What’s New in QuickBooks: Banking

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Here’s an update about our new Banking page—formerly Downloaded Transactions—coming in the newest, latest version of QuickBooks. We plan to have the new page available for our US customers in the next few days if you haven’t already been updated (Improvements for our customers outside the US are coming in the next few months.)   All of the functionality of the current Downloaded Transactions page is still available.  Some of these changes are small but they’ll have big impact in getting bank transactions in quickly and correctly.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Improved performance/iPad friendly.  We’ve rebuilt the page to use the latest user interface infrastructure.  This has two big advantages.   One is performance.  If you connected your bank or credit card, you’ll see much faster page loading. Our engineers say most folks will see page load times less than 2 seconds.  The second advantage – it makes the banking page iPad and iPhone browser friendly.  Soon you’ll be able to do all your DTX tasks on your tablet or phone browser.  We’re still working out a few bugs here but you can check it out once it’s available.

Accounts front and center. We moved accounts up near the top of the page and made key bits of info much more obvious.  Each account has its own “card,” which shows details like connection status, bank balance, QuickBooks balance, and number of new transactions.

 DTX Harmonized for blog

Expanded row instead of a Details tab. We heard from customers that the Details tab was covering up the row below.  Now, clicking a transaction expands its row, showing you details without covering up the next row (like the Details tab did). We also heard that for those of you who always enter in a Memo line, it was a real pain to have to click Details on every row.  Now it’s one click into the row instead of two.  

Expanded row picture

Easier transfers. We’ve made it simpler to label any bank transaction as a transfer. Just select the Transfer option within a transaction’s expanded row.  (Tip: Did you know that a transaction that pays off a credit card is a transfer in QuickBooks?  It’s transferring money from a checking/savings account to the credit card liability account.)

Transfer picture2

Two columns for amounts. We separated amounts into two columns: Spent and Received. If you’re like us, you sometimes have to think twice about what a negative number means. Two columns makes the money coming in and going out much more obvious. That’s a good thing.

Intuitive action buttons.  When you expand a row and select an option—add, match, transfer—the button at the end of the row smartly changes to match the action you selected—Add, Match, Transfer.

Expenses are expenses are expenses. We’ve done a better job analyzing electronic transactions to make sure expenses get added to QuickBooks as expenses rather than checks. Actual check transactions are still added as checks, of course.   Credit card transactions come in as expenses with credit card as the payment method.

Some big changes, some small changes.  Please, as always, give us feedback about them and how they work for you.   Stay tuned for more improvements to the Banking page in coming months to make it even faster to get the transactions into QBO.  If you have specific improvement requests, please use our User Voice to put in suggestions and vote on existing suggestions. Be sure to use our new Banking category to label the idea so we can easily sort it out.

Just starting out with bank feeds?

Not using bank feeds? Haven’t connected an account yet? Connecting can save you tons of time. When you download bank or credit card data, there’s no need to enter expenses manually or do a big month-end reconciliation. QuickBooks pulls in the data nightly for you. You just confirm and add the data or match to existing transactions and you’re done.  Nothing gets entered in your books without your approval.  We connect to over 16,000 banks worldwide and we’re adding more weekly.  If you don’t see your bank when add a connection, you can put in a request for us to add it.

Here are a few more tips for those just starting with bank feeds.

  • We recommend connecting both your bank and credit card.  You’ll save more time this way.  You can also connect your Paypal account.
  •  If you can’t connect to your bank (either because we don’t have it or a connection issue) you can still get data in by doing a File Upload.  We support uploading of OFX and QIF file types.  You’ll now see the File Upload option under the Update button in the top right.
  • When you first pull in your data, you may have a lot reviewing and categorizing to do.  This will get easier over time because we’ll remember the category you gave a customer/vendor from the previous time. You can also always use the checkboxes to select multiple transactions and use the batch actions button to categorize or accept in bulk!
  • For connection issues and resolution, look to our help topics and community for help.  There are great articles on  how to get connected and common error codes.  In addition, community experts and support reps can often help on the community forum.  And of course our support team is always available to help.

Not seeing this version yet?

