An Update on Uptime

As part of our efforts to improve service and to increase uptime, we are in the process of establishing new data centers in Quincy, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada that are recognized as best in class. This process requires a phased approach to protect data, so we have scheduled several maintenances over the weekends. These are complex transitions and while we take extraordinary efforts to minimize disruptions, we have encountered challenges that have caused service interruptions. We recognize that the process has been disruptive to your business, and we deeply apologize for letting you down.

While the biggest maintenances are behind us, we have a few more ahead. The new data centers provide the infrastructure we need to deliver a faster, more reliable QuickBooks Online experience for you. We’ll continue to keep you apprised of future maintenances. We thank you for your patience and your continued business.


Vinay Pai
Director, Product Development

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149 Comments on “An Update on Uptime”

  1. Laura Winn Says:

    If you can’t support the customers that you have now, what makes you think you can expand to all the other states????

    You ..(Quickbooks) have a lot to learn on providing quality service to the customers that you have now…. You will never make it til you do.

    I will be talking to my Lawyer about what just happen, and from what you just told me (more offline outages to come)…He will be interested in that as well!

    • Bill Nicot Says:

      First of all Laura, I handle businesses in Alaska and Hawaii..I’m pretty sure if they have “expanded” to those two states the other 48 are online as well. Read the message..they are establishing new data centers not expanding!!

      Secondly, it’s people like you that are making our great nation turn to junk!! Call your lawyer?? Are you kidding me?? Why don’t you worry about running your books and your business instead of running to your lawyer??!! Yeah get him/her rich and clog up the system with your frivolous whining!

      Nowhere does it read Quickbooks is perfect. In fact nothing is perfect. I have always had an exceptional experience with Quickbooks. Yes they go down once in a know what I do? I work at 10pm or 3am or whenever they are up..And i get over it..quickly.

      Bill Nicot
      American that works hard

      • Robbie Says:

        Thank You Bill!

        • Ritch Garcia Says:

          I agree Bill – Thanks – more redundancy excellent

          • Shannon Says:

            I agree with Bill. I understand Laura’s annoyance because as the accountant for four legal entities I am now so far behind due to these outages that I can see myself coming. However, calling a lawyer? Wow.

            I solved my problem by buying the desktop version of QB which is preferable to online anyway. It has a lot more features and it’s stable. My IT department loads it next week and I move off QB online. If I go down it’s my network’s fault – I am not reliant on QB’s network anymore. And let’s face it – networks go down. I have been working a lot of OT to play catch up due to these outages. I’m not happy about it but it’s how the cookie crumbles.

            So, Laura – if you’re that ticked off – find an alternative. However, if you sue then you’re only wasting the court’s time, Intuit’s time and inevitably raising prices to offset legal fees and your overwhelming desire to justify some misguided belief that you were wronged in some way. Get a grip Laura.

            And to everyone else complaining – I get it – it sucks…..but seriously….networks go down. It’s amazing the number of people in this country that can’t handle these situations. Are you all really that soft? Or just feel that entitled? Put your big boy/girl britches on and move forward. Heaven help all of you if a real problem ever occured. You’d probably be curled up in the fetal position with your thumb in your mouth while the rest of us with fortitude moved forward with life and adjusted accordingly…..sigh.

            Toughen up people. Bad things happen. Bad days occur. Networks go down. Find a way to work around it, deal with it and life will go on. Obla de obla da

            • Juju Says:

              Shannon you are so right. You found another way to keep moving, unlike some of these one track minded individuals. What will they do if the power goes out? What will they do if a natural disaster occurs? Crawl up in a fetal position with their thumb in their mouth and blame everybody for their lack of planning. There are so many people running businesses with blinders on that will never survive in any emergency situation. Its people like you and me that will laugh all the way to the bank as we watch others crumble!!!!

            • I completely agree with you! I am a busy CPA that serves several clients and I have been moving all of my On-Line QuickBooks accounts to a desktop version and then having them use the Phunkey service center if they need to have On-Line access.

              This is a company that provides the desktop QuickBooks in a cloud situation so you can log-on anywhere and it costs about the same as QuickBooks On-Line. I have been using them for a while with several clients and have never yet had a “down-time”. Plus I get the benefit of being able to use the desktop version, which I know and love.

              One of the things that made our country great was ingenuity and the free market society. Instead of speaking to your lawyer, Laura, try speaking with your dollars and find a different option. You will pay a lot less dollars to find a different solution (of which there are several cloud hosting options, not just Phunkey, or even other accounting packages) than you will if you go to your lawyer!

