iPhone, iPad and Android App Improvements

We’ve added important new features to the QuickBooks mobile apps!

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We know as a small business that you’re not always working from your office at your desk. You’re in the field. You’re meeting with customers. You’re bouncing from the job site to your kid’s soccer game and back again. That’s why we’re adding features you’ve requested to QuickBooks mobile apps for those days when time at your desk is a luxury.

What’s New?

iPhone and iPad Updates

It should be easier for your customers to view and pay your invoices online, so the iPhone and iPad apps now include a better invoice emailing experience for you and your customers:

  • From your invoice email, customers can click ‘View Invoice Now’ to view invoice details and save it. ‘Pay Now’ lets customers immediately pay you from their phone, tablet, or computer (payments enabled through QuickBooks Payments).
  • Sending emails through your iPad or iPhone app is easier than ever. Now you can set a custom, default message when you send emails and customize the originating email address.


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An example of an invoice email. Track invoice views and get paid faster with this new format.


 iPad App News

  • In the menu you’ll see a new tab called Products and Services. Here you’ll be able to look through all of the products and services you offer and add new ones to the list. We know that a lot of you have been asking for this, so hopefully this update helps.

Android App News

The QuickBooks app on Android is new too. You’ll notice that not only does that app look cleaner, but it also has new features to help you get work done.

  • Now you can add customer notes to jot down something in the moment and remind yourself later.
  • We’ve also added the ability to create expenses with or without a receipt photo and even split expenses between different categories and customers.
  • Add your vendors into the app too. You can pull them right from your phone contacts.

We hope these additions make it easier not to miss a beat when you are on the go. If the feature that you’re looking for isn’t in these most recent updates, fear not, we’ve got a lot in store for these apps coming soon.

Remember to update your apps so you are always working with the latest version.


If you haven’t tried out the apps for QuickBooks Online yet, click below:

QuickBooks Online for iPhone

QuickBooks Online for iPad

QuickBooks Online for Android



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28 Comments on “iPhone, iPad and Android App Improvements”

  1. DJ Says:

    I understand your need to go mobile, but get us up and functioning FIRST! Your highest priority should be customizable user access and home page, so we can limit access and limit viewing for those who are not authorized for that information. Your system only works for the owner and bookkeeper. If we have sales people, or estimators or other employees that we don’t want to have access to certain information, we need to use another accounting program…

    • DJ Says:

      Second Priority would be job costing. My contractor clients would love to use your mobile product, but can’t until you limit access and have job costing capabilities.

      • timsuh Says:

        DJ – I wanted to chime in and let you know that we’re actively looking into Job Costing in QuickBooks Online (the web version). We constantly monitor the QuickBooks Online feature requests for customer input. Here’s the feature request for Job Costing – any comments or details are welcome!


        • DJ Says:

          Job costing is one of the top issues on the forum, but there is no status indicated. This is not rocket science. Desktop has it. Surely the QBO team can talk to the desktop team??? It is pretty simple – enable sub-customers which are known as jobs in desktop. if you type a sub-customer, have that sub-customer show up – which it does not do in QBO. Enable ALL transactions to have a sub-customer and class. There is some of this functionality in QBO classic, but the payroll program is horrible – the worst program I have ever used.. We need to be able to input time by sub-customer and class. Then this time should be able to generate a paycheck. We need to be able to edit a paycheck.- because there are times that you have to add something that is not in the time sheet.

          If you get estimating and job costing working and FUNCTIONAL in QBO, along with the mobile app, you will see a mass migration of construction users from the desktop version to QBO. BUT it has to work. It can’t be half a system. QB desktop Premier has the functionality. It does not seem like it would be that hard to program QBO to do the same things as the desktop version.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi DJ, the Mobile team is a different team than the one that works on QuickBooks web. Not to worry, we hear your homepage concerns loud and clear and have a small team that has just been carved out to address it.

    • Will Says:

      Why is this still an issue??? I thought QB was an accounting program…WHO ALLOWS THEIR EMPLOYEES FULL ACCESS TO EVERYTHING? They are well aware of this issue, however I notice that they never respond on the blogs as to why it has not been addressed. Your clients security should be the first priority, not cool new apps.

    • Will Says:

      Why is this still an issue??? I thought QB was an accounting program…WHO ALLOWS THEIR EMPLOYEES FULL ACCESS TO EVERYTHING? They are well aware of this issue, however I notice that they never respond on the blogs as to why it has not been addressed. Your clients security should be the first priority, not cool new apps.

  2. Eric Says:

    What about allowing employees to track their time on a mobile device instead of having to log into a computer? That would be awesome.

  3. spoconnor1 Says:

    Hi Jacques,

    Appreciate your thorough feedback. On the QuickBooks Mobile team, we understand the need to glance at your mobile device and see your business / financial information. We’re hard at work on it! I’ll make sure that your specific suggestions get seen by the team.


