What’s changed in QuickBooks: Invoicing Customers

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In our continuing series on what’s new in QBO, we’re excited to share with you the improvements we’ve made to creating and sending invoices! In this article we’ll explain how things work in the new world. 

A new streamlined form

As mentioned before, the + at the top of the screen is your one-stop shop for creating any transaction. You can create invoices, sales receipts, estimates and more from this single control.


Let’s dive into invoicing. When you first come to the form, you’ll see that it takes over the full width of your screen. This is to provide you with as much real estate as possible for your work – creating the invoice or any form. We redesigned all the forms to have a consistent, modern look. You will find these new forms work much better across your desktop, laptop and tablet devices. They also load faster than in the old version of QBO!

Blank Invoice

You can start working anywhere in the form, even before adding a customer. In the old version we heard complaints about being forced to select a customer before you could do anything on the form. We want to encourage you to get in there and play around with the new version!

If you ever need to change what fields appear on this form (like Shipping, Discounts or Service Dates), go to Company Settings, accessible from the gear in the top right. From Company Settings, go to the Sales Form Entry section and you’ll see you can change your logo, and add or remove fields.


A better way to send invoices

Invoicing in the new QBO is so much more powerful. We improved how it works based on the fact that most of you (well 87% to be exact) email your invoices.

Here’s how it works

When you Save and Send an invoice, you will now see a preview of your message and the invoice. This makes it easy to personalize your default email message (which you can always change under Company Settings).

Send Invoice

When you hit Send, QBO sends an email to your customer with your personalized message and a link to view the invoice.

Your customer will receive an email that looks like this – with a big blue button to view the invoice.

Email Received

When your customer clicks View Invoice Now, this opens their invoice in a browser window.

Invoice Site

Benefits of online invoices

When your customer views the invoice, that is captured in QBO so you know exactly when your customer viewed it – no more “my spam filter ate the invoice”.

Customers can send you a message right from here. If your customer sends a message, it is also saved with the invoice in QBO. You can send messages to your customer from the invoice form in QBO, and they’re saved along with messages from your customer. You can view the entire thread on the invoice form in QBO – very handy if you need to refer to it later. Scroll to the bottom of the invoice form in QBO to view the history of when your customer viewed the invoice and messages back and forth.

Invoice Feed

All updates to the invoice are automatically saved in QBO and on the online invoice your customer sees. Your customers can also print or save a PDF of the invoice anytime.

If you receive partial payments on invoices, they will be reflected in the Balance Due at the top of your invoice in QBO AND the site where your customer views the online invoice. Now your customer will always have a single, up-to-date view of what they owe you.

And if you turn on QuickBooks Payments, customers can click the Pay now button to pay the invoice right there. The balance due is updated immediately in QBO. Boom, it’s like your Accounts Receivable takes care of itself.

Pay Now button

Now that we’ve covered the basics of invoicing, let’s close out with a few more highlights.

Panel for handling estimates and billables

Whenever you create estimates or billables like time activity, billable expenses or charges, QBO keeps track of them for you. When you go to create a new invoice, the estimates and billables are waiting for you in a panel on the right of the form. This is an easy way to view and add the ones you want to include on a given invoice.


When you add an estimate or billable to the invoice, the rows in the table are updated so you can see exactly how they will appear on the invoice. These linked transactions are accessible at the top of the form. You can always take estimates and billables off the invoice and stick them back in the panel by clicking the Remove button.

linked txn

An additional benefit in the new QBO is that you can make changes to the details of estimates and billables that appear on the invoice without affecting the original estimate or billable item you’re tracking in QBO.

For more details on the new panel, check out Stacy Kildal’s post here: http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2013/11/quickbooks-online-drawers/

A few more tips 


Although Save and Send always shows you a Preview of your invoice before you send it, you can also use Print at the bottom of the form…


…to Preview your invoice in a large window.

print preview

Creating templates for repeat use

If your looking for an easy way to create an invoice template you can reuse over time, check out the Make Recurring link at the bottom of the form. Give the template a name and then under Type, select “Unscheduled”. You can also have QBO automatically send out invoices for you by selecting “Scheduled” under Type.

recurring template

These templates are stored under Recurring Transactions, accessible from under Lists in the Company menu. To use a template to create a new invoice, select the template from the list and click Use. This gives you a head start on the invoice by including all the information from the template you created – a big time saver!

recurring txn list

Creating a stack of invoices

If you print invoices and want to create a bunch at once, you can use a shortcut for Save and New:

