version of QuickBooks. In mid-July, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are making significant changes to their web browsers, removing the ability for older web-based applications to show popups. As you know, the old QuickBooks has a large number of popups – more than 600. This change will break the old QuickBooks.
              The new QuickBooks uses modern technology and will not be affected by the change in web browsers. This is the main reason we are updating customers to the new QuickBooks without the option to return or stay.

              As part of this acceleration, we are working very hard to address customer feedback we’ve received so far about where the new QuickBooks can be improved. Can you please let us know exactly how your payroll is printing wrong so that we can fix that? Please also let us know any other precise things that need fixing or are taking longer and we will add them to our list. Click the gear in your QuickBooks and then select “Feedback.” Thanks!


              • Laura Says:

                Not sure how my name got attached to this post. I haven’t had to upgrade yet and don’t use payroll. Perhaps there is a different Laura you need to reply to.

                But since you are soliciting feedback – how do I give more feedback? At this point all my votes are used up and it won’t let me add any more. I’ve got LOTS of feedback…

                • DJ Says:

                  When you are in the program there is a feedback link in the upper right corner. In the new version it is under the gear icon. If you really are still in the old program, it is there – maybe under the help menu…

                  • Laura Says:

                    I know where the feedback link is. The problem is that once you have given “too much” feedback and/or used up your allotment of “votes” for which suggestions are important to you, you are not allowed to post new feedback. It says the only way I can give more feedback is to delete the votes I have already assigned to suggestions. Apparently we are not allowed to want too much!

                    • intuitstaci Says:

                      We do want your feedback! Are you getting the message when you provide feedback using the gear icon in your QuickBooks or from our external feedback page? Also when choosing feedback under the gear are you selecting post your own idea or send us a message?
                      Thanks! Staci

                    • Laura Says:

                      I am not on the new system yet (hurray!) so all my testing and getting my staff trained and ready is in the Testdrive system.
                      1. Click gear icon for “Sample Company” in testdrive
                      2. Click post your own idea, type idea, give title and category, click “Post Idea”
                      3. It says, “Your feedback has been posted to our feedback forum.”

                      When you follow the link to the feedback forum (http://feedback.qbo.intuit.com/forums/168199-quickbooks-online-feature-requests) you are limited to 10 votes. Once you have used them up you can’t leave any more feedback. (You’ve used all your votes and won’t be able to post a new idea, but you can still search and comment on existing ideas.) I like the Feedback forum because you can give more details about what would be helpful and you can look for them under “my feedback”

                    • Paige Says:

                      Hi Laura,

                      For feature forum voting, every visitor gets 10 votes. This gives weight to an upvote so that we can use it to prioritize the feature requests in the product team. It has nothing to do with our desire to hear from you. I didn’t know you couldn’t comment though, that seems strange. I’ll look into it and see if we can change the defaults in the tool.

                      Thanks for letting us know!

                • Rob Says:

                  QBO, tells us every time that the new version is to overcome the future trouble with Pop-Ups in Firefox and Chrome.
                  There is already a solution for this problem and that is the Turn off Pop-Up settings button.

                  Ih that is what it’s for. To work better with Firefox and Chrome.


    • Rob Says:

      QB has so many accountants as customers. So there is no shortage of Beta testers I would think.
      Bookkeepers like us don’t have time to sct as Beta tester troubleshooter but accountants are not business men.

      But the new version is terrible.

  25. Claudia Says:

    I need undo a complete conciliation, it is possible?

    • DJ Says:

      I don’t think you can undo a reconciliation in QBO. You can only do this in the desktop version. It would be nice to see it in QBO as I had to use it twice in the desktop version this past weekend.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Claudia,

      It’s only available in the Accountant version of QBO. We are looking at adding it to all versions and will take note of your vote! Thanks!

  26. Tom Says:

    The Receive Payment process is repeated many times a day. PLEASE MAKE IT MORE USER FRIENDLY. Some customers pay by Check and others pay by Wire. Wires are always deposited to our Bank Account. And Checks are always held in Undeposited Funds and held for a group deposit later. It would be exceedingly helpful if QBO defaulted the “Deposit To” field based on the last selection made for the particular payment method. This would mean that customers who pay by Check would get a “Deposit To” default that matches how Checks get treated and customers who pay by Wire would get a “Deposit To” default that matches how Wires get treated. Instead, the “Deposit To” field defaults to the last selection made regardless of the payment method. Therefore it is wrong half the time.

    • DJ Says:

      Have you clicked the gear icon in the new version to provide feedback through the program itself?

    • Paige Says:

      Thanks, Tom! This is great feedback. The receive payment workflow could certainly use some sprucing up. I will add this as a feature recommendation for the team to consider when they take a look at that page. Your detailed explanation was very helpful.

  27. Tom Says:

    The QBO home page should have one click navigation to all of the main activities. One click to receive money. One click to create an invoice. One click to pay a customer, etc. Instead, each of these basic accounting functions is two or more clicks away.

    Can you imagine if the QBO team ever re-designed the Google home page? The Google home page would not have a search box. Instead, the Home page would show meaningless stats about all of the searches you did the past week and on top of the page they would place a tiny + sign which would require the user to click a link called “Search” which would open a new page which would finally contain a search box.

  28. Michele Bergemann Says:

    What can I do to fix the screen resolution. Everything is blurry.

