Small heads up for Firefox or Chrome users

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As we roll out changes to QuickBooks Online in the future, we may use some new HTML5 features like IndexedDBHistoryAppCacheWebStorageGeoLocation etc. We may also look at copy/paste from outside applications into QBO. Few of them will make browsers like Firefox or Chrome ask for extra permissions. It’s your choice to accept or ignore them and in either case your regular usage of QuickBooks Online will be unaffected. However accepting / allowing such features may just help enhance your browsing experience. Such notifications only come up once, till you eventually clear your browser’s cache / cookies / site preferences, which causes a reset. So you can always reset your browser preferences any time in case you want to change your choice.

One such page using couple of the above mentioned technologies is our new Sales Receipt page (

In Firefox 10 on the mac you will see the permission request notification as shown in the image below. Other versions on other platforms might look a bit different visually.

For Chrome users, you can just grab the Chrome Web Store app if you haven’t already done so. This will automatically add the necessary permissions (without the app, the notifications may come as a yellow bar on top). After installing that app, in the future you may notice the QuickBooks Online app shortcut greyed out on your Chrome’s New Tab page as shown below and Chrome should prompt for you to accept some permissions. Click re-enable to get it working again.

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94 Comments on “Small heads up for Firefox or Chrome users”

  1. Lori Says:

    Even though QB suggested/recommended using FireFox as the fastest/best browser for the intuit QB Online. I found too many issues that were sporadic/inconsistant through that browser while trying to move through my accounting… invoice printing issues, and lots of other problems. Finding Firefox to be too bossy with some of my other web-based vendor perks, I finally went back to IE and have not experienced nearly as many problems.

    • Deborah Says:

      Not sure what version of FF your using but I’ve always used FF to access my QB Online and have never had issues. Might be the plugins you chose to use with your FF that caused the issue(s).

      • Chris Says:

        She can also try the Custom Permissions in the browser, it can possibly delet those custom settings and cause a reset.

        In short once I found those settings I have no issues with FF.

    • vishwa Says:

      gud morning . i want to know something about quickbooks hopeing that you can tell it. my querry is , now i am using tally9 for data entry , i want to migrate to quick books online , i want you to tell me tat can i import all of my clients data including transactions and all. can i? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meee. if there is any way tel me.

      • Don Nickerson Says:

        Yes, you can import data from a desktop version as long as you have a fairly recent version the desktop. There are some minor disadvantages of the Online version however. For example, you cannot freest the titles with the on line version, nor can you expand column widths. I have tried for years to recommend these changes, but it has not been done, nor do I know of any plans to do so.

        • Rajneesh Says:

          Don, We have also tried to recommend those changes and others to no avail. I’ve stopped putting clients in QBO for reasons just like that.

          • JudyMac Says:

            I agree regarding the limitations related to the invoice columns and other customizing features missing in Online. There are other really annoying aspects related to the online version and one big one is scrolling through the check register, which insists on defaulting back to the current date once you have viewed an older item. Then you have to scroll through several pages back to the date range you were reviewing. I do not recommend QB online to clients who are heavily using the AR module because the invoicing is so limited in QB online. I know it would drive them crazy. I, too, have quit sending Feedback because I don’t think they read any of them. Not like when they originally brought the Online version out…there was a support button right on your home page…like they REALLY wanted to help you. Now it’s a phone call and a waiting que.

            • Zack Says:

              I agree, as a software developer, I have never encountered such slow product updates… and the data loss from a month or so ago? Pathetic. There are free web apps that have higher reliability and stay more up to date… comon intuit.

              • Jim f Says:

                I’ve recently purchased an Acer 10 inch net book with win 7. When entering a new customer I can only do a quick add due to the fact that the add all info pop up window is too big for the small screen and will not let me scroll down to click the enter????

                • bobbie681 Says:

                  Try using your arrow on top of page to make pop up window smaller…..this may help

    • Steve Says:

      Hi Lori the firefox browser has line item configuration tweaking that you can do to optimize it’s function..I guess the designers should have written a online for firefox about config tweaks. they are easy enough to follow..