  4. Hi Sean,

    is it possible to add a feature so I can be able to see the transactions in other currencies! Actually the app is not good at all for me, as most of my transactions are in foreign currencies.


  5. Steve P Says:

    QuickBooks Online is the ONLY web site that I am unable to use from iPad. Why, why, why would developers force users of iPad into a mobile site on the iPad browser which effectively removes most QuickBooks functionality that I need when on the move. As it is, I am unable to process payroll, look at the customer income list and other things on my iPad. If I want mobile app functionality then I can download a mobile app. If I want access to the full web site, then let me do it regardless of the device. I find this insistence on serving up a completely different rendering of QuickBooks Online to the iPad browser highly offensive. I was in the airport last week, was up against a deadline to send invoices and could not do it from the browser on my iPad. So what did I do? I connected to Windows Server through remote desktop on the iPad and signed on to the QuickBooks online site on the Windows Server, which gave me full functionality. Ridiiculous. At minimum there needs to be a switch between the full site and the extremely limited functionality in the mobile site. My recommendation: dump the mobile site and move mobile functionality to a downloadable app. Let the full site render (or attempt to load) on any device or at least tablets.

  6. Mike Allen Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if they could dedicate some of their efforts to getting a Windows Phone version ready? What about one for touch enabled Windows 8 tablets too?

  7. j jones Says:

    I really feel after using, and relying on QBO online for my business, there’s a definite lack of features, and many are easy no-brainers. Why? Is there some agenda or politics there that disallow certain basic features found in many other packages?

    I really wish the QBO team would focus on what their user-base needs and wants, rather than what they feel they’ll give us. Intuit is too big to care about the “needs” of it’s users I’m afraid. I have a ton of suggestions, but really is it worth my time listing them all out. I’m a mobile-centric business. I CANNOT use a system that doesn’t operate in the cloud, it’s simply not an option for me.

    Many of the suggestions I have are features in the desktop version. I’m not confident they would even be considered, or addressed.

    QBO team, when you’re ready I have some solid suggestions that would help other businesses that also need the features I desire, but please don’t waste my time.

  8. Gerry Says:

    Time entry/tracking, group access policy, and ability to include receipt images as part of a tagged expense report (similar to Neat) are critical to make this a worthwhile mobile and online app.

  9. App is really interesting. Is there any advantage on foreign currency transaction?

  10. Alex Ledesma Says:

    I thinks it s just to protect their desktop sales which amount to a much greater dollar amount in revenue. QBO is not even close having feature parity with QB desktop. I don’t think the challenges are technical just strategic. Sad but true.

  11. when is quick books pos going to have a tablet for POS instead of desktop?????

    • Paige Says:

      It’s in the works! GoPayment is certainly much more robust than it used to be, but we are taking a good look at the POS options we offer across the board. Play around with GoPayment on the tablet– you will likely be pleasantly surprised. It also downloads easily into all QuickBooks versions.

  12. Dan Dickerson Says:

    - I’ve been waiting for YEARS to be able to enter time/activity info on QB mobile. It’s always promised but, instead, I get the ability to see a P&L … on my phone? Useless.

    I can’t even find an Android app that will allow this. I used to have one on an iPhone (Fieldbooks) but that was long ago.

    You allow the creation of an invoice. What would be so hard about a simple time entry screen.
    All I need is Customer, Time, Service and Description.

    I’ve about had it with paying Intuit $40+ a month for what’s becoming a subpar app. I’m looking into other options. Heck, at this point even Zoho looks promising.

    • Eric Says:


      What other apps have you looked at?

    • DJ Says:

      Exaktime has mobile apps that will quickly and easily feed time, customer, job class and job task into QB desktop. Some of the newer apps may be able to take description. I am most familiar with the older app. And I don’t know how well it plays with QBO – but the interface to desktop works smoothly if the mapping is set up correctly.

      • Dan Dickerson Says:

        Thanks for your reply DJ, but that particular app is more like a timeclock than a Services entry type app. Besides, why should I have to pay for a third party app when Intuit is milking me as it is?

  13. tim.mulgrew@apiaccounting.com Says:

    Real business owners would like to see bank account register, financial statements, and an easier view of customer invoice/aging. Long lists of data are too cumbersome to view.

    • DJ Says:

      I like the alphabet boxes on the old QBO Vendor list. I wish all lists in all versions of QuickBooks had that feature. Scrolling a long list of customers or vendors or items now annoys me. If I could just click the box to go to that letter it would be easier…

  14. Why ain’t there any effort to build an App for Windows platform. I would be happy is it comes through!!

  15. I wish there was a way to email invoices from the app. I hate that i have to wait until I get back to the office to send them out.

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