QuickBooks Online support is ending for Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 5

Update: Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 5 will be unsupported browsers August ’13 onwards.

Last fall we mentioned discontinuation of Internet Explorer 8 as a supported browser for QuickBooks Online. This post is a reminder for those folks who have not yet switched from this legacy browser. With our next release we will be issuing a warning about the same every time you login using IE8. Likewise, Safari 5 users will also be getting an upgrade warning soon.

Once we end support (sometime in the next 2 months) we will stop fixing any non-critical issues for QBO under IE8 (and Safari 5) and any new feature released may not work well either. You will however still be able to access QBO via IE8 / Safari 5 even after we drop support for it.

While you may choose to stick with IE8/Safari 5, you will be using the browser without any support from us and may miss out on newly released features. You can still call support regarding general accounting issues that are not related to the browser, however support agents will not be able to help with issues arising due to your use of IE8/Safari 5.

We are encouraging all users to switch to Chrome, Firefox, IE10 or higher at their earliest convenience. Upgrading to these new browsers will also improve the performance of QBO as well as your regular day-to-day browsing.

For up to date browser support, check out this blog post.

Windows XP users: Microsoft will be ending all support for this legacy OS in about a year. At that time you will not be receiving any security updates either and your machine may become vulnerable to security risks. We are encouraging you to consider upgrading your machine soon to keep getting security updates.

Safari 5: Due to the various issues in Safari 5 as well as the age of the browser, we recommend people upgrading to Safari 6 or another browser.

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86 Comments on “QuickBooks Online support is ending for Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 5”

  1. Rob Says:

    What about Safari. I have lot of problems with printing in Firefox. Firefox will not support Apple in the near future I’ve heard.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      Apple has discontinued Safari on windows it seems, that’s why you see no version 6 of safari on windows. So for folks on windows – Chrome, Firefox or newer IE are the better options.

      As for Firefox not supporting OSX, I haven’t heard that, do you have a source for this information? I know they dropped support for OSX 10.5 Leopard but not newer versions.

      From a developer standpoint Chrome is our preferred browser as we do all primary development and debugging in chrome (thanks to its developer tools) and then once a feature is complete we look at interoperability issues in other browsers like Firefox, Safari and IE.

      • Bill Owen Says:

        Priyajeet, so if Chrome is your preferred browser, then why can’t I download my payroll data from Intuit Online Payroll to Quicken using Chrome, which happens to be my preferred browser too. I can create payroll within Chrome but can only download the data using Internet Explorer. Any plans to correct this issue soon?

        • Priyajeet Says:

          I am not familiar with payroll, but asking around, anything that uses activeX (export/import) is still unfortunately tied to IE. However majority of the users and time spent in QuickBooks Online is not one of these tasks, as such why we recommend Firefox and Chrome. But if you want to use IE for activeX reasons, IE9 and IE10 are supported browsers too.

          • Jennifer Says:

            Although the “majority of the users and time spent in QBO is not one of these tasks”, having to switch over to IE to export is inconvenient, and above all, sloppy. Enabling Export via Chome or Firefox is something that any of the Intuit programmers can code in a day. Just do it.

            • Jayne Says:

              Agreed! This should be programmed to function in any environment. I switched to Chrome then switched back to IE because there were a few things I could not do in Chrome. Now I am reading that I wont be able to export my Intuit payroll into QB… ?! If this is the case then QB is useless to me. I have Windows XP and will not be upgrading my computer anytime soon – unless QB/Intuit wants to pay for us to upgrade (?) – IE 9 & 10 are not available to Windows XP.

              • James W Roberts Says:

                What in the world is going on! I am in the proess of keying three years of data into QB and i do not no any thing about chrone or foxfire. what will happen if this dose not work with my computer.
                Thank a lot for this issure

      • Kathryn Rashidi Says:

        Hey I have google chrome and went and redownloaded Google and it still says internet I8 ending soon-

    • jim Says:

      so now do I have to buy a new computer? My computer version is 10.5.8 can I just upgrade Safari software?

      • Priyajeet Says:

        You can upgrade Safari, but Apple is not releasing newer Safari for older OSX versions anymore. All they may release is some security update but thats about it.

