An Update on QuickBooks Online

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We have restored access to the affected QuickBooks Online customers so that you have access again to your data. We understand your time is valuable and we apologize. Here is what happened.

The issue first appeared when we were exercising our disaster recovery capabilities — over the weekend, we had “flipped” our active and backup data centers while maintaining continuous data replication between them. At 10pm PDT 5/22, we introduced a storage-level change to address a performance issue we noticed on Monday. Unfortunately, an error occurred while implementing the change, and this error introduced a synchronization gap. Once we realized that the data had not synchronized for a subset of customers, at 9 AM PDT on 5/23, we took them offline until we could fix it .

Over the course of the day, we provided access to most customers after verifying that no issues existed with their company data – but the data for a little less than 2% was still not synchronized. At 10pm PDT on 5/23, we provided access to approximately 2000 of these customers who had very few transactions so they could very quickly synchronize their data. At 10am PDT on 5/24, we restored access to the remaining 3700 customers.

All affected customers can now login to QuickBooks to see what steps to take to re-enter the few transactions that are missing. Our Customer Care team is here if you need any help following these directions, or if you’d prefer to have someone walk you through the first few to get comfortable, we’re just a call away and would be happy to help — we’re in this together. If you‘d like help please contact Customer Support at 1-800-488-7330

Again, we apologize and we are committed to helping you.

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94 Comments on “An Update on QuickBooks Online”

  1. debQ Says:

    still cannot get my backup:
    “Sorry, but this company is not subscribed to QuickBooks Online.
    I’d like to subscribe now.”

    and yes, I’ve cleared my cache, cookies, closed and reopened my browser…..

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      When you login to QuickBooks Online you may see two companies associated with your login. Your actual company and then a copy of the company. For example, “My Company” and then a copy named “My-Company_READ_ONLY. If you click on the READ_ONLY copy and receive a message to subscribe, this means the data recovery process is still underway. Please ignore the message to subscribe. Once the data recovery process is complete we’ll post an alert to your homepage and provide you with the next steps.

  2. Neil Says:

    Stunnngly poor service. I got weird emails with a ton of typos telling me the sie is up an running. I have lost $1000 in credit card swipes. Will they come back???

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      You will receive an alert on your homepage with the steps you will need to take in regards to any missing data.

  3. Bill Says:

    How do I know what data I am missing?

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      You’ll receive a read only copy of the company which will have the data in it so you can compare. Watch for an alert on your homepage with the exact steps.

      • RPFD Says:

        It is Friday afternoon and I still have not received a read only copy. When I call customer service for help, all I am told is that they do not konw when my company will be up and running. When I check, I have incorrect data in my accounts. Some items were entered 2 and 3 times. I cannot do anything because the information in my system is wrong. i was told that “They hope the engineers are working through the weekend,” and that I should try again on Tuesday. That is a week without being able to use my accounting system. I have taxes and bills to pay. What about my company’s credit rating and who is going to pay any interest and penalties from the taxes?

        • dbowers81 Says:

          We feel your frustration and our engineers have been working on this issue around the clock. We understand the sensitivity of this situation and we are working on getting every customer affected, their read only file.
          The items being seen 2 or 3 times is a little concerning. You should not be seeing that and our support team will probably want to look at that with you.
          Please let us know if we can do anything for you, regarding the read only file or anything else.

  4. JoAnn Says:

    Any indication of when this is going to happen? Some sort of time frame so I don’t have to keep checking every 10 minutes to see if it is working.

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      You will receive notification once the read only copy is ready for you to use.

  5. I logged in and read the info explaining the next steps. So, I logged out and logged BACK in and clicked on the My-Company_READ_ONLY and then I received the “subscribe error message and now I can’t log into my company. Now I can’t log in or log out or do anything. I tried to log back into my company but no matter what I do, I keep getting the subscribe message. I’ve cleared cookies, cache, temp internet files, history, and opened new browser pages, everything, and I am still unable to log in.
    I really just want to pay my employees…..

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’m sorry about the trouble you had logging into your company. If you received a subscription message when logging into the Read Only copy this means the read only copy is not ready yet. You’ll receive an alert on your homepage once it is ready. Are you able to login to your regular company this morning?

      • I was able to log in this morning… I just clicked on the read only version again and have the same problem. It says I need to subscribe. I can’t navigate from this page. I closed the browser and reopened and went to my quickbooks page and received the “you need to subscribe” page again. I went through the steps of clearing history, cache, cookies, temp internet files, etc… no luck!