            • Sal Valente Says:

              Hi Laura,

              You may want to review the conversion process from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks desktop. I made an attempt to do the converson and had to stop since it was more difficult then I realized. I had a lot of error messages to deal with and the trial balance did not tie out. The reconcilation process for me is going to be very time consuming. I am estimating it could take one to five days to resolve all the discrepancies working on nothing else. QuickBooks was helping out but I did not have the bandwith to work on this continously. I plan on working on it in December. If you are starting fresh with no data it will be easy. If you are moving historical data you may have problems. I didn’t expect these problems with the conversion. I hope this email reaches you. I also want to point out that I have been using the QuickBooks desktop version for years and think it is great.

        • Russel Says:

          Thank you Bill! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          Another American hard at work

        • David Says:

          Laura might have misunderstood the post, but She has a point, the service now in not reliable, to be used without any backup plan.
          Something that I don’t understand Bill, American that works hard, is What is Quickbooks Online ? It’s a program to help our business, right ? Have a prompt response for our customers, that most of the time work, as us, in normal working hours, in any place that have internet, right ?
          I don’t know what type of business you run, but in my business if I can’t make a invoice or even look into my customer information I will not make a sale. So don’t try to make any excuses for the outage.
          System not being perfect I’m ok if that, but making me loose half of a day trying to figure it out what to say to my customers is not right.

          • Darth Says:

            There is backup even right now irrespective of what data center we are in. Backup of data happens pretty frequently, dont know the exact time interval, I think its like every 5min or less.

          • SMP Says:

            David – it’s “lose” not “loose”. Don’t reply if can’t spell. Get back to work.

          • Henry Says:

            I agree with you David, I have my business and I have to be able to use QB when I need it, not when it is up. If I can not send and invoice on the spot, I don’t make the sale and my employees still need to get paid with or without QB being up.

            • Vicki Says:

              I would agree, we were down on Monday, my employees get paid on Monday – try telling your employees you cannot do payroll because the system is down. Does not go over well!!

          • Ed Says:


            What would happen if you couldn’t get on the internet because of an ISP outage or power outage? Internet goes out… Hell in the northeast they just had massive power outages for days. You could get a generator for power… but it sounds like you need to look into something that isn’t “online” if you can’t survive for half a day without it.


            • Kem Says:

              Agreed, Ed. Some people just like to pick at everything and find fault wherever possible. If you want to not lose service then don’t use the program online. I haven’t had a perfect experience with QuickBooks Online but it’s nothing that isn’t fixed within a day and it’s perfectly easy to work around it. There are certainly things that I think to myself, “what were you thinking when you implemented this change” but I’m also fairly certain that the QB team isn’t sitting around wondering how to make our lives more difficult. They are trying to make the program better and more efficient and sometimes that comes with kinks and figuring things out. Nothing is perfect. I’m sure there are those customers who are a pain and don’t understand when a service is down and out of your control but that’s what you have to deal with as a business, that’s not QuickBooks fault. Use paper if you want access to everything all the time. Or just get over it. I’d opt for the second.

              • Chef Penni Says:

                Exactly! Yes, sometimes they go down but not because QB is messing around. They seem to be making extraordinary efforts to make their product better! They could be “Occupying” some downtown complaining. Let’s face it…we don’t live in a perfect world but it’s nice to know there are those out there working hard for those of us working hard everyday! Thanks Quickbooks. I’ve been using you for years…no need to switch!

          • Dave Says:

            I agree with Bill to a point. I process all of my customers payments through Quickbooks Online. If I am down in the middle of the day I can’t take a payment or look up invoice information. I feel that Quickbooks should have a program that can be installed on the office computers that will allow work to continue when the system is down. Once the system comes back online, the program would sync the information that was completed. I understand system upgrades and changes, because that is part of doing things. I have a hard time when those changes occur in the middle of the day when I am buried.

            • Pm Says:

              I totally agree with this. It makes sense to have the ability to work off line when the need arises and the information transfers when you go back on line. Hope QB looks into this.

        • Rusty Pruden Says:

          Thank you SO much Bill! I wish more of our Country would step up as you and all of those you represent at Quickbooks. Thank you for your service.

      • Deb Marquez Says:

        I agree 100% with you Bill. Thanks!

      • Jim Coshow Says:

        I became very irritated with QB Online several years ago due to the excessive downtime but not anymore. I figure with this QB Online I get what I pay for: A cheap, limited, scaled down client management system. If I want better reliability and full functionality, I will have to pay for it.

        Don’t waste time talking to a lawyer, accept QB Online for what it is, or move on.

        • glenn Says:

          Way to go Bill, nothing is 100%, i was using peachtree when my computer crapped, got a new one and tried to re install on weekend, needed codes from Peachtree. Called support and got a message to call back on Monday. WTH

          No matter what you are using things happen. If you don’t have a paper backup in place for emergencies, and backup credit card processing your causing yourself a lot of stress. If the office burns to the ground i can still take credit cards through my smart phone, (squared)
          Hand write invoices for sales. And thanks to QB online my accountant can sign in from his office and make sure taxes are paid and employees are paid.