  • On Windows: CTRL + ALT + s
  • On Mac: CTRL + Option + s

Add, Remove, and Rearrange Invoice Lines

To quickly change the order in which a row in your invoice table appears, click the little square icon on the far left and drag the row to where you want it. You can easily delete the row by clicking the trashcan icon on the far right of each row. Another feature we are bringing back due to feedback is the ability to insert a row anywhere. Coming as part of our next release (end of December) you will see a green plus icon when you click into an invoice row. Click the plus icon and you will get a line inserted above the row you are in.

move rows

There’s always More

Lastly, at the bottom of the form, under More you’ll find handy tools like Copy and Delete


There’s more exciting work underway on invoicing and of course, we’ll tell you all about it right here on the blog.

Not seeing the new forms in QBO yet? You will.

These features are in the new version of QBO today, but for those of you who started out on the previous version of QBO, we are moving those companies to the new version over time. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for every customer. With over 500K companies on QBO that is a tall order! See this post for more details: https://community.intuit.com/questions/791220-how-do-i-switch-to-the-new-version-of-qbo?jump_to=answer_1832181

We hope you find the new forms delightful, powerful and generally awesome! As always, please keep the feedback coming so we know what’s working well for you and what can be made even better. Please vote on suggestions or add your ideas to our user voice.

We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks so check back here to learn what’s new in QBO!

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123 Comments on “What’s changed in QuickBooks: Invoicing Customers”

  1. Carol DesJardins, x9 Real Time Events, LLC Says:

    I hope you are considering having the option to NOT have a bullet at the beginning of an entry line. Would like to be able to have a title line, such as “Expenses for Hospitality Suite:” on the first line without a bullet, and then the next lines have a bullet, OR have the ability to manually put in a bullet if desired. I have indicated this preference to your reps before, who all could see how this would be a benefit.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Carol DesJardins

    • Carol Says:


    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Hi there,
      I finally figured out what this looks like on the invoice, and I see your point. I’m not sure whether we will be able to address this in the short term, but I will raise it with the team. Even when we can’t act on feedback quickly we do appreciate your sharing your feedback with us.


    • Susan Says:

      You know what would be great is if QB worked. I really dont care that you have changed something again! and At christmas the busiest time of the year.

    • Craig Says:

      Yes, agreed! If you could allow us to write on the lines in the P.O. without having to have an item# that would also be great. More flexibility.

  2. Paul Tibbets Says:

    I would love to the have the class column print in the the estimate and invoice. I see it on the screen but it never prints. I use it to track tree species for our company.

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for this feedback on Class. We’ve always treated Class as an internal field, so it’s helpful to understand that it would be useful as a printed field. It would great if you added your idea to the Features Request page so we can see whether other customers have a similar need (by voting on the feature):



      • rob Says:

        Aruna, many of these feedbacks are very old, do you ever read the online feature requests?

      • I think it would have to be optional (to have the Class column appear on documents.) Some of us use this feature for internal reporting and do not want customer to see it. User should be able to choose whether Class is visible or not on customer copies of documents.

        • Ron Says:

          I agree I would not want the customer to see the class column. Having an option to print or not print works for me.

          • Robtechno Says:

            All extra fields like Class should be printed by choice.
            These requests are veru old ones. But I am under the impression that it doesn’t matter
            how many votes you give to a subject. Intuit or whatever the one is called to read it is not paying
            attention to what we ask for. My guess is that they use it as TP.

            Thanks to all fellow QBO paying users for keeping upbthe good spirit and keep asking.


  3. dj@bvfarms.com Says:

    What I find that has changed is that I cant even log in anymore as I get a msg that says the user id (that I have used for the last 7 years)is invalid.
    Before that, when I could log in, I get a bunch of blank white screens and had to switch back to old menus to get anything to work. We are trying to run a business, don’t have time to be your guinea pigs for inferior substandard updates and over hauls.

    • Lisa Says:

      You got it. They should have worked out the “BUGS” before putting all the issues on us

    • Quality Lawn Care Says:

      I had this problem, finally created a new favorites link and now I can log in- I was blaming my computer, but I guess not…

  4. Deborah Hoffman Says:


    • Suzi Says:

      I can’t log in anymore either. I get the username is invalid as well. Haven’t been able to create any invoices all day. I agree, we aren’t the guinea pigs, use test companies and machines to try your new “improvements”.

  5. connie Says:

    We could really use the Class feature to print on invoices and estimates as well.

