Accountant release webinar recording

Hi folks,

As promised, here’s the recording of the release webinar for accountants that we held a little over a week ago: I’ve also put the slide deck here: Release webinar slide deck

There’s a great post on sales tax (right before this one), so I highly recommend you check that out if you have any questions after the webinar. Hope to see you at the next one in November!

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11 Comments on “Accountant release webinar recording”

  1. Emile Amarotico Says:

    Thanks for these recent Reports improvements.

    Here’s one that still has not been addressed related to report column headers.

    The column header “current” and “per_of_income” titles are problematic. They do not look very professional and they dictate minimum column widths which are often wider than need be.

    How about simply replacing “current” with “$” and per_of_income” with “%”?


    Company Name
    Profit & Loss
    September 2012


    current per_of_income
    40000 Sales
    40100 Grocery 59,603 24%
    40110 Frozen 10,949 4%
    40120 Cooler 34,566 14%
    40130 Bakery 7,529……

    Thanks for the support.

  2. Kayla Says:

    I am reviewing the slides from the webinar and it looks like the cut-over date is mid-quarter. Some clients pay their sales taxes quarterly, in addition, they have already processed their Nov 1st invoices.

    Can we wait to “implement” this new sales tax function after we close out the year or will everything automatically switch over 11/1? Also, they use memorized transactions, so I’m assuming if we wait to rememorize the transactions until after the quarter, we will have a clean cut-off for the client. Thanks.

    • jessicaPM Says:

      I believe you can stay on your old sales tax rate as long as you do not use the new sales tax rate on any of your transactions. As I mention in the webinar, this is a one-way train, so don’t use it until you are ready

  3. Jan Boone Says:

    Thank you!

    • Jan Boone Says:

      I have tried numerous times to play this webinar and it is not happening. I have clicked on the link and also tried copying and pasting the url to my browser. Same thing always happens:
      It appears that it is starting, I see the screen and black cursor arrow moving and clicking, I can hear the clicks. Then it just stops. Is there something else I am supposed to do? Maybe my screen does not show me everything I need to see? What should I expect to have to do and what should I expect to happen? Will I be seeing and hearing the webinar as if I was attending it live? Thanks for any help. I really don’t want to miss this webinar.

      • jessicaPM Says:

        Hm…not sure what’s happening! I know others have watched it successfully. It should begin playing the visuals and sound. Have you given it a couple minutes? I think I started the recording before the webinar actually began so I’d make sure I didn’t miss anything. Otherwise, I’m not sure how to troubleshoot :(

      • Kayla Says:

        Hi Jan,
        I was able to look through the slides just fine (I didn’t watch the video). I would suggest, so you can get a basis of what the updates are, that you just view the webinar slide deck. If my understanding is correct, they are just the same slides from the webinar, just no audio.
        Hope that helps! (:

  4. Carrie Wright Says:

    I agree that changing this sales tax format in the middle of the month/year, that it is a problem now entering new invoices for October.

  5. Edna Washington Says:

    I have not been able to view the webinar either. It appears to be loading, but nothing happens. This sounds like the same problem Jan is having.

    • Kayla Says:

      Hi Edna,
      I would suggest going through the webinar slide deck that is also provided. I went through them and they were very helpful.

      My only thought is that possibly with this GoToWebinar, you may need to install an add-on or “allow” it on your browser for it to play successfully.

      Hope that helps!

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