What’s New in QuickBooks: Customer Payments

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We’ve made getting paid easier in the new QuickBooks Online. Taking payments in a way that saves you time and increases accuracy helps you spend less time worrying about your books and following up with customers on overdue invoices. Invoicing with payments provides clear tracking (when it was last viewed), quick communication via a messaging feature that works both within QuickBooks and your email client, and anywhere payments flexibility (customers can pay you from their phone, tablet or computer).

Getting Started is Simple

If you haven’t signed up for payments, click the gear icon in the top right and select Your Account. Click Upgrade and add Payments. We will ask some basic questions about your business and where you want your money deposited. Typically, you will be approved for payments the day you request the feature be enabled. Credit card processing should work immediately and bank transfer capability will be built into your account within two days.

How does it work?

Before you had to think about two payments solutions, QuickBooks Merchant Services and Intuit Payment Network. We’ve simplified things. It’s now just QuickBooks Payments. You can still get paid on your emailed invoices for just 50 cents via ACH (electronic bank transfer) and process credit cards within QuickBooks and QB Mobile. Check out our payment site for more details around pricing.

To top it off, we automatically update your books when your money settles and the funds are available. We use unique ID numbers to auto-apply payments to batch deposits, eliminating guesswork and missing payments. It means less work for you and improved accuracy.

You can:

  • Take a deposit, pre-payment or down payment on an invoice.

  • Let a customer pay an invoice online (from their phone, tablet, or computer).

  • Set up a automatic payment for your customers (simply select “Make Recurring”).

  • Take a one time payment (sales receipt) or payment against an invoice (receive payment).

  • Swipe cards or type them in.

Online Invoicing and Payments

If you have a payments account, you can send an invoice to your customer and give them the option to pay by ACH (electronic bank transfer) or by credit card. You can set your preferred payment method when you email the invoice (the complete control you asked for).

When your customer clicks on your invoice email to view it, this is what they will see.

The payment method(s) offered to the customer will be what you have set in QuickBooks. You can see that a customer can send you messages, and you can respond to them right in QuickBooks.

You will see a corresponding activity feed at the bottom of the invoice in QuickBooks.

You can also see when the invoice has been viewed and paid at a glance from your sales transaction list.

Note: If you aren’t using QuickBooks Payments yet, you can still use online invoicing, you just won’t have an activated pay button or the posting and matching of the payment to the invoice in QuickBooks automatically.

Deposit and Fee Reconciliation

If you process payments through QuickBooks or the QuickBooks Mobile app, you’ll soon discover the magic of the new QuickBooks Online.

Let’s say you take a payment from a customer in QuickBooks. You mark that invoice as paid and the money sits in Undeposited Funds.

Now, when we deposit your money into your bank account, we’ll automatically record a Bank Deposit with the associated transactions and record an Expense with any Payments fees.

Just think—all the payments you took through emailed invoices and QuickBooks automatically move from Undeposited Funds to your bank register while you sleep.

Already Using Payments?

If you already use the Intuit Payment Network (IPN) or QuickBooks Merchant Services, you don’t need to worry about bringing your account over to the new QBO experience. We will take care of it for you. There will be some noticeable differences between IPN and the new online invoices. All critical components will remain and new features like tracking and conversation functionality have been added. Please note, there will no longer be a link on the invoice PDF. The recipient must click on the invoice email to view your invoice. You can always add a PDF attachment of the invoice to the email if you wish to do so.

Are there payment features you want to see?

Want to see more? Have an idea for which payments feature we should work on next? Great! Visit our feedback page and vote on ideas or submit your own. It’s always best to search and vote on existing ideas that are similar, but if you can’t find anything feel free to add your idea and categorize it as Payments (if it’s payments related).

Not seeing this version yet?

These features are in the new version of QBO today, but for those of you who started out on the previous version of QBO, we are moving those companies to the new version over time. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for every customer. With over 500K companies on QBO, that is a tall order! See this post for more details: https://community.intuit.com/questions/791220-how-do-i-switch-to-the-new-version-of-qbo?jump_to=answer_1832181 For a better understanding of why all these changes were made check out our previous blog article outlining details around the changes: What’s changed in QuickBooks. QuickBooks loves saving you time and getting you paid faster and we hope this overview helps get you started. If you have additional questions on using QuickBooks Online please visit our Live Community where you can quickly get answers to all your accounting questions.