These features are in the new version of QBO today, but for those of you who started out on the previous version of QBO, we are moving those companies to the new version over time. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for every customer. With over 500K companies on QBO, that is a tall order! See this post for more details: https://community.intuit.com/questions/791220-how-do-i-switch-to-the-new-version-of-qbo?jump_to=answer_1832181 For a better understanding of why all these changes were made check out our previous blog article outlining details around the changes: What’s changed in QuickBooks. QuickBooks loves saving you time and getting you paid faster and we hope this overview helps get you started. If you have additional questions on using QuickBooks Online please visit our Live Community where you can quickly get answers to all your accounting questions.

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103 Comments on “What’s New in QuickBooks: Banking”

  1. Tom P. Says:

    I would not call the changes to Banking an improvement. Here are a few things I’ve noticed…

    First, from what I can tell there is no way to see all transactions that are unmatched.

    Second, the only total you see for unmatched transactions is on the home page when you logon. So you are forced to scroll left/right and go account by account to see if all items have been matched.

    Third, if you click the left/right scroll buttons too quickly it highlights the top portion of the page. You have to click off the highlighted area to unhighlight. More clicks

    Fourth, having all transactions in one place allowed you to easily match transfers between accounts so you were certain both were posted and clear the bank.

    Fifth, before you could edit on the grid but now you are forced to do a another click to edit the transaction before matching. More clicks

    More clicks and a few more seconds doesn’t sound like much but when you multiply it by the number of times and number of users, this is a huge waste of time.

    If you are like me and have 10+ accounts that sync then you will find the new changes more time consuming and cumbersome. If you only a few accounts it will be ok but believe me it was much faster to see them all on one grid and quickly edit and accept.

    • TylerR Says:

      Hi Tom,

      I’m sorry you’re not very happy with our latest update. I’m one of the engineers working in this area and I’d love to make this easier for you to use. We’re definitely not done working on this and you’ll see more improvements coming over the next few months.

      We’re taking your comments about the usability of the page to heart. A couple of things that we’re already thinking about:

      Having a clear visual indication on each row for transactions that have a match vs those that need a category assigned.

      Making the scroll icons for the accounts larger and easier to use.

      Adding some keyboard navigation so that you could just use the up/down keys to work through your list of transactions all from your keyboard.

      Our end goal here is your productivity. If you have more comments/feedback we’d love to hear it.

      • Tom P. Says:


        I want to be clear. The issue is not the size of the scroll button. The issue is the new design was build for tablets/touch screen which allows the user to swipe left/right. That control normally has an auto-pause built in but when you use a mouse you are forced to wait a second for it to reload. I’m not “missing” the button when I click, the button isn’t active until the page finishes reloading. Again, seconds wasted.

        I still think you need the ability to see all transactions that are unmatched on one page and not have to go account by account. AND a total certainly wouldn’t hurt so I know if I need to scroll.

        I will concede on taking away in-line editing because it can reduce errors and (the reason you made the change) works easier on touch screens. However, it is still extra clicks and will slow down users not using a touch-screen. Again, seconds wasted.

        Finally, it concerns me that a change like this was made without understanding the impact to productivity. I laughed when I read this was a UI change. If that were the case I would still have the ability view all, so this was more than a UI change, it is lost functionality. .

      • Evelyn Says:

        I like that scroll icons-thing… BUT: I have a client with a lot of bank/credit/card accounts and I wish there was a way to group (line them up) these bank accounts so I have quicker access to the ones I use a lot (like checking). I’m constantly scrolling and looking…
        Not sure I like the new look (yet). I would like to see a list of my bank/cc accounts with their balances — as QBO had before, right on the home page.
        To me, having a “prettier” QB is not half as important as a functional and practical one.

        • Ari G Says:

          Tom makes actually good points to Tyler. I think it is additionally beneficial to the engineers to explain exactly HOW you use the tablet and HOW users use the desktop screen interface, Step through a hypothetical, and then explain where the lag is or where the problem is. Even better would be to post a screenshot in pastebin.com and bring the link from pastebin to the blog comment.
          When you use the program daily, you see the advantages of the slightest UI improvements. Developers are not always in the position to test the product daily, but in fact repair bugs, add features and make sure the workflow works well.

      • Linda C Says:

        Please explain to me how all these changes, that apparently from reading the comments no one is happy with, are being done but you can’t seem to do one change that I have been asking for 8 years!!! Why is something that has been on the desktop version for years impossible to get on the online version? I keep books for 8 companies and still have to manually calculate finance charges on the online version. If you want to fix something useful, fix that!