          It does work, they are making it better.

      • Michael Creamer Says:

        I work in the IT Business. Folks, we need to realize that sometimes things just fail. Be patient. Just do something else until it comes back up. It doesn’t happen that often and Quickbooks is rather speedy in detecting and repairing their issues.

        Michael Creamer
        Medical IT Consultant

      • Kate Says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. Seriously, Laura…get a grip!

      • Robert Says:

        I’m so tired of hearing that the answer to the problem is to call your lawyer. There is no such thing as a perfect technology. Hiring lawyers is only going to drive up the cost of this great service for the rest of us who truly enjoy it.

      • Nichelle Says:

        Well put Bill!!!

      • Linda Says:

        I agree Bill! I’ve been using Quickbooks for years and love it, especially now that I can access my account from any computer. A few outages here & there have not caused me any problems whatsoever. Maybe Laura shouldn’t wait until the last minute to complete her tasks.

      • Lanna Says:

        My big problem with QB online being down is that my clients can’t do payroll. More and more of them are becoming very disillusioned with the payroll module of QBOE and when the system is down on a Monday (which it is frequently), it left clients with direct deposit payroll on Wednesday in an impossible situation.. QBOE did not get back online until 1/2 hour after the 2 day deadline to transmit by 5 PM PST. It is a very frustrating situation. QBOE is a wonderful, useful tool for me and my clients, but sometimes I have to do some serious talking to convince them to stay on board.

      • Dean Says:

        Bill- Laura maybe has a toothpick business that is failing miserable and is thinking that some dirtbag lawyer will bail her out. She just needs to walk away from quickbooks and find something less complicated for her 10,000.00 a year business

      • Amy Says:

        Thank you Bill!!

      • Beverly Says:

        That was pretty harsh words Bill. Lighten up!

      • Tired of Drama and Bitching!! Says:

        ok, here is how I see it!!! all of you that are compaining about QB online, do you know that you can still use QB on your laptop/desktop computers??? That way you can do updates and such at your convience and then you will have to find something else to complain about and bitch about.

        Seriously, this is really way out there with some of the comments I have just read here. you all have other options if you are not happy with QB. I have used them for years both online and the software downloaded in my computer and I am very happy with them. I have used other softwares and have not been happy.

        None of them are perfect but that is why you have options as to what you prefer to use.

        Lets move on with this issue and avoid stupid people trying to sue Qb for their uploads and downtime trying to better the software.

      • Don Smallman Says:

        Well said Bill… It is pretty interesting that no one else seems to share Laura’s veiws.

        I have been using Quickbooks Online for 2 years and this is the first unscheduled outage that I can remember. However, I remember other large online companies having several unscheduled outages during that same time…WAY TO GO INTUIT!!!

        Don Smallman

      • Russ Says:

        YOU ROCK! Dude!
        I run my book now on line and it’s the best thing since slice bread vs the old cd way where my accountant had to have me up loading and downloading each qrt end. Regarding the lawyer thing, let her waste her money her complaint wont go anywhere!

      • Legeta Says:

        @Bill I agree, Laura needs to pull up her little girl pants too. Everything can & will not go as planned all the time. I do fine with Quickbooks, been with them three years now.

        • Beverly Says:

          Come on give Laura a break…..I feel her fustration! I don’t really think she’s talking to her attorney..

      • Laura, I agree with Bill 100%….I farm and ranch and run a cattle service company, you would die in this business of 18 hr days and mother nature fighting you constantly…..dang….suck it up…its called being self employed….


      • Tom Banks Says:

        That a BOY Bill. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for standing up !!!

        • Dan Anderson Says:

          Off the subject but love the bee page on your site J..I took up beekeeping about 5 years ago… Hmm guess where I am when QBO is offline! Even in the winter I’ll go out stick my ear to a hive and tap on the side a bit :-)

      • Kiki Says:

        :) Well said….

      • Nicely said Bill… IT is my business… They should look at all Technology guarantees… 99.99%

    • Richard Says:

      I agree with Laura, in addition the QB team spends way to much time adding useless bells and whistles instead of the meat the online version needs to make it work as well as the desktop version…..

      • Beverly Says:

        Yes, Richard I agree with Laura too. As businesses we don’t have time to keep getting use to so many changes that don’t make our work any easier. I’m at the point of looking for another accounting program because of the outages Quickbooks has been experiencing. The other day I was in the middle of doing my proposals and don’t you know it when I go to save it theres an outage! Lots of wasted time if you ask me.