  2. Laura Says:

    I bounce back and forth between IE and Chrome. I do NOT like firefox and prefer IE; however, it tends to lock up often so I sign into Chrome. I like the spell check that Chrome offers when creating invoices and the “auto-fill” options tend to work better than IE. I find I move back and forth between the two often. It would be nice to have some consistency.

    • Andres Says:

      I’m using Chrome as main browser and I’m quite happy (winxp)1. I don’t miss menu bar and title bar. I’m biwsorng web, not menus, the little menus are good enough.2. The drag&drop bookmark works perfect(on winxp). Some time even too perfect: if I have bookmarked it before, the new dragdrop won’t create a copy, but move it to the new dest folder. BTW, take a look at the star before the url box, u’ll know if the link has been book-marked.3. a lot of extensions are available in the std sites, the problem might be there are too many and you need spend/waste time on it4. I seldom use the task manager5. it seems to me that chrome will always jump to a new tab (if a site indicates a new window for the link) and I don’t like it. It took me a while to discover pressing ctrl then click will make the new tab background. And I just discovered while pressing ctrl+shift+click, you can make the new tab foreground.The thing I don’t like:1. chrome ates too much memory, even a so simple plugin will take 10-40M memory.2. ad block is not as good. It allows the page to be fully downloaded and then just hide those items. This slowed down the page. It’s better just disable the links3. reload all tabs some times might be useful.

    • David Says:

      Are you having any issues with your print alignment with Chrome? I tried adjusting my alignment but doesn’t seem to work.. I have no issues with IE but QB keeps telling me Chrome is better, not sure what to do.

      • James Burkhardt Says:

        Are you using the Chrome PDF viewer or the Adobe PDF plugin? (about://plugins) The Chrome PDF Viewer is incompatible with QBO and will screw up your checks alignment.

      • James Burkhardt Says:

        TO be clear, switching to the Adobe PDF Viewer extension could fix your problems

      • Selami Says:

        I use RockMelt, it’s made by Chrome and it links all your feeds right into a sidebar;, lets you use Facebook chat hevnweer you’re online, without having to be on Facebook; and their latest feature is View Later which is like a short list of temporary bookmarks. Like Chrome, it has spell check built in, and a translator built in, and Chrome apps work on it. I have never actually used Chrome, but I have heard a lot about it.

  3. Grizz Says:

    With all of the customizable features of Firefox, it has been the best browser for me. I’ve been using Q.B. online for several months now with absolutely no issues. I think a lot of “issues” have to do with the computer & hardware setup…and the user.

      • Dale Says:

        I have tried all browsers and like ff the best. Partly because of the online check printing issues I encountered. So agree to previous post.

    • Susan Says:

      I agree completely. Firefox is by far the best and safest and conflicts in any browser are often caused by individual settings – intentional or not.

  4. Steven Says:

    Firefox has provided the most stable, secure and consistent solution for our business. Chrome is a close second. IE has entirely too many security (and privacy) issues, extremely unstable and disappointingly inconsistent at rendering open standard compliant pages to be used except for benchmarking purposes.

    Congrats to the QBO team for the quality product and broad support across different platforms! The very reason we switched to your service. Expect strong word-of-mouth advertising from our organization.

    • Joe Barley Says:

      Firefox is really a bad app, mainly becuase it installs “Growl”, a dirty little spy ware program that causes havoc. Be warned.

      • Darth Says:

        Its not a spyware app, its a notification mechanism for Firefox! Well its originally for OSX. However Mozilla knows its been misbehaving a bit and needs to be improved.

  5. Joe Barley Says:

    I’m hoping the new updates include multiple sales tax!

    • Dave Dorris Says:

      Meeee tooo!

      Been waiting for that for a long time. I need to be able to assign a sales tax rate directly to a customer. Sales tax reports need to be able to be broken down by state.