    • I am not happy with any of this and I am in the process of trying to find another form of accounting. I am exasperated with not being able to click on deposit and issue multiple chart of accounts that make up that deposit. I cannot find a way to get to my budget. I cannot write a check for an amount that includes several chart of accounts listing. Quite simply, I’m exasperated and I wish there was a way that I could go back to the familiar way.

  2. I’ll join Tom and register my complaint about the invisibility of unmatched transactions AGAIN. Please fix this as it is a huge control flaw for users with high volume transactions that are trying to keep a daily eye on cash balances.

    • TylerR Says:

      Hi Steve,

      Just so I understand you correctly, you’d like to easily see which banking transactions don’t have a match to a QBO transaction? If that’s the case we’re working on a way to help with that now.

      If you have any other comments or feedback about the new design please feel free to provide it. We’re always looking for feedback.

  3. Steve R Says:

    My bank transactions can’t be downloaded anymore? This was working up until 2 days ago?

  4. Marvin W. Says:

    Will QB online ever have the ability upload payments to the bank similar to the way it’s handled in the desktop version or quicken?

  5. You used to be able to see the memo by hovering over the line, now you actually have to click it. This was a very nice feature. Also, once I click the line, clicking again does not close the expanded view…this is a pain.

    I agree with the comments about Matched Transactions…you should at least be able to sort by that column so that all Matched come to the top..this would make it easier to use the batch action button.

    • qbojen Says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We are making changes to be able to close the expanded row and optionally see the details. We will also look at sorting the column showing matches.

  6. Is it possible to add a second bank account to my QB account? If so, what do I need to do?

  7. Mike L Says:

    This redesign took away the ability to add a class to the transaction inline. Now I need to click into details to add a class.

    Since I do that to every transaction, I now need to click into every single one of them, rendering the bulk-accept function useless and making the process of importing transactions much more time consuming, error-prone and cumbersome.

    Can you please return this column.

    • Tom P. Says:

      I will second Mike on the missing classes from the main grid.

      I’ve already made enough complaints about the lost functionality but this was another item on my list. I truly believed QBO was comparable if not better than the desktop version. That is until now.

      Inline editing is the fastest way to match and add transactions. Not everyone works from a tablet and the desktop users of QBO now have to suffer.

    • I agree with Mike, extra clicks is not productive. I would like to see more actions on the screen, there is plenty of room. Hiding so much behind extra clicks is not a step forward. Exclude, Categorize are also now an extra click. Please rethink this design element…

    • Laurel B. C. Says:

      I find it faster and easier to download everything then go to Reports. I have created and saved custom reports for the checking and Paypal account with a column for classes and the expense category and memo. It is easy to see which transactions need changing or deleting.
      The only problem with reports is that they don’t automatically refresh, you have to go to the top and select run report. I find I can do 5 to 10 transactions before I need to rerun the report.
      You can set up reports for just deposits or just checks or everything. If you are in a memorized report, you can still change any parameters you want.

  8. Beth Says:

    I am new to QB Online. Would anyone know why transactions are downloading into more than one account (and/or a single wrong account)? i.e. my business checking transactions also downloaded into my personal account. Can I just remove them as duplicates from the downloaded personal transactions screen or will that affect the checking account, too?

  9. Beth Says:

    Also – in regular offline QB, I can generate a report from the results of a ‘Find’ search. In the online version, it doesn’t look like I can (which is annoying, since there is no detail and no total $ in the search results). Am I missing something?

  10. Bill Says:

    Definitely need a way to reorder accounts. Having the Business’s main checking account as the LAST account listed leads to a lot of frustrating clicking while trying to scroll without selecting the top of the page.

    Also, you took away the ability to get into the register for an account from this page. It would be nice to be able to tell if there’s a balance mismatch/un-reconciled entries without having to click the tile for the account.

    Transfers aren’t memorized like added categories. It’s a bit annoying that each downloaded Savings account entry titled “Transfer” wants to add as uncategorized income instead of remembering it’s a transfer from the Checking account.

    I think you’re making the same mistake as Microsoft with Windows 8. The vast majority of the world uses 1) PCs. 2) Smart phones and a distant 3rd) Tablets… Mucking up the functionality to facilitate tablets just frustrates the majority of your userbase.

    • Beth Says:

      Totally agree with Bill about the ill-advisedness of catering to tablet use. Personally, I can’t imagine using my ipad for QB. I have had many versions of Windows for my PCs over the years and Windows 8 is the worst experience ever. hate to see QB going the same route.

