Online Banking grew up. It’s now Downloaded Transactions.

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UPDATE August 30th: There was an issue discovered that has led to some people not able to see the button allowing them to try Downloaded Transactions. We have put in a fix for this that will go into our next update. The update was originally scheduled for tonight but has been pushed back, we are hoping to get this out in the next few days. We apologize for the issue and hope you can start enjoying the new feature soon!

UPDATE August 31st: The release will happen towards the end of next week following labor day.

We made Online Banking better so you can speed through your work.

You can see more bank data, accept multiple transactions at once, and easily match to items you’ve already entered in QuickBooks. A big time saver!

Working with customers, we’ve been crafting Downloaded Transaction for several months. It’s finally ready for our veteran OLB customers. If that’s you, by late August you can check it out by opting in from the bank register in QBO. Be sure to give it some time to get used to it. If you decide you want to switch back, you can.

If you’re already a Downloaded Transactions user, then thanks for all the feedback you gave us!

What’s to like?

View 25, 50, even 100 transactions at a time, versus just 6 in the old version of Online Banking.

Accepting bank data into QBO is just plain easier. Now you can work with up to 100 transactions at a time, adjusting vendors and GL accounts, and matching to payments in QBO. Review and accept the ones you want with a single click.

You can split downloaded expenses and income. It was a top request from customers and accountants during our testing, so we made sure to put it into Downloaded Transactions.

Split Transactions

How does Downloaded Transactions work?

1. Connect your bank accounts.

We made this a lot simpler. Once connected, QBO automatically pulls in your data without you having to do anything more.

Already connected in Online Banking? You’re set.

2. Breeze through reviewing your transactions.

We made this simpler too. You can sort the transactions by date, description, or amount to group items together or to find items more quickly. You can assign a category to a bunch of items at once (now that’s handy!). QBO even creates new customers or vendors for you on the fly if a transaction doesn’t match up with an existing customer or vendor.

3. Accept your bank and credit card transactions so they become QBO transactions.

You can accept items one at a time or accept a bunch of them at once. Select the entire page, or a particular group of items, and accept them all with just one click.

Need to match the bank transaction to something in QBO? No problem.

  • If QBO identifies a match, it appears in the row, and you just accept it.
    QBO Match in Downloaded Transactions
  • If QBO finds multiple matches, Possible Matches Found appears in the row. You can select the correct one from the dropdown list.
    Multiple Matches in Downloaded Transactions
  • If QBO doesn’t suggest a match, and you know it should have, don’t fret. Click to change Assign to Match, and then click Find Matching Transactions. (We’ll even show you open invoices.) Adjust the date range to include the transaction date and then select it.
    Find Match in Downloaded Transactions
  • Amounts not adding up? You can handle left over amounts, like fees that were deducted before the transaction was deposited in your account. Simply click on the Find matching transactions link shown above to bring up our advanced matching dialog. From here you can simply select your transaction and hit the add button to move
    it over to the selected matches on the right (Step 1). If there is a difference, you can select more items from the left grid or add an additional amount.

Advanced Matching Dialog

What happens when you accept transactions into QBO?                 

The bank transaction moves to the Accepted tab inside Downloaded Transactions. It also gets added to the associated bank register.

  • If you assign a transaction to an Income category, QBO creates a deposit for it.
  • If you match a bank transaction to an open invoice, QBO creates a receive payment transaction for it.
  • If you assign a transaction to an Expense category, QBO creates a check or credit card expense for it.
  • If you exclude a transaction it still moves to the Accepted tab, but we don’t create a QBO transaction and it doesn’t get added to your register.

Common questions

Where’s the register?

The bank register is still there; it’s just on a separate page. You can get to it at any time.

The Downloaded Transaction page displays your QBO account and bank balances at the top, so you don’t have to use the register as frequently. If you do need quick access to the register, the QuickBooks account balance acts as a link there.
QBO Account Balances

How do I connect an existing QBO bank account where I add all my bank transactions manually?

When you go to connect this account with your bank, be sure to select 0 days as the date range so you don’t download any historical transactions that may already be in QBO.
DTX limit date range

Can I still use class and location?