    • Quickbooks user Says:

      Good lord Laura talk about nasty. We love you Quickbooks online. Some nasty people just don’t understand technology. Perhaps you should go back to PAPER nasty laura.

      • Beverly Says:

        Why should she go back to paper when she is paying to have an accounting program thats there when you need it? Excuse me….

    • John Messec Says:

      Let me get this straight, Laura. You’re going to pay your Lawyer several hundred dollars to laugh in your face??? We can do that for free right here. Now, see how much QB Online is saving you.You (Laura Winn) clearly have no clue as to the complexity of such a task.

    • Susan Says:

      It is not okay for QB to routinely go down during business hours. QB crashes cause big problems. This week they were down in my area for two days. THIS IS NOT OKAY. And, while an attorney can do nothing to solve the problem, ranting and threatening legal action is not relevant to the real hardships many businesses face while using this interface. Hopefully, the expansion will cure these issues. Make America stronger by supporting American businesses this holiday – give gift certificates to local community businesses and see if we can make a difference – and let’s all try and go back to helping our neighbors not vomiting at one another!

    • Roger Trovato Says:


      This can’t be real…if it is then I am sorry for you. I agree with Bill 100%. I have been with QB since I started my business in 1996 and have had very few problems. The switch from the desktop version to online was a bit of a struggle but they helped me through it and I had to have patience. I am still getting used to the change. Most of my issues were that the two products are so different bt they have to be.

      Things happen, cell phone coverage goes out, email goes down, cable goes out…get over it. I hope you don’t treat your customers that way. Nothing in life is guarranteed. Move on. Lawyers suck and are the cause of most of our problems in this country.

    • Juju Says:

      Learn to survive in any sistuation girlie!! Stop blaming others for your ignorance!!!

    • Jason Says:

      I agree that these outages have created some challenges. We do point of sale in the field with iPads and log in to QB Online for all our invoicing and Go Pay credit card processing. The Guys Manually created sales receipts and flattened them and we ran the cards at the Office. Tech world is going to have it’s great days and every once in awhile we have a bad one. However I haven’t seen in Forty Years where a Lawyer could fix a thing, not once. They only get half of it right and that pushing the odds. Go Laura support them they are like weatherman they get paid even when they are wrong most of the time. May be you would have been better off the Politely ask Q-Books to provide you with a PC/Mac hard version as back-up. probably a bit late for that though.

    • Cindy Says:

      I’m a QB user in Oklahoma. I’ve always had excellent response with Customer Service. And, yes, it was difficult to work during the outage, but the end will be worth it. Why does everyone immediately think about lawyers, etc.? We are human, and they are working hard to keep us all online.

    • Ralph Says:

      There are loads of disclaimers in the software and in other places. QBO has never guaranteed 100% uptime and probably never will. Although I have been frustrated by the timing and length of outages I think the overall experience is fine. QBO has done a really good job of letting customers know about scheduled maintenance and is doing everything they can to minimize outages. I have found that if there is an unexpected outage I am better off expecting it to last the rest of the day and finding something else to do rather than checking back over and over to see if the issue is resolved.

      Although it’s easy to get upset at QuickBooks because an outage has inconvenienced you or a client the reality is that outages and problems will happen no matter what accounting product you use or the operating environment hosting it.

      If you contact support they will be glad to share alternate procedures for an outage by application area (payroll, sales tax, customer order processing,etc.). The real answer is to allow time for all unknown contingencies.

      I believe if you make a decision to move to another accounting package from QBO (which has a historical up-time pct. over 99%) just because of a single outage then you are wasting both your time and your client’s time and money and will just end up with something different (not necessarily better.)

    • Barb Says:

      Laura’s response is indicative of the problems in the US today. Sue rather than work together to improve a situation. I use QB online for more than 15 entities. In the past 5 years, I have been inconvienced only a few times. I worked on something else until QB online was back up and moved on.
      Get over yourself Laura…….

    • Jeff Says:

      I have to chime in and tell Laura it is people like yourself that turn good situations bad, lawyers, and on what grounds? You throw around legal threats so I have to question your knowledge of law. Might want to read the T’s and C’s that you accepted when you subscribed. Furthermore, Intuit has provided exceptional service, with minimum downtime. Having an IT background, and supporting 1000’s of users it is inevitable that problems will happen. My suggestion if you are so dissatisfied, switch to another application, or host quick books locally and see if your IT people can provide a higher level of service.