    • qbojen Says:

      Thank you for the feedback. We’re sorry you’re not happy with the updates. We’re continuing to work on the Banking page to improve it.

      We’re looking at ways to make the Transfer smarter, especially if you have both accounts hooked up.

      We’ve heard a lot of customer feedback about making all of QBO usable on the tablet/phone. In fact this is our top requested functionality/feature that users have voted on. This is the forum where folks vote on features


      We are definitely trying to balance that need with making sure it’s productive for PC users so we’ll definitely take your comments into consideration.

  11. Angela J. Says:

    Hi there!

    I have been an online subscriber for years. I was not aware that QuickBooks was changing or doing anything to their online service until I received this error message when trying to edit a transaction: “This GENERIC EXPENSE was added in Harmony and cannot be editited within the CLASSIC UI. Sorry.” And yes, the “editited” is a typo within the error message on the QuickBooks page. (Plus the “Sorry” at the end just seems like a slap in the face! No link to get help for the issue? No suggestion for a workaround?) If I can navigate to a Register for the transaction, I can edit it in the register. However, some accounts don’t have a register (e.g. the very-common “Ask My Accountant” account).

    I do not (nor have I ever had) the Harmony UI. I am using the same computer and same browser as I was when I created the transactions. I tried editing transactions that I just made (literally just an hour ago), and I cannot edit them. I tried switching browsers.

    So now I am trying to get my account ready for my CPA and I can’t clean up any of my transactions! This is a pretty huge “bug” and I can’t find any info on it! I really need to get this done ASAP. Do you have any suggestions for this issue? Thanks in advance.


    • qbojen Says:

      This definitely seems like a bug. Can you please provide your contact information so we can help resolve this?
      thank you.

  12. All this information about the new edition, and we still don’t have it. Any chance we can find out when the rollout will be happening for existing members?

    • Tamara Says:

      I’ve asked this question multiple times, and I’ve been told to sit tight. I’ve even filled in the “request to upgrade” form, multiple times, and none of my clients have gotten the upgrade yet. Sitting here wasting time in the old version when I know some of my issues have been fixed in the new version is superbly frustrating.

  13. Viola Allen Says:

    I feel that DTX tasks, if performed on a tablet or phone, would be vulnerable to many kinds of attacks. Besides that, sharing credit card information and other banking details over iPad is also not reliable. No matter how hard you try, hackers have some or the other solution to disturb the normal functioning.

  14. we started a music business in Dec. 2012. and bought QB. i am using payanywhere and that works fine but to do the book work in QB is a total disaster for me. our other business was all don’t by hand and i got things done quickly. this thing i don’t know where to start. thanks

  15. Demos L Says:

    I have QBOA. Will there be changes to that?

  16. Mosey Levy Says:

    the number 1 feature we think is needed is the ability to assign a charge to a customer right from the bank page. if i spent $50 in a hardware store, id like to say it was for customer X, and decide if its billable or not right from that page.

    the way it is in the old, and i guess in the new as well, is we have to accept it,
    then goto the register, edit it, assign it to a client and check off billable (or not).
    that takes 2-3 minutes just to assign a charge to a client.

    also, i like the cards on top, but we have 10 accounts.. make it hard to see everything at a glance.
    and for being that big (the cards), the text still gets cut off on the end of each one. hovering over it or clicking on it should give you the full name and description of the account.

    • Laurel B. C. Says:

      This might work for you. I find it faster and easier to download everything then go to Reports. I have created and saved custom reports for the checking and Paypal account with a column for classes and the expense category and memo. It is easy to see which transactions need changing or deleting.
      If you can add a client column to a report, you can easily see which ones need edited.
      The only problem with reports is that they don’t automatically refresh, you have to go to the top and select run report. I find I can do 5 to 10 transactions before I need to rerun the report.
      You can set up reports for just deposits or just checks or everything. If you are in a memorized report, you can still change any parameters you want.

  17. Danette Says:


    I love my QuickBooks. However I do payroll out of one account at one bank and pay the payroll taxes out of another Bank. Is there a way to be able to get this feature where you can pay taxes out of another Bank. The reason is that the bank we do payroll out of is very small and we do not have the feature to pay our payroll taxes. So I have to use our other bank to pay them which leaves all the taxes in red in my to do list. Please help with this.