You sure can. If you have Class and/or Location turned on, you’ll see those fields in the Assign column.

Can I still delete transactions?

Yes, but we call it “exclude” now. The Exclude button works like the Delete button in Online Banking. It keeps the transaction out of your register, but is still accessible on the Accepted tab, in case you change your mind and need to get that transaction into your books.

Check it out!

We hope you find the Downloaded Transactions a tremendous improvement over the old Online Banking. You’ll be able to try Downloaded Transactions starting in late August. By early next year we’ll make the transition permanent and remove access to the old Online Banking.

A big THANK YOU! to the many customers that helped us over the past several months, providing valuable feedback in the early stages and all along the way. You rock!

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85 Comments on “Online Banking grew up. It’s now Downloaded Transactions.”

  1. Chris Ryland Says:

    What about the painful, common case of a single deposit from merchant card transactions needing to match multiple sales items?

    • Hi Chris,

      You can use the advanced matching dialog (the last screen shot in the need to match something section) to match the single deposit to multiple sales items, assuming they are already in QBO

      • Annika Says:

        No, they are NOT in QBO. A lot of us just download the bank transactions frequently and expense the items while reviewing the downloaded transactions. ( instead of using write check) It is a pain when any check needs more than one expense account. I wish there was an ” add line” or similar feature.

        • Debra Says:

          I completely agree… there should be an add a line option (or something similar) for deposits, checks and credit card entries. Having to save the transaction and then edit to add the correct information is overly time consumptive.

    • Sim Says:

      When you click on the downloaded transaction to select an account it gives you the option to “add new” or “split.” Click on split and you can assign the one deposit to many accounts.

  2. Russell Scott Says:

    …the problem is there are no banks listed!

    • Can you explain what you mean Russell? Can you tell me what bank you are trying to connect to?

      • Russell Scott Says:

        Royal Bank Of Scotland – but actually when I try to look at all banks listed there are none!

        • Oh I see, currently this feature is for the US only. I’m not quite sure what banks we support globally unfortunately. The process of connecting to banks is much different globally and as we expand I know we are working on establishing relationships with banks.

          • Cam Moore Says:

            Hi Russell. dcrossley is right, the online banking feature is different in QBO outside of the US. If you’re using QBO UK, the Online Banking feature is currently in Beta, but most customers should be able to add bank feeds for RBS at this point. We are experiencing an issue with Chrome where the banks don’t properly display in the search results, so feel free to try adding RBS again in-product with a different browser if this applies to you.

    • Andrea Says:

      i cant get access to my bank either? Its Randolph Brooks Federal Credit union

      • Wendy Wells Says:

        Me either! My books are a mess, because I cannot connect to Randolph Brooks. Everything has to be manually entered and it takes forever! Come on QBO…..add RBFCU, please!!!

        • Hi Wendy,

          We are in the process of greatly expanding the banks we connect to. I will take a look today and see if we have a script for this bank and can get it added. Send me an email at with a reminder about this in case I forget to come back here to update you.

          • Wendy Wells Says:

            Douglas, It would be AWESOME if you can get Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union added! They have an indirect link to upload transactions to QBO, but it takes forever, and lately it doesn’t work. It is impossible to do all this by hand! Please keep me informed! Thank you,

            • Randolph Brooks FCU is now in the product. Please make sure that if you have already manually uploaded data you changed the number of days you upload data for. You can find this on the screen that shows your account, there will be a blue link that when clicked gives you a drop down to adjust the number of days. For instance if you uploaded data for last month, but you don’t change the date range, you will have all of last months data as duplicate data and will have to manually select all those transactions and mark and exclude as duplicate.

              • Jennifer Says:

                Hi Douglas,
                I changed to Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union when my previous credit union closed their Austin office, and I am unable to get set up for online banking with RBFCU even though it is one of the financial institutions listed. QB tells me to contact RBFCU to activate my account for online banking. RBFCU says they don’t know what I’m talking about and tells me to contact QB. Help!