  29. Ed Wooton Says:

    I cannot edit the payee names in the check register, why?

  30. I like the idea of the new QBO but I’m having difficulty figuring out how to edit an invoice. The charges have changed. When I go to the name on the invoice, there is no place to edit the charges. Could I get a step by step version of how to do that?

  31. steve Says:

    Wow, this is awful. you are always using the scroll bars on the sides, and that with a 24″ high res monitor. would be ok if I used an ipad at work, I don’t.

  32. Toni Cordts Says:

    What have you done with my QB? I type, type, type on an invoice. I press enter to go to next line. QB continues to take what I’ve typed as one long sentence, without showing me a new paragraph or new line etc. I save invoice and lines and paragraphs are there. I try to change something and QB removes almost everything…..
    Also I don’t put date in left column…..QB decides I have to have the date…..time after time…..
    I do have a mind of my own….I don’t need QB telling me what to do when to do it …..as you can tell I’m very angry. I have more important things to do than to re-type invoices which QB deleted!!!!~!!
    This very angry note is from Toni.

  33. Eric Says:

    My home screen has defaulted to the private mode (“starbucks mode”). I do not have a button in the upper right hand corner to make this public or private? When will that be forthcoming?

    • qbosachin Says:

      Our goal with introducing this functionality was to hide sensitive $ information from the home page charts for non-admin users, while allowing QBO administrators to choose which view they want to see (“Starbucks” on or off).

      We only allow users who are in the QBO administrator role (Company Administrator or Master Administrator) to toggle between the Private and Public modes.

      For non-admin users, the default view is the Private mode and non-admin users are not able to toggle this mode.

      Could you please verify what role you are in? Are you a QBO Company Administrator or Master Administrator?

      • Tom Says:

        You did NOT achieve your goal. It still displays confidential information. For example even in Starbucks mode it shows the percent of expenses spent on payroll and other areas. I do not want my employees (or others) seeing that I spend x% on payroll and y% on marketing. The amount we spend on payroll is highly sensitive–why do you force it to ALWAYS be displayed on my home page even when I am in Starbucks mode?

        • qbosachin Says:

          Tom, I absolutely hear your concern about the home page percentages displayed on the expenses chart and why that is still sensitive information. I will relay these concerns back to our team. Thanks again for providing your frank feedback!

  34. Bookkeeper Says:

    How is it that my QB was “overtaken” yesterday in the middle of weekly payables, when it was not due to change yet? It has been a miserable, horrible experience, and if I had a magic wand, QB would be permanently a thing of the past! I cannot believe the outrageous “improvements” that completely change the program as if what we’ve done all along needed the “improvements”. If we cannot return to the old format, we will indeed shop your competitors.

    • DJ Says:

      Did a co-worker update to the new format without talking to you? If one user updates to the new format, all users are updated to the new format…

      • Dianne Woodruff Says:

        Unfortunately, QB didn’t give us the option of accepting the update or not. They used to just engage in extortion every three years – if you had paid for a payroll subscription, but your main software version went outside the three year window during your payroll subscription period, you had to buy an upgrade or the payroll subscription you had already paid for wouldn’t work. This time, they just went in and changed us over, whether we wanted a different version or not. Given this was such a drastic change from the product we actually paid for, this time it’s closer to fraud.

      • Bookkeeper Says:

        There was not a SINGLE warning or notice about that! If I did not have job security, I would be sick over possibly losing my job due to the horrendous loss of productivity!! This has been a nightmare. Bookkeepers are not interested in a FaceBook or Pinterest or Windows 8 or whatever idea this is “look”. We need familiarity and functionality. You have ruined both!

    • Rob Says:

      Any suggestions for the competitors?
      Thank you.

  35. Ken Schrader Says:

    I there a way the phone, Fax, fields can be automatically populate ? Also I work at hospitals and do not want to e mail Invoices to all the different depts. Is there a way set up a drop down arrow and select individual e mail addresses for each invoice ?

  36. Cal Seibert Says:

    Had my first experience with the new QBO this morning. Compared to the prior release it is not intuitive, painfully slow to use, takes many more mouse clicks to navigate around the same functions than the old release did. Also, entering multiple banking transactions is not as easy as it was previously. How do I quickly switch from deposit mode to expense mode, etc. If there is an easy way to do it, I have not found it yet. What were you folks thinking when you designed this? I have read some of the other posts which have similar comments/complaints. This is a business tool, not a video game. I want something that is easy to use, intuitive and fast. This release is neither. HELP!!! Fix it very quickly or get rid of it is my recommendation.

  37. Rose Says:

    I agree with ALL of the above. Not “happy” with the new version. Over the past 25+ years I have mastered MANY accounting software products “on the fly” virtually no learning curve……….in this day and age with a Windows product I cannot believe the wasted time to FIND what I need to do!!

  38. Ralph Says:

    Every time you “IMPROVE” the site, it becomes more difficult to navigate. The MOST IMPORTANT feature of QuickBooks is the basis for all businesses, INVOICES. Now, I cannot easily find my partial invoices (we are in a service industry), and I cannot find all of my May invoices in a single place. Surely you have just hidden them, and NOT made it impossible to find them!! WHERE ARE THEY?
    Please help.

