Recurring Transaction Update

Last week a small number of QBO customers experienced a situation where duplicate copies of their scheduled recurring transactions were created.  In a small number of instances, this also resulted in payments being collected twice from their customers.  Any number is too many for us.  Here are the details of what happened;  the daily job which creates the recurring transactions ran simultaneously for June 30th and July 1st, creating the duplicates.  We’ve determined root cause and already took action to resolve.  


About 2% of QBO customers were impacted and saw the duplicate transactions appear in their books.  Additionally, for about 200 of those customers payments were processed twice.  This issue affected no other QBO customers.  The processing error occurred once and beginning July 2nd all recurring transactions were again being processed correctly.  


Beginning on July 2nd automated processes were executed to remove the duplicate transactions from QBO and to refund the additional payments that were collected.  All fees associated with the duplicate payments are currently being refunded.  Our Customer Care team has been reaching out to the affected customers directly to assist them in any way we can.  If you need any additional assistance please contact Customer Care at 1-800-488-7330.


We know that you trust us with your business, and your customers trust you to bill them correctly.  We apologize and are committed to you and your business. 


Guy Taylor

Director, Application Operations

posted on behalf

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45 Comments on “Recurring Transaction Update”

  1. Jan Says:

    This did not happen to me; however, since July 2, no transactions have been processed from my bank to Quickbooks. This is a problem.

    • Dave Rich Intuit Says:

      Hello Jan,

      Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. There are a few reasons why transaction downloads from your bank might not be working. Sometimes the bank will ask us to stop gathering transactions so they can complete system upgrades and maintenance. This is usually short-lived a few days at most Sometimes you need to update the connection in QuickBooks Online or make corrections to your user ID and password. Occasionally, there is action you need to take like answering a request on your bank’s website, Other times, the problem will be on our side and will need to be escalated so we can look into it.

      has some information regarding troubleshooting online banking errors. Additionally, our support services are available from Mon-Fri 6am-6pm PDT and Sat 6am-3pm Please see for contact information and current hours of operation.


    • Roy L Says:

      ITs been 4 months and I still cant download transactions from my bank

    • Roy L Says:

      When are you going to fix the downloading of transactions for Sovereign Bank?
      Its been 6 months now and its still isn’t fixed….I’m just about reading to cancel my service with Quickbooks.

  2. We also had one of our credit cards stopped downloading transactions. No notice, nothing to correct. I had to delete the on-line banking, manually download transactions, upload a file, then reset up on-line banking, Very frustrating. We still do not see the memo field from downloaded transactions in any reports.

    • Jackie jones Says:

      must be nice to even have recurring transactions working for some customers. ours hasn’t worked in about 6 to months. we have called numerous times but no one will help us resolve the problem, therefore, we have to do all of our customers daily delivery tickets manually!!!!

  3. Joe Gingrich Says:

    Whenever we go to enter our sales receipts, it is saying that we have already used that invoice number, please choose another. So we have to go back through the history and find which was the last number used and manually enter. Never had to do this before.

  4. Susannah Leslie Says:

    I’m glad it is being fixed…

  5. Andrew Says:

    This was incredibly badly handled by QuickBooks. I was told one thing when it happened only to be told another the next days. We spent 3-4 hours manually correcting this the first day, and then perhaps another 6-8 hours during the week with follow up with QuickBooks. Your communication about this was lousy. Do other customers also appreciate that QB online does not have a simple ability to restore at a certain timepoint.? The fact that they do not is pretty scary.

    Andrew Sambrook

    • Jeff Says:

      I agree, we were told one thing by Intuit customer service and another thing from the website. I asked to speak to a manager and they said they wouldn’t even transfer me!

  6. chills Says:

    I’d love to see recurring credit card charges against customer invoices. I have to keep a list and process these individually every month.