        Why am I able to click on the read only link if it isn’t ready AND then it locks me out of BOTH?
        Why would I have to go to the Home Page to see if my company is ready when I get the option to click on either my company or the read only version on the page before that?
        When can I expect my company and the read only version to be available?

        • I would like to add that I appreciate that I will receive a note on my home page… but I can’t get there :(

          • dbowers81 Says:

            I can definitely understand the frustration! You should not be having problems logging into your company at this time.
            Once you receive a notification that the read only file is ready, then you can click on the file after you login and you will NOT choose to subscribe. It will let you move forward without subscribing and this file will be available for 90 days.
            We apologize for the impact this had on your business.

  6. Sherman Says:

    Ummmm…….yeah……. so, am I the only one who followed the instructions to log off and log back on, and never was able to get the “My-Company_READ_ONLY” copy to appear? The guys at Quickbooks Online, in the course of running their performance update or disaster-recovery test, or whatever other ill-advised actions they were performing on the live server(s) with live data on them, on a Tuesday evening… have lost about a hundred (or more) entries that my team and I made between 10pm Pacific on Tuesday night, and 10am Pacific the next day.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is there any way to get our work back, if we don’t see the “READ_ONLY” copy of our company after logging in? Are we just plain out of luck?

    This situation is so tragically, monumentally stupid that I can’t even bring myself to get angry about it. I mean… it could always be worse….we could’ve had the purchase of our first building fall through, because the bank couldn’t check our records, like some other guy who wrote in this morning.

    You’d think that after reading about all the bone-headed stuff that went down on the NASDAQ last Friday when Facebook opened for trading, that all the high-powered software bubbas at Intuit (and everywhere else in the world) would be on their best behavior this week. Not so much. And the hilariously poor grammar in the official update messages, as pointed out by others, make you wonder if “Peggy from customer service” is crawling around in the QBO server closet, trying to plug wires into each other until our data miraculously reappears. Good grief.

    Anyone with any ideas for how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      Your read only copy may not have been ready yet and that is why you were not able to see it. You’ll receive an alert on your homepage once the read only copy is ready.

  7. Deb Says:

    I am still getting the subscription error. I thougth “everyone” was back online today.

  8. I have not been able to log in and when I try I get an error message that states:QuickBooks Online is not available. Please try again later. – I thought the issue has been resolved?

  9. Allison Moses Says:

    Thank god I was so busy this week that I did not make any changes, but sadly now I can not login at all. – really QB Online this a gigantic F’ UP on a colosal scale. Redundancy isn’t much good if I can’t get my work done.

  10. Ross Says:


  11. Karen Says:

    So I finally thought I was going to get back to work for my 2 QB Online clients, but no such luck. Now I am getting an error saying something about the system being overloaded, try again in a few minuts – ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? I am a Pro Advisor who works 95% on the desktop verson, but these clients insisted on using QB Online, now I don’t know what we are going to do.

    • caroline Says:

      I just spent 25 minutes on hold for a service Rep. i haven’t been able to do anything today, im getting the same message

  12. Jim Smith Says:

    Why cant i log in?

  13. Jeffrey Haines Says:

    Nice Job! Friday before a holiday weekend and I have no POS system. I knew this company would bite me in butt…. AGAIN!

  14. Paul Says:

    My employees need to get paid today. I cannot pay them. Going to the ATM is not an acceptable workaround.

  15. NNJ Says:

    May 25, 2012 14:47hrs: Service temporarily unavailable!!!
    I’m loosing business here because I can give my customers no receipts!!!

  16. Michelle Says:

    Got the same message System is overloaded!! I have to write checks today what can i do.

  17. Phyllis Says:

    We have access, my fat a**. This has been going on for days and I have a stack of invoices that I need to do that is unreal. When is this going to be back up. I get the message that service is temporarily unavailable and that the System is overloaded.

    Are you going to compensate us for the loss of business that your incompetent employees caused? When it was out because of the flooding a couple of years back, I lost about $75,000 and now it is starting up again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to another online company that is good as this is the final straw for me and I have been using the online versions for 7 years.

  18. Jeffrey Haines Says:

    Hey how about a little communication here QB. Can you not see you have a whole bunch of customers wanting an update ASAP?

  19. Paul Says:

    Lobby full of employees waiting to get paid before the holiday weekend. This is great.