  39. David Joffin Says:

    Writing checks to a particular vendor is a nightmare. Where is the screen that looked like a check with all the Credits listed and then all the bills listed. I simply used to checkmark the appropriate credits or invoices and then I hit print. Spent over an hour today with Technical Assistance? He was of no help. “Oh, we don’t have that anymore.” Where there any businessmen sitting in the room with these software geniuses. I have used quickbooks in all my businesses for over 14 years. That time might be coming to an end unless they let me switch back to the old version, until they perfect the new one. But the smart new Logo is worth all the time and money spent?????

  40. Daniel Says:

    I can no longer find the aid for purchase to print single checks. I used to be able to go to it from the “Print Checks” section, but now it’s gone…$19.99 was the price…???

  41. gniautorepair@yahoo.com Says:

    Im not happy neither, don’t like the new version, can’t edit my invoice and I have difficult with the checks too. I hate it!!!!!!!!

  42. Here’s guide on navigating the new QuickBooks:

  43. Here’s our guide on navigating the new QuickBooks:

  44. Wee HL Says:

    GST rates shown in new version without explantion note to guide the rate to be applied

  45. What’s number one tip not listed here on navigating new QuickBooks?

    Use Google Chrome browser for best results.

    If you are using Internet Explorer, many screens/features don’t play well with IE.

    Try FireFox browser, if both browsers not rendered correctly.

    Bottom line recommendation: have all three browsers ready-to-go, just in case.

  46. Cathy Says:

    Yep this stinks worse than the last version which always has been worse than the desktop version. If you actually understand bookkeeping you don’t want all this graphical mess. Just let me pay bills & collect money. Maybe I will just keep track of what I need to do in Excel and fumble through entering into QBO as needed for our CPA to view.

  47. Mark Malone, President Says:

    Frankly, I can not imagine that you did sufficient testing of this. So far I hate it. To do something simple like print the checks, my bookkeeper had entered, it was frustratingly difficult. While your video said there would be a Print Checks selection under Transactions, IT IS NOT THERE!!!!!! I had to go to the register and pull up one of the checks in edit mode to get an option to print my checks.

    Once in one of my business account, I still have not found a way to get to my other business accounts without logging out and longing in all over again.

    This really sucks and you should be paying me for all the difficulty and lost productivity you are causing me. I am going to order my accountants to evaluate alternative systems if you do not fix this thing fast.

  48. Long time QB user. Says:

    Here’s a great idea. Why not roll out a newer version than what you just did and tweak the hell out of it and make it look and feel just like the version that everyone wants back. Someone will get a gold star and title of genius and possibly a pay raise.

  49. nova herzog Says:

    I want to record checks,deposits and journal notes. I want to print out my reports as I need them. I do not want to spend hours I do not have learning work around systems until you can fix your program. If I have to spend hours learning temporary “fixes” I might as well go to a program that works and learn it. I want a simple bookkeeping system for the small non-profit I work for. This is not it.

    • Watson Says:

      I agree. I’ve been using QB several years for church bookkeeping but this new version is a pain. My check register is cut off from viewing deposits, checks, and balance. I prefer the old version. The “helpful” navigation bar is in the way.

  50. I am unable to get into my account to create invoices. Today is Saturday, May 31st. Yesterday i was on the telephone with 2 different representatives. I wrote down the instructions as they navigated me through. today I am unable to access my account to create the invoices. I am frustrated. Please would you either email me or call to walk me through this process again. Verna mason Verna.mason@att.net or 816.918.1048

  51. lynn Says:

    I DO NOT LIKE THIS PROGRAM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot figure out how to print my checks. The other program was much easier. I may switch to different software

  52. Melanie Loveland Says:

    I made the mistake of upgrading on May 31st. This is a HORRIBLE version. I want to go back to the previous version. There are so many flaws. For example, you have to change the resolution on your computer to ‘small-100%’ in order to see the right hand side of the screen. It is ridiculous that I have to go into my computer settings to change the view just to use Quickbooks. The layout does not make sense. If I wanted my accounting program to look like an Apple Ipad, I would be using a different program. Quickbooks really blew it on this one. Overall, it appears I’m not the only very UNHAPPY customer with Quickbooks. I WANT MY OLD VERSION BACK!!!!

  53. Lisa Says:

    What is best browser toopen New quickbboks online with. I am using chromme and it gets hung up alot

    • Rob Says:

      There are only a few others you can try. QBO has issues with all of them.
      It’s trial and error. Safari, Firefox or IE.

      Pronting is the biggest issue. I usually save my invoices first as a pdf and than print.
      Straight from the invoice program usually gives an error.

      Good luck and keep us informed.

  54. Mary Says:

    I have entered a payment to a vendor and added the markup only to find that all the markups showed on the customer’s invoice. Does anyone have a solution? This is a nightmare for me.

  55. Grace Ochsner Reynolds Telephone Company Says:

    I don’t like the new Quick books I want to go back to the old version. It takes longer to do anything and I haven’t even wrote any checks yet can’t wait to see how that goes. Also i’m not looking forward to my first payroll on this new version.

  56. Jim Says:

    What a HORRIBLE SCREWED UP MESS!! There’s nothing intuitive about the new upgrade. If I were looking at this for the first time I would never buy it. You’ve taken a well-designed format, screwed it up and cost small businesses incredible time & effort because some computer geek wanted a “new look”. If they were here now I’d kick them right in the slats for such a lousy job. I don’t have time for this BS!

