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The new QuickBooks Search has been enhanced to locate transactions using two different modes that offer a wide range of functionality. The Basic Search can be used to locate transactions quickly with a single piece of criteria. The Advanced Search can be used with 0-3 pieces of criteria, including ranges, to narrow the search results to a specific transaction sub-set.

The Classic Find provided a simple search with 1 piece of required criteria and didn’t have the advanced functionally to further refine the search now available. It also didn’t offer the feature to search the specific transaction line-items values that is extremely useful when working with transactions like Journal Entries.  The results were shown in a simple table with fixed columns where further refining and extended use of the results wasn’t possible (e.g. sorting, paging, printing & exporting to Excel). You told us you wanted a better find and we hope this is an improved experience.

Basic Search

The search is now a global element that is always available to you from the top navbar via the magnifying glass icon. This was a great suggestion from you and we think it makes searching anytime you want across the product much easier. The Basic search allows you to find transaction(s) quickly using a single piece of criteria.

Select Search from Top Navbar Magnifying Glass Icon

The format of the search value determines which transaction field is used for comparison.  If there is only one search result, the transaction is “opened” in the appropriate page.  If more than one result is returned, then the results are displayed on the Advanced Search page, where further critiquing to the search criteria can be completed.

The following 3 types of searches can be executed as part of the Basic Search:

Transaction Date Basic Search:
If the search value is in date format (locale specific), then transactions that have dates equal (=)  to the value are returned.  For example:

  • In the United States, mm/dd/yyyy (12/25/2012) or m/d/yy (1/2/13)
  • In the United Kingdom, dd/mm/yyyy (25/12/2012) or d/m/yy (2/1/13)
  • In the Canada, dd-mm-yyyy (25-12-2012) or d-m-yy (2-1-13)

Transaction Amount Basic Search:
If the search value starts with the currency symbol (locale specific) or contains a decimal point “.”, then transactions that have amounts equal (=)  to the value are returned.  For example:

  • In the United States & Canada, $## ($100) or ##.# (100.00 or 100.)
  • In the United Kingdom, £## (£100) or ##.# (100.00 or 100.)

Transaction/Reference Number Basic Search:
For any other basic search value, then transactions that have Transaction/Reference  containing (~)  the value are returned.  For example:

  • 1001, 100-1, inv-001

Advanced Search

For the times you need a more detailed search we have built an Advanced Search, accessible from the Basic Search box via a link below the search box. The Advanced Search can be completed across “All Transactions”, “All Transaction Lines” or a specific transaction type based on your role & product SKU.

Advances Search Page Types

Depending on the type of Advanced Search, different transaction fields can be used as criteria. For the “All Transaction Lines” & “Journal Entities” search types, line-item fields have been added in places to enable a more entity centric search.  For example, when using a “All Transaction Lines” search, the “Line Amount” has been added to help locate a specific transaction line.  This is every useful when trying to find a specific Journal Entry.

Advanced Search Line-item Fields Values

Each field has a specific set of operations (e.g. equal (=), contains (~), greater-than (>), less-than (<), etc.) that are deemed appropriate for the field.  Convenience operations for Date & facilitated value entry for Names (Customers, Vendors and/or Employees), Accounts & Items/Services are supplied to enable ease of use.  Each Advance Search can have from 0-3 pieces of criteria that are “AND”ed together to help narrow the results of a search.

Advanced Search Operators and Convenience Values

The Advanced Search can be triggered in multiple ways:

  • Criteria are entered and the “Enter” key is hit.  This action clears the previous search filters and executes a single filter search.
  • Criteria are entered and the “Search” button is clicked.  This action clears the previous search filters and executes a single filter search.
  • Criteria are entered and the “Add Filter” button is clicked. This action adds a filter to the previous search filters and executes the search.  If more than 3 pieces of criteria exist, a warning will be displayed.  To add the criteria one of the existing filters must be deleted.
  • A filter breadcrumb is deleted by clicking the “X” to the right of the filter

Advanced Search Executed

Range Advanced Searches

Range searches can be performed on date & numeric fields to help refine a search.  For example, if searching across “All Transactions”, the following steps would add a date range for all transaction dates in  2013:

  • Select the “Date” field.
  • Select the “After” (>=) operator
  • Enter a date (e.g. 1/1/2013)
  • Click “Add Filter”
  • Select the “Date” field.
  • Select the “Before” (<=) operator
  • Enter a date (e.g. 12/31/2013)
  • Click “Add Filter

Advanced Search Range Executed

Other Advanced Searches

Exact or Contains searches can be performed on fields with facilitated values.  For an exact (=) search, choose a value from the provided list and execute the search.  For a contains (~) search, enter an partial value and execute the search.