    • Dan Anderson Says:

      Sounds like Laura didn’t read the EULA… I didn’t either but I’m sure there’s something in there releasing Intuit of all liability :-) Either use something else or deal with the fact that thankfully QBO (as well as the internet as a whole)is evolving to meet the demand. I don’t remember anything anywhere stating this was going to be up 100% of the time. The way I see it large companies are constantly tell me things like, “Sorry you’ll have to log back in or call back later our system is down”… Why can’t I tell them the same thing from time to time? Take it as an unscheduled break and act accordingly!!!!…

      My lawyer would laugh at me and give me the same lecture Bill Just gave. He would then tell me that if I just wanted to waste some more of my time and money however, he would be more than happy to take the case and my money!!!…and the lady out front would be happy to give me a receipt for my stupidity.

      • John M Stephens Says:

        This is basic stuff for any on-line service; we users really have no rights. Other than to take our business to a different service. You can bet that QB’s competitors are reading all of these posts and are looking at the mid to lower end of the on-line accounting market very carefully. There are number of fine offerings available at the higher end of the market. But not many QB users are in the mood to pay $1000.00 per month plus big setup fees.

        To me the killer app to attack QB on-line with is a combo accounting and CRM package. But at a price QB users could afford. I would pay a lot for money for that combo.

  2. Angie Says:

    Credit Card processing still isn’t working on my website. Down for 3 days now. Do you have an eta on this?

    • David Says:

      We left their stand-alone software because of the reliability issues and the fact that it would take down an entire computer when it went down. Now we’re rethinking that. We’ll probably just set up a dedicated Quickbooks machine with a backup for when it goes down.
      They could have used S3.
      Amazon and Google have huge, world-class established cloud systems. The idea of Intuit developing their own massive system is terrifying. They never quite handle reliability.

      • glenn Says:

        In case of an emergency like this i have a squared account, (google it) its a no monthly fee credit card processing company that has a fair rate. It is smart phone based so you can swipe or hand enter the card. After processing you email the receipt to customer. Its a little bit of a pain on book keeping end. They remove their fee at the time they deposit so you will need to do a journal entry to bal out.

        Its a good backup.

        • Chef Penni Says:

          It’s a good idea to always have a backup plan when QB goes down. They (QB) do go down occasionally. I have a credit card terminal in my office as my backup. Something to consider…

    • Jason Says:

      Spokane Wa and cards are running here

  3. Jeff Says:

    How about committing to a basic service guarantee to your customers that 30min or more downtime during standard business hours in the customer time zone results in a no charge for the month. Is your service is reliable enough? If not, why should we trust in you?

    Your monthly rate is easily less than the hourly rate the we all can get fired for not delivering on our commitments for an hour….

    buck up.

    • Jeff Says:

      This blog is a complete scam. Really? Who sits down to say how great a services is? Think about it. Its sad, but in reality, we only complain when there is a problem and rarely take the time to go out of our way for praise. The praise here is a marketing response.

      Buck up.

      • Darth Says:

        BTW, this blog is mostly a developer blog, majority of the posts are by PD (product development) or support folks. Majority of the replies on this post or other posts are either non-qbo-intuit people that no one in my team really knows or they are mine, though I mostly stick to PD related replies.

  4. Jerry Says:

    I agree, reimbursement for downtime is a must if I am going to stay.

  5. Ozzy Says:

    Yes, Intuit is not doing a great job lately in keeping everything up but, it sounds like you all need a backup plan of some kind. Tell me, what would you do if you were running QuickBooks Pro on a PC and the PC crashed? Would you all be bit**ing at yourselves or an employee? No matter where your data is – on your PC or in the cloud, you need a back up plan if it all fails. Up here in CT a few weeks ago, we lost power for almost 2 weeks due to a storm. What do you think we did, close up shop or run a backup generator? Anything can happen, any time, so get a plan to take care of things when all hell breaks loose. For 2 weeks, we could not run the PC’s because the generator just couldn’t handle everything, so we used old bookkeeping forms that you can get at Staples and used a pencil to keep the books until the power came back on. Then we entered everything into QBOE and guess what, pencil & paper still work!

    • Sweet Pete Says:

      Hi Ozzy, Sorry you lost your system for 2 weeks, but even you have to admit that is abnormal. AND outages must be some part of your regular life or you wouldn’t have a generator for backup electricity. The point being made by others is QB’s online customer service is atrocious. I use many of the QB platforms and find the QB online customer service appalling. The reps I have dealt with don’t know the program, give bad information, and it usually takes 3 to 4 phone calls to find someone proficient enough to help me. I don’t have these types of problems with the desktop versions. If you’re selling a service and profess 24/7, then 24/7 is what I should get. If the service is not delivered, then compensation or reimbursement of some sort should be given to the customer. And, yes, Ozzy – I did take my pen and checks out and hand wrote them, then my clients had to pay me again for the same actions when I manually entered the hand written information. They got charged twice for QB’s inadequacy. What do you think they thought about paying double for my services and paying for a non working program?