  6. BRIDGETT Says:


  7. chris Says:

    Help cannot get on quickbooks at all. Email has changed and was not able to change it before original email was closed. please respond to my new email as to what I need to do to access my quickbooks. Do not remember login or password.

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      We’re on it and getting QBO back up across companies as fast as we can. So sorry for the trouble this is causing you right now! You should be able to get back in soon if not already.


      • Eric Says:

        It’s now 1:41pm, PT, and QB online is still down. Any better guestimation then ‘back soon, if not already’, cause it ain’t back soon and certainly not already… That was an hour ago. Is there some major problem the Intuit is not telling us?

        Agree with everyone in this forum. There is no excuse for a system like this to be down. We pay Intuit to have our information at our fingertips via the Cloud and a prolonged outage, without notification, is totally unacceptable.

        I guess this is “lost productive time Tuesday” at Intuit? Where do we send the invoice?

    • patrick lovato Says:

      Pat says:
      I cant get on quick books. don’t remember login & password.

  8. jr Says:

    help can’t get on quick books at all……..need help asap

  9. brenda Says:

    I cannot get on quickbooks at all either. I login and enter my password and its asking if qbo.intuit.com is correct, and is trying to troubleshoot the connection problem with no luck.
    no problems before today.

  10. Jamie Says:

    I have had problems logging in for 2 days. When I am able to login, the screen freezes up & I have to start all over again. VERY, VERY FRUSTRATING – Can’t afford to loose so many hours at work!

  11. Karen Denney/Sew Pieceful Quilting Says:

    One thing I have asked for for years is that the phone numbers that are entered in the Customer Center form be allowed to automatically enter onto the invoice. It is a royal pain not having the phone number show up on the invoice. The only way I have been able to figure it out to have the phone number on the invoice is I have copied and pasted it in the address box in the Customer Center form. I absolutely cannot understand why this cannot be done. It only makes sense for the phone number to be on the invoices. I deliver my product to customers and if I fail to enter the number in the address box, then I don’t have it should I need to call the customer. PLEASE, PLEASE DO THIS!!!!

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Thanks for this input on additional information you need on the invoice. We’ll consider this along with the feedback on including Class.


    • Angie Says:

      I thought my Quickbooks was glitched. The old software had the phone no. I see no reason for that not to be the case. I did even set it up in the template and it still doesn’t work. One more reason to regret switching to Quickbooks…. Not very good for customers who buy from us a lot and we have to create specific invoice per customers too. Something for everyone to consider before making the mistake I did and changing software

  12. Georgine Lidell Says:

    If you are going to add information as to when things have changed in QB……please also add a date when it changed, so we know if we are referencing something new or something that is old and we have not run across it before. I have been kicked out of QB repeatedly today and I have not seen the new estimates panel before. Is that new as of today? Or am I missing it all together? What I see is a long line of unaccepted estimates for some customers. I sure would like the opportunity to “collapse” that list if you are creating an invoice that is not related to an estimate.

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Hi there,

      I see how this can be confusing. Right now, we are releasing the new version of QBO to new customers and gradually moving customers on the previous UI to the new version. Our goal is to move each company as smoothly as possible. If the menus on the screen are down the left hand side of the screen then you’re in the new version described in this article.

      This is a unique period of transition while we move customers from the previous version to the new version of QBO. I hope that context helps.


      • rob Says:

        Aruna, Why is there not the chance for each customer to have a period that they can still work on the old system and learn on the new system. We don’t have time to study the new layout etc.
        We also don’t have time to run into errors. I spent an average of over 90 minutes a months with your help desk. Who is going to pay for those hours?

        • QBO Aruna Says:

          Hi there,

          Although we don’t have the ability to work with your own data file in either the old version or new one, we do offer a sample company that customers can play with to preview the new version:



          • rob Says:

            We don’t have time to play, and when we do have time to play it should not be with QBO.

          • rob Says:

            I have played a little but what I miss is a write up on what has changed between the old version and the new version. All that I see is an explanatory about how to work with quickbooks online when I am a new customer.

            Is too much to ask for a comparison between the old and the new.

            Thank you for doing so.

            And I left of course some comments further below. I have to get back to work.


  13. tpm piker Says:

    I expect to have the ability to get to my business. Not being able to sign on is unbelievable.

  14. rob Says:

    What you do not do is listen to your customers.

    At first sight it looks nice but with the marketplace fairness act coming up next year there are many ‘widgets’ that will be taxed and also many ‘widgets’ that will not be taxed as they can be chosen by the state and/or by the county. Like any other Federal law, it’s is full of exemptions and therefor very complex.

