QuickBooks Mobile Featured on the App Store

We’re thrilled that Apple recently selected QuickBooks Mobile as part of the “Start Your Business” section on the App Store! We’re so excited to be a member of this power-packed group of mobile apps for small businesses. Free for all QuickBooks Online users, QuickBooks Mobile helps you manage your customers, invoices, payments, sales receipts, and estimates no matter where you are – home, work, or on the go.


So what are you waiting for? Check out QuickBooks Mobile in iTunes or on your iPhone.

To check out other apps in the “Start Your Business” section click here to launch it in iTunes or on your iPhone OR on your mobile device click through the top featured banners on the App Store home page until you get to the “Start Your Business” section.

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32 Comments on “QuickBooks Mobile Featured on the App Store”

  1. Paul Toris Says:


    Kindest Regards, Paul Toris Power Save Solutions Inc. 416-508-5553 http://www.powersavesolutions.com Sent from my iPad

  2. Lori Brooks Says:

    Hope this has all the bells & whistles (or at least most) as what I can do from my desk-top when I log in online. I’m anxious to see what features are available as free via my iPad. Last I checked, I was going to have to pay an additional montly subscription fee for mobile usage. Totally free?? Hoping it works with IOS6 too. Someyimes, I need to search for past invoices while I’m on the road.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      I believe mobile team are adding new features every now and then, but it still is not as feature rich as the online version.

    • Stacy Kildal Says:

      With QB Mobile, you can add customers, create Estimates, Invoices, Sale Receipts & Receive Payments. You can also see open balances for customers. Still need to process GoPayment outside the app in the GoPayment app. To see P&L/Balance Sheet or other basic reports, you need to login to QBO directly.

      • Cheryl Marting Says:

        How do you receive payments on the mobile app? I can’t figure that out.

      • Eric Says:

        How do I received payments against an invoice in QB mobile iPad?

        • Cheryl Says:

          I think they added it. You can scroll down when you are writing an invoice and there is a receive payment tab. Also, when you go to the initial screen and press the plus icon, I think the screen that displays shows a receive payment option. It has been working for me.

  3. alice Says:

    Would like to see ability to add notes section. Really hope to see the ability to put service dates in invoices, really need that for my business. I still have to go to my computer for these functions. it is keeping me from being totally mobile

    • Stacy Kildal Says:


      If your template is set up to show dates, the date you enter the involve will show up (you can’t edit this from the mobile app though).

      As for notes, you could edit the description to include any notes you wanted your customer to see. I do this all the time.

  4. Mario Says:

    The Android app is a total waste of time and effort. It should be billed as a read only app, not a functional app.

    • Craig Says:

      Still waiting for a “functional” app for blackberry users…

      • Priyajeet Says:

        I don’t think there are any efforts going on for an app on anything but the iOS and Android platform (I work on the web client team so might not know). I would not count on it any time soon since still major efforts are needed to get the iOS and Android app up to par with the web client. As for the web app (http://goo.gl/Ckl1m) things are churning…

      • Kevin Says:

        This is Kevin from the QuickBooks Mobile team. Thanks for your feedback but I am sorry to say that we are currently only focused on improving our iOS and Android applications!

    • MDN Says:

      Totally agree. I have been going back and forth with QB on this.
      The email of whoever I was in contact with is now unavailable.
      I guess they got tired of hearing from me.
      I don’t believe QB really has intentions of making this app functional
      for mobile use.

  5. Mark Says:

    Work around for new items. Problem I do not see away to create a new item to invoice with Quickbooks Mobile. I am a Heating and Air Business where there is a continuous stream of new items sold that are not already in customer products and services list. I created an item from QBO a product with a Generic Name where I can edit it to suit what I am selling on the road with quickbooks mobile I called it Mobile item. My Invoice preference is set to print only description and does not print product/ service info. I do not see it on my product and service list once I am back to just using QBO on a laptop. I was hoping mobile would upload this info to my QBO database maybe if does and I just cant see it. Its a FEATURE NEEDED. Maybe there is away to create a new item and I am not aware of it?
    Remember to refresh data from mobile device to bring in new items added to products and services list.

    • Mark Says:

      Please add a feature on Mobile to add new item and a refresh option on QBO to pick up new items added from mobile devices.

      • Kevin Says:

        Thanks Mark! The entire QuickBooks Mobile team here at Intuit works hard to listen to customer feedback in order to improve our app. We look forward to pushing out more updates in the future that will continue to make QuickBooks Mobile a better app for you and your business!

  6. I have been using Quick Books for 8 years and was excited with the possibility of the online edition and the mobile app. I can’t see what I need to see, i.e. retrieve previously issued invoices from the mobile app. Also, can’t receive payment for the invoice when I am doing the initial processing. I always use invoices rather than sales receipts due to the service tracking aspects. The whole experience is not proving to be all that I had hoped for.

    • Cheryl Says:

      I just realized that I have been using QuickBooks Online through the mobile logon option rather than the new app. The app wasn’t available when I began to use this system. The app still doesn’t show up in the apple App Store when you search for iPad apps – just for iPhone. But, now tha I’ve found what you are talking about it is making lots more sense, lol!

  7. Melissa Says:

    Do we have the ability to enter timesheets from our Iphones yet?

  8. George Harmon Says:

    When wiil there be an Android version of the mobile app?

  9. Kyle Says:

    Can we get a Windows Phone App?

  10. Sharon Heller Says:

    The mobile app is just ok for quick reference. When will we be able to use the full site version of quickbooks online on an iPad (via Safari or Chrome)?

  11. Lori Brooks Says:

    Postive iPad5 experience: I just enjoyed my 1st “ah-ha” appreciation momment a couple of days ago when I was on the road and a client wanted to re-order a large assortment of apparel pieces that she had purchased through my company last fall. I went into the QB Online app to look up that client’s order history (where the last 50 invoices are shown). I was able to reflect on what they got last year, create my new quote snet via manual email creation (is there a quote feature in the app?), and then closed the deal.

    • Kevin Says:

      Thank you Lori for the great review! My name is Kevin and I work on the QuickBooks Mobile team. Glad to hear you are conveniently drawing information from your previous client’s order history on QB Online! As of now, the app cannot rotate on the iPad but you are already able to send estimates from QuickBooks Mobile. Please keep letting us know how we can make it better!

  12. Lori Brooks Says:

    2 Questions:
    1. Can the app rotate on my iPad5? It seems like the portrait only layout is mandated.
    2. Can quotes be generated in this app?

  13. TED Says:


  14. LISA Says:


  15. Steven MacDonald Says:

    How soon before I can write checks from the app?

  16. Hilary Says:

    Awful. No functionality. Totally useless for anything I need. I don’t need lists I need functionality!

  17. apps Says:

    Music started playing anytime I opened up this webpage, so annoying!

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