        So you can continue using what you have since we will not block Safari 5. You will just get a message saying it will not be supported.

        I would recommend that you consider upgrading in the next year or so, because we will be releasing new features that won’t work properly in older browsers, so you may miss out on those. Both Firefox / Chrome require min OSX 10.6. Safari is stricter and their latest release requires 10.8 since Apple wants you to upgrade. I am not sure what system you have, but if it’s an intel mac, then you potentially could upgrade to a new OSX for less than 30 bucks, not sure.

        • russell Says:

          wait, so we will still be able to use Safari 5?

          My Mac is older and My OSX cannot be updated to run Chrome, Safari 6, or Firefox. I don’t plan on updating my computer for another year or so.

  2. Jeff Fassbinder Says:

    I cannot get Merchant Services to communicate unless I down grade to IE8. IE9 and IE10 cause communication failures when trying to connect to Merchant Services. I have QB Premier Retail Edition 2012. What do I need to do to solve this problem?

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Does this mean I can now export my payroll to QB with Chrome?

  4. Kim Says:

    I am running into something weird in my QBs file. When I open “write Check’ it does not calibrate properly. Do you know what’s going on? Can you assist…as I cannot ‘save and close’ any checks I write and I have never had this happen before.

  5. vps hosting Says:

    I do not understand what is it actual means but my friend also using the same browsers but these are working very smartly. I think that you should need to update your software.

  6. Onegood1 Says:

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  7. Manas Patnaik Says:

    After printing check when I click “Finished” I am suppose to get the window which says if the XYZ check printed correctly etc… However I am getting logged out of Quick Book saying your log in has expired. Is this problem being faced by anyone. Any help is appreciated.

  8. riz Says:

    I cannot export data now to excel.. what happened? previously it’s very easy to do but now I am still searching how..

  9. I can access my accounts for the and this has been on for about 2 weeks now. What is going on?

    • Priyajeet Says:

      For account related issues, its better to call support directly. Since this is a public blog, it is a bad medium for support.

      • Virginia Says:

        all I know is that support is awesome. they always help me out. I call them put my phone on speaker and when they come on the line they are so patient and helpful. I am thankful. They help me until I am finished.

  10. Chrome and FireFox do not print checks properly and IE9 has MAJOR issues still.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      Statistically about 92% of QBO users use Firefox / Chrome / IE9 / IE10 / Safari 6. I briefly looked up our escalation database and haven’t seen any major issues reported by our user base. If you are still encountering issues with the newer browsers, please call in support so that it can be logged and escalated to be fixed. Thanks.

  11. Hugh Profits Says:

    I have over 100 clients using quickbooks on Windows XP. What’s a fair price for me to charge to deal with “fixing” their XP problems with Quickbooks? $1,000.00; $500.00? $3,000.00?

    • Priyajeet Says:

      As mentioned in the post above, we will not be blocking use of IE8. People will still be able to access QBO using IE8. It will just be in an unsupported state. Also Chrome is still available for Windows XP, so people can switch to it for majority of their QBO tasks. Ignoring that everyone ideally should be upgrading their machines within the next year or so as microsoft is dropping XP support and no one should have computers vulnerable to security risks.

      • Teri Says:

        Using Windows XP and IE8. Have excellent network security with multiple firewalls. I’m not asking for support. You are not providing basic functions that I use every day. Cannot customize or memorize reports – is this your way of forcing clients into unecessary upgrades?

  12. brent Says:

    I have dropbox on my desktop.. It has quickbook in it. How do I incorporate it into google chrome?

  13. Edward Says:

    I am probably the only one in our company with WindowsXP, which I use at home and only there.
    This program is a small part of my uses and am not interested in buying a new computer where some of my other programs will not work.

  14. Johnny Says:

    Since we are required to switch, I guess it is time to switch to Sage.

  15. dotty Says:

    I’m trying to use Chrome but when I ALT S it’s not taking me back to where I was and moving down to save is a pain…why isn’t the keystroke supported by chrome?

  16. J Says:

    As stated…

    “Support is ending for Windows XP
    Support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014. If you’re running this version after support ends, you won’t get security updates for Windows.”