  6. Allen Dodson Says:

    Like a lot of QB features, it is very buggy on Chrome. Do not switch from IE. Several features like reports dont work well or at all in Chrome. You cannot download any of your data. The print process requires up to five different splash screens to complete. Beware- Stick with using IE for QB online. QB tauted using chrome long before they worked the bugs out. And of course as you already know if you are a paid QB online subscriber, they offer zero support for problems that you encounter using their products.

    • Darth Says:

      What are the specifics of the issues you are having with Chrome?

      • Allen Dodson Says:

        gee, i thought that i was rather specific, lol.

        • James Burkhardt Says:

          I disagree that you were specific as your generalized complaints have no substance when considered by a chrome user. I have used QBO through Chrome ever since Firefox started acting up on me in general in August. Let me address your complaints in the order you raised them.

          Reports work the same way as in IE. They pull up the same way as IE, they use the same pop-up interfaces, and give me the same data.

          If I need to download data (i assume you are referring to data export) on a regular basis then you are not using QBO effectively. Hopping over to IE if and when you need to use the feature should be enough. (And IE can only do it by using the biggest security risk in browsers today, ActiveX).

          I just printed checks via IE instead of Chrome, and found the same process with the same windows to print them.

          QBO has never claimed the chrome support is anything but a work in process. Honestly, browser issues with IE causing the wrong data to show up has been a bigger issue for me then any minor browser flaws chrome might have (such as refusing to adhere to pop-up settings under specific circumstances which you can get around by having the app.

          Now, you might have a specfic flaw you could point at and I might agree with you, but your commentary is just false as it stands.

    • Mark Says:

      This is untrue as QB online offers Full support and troubleshooting for most standard browsing issues. Issues that are happening and not fixed by basic browser troubleshooting indicates a problem with your browser which is a 3rd party company completely independent from the QB online web software. So of course QB online is not going to provide support for a browser or 3rd party plugin that you may have opted to install. QB online customer support is one of the best support systems that I know of.

  7. Lynda Kay Elliott Says:


    As you are making the browser changes, were you aware of this:

    PDF Plugin for Firefox on Mac OS X is NOT available for Firefox 10.0.2 (the latest version)
    So, I am currently unable to use Firefox. It will not allow for invoices to print. I am able to print using Safari but only by opening the invoices in a separate PDF window. The printer icon button and the “print” button at the bottom on invoice do not initiate a print.

    • Darth Says:

      Using ? Try using the print button of the plugin itself…its the 3rd button

      • Danni Says:

        I am having the same issues. I have tried the print button on the plugin and all it will print is what you see on the screen, which is only a portion of the document. QB need to help us Mac users out. Whatever change they made causes alot of extra work on our parts.

        • Samantha Says:

          You sure can say that again! I have to switch browsers constantly. To print reports, I use Firefox because it does not cut off and merge lines on bottom of first page and top of 2nd. However, I can only print checks correctly on Chrome. Never had a problem on my iMac when I used the software. I have called support and they had no answer for the printing problem on Chrome. Even the support person had the same issue on her PC when printing with Chrome. It was turned over to engineers and have heard nothing. Not too impressed.

      • Zaira Says:

        I use Firefox 4, because it has a lot of rlaely cool stuff, and it’s fast. It’s everything Chrome has, plus more. Internet Explorer is a fail, Chrome is ok, but it sticks all the time, and I think it’s slower, Safari is boring, and I’ve never heard of Camino.

  8. Jim Says:

    Found Firefox to be very buggy and chrome is too risky. Microsoft’s latest version of IE works best for me. Whats the real reason Quickbooks pushes Firefox and Chrome???

    • Darth Says:

      People can use whichever works for them best, but we recommend FF or Chrome due to better standards compliance, better performance (QBO is JavaScript heavy), better UI, much much better developer tools to debug (faster feature development), better and faster HTML5 feature implementation (not having to wait for years), multiplatform (windows / mac / linux)…list goes on…,3129-17.html

      Yes, there are some quirks in Firefox when it comes to PDF and printing but that’s about it. Mozilla being a non-profit organization doesn’t want to use non-open source PDF stuff in their browser and which has limited them integrating a PDF reader in Firefox like Google and Safari does. Google used to have some bugs but they have enormously improved and personally I feel QBO runs the best in it now, specially when we clean up some old QBO UI in the future – like print dialogs, window popups etc.