For example, if searching across “All Transactions”, the following steps would search for “Name”(s) that contain the value “test” (case insensitive):

  • Select the “Name” field.
  • The operator defaults to “Contains or Equals”
  • Enter a name “test” (the list box will show values, but don’t select them, if you do an exact search will be done)
  • Hit Enter or click “Search” or click “Add Filter”

Advanced Search Name Entry

Advanced Search Name Entry Executed

Advanced Search Results

Most search types return transaction level values in a grid where the results can be further refined or can be used in different ways  (e.g. sorting, paging, printing & exporting to Excel). For the “All Transaction Lines” & “Journal Entity” search types, line item values are returned in the grid, so the proper line-item can be identified more quickly.  Clicking on the a result row will open the transaction in the appropriate page. If a Contact name is clicked on, the user will be navigated to a contact centric page.

The advanced search result grid (and most grids within the new QuickBooks) has the following features:

  • The results can be sorted by enabled columns by clicking on the column’s header (1).
  • When more than one page of results is returned, the results can be paged through by clicking on the icons on the bottom right corner of the grid (2).
  • The results can be printed by clicking on the printer icon on the top right corner of the grid (3)
  • The results can be exported to Excel by clicking on the export icon on the top right corner of the grid (4)
  • The result columns presented can be altered by clicking on the settings icon on the top right corner of the grid (5)

Advanced Search Name Results

Not seeing this version yet?

These features are in the new version of QBO today, but for those of you who started out on the previous version of QBO, we are moving those companies to the new version over time. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for every customer. With over 500K companies on QBO, that is a tall order! See this post for more details: https://community.intuit.com/questions/791220-how-do-i-switch-to-the-new-version-of-qbo?jump_to=answer_1832181

For a better understanding of why all these changes were made check out our previous blog article outlining details around the changes: What’s changed in QuickBooks

This concludes our brief overview of QuickBooks new search functionality.  If you have additional questions on using QuickBooks Online please visit our Live Community where you can quickly get answers to all your accounting questions.

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37 Comments on “What’s New in QuickBooks: Search”

  1. Becky Edwards Says:

    Another non-accounting function changed while so many of us have requested, over and over and over, functional changes that will make this a more useful accounting product. I wish you all would just own up to the fact that you’re incapable of serving true accountant needs, rather than just ignore us.

    • Hi Becky,

      This series is outlining the changes in our new version of QuickBooks and is meant to help you get the most out of the product. As we rebuilt QuickBooks we took direct user feedback that is linked in the article to make our search better, but search is not an accounting feature. What we have done though is give you the ability to make finding your transaction easier, which we believe non-directly makes managing your books easier. The ability to search transaction lines was feedback taken directly from an accountant, so we are listening to accountants as well.

      As part of the product overhaul we looked at making all the features better while introducing a small set of new features. Now that the product has been overhauled, this entire year will be focused on the features you want. We always welcome feedback and would love to hear the things you want to see in the product. We have teams working hard on accountant features at the moment and should be rolling out some great features this year. Accountants are very important to us, we want the product to work for you.

      Our user voice is the best place to search on, vote, or create new ideas: http://feedback.qbo.intuit.com/

  2. Dan Scott Says:


  3. Carla Says:

    How do i change the user id and password on an exiting acct

  4. Carla Says:

    How do I change the user ID on an exiting acct

    • markabasler Says:

      Hi Carla,

      One way to do that is to invite the “new” user through the “Manage Users” screen and then re-signup using the new id.

      Once the new id is setup, you can delete the old one.

      If you are having problems you can call the customer care line at 800-488-7330 and they can help you through it.

  5. David Says:

    Still waiting for restoration of phone number search to enable VoIP plugin to find Caller ID’s!!!

    • markabasler Says:

      Hi David,

      Can you please explain a little more about the functionality you are looking for?

      • David Says:

        I have a VoIP plugin that depends on searching for the incoming phone number. According to tech support for the plugin, if you can’t search for a phone number in QBO, then they can’t query the database to show customer information.

        • markabasler Says:

          Hi David,

          Were you able to use this functionally before? I trying to understand the “restoration of phone number search”…

          • David Says:

            Yes, the plugin worked on the desktop version. I thought switching to the online version would eliminate syncing and give me better response.