    When will Intuit stop supporting QB for LOYAL users that are still using XP? It will be almost an entire year before Mikeyworld is going to stop their XP support.

    Will we have to see this annoying pop-up everytime we use QB between now and time the support ends? We know it is coming to an end…why not place a box to check to say that I do not want to see this message anymore (or at least give some “remind me in x amount of days” options).

  17. Susan Says:

    How do I get into QB online if I do not want to upgrade at this time?

    • Priyajeet Says:

      Just as you would normally do, we are not blocking IE8 usage.

      • Zvi Marcus Says:

        My experience is that you are blocking IE8 usage. For the last week I am unable to sign on!

        • Priyajeet Says:

          We do not block logins, and browser check is done post login. So if you cant login, it most likely is another issue. Also I just tried IE8 and I could get in fine.

          • Zvi Marcus Says:

            The “browser check” is the only response I get to my attempt to log-in. And, it does not allow me an option to continue. STUCK!!!

  18. Steve Says:

    What does any of this mean? Could someone let us non-techies know the how, why and wherefores of this change? Also, seems like QB could do a much better job of customer relations rather than just grandiously notifying us…Seems a bit Ancien Regime way of doing things.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      Discontinuation of IE8 was advertised a couple of times last year, giving people a heads up. We had put out a blog post talking about this ~6 months ago as well as in-product messages were put in, incase they didn’t read the blog.

      Now 6 months later we are doing the same (just taking the warning up a notch by showing it post login), giving a total of 8-10 months before the change actually happens. This blog post, just like the prior one, is only giving a warning that folks may choose to ignore. But you will also see the warning every time you login, which again you may choose to ignore and stick with IE8.

      And even after we stop supporting IE8 in the next few months, we are not preventing anyone from accessing QBO via IE8, you still can use it and still can call in support for accounting specific issues that are unrelated to the browser. So its definitely not an ancient regime way of doing things :)

      As for the “why,” it basically comes down to the lack of usage and maintenance/development costs. Since development time/resources are always limited and there being too many browsers to support, our development efforts concentrate on testing QBO (which is a big big product with lots of areas) on those browsers that are used by our majority consumer base. 92+% of our users use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9, IE10 so those will be our primary browsers. Also IE8 doesn’t cut it as a fast browser and lags quite a bit to its newer counterparts. As a result newer features will be sluggish and will generate more support calls and cause more consumer greif. We also do not want to put in extra hacks just to make things work properly in IE8 so that the code remains maintainable in the long run and does not negatively impact those folks who have upgraded to the newer browsers. A cleaner code base helps development teams to iterate fast and concentrate on new features rather than trying to maintain a legacy browser. Because most users want newer or improved features rather than us spending time in fixing IE8 issues. Last but not the least, developing on IE8 is a grief for developers due to its archaic support for web standards. If a UI bug takes 5 min to fix on a modern browser, it can take hours on IE8. We generally request upgrades once there are newer versions available for that browser and majority of our users have already switched to those newer versions. So as soon as the usage falls below 10% we start recommending others to upgrade.

  19. Liz Says:

    XP is a nice stable platform. Windows 7 can not be configured as nicely as XP. Windows 8 absolutely sucks. To force us to leave a nice stable operating system (this is directed to both Microsoft and Intuit) is not a happy place. Microsoft is heading the way of Apple, removing control of the operating system from the user. This is very bad for us semi-geeks who LIKE to configure our operating systems to work more EFFICIENTLY and FASTER so we can WORK. If users can’t configure Windows 7 or 8 to work EFFICIENTLY and FASTER there is NO INCENTIVE for us to leave XP other than to drop support for it and FORCE us to. Plus we have to wipe our computers to install Windows 7 and 8 which is a lot of time intensive work to reinstall all our WORK applications. I am not happy. Microsoft should continue to support XP and all companies should continue to support IE 8 until the last minute. Either that or Microsoft should allow XP users to upgrade to IE 9/10/etc. Forcing people to leave an operating system that ACTUALLY WORKS is not nice. Windows 7 is stable but you can’t CONFIGURE it. You can’t even add a toolbar to Explorer to add copy/paste/delete buttons. Chrome sucks, very slow, can’t add a toolbar to add copy/paste/delete buttons. If you have to right click on something then click copy/paste/edit it takes two clicks of the mouse instead of one click – very annoying and slows me down. Again, we need to be able to configure the operating system for our individual needs. And I don’t mean photos and fancy pictures and themes and garbage – I’m talking about EFFICIENCY and SPEED of doing ACTUAL WORK.