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63 Comments on “What’s New in QuickBooks: Customer Payments”

  1. Raghu saraf Says:

    When will this new Quickbooks online be available for Indian customers ?

    Thanks, Raghunandan Saraf +919982220519


    • Tracy Says:

      Trust me it you don’t want it. HATE IT and once you have it you are stuck with it and can’t go back! The improvements aren’t all that. I have two companies using QB and one we accidently upgraded to the “New and Improved” quickbooks. The other they are basically forcing us to update to as you can’t use it till you install the upgrade. Called and complained about wanting the old version back and they basically said no can do!

      • I hate it, too, girl. ooouu, I hate it. f#!@ing clown shoes. #QuickBooks2014

        • Paige Says:

          Tracy and Lora, We are sorry you don’t like the redesigned look and feel. The most important changes are the ones you can’t see. The new technology will support customer requests for functionality and speed that we have been unable to deliver on the old system. The team works very hard every day to make QuickBooks better, releasing every month based on the feedback of users. Tell us what you want changed, the things that you don’t like. We will fix them.

          • Mary Lapp Says:

            Please, Please make the forms look like the real thing again. And please fix the navigation. I include a quote from a previous comment I posted about what I didn’t like about it. We will be automatically updated on Monday and I am NOT looking forward to it.

            “2.Navigation. It would be very nice if the menu on the side had the same options as the menu on the top in the old design. Frankly, that’s what I was expecting. I’m a menu person and the plus sign and gear just don’t cut it. Also, I like the way the old design (for the most part) had several different ways to get to or enter the same data. That’s one thing I don’t see here to the same extent.”

  2. Alan Guggenheim Says:

    Sounds good, but we still need to be able to pay vendors without paper checks: bill pay should be one on the payment option.

    • TomP Says:

      Long over due. Why we can’t pay vendors easily directly out of the check writing module is beyond me. CheckFree had been a part of the original QuickBooks (and Quicken) since the ’90s.

    • David Says:

      Miss the Direct Deposit for vendors feature in desktop as well.

  3. We need an option to allow customers to accept and pay a deposit when I email them an estimate. Can that be done?

  4. Krystle Pinzker Says:

    This looks like a big improvement, thanks QuickBooks! I’m still waiting on a feature for installment billing, allowing a client to make multiple payments on one large invoice.

    • Paige Says:

      Today you can extend your payment terms and allow your customers to pay partially against a larger invoice online or set up a recurring payment with a set number of occurrences, but we are looking at how best to implement installment billing in QuickBooks Online. Stay tuned and don’t be surprised if we reach out to you for more detail on what you are looking for. Thanks for your help!

      • Krystle Pinzker Says:

        Paige I would be happy to give more details on what I’m after! It’s an issue I only have with one client, but being able to do this would great improve their usage with QBO. Thanks for the reply!

        • Fiona Says:

          I have this issue with every client – we build and erect kit homes. The customer has one invoice and we need to be able to bill per line item – deposit, manufacture payment, delivery payment, concrete payment and install payment. Right now it closes the invoice as soon as a payment is applied – absolute nightmare!

          I also have all my customers complain about the fact that the line item does not show GST and it is only shown on the bottom of the invoice? Yet on screen I can see the GST applied at all line items. This makes no sense what so ever!

  5. Tarhata Says:

    Hi. Does this work for QBO Canadian edition? If it does, then we will finally decide to choose QBO over desktop.


  6. Deborah Says:

    Can we use the “Payments” feature if we don’t have our QBO hooked to a bank account?

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Deborah. You don’t need to connect your bank account with QuickBooks to use Payments. You will need to give a bank account where you want your money deposited, but it will not add information to your books. Hope that helps!