    • Beverly Says:

      Shouldn’t have to do that, how long did it take you to enter everything once the power came back on? Unnecessary work for some poor employee don’t you think? We pay good money to have Quickbooks up and running. I know things happen, but there have been times when they were down for way to long and there was no power outage on my end.

  6. Brad Says:

    Great News QB! I think your service is very good. Yes there are some more issues than before but all in all you deliver a great service. Your down times are acceptable for what you are doing. I can’t even fathom the amount of information and IT things that must happen on a daily basis. As for Laura…..LOL wow! My advice to her is to go somewhere else if she doesnt like your service. I look forward to a long business realtionship with your company.

  7. Lee Says:

    Is there any estimate on when bank connections may be re-established?

  8. paul Says:

    I am very pleased with QB online. It os great for a small business that cannot afford to maintain a server and have several people be able to access the same books. The cloud is the future and yes there may be time when the internet goes down, but this is a small issue when compared to the benefits.

  9. Dennis Says:

    I have been a QBOE customer since February 2004. The concern I have is not the outages. It’s the frequency of the outages. Every year since 2004, the frequency has increased. That’s a concerning trend.

  10. Overall quite satisfied with the service – however I do like the idea of compensation for down time past a certain time limit. I got caught on Monday evening needing some critical customer contact data for customers and couldn’t get to it….as I had two delivery trucks enroute to them. Time/Money!

    I rely on having the data at my fingertips on Iphone – and it hurt when I couldn’t get at it.

    • Beverly Says:

      So right, Time is Money!! We have no time to be down for hours at a time…and the frequency is frustrating!!

  11. Robbie Says:

    Geez people!
    It is only like 35 bucks a month!!!! OMG!

    • Mily Torres Says:

      We have been open for business for less than two years and my experience with Quickbooks has been great! Unfortunately, the downside is the downtime. Things happen to technology and guess what? I have worked in retail and government and the same thing happens there! So, I keep a back up plan, work unorthodox hours work around it as best as I can. As far as Laura, I can’t believe she has taken it to that level. Laura, hun Chillax! Everything will okay!

    • Sandy Says:

      $35 a month plus payroll costs for each employee. It adds up and when you can’t do payroll it is a big deal. I think compensation for not being able to access your information is reasonable.

    • Jeff Says:

      Exactly, If it soooo cheap then reimbursement for services should be the incentive for intuit to not screw up.

    • Sweet Pete Says:

      Sure it’s only $35 bucks a month for the program. BUT, what about my time, plus additional time for duplicate work – once for the pen and paper way because the program is down and then again for entering everything done during the outage. THEN the time used to explain to employees they won’t get Direct Deposit because the system went down and I have to give them paper checks. AND the employee’s time because he or she has to take the paper check to the bank for deposit. OMG…it’s only $35 bucks a month?… for this piece of S**t program.

  12. BLee Says:

    Unfortunately the outages came at a time when I needed my work to be done. I believe that our account should be credited for the days that the outage affected us.

    $35 a month is still money i could use…this is business and if I were to turn around and tell QB that I can’t pay them because of an intermitten delay, will an apology suffice and let me skip a payment.

  13. Patty Says:

    Common QBOE, how come you haven’t developed the ability for us (your customers) to work offline? I work with other web-based database programs that do that. This way you can still do the work and then when service is restored things automatically sync. Seems like with all of back up and so forth you are doing that this would be a no brainer ~

    • LHicks Says:

      Well said, Patty. Having the ability to work offline & then sync would solve the complaints on this board….well most of them.

      • lisa Says:

        That is really an excellent option. I think #1, if the product cannot be reliable, offer a credit to our accounts, and #2, if there is an option to work offline and then sync, we won’t be sitting at the computer anxiously awaiting for the website to come back up, we can actually be working and make use of our time. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Bill Nicot, if I have a program that I have to build my schedule around, it is pretty useless to me. I want to be sleeping at 3am, not sacrificing my personal time to adapt to QB’s availability.

    • David Says:

      Agree with Patty. And we don’t even need to have access to the full Quickbooks Online, only basic stuff, ability to look into customer information, ability to make invoices, and Inventory.

  14. MJ Says:

    Yesterday was payroll & I needed to pay my employees. Unfortunately this is not the first time QBS has gone down in the middle of the day. It is very inconvienent & I needed to do payroll immediately. It placed me in a bad situation. I agree with the others who said we should be compensated for the monthly charge. If I was late paying they would charge late fees etc. Going down in the middle of the day when you are trying to run a small business is unacceptable period.