  20. Elaine Says:

    I really resent being made to switch to a new brower when I finally got use to this I have tried Google Crome but I lose all the tool bars and my favorites. How much is this going to cost me?

  21. Kim Munde3n Says:

    I have a windows xp system. Upgrading is not an option. I will have to purchase a new computer. Are there any other alternatives?

  22. Doris Daniel Says:

    My first time to use this. I don’t have any clues on how to use it.

  23. Donna Rosenblatt Says:

    I upgraded to Chrome, but am still getting the alert that I need to change to something besides “8”. Is the alert screen just going to continue to display >

  24. Murray Boess Says:

    One of the other online systems we use shows messages that IE 9 and 10, plus Google Chrome are NOT supported. Of course, they may work, just as IE 8 will likely continue to work for QuickBooks Online, but not everyone considers IE 8 to be “legacy”.

  25. Mary Says:

    I upgraded to Firefox, but am still getting the alert that I need to change to something besides “8″. Is the alert screen just going to continue to display

  26. Linda C Says:

    I didn’t really care for the way this software worked through IE but I REALLY hate the way it works in Chrome and Firefox. I cannot use my keyboard commands and when I am working in a customized report, if I go to a transaction to make changes, it does NOT take me back to the same customized report to look at the next item. And, I can’t find that report again without customizing all over again. I don’t want to memorize every single customized report that I use because most of the time, I don’t need that exact customization again. At least with IE, I could go back to the history and pull up the report if it didn’t take me there automatically. The online version of QB has SOOOOO many limitations when compared to the desktop version. As far as I am concerned, the ONLY advantage is the ability to work on it real time from home when needed and the cloud backup which we liked since our computers and servers were stolen about a year ago and we lost all the backedup data.

  27. Carla Lightfoot Says:

    What about Safari 6? Will this be unsupported also?

  28. Act training Says:

    This post is really very amazing and very helpful for me and others too. Please do share more information with us. I am waiting your new post about QuickBooks Online. I hope that it will be update in near future.

    • Robert meyers Says:

      I have Chrome and have been always using Chrome but I cannot get help in Payroll or Support because my screen just flashes those 2 icons. What can I do about this problem, but I get those 2 features on Internet Explorer what happens when that closes to my business?

  29. NHC Says:

    Internet 9 does not work well. I do more on my computer than Quick Book for customers. I work with several other customers and they use a variety of different accounting software. They only use Internet 8, internet 9 will not work on these programs. What am I suppose to do, just because you want to upgrade does not mean everyone and everyother online software program will upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. I will contine to use 8 because most of my customers use that and will probably ask the ones using Quick Books to change to Peachtree or another software that will continue to support what everyone else is using. This really makes it hard for those who work from home and use QB’s. Did you guys think of that. Explorer 9 really stinks. I tried it and my internet froze several time. Please come up with a better plan if you want to keep the customers you have. Thank you.

    • Zvi Says:

      I fully agree! Stop playing games with cute but useless bells and whistles. I’ll bet most of your users are QB subscribers because they require an environment that’s comfortable for various users running different machines, OS’s and browsers. Your new policy of blocking use of older browsers clashes with that requirement.

    • Jayne Says:

      Agreed! I have been looking into other Accounting software programs myself. Will have to check-out Peachtree. I used it many years ago.

      • Jayne Says:

        Exactly! We do use the online version because it WAS compatible in various environments. It seems quite backward or rudimentary to limit how QB Online functions.

  30. Maureen Says:

    I just recently started using Firefox and have had problems using it with QB. Every time I add a new vendor, QB shuts down and I have to reload. Then I get a message that the vendor addition did not go through (but it did). After 2 or 3 new vendors, I get a “oops message from Firefox apologizing for the problem”.