    • John Says:

      you can. If you have a intuit merchant account. 1. create the a recurring transaction. 2. make sure you choose manual invoice. 3. Make sure the invoices are in quickbooks before intuit merchant recurring transactions process. 4. When the credit card process, quickbooks looks up credit against the invoice but customer.
      Good luck. I dont work for quickbooks but its working for me.

      • chills Says:

        I’ll test it, thanks. Funny how Intuit Customer Support didn’t know about this possible solution.

        • Glenn Says:

          Be careful the merchant account can come with fees and the costs are not easily seen from the website. Be sure to read the fine print, we were tagged with several thousand $$ in unexpected QBO merchant fees as the transaction dollar size was over the limit.

    • Marcie Says:

      If you set up the reocurring transaction as a sales receipt you don’t have to take the extra step of recording the payment -saves so much time.

  7. Rhonda Gross Says:

    I was told my credit card did not work for the July 1 payment. Not sure why but went in and reentered my credit card number. This was yesterday morning and I still do not see the payment made to you for the July payment.

  8. Florence Grimm Says:

    We have made a number of deposits in March, April & June that have never showed up in our deposits on line. How can I run a true report for our church council?

  9. Quick books is really awful. It won’t allow miscellaneous credit card fees and charges to be recorded (for no discernible reason-random) and then months later records them- after year end, a few in Jan, some in March- just poof- here they are. very spotty. Am on hold right now for support and have an estimated 45 minute wait time. Really!!!????? It is good that I have NOT ONE OTHER thing to do today, just popping bon bons and flipping through magazines.

    It is too bad this company is falling apart like this, it used to be wonderful.

  10. Jennifer McG Says:

    This is STILL happening to me, August 5, it just did it! Are you sure you have repaired it? I don’t think so. ALSO, I’m on a different computer and names & cost categories are different, messed up, as I assign a cost – it does not “stick” or “add” – it disappears! What’s up?

  11. glen varner Says:

    i have lost my quick books 2008 i don’t remember my user name or pass word

  12. Louise Says:

    Quickbooks Online has really been lagging lately, connection is taking so long. This morning, it took about 7-10 minutes for my selected date changes to happen, it kept freezing up. Also, one of my users from another state kept trying to sign in every minute for 5-7 minutes. What’s going on?

  13. Fareesa Says:

    I am having terrible trouble with downloading transactions. Every few days I get an email stating I need to update and until then the transactions won’t download. I try to update or edit my bank information and it tells me that my log in information is wrong. I then spend 90 min on the phone. Have to deal with duplicate transactions only to start all over 3-4 days later!

  14. Ruanne Skeels Says:

    This really scares me, I have not connected my banking and now I am real glad I haven’t. I also think I will look elsewhere for credit card transactions. Thanks for the warning…

    • Dot Says:

      I had too many bad experiences with downloading bank transactions in the desktop version, I would never have my bank account and QB tied together.


    • Dot Says:

      With online access to view your bank account, you should balance your QB checkbook to the bank every day. You don’t have to finalize the bank reconciliation – just go back to the reconciliation screen – there is a link to change the date and balance – enter today’s date and balance – click the posted transactions – then once you have balanced, click the leave button and your know that your books match the bank. The next day just go back to the reconciliation screen – enter today’s date and balance – then, once you have balanced, click the posted transactions – then click the leave button…

      • karen walker Says:

        We missed a substantial amount of downloaded transactions in both July and August. We are a non-profit organization, and to not have the money we thought we had has created tremendous problems for us. I update daily and always have. Now I update. then go to my online bank and compare what has cleared the bank compared to what is in QB online. The time lost to fix, at least on our end, the QB errors has been tremendous. The bank fees we have incurred are frustrating to say the least, couple that with having missing transactions, we lost several thousand in one day. I am looking for another solution.

  16. Rich Dalquist Says:

    I was not aware that QB is charging a “fee” for sending out an automated invoice. When did this happen?