    So what we QBO-users need is a tax per item line, this tax should be in the basics of the product that we can sell or invoice. We also need a discount per item line. This question is as old as Methusalem and this request has over 600 people asking for in the different blogs etc you have on your many websites. It is very hard that I have to explain that the discount is for a product and not for a service on the invoice. Quantity discounts so you can charge retail price minus discount is wholesale price. The customer can see their retail sales price base right away in the invoice.

    In Europe they have VAT and that is one fixed percentage per country say 21.7% for all products, some exemptions but that is not the point. The USA, the only civilized western country that has Sales tax and some minor USA related countries.
    Sales tax can and does change from product to product and even from state to county. Sales tax is still an underestimated profile in your product set up. The Market Place Fairness Act is coming up fast and all the regulations are also for companies with sales below the $1 mil. threshold. I do know that you, Intuit, is affiliated with the Avalara tax app, but that is not for small companies as it is extremely expensive when you sell to all states but still have a small total sales say of about 250K annual.

    What I am also missing is the improved possibility to have extra text on invoice. What I mean with this is that when the above mentioned act comes in place that there should be a text on every invoice send to a customer in Colorado, from an out of state vendor saying that the customer is responsible to pay the use tax when they do not have to pay sales tax because they are exempt or what ever reason there might be. This rule is not law yet but getting very close to become one.

    Keep up the good work but listen to your monthly customers and subscribers. TAX will become very important for small businesses who have “remote” sales. When your competition is having a better product in relation to sales tax per address many customers might go away.

    Look forward to your reaction.

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Thank you for this detailed and thoughtful feedback. Yes, the Marketplace Fairness Act is going to introduce more requirements in this area. We are looking at ways to address this in the future.


  15. rob Says:




    • DJ Says:

      QBO does not track different sales tax rates for each state, let alone each zip code or address. The user determines the rate. You create a sales tax item that sets the rate. When you set up a customer or sub-customer, you attach the appropriate sales tax item to that customer. You would set up a different sales tax item for each different sales tax entity that you have. Michigan has only one sales tax for the entire state – unlike Ohio that has different sales tax rates by state, city and county.

      • rob Says:

        Will you at least make a field in the customers info where I can store the correct sales tax info. r I don’t have to look this up every time I make an invoice to the same customer.


        THANK YOU.

  16. Paul Tibbets Says:

    I too want the phone number to appear on the estimate and invoice.

  17. Bill Says:

    I’m having trouble entering my time on the Weekly Time Sheet. In the description portion of time entry, every time I hit a key the description section gets infinitely bigger down the page. When I go to hit the SAVE button, it throws me to my homepage in IE Explorer. Next I try to return to Quick Books Online but I don’t have to Login securely as it returns me to my QBO Home site without having to login. That doesn’t seem very secure or safe, but I’m not looking at the programming details. Most of these undesirable features are a result of the last QB update for the online software.

  18. Missy Says:

    I would like to be able to assign a class to each product in the product list so that when I choose a product to put on an estimate or quote, the class field will automatically populate. There are many times when I have come across quote and invoice items where the originator has forgotten to select the class for a product.

    It SEEMS like an easy fix…could you just add the class field/column in the product list screen?
    Thank you!

    • QBO Aruna Says:


      Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing this. There a few suggestions around how we can improve the Class feature. I’ll bring it to the team to discuss. You could also add your suggestion here and we can see whether others have a similar need. There are always more good ideas than we can implement and so it really helps us to see how popular a given request is:



      • Ron Says:

        I would like to be able to add the class by invoice. It is very time consuming having to add it to every line on the invoice. If I recall correctly in the Desk Top version of QB you could add the class to the invoice

        • QBO Aruna Says:

          Hi there,

          If you go into Company Settings (or Preferences in the old version), under Categories, you can set Class to “One per transaction”, instead of “One per detail line”.


          • DJ Says:

            What if you want to set Class to One per Transaction for an Invoice, but One per Detail Line for a Bill? Usually, our Invoices are for only one class, but our Vendor Bills are usually for multiple jobs, hence multiple classes

            • QBO Aruna Says:

              Hi there,

              Well, today we only support this as a setting across all types of transactions. There isn’t a way to set Class per transaction type, but it is something we could consider for the future. For now, one idea is that you could use Sub Customers as a way to track jobs per customer and then on the Bill you could select the appropriate Sub Customer.


  19. why these changes to QBO are not available to UK users?