                Also, for a few months I was able to download transactions from RBFCU and import the file into Quickbooks, but for some reason it is no longer working either. (although even when I could do that, it didn’t seem to work very well.)

                When I try to import the QBO file that I downloaded from RBFCU, I get an error message that says: Quickbooks was unable to complete your request, please contact your financial institution OL-222.

                • Jennifer Says:

                  Hi again, I sent a message to RBFCU within my account to ask for help getting my account activated for online banking. Here is their response:
                  Dear Ms. Lazar,
                  Thank you for your message.
                  To download transactions to QuickBooks, please click on Checking then
                  on “Download Transactions”. Follow the prompts to select the dates
                  and software you are using. This should establish a connection to
                  QuickBooks. If you are still not able to download transactions, please
                  contact QuickBooks at 855-237-8611.
                  If we may be of further assistance, please let us know.
                  Thank you for your membership and have a nice day.
                  Sue/NetBranch Services

                  I download the month I want, and when I try to import into QB I get the error message I described above. When I try to set up online banking for RBFCU in QB, I get the message that I need to contact my financial institution. So you can see my dilemma here. Thanks for your assistance with this!

  3. Tom - Fishes and Loaves Says:

    I can login to my account manually, but the connection from QBO is not working :-(
    Bank is PNC

    • Can you explain what happens? Is there an error code? Feel free to email me with more details and I can help figure out what the issue is or escalate this.

      • Carey Campbell Says:

        I have the same or similair issue. I have multiple business accounts under a single login at my bank. (“eCorp” from FiServ, INC is the bank provider) So I can login online to my account(s).
        Using the same creditials in the QB Online setup, I get nowhere. It just tells me the credentials are invalid. The bank has no clue.

  4. Arturo Says:

    Hi, I connected to my bank and it all worked fine. The only problem is that all transactions I categorise as sales will not come up in the sales report. All my sales reports say that there is not data to process.

  5. Fuji Says:

    If I need to create an account, how do I change it from an expense to a cost of good sold?

  6. Ken Says:

    Is this being rolled out in batches. I notice the new bank feature for clients I just added but for clients that have been set-up for awhile – as well as my own company – there is no difference.

    • Ken Says:

      I agree with RoseAnn in that more than one client of mine (with different banks) are having issues while the button to use the new bank download is not available. For the clients who still have transactions coming in, accepting the transactions don’t make those transactions disappear and we have to refresh the screen. All in all, this upgrade has been a major pain for my staff and my clients.

  7. RoseAnn Says:

    Since 8/11/12 I have not been able to download bank transactions from TD Bank NA. The error code is 106. I noticed that their online site has been updated. Is anyone else having this problem?

  8. Kara Smith Says:

    QB isn’t accepting my online banking info., even though it’s correct. Is this being worked on to fix the problem QBs?

  9. henry Gutter Says:

    Downloaded transactions from bank come with a check number in the description field. If there are multiple items in the register for same amount one cannot easily match as the only information in the drop down box is date, amount, payee and (Bill Payment) or (Check) – The document number should be there too.

    • Brandon Says:

      2nd this – it’s my biggest frustration with downloading transactions. QB only matches the $ amounts, not the reference (check) number. Previously I could run down the list in online banking to make sure that the numbers matched. In the new system it appears I have to open each individual item to make sure that it’s matching to the proper check number.

      • Debra Says:

        I agree completely. We absolutely need the ability to see and sort check numbers, without clicking on each entry. Like many, I enter checks as they are added in Downloaded Transactions. I enter by confirming the check images with my bank’s online banking site. Previously, I was able to sort each screen by ref/ck number and enter away. Please make at least the same sorting options available in the new “grown up” Downloaded Transactions as were available in Online Banking. Thank you!!

  10. John Says:

    Just signe up for the QB Online connection. I am able to find my bank,Step1. I am able to sing into my bank, Step 2. I am able to pick my bank accounts, Step 3.

    But, this is where the fun stops….nothing happens, it just freezes, no action… I need to get work done! What am I missing here.
    No error code or anything.

    Can you please help guide us to make this all work the upgrade????