      IE9 is definitely better than IE8, and till it’s release we were spending 5x more time in fixing bugs on IE8 than Firefox or Chrome or Safari combined. And we still have to do it at times since we still have 30% users on IE8. If people want to stick with IE, we recommend IE9 any day over IE8 or IE7.

      • Raul Calvo Says:

        I find Crome to be the fastest, except for the printing, especially printing checks….. I haven’t found how to format them so the fields don’t print one line below where it is supposed to print…

        To overcome this I save the file on my pc as a pdf and then open it with Adobe Reader, which lets me adjust the formatting….

        Another annoying, but minor glitch I would like corrected is when allocating items to different categories, I have to scroll every time down to find it and post in he same transaction…. In FF and IE8, it remains in the last allocation line, so the scrolling is minimal…

        • Adam Murray Says:

          Thank you Raul, I have faced the same print challenges with no help from QBO staff. It is hit and miss whether or not the checks print out on the assigned tabs using any of the browsers, I have had to void nearly 100 checks over the past 7 months due to mis-aligned printer errors. I will try this Adobe technique. Really appreciate your help.

        • James Burkhardt Says:

          the Default Chrome PDF viewer is not compatible with QBO in my experience. If you adjust alignment of your printing, the alignment issues just keep growing. QBO Payroll wont let you use it at all. Have you tried using the adobe plugin for PDFs? That fixed all my problems but check stub spacing, and that error happens with every browser i have tried.

          Also, have you tried adjusting alignment?

  9. emjlive Says:

    I have had a number of issues trying to print from Chrome. When trying to print, Chrome crashes and I have to login and start from scratch.

    • Darth Says:

      Haven’t heard of crash issues. Does this happen on a particular page or on any printing / pdf preview? Have you tried some random PDF outside QBO (just google for a sample PDF)?

  10. Dave Says:

    I absolutely hate firefox & chrome. I have never had a problem with IE. I use to design and create computer systems for many years and if I would have released a product like QuickBooks online and stated that it works with FireFox and Chrome and then ran into as many errors and inconveniences those two platforms offer, I would have been fired.

    If you are going to support multiple platforms, you need to invest the resources to make sure they work. As it stands now, I find FireFox and Chrome a bad business decision. I do not want to run 2-3 different browsers when one can work. FireFox can somewhat run QBO but it is certainly not compatible with the other online systems we use so I have to jump between programs. PLEASE DO NOT STOP SUPPORTING Internet Explorer!! With ALL the problems and downtime you had this last year, you need to focus on keeping things running and no playing with cross-platforms! AND, I refuse to invest money to keep upgrading computers just to run your applications! It is not right.

    I love using QBO and have since it first was introduced. However, downtime is certainly a number ONE concern of mine before any further cross-platform developments. I could care less if you have 10 different browsers that are compatible, however, they NEED to work with all of the browsers. Stop spreading yourselves so thin is a recommendation of mine.

  11. Judith Says:

    As a member of the “older” generation, I do not want to get into all of the technical knowledge that is available for the avid user. However, from reading these comments, I have learned that my problems in QB online possibly comes from which browser I use. I do know that when we used IE, I had very few problems and they generally happened after an update to the QB software. It was just a matter of figuring out the new way of getting to where I wanted to go. Our hardware setup is not user friendly, so I just take the extra steps, wait the extra time, and deal with QB issues as they come up. I do get frustrated when, for example, I choose “reoccuring” invoices and instead of the program staying on the last “reoccuring invoice” I used, it goes back to the beginning and I have to choose the alphabet letter and then scroll to where I need to be. Some days, it works like I think it should and other days, it is back to the scrolling system. Printing is also an issue; various problems that come and go. I am only in the invoicing and payable entries, so I cannot address issues that are related to the other modules. Overall, I do like QB online.