  17. Stephen Stancato Says:

    Purchased Quick Books On Line Trial for 30 days. Prior to expiration I decided the on line version was not for me. It would not allow me to look behind the scenes on customer and vendor history. Wanted to see quick reports, outstanding balances etc. and see the details by clicking a certain transaction as with my previous desk top version… among other numerous issues.

    Decided to cancel after the trial period and upgraded per customer service to a newer version that would allow me to download the new data entered during the trial period to the new software upgrade. After several hours with customer service and support personnel they discovered that the information stored online could not be downloaded to the new desk top version. SERIOUSLY!! After actually taking a step by step process for hours with customer service who had taken control of my computer while I was on the phone with them. Now I must transfer manually all transactions, invoicing, bill pays, banking etc.that I entered during the entire trial period.

    They gave me a 30 day extension of the trial version so I could manually upgrade my desktop files. After successfully completing this time consuming task, I tried logging onto my second company (under the same account) and the online service for that company has been cancelled and all data will be deleted from the system at an upcoming date.

    Called Quick Books to have the company that was accidentally canceled re-instated so I can again manually transfer the data from it, as I did with the previous company. It takes a day, however they will send me an e-mail and have it ready in a few hours. NO EMAIL, NO RE-IN-STATEMENT OF DATA AVAILABLE 7 HOURS LATER.

    All business is on hold with accounting on a scratch pad as more data piles up on my desk.

    Every time i call back I must start the whole story over again. Is this a company that I would trust with all of my files being backed up on the cloud. BEWARE! The worst is yet to come.

  18. Dot Says:

    I just looked at the most recent entries for this blog… Great that QBO spends all this time talking to new tech gadgets – but what I really want is an improved basic functioning of the accounting system. If you want the functionality of QB Premier, get a Premier desktop version. If you want a simpler accounting function, QBO should be a good option, but it proves to be a frustrating option. I want simple, basic things – like the ability to post specific customer credits against a specific invoice while leaving a specific credit open for that customer. Like the ability to post specific vendor credits against specific vendor bills – right now I have to postpone inputting vendor credits for the new month until after I have finished processing the A/P checks for the old month, because QBO seems to automatically take next months credits with this months payments. Like the ability to have a simple year-to-date payroll summary by employee – this data is on their check check stub – why can’t I get a report that shows this data in a simple report? Improved functionality of the pay bill process – it is WAY to easy to duplicate a payment – I finally discovered that after I print a bill payment check, I have to hit cancel – that just does not make any sense to me. I knew there would be less functionality in QBO, because most of my clients use QB premier versions – but there is a serious lack of basic functioning in some areas of the program… The program would be much improved if there was a little more time spent with some of the most basic functioning of the program and less time spent talking to the latest gadget. The most positive thing I can say about QBO is that the color scheme is so much better than the ugly gray theme rolled out with the 2013 version of desktop.

  19. Nicole Says:

    Sorry to hear about this and glad the issue was resolved!

  20. Larry Exum Says:

    While I am not using the Online, I still have tremendous issues which the support teams have failed to solve. 1. December 21, 2012 was the renewal of our Payroll Subscription. It was an automatic debit card payment. While every other charge on the debit card at that time processed, QuickBooks did not, and we had no knowledge of the payment failure. Fast forward to August 29,2013 when suddenly, our company cannot process payroll. The subscription had been changed to Inactive. Three hours with support on a Friday NIGHT until 9 pm, and they finally determined the problem was we have a new debit card number, they ran the new debit card again and all was supposedly restored.
    2. Our company also uses the Automatic Annual Update, and usually in September, we get a phone call or email that it is time to have our software updated. No, no such courtesy. Again on Friday Night while we are still attempting to solve the Fiasco of #1 above, I get an Intuit clerk on a second phone call (while holding on the first line for the Payroll Tech), and he snidely stated that they had cancelled our subscription for non payment. Not a single phone call, email, or courtesy call. They simply made QuickBooks Inoperable. Since we now knew they were using an old debit card number, we gave the updated card, and reestablished the QuickBooks useablility. All should now be working. NOT!
    3. The following week, on Friday, We begin processing payroll checks for employees, and find that Payroll will not calculate taxes. So again 2 hours with Payroll, and 4 attempts to update payroll with 4 failures. I refuse to stay beyond 2 hours, so tech promises that even though Payroll would be closed on weekend, that regular tech support could solve issue on Saturday. When I called on Saturday, no one was willing to assist. We were not able to pay our employees until I spent 3 hours manually computing the taxes.