  20. rob Says:

    I received one check for multiple invoices, why don’t I have the batch action possibility to mark all open invoices that are paid with this check and book them as received? Make it easier. Not just nicer to the eye.

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Hi there,

      Great suggestion. We have a few batch actions and this would be a useful addition. We’ll consider this when we take up work on the Sales and Customer Lists.


      • rob Says:

        Thank you for your consideration. I think that this issue is about payments and should be under checks.

  21. rob Says:

    When I go over the list with open invoices please show the customer details, such as responsible person for accounting, and the buyers’ name and above all ALL OF THE PHONE #, FAX # and EMAIL addresses.

    What is so difficult about it.

  22. rob Says:

    In SALES transactions, once entered the single transaction tabs don’t show all the way. Also not when the filter is cleared.

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Hmm, I don’t understand the problem you’re seeing. What do you mean by “single transactions tab”?


  23. rob Says:

    Did checks print OK”
    The Blue dot appears in the text line, I didn’t print any checks

    Why in this box, don’t you trust the system your self. Please put this default in hte top box “Yes, I clicked the print etc etc.
    It saves a click. One click in every choice will make a lot less clicks per day.

    The text Remember to sign your checks is always a good one.

  24. rob Says:

    In Print checks, does the info about the alignment always shows up?
    Where do I select the printed check or handwritten check in this screen.

  25. rob Says:

    Sales Tax Centre,
    One more then.

    in this ‘Center” when you hit Record payment and print check, there is no check printed.
    Where do I find to print the check?

  26. rob Says:

    Oh, there is an extra step and goto print checks, why not at the same time when you make checks in the tax centre or where ever.

    It’s called simplifying.

  27. rob Says:

    Products and services

    Will you please be so kind to take a step into the real world and update your product items.
    There is so much more involved per product than just these 5 steps.
    We can make a choice between Sales and Purchase.
    Why can we make that choice in the product list. Items for sale, they have a different price etc and items for Purchase.
    Make a filter by Sales Item and Purchase item as well.

    Where do I add an item to a vendor?

  28. Georgine Lidell Says:

    Am I the only one that is again today having issues with the slowness of QBO? I entered an estimate and clicked to preview it. After about 3 minutes of waiting I gave up and clicked out of QB. Yesterday was a nightmare of trying to get things done and it looks like the same problems are back online today. QB has been running slow all morning, but really? 3 minutes to preview a document is ludicrous.

    BTW….clicking below to get notifications via email of posts is not working either!

  29. rob Says:

    Oh, I found the solution for all of my problems with inventory etc. You offer Apps for that.

    Great now all my problems are solved and only my bill goes up by 8 apps per months at at least $29.95 per app per months.

    I would say bring the shoe box to the bookkeeper and let them solve the problem for 80 bucks a month.

  30. rob Says:

    After spending all this time as you suggested on the Sample company website, please add the Retail price, Discount and Wholesale price to the product and on the invoice.
    That will help big time.

  31. Trish Lawver Says:

    At least you can get logged in –Not able to access QBO again this am. Trying to get ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Molly Kraft Says:

    Interesting that comments are turned off for the post about QBO being down on 12/10. It’s still down today on 12/11. I am now already a day behind and having things down today doesn’t help matters. How many thousands of customers does this affect and how many thousands of dollars is being lost by these companies in wasted operating expenses?

  33. the system is still down and very annoying, hopefully the system will be working tomorrow 12/12/13, I have had customers come with credit cards and they can’t make payments due to the system being down, I would not leave my cc no. with anyone either, now a day it’s to risky, hope were up and running soon!!!!!!!!!!

  34. kent schmidt Says:

    still down, when will the system be up? been screwed all week

    • DJ Says:

      have you tried another browser? – other than a short time on Tuesday, we have had no problems. Some browsers are encountering compatibility issues.

  35. Larry Says:

    Is there a way to add a PayPal button to a Quickbooks Online invoice?

  36. Dee Wells Says:

    I’m trying to enter invoices. I enter one invoice and hit save and instead of returning to enter another invoice it takes me out to the home page and I have to hit customer and invoice again. WHY?? never did this before. Things are very slow. I’m ready to pull my hair out !!! Please fix!!!!!!!

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Hi there,

      This does work differently from the previous version, but you can save an invoice and create a new one without leaving the screen. There are 2 options:
      – Under Save and Close, select Save and New
      – Keyboard shortcuts:
      On Windows: CTRL + ALT + s
      On Mac: CTRL + Option + s

      I hope that addresses your problem.