  20. Need this system to be put back up QUICKLY as possible. It’s almost close of business and I can’t print receipts.

  21. Bob Says:

    Obviously, Quickbooks Online was not ready for primetime. I’m bailing unless they fix the problem and compensate us for our losses.

  22. Never_Trust_QBO Says:

    Seems Intuit is a mass of stumbling amateurs when it comes to technology and running an online service. Completely negates almost every advantage of using QBO since there’s obviously no data integrity, no reliability, and an almost non-existant ability to recover from an apparently stupid mistake. What an unneccesary and intolerable farce. Hire some professionals; I’m going back to the desktop version.

  23. scott Says:

    Its Friday afternoon and since 12:00 I could’nt log on to Quickbooks on line. When I signed up your reps all guranteed me this wouldn’t happen its now 2:45pm and I still can’t log on I get a error message that says QB has to much activity. I Expect a call or email explaining the credit I’m going to get for this problem. I want a refund for the month of May 2005. You could star there. I have a 10 minuite hold time estimate and its been alot longer than that.

    • Call Now Bail Bonds 530-741-BAIL Says:

      I am on hold as well – I am sure you are ahead of me :)

  24. Never_Trust_QBO Says:

    You don’t want a service as good as this. You want one that works.

  25. Mike Justice Says:

    What the F*… I need to be able to use my accounting system.

  26. Never_Trust_QBO Says:

    “Unfortunately, an error occurred while implementing the change,” these nitwits say? Nobody committed the error, no. It just “occurred.” Well, I’d say the only disaster they need to recover from is their disaster recovery exercises. In the meantime, I must spread the word to never use QBO. Spend your money hosting the desktop’s live file somewhere (there are options) for sharing. QBO is NOT an option.

  27. Call Now Bail Bonds 530-741-BAIL Says:

    Oh no- I have just discovered this situation and have not been able to reach anyone yet to find out what the impact will be. My rule is that it is not about the mistake you make – it is about how you take care of it….I am going to work very hard to hold onto that philosophy through this. I am currently scared…

    • Call Now Bail Bonds 530-741-BAIL Says:

      QuickBooks – I am sure you have every resource trying to take care of this situation that has been created – your reputation has been good and we are all hoping you will continue to remain with the standards you have represented in the past and why we as customers have selected to use your services. I also own the full version but was excited to see this version available for a second business I work with…please ensure you do not lose ground with this and work with integrity to make this issue right with each of us.

  28. Either cannot login to QB Online or when I log in, it goes to the home page and just sits there. Cannot do any work in QB Online – What is going on?

  29. John Harris Says:

    Same here – can’t get on and I don’t twitter.

  30. Malcolm Says:

    Getting more and more frustrated… can’t invoice, pay my employees, or get paid by clients. THANK YOU INTUIT!!!
    Great timing before holiday weekend!

    What really bugs me the most is the very LIMITED response from them. My philosophy is the same as previous post – it isn’t as much what happens, as much as how it is handled.

    • dbowers81 Says:

      We sincerely apologize for any impact this has had on your business!
      We got this issue resolved around 2pm Pacific Time and you should have access to your company, with no issues.
      We appreciate your business and we resolved this as soon as possible for our customers.
      Have a great holiday weekend!

  31. Scott Kefgen Says:

    I am amazed that Inuit keeps posting that all affected users are back online when I am still unable to access my account. I was promised that I would be able to login successfully on Friday May 25, yet that is not the case. I contacted the morons again and I was told it was a billing issue, even though my account is in perfect standing, and that it may be Thursday May 31 before someone would even contact me. What a pathetic company and I am considering hiring an attorney to see if they have violated an contractual agreements.

    Scott Kefgen
    Advantage Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

  32. Scott Kefgen Says:

    Appaerantly my blog feedback was successful in reaching someone with a brain. He told me that he scored the internet and all blogs for possible unresolved issues and within a minuite fixed my problem. Thanks Chris Forer for helping me where NO ONE ELSE could!

  33. scott Says:

    I have not been able to log on for over a week now. This is becoming a big problem for me.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      If you are not able to get in now and haven’t been able for a week, then there could be some other issues happening. Better to just call the support number so they can troubleshoot.

    • dbowers81 Says:

      I definitely understand the frustration and apologize for any impact this has had on your business. If you could email your company name and the email that was used to setup your company to and in the subject line, put attn: DustinB. Also, if you could include your contact info and I will look into this immediately and contact you to work on a resolution for this issue.