  12. Tim Says:

    I prefer Chrome and have been using the browser app for months. Works great. I welcome new updates that take advantage of the features and abilities of newer technology.

  13. Sally Says:

    I was going crazy with QBO duplicating entries in a bank reconciliation until I thought it must be a browser problem. That ended months of being satisfied with Safari, and back to bouncing between FF and Chrome until one or the other freezes. It seems to be getting worse not better, so at this point I appreciate the days I can get the work done without starting over.

  14. [...] cookies and cache and then login to quickbooks online edition again.  Please take note of their recent blog post [...]

  15. Paola Says:

    I haven’t uninstalled Chrome yet. I used it for most of the day yradeetsy and I had no major problems with it. But I noticed a short coming when I started writing up a longer blog post:The spell checker doesn’t recognize misspelled words as well as Firefox. For instance, Chrome doesn’t offer the correct spelling of this word that I spell wrong just about every time I try to spell it: Beurocrat. Firefox gets it right away: Bureaucrat. Bad spellers are better off with Firefox. (That’s me.)The other major drawback for me is still the absence of an easy to use multiple search engine. Setting up each individual search engine in Chrome is a pain. That process needs to be completely overhauled. Even if a user has the patience to go through the cumbersome process of setting up each search engine, actually using them is still not that fast or simple. The Search Box plugin comes close to matching Firefox, but not quite, especially for a large number of search engines, and setting up each individual search engine is still a pain. Firefox is the superior choice for multiple search engines.I would probably switch to Chrome if it wasn’t for these shortcomings. It’s no more complicated to use than Firefox, it’s got some impressive plugins that are actually useful, and it does seem to load pages faster than Firefox (most of the time).

  16. Janice Says:

    I have been using QB online since March 2007 and have loved it, but have been noticing
    problems as you up date, especially the payroll program since you got with that new company
    a couple years back. I have been having a lot of problems printing checks. I have tried Fire Fox and Chrome because your support people tell me that would help the printing
    issues but that does not fix the problems and I have had to destroy many many checks. It is very aggravating! I still prefer IE9 and went back to it.

  17. Annabelle Says:

    I only use FIREFOX, IE always locks up and is SUPER slow when I want to “FIND” something within my register or anything within QB.

  18. Peter Foley Says:

    I use Chrome and 24 hours ago lost connectivity to both my banks. Can’t uninstall and reinstall either. I’m getting error 9995 even though one of my banks is US Bank which I know supports QBOL.

    Anyone else had their banks drop support for QBOL or this error? I’m assuming it an error.


    • Benn Gehman Says:

      Yep – I get nothing as well – I’m ‘hoping’ that this isn’t another ‘well throught out’ upgrade. I’m still struggling with the last one that was made.

      • Dave Says:

        That happened to me too! No bank. I did go to my iPad and was able to logon to the bank and just today, I was able to get back on our bank.

  19. madge Says:

    A great thing to do would be to remove outdated links from the splash screen. Example: I clicked on the link where it asks for users to submit site suggestions. That brings me to a page that say “Survey Closed”

  20. George Says:

    The use of low-contrast is prevalent in web pages, the current fad, I guess. Light blue on white background is hard to read, as is the font in which I;m typing. What’s wrong with using high-contrast web pages and text? High-contrast web pages and text would reduce errors and make the QBOL experience much more pleasant.

  21. Remene Says:

    Chrome sometimes wont save info put in. ask it to save work and it says page not available, so you loose all work that was just done. Reenter and it might save and move on or it may do the same again. Print preview sometimes takes a long time to appear.

  22. Mcubstead Says:

    A general comment instead of a specific endorsement or a complaint. I find both here and in other web sites that discuss accounting software, there is a great inconsistency in the reports being made between users of QB and various browsers. QB seems to have written its Java code to be very vulnerable to the slightest variations in system options. If one reads through these pages you’ll notice the same complaints are made against each browser, and yet each browser is also endorsed as “error free” . This normally indicates that a web app is relying on the standards, and doing little to no coding to avoid conflicts with 3rd party add-on’s and / or with less common system settings. Perhaps in the future QB will focus more on that area. I’m curious how HTML5 functionally will work out with more aggressive security software.