  18. Joanna Says:

    I hate this new cartoon format, and all that profit and loss on the homepage in big big big lettering, is not necessary. The screen is jumpy and the tool bar is on the side, it is a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dineane Says:

      AGREED – I feel as if the sight was ‘dumbed down’ for the financially illiterate while those of us that actually NEED and USE the NUMBERS can’t get to simple daily one click tasks…
      The last update with the flow chart worked well and choosing what I wanted on my home page was USEFUL I could see accounts, write a check, do an invoice etc was uploading transactions the register was RIGHT THERE… ugh…

      • Dineane Says:

        OH and you only upgraded ONE of my companies I work with daily – imagine how much fun it is trying to work with two systems…. It was so bad I had a partner in CA (I’m in PA) on a conference call so that I could do one part of the transaction while she did another and we wouldn’t have to keep going back and forth in the site

        Also – I had online help the other day with payroll – they kept motioning for me to click certain buttons (which I had) and did so excitedly after a few MINUTES – as I explained to them, “welcome to my NEW IMPROVED quickbooks world” It has been taking FOREVER to load – yes, I closed out, deleted cookies, history, and cache. No it was not my connection or computer as ALL other online sites I was using before and after were fine.


  19. Sandy Says:

    I can’t get in using Explorer anymore. I have Windows XP and there are no further updates. When I go in through Google Chrome, I can’t print. I have to save the file to my computer, go to that file and open and print. I want to be able to go back to the more user friendly version.

  20. Ken Trantowski Says:

    This stinks. This is not acceptable. Thanks for complicating my life.

  21. Sue Brotton Says:

    Cindi, Do you want this link?

  22. I manage two companies with QBO and since subscribing to this thread and reading all the complaints, I’m not looking forward to the “free upgrade”. Like others, I’ve been regularly requesting feature improvements for a couple of year that have been ignored and instead getting features or that, while Intuit is jazzed about them, are difficult to see the value in. I’ve often said that Intuit has adopted the Henry Ford model of customer service – “You can have your Model T any color you like, as long as it’s black!” It sounds like this coming update is another validation of that theory. This is what you get when what should be an accounting software company turns into a marketing machine. The marketing department, not the accountants are making design decisions and it shows. Hopefully, the up and coming cloud accounting competitors will force Intuit to rethink their approach.

    • DJ Says:

      My thoughts exactly. Give me a program that works – smoothly, effectively, with less clicks, not more, with well used page layouts that give you what you want to see, not lots of wasted space.. Give me choice of what I see, or don’t see. I hated the gray tone roll out of QB desktop where the only color was ads for add-ons.

  23. Kris Says:

    I really dislike this new version of QBO. Very distressing and not user friendly at all. Can we elect to revert back to the prior version? My client really dislikes this also.

    • DJ Says:

      I don’t think you have a choice. This is the direction QBO is going… Does not matter what the user thinks.

      • Paige Says:

        Actually, it matters a lot what you think! We document all of your feedback and prioritize it, releasing enhancements monthly to address your concerns. Our teams work very hard to address your valued feedback.

        • David Says:

          Please do not remove the home page online banking block. It is the hub of almost everything we do in QBO for 10 years now.

  24. Joe Lafferty Says:

    Not happy at all with this new version. I have been trying to accept my banking transactions for 2 days now. I managed to accept 2 of them but now keep getting a message saying Sorry! can not perform this transaction now, please try again later. Later when, next month. I am a small businessman who also has a full time job on the side. I do not have time to keep retrying things another time. I do not like this and I will look for an alternative book keeping product. A former satisfied customer.

  25. Joe Lafferty Says:

    I have read it. It has made no difference.

    • Kathy M Says:

      Wow! I am a new business that has been keeping my records the good old fashioned way. Just went online to learn about QBO and to sign up hoping to save time and so on. Sure am glad I happened upon these reviews. I surely do not need any more frustration….just let me buy a new box of pencils. Will still consider QBO after I start seeing some better comments. Thanks for your feedback folks!

  26. Liisa Mitchell Says:

    How do I print checks on QB Online version???? I cannot get the to be checks to print on the screen?

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Lisa,
      You should see the area for printing checks on the left side of your screen from the homepage under the “Transactions” tab. Where would you like it to belong? We can move it to a place that makes more sense.