  57. Linda Kauffman Says:

    I have found this new version extremely difficult to work with. When I view the banking information, even though I’m using Google Chrome, I cannot view the current balance. I have found no way to be able to view the right-hand column for that information. Trying to find the old views for deposits and payments (whether they are checks or EFT transactions, took much to much time to figure out. I am guessing that the people who did the Beta tests on this new version were computer geeks or there were not Beta tests at all. These changes were not for the “every day” users of this system. I wish that there was a button that you could press to go back to the “old” version.


  58. Carol Fraley Says:

    This is the last thing I want to deal with. What happened to all my vendors on the vendor list. Only a very few old, old ones are showing up. I might as well hand write checks than try to clean up what I am looking at today.



  59. Jean Says:

    How do I reach someone to talk to at quickbooks

  60. Laura Says:

    THIS UPGRADE SUCKS! I can’t get my paychecks to print properly and I can’t find live chat to talk to anyone anymore. Everytime I try to hit contact us I get an error message. HOW DO I SWITCH BACK!!! I have fought with this for three days and I am ready to quit QB due to the loss of my time!!!

  61. Myrna Says:

    I would like to go back to the old version … this new version takes way to long to do anything. What a waste of time.

  62. Laurie Says:

    Worst upgrade ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I press the “help” button and get nothing. I can only see part of my screen. Tried to change the resolution and that isn’t possible. I’m dead in the water with my business! What were you thinking? All of us business owners want to RUN our business, NOT become some computer guru! Where’s the phone number to talk to a HUMAN for help????????? Can we get the old version back?

    • Laura Says:

      Yep its a nightmare. I have lost three days on it, can’t print anything properly, I have to do double duty on every entry, nothing is the same and I spent an hour on the phone just to be even more frustrated. I was told there is no going back “change can be hard but you will get the hang of it” No…but I will find another vendor.

  63. Tamara Says:

    I’ve used QBO for several years and HATE the new version. So much that I’m looking at other options. PLEASE ALLOW US TO USE THE OLD VERSION. I have no problem learning new programs and it’s not a matter of figuring out where things are, this new version is cluttered, and very inefficient. Perhaps you should consider two versions…one for folks new to accounting who need a lot of color and fluff, and one version for those who just want to get work done.

  64. lorrie Says:

    hate it……….: (

  65. Anna Says:

    Are you KIDDING? This is WAAAAAYYYY more steps to do everything; I want to go back to the old version too. Will you please stop changing things, because business owners want to run their business, not learn NEW computer programs!

  66. What Inuit has sent us is not just a change driven by security changes within CHROME and FIREFOX. They have sent us a QBO redesigned from the ground up. And, it is obvious from my own experience with this new version as well as all the comments here and my experience in IT for 35 years, this version was design without regard to workflow or business experience or bookkeeping/accounting experience or business analysis and design experience. It is also obvious that it was never User Acceptance Tested.And,dare I say, there is no Customer Service experience involved either or they would be doing a better job of Crisis Management on this blog.

    The first order of business is to rock the boat as little possible. If you need top change the back-end or the development environment and you need to do it fast, you do not do a wholesale redesign. This is basic, You aim to disrupt as few hands-on-keyboards as possible. If I am developing for a couple of hundred operators and a few extra keystrokes wastes too many hours of productivity, image what a disaster it is to have a couple of million clients wasting many more ours each.

    NO planning. NO forethought. NO client communications. NO subject matter expertise. NO remuneration plan for clients wasted millions. NO damage control after the fact.

    Somebody let me know when the class action suite is filed.

  67. Silvia Says:

    Please give me back the old version, it is really painful to see the new version. It takes me lot of time to learn this horrible new version

  68. Ronnie Says:

    On invoices there was a print or email option at the bottom. That option is no longer there. Where did it go? How do I select a invoice to be printed or emailed?

    • Laura Says:

      I played around enough with the testdrive version that I think I can answer. (I am NOT from Intuit, I have not yet been forced to upgrade -6/25 is the day of doom- and I find the new version very cumbersome.)

      Assuming the testdrive version is the same as what you must use now…

      At the very bottom of the screen (outside the invoice itself) there is a bar with options to print, preview, save, and send. Unfortunately – although they “work” – they behave very differently from what you are used to. You can no longer email a pdf of the invoice as one quick and easy step. You have to “print” which previews a pdf, then save the pdf, then open your email, start an email, attach the pdf and send. Hmmmm – one step has become six.

      Beware if you choose the “save and send” step. This will send a link to your invoice which then must be opened in a browser. Many of our clients have their own payment systems which require us to upload a pdf of the invoice for payment so this browser based invoice DOES NOT WORK for us. Additionally, once your client opens the browser to pay online he can “MESSAGE” you IN QBO. Considering that most of our client questions about invoices have to be answered by our salespeople who do not have QBO access, there isn’t any way for these messages to be answered directly. Can you believe the QBO support person I asked about this suggested that I could PAY to add all my salespeople as QBO users just so they could message?!?!? Hmmmm, free email with a great audit trail or PAY for QBO messaging and make salespeople have to learn how to navigate QBO?