    • Darth Says:

      QBO back-end is in Java, but I think you are talking about front-end JavaScript and not Java. When QBO was originally written ~10 years ago the pre-dominant browser was IE, like 97%+ users were IE users. Nor were there any standards body seriously looking at web standards.

      As a result QBO ended up with a lot of client side code tailored to that browser with whatever IE offered at the time. Over the last 2-3 years we have been trying to undo all that as a lot of code was non-standards. Still there is bunch of IE specific stuff, like requiring ActiveX to import/Export, and still there are old QBO pages all over.

      We are now writing all new code that is HTML5 standards compliant as well as ECMAScript5 (JavaScript) compliant but also write stuff under emerging new technologies that may not be standardized yet. Though we still at times have to do “isIE” checks because we have many users still using IE8 that is far behind in standards or newer technologies. Even IE9 is not as great as Microsoft claims to be in their new TV ads, it’s way way better than its predecessors but Firefox and Chrome still feel better – specially to a developer.

      We have no intentions of diverging from standards code and if end user addons are interfering, then its the addon maker that is at fault. Addons should be written in ways not to interfere with working of a web page.

      But I think many users have issues with mostly printing related – printing on Firefox on a mac, Safari printing issues etc. This is because QBO uses a PDF and browsers need to have PDF readers working to view the PDF. If all QBO did was to download the PDF I think we would eliminate many of the complaints right away. But previewing a PDF within the browser, adjusting check margins etc are major use cases. What QBO does bad right now is the plethora of popups when printing. That also doesn’t help user experience either and hopefully in the future this will be rectified. Though we still require browser vendors to have PDF viewing capabilities embedded in the browsers.

      Chrome was the 1st major browser to come with its own decent internal PDF viewer. While it started out as buggy, I think its become pretty decent now and seems to work well last I checked. Safari 5.1.2 on also has a new inbuilt PDF viewer but its still a bit buggy. IE totally relies on users installing Adobe PDF plugin – so any issues with the plugin causes issues for QBO users. Firefox requires the same but I believe they are working on their own inbuilt PDF solution, or at least they were last year. Adobe PDF plugin doesn’t work on the mac for Firefox and Adobe hasn’t invested time on it either. Mozilla being a non-profit organization doesn’t like using paid/patented/proprietary stuff in their browser and that’s probably a reason why they haven’t themselves paid and bought some PDF software to be embedded in Firefox. In every case QBO relies on the browser vendor to enable users previewing PDFs, if they break QBO printing breaks.

  23. Don Nickerson Says:

    I have only one issue using FF for Mac Print out of bank reconciliation does not work properly. Only the first page will reduce to fit on one page. Other pages will not reduce to show entire image on single page. I do not have any problem printing out reconciliation using Safari.

  24. Greg Cruse Says:

    FYI, Microsoft has unleashed a legion of paid bloggers to post the virtues of IE. Take with a grain of salt unless you know the poster.

  25. jim fields Says:

    If you realllllllllly want to make a GOOD change to QB Online then make it work on Android or IPhone/IPad . Please add the option to enter a payment received by mail using the QB Online app . I have to access the mobil version to add or change a customers info such as taxable ect . I can also enter an invoice on QB mobil but to enter a sales receipt I have to use the mobil app which I can also enter an invoice on the app also ,but neither one lets me enter a payment received in the mail . PLEASE STOP MAKING CHANGES TIL YOU MAKE IT MORE FUNCTIONAL for mobil users.

  26. mtanenbaum Says:

    I have Chrome 14.0.787.0 (88131) on my MacBook Pro OS X, Version 10.6.8 and QBooks tells me I am not using the most current version of Chrome, so my Mac won’t operate QB. Is there a reason I can’t operate QB on this Chrome? I can operate it on Firefox on the same MacBook Pro.

    Do I have any options other than upgrading and purchasing a new Mac?