  7. I second the question from Tarhata, does this work with the Canadian edition?

    • Paige Says:

      Not yet. Are you on Desktop or Online? We offer payments in QuickBooks Desktop in Canada and offer GoPayment in Canada, but don’t have this precise implementation in QBO Canada today. Glad to hear it is functionality you’d like to see– it helps us prioritize this work!

      • Ness Says:

        I would also like to see this feature for the Canadian edition. Without the ability for my customers to pay their invoices online, I have to utilize an entire different software called WHMCS to provide online payments to my clients. I assumed that this feature was to be added soon as it is already available in the US so I elected to get started with QBO. Please keep us informed on this. Much appreciated.

        • Tarhata Says:

          I have the same problem. My client wanted to cancell our subscription for qbo canada after using for a month. I just convinced him that credit card processing via intuit merchant account might be addressed soon by intuit . Please this is a very important feature, do something about this soon

  8. Tiffany Says:

    When will invoices sent from mobile apps include payment links for customers?

  9. Steve Bokmiller Says:

    While you are at it – can you fix the accounting defaults for QB Payments (IPN)? I cannot assign a COS expense account or assign a class. This means everytime I receive a payment, I have to manually edit the transactions to properly code the fees.

  10. Marie H. Says:

    I have the same problem as Steve Bokmiller. I make one large deposit. The transaction is noted in the review from the bank. I then have to delete it and reenter ii manually as a deposit from each of my tenants. It is the same recurring deposit every month. I don’t have that time to do it.

    • Steve Bokmiller Says:

      Hey Marie – I found that I can pull up the IPN deposit by clicking Recent on the Deposits tab and edit the IPN fee line there. That may save your from re-creating the deposit. The point still remains – we should be able to assign a default class to the IPN and merchant fees if we are using classes AND we should be able to use a COS account for the expense. I don’t know what Intuit was thinking when they restricted the latter. Someone wasn’t thinking on the former.

  11. Any idea of when we can expect integration of online payments/mobile payments with QBO Canada?

  12. Could you please fix the sales tax issue first before all the other automatic solutions? Since QB made the change with the sales tax sometimes last year, my invoices will no longer populate with sales tax at all. I have to manually check every invoice and make certain to click on the sales tax button. It is very annoying.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Regina, That sounds like a real pain. I’ll follow-up via email to try to better understand what you are encountering so we can fix it. Thanks!

      • Thank you for offering help. I will not be here on Monday, but you can reach me Tuesday through Friday

        • qbojen Says:

          There is a setting that will automatically mark all customers as taxable. Go to Company-> Sales Tax. On the far right, you’ll see Edit Sales Tax Settings. Click the box to mark all customers as taxable. Does this solve your problem?

          • This setting has been there since I started QB online 9 years ago and it always worked. Since QB changed the sales tax setup nothing works properly any longer.
            Please give me some other suggestions in order to solve my problem.

  13. Carlos Garcia Says:

    These changes are terrible. This is now a piece of garbage. You can’t even find the the chart of accounts, bank reconciliations… This is a useless mess.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Carlos, I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the redesign. We are still working out some kinks. Expect to see some changes to the navigation (yes, chart of accounts is buried under the gear at the top right) and your bank reconciliation soon.

    • Judy B. Says:

      I have to agree that navigation on the new design is confusing. I converted a client from Desktop to online. The Plus Sign and the Gear would be more informative if we knew what it represents when you log in or at least a document of where all the options are located. How about a map? :)

      • Judy..contact me and I can point you to some training resources for professionals. I think they are working on the help files, but until then there is some training for professionals available. reesa at abilitybooks.com

    • Mary Lapp Says:

      I am glad to find that I’m not the only one to think so. At first I thought maybe it’s just me, since so many people are excited about it. There are a few new features that I like about the update, but there just aren’t enough to make up for the cons or the design. I like the old look so much better.

      The following is for the QB moderator.