    • DJ Says:

      neo QBO? or classic QBO? If you can get into a check in the classic version and go to print one check, it will also show you all the other checks that are ready to be printed. Don’t know if that is how the neo version works or not…

  27. kirkley Says:

    it would make since that once an admin has completed updating the previous years payroll and is ready to send the w2’s, the admin should be able to send out an email to all users/employees notifying the that their w2 is now online at the same place they access their paystub.

  28. sitesage Says:

    Today two of my companies were forced into this new version. Not only is it a waste of my time to try to learn this new version, I have called support for assistance and they couldn’t even help me. The rep I had spent a lot of time logging what we were doing (trying to display ALL of the purchase orders, not just the open ones). In the end he wasn’t able to locate anyone who could help. And now FOUR HOURS after he said someone would call me back in an hour, I’m still waiting.

    I’ll echo the sentiments of others – I have tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. I primarily work in QBO on my desktop. Having some features available for tablets/phablets/phones is great but don’t leave out the people who actually do the work. Don’t bury or hide functions from users. Make it easy and intuitive and don’t remove features.

    Another note, from reading a comment above (and I haven’t tried this yet) I gathered that the Class is now buried and can’t be used in bulk. That stinks (to be polite). Makes the job harder as a large number of transactions we process have to have a class assigned to them.

    Maybe you can keep the useful, previous interface for those of us that would rather have more useful functions and allow those that want to use the updated interface on their tablets/phones a way to opt in. I am now a day behind on my work because I wasn’t able to do the simple things that I already knew how to do in the old version.

    Time to pull all three of my businesses of QBO and move them to another solution. Not only am I too buried to learn a completely new interface, I don’t feel like Intuit cares about their customers. No return calls, forced changes and poor timing (my corporate tax filings are due on March 15th, now what!). Once again shareholders and revenue trumps customers – or at least that’s how it seems.

  29. Lonny Says:

    Have been a Quickbooks Online user for 3
    years. Going back to a desktop version. The issues of a desktop version does now not out weigh the newly created issues of QBO.

    • DJ Says:

      In 99% of situations, you would be better with regular desktop QB… We were just considering going back to desktop when the announcement of the new QBO came out, so we decided to see what happens. We run payroll, so we will be one of the last ones to be converted. Based on what I see and hear, I am tempted to just give up and go back to the desktop version – though I am not happy with changes that came with 2013 and 2014. The color has been improved, but why do they have to have that stupid, super skinny slider/scroll bar???

  30. Ralph Says:

    Sounds like you have a product I want nothing to do with. How long had there been QBO ?? Sounds like a BETA version and everyone is test it ?? I don’t want to pay $25/mo. to be a BETA Tester.

  31. Bernice Says:

    I have been a quickbook user for years but have subscribed to the online version a couple years ago. With this new update, I will now be forced to buy a new computer as my hardware will not handle the new browsers recommended by the update. I understand the need to update technology and also understand that with each upgrade, I may lose some functionality but I am not happy that in order to use my online banking system, I now have to buy a new computer or operating system. At this point in time, I am unable to login at all.

    In all my years of online banking with my own personal accounts, I have never run into this problem and my home equipment is not the most current and top of the line. If this same situation were to happen to my personal accounts and I was no longer allowed access, I would find another bank!

    • Bernice,

      I’ve been highly critical of Intuit’s approach to the online application design but when I saw your post, I think you may want to consider upgrading your systems for security reasons. If they are as old as you say, you are likely still vulnerable to security threats that have been patched in the newer browsers. That is one of key reasons application developers have have minimum hardware requirements.

      • Bernice Says:

        I use QBO for/at my office on a MacBook that is not that old. I am unable to log in because my equipment does not support the “newer” browsers necessary for this recent upgrade.

        My personal online banking (not QBO) is done on older computers at home. My bank’s online banking system has gone through many upgrades over the years and I have never been locked out because my browser or equipment was outdated.

  32. JP Says:

    Just Terrible….. I have not been able to input my work for 5 days now because I dont have the time to sit around and learn a new product… Put back the old version so I can get my work done. This sucks

  33. sarah Says:

    On ipad or iphone, the billing can not be saved with negative amount which reflects discount. This is very inconvenient because I would need to log into the desktop to save the documents which I gave discount. Please fix this problem. other then that it’s great.