    When you are a monopoly, I guess you can abuse customers with impunity, with no recourse.

    I would like this message to be passed up the line to someone who actually cares. This abuse of a customer cannot be allowed by management.

  21. The running balance printout does not show the customer’s name on it. How can I get the name shown on the Running Balance printout

  22. Becca Scott Says:

    In need of help and don’t know where to turn! I used the trial online version to store and process all of my data, manually entering much of the data, and now that I have purchased QBO, my data has all mysteriously disappeared. How do I reconnect the data that was previously in my account?!

  23. David Says:

    I am having some problems when it comes to adding a new job under a customer I feel that the system should have a new job tab so that when you click on the customer it would be so much easier to ad a new name and that name would automatically drop down in the company profile. We do multiple resident units in one building. We pay a lot for this system and we have lost a lot of options by switching to new QBO.
    We lost info boxes that we used for our service I would like the option to put in our own dialog boxes to suite our services and not be tied with what we are give to work with, This QBO doesn’t seem to be business friendly if your we can only use what you want us to use we should have the capability to design our own personalized invoices.

  24. Givvel Says:

    Every time I try to sign in to qb it tells me my popup blocker is on(Internet Explorer)….I’ve tried everything and nothing is working….I’ve disabled completely…I’ve held down the ctl key…I’ve tried chrome…at least in chrome I can see stuff but none of the scrolling features are working….please help

  25. RBS Says:

    Is QBO ever going to address the widespread outage that occurred on Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 for what seems to have been MANY if its customers ( It certainly affected us — i.e. directly cost us $$ in lost bookkeeper wages while the system was completely inaccessible for 4+ hours during the middle of a US working day — and seems to have affected many more. I expected a prompt explanation on this blog about what happened and what measures Intuit is taking to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen in the future, but nothing yet. Can you please post an article explaining this?

  26. Jayme Says:

    Here is a real issue with recurring templates that needs to be addressed: no date macros. If the transaction is recurring it likely covers some period of time (i.e. weekly, monthly, yearly). The settings allow you to schedule for those various intervals. However, you can’t have your description change dynamically (i.e. “subscription fee for the period of April 1 to March 31,{YEAR}”). If you could add a month and year macro to populate those values when the invoice is generated it would be an easy fix for a nagging problem.

    • Mark Gallin Says:

      Jayme – Great suggestion! I held off on using recurring transactions for this exact reason. After a year and a half of manually creating 75 invoices each month, I bit the bullet and used a generic description. Being anal-retentive, it still bugs me

  27. Laurent Says:

    I don’t know where else to post this, but is anyone else having issues with invoices not actually being sent? Last week only half of the invoices I sent were actually delivered. Also, people are not always getting an option to “pay now”. The same customers – sometimes has it, other times it doesn’t. IN ADDITION, I have gotten the email saying an invoice has been paid using intuit, but then it doesn’t show the payment in qbo. Haven’t had many issues til now, I am just a small business, using this for invoicing and payment processing. That’s it.

  28. Wilma Says:

    entering checks written into QB online is a nightmare, it will not return to the check writing screen after you save a check

    • Priyajeet Says:

      I assume you are referring to the old QBO. In the new QBO, there are 3 saving options:
      Save and New: saves a transaction and then returns to a clean form
      Save and Close: save the transaction and goes back to where you came from
      Save and Send: saves and prompts to email

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