      A few of the main things that I don’t like about the new design:
      1. The Look. I think the old design is much more simple, and personally, I can see/comprehend much more in less time. There was one page (income list under customers) in the old design that I never used simply because I didn’t like the layout. I wasn’t happy to see that layout and design used pretty much everywhere in the updated version.
      2. Navigation. It would be very nice if the menu on the side had the same options as the menu on the top in the old design. Frankly, that’s what I was expecting. I’m a menu person and the plus sign and gear just don’t cut it. Also, I like the way the old design (for the most part) had several different ways to get to or enter the same data. That’s one thing I don’t see here to the same extent.
      3. Forms. Another thing I liked about QB was that the forms (checks, invoices, bills, etc) looked like the real thing. That way it’s a lot easier to make sure the right data gets put in the right place. (one reason why I rarely use the register to enter transactions) I am very disappointed with the new design of the forms.
      4. Shortcuts. I am used to using shortcuts such as Alt+S for saving forms and hitting a letter while in the vendor list to jump to the vendors starting with that letter. These do not work with the new design.

      The new features that I like:
      1. You are able to add customer names to expenses.
      2. The transactions get memorized.

      One more thing that I would like to see which is neither here nor there is a customizable profit & loss bar chart on the home page. In the old design, it only shows two months and I’d like to see more. In the new design, it only shows weekly and I don’t like that at all.

      Overall, I think the new design makes it a lot more difficult for me to see at a glance and be doubly sure that the data is accurate. However, I might be able to get used to the new layout if at least the navigation and the forms issues are resolved.

      The above are the issues I came across from trying out the sample company for several hours yesterday afternoon and this morning. Frankly I am disappointed. I had been somewhat looking forward to our invitation to update, so when we received it yesterday, I immediately checked it out. I am now very happy that I didn’t hit the update button without looking into it first. With what I laid out above, I think you will be able to see why I won’t be updating until I have no choice in the matter. I take it that eventually everyone will have to update, but I may be wrong. I hope you will take my suggestions in consideration.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  14. Dev Team! Where is the notice of changes to Downloaded Transactions??? User posted this in the live community and I don’t see any notice of the change https://d2iua9xsrei43a.cloudfront.net/uploads/assets/5058/original.png?1390592697

    We are doing our best to help everyone with the many changes to QBO (since help files are useless) but it’s difficult when there are no notices of changes. I would really love to be on the beta tester.

  15. JOSE Says:


  16. Abby Farber Says:

    When are we going to get the updated QuickBooks? I’m excited to use it but have no idea when it’s going to be rolled out to us.

  17. John Marx Says:

    When can we expect to see the update? First I read you’re doing the simple ones first. Well, we do less than 2 dozen items (proposals, invoices and new accounts) per month. Are we that complex we can’t get updated to this new version? We continue to see all these great new enhancements that we know we’d utilize yet we are stuck on the sidelines waiting for them for months.

  18. Clark Says:

    When I sign up for payments I know a QuickBooks Payments account is created. Is a separate Intuit Payment Network account created as well? Or do both credit card and bank transfer payments work through the QuickBooks Payments account? I activated this feature in QuickBooks and I see the option to allow customers to pay by credit card, but still no option to pay by bank transfer.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Clark,

      The ACH component of the QuickBooks Payments account sometimes takes up to two days to create. If you are seeing this version of QuickBooks and still don’t have ACH soon, let us know so we can look into it and fix it.


      • Clark Says:

        The last couple days I’ve received emails encouraging me to finish setting up payments, every time I go through the process I get to step 4 and get this message:
        “For some reason – probably a technical glitch – we couldn’t process your request to turn on QuickBooks Payments.”

        • Paige Says:

          It looks like you’ve already been approved for payments, which is why the system isn’t letting you sign up again. Sorry about that! Now, your invoices should be payable online and you can process in QuickBooks and within the QuickBooks Mobile app for phone and tablet.

  19. Frank Says:

    I think everytime you do a update, there’s more problems. I expense a bill and it gets added twice in my checking account, WHY !!!

  20. Shawn Wall Says:

    I am trying to get my Contractors set up for Electronic Payments and several of them have been denied due to credit issues. This is very frustrating for them and myself. We cannot do direct deposit for them. Please HELP! We need a way to pay them electronically……….

  21. Len Says:

    I am new to quick books will I able to do 1099 misc for anyone that may do some work for me.