  34. Karen Says:

    I feel kind of lucky that I was only shut out of the sytem for a short period of time. BUT – – my recurring templates which I use for automated invoices stopped working 5/21 so I’m having to manually issue invoices. I try to unschedule then reschedule the invoice a day or so later so duplicates are not issued whenever this issue is finally fixed, but the system reverts back to the original day that was missed after I hit save. This is heading toward a collosal cluster@#$k. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • Priyajeet Says:

      Not related to the operations issue above, but rather just an in-product bug that will be fixed when a new build of QBO is released. It was suppose to happen last Thursday (24th), but got delayed due to the above non-in-product issues. Once the new build is pushed out we will have the recurring transactions run manually for the affected companies. You should call into support and have your company listed too to get a notification of when this is fixed. I believe it is Escalation # 2650

      • Karen Says:

        I received a phone call on this today and see you have posted it as an alert on my Home page. I really hope you are able to fix this before June 1 when the majority of our invoices go out.

  35. Ron Says:

    The service provided by Quick books post crash is horrible. QuickBooks online is acting more like a Mom and Pop shop than an enterprise solution provider. If this is how things are going to be with Quick books, I think we have to reconsider QuickBooks or for that matter any hosted solution!!
    Just expressing my frustration!!

    Anybody know of an email at QuickBooks online to get in touch with Technical support and higher management?

  36. Joe Strohman Says:

    I have been a very loyal Quick books OL customer for years. This last event was handled horrible. My books are messed up beyond belief, I am having to have my book keeper come in on overtime to try to fix it all.
    It will be a long time if ever before i can say anything positive about Quickbooks. Very disappointing.

  37. Claudia St. John Says:

    I will now have to pay my accountant to go back and re-enter a weeks worth of data which is significant. She is $35 an hour and this looks to be a few hours work. One month’s free service doesn’t cut it, nor does it do anything to ease the frustration. What is Intuit doing to make people whole on this??

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      You shouldn’t need to re-enter a weeks worth of data. It should only be the work you entered between Tuesday 5/22 10PM and Wednesday 5/23 9AM PDT. If you would like help with the steps you need to take please give our customer care team a call at 800.488.7330. I do apologize for the frustration this has caused.

  38. Rhonda Says:

    When will “My Company – Read Only” become available? I still have no idea how much data I lost.

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      I sincerely apologize, I don’t have an exact time frame, but we continue to work around the clock to provide everyone access to the Read Only company.

  39. Jeanne Worsham Says:

    I have entered my data back in easily. How long will the “My Company read only copy” will be listed as a company or do I need to do anything to delete it?

    • Sherrie Qbo Says:

      We want to make sure we give everyone plenty of time to review the read only copy. We don’t have an exact date that it will be removed right now. There is nothing you need to do to have it deleted.

  40. Debbie Says:

    I have entered back my data following the steps provided. In my actual company activity log on May 25 at 6:39pm User was System Administration my payroll that I completed earlier in day was added/edited and then deleted not sure what or who did this. In my actual company on May 24 my status was Cancelled so I resubscribed and its now active was this part of this same problem?

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      This entry would have been to fix duplicate payroll entries. You’ll want to review your payroll to verify it is correct. If you need assistance with reviewing your payroll please contact our payroll support and they would be happy to assist you.

      • sherrieg3 Says:

        We did see an issue if you clicked on the Read Only company prior to it being ready you would receive a message asking you to subscribe. This may be what you are describing. Please double check the My Account screen in your regular company to verify the billing dates are correct.

  41. Seabstian Says:

    are you contemplating crediting customers for this? I am amazed how often we cannot access this service. Or are you part of the what we all are complaining about (banks and credit card companies ourtrageous fees and procedures; telephone companies: idem)? are you looking at customer satisfaction or living in the silicon bubble?

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      Hi Seabstian,
      Please give our customer care team a call to discuss this. You can reach them at 800-488-7330. I sincerely apologize for the disruption to your business this has caused.

  42. JLR Says:

    The main reason I selected QBO for our company was the anywhere/anytime access of a Cloud-based system. This was followed closely by the expectation that the production servers, and my data, would be managed by professionals following strict policies and disciplined procedures. Sadly, this is not the case.