    • John Says:

      Ok, I did not “sing” into my bank. They don’t pay that good of interest on my savings account. But, I did sign into my bank account.
      The answer to the above question is to scroll down and hit the continue button…oh.

      So, I worked it out.

      To bad you can’t download more than 90 days previous.

  11. Shane Says:

    I’ve been using Downloaded Transactions page for a while and it works great….then tonight it disappeared :o and I have online banking again.

    How do I get Downloaded Transaction again? I can’t go back to online banking…please don’t make me go back…

    • Hi Shane,

      This seems really odd and I apologize for this happening. We are putting out a small fix tonight that should allow you to get back. Check tomorrow and see if there is a button for you to join again. If not, shoot me an email at with your company ID and I will take a look at what is happening.

  12. peakay Says:

    I’d love to try this, but I can’t find it anywhere in QBOE. Where is it?

    • Debra Says:

      I would love to try it, also, but can’t find the “opt-in” from online banking or registers! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  13. Kevin M. Shaw Says:

    Why can’t we see check serial numbers in qbo transactions to which we are matching?

  14. plasticover Says:

    I spent over 30 minutes on hold with support today…it is rolling out in waves and you may not have the feature until the end of the month. I see they mention it in the copy, but I wish it had been called out more. Even the agent didn’t know that was the case.

    • There was a small issue that caused some users not to see the option to use the feature. We have put in a fix that should be rolling out tonight. Please check tomorrow and let me know if you still don’t see the option to use DTX on the online banking page.

    • Please check tomorrow and let me know if you still don’t see the option to use DTX on the online banking page.

  15. Titus njagi Says:

    Coop net hiko na andavantanges gani please nielesini

  16. Titus njagi Says:


  17. TL Poe Says:

    What is wrong with the download program now? I’ve used it daily for more than 2 years, and today, no downloaded information. Update Screen: Progress bars remain black for hours at at ime. REALLY? Could this software be any worse? Don’t even bother with the help desk. They have no idea what is going on. None whatsoever. Embarassing that we actually pay money for this junk.

  18. Debra Says:

    I spoke w/Customer Support last week, Downloaded Transactions were supposed to be available on Thursday (8.23.12). Today (8.26.12) I was prompted to login for an update of QB Online. After login, a screen discussed Downloaded Transactions as being in this update, but I still don’t see it on the Online Banking page, or at the bottom of a bank register, where the online banking transactions are located!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! – I enter a large amount of transactions through online banking every week on Mondays, and am very excited to try this new version.

    – Anyone???

    • Hi Debra,

      There was a small issue that caused some users not to see the option to use the feature. We have put in a fix that should be rolling out tonight. Please check tomorrow and let me know if you still don’t see the option to use DTX on the online banking page.

  19. ben Says:

    I just signed up for a new QuickBooks online account with plans to link it to my Coastal Federal Credit Union bank accounts, and just discovered that there doesn’t seem to be support for my bank. Any chance anyone can tell me if Coastal Federal Credit Union is on the list to be supported in the near future? Thanks for any info.

  20. marcie Says:

    When I try to match a deposit, QB cannot find the open invoice. It says “an error occured”. I verified that it is there. Is it something I’m doing?

  21. Rich Pettit Says:

    I use Silicon Valley Bank with On Line Banking. The new version appears to provide a very generic transaction description instead of the description detail that appears in my online bank statements. Anyone else seeing this problem?

    • If you would like to see the entire description that comes from the bank simply click on the details tab that hangs off the middle of the row and it will open the drawer which contains the full description.

    • jekobus Says:

      Hi Rich, SVB Online Banking currently provides a detailed description or “payee” field in Quickbooks for outbound wires and ACH. It also includes check number which is helpful for checkbook reconciliation. Debit cards will have similar detailed added in the October 5th release. More detail can be found in the “memo” field as dcrossley pointed out.

  22. Grant Says:

    Does “Downloaded Transactions” include a feature to automatically match downloaded transactions to transactions already in the register in the same manner that “Online Banking” does? I seem to have lost this fuctionality in the transition and can not figure out how to get it back.