    • Val Says:

      I have been using Firefox all along until recently I started having problems printing checks. I can’t adjust the font size and alignment. I have tried the alignment “help” to no avail. Very frustrating…

  31. Joe Q Says:

    Ironically Explorer 8 is giving same problems as previous versions, I remember back in 2005 when trying to see Webpages like Social Networks on Explorer I have download updates everyday to get to see it correctly

  32. Steve Breithaupt Says:

    I am going to drop quickbooks entirely if you don’t stop this nonsense with the browsers. I have better things to do than to “move the net forward”. I am running the latest version of Waterfox and your software thinks I am running Firefox. Makes no difference to me what you think, I am the customer and I want to do work for my company and not spend time fooling with browsers.

    • Jayne Says:

      I can’t agree more Steve. This is absurd, (understatement). Any “Quality” program would function efficiently using all currently utilized browsers. Internet 8 is NOT a “legacy” browser. They are just using the word “legacy” to psychologically manipulate people into thinking it is old and outdated and inefficient when, to the contrary, it is still a strong secure browser that I have not ever had any problems with. Firefox, Chrome, and others have all been a problem in just the short time I have tried them. NOT only that but, if they are going to force their clients (who pay them for a program that is compatible in various environments) out to use the ‘newer’ browsers, they should at least make their program, Quick Books, compatible and efficiently functional in said environments… and they are far from it. – At this point, Peachtree is sounding like a good option… still researching.

  33. Kim Says:

    How soon is soon? Is there a specific end date?

    • Priyajeet Says:

      No specific date, expect September timeframe – as soon as IE11 is released. However, even when the official support for it ends, we won’t prevent access to QBO. You will still be able to use QBO using IE8 after that. Just that it won’t be supported and any new features that get released in the future may not work too well on IE8.

      • Robert Says:

        I have been using Firefx as much as possible to ove away from IE8. However, many apps, including Quickbooks (8 year user) don’t seem to support. Each time I try to log on with Firefox, get message “Not avvilbe now. Leave email for notification—which never comes. Any suggestions?

  34. Jayne Says:

    Are you kidding me? Do you see how many people will have to buy a new computer, or at least a new operating system?!!! Either way, that is a large, even impossible to some, expense for a small or ‘at-home’ business?! Personally, I don’t feel Intuit/QuickBooks Online should abandon their small business customers. With technology today, Intuit/QuickBooks Online should remain functional in all currently utilized environments. I figured Intuit would see there err and have a change of heart before the actual implementation. Disappointed. I am researching my Accounting program options. This is seriously absurd.

    • Jayne Says:

      As of yesterday, I can no longer customize my reports. Way to edge out your clients Intuit!
      Like others have said when using other browsers, I have tried using QB Online in Chrome but it does not function the same; cannot customize reports the same; reports and checks do not print well… not neatly formatted. What a mess. The environment is not as functional… What are you thinking Intuit? Back to IE8 for me until I find a new AP to go with. (I have WindowsXP so I cannot upgrade to IE9 or 10.) Not sure how I will format (customize) my reports for month-end…

  35. Jim Says:

    Why can’t QB just leave it alone, I think QB is going to piss off more poeple, if not now but the next time they change something.
    This is for QB make it work.

  36. Dorothy Botelho Says:

    I have downloaded firefox and noticed that reports and checks do not print properly and unfortunately, E8 is as high as I can go at this time per our IT guys. Any suggestions on printing checks and reports with firefox? currently checks are not aligned properly and profit and loss statements do not print on one page

  37. Kelsey Heuer Says:

    IE8 is slow and troublesome, so I went to Chrome, only to find it is incompatible with a very important legacy application we use. So I went to Firefox, which works much quicker than IE, but mysteriously at some point in entering invoices, FF just starts blocking qbo, even though I have it listed as an exception to blocking in FF.