    As a 20 year veteran of IT in both Fortune 100 and start-up companies I am appalled at the scheduling of this test (one week prior to a busy holiday weekend) and that a decision was made to implement a non-critical performance change mid-week and only two days after your DRP test. Additionally, both activities were unannounced allowing none of your customers the opportunity to plan around or prepare contingencies for their own business activity.

    As with others, our payroll was delayed over two full days and revenue could not be collected (we bill through the integrated merchant services and could not even access stored credit card data to use a back-up merchant processor). This was a near catastophic experience for us as a small business just surviving in a downturned ecoonomy. Our employees were fiancially harmed and our company’s reputation tarnished. It is unacceptable at every level from a company providing large-scale and critical financial services.

    I am not a fan of taking people out back and shooting them when honest mistakes are made. However, I consider this event a tragic failure of both operational process and management oversight. Playing fast and loose with production systems always results in disaster – it’s just a question of sooner, or later? Clearly there are people in positions of responsibility in excess of their competency. I sincerely hope that there is a full internal “lessons-learned” follow-up and that chief among those are; one, do not stack-up changes without prudent intervals for validation; two, do not implement non-critical mid-week changes to production systems; and three, provide coutesy notice to customers prior to potential service affecting changes. Better yet, just schedule a change window and announce a service interruption to be safe.


  43. Mary Ferrulli Barker Says:

    As a 30 year banking IT professional I echo the sentiments above. When the immediate emergency is dealt with, please publish the results from your “post mortem” and what you will do differently next time to prevent such issues. These are some great ideas:

    do not stack-up changes without prudent intervals for validation; two, do not implement non-critical mid-week changes to production systems; and three, provide coutesy notice to customers prior to potential service affecting changes. Better yet, just schedule a change window and announce a service interruption to be safe.

    I would add to ensure your validations balance at every step of the way, ensure you have a back out plan, and if you schedule a maintenance window, be sure you have enough horsepower to process all the data coming in when you come back up.

    You get the picture. This is not rocket-science, just common sense.

  44. Ben Says:

    I sign on but cannot get to the timesheet app and that is the only app i should have access too.

  45. Lisa Says:

    A similar situation happened during the summer of 2010—I think QBO was down for at least one week, along with all forms of QB Online Payroll. They also couldn’t sell any QB products over the phone, so you know it was serious….

    As I recall they blamed the problem on disaster recovery, but the issue and its resolution were unclear. My clients lost business, I lost business during that time, and I lost a big client who decided to take out the QBO problem on me.

    Maybe Intuit does this on purpose to “thin the herd”. Who knows.

    Stuff happens, we all know that. But it’s the way you handle it (or don’t handle it) that leaves the most lasting impression.

  46. Dana Says:

    Ok- I figured…. Not so bad – 2o invoices to reenter (not nearly as bad as some people!)…. so I reenter them yesterday along with the payment received over the weekend…. today (Wednesday) Quickbooks RESENDS all the invoices back out to customers!! Why the HELL did I bother with that (spent today voiding invoices)?? Then invoices I entered yesterday – some are here – some are gone…. some reverted back to a different price level…. now I am searching for these things and more frustrated than ever….

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      I’m sorry about the trouble you had with the recurring transactions. Our engineers were able to correct the issue with the recurring transactions and any scheduled recurring transactions that had been missed were automatically sent. If you think you are missing any data please give our customer care team a call so they can look into it further. You can reach them at 800-488-7330.

  47. pavellc Says:

    Ummm…. I just found out that I am missing at least 1 – 2 Invoices worth at least $8 – $10k. I signed up for QB online with the intention of never having to loose anything. This is absolutely ridiculous. What if I get audited and can’t produce evidence of the sale? What kind of show are you guys running? Do you think I have the time to do a full reconciliation and generate sales?

  48. I lost over $15,000.00 dollars when I had a showroom full of guest with a open house and could not process any sales. This will probably put me out of business. I have lost credibility with my clients. I spent 3 months planning this open house. I’m exhibiting at a show tomorrow from 1:00-500 pm that I paid for my booth over 6 months ago. Now I find out the system and the intuit go pay will probably be down for maintenance. Again, I cannot process any sales. What even perterbs me even more, we all as users of Quickbooks online will still be charged the full monthly service with no credit for our pain and suffering. I’m starting to believe that Quickbooks online is a mom and pops operation, with little resources. I own other companies and was thinking of switching them to Quickbooks online from my PC based Quickbooks. No way now. I also tried to go up the ladder and talk to somebody of importance. All I heard from Quickbook reps that I talked to is how bad things are and how stressed they were with dealing with the problems. I finally gave up after trying over 8 hours to get an answer. Crummy unprofessional customer service. To Quickbooks managment – GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!!!

