QuickBooks Online and Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 10 is now available for Windows 8 and Windows 7 .

Internet Explorer 10 is scheduled for release along with Windows 8 by the end of October. While the dates for IE10 release on Windows 7 are currently unknown by us, it should most likely release sometime after October. With the introduction of this new version of Internet Explorer, we will be shifting our primary development and testing efforts to IE9 and IE10 sometime early in 2013. As a result, we will start phasing out IE8 support around the same time. QuickBooks Online will continue to work in IE8, but you will get an upgrade warning every time you login. This in-product upgrade warning will start happening sometime early next year.

Summer 2013 will be the approximate time when we stop supporting QuickBooks Online on IE8. QuickBooks Online will still be usable, but not officially supported. Right now we are tracking approximately 15% of QuickBooks Online customers using IE8. Upgrading to a faster and more modern browser will help your online productivity (and our development productivity) in general and QuickBooks Online will also run smoother.

Our browser recommendation still continues to be Chrome or Firefox and both of these browsers are available on Windows XP. So IE8 users who cannot upgrade to IE9 or IE10 should definitely start looking into these browsers. IE8 users on Windows Vista should look into upgrading to IE9 (or Chrome or Firefox), while Windows 7 customers will be able to upgrade to IE10 eventually.


~ Feb/March 2013: In-product upgrade warning for users still using IE8
~ May/June 2013: In-product non-supported browser warning for users still using IE8

There will be additional blog posts about this when those dates are near.

Click here for complete browser support.

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27 Comments on “QuickBooks Online and Internet Explorer 8”

  1. Rob Says:

    You should change your favicon so it doesn’t show wordpress. Just saying :)

  2. Kayla Says:

    I understand that your recommended browsers are Chrome or Firefox – but why must I use IE to export the company file?

    • Priyajeet Says:

      ActiveX :(
      Desktop Importing and Exporting are one-time tasks that unfortunately use an old activex control.
      Work is being done to improve the import process at least.

      • Kayla Says:

        Thanks for the response, and it’s good to hear improvements on the import (clients will be happy to hear about more transferable items). However I’m having difficulties with the export. I am in contact with Support already, so no worries there. It’s just frustrating to have to jump through so many hoops to get a desktop version of the data.

      • Peter Says:

        It really is time QB Online move off AcitveX for exporting. There really should be no reason for this. I know of no other company who uses ActiveX for downloading files anymore. Chrome and Firefox – the browsers QB online itself recommends – do not support it and MAC users are without a solution altogether.

        • We couldn’t agree more Peter. As Priyajeet mentioned, we are working on rolling out a solution that is completely independent of active x.

          • Peter Says:

            Thank you for the reply and outlook of an active x independent solution. Just to be clear, Privajeet was referring to an import process only. Can I infer from your reply that work is being done for active x independent download as well?

  3. J.R. Pine Says:

    I have lost all file, due to my bank suddenly not syncing with quick books….. what can I do?????? Help!

  4. Kaye Ellis Says:

    Hi, my name is Kaye and I am TRYING to setup my church’s bookkeeping, but I have never used QB and am totally lost. I need a spreadsheet for our church’s bank records, and also a sheet to keep up with tithes, and other offerings. Can you help?

    • Kayla Says:

      Hi Kaye, There are many QuickBooks Pros out there that offer support and have likely worked with non-profits. You may be able to find one in your area. Intuit offers a search for their “Certified ProAdvisors” to find one near you as well. They offer training for the desktop solutions, and I’m sure the online solutions.

      I have not used QBO for non-profits before, but there is a QB Desktop edition built specifically for non-profits that you may find to be more helpful. It’s called “QuickBooks Premier – Nonprofit.”

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Kaye,

      We have a great community over at http://community.intuit.com/category/quickbooks-online-us that can help you out as well.