  38. Jayne Says:

    Dear Intuit: I will be sending you the invoice for my “new machine” as this is too high a price to pay because you ‘choose’ to no longer support XP or IE8. Our small business has not budgeted for such an expense and my “machine” still functions perfectly fine in every other way. If my small business is not up for this expense, think about the position you are putting at home businesses in. It seems to be a horrible business move on your part. Losing a lot of trust and respect from your clients. I have been working with QuickBooks since it’s inception. QB has a long history of working in various environments… your reputation is taking a huge hit here. — ALSO, after trying Chrome and Firefox, QB is highly dysfunctional using these browsers. Reports are messy and checks do not print properly, even when I attempt to realign them. Also cannot use key functions to open additional windows and get my work done… so how is this better??? It’s been nothing but a huge burden.

  39. Charlene S. Trochta Says:

    I had been using QB5 on my IMac since 1997 – upgrading my IMacs until my last in 2007 with the
    Intel Chip – my last upgrade was to Snow Leopard. My CPA talked me into going to QB12 Online
    last year. Now I find that my Safari 5 Browser will no longer be usable with support – and upgrade
    to Safari 6 will not apply to my 2007 IMac and I cannot upgrade my operating system to Lion or to
    Mountain Lion. In other words, either I cannot effectively utilize my QB12 on my current computer
    and browser or I need to buy a new computer. I am head of a small non-profit school and we
    cannot afford another expense. Like many of the other users above, this planned obsolescence
    on the part of Apple, Safari and Intuit is getting to be ridiculous for those of us who are small
    businesses. When a parent, CPA, talked me into going into QB5 16 years ago, I was hesitant,
    but then realized how great it was – I was able to do all our bookkeeping without difficulty until
    2011 when another CPA talked me into going online with QB12. Since, it has been nothing but
    one headache after another. The only thing I have raves about is your online Telephone help!
    Your people are excellent and patient with someone having trouble navigating the new system.
    But – what are you going to do for those of us who have older systems, Safari and others, why
    can’t you continue to let us use those – why can’t you support us even though there may be
    newer versions?

    Charlene Austin, TX August 4, 2013

    • Susan Schafer Says:

      Charlene is like an echo of my problem. I am too waiting on a response from you.

      • Terri Dennis Says:

        It doesn’t seem like anyone from QuickBooks even looks at these comments… I never got a reply from three months ago!

        • Priyajeet Says:

          If not many, but some of us do look at most comments. Though we generally don’t reply if we don’t have much to add to the conversation, more than what is already stated in the post above and perhaps other replies.

          As mentioned in the post/other replies, we won’t be blocking the use of either IE8 or Safari 5 (just like we still don’t block Safari 4) just yet, and people will still be able to use QBO on them. But unfortunately we won’t be able to officially support such browsers.

          None of us developers are developing or testing on those browsers before a release happens. We haven’t been for sometime now. Not many issues have been introduced in the last few months (I have heard of only one, where the customize popup on reports page is blank), so the product has been working fine for most part on these old browsers even though they aren’t supported.

          But the probability of an issue getting introduced is relatively higher than before since we aren’t testing such browsers. And considering ~94% of our customer base is using a newer version, fixing an issue for the IE8/SF5 crowd will get de-prioritized. Current statistics for our Safari 5 usage is ~1% so that browser will get even further de-prioritized than IE8.

          • Jayne Says:

            Seriously?! The “only issue” is “where the customize popup on reports page is blank”?!!! This is a huge issue. The percentage of reports I need to customize is probably at least 75% of the reports I produce for our business. I’m having to export them to Excel to customize them, when that’s even possible. And, that isn’t the only issue… If I use Google or others the report printing customization and the checks are all off and I cannot use my keyboard strokes to do things such as open a new page… I also heard there’s something amiss with exporting payroll into QuickBooks from Intuit Payroll, (formerly PayCycle). Not willing to mess with my payroll records. G-forbid you de-prioritize your other users over supporting ALL users.

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  41. E. Voegtlin Says:

    Our church, which uses QuickBooks online, operates with WIndowsXP. We’re told that Explorer upgrades to this software usually require that we purchase a new computer, or go through expensive “guru” fixes as well as software expenses. As XP will be valid for another year, why can’t Intuit supoort it at least during for that period of time? XP works fine for us right now. Comments?

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