    Thank you,


    • Darth Says:

      Yeah your chrome has fallen out of date for some reason. Latest Chrome is version 17. Generally Chrome automatically updates itself, so there could have been some error that prevented yours from doing so, just get a newer version from the above link.

      • mtanenbaum Says:

        Success. Thanks! The Chrome wheel logo is red,green and yellow primary colors. The previous logo color was different shades of blue. Is the red, green yellow logo/icon the correct one? QB works on it.

        • Darth Says:

          They changed the logo sometime last year to be a flatter / simpler logo due to their design philosophy of being simple…

  27. Dave Says:

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned QB payroll will not export from ff. I have to use ie.

  28. Mohamed Salme Says:

    Can someone please let me know if they are able to get reports function properly on using safari. I find that when I look at a report, say Profit and loss and then go to customize and say add a previous period to compare to, nothing happens and no customization goes into effect. This is a new issue for me as I have used safari in the past without problems. Can someone please provide a solution. I do not have the issue when I use chrome or Firefox but I just prefer using Safari.

    • Darth Says:

      If you are using Safari 5.1.4, it is a browser issue that should most likely be fixed in the next version of Safari.

      • Heather Says:

        I am having the same problem with Safari. It happens constantly. I have used Safari in the past with no issues as well so I hope this gets fixed FAST!!

  29. Beutel Repair Says:

    I was having difficulty saving information in QBO through ie8 and now Chrome. I must re-enter information several times before anything will save. I get an error message that reads the information I POSTed was unable to be transferred to the server. Contact administrator if this persists (save).

    Anyone else having this issue?

    • jim Says:

      Any ideas or suggestions on other accounting software. I’m looking to get away from QB . I’ve been with QB for 3 years and I’m tired of their constant changes and the changes are never for the better.

      • Don Nickerson Says:

        I do not think you will find anything better for an on-line system. You might want to consider going to a desktop version.

  30. janet pennewell Says:

    With this enhancement, Quick Books now crashes every time I print checks using Chrome (and it still won’t print checks correctly with my default, Safari). Both very annoying….

  31. jim Says:

    I can’t get Safari to open QB Online?

  32. Rahmawati Says:

    I can’t get where Delivery form ?

  33. JCNelson Says:

    How about explaining to the Indian-English-speaking person who writes your copy the difference between “Few” and “A few” (“Few of them will make browsers like Firefox or Chrome ask for extra permissions.”). Hint: one means “not many” and the other means “not none”. It’s a typical Indlish error and it’s confusing. Top of page

  34. LF Says:

    When I use QBooks online version with FireFox….it keeps crashing? Any ideas what to do? It also crashes on IE and Chrome.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      I haven’t heard any reports of the browsers crashing because of QBO…are you sure there isn’t an underlying system issue in general? Does it crash on any particular page in QBO or just randomly anywhere?

      • LF Says:

        It mostly happens when I am doing invoices.

        • Priyajeet Says:

          Will keep an eye out on any further such reports, at this moment I can’t repro. From your end you should probably do a system scan for any bloatware/malware or addons that got installed that may cause issues. Try disabling plugins/addons to see if the issue still persists or not. You can always call QBO support and then they could diagnose this further and determine if there is anything specific to QBO thats causing this.

  35. Hank Says:

    I had to switch back to IE8 this morning because Chrome will not run any financial reports with prior year comparisons. I am not a particular fan on any browser. I just need things to work when I click on them. I updated via the link to the Chrome web store but had the same error.

  36. Tony Says:

    I am running FF I am not sure if I allowed the upgrade? If I did I want to stop the Geolocation app, how is this done>

    Thank you

    • Priyajeet Says:

      When you clear your browser history (ctrl+shift+del on win or cmd+shift+del on mac), there will be a site preferences option that you can check that removes the site preferences. Then next time when you are prompted for the feature permission you can ignore it or say no or cancel out.

  37. How about a “heads up” about FireFox not working with version 10? Spent most of the day getting it working on my Linux system. Grrr!

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