  37. seo Says:

    Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.

    Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure
    things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to start.
    Do you have any points or suggestions? Thanks

  38. Dee Wells Says:

    I do not have the Save and New option on my screen. I have SAVE, PRINT,SEND,PREVIEW,MAKE RECURRING, CANCEL. Also using Ctrl Alt s does not work.

  39. Jane Jennings Says:

    When I click on my customer page now I get a screen with NO customer information. It says my internet connection could be down. But it isn’t and I can access any other tab (vendor, company, etc). All of my customer information is not accessible!! How can this be fixed,,,quickly?

  40. Dee Wells Says:

    Now it takes me totally out and I have to login again and again!!!!!!! Why Is Quick Books screwing up the things that were working???? Don’t fix what was not broken!!!!!!! Please Fix it!!

  41. Cathy Says:

    I am having the same problem. I am working on Reports/Deposits. When I click on a deposit and enter the client name and save it. I then want to be back on the deposits report to view the next deposit on the list. BUT NO QBO takes me completely out of the program and I have to sign in again every time. What a waste of time. A lot of what I am reading here is time spent that cannot be charged to clients/customers. As business owners, our time is very valuable and NONbillable time trying to FIX QBO technical issues is not profitable. Who is going to make up that loss. If I find another Software other then this to do my accounting I will gladly switch over. It is SUNDAY and I have spent hours today that I cannot bill a client for. I don’t have a 24/7 technician here to fix these issues. VERY FRUSTRATING.

  42. Mark Says:

    I’m having a similar issue in two different areas. Every since Friday 12/13, when I try to save weekly timesheets, it takes me back to the Home page vs. staying in the timesheet mode. I had the same issue with Invoices, saving and being taken back to the home page. Once I was kicked totally out of the system. Is this a systemic issue and is this going to be fixed?

    • DJ Says:

      QBO classic or QBO neo?

      • QBO Aruna Says:

        Hi there,

        I checked with some folks on this general issue of the QBO closing after you save a form. If you are on Internet Explorer, we believe this issue is related to IE 11.We have addressed the issue in our latest QBO release, which goes out to all companies in about 10 days. I hope that will resolve the issue for you!

        If you are on a different browser, please let us know.


  43. Denise Mays Says:

    I am having the same problem when I enter Credit Card Expenses. When I hit save, it either takes me to the home page or out of the program completely. It is taking forever to get this information entered!

  44. How about letting us attach individualized text with the outgoing email invoice like the desktop version allows us to do.

    • QBO Aruna Says:

      Hi there,

      In QuickBooks Online you can enter a custom message on the invoice itself. You can also enter a custom email message that would go out with the emailed invoice form.


      • rob Says:

        Aruna, That text space is often not enough and when you fill the space with text it will be broken off on the actual invoice text field.
        Please improve that.

        Thank you

      • There is text I need to put on every Invoice I email.

        For example:
        “Installation warranted for two years from date of original installation. Finance charges of 1.5% (18% per annum) will be charged on any balance over 30 days unless other arrangements have been made in writing, signed by both parties. Variations or alterations to this contract require a written Change Order signed by both parties. Agreements made with our workmen are NOT recognized. We reserve the right to lien under AZ Revised Statutes 33-992.01 and 3-992.02. Purchaser agrees to pay any and all collection costs incurred, including any reasonable legal fees.”

        Then there is individualized text that I used to be able to add to the email when I used Outlook to email the invoices.

        Additionally, I’d like to be able to send an invoice marked “PAID” to customers with individualized text but without the “Pay Now” button, etc.

        • Georgine Says:

          FWIW……In Outlook I had customized text that I wanted to include with every email – depending on the particular instance – such as one for Estimates or Invoicing or Send out for PO’s. I was not wanting to type that in every time. I solved that by creating “signatures” for each occasion. Now to send one out for invoicing I just click on that signature and all of the data is instantly entered in the email. Including my signature at the bottom. Since I use the space for notes on the invoice for other information pertinent to the specific job, having the email signatures has helped tremendously and gives my emails a consistent look.

          • QBO doesn’t allow for the use of Outlook in emailing forms to customers.

            • Georgine Says:

              You are right. However, if I use QBO to email them they do not print well on the receiving end, especially estimates. And I cannot add the extra verbiage that I want to go with them. I simply scan them into Outlook and then send them from there. I can keep a copy of what was sent and to whom….and I do not have to worry about QBO being offline as it has been so much lately. Since most of my invoices are mailed, I only have to deal with Outlook for Estimates, getting PO numbers for invoices and special occasions for invoices. But, I figure every little bit helps in those occasions.