    • Len – QB does track 1099 rather well. On the reporting side, Intuit essentially holds your data for ransom. You can get the data, but it almost unusable without a lot of manual manipulation. The their end goal is to frustrate you into purchasing and file using their overpriced forms. There are a couple of 3rd party electronic filing services. tax1099.com does integrate with QB. There is a fee to file with them but it is substantially less that buying, printing the forms via Intuit.

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Len, You can do 1099s from the Expenses page in QBO. No worries there.

  22. Maria Capri Says:

    Nice to know that there is support. Does Quickbooks have a program for property management or real estate related business?

  23. Steven Vanner Says:

    I process payments through Quickbooks online. It used to work. When payments settled, the deposit transactions were created automatically. Fee withdrawals were also booked automatically. It was great. Now, that has stopped. My Quickbooks payments are still sitting in undeposited funds, even after they settle. I’ve left three “tickets’ with support. It was “escalated” they tell me. Still nothing. Anyone have any comment?

    • Paige Says:

      That’s not good! I’ve put the team on it and you should see them coming through automatically again. Sorry about that! We will monitor it closely and see how we can ensure that you don’t have to record bank deposits and fees the old-fashioned way.

  24. Suzanne P Says:

    Can a customer in the UK pay a US company using the QBO payment feature with an ACH?

  25. E Benney Says:

    Don’t allow anyone from Quickbooks Intuit to have your private telephone number. I just called for tech assistance, gave my cell# and received a scamming telephone call 30 minutes later.

  26. Leasa Says:

    I manage four companies in QuickBooks. One was updated to the newest QBO Online version. I do not like it at all. I have lost a lot of functionality and our business is not very sophisticated. Homeowners Association. Over 50 units pay dues every month, annual insurance and periodic other invoices. I have spent hours trying to resolve issues on my own, talked to QBO support, and even local accountant ($50/hour).

    I have money sitting in uncategorized income when I have clearly accepted payment and made a deposit. I have done the same procedure for months, but something is different. The issue is payment came before the invoice. In the older version, I would go into payment module and apply credit to invoice when the invoice generated (automatically generates every month. QuickBooks told me I need to change the invoice date to be before payment or payment to after invoice. The software should match my realworld experience. I shouldn’t have to “trick” it for something so basic. I don’t want to have to open up deposits, change payment information, and remake deposits. I started to that, got interrupted and now am staring at the screen trying to figure out where I left off. I have deposits out of whack. Have reconciled information out of sync. Why? QBO came out too quickly. Surely to goodness, if they have tested it with real users they would have seen these issues. I don’t have time to undo and redo.

    Another function I lost that I used quite frequently is the ability to create a statement for a customer while in the customer’s record. That feature has since been partly added back but only can PRINT a statement, and only if an amout is owed. I used statements to confirm with customers that their payment(s) have been received and account is paid in full. I send statements frequently. I have email addresses on customers and regularly invoice them, Why not be able to email a statement? Errggh.

    I want my old QuickBooks back, but can’t go back. Only option is to export to desktop version.

  27. When I set up a recurring invoice with automatic emails, I need the option to select how the customer pays Bank transfer credit card etc. It looks like i am only able to use that option when i send out emails manually.

  28. Kelly Welsh Says:

    I am trying to set up Quickbooks payments. Every time I go through the process at the very end it says, “For some reason – probably a technical glitch – we couldn’t process your request to turn on QuickBooks Payments.” I haven’t turned on this feature before. Please advise! Thank you!

    • Paige Says:

      Hi Kelly, We are looking into it and will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for letting us know.

  29. Laura Says:

    We are still on old QBO.
    1. Bookkeeper generates an email and sends it to the salesperson with pdf copy of invoice.
    2. Salesperson reviews and then forwards it with additional comments in regular email.
    3. Customer clicks the PAY NOW link found in the body of that email or emails/phones back to salesperson with question.

    Will we be able to do that in new QBO?
    Will the customer who receives the forwarded invoice see and be able to use the messages sidebar? That would be very BAD! We want customer to communicate directly with salesperson (who does NOT have QBO access) and the bookkeeper does not want to have to look for and relay messages from QBO to the salesperson’s email.

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