      Here is a link to what your clients will see if you enable pay online and this “wonderful” new messaging feature. I did ask QBO support if we could disable messaging and the answer was NO. Yes, I have provided this as “feedback” in the testdrive sandbox.


      • marybuild Says:

        Beware of customer paying online. I found it very expensive for me, thanks to QBs, but not at my desk now to show percentage. I only found it on my bank statement as a withdrawal.

        Mary Build 207-838-3548

        Sent from my iPhone


        • Laura Says:

          We use pay online now (still on old QBO) and it is only $0.50 per transaction payable to Intuit and no fees from the bank. That’s cheaper than a wire transfer ($10 charge from our bank).

          On our bank statement, online payments show up as being from IPN (Intuit Payment Network) and they are CCD transactions. Is the new method changing to a different transaction type that incurs more fees? From what I have read online, the Intuit fee is still supposed to be only $0.50.

          I’ll text you my phone number in case you find it easier to chat offline.

          Learning new software is one thing – being forced to change business practices is quite another!

          • John Shapiro Says:

            Hi Laura,

            Yes, the bank transfer (ACH) rate is still $0.50. Your new QuickBooks will completely support that. You’ll also be able to receive credit card payments if you choose to. Here’s more info on the pricing: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/payments/


            • Laura Says:

              Is the way IPN sends it to the bank different in any way that might incur new bank charges?

            • marybuild Says:

              Intuit took 4.26 percent from my account.

              Mary Build 207-838-3548

              Sent from my iPhone


              • Dianne Says:

                Somewhere in all the comments, I saw a complaint from someone saying they had agreed to accept ACH payments at $0.50 per transaction in the old version, but not credit cards due to the higher expense.

                The complaint was that the change to the new version automatically allowed both ACH transactions and credit card payments, at their higher fees, and the business owner was wondering how to turn credit card acceptance back off without shutting of the ACH payments the customers were used to making. I’m wondering if that is what happened to you.

    • [I am not from Intuit. All my statements below are based on using the CHROME browser.]

      When you are creating a new invoice, there is a fixed/stationary footer at the bottom of the screen. It contains several links: at the far left is “Cancel”, in the center is three (3) links “Print or Preview | Make recurring | More”, on the far right is “Save” and a highlighted button that will show “Send and save” OR “Save and new” OR “Save and close” depending on your last use of this button (it also has a pull-down menu which allows you to select on of the other two choices.

      “Cancel” cancels the current action.

      “Print or Preview” will pop up a menu allowing you to select “Print later” check bow, or “Print or Preview, or “Print packing slip”. If you select “Print or Preview” from the secondary menu, you will get a formatted, PDF-like view of your invoice. At that time, you can click the printer button that should appear if you roll over the bottom right corner of the image on your screen. You can, also, save a PDF image at this time. On the left of the image screen is a “Close” button that will take you back to the invoice creation screen.

      “Save” (on the right) will allow you to save the invoice in its current state while keeping you on the current invoice screen. This is great if you are creating a long invoice and want to save your work at a point in the process. It is also useful if you are making several similar invoices as, after saving, you can use the “Copy” function (found under the “More” link in the middle of the footer menu).

      “Save and send” opens a window which shows you a PDF image of your invoice on the right half of the screen and the accompanying email text on the left allowing you to confirm all is OK with the invoice and to edit the email message if necessary. NOTE: The PDF image on the right can also be printed and/or saved to disk while on this screen. On the bottom left is a “Cancel” button which will take you back to the invoice screen to further modify. On the right is a “Send and close” or “Send and new” (depending on last use) which will send the invoice and return you to invoicing. This will send an email with your message, the amount due, and a link back to the invoice image on QBO. If you want your client to receive a PDF file, click the Gear icon on the upper right of the Home (and many other) screen(s). Then, click “Company Settings” and then go to “Email Message” and scroll down to “Email a link to view and pay invoice online”. Click the “Include invoice as a PDF attachment” box to make sure that all clients get a PDF attached to their emailed invoice.

      Hope all this helps! Good luck!!!

      • Ronnie Says:

        I appreciate your response and it helped so thank you.

        Can you still batch send(email invoices)?

  69. Jennifer Says:

    The new version is just one problem after the other, today I cannot pay my bills!!

  70. What did you do to us. We wasted too many checks today.

  71. What did you do to us? Too many screens!!!!

  72. Chris Lowrey Says:

    I want my old system back. I am ok learning new things but this is too complicated. I don’t see what was improved. It now takes MORE clicks to do the same things.

    I will leave Quickbooks if we aren’t allowed to go back to the old format or this format made simpler.

    Didn’t anyone learn anything when Coke switched it’s product?????

    There was no excuse to dump this new version on us like this. I get you had to change for google but I can’t see how all of these changes were required.

    It has taken my so long to do anything simple. This is NOT ok. Didn’t anyone do any customer tests before this was done?????

  73. Kathleen Says:

    This new program is a pain in the butt!!! Can you not see by all the comments you have customers you’ve had for many years saying they want the old version back, why don’t you listen to your customers as they pay your paycheck???

    We will go to someone else to do our banking if it’s not done within a month, get your issues fixed and give your customers what they want!!!!

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Kathleen, If what isn’t done within a month? The more specific you can be about what bothers you, the easier it is for the team to fix it. It’s best to leave product feedback under the gear icon at the top right of your QuickBooks homepage. We are absolutely listening to customers and changing the software every few weeks with updates to reflect user feedback. As far of speediness of reply, the team is actively working on changes, not blogging. We don’t actually staff the blog as it is simply meant as a place to share information for new and existing users.