  34. M Says:

    I am completely UNIMPRESSED in the changes and would give my right arm to go back to the previous version!

    • Kim Says:

      I feel the same as M. I’m an accountant and need productivity NOT fancy looking screens! The desktop version is SOOOOOO much better for business accountants and CPAs alike. I don’t know whose idea it was to make such drastic changes but I’m not impressed. New technology is suppose to save time. This version does not do that. Though the short cut keys help, it’s not enough and I don’t like having to remember them. Either I’m allowed to use the old version or my business and clients are going elsewhere.

  35. […] didn't read QuickBooks Online’s Blog, before I did the video, so I'm surprised at the number of people who are unhappy with the […]

  36. Please tell me that we can go back to the older version! We cannot find our budget to edit it. It took us weeks to create it!

    • Linda C Says:

      I agree. Now the stupid thing has gone down in the middle of the day. I have 8 companies I need to be in posting payments, and can’t even log in. Maybe it is time to look for a new program.

  37. Mike Davison Says:

    The old version worked similar to the desktop version. This new version is radically different and not very intuitive. For instance, you need to hunt around for registers. Things like quickly writing checks was accessible from the Home menu. Now you have to hunt for it, then if you want to write more than one, you need to use a pull-down menu to Save and New. The default is Save and Close. I have been using this for about a month now and would prefer to go back to the older version. It has a pretty screen but was not designed by someone that uses the application.

    • You can bookmark pages you use frequently and put them on the bookmarks bar for easy access. I’m sure you know by now things are located in one of 3 places, left menu (with registers under ‘Transactions’) the Create (plus sign) at top of screen (click ‘show more’ link for full menu), or the gear/company name in upper right of screen.

      The keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+s will do a ‘Save and New’ in Chrome.

      • Mike Davison Says:

        I didn’t think of using bookmarks to get around. I see I can create a folder of the pages I frequently use and add them to the Chrome bookmark bar. That is a great tip for a workaround. Where can I find the list of shortcut keys (like the ctrl-alt-s) recognized by the QBO pages and Chrome?

        Also, I see 5 trackers trying to follow what I do on this page and at least 3 on most pages. Why do you allow trackers into this site at all? I don’t like sites tracking my sensitive information, especially accounting information. We can keep information private with the desktop version.

        • To see a list of keyboard shortcuts, press ctrl+alt+? on your keyboard and a pop up will appear!

          I’m not sure about the trackers..I’m just a QBO expert and not an Intuit employee :)

  38. Don Says:

    This online program sucks. Can’t seem to get anything done!

  39. Greg Says:

    I do hundreds of transactions per day and now i have to open the new transaction to status it by class. the old way i could chose a class on all of them at once and then accept them with one click. PUT THE CLASS OPTION BACK, WITHOUT HAVING TO OPEN THE NEW TRANSACTION!!!

  40. Lee Anne L Says:

    I am very dissatisfied with this new version of QB. As of 2 days ago, I cannot download banking transactions. As a small business owner, it is critical that my QB be up to date with my bank. It’s impossible to get in touch with a person at QB to obtain assistance with the error message and I do not find any references to the message on line. If anyone can get me around this message, please advise!
    Bank Account Error 324: Sorry, we’re unable to update your account. Please wait a few hours and try again. If the issue persists, contact support.

  41. Kirill Says:

    Hi QB team! One improvement that would totally rock is to add a button next to a downloaded transaction that would auto create an invoice for credit and a bill for debit transactions. Right now it is a lot of work to manually add an invoice and then match the downloaded transactions to that invoice. Thank you for listening. Cheers, Kirill

    • Kirill Says:

      QB team! Is anyone listening?

      • qbojen Says:

        Thanks for the great idea! We’re definitely still working on ways to make that page simpler and faster and this could be one of those ways. We might allow you to enter it as a sales receipt not an invoice. (A sales receipt is basically an invoice that’s paid immediately). Would this still work?

        • Kirill Says:

          Yes, that would totally work for deposits (i.e. income) but about bills (i.e. expenses)?

          • Bills (accounts payable) is to track expenses due in the future; therefore, if it’s already paid and coming through the bank download, then no need to create a bill.

            Jen, it would be awesome if a SR could be created from download page! The community users are confused as to why deposits posted here do not affect customer and sales transaction screens. This would clear that up.

          • qbojen Says:

            We could do the same for expenses.

