Vote for QuickBooks Online for the Sleeter Awesome Applications Award

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online has been nominated for a Sleeter Group 2013 Awesome Application Award. This year, the Sleeter Group has opened up the award process to include votes from accounting professionals and small businesses. You have until September 28th to vote – and you can vote once per day per application. Winners of the Awesome Application Award will be announced at the Sleeter Conference, Oct 22-24th. Awards will be based on 50% of votes received and 50% from the Awesome Award Expert Panel.

Visit the Sleeter Group Awesome Application Award voting page and vote for QuickBooks Online!

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12 Comments on “Vote for QuickBooks Online for the Sleeter Awesome Applications Award”

  1. Kym Benson Says:

    I love Quickbooks online. It has saved my life. Best program ever, and I am so not a bookkeeper.

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      It’s great to hear that QuickBooks Online has helped you. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us.


  2. Healthcare Tech Start Up Innovator from New York Says:

    I tell ya what. QuickBooks is always there in the clutch. When you start a business, you need a reliable program with everything in one place, especially when you are growing really fast and need to be able to get a handle on things. The software is absolutely stellar. The call center in India, not so great. Still, it beats anything else out there, hands down.

  3. Jim Says:

    It works great, unless it is down and support is closed…… what do we do then?

  4. Brett Says:

    When you give us multiple sales tax rates, and multiple workman’s comp rates I’ll think about recommending you for an award, until then all vacations and casual fridays have been canceled! ;)

  5. Ken Says:

    An Ipad version and you win the award hands down!

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      There’s a mobile version of QuickBooks Online you can use on your ipad.


      • Janel Fuller Says:

        Seriously? You call that a version of QB?!! It does nothing!!! You can not edit anything, all you can do is view a few simple things! QB should have a working version for ipad by now!!!! That version is a complete joke!!!

  6. Jason S. Says:

    Quickbooks Online is okay for simple accounting of a business that does not have many transactions, or for use with a full time accountant who has the time to labor through the difficulties. but if you are a small business owner who does their own book keeping quickbooks online product pales in comparison with quickbooks desktop software and its cumbersome, very limited, and far more labor intensive to use. I do not recommend the online product for a small business owner at this time.

  7. Thelma Taylor Says:

    I too find the Quickbooks Online to be cumbersome, too controlled by Intuit, i.e.can’t change reporting form info, and extremely lacking on areas, i.e. state and local government payments. I’ll take the desktop version anytime, way more user friendly, tons easier overall — period.

  8. I think the secret is an online program that is easy to configure and print forms, it is multi-currency, and allow it to manage inventory in QuickBooks desktop to change the name from English to any language in the bill, receipts, because there is no point trying to put less practical online features that it does is downgrade intuit that sense the company has spent so much money to do something that is less than what you have, because now I can not go online easily customize the invoice correction and do hope that the program can be up to other programs as ofipro regarding forms and printing

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