      There is also a Support site (https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com), where many common questions are answered, and our Community (https://community.intuit.com/tags/update2newqb?filter=answered_questions&sort=popularity), where you can ask your own questions. The community is staffed with experts to answer questions, unlike the blog. Hope that helps! Best, Paige

      • dvra18912 Says:


        I am sorry to say, that, in this reply, you are showing nearly as much frustration as all your clients are in their comments.

        Please reread Kathleen’s email and you will see that she was very clear. Do as the clients ask over and over. Make this version look, feel, and function like the old version or roll back until you can.

        It was a major mistake, on your managements part, to roll out such significant untested operational, design, organizational, and user interaction changes when your goal was to meet the needs dictated by changes in Chrome and Firefox. Admitting this and offering some form of compensation to all your users would appease many. Not recognizing the damage created by this roll-out and not responding, quickly, with appropriate damage control has put Intuit in a position that may not be cleaned up by even professional spin doctors.

        Carl F Sapelli
        Board Member & Treasurer
        Durham Village Residents Assn
        dvra18912@gmail.com, and 267-843-1207

  74. Margie Butler Says:

    How can I get a screen like the old Vendor “Pay Bills” screen? I need all bills listed with bill numbers showing. I pay by bill number and was able to get the list in approximate bill number order on the old screen by sorting by due date. Now, I can’t see the bill numbers at all. Do I have to click on each vendor to see their list of open bills and compare to my list of bills to pay. That will take forever!

    A lot of people are wanting the old version back. I’d love that too, but I doubt if it’s going to happen. What I want is for the new system to let me do what I used to be able to do, and to let me do it efficiently. The new screens have too much white space and require too much scrolling and clicking.

    • Dianne Says:

      I’m not a Chrome fan, so I’m using Firefox for my browser. When I click on the plus sign, then, under Vendors, Pay Bills, the list of bills comes up. the invoice number should be in the third column under REF NO. Off to the far right, just above the AMT TO PAY is Sort bills by. Use the pull down arrow to the right of the box and you can still sort by Due Date (as well as by amount or vendor). I hope that helps.

  75. Dianne Says:

    Is anybody else a little fed up with the standard “You’ll get used to it” from QuickBooks while they continue to fail to address the specific issues reported? I have reported bugs and offered suggestions, but their response was just a canned email with the suggestion that I “check out our new Help page (https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com/).” Clicking on the link got me this message:

    The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.

    You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

    I’ve received a lot of classic responses from QuickBooks over the last decade, but this was was so bad I actually had to laugh.

    Their new product was clearly not ready for roll out. Until it is, Intuit needs to put us back on the old version so we can get along with our businesses while they fix theirs.

    • Tamara Says:

      Dianne and all – Yes, and I’d laugh too if I wasn’t so frustrated. What a fiasco. I was ready to launch QBO for new clients but not now. If I pulled something like this in my business I wouldn’t have one.

      • Dianne Says:

        True. As a CPA, I spent many years supporting small business clients with various versions of QuickBooks. I’m used to Intuit breaking a thing or two that worked fine with each new version, but at least there were some true improvements, the platform was stable, and, while the support wasn’t fabulous for clients, at least for a Pro Advisor it was acceptable.

        I’m extremely grateful that I am now back in industry, and that my former clients, who do still call to ask questions from time to time, were never converted to QBO, because it was, and is, an inferior product. My employer currently runs ten companies on QBO, and I am grateful for the three that have not yet converted. We are looking at going to a hosted multi-user desktop version we can access via VPN to get around the inefficiency. There’s also the possibility that we will go to a different software vendor. We’ll be test driving some new software for one of the companies shortly.

        • Tamara Says:

          Dianne – If your test drive proves interesting let us know. I’m sure there will be a stampede for the door.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Dianne,
      The link worked for me. Are you still having trouble? Regardless, you should know that while the team doesn’t have the capacity to respond to every message, we read almost everything. As the actual product team making the changes, it’s our job to deploy fixes and know what you are saying–not necessarily to respond. If the blog or feedback queue ever appear unmanned, that’s why. If you need an response, please use the Community (https://community.intuit.com/tags/update2newqb?filter=answered_questions&sort=popularity), where you can ask questions and see expert replies (which aren’t a guarantee on the blog, which is mostly a tool for communicating with new and existing users.) We did test it with customers and roll out in small batches, but there are always things to improve. Thanks for telling us what needs attention. It’s really appreciated.

      • Dianne Says:

        Yes, if I click on the link in the original email sent to me. The link in it includes the closing parenthesis as part of the url, which doesn’t work. If I click on the link in your latest reply to me, that is not part of the url and I can get to the correct page.

      • Dianne Woodruff Says:

        HI Paige,


        Just out of curiosity, how many of your Pro Advisors and how many of your power users did you test this with? What were their specific comments?

        So far, Reesa seems to be the only “professional” that likes the new QBO, and it looks like she’s making money directly off Intuit, which puts her in a conflict of interest situation.