  49. Brock Brayboy Says:

    hm…I wasn’t affected..but these comments are encouraging me to run away qb..looking for options

  50. Jacki Hadra Says:

    I have had issues for well over a month. My books were fine and then one day I couldn’t log in. When I did get back in my accounts were all messed up and I haven’t been able to get them straightened out yet! A call to customer service got me no where. He suggestion was that I delete the accounts I’m having problems with…duh!

  51. Shirley Says:

    Unable to try online
    will not accept my uk county or postcode???
    regards Shirley

  52. Khalid Al-Thyeb Says:

    Is there is an international version with the option to choose a currency.
    Our business location is in Saudi Arabia.. Currency Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)


  53. Linda Cline Says:

    Is there a way we can do a back up of our info just in case there should ever be another problem. I like QB online and do not want to change but I would also like the reassurance that I have my records backed up. Please advise.

    • sherrieg3 Says:

      There is a local copy feature you can store on your hard drive. This is not a copy that you can work on and then upload it into QuickBooks Online. Here’s some additional informaiton about the local copy.

  54. rudwan Says:

    hi there
    i just tried the QB , i found it good unless some missing futures
    1-is there possibility to add cost center to journal entry ?
    2-is it possible also to add warehouse code to purchase & sales bills in case we have more than one warehouse in the same company
    3-also , if you add salesman code to sales invoice for calculating sales commission
    4-we need to set more levels of privileges granted to users , where we could control their work , for example : (add – edit , or delete ) specific transactions in each module such as : sales , purchasing , expense , and journal translations

  55. homeworkneil Says:

    my read only log states that the merchant account charges went through. Is that the case, or do I need to re-charge those transactions in qbo?

  56. helen gabel Says:

    I do think that I will wait until QB gets there act much–much–much more reliable and can provide the services that it promises.

  57. joani Says:

    In the last 6 weeks or so, the scroll function in QBO has gone hinky.
    • On many pages (Invoice List; Enter Deposit; Invoice; ad nauseum) the scroll bar completely disappears and i cannot see the bottom of the page. If i restart QBO, this function usually reappears.
    • The following posts from 2011 are the only info i can find on the scroll complete-lack-of-function in the Customer Center, which isn’t fixed no matter how many times i restart QBO — and i don’t see how to fix the problem anywhere in this old post.
    June 24, 2011 at 7:39 am
    Your update to customer center broke my customer center, i am unable to scroll through my list
    of customers with out the scroll bar jumping back to the very top of the list. Happens on mac
    and pc, firefox, chrome, ie, safari. I have over 4,000 customers so this is really bad. Please fix.

    Deborah Says:
    June 24, 2011 at 8:36 am
    oh my gosh! this is an issue for me too! While I don’t have that many customers…I do
    regularly scroll through what I do have and now it just jumps back! Please Fix!

    dcrossley1324 Says:
    June 27, 2011 at 5:00 pm
    We are aware of this issue and should have a fix in very soon. Thanks.
    Why did this just start happening on my machine in May of 2012?
    FYI, i use QBO with Chrome on a Mac.

    • joani Says:

      When i tried to leave the above post on your notification of maintenance planned for tomorrow and the next day, i was told “Sorry, comments are closed for this item.”

      So i can comment on a month-old feed, but not on a feed posted this week?!?!?!?!?

    • Jacki Hadra Says:

      “Why did this just start happening on my machine in May of 2012?”

      My issues also began in May and still have not been resolved. I have 6 accounts that need to be closed and QB won’t let me close them.

  58. Christopher Vaughan Says:

    I am seeing the same transactions duplicated 3 or 4 times. These are downloaded transactions from the bank and have not been entered by me. How should I correct this?

  59. Steve Leonard (Vino Leonardo Import Co.) Says:

    The “INCOME LIST” takes way to long to load, and sometimes it does not load at all.

    Why do my “Quantity On Hand” figures not match when I receive new goods, and do an
    update of quantity on hand. ?

    Also, my assets do not match what I have in inventory.

    When you close a purchase order, why can’t the program automatically add to quantity on hand ?

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