    • Tami @ GSMBC Says:

      Hi Kaye, I have been using QB for my church’s bookkeeping since 2008. I just swtiched to the online product which is good but I have to go through and readjust my accounts to reflect the accounts I imported from my desktop version.

      First set up your Church as a Company and set it to Non-profit. If you want to track tithes per member you need to set up each member as a Donor or Customer. You also need to set up each bank account you would like to keep track of. You can sync your bank accounts to Quickbooks online for free however desktop version may require additional work and bank fees.

    • Paul Says:

      I use QBO for two churches and a nonprofit school. I think you’ll find QBOnline less daunting than the desktop version.

  5. SteveM Says:

    When are you going to offer better support for Safari browser?

    • We do support Safari, unfortunately there have been several bugs in Safari itself that have caused issues in QuickBooks online. Unlike Chrome or Firefox, Safari is not on a rapid release cycle and still ties itself to the OS with updates. Being much slower about updates means issues on Safari often take longer to get fixed.

  6. Bozo Says:

    So you o know that XP users can’t use Chrome as an alternative to IE 8. (Not that I disagree with the rational.) Also not supporting Safari makes the site not usable on 100+ million iPads.

  7. Tina Says:

    I feel the Quickbook staff not wanting to have to support what they deem as “outdated” browsers but out here in the real world in a sector such as ours ( Agriculture) technology is slow to change.

    Case in point our proprietary software written specifically four our company at an enormous cost it runs on W2K/W2K emulation. won’t run on anything else we paid someone to write the program for us exactly who we wanted it to be it still works just fine for inventory, sales orders, warehousing etc etc…NOTHING changes with potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce has not in the 65 years our company has been in business! However I feel moving to Quickbooks online for AP and Payroll was a mistake, because as of yesterday (10/ 29/12).I can no longer access Quickbooks online from any of the machines on our network BECAUSE we run Firefox 12.0 which is the last and current version for W2K. If I go to “help about it comes up and says “Firefox is up to date” even if Intuit doesn’t think so! Every other site we use supports our current browser! Heck even Microsoft writes software to be backward compatible!

    Intuit is going to likely lose us as a customer!

    • Tina Says:

      Mozilla support told me 12.0 is the last version that will run on W2K which is what our proprietary system requires to run…

      • Priyajeet Says:

        There is still some time before we block IE8 and there is a chance we may still allow folks using it for a lot longer, just that they will be using it at their own risk in an unsupported fashion. Still many months away, giving folks plenty of time to upgrade and a bit too early right now talking about it since the usage statistics of that time will determine the final decisions. This blog post was more like an heads up.

        As for windows 2000, which is a 12 year+ old OS, unfortunately it will be very hard to justify supporting things on it as none of the developers have it, nor do QA to test on it and nor does 99.8% of our customer base. Pretty much why Mozilla, Google and Microsoft themselves no longer support it or develop stuff for it. From Microsoft’s perspective, even Windows XP is about to be retired from their support in a couple of years. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/help/end-support. As soon as that happens, there is a good chance that mozilla and google will stop developing their browsers for even windows XP. Google already announced that november onwards they do not support IE8. http://googleappsupdates.blogspot.com/2012/09/supporting-modern-browsers-internet.html. Also the fact that IE10 does not work in Windows Vista or prior and IE9 doesn’t work in Windows XP or prior, Microsoft does write code that is not backward compatible.

        Considering the size of QBO (50+ pages) and it dealing with accounting/money, releasing stuff that is not tested is a risk i believe and that makes us a bit more strict about blocking browsers rather than just allowing them to be used in an unsupported way (even though we do the latter at times).

  8. Tina Says:

    thus for the operating system used our version IS up to date!

  9. Phil Says:

    I had loaded Chrome on your recommendation and tried to use it, but it would not allow me to download a local copy. You should recommend full featured browsers.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      The import and export process require ActiveX and are one-time use cases. Our browser recommendation of Chrome/Firefox is for regular daily QBO usage – which is the primary use case.

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