            • David… I am having a very similar issue!!!! Quickbooks NEEDS to allow customer searches for all words and phone numbers in their profiles like on the Desktop version.

              On many occasions, we are in front of a customers home but do not remember their name. We need to be able to search by their street to find the customer in our file of over 1,500.

            • DJ Says:

              QBO and desktop are not the same program, and never assume that what works in one program will work in the other…

  6. Barb Says:

    I am just starting with the quick books program is there a quick guide or tutorial on starting with the program to learn how to use this. Please email me @bpatz05@gmail.com Thanks

  7. Mary Carle Says:

    We have today purchased QuickBooks Online Simple Start but it is telling me that it is not working due to the fact that it was purchased after November 2013. Can this be returned and an up-to-date product purchased?

    • DJ Says:

      My understanding is that QBO Simple Start is no longer available – don’t know where you purchased it, but hopefully you have found an answer in the past month…

  8. Cathy Sheldon Says:

    Need to change options originally signed. Can’t find any information. I do not bill for real estate, but that is the only thing that comes up

  9. Laura Says:

    I need tobe set up with entry how or what do I do

  10. Test before you switch. I didn’t and ran into a lot of bugs. I’m on day two of contacting and working with customer support. No solution yet and my bookkeeping is frozen. I cant Invoice or enter bills correctly. Hopefully they will fix it soon but don’t switch without test driving it. The interface is great. It just doesn’t work.

  11. Marie Barela Says:

    Marie needs help deleting information on quickbooks, can someone help me please

  12. Has anyone tried printing an invoice on Quickbooks Online??? The addresses do not line up in a #10 window envelope!!!! PLEASE HELP. The customize invoice feature on the newest Quickbooks Online does not offer a solution.

    • technoDAVE Says:

      I reported the problem and all I got was “Sorry”. I am folding my invoices at the “Invoice No.” and inserting a 3.5 x 8.5 card to keep the bill-to address positioned in the window. USPS prohibits staples, BTW.

      Also flawed is the spacing between bill-to and ship-to which puts both in the window. This stuff is older than dirt! How can it get so screwed up?

      • Kevin Rantanen Says:

        Perfectly stated! Placing an invoice in an envelope is SUCH A BASIC thing to do and QUICKBOOKS screwed it up.

        PLEASE bring back the traditional invoice template and then allow more customization.

        • DJ Says:

          I understand the need to bring QB to mobile platforms – but things like this drive me crazy – it makes me suspect that QBO programmers live in an online world and have not experience in the real world of small business…

  13. Here is the feedback I received on my issue

    From Quickbooks
    “I wanted to touch base with you about the billable expense customization feature you and I had escalated to our engineers as I have been given some information. At present this feature in the new Quickbooks is currently being re-scripted to be launched in one of our next releases, but there is no determined ETA. The only viable workaround would be to add these expenses to the invoices manually, and un-mark the original expense as billable to prevent duplication until we release the fix for this issue. While I realize this is not ideal considering the shear volume of billable expenses you use in your Accounts Receivable mechanism, it is our only available alternative. ”

    The bottom line is they took away functionality I relied on and I will have to spend a lot of time and money to work around it until they fix it.

  14. I can’t tell if this is the right forum for the IPAD version of QB Online so if it’s not, please direct me to the correct link.
    I input my customer info into QB at the office on my desktop. I then take my Ipad to their home to do the estimate. When entering items, it forces me to save each and every item before I can add another line item. This is very time consuming and annoying while sitting at the customers kitchen table.
    Should not be hard to fix.

  15. Pat O'Reilly Says:

    I purchased Quickbooks Simple Start on Feb. 26, 2014. I can’t find the toolbar and can’t find the icons, as in my old system. Let me know what the problem is.

  16. The transactions being received from the bank have stopped since 11/27/13, in fact there have been no transactions recorded since that date. Where do I look get this being received again?

  17. I would like to know how to export POS to Quickbook

  18. Hello everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this web site, and paragraph is actually fruitful
    in favor of me, keep up posting these types of posts.

  19. Caleb Says:

    Quickbooks is a great financial program for any business. Using it effectively if the important part. An accounting firm can help you run your financial programs successfully and ensure all of your finances are taken care of.

  20. Tammy Says:

    I am trying to set up a company contribution and have it linked to Box 52 on the T4 do you know why there is no box 52 in the drop down menu and is there a way to assign the box without using the drop down menu?

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