              • DJ Says:

                I use PDF995 which loads as a printer – when I want a pdf invoice, i click print, select the PDF995 printer and it creates the pdf which I then attach to the Outlook e-mail…

  45. Dee Wells Says:

    Can I enter a custom message on a statement? I need to put terms on the statement also??

  46. Sandra Barnhill Says:

    I can’t even print my invoices out since i had to start using chrome instead of internet explorer. I have been dealing with this all day and its very frustrating. I have adobe on my computer but for some reason when I go to print my invoices it isn’t recognizing that it is installed on my computer. Worked perfectly fine before. Anyone or someone please help me with this I have about 1000 invoices to get out and this is what I am dealing with. Thanks for your help in advance

    • Georgine Says:

      Try using Firefox. It appears to be more stable than the others. Only problem I have run into with Firefox is that I no longer have the “floating toolbar” and have to actually download a preview of the invoice before it will print. However, that is done in a flash and there is really no big interruption of service there. My Firefox stopped talking to Adobe (only in QB) several updates ago. Doubtful it will ever get fixed and I refuse to go to Chrome or IE……but the workaround is fine. I do not envy you having to print out 1,000 invoices!

  47. Nancy KOrchick Says:

    Yes, what has happened to quick books on line. I enter a check and the system signed me off and I have to sign back on. I enter another check and the system goes back to the main menu, On everything I do, after each transaction, I am either sent back to main menu or completed signed off out of QB on line?????? This really slows my work up. Is there a fix coming or is anyone else have this happening??

  48. Rob Says:

    When I take a look at all of the above comments, my thoughts are that QBO should hold off this new version and iron out all of the kinks that are mentioned here in the above posts.

    They should make a work group of users and ask questions what should be changed or added and read also the votes because there are many votes in different articles that vote for the same issues that are still not solved in this update.

    Users of the version that most of us are using should also receive a comparison between the old version Vs. the new to be released version. For now it is trial and error and that at the end of the year, the busiest time of the year as most users are SMBs.

    Happy Holidays.

  49. Kathy Walsh Says:

    Is it possible to select from multiple Accounts Receivable Accounts when creating an Invoice? I see no option, so the transaction only posts to one A/R account.

  50. Patrick Calman Says:

    when will the new system be launched?
    Regarding the invoicing, the quantity is always set to “1”when a higher number like 7 is being typed, you 17 instead of 7. where can we change this setting?

    • Georgine Says:

      I have found that if you enter a value in Products and Services and then hit enter twice it will take you to the amount field and the value of 1 will already be entered (and not highlighted – indicating it can be changed). However, if you enter a value in Products and Services and then hit enter ONCE and then then again after the cursor has moved to the Description field, that the value field will then be highlighted and accept any value you enter. This is a very frustrating glitch for anyone that does a lot of invoicing as it slows down entry time. You either have to hit enter on each field or back space in the value field to get more than a 1. When you are doing several lines at once it is simply natural to hit enter twice in the product and services field as you have already defined what will go in the description field. Frustrating to have to keep going back and correct the amount field.

    • Mario Says:

      Yes please leave this field empty. It is easier to enter a digit every time than to erase the 1 and start typing.
      And while you work on this problem, please ad a line discount % field as well.
      Gving a discount per order is ridiculous.
      We have many productgroups with different
      %. Now we have to make for every productgroup a new invoice.

  51. Lisa Says:

    When are you going to fix the invoices. I need to have the “Subs” names on the invoices with the work done for that month under them. It use to do that in the older QBs. Need to have that info on customers invoices. Please fix ASAP. I have been on the phone way too many times with your customer service and all I get is the run around, Very unhappy with this new version.

  52. Mario Says:

    I spent yesterday to read most of the comments then my conclusion is that
    intuit or what ever it is called doesn’t know what is going on in the field.

    With all the comments and votes in the past maybe one or two problems are
    solved or partially used.

    My guess is that the accounting and invoicing ystem in India is so different from the western systems that
    it will be impossible that QBO will be a smooth running system ever.
    No matter what we ask or comment.

    12-31-2013 will be the perfect date to switch to what ever
    other program is out there.

  53. Patrick Says:

    another question: how can we backup on our computers?
    I know it happens already in the clouds but still if something happens, there it is better to have a physical backup at my location.