        There are three heavy users in this office, of varying ages and backgrounds, all of whom have worked with a variety of accounting software products and data bases. We all hate the stupidity of the new home page (to be truthful, the old one wasn’t great, but this one is worse for lack of useful content), and the atrocious inefficiency. I’ve figured out how to get things done, but almost everything takes an extra click or two and/or what should be unnecessary scrolling.

        It isn’t helping QB’s credibility to keep telling us “You’ll get used to it”. Nor “You’ll like it when you’ve used it awhile.” My favorite is the “We had to change it for Firefox and Chrome.” For one, we all have another browser option, and, two, even if the back end needed changing, Intuit could have done that without drastic changes to the user interface on the front end.

        QB would do much better to publicly admit they created a QB equivalent of Windows Vista, apologize to its customers, and either put us back on the old version until a new one that works better is available, or provide some incentive to stick around and keep doing the beta testing for QB that QB should have done itself.

        Most of QB’s customers have a lot of transactions to process. We aren’t doing data input and analysis because that’s the part of business we like. We’re doing it so we can pull accurate data in a timely fashion and use it to better manage our businesses.

        Every single key stroke and scroll costs time and money. So does time on the blog/community/helpline.

        I get frustrated when I have to spend a lot of extra time finding things in illogical places, entering routine transactions, documenting bugs that need fixing, and searching for solutions to problems that shouldn’t exist. It doesn’t help that Intuit is short on support staff that really understands accounting, payroll, and QuickBooks, and the untrained staff waste a lot of time instead of simply admitting that they don’t have a clue and passing us along to someone that does.

        Most businesses know if they do not provide their customers with the goods and services they bought, they will lose customers and face legal liability. We expect our software company to be held to the same standard. It’s really time Intuit was held to that same standard.

        Please feel free to pass my comments along to management, if you can. It should be noted that these comments are my own personal opinions, and they should not be construed as reflective of the organization I work for.

        Dianne L. Woodruff, CPA Senior Accountant Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association dwoodruff@cbsfa.com Cell 907-841-5232 Office 907-357-4520 Fax 907-357-4527

        • Annie Says:

          Dianne, you are right on. I have been trying to sort this out since April when the first client was converted. This was especially frustrating since it was right in the middle of tax season. I have figured out how to get most things done but it is neither efficient or sensible the way we have to operate now. I spend most of my time lately trying to walk clients through the changes. It certainly is time wasted for me that I will never get back nor compensated for. There used to be different levels and subscription prices for QBO now everything looks the same! Why are clients being charged different amounts?

        • Carl F Sapelli Says:

          Thank you, Dianne, for your very eloquent and complete critique. I attempted to do this in my own comments (http://blog.qbo.intuit.com/2014/05/16/4-tips-on-navigating-the-new-quickbooks/#comment-18389); however, I think you did a much better job.

          Carl F Sapelli, Board Member & Treasurer, Durham Village Residents Assn, dvra18912@gmail.com, 267-843-1207

          • Dianne Says:

            Carl, thank you for your kind comments. You covered it very well yourself, and much more succinctly than I. May your day be a pleasant one.

  76. Dianne Says:

    Hi Tamara,

    I saw some software names on this blog the other day that I had never heard of, and will have to check those out. In the Mac world, PIMS does a decent job if you have inventory to track. What we are test driving here is a custom-modified product to handle some unique inventory/offsite warehouse challenges we have.

    Honestly, the desktop QB Pro works well enough to handle most of the queries I’ve seen here, and you can job cost in it with just a little know how to get around the lack of a customer/job field in the deposit and general journal entry screens.

    There are a host of options for remote access to a server or desktop unit, and I’ve worked with companies that can either provide each user with a laptop with their own VPN portal to your organization’s computers, or to their site where they host your software. In this era of technology, there are lots of options to explore. Intuit would be wise to remember that, and not be so cavalier with their responses.

    On that note, I actually just got a response to my request to make the invoice number field wider so I can see the whole invoice number when I select a vendor and am looking at the transaction list, without having to use the mouse to make the field wider each time. Supposedly they are fixing it so that somewhere toward the end of the month QBO will begin to remember how you resized the columns in adjustable tables so you only have to do it once. Cross your fingers….

  77. Ms Chong Says:

    it seems to me old version is more user friendly. I have hard time to find things around, it doesn’t seems informative enough to find out where to key in accrual transaction which is independent from bank. I need a normal GL posting not link to Bank, Supplier or Customer!

  78. Unlimited Systems, Inc. Says:

    when you used to click on a drop down arrow next to a product, it would go to that product’s location so it was easy to find a similar project. now it starts at the top always. I figured out where most everything I use is, but this is a pain!

  79. Tammy Says:

    The new QB online is terrible! You are making it more difficult each time you make a change! NO one likes these constant changes!

  80. Monica Says:

    I am in agreement with everyone else the new version of QBO sucks! The old version was easier to work with. When I click on a customer name to view the account info the first couple will pull up info. After that I get the blue circle in the middle of the screen like it is working to pull up the info then I just get a nice blank white screen. I’m very frustrated!!!!!!

  81. Tom Says:

    What happened to my old expense accounts? You deleted them. Why?

    You no longer seem to be able to import Chase debits to the proper accounts, because?

    You complicated what was a simple interface that was easily navigated to a mess. Can I assume that none of your programmers have actually ever used this interface? Can you connect me to one that has?