    • glenn Says:

      I had the same frustrations, its not worth stressing over. What i did was change pay day. When they clock out Friday, they can expect a check on Monday. Gives me 3 days to get it done. It tends to fix the Monday morning sick days also. They show up.

  15. LHicks Says:

    We are a start-up company in that painful “high expense – low income” growth period, and really can’t afford to have our employees waiting around during these outages, or have them doing work twice by putting pencil to paper then re-entering once QB finally decides to come back up. I understand that sometimes things happen and systems go down, but these down times are becoming more and more frequent and lasting longer and longer periods. I agree with BLee that our accounts should be credited for the the outages, and all though there are those that state that $35 a month is not all that much, then QB won’t mind reimbursing us that for the lost productivity.

    • $35 isn’t alot of money but maybe QB would think before doing soemthing if They would have to lose actual money. Off line has become much more common along with delays switching from screen to screen and I am not impressed with the new “look” not worth the trouble.

  16. A K Says:

    Won’t ever call a lawyer about On-Line Quickbooks … best I can do is to NOT recommend it to anyone. Worse accounting system I’ve ever encountered. Beyond unreliable. Support non-existant. I learned early on that I was WAY more qualified than ANYONE in support. From solving my own set-up problems and designing my own work-arounds… I learned NEVER to call support. Support is staffed by minimum wage hair-splitters that spew hogwash. Total waste of time and money. I regret ever considering Quickbooks On-Line product. Take my advice. As a 30 year Accounting Manager, the headaches involved with Quickbooks On-Line are NOT worth the investment. Not even a little bit. Going back to the pencil and giant ledger would be an improvement over QBOE. The end.

    • Sweet Pete Says:

      I know how you feel AK and agree whole heartedly with your comments. I would not be spending time here posting my frustrations, but I feel obligated to warn anyone contemplating QB online as their bookkeeping solutions. The only reason I am locked into using the program is because of the access my client has via internet. Otherwise, I would be saying adios and good riddance. I definitely discourage any of my other clients from buying the program. I have come to the conclusion that computer techs put the program together without much input from accountants or bookkeepers. It’s horrifying for me to think what people are giving their accountants and how accountants are sorting out the quagmire at tax time.

      • LHicks Says:

        I also agree whole heartedly with the above comments. I have never had the displeasure of dealing with QB in the past, and if my current employer hadn’t already invested so much time in the program I would have insisted we go another direction. I concur that those that developed this program could not have consulted with accountant or bookkeepers before launching this program as it goes against proper accounting techniques. The fact that any user can go in and simply delete a transaction with no recovery terrifies me, because it obliterates GAAP.

        • Jenn Says:

          I agree with you on the deleting part. We had a manager who was skimming and the only way I was able to catch it was because I could look at the activity reports and see that he had deleted invoices or changed amounts, I was unable however to recover the actual invoice so it was really hard to prosecute

        • Patty Says:

          I agree with you all – I do feel a bit trapped as all of my clientele is web-based. I’m always keeping an eye open for another solution and when one comes along I’ll be promoting a change. In QB’s defense though I have spent much time with development requesting certain tweaks be made and they have implemented it – for me it’s the other basic format changes that haven’t done much to enhance the software – it requires more time to relearn where everything is and they have also released a very basic version as a default so now every time I start a new company I have to immediately upgrade to get the basic features that should be standard in an accounting software like tracking 1099’s and so forth – it really bugs…

  17. Terri Ireland Says:

    I am having a problem with Intuit Working Point..There evidently was a billing issue with one of my accounts. I am locked out of that account and have tried for at least a month to get to the bottom of this issue. There is no phone number to contact anyone only email correspondence back and forth. My problem still is not resolved and the emails from them have stopped. I realize no system on line is perfect but better communication or at the very least a way to communicate with them. I have had these accounts for a long time and satisfied until now. I do agree with A K says completely..

    Aulander, NC

  18. Sandra Charmoli Says:

    I hope that this means a faster experience with QB online when finished! I have noticed very slow response when using QB lately so if this takes care of issues such as that for your customers it will be worth the frustration!!

  19. Sherrie Qbo Says:

    We understand the frustration associated with not being able to access QuickBooks Online and apologize for the disruption to your businesses. I would encourage you to give our Customer Care team a call so they can address your concerns in regards to a refund. You can reach the Customer Care team by calling 1-800-488-7330. The hours of operation are M-F 6am-6pm. Saturday 6am-3pm Pacific Time.

    • A K Says:

      Ahhhh … were it that the Customer Care team was capable … a girl can dream, can’t she?

    • Geoff Froh Says:

      Sherrie, I realize that you are just doing your job, but telling your justifiably concerned customers to, “call your Customer Care team” (especially given the fact that support is not available 24×7), is simply not an acceptable response.