  42. S K Says:

    I am frustrated and I’m angry!! The newer version of QBO sucks (to put it politely). A customer service fellow at QBO tricked me to switch to the newer version, without warning me that we cannot revert to the older version. The newer version has less functionality, requires a lot more clicks and data entry, needs switching to different tabs to get simple steps done, and has slowed down productivity considerably. We have been using online version for 7 years with multiple licenses, and this is the worst we have seen from Intuit. The newer version has major design flaws.

    I have a feeling that the new breed of Decision Makers, Project Managers and Software Designers have no clue to what they are doing, and are simply staying busy to justify their payroll to the management by creating unnecessary work. Someone needs to note that just making a webpage look prettier is not improvement! I guess this is what happens when you grow to over 500,000 customers (per Intuit), and lose track of what customers really want. They are going to see a mass revolt from customers jumping the ship if they don’t change their thinking quick and bring in managers with better judgment. Very disappointed!!.

    • DJ Says:

      I’ll bet they outsource their programming off shore to young computer wizzards who have no practical experience with USA basic accounting.. Just got a garnishment to process for the first time using QBO payroll. All garnishments I have ever processed in 25 years of doing payroll are based on the net pay. QBO will only calculate a percentage based on GROSS pay or a set amount per week. And you CAN’T change the garnishment amount when you are preparing the paycheck… I have hourly employees who never have the same amount of gross or net pay per week. SO – I have to calculate the employee’s paycheck. Then delete the check. Then go into the employee list, change the amount of garnishment in the employee information. Then go back into payroll and prepare the paycheck with the correct garnishment amount. Does this make sense? Or what???

  43. John Says:

    Completely unhappy with this new version. Everything takes longer to enter and class detail lists have disappeared – used that every day to verify balances. PLEASE let those that wish to go back to the old version of QB Online Plus.

  44. Ari G Says:

    It is strange to me that product management would make drastic adjustments to the overall UI engineering and product management have been building on for years. The way it was designed had more beneficial UI considerations than the current new layout.
    So I am thinking that these changes were part of something from a new person running the project. The better way to roll out adjustments is to have a beta site and get feedback from that, instead of forcing the new site on people. This way they can easily back off to the original design quickly. Also I certainly hope that the recent UI changes are not spoken about like “Well, we already put time and engineering costs into this, so we will keep going with the NEW design.” If it is a bad design, it is a bad design. The biggest loss in a company is not ‘wasted engineering time’ but customer dissatisfaction – also called customer loyalty.
    Focus groups, that I have been a part of, are seriously limited to their ability to understand scope and value of the product changes, the feature requests and the industry at large. I think the entire product can be improved upon in terms of design, testing, feedback, update, release. Then get feedback again from the RIGHT customer base and incorporate those changes, and ge tfeedback from those same people about proposed features going forward.
    Unfortunately, you will HAVE to use different feedback groups – end users who are beginners, end users who are bookkeepers, end users who are experienced quickbooks consultants, end users who are experienced CPAs.
    CONTACT me if you want more ideas.

    • Really? You don’t think they do that? Of course they do everything you just said…extensive testing with user groups. The classic has been around since 2004 and was old and slow.

  45. Doug Bennett Says:

    Your “new & improved” interface is anything but – the most non-intuitive interface I’ve seen in years. Who in the world did you get to put it together? . . . looks like you hired a bunch of DOS-based programmers out of retirement. Absolutely laughable.

  46. KarlaKay Says:

    Can I just go back to the old program otherwise I will find another place to do my invoices. I only used this to create and track invoices and some reports for my small business now the font is much smaller and when you go to create an invoice nothing appears like before. THIS IS HORRIABLE I should have NEVER clocked ok to update.

  47. JIM MADISON Says:





















    JIM :-(

  48. James Says:

    Trying to do a simple bank deposit today and when I click on the checkbox to select a payment, nothing happens to the deposit total…it stays at $0. Then the payment I have selected disappears from the page! Help please…

  49. Norwood Says:

    It looks like since January only a couple of features have been added. As much as we like the idea of operating in the cloud without sales orders QuickBooks Online is a non-starter for us. Very frustrating at this point. Hoping those advances come soon.

  50. paula Says:

    Why can’t we change a deposit that was in undeposited funds???????? All I want to do is put it in the correct category but it won’t let me!!!! FRUSTERATED!!!!!!!

  51. loss Says:


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