    I am very seriously considering going back to the old fashioned way of actually writing checks by hand and keeping a handwritten register. On the other hand you must have competitors that offer more attractive options. It’s time to take a look.


  82. Piyush K.Patel Says:

    Please go back to the old software. This one stinks. You should have the choice of NOT upgrading to the new one, not pushing down our throats. I cannot even line up the checks to be printed. I have to print one by one.

  83. Olive Conlin Says:

    I hate the new QB! It’s not that things don’t work – just difficult to find! I lived by the old invoice report but cannot find it. It’s not “just getting used to the new.” I was an IT professional and have gone through may software upgrades and replacements. This is undoubtedly the least user-friendly software I have ever seen. I taught myself in just a day or so to use the old QB. It was pretty intuitive. The new version: I have spent hours just trying to navigate. And, yes I did go through the video. I am so tired of hearing about the “+”. I am not trying to create, just find and report for audits. It’s oh so cumbersome! I have wasted endless hours trying to do simple tasks.

    • Dianne Says:

      Hi Olive,

      I use the invoice report also. I’m not sure where they’ve hidden it, but if I use the side bar to get to reports, then type in “Invoice List” in the search box, QB will find it for me.

  84. William Says:

    Hello QBO: It would make it much easier to play around with the program before we have to make the change if you would make the test drive button easier to get to rather than having to scroll down the page to find it. I try to go into it ever few days or so and work with it so that I will be ready when the change happens, I also use it to train my assistant, the blog is getting so large it is getting harder to find the test drive.

  85. mg Says:

    QB is acting up alot today! Extra pop up, asking if new or editing invoice, when I am only trying to print. very bad trying to run a business. Owner will be informed.

  86. Richard Boulter Says:

    the new version is horrible. all fluff and window dressing. not at all user friendly. I cant even make a deposit because the create tab wont work. please bring back the old version!!!

  87. Betty Says:

    Invoicing in the update that took automatically took place in QBO take 6 steps rather than 2 and the new screen is terrible to navigatel!! QBO system analysts, who do not work in QBO on a regular basis, create updates that always seem to create more steps or cause more problems that the older version! I’m sure that I, as do many ordinary people who work in QBO, cry out…leave well enough alone!!! bac

  88. Jack Says:

    My manager and I just wasted 3 hours trying to trouble shoot simply printing pay checks. We are now handwriting over 30 checks to keep the ‘mob’ from storming the office. QBO must be working with Obama and their health care online unit.
    My accounting firm couldn’t even help me
    Very frustrated. Can I bill QBooks for my time?

  89. Mary Goffar Says:

    I hate the new version. I have spent WAY to much time on the telephone getting help. The old version was working fine. I am not sure why you decided to CHANGE EVERYTHING, it is very confusing and why did I not get a chance to keep the old version. There are to many steps in getting around in the new version. By putting the choices to what you want to do, on the left side of the page, it takes a good share of the page visibility. Why not keep the tabs on the top of the page?? There are so many things that I dislike about the new setup, that I am considering not using your program anymore. I have your on line program.

  90. David Says:

    Feel my pain I have four businesses on QBO w/two on the new version, one pending to switch over this month and the largest not scheduled yet. I’ve used QBO since 2006. As a multiple business owner and the one who enters most of the accounting information I have found the new version is very inefficient, cluttered, wasted space, waste of time and wanting of me to look for another vendor. The comments of having two versions is a stretch as Intuit will probably not commit resources to that effort and are in vain. Of my two businesses on the new version I’ve found that I don’t want to work on them because it is so time consuming and now I’m behind several months as compared w/the two on the old version which I’m totally up-to-date. I’ve called the Intuit help desk and heard the everything is rosy story so like it or not, we’re probably stuck w/the new version.

    • TJ - Looking for NON-INTUIT products now...very frustrated Says:

      David – I am in a similar situation and echo your concerns. I have three companies on the new version, two scheduled to update on June 25th (with aggravating popups reminding me every two minutes) and three more that I was planning to move from QB desktop to QBO…but no more. I, too, am looking for other non-Intuit solutions as I’ve been flabbergasted that they would foist this “upgrade” on their customers. I have cautioned all my clients to stay away from QBO. I also dread working on the company files in the new system. In every case what used to take one click takes at least three. Don’t have the time to waste. Good luck to you.

  91. Glenda Says:

    Is there anyway to change the width of columns and have that become a default instead of having to change them everytime you open that page. IE invoices

    • Rob Says:

      You should know by now that QBO is not user friendly at all.
      QBO/ Intuit is not friendly to their subscribers. Why should they. People are to afraid to runaway

  92. michael Says:

    i agree with most who find the new version too fluffy and not easy to perform functions. Also, the print is in a gray font, so it is hard to read. I have spent way too much time trying to perform simple functions on this new version. I am an old dog, but can learn new tricks. Sadly,I don’t see a bone at the end of this effort. The new version is simply more complex and less intuitive. As a minimum, at least modify the fonts so that there is more CONTRAST.

    • Paige Says:

      Which instance of print are you referring to? I want to be sure I capture your feedback accurately.

      • Rob Says:

        The invoices and edtimates etc.
        Why have layuots of Invoices been changed aswell.?
        There is no good reason for that. This has nothing to do with Chrome or Firefox technical changes.
        It is one big BS story untill you proof otherwise.



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