    • Yes, downloaded transactions does automatically find matches. This automation is built in, however we do not automatically accept the transactions. We have built in a mechanism to select large groups to accept at once to make this faster. While we are working on solutions to completely automate this, issues can arise and we want our users to be 100% confident with the matches we have chosen before they accept.

      • James Says:

        Is there a way to have the system separate the proposed “match” items from the “assign” items so that we do not have to individually select them from the list of downloaded transactions? We have over 50 transaction each day and 45 of them will be matched correctly and just need to be batch accepted, but they are mixed with the items that the system is trying to auto assign.

  23. Bill Greeley Says:

    Why does the “# To Review” in the Downloaded Transactions section on my home page show a number that includes acceted transactions? Once they’ve been accepted they no longer need to be reviewed…

    • Hi Bill,

      This sounds like a bug. Let me take a look today and see if we can reproduce it. Do you have the homepage that has portlets you can move around and add?

    • Ok, i’ve verified that this is a bug in the current homepage. We will get this assigned and get a fix in for a future release. Thanks for the report Bill.

  24. judy Says:

    I really hate this new update – I’ve tried to use it a few times, but it’s awful and isn’t doing what I would like for it to do. Please don’t make me switch to the new downloaded transactions – I want to keep my online banking screen where I can view ALL of my accounts (both connected and unconnected) and see all of their balances on a single screen like in the online banking tab without all of the transactions there. Please don’t make me switch, please, please, please. Its an awful update and makes my job harder.

    • Cathy Says:

      I completely agree! Every time I am forced to use Downloaded Transactions in a new company I hate it more. I would never have signed up for QuickBooks Online if it was like this originally. PLEASE give us the option of using the old Online Banking. It was so much more useful!!

  25. gary brummett Says:

    I’ve read all the entries. Looks like qbo has done it again….great. “connections” to Citizens bank have NEVER WORKED CORRECTLY and manual download was the only way to use this inadequate software. So now what?

    • Hi Gary,

      The option to manual download is still there. The easiest way to access this is to click on the ‘Add’ button on the left side of Downloaded Transactions, then searching for some random characters, say ‘adfasd’. This will bring up a message that has a link at the bottom to start the web connect mini-interview.

      Would like to elaborate on your issues with citizens bank? I see that we support numerous versions of the bank, if you could let me know what the specific issue is and with which specific citizens bank I can assist you. Thanks.

      • Jeff Stewart Says:

        Hi – I notice others have this issue above. I can log in directly to bank accounts but through QBO I get this message: “The login information you entered doesn’t match the bank you are trying to connect. Either enter different login information for this bank, or start over and choose a different bank.” The login info is definitely correct. Is it possible personal verification questions are causing problems since QBO is a new login source? Has anyone else overcome this? Thanks!

  26. Laura Sangree Says:

    I tried it and didn’t like it, so I changed it back.

    You can’t see the transactions that are already in the register. I had already added a transaction. If I didn’t know it was there, it would have been added twice.

    You don’t have as much control when you accept the transactions. You have to select a tab to add something in the memo line. All the gas vendors go under the name Gas and I put the specific purchase name in the memo line. Having to select the tab adds a step, and you can’t change it unless you go to the register

    To assign it to a different expense you have to type in the whole name. I usually can type bil: and the whole word billable expense will show up. The new way a drop down shows all the billable expenses and you have to tab down.

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  28. Mike Vollmer Says:

    How do you match Credit card deposits from merchant accounts when the amount deposited already has the fees deducted. The Matching dialog box only includes payments from customers that are equal to or less then the deposit I’m trying to match. The payment will be for more since it includes the fees deducted by the cc merchant

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  33. “you need to select a different type of account for this transaction”
    What do I do? Almost all of my transactions for the bank register give me this error.

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  40. Peter Says:

    Just yesterday (11/18) I suddenly lost the Online Banking window on my HomePage, and I can’t find out how to add it back. That was a great place to start looking at cashflow, and it irritates me that I can’t get to it from anything I can find on the homepage. All my banks are still linked, and the Downloaded transactions still update and match, but I can’t access them and see the balances as before on my home page. What happened? More important, how do I fix it?!

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