  54. Below is my problem:

    In quickbooks online the preference of Account summary is utilized for invoices. Their is one downfall, and that being for a business that invoices for various locations but receives payments via the Corporate offices this feature does not work in the same manner. In all other aspects of the program information is reflected correctly. However, upon previewing an invoice the account summary reflects as though no payments have been made solely because it is not the same customer selected on the receive payment screen (it came from corporate). It would be beneficial to have a preference of which you can select for the Account Summary to show that the invoice has been paid regardless of who has made said payment.

    Has anyone else here had that problem?

    QB Engineering, any comments?

  55. mosey Says:

    the drawer is neat, but in practice is a little bit better and a little bit worse then the old way of doing it.
    specifically, we can not see the name of the billable expense. what product is it? whats the description?
    it doesnt help to have a list of items called billable expenses.

  56. Joe Jarosek Says:

    Frustrating……………… I have requested at least half a dozen times to have ability to know if customer is past due before creating an invoice allowing past due customers to charge more product. There is no way for my cs reps to know if the customer is past due before allowing him/her to charge additional product before payment is made.

    I can’t believe I am the only use who has this problem. WHY CAN’T YOU FIX THIS????????????????

  57. Anne Boeckh Says:

    I am new to Quickbooks and am frustrated and so disappointed by the lack of choice for REAL customization to the invoices. Although it is very helpful to have my invoices linked in regards to my income, what do they have to be so ugly? The columns don’t line up, the line spacing is horrible and I could go on and on!!! UGH! I cannot send out one of these invoice designs to my customers – they just look unprofessional!

    • Rob Says:

      They do look ugly, but a great percentage of your customers are used to this design.you can ad some fields that you can name your self.
      Have fun

  58. Jay Says:

    Be careful with quick books. I bought it a year ago and made it clear I was buying just one version. Yesterday, without any warning (and without deliverying any new product), they debited $325.75 from my bank account. When I called, the automated system said nothing had been charged, it took a long time and some argument for the customer service person to find me. He then said I had signed up for a subscription. His supervisor hung up on me. After calling the second time, they Finally agreed to refund my money, but not for 7 to 8 business days! I am a small business and need that money now! I am now paying overdraft charges. No apology or effort to fix the inconvenience, or explanation on how this could happen.

  59. Kathy Says:

    Just downloaded the mandatory update to QB because I had to buy the mandatory payroll update. HATE the new look. Where is the save button???????????? Couldn’t enter an automatic payment received – it kept asking me to input the merchant account information. If this is what I can expect, I am SOO glad I will be closing this business in the near future. Save me from expensive software that keeps evolving into an every more unfriendly format.

    • Joe Says:

      I agree with Kathy. The new version of qb online is pitiful. Have three companies that I use qb for and am seriously thinking of looking for another service provider. Matter of fact if anyone can suggest another company let me know.

      They keep changing the look but never adding features that I need and have ask for going on three years now. Expensive product and getting worse instead of better………….

      • Robtechno Says:

        Hi Joe, I can’t help you with any other service provider I have experience with but there are Netsuite and Sage, very good and very up to date also with ecommerce etc.
        Probably QBO is the cheapest but certainly not the best.

        Let us know what you decide.

      • NRG Says:

        Agree 100% its not about the looks but features that we pay for.

        QuickBooks should remember who is paying the bills, or wake-up to the reality that online migration is just a click away, the fist think you will know about it is when subscriptions don’t get renewed.

  60. I was using the drawer to add time activities to invoices. I accidentally hit “add all” to an invoice, so I deleted the lines I wanted on separate invoices. I saved and closed that invoice, then opened a new one with the same customer but the drawer no longer appears. Help! I have a ton of time activities that need to be billed but can’t see how to add them to the invoice if the drawer is gone. What do I do? They also aren’t showing up as unbilled activities and I don’t know why since the “billable” box is checked.

  61. NRG Says:

    Nice new Tablet interface….. What is it doing on a desktop or laptop I cannot fathom, where it does little more than resemble something rendered for the short sighted. Forcing users into terminal scrolling due to the inefficient use of screen real-estate.

    I assume the current design is not going away and will remain an option for those who don’t need to wallow in touch interfaces.

    Desktops are not going away for a long time. Don’t make the mistake Microsoft has made forcing users down a path with their touch centric Windows 8 only to have to eat humble pie. If you are, then QuickBooks you are listening to user interface designers who have been drinking too much of the fondle-slab Kool-Aid and need to come back to reality when it comes to User Interfaces for power users.

    If it isn’t broken don’t fix it, but by all means add new features and choices.

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