      Yes, I appreciate that you understand my frustration and are very, very sorry. That does not do much for my accounting director, however, who needed access to financials for an important report that was due on Monday.

      The tone of this blog post was, frankly, rather condescending and insulting. Talking about the “complex transitions” and your “extraordinary efforts to minimize disruptions” really appears to me as an excuse, rather than an apology.

      And, in fact, my organization and most of your customers are not looking for apologies. We are looking for evidence that you, 1) understand the root cause of the incident, and 2) have a concrete plan to remediate that root cause. It is also very clear that Intuit has been woefully deficient in its efforts to communicate with its customers.

      I was the internal champion at our organization for adopting QBOE, and I am now placed in the position of defending that decision. Vinay, Sherrie and the rest of the Intuit team are not assisting me in that task.

      • LHicks Says:

        Geoff, I something to say about your post…..BRAVO!!!! You have most eloquently and succinctly addressed what the rest of us, I believe, have been trying to say. Thank you!

  20. Kate Says:

    Well said Bill!!! Thank you!!

  21. Bill Nicot Says:

    OK, maybe I was a little harsh last night Laura..please don’t take that personally. BUT I did mean what I said.

    I realize I’m in a unique position in that I can work crazy hours, that I own my own business, that I don’t have a spouse/children at home and that I made the decision to go with QBOE on my own. I knew what I bought and had thought long and hard about it. For me, this was the best option. It is inexpensive, convenient and accessible. God help me if I have to stop at Mcdonalds for lunch someday..but I know what I’m getting for my $7..and in this day and age that is priceless!!! QBOE I know what I’m getting for my $35..thanks. It may not be good all the time..but I know what I’m getting.

    Yes to being able to work offline! Get that done please!

    Yes to having a backup plan at ALL times for EVERYTHING! That’s our responsibility!

    Work hard, work smart, keep your chin up, STAY HAPPY!

  22. Jenn Says:

    Yes to offline! When a customer comes in and you cannot get to their invoice and have them come back to pay another day is very frustrating. Yes we have a backup desktop version of QuickBooks but that requires the office manager to retype everything that is already in QBOE and hope that human error is not a factor in the accounting. If we could still access the information already backed up in the system that would be very helpful. Hopefully you at QBOE will take these suggestions to heart and implement them soon.

  23. Robert Kahn Says:

    Hi Everyone –

    This is how it works. If you complain loudly and directly (i.e email to QB or phone call – not a posting here) they will give you free service for a month or two. They have not initiated an automatic credit on their monthly billing I presume simply because it is cheaper not to. Complain and followup and they will bend.

  24. Daveo Says:

    You guys seem to be having a lot more trouble than I am. I’ve had maybe 4 hours total of downtime in the past 6 months on here. I don’t think that’s so bad. Isn’t that the nature of the beast? Didn’t you all kind of know that when you signed up for using an exclusively online tool?

    As for scheduled downtime, there isn’t an online company out there who doesn’t have it. And I think they have been pretty good about notifying us of it.

    What about if your internet connection from your ISP goes down? If you’re operating without a back up plan, then you’re going to have to deal with the technology and the potential for unscheduled downtime.

    Handwrite a check or invoice man! And if you’re so unhappy with the service, find an alternative.

  25. John K Says:

    Stop all the whining… if you dont like it, use something different. Everything in life is a trade-off.

    It has been working pretty good for us over the past almost 10 years…

  26. Bill Nicot Says:

    Shame on you Robert! “This is how it works” tells me a lot! Really??

    People, if you or your company need that money..please don’t call today or tomorrow..please wait til next week when the phones aren’t so tied up. People are actually working today who have important concerns and need answers asap..and not looking for a handout.

    Again..part of the growing problems in America!

    • Sweet Pete Says:

      I’m wondering… Do you work for Intuit, Bill? This post sure makes me think you do.

      • bill nicot Says:

        No..I own my own consulting business. Conspiracy theorist huh?? Never liked em’ you know why? Because they’re suspicious kinda people!! Always looking at the worst case scenario and not the best!!

        • Sweet Pete Says:

          I am not sure how my dissatisfaction with QB online’s poor service makes me a conspiracy theorist or un-American. Your correlations escape me.

  27. Shari Says:

    Needless to say, it was very frustrating to be offline for over 24 hours. I would like to be able to access some sort of backup for my database so I could import it into a desktop version of QB.
    At least I could continue with the work of the day…invoicing, printing checks, reconciling accounts and so forth. Is this a possibility?

  28. Robyn Says:

    Calling a lawyer? A bit infantile dont you think. You must have alot of time on your hands so maybe you can spend some of it during these down times to do something more constructive.

    I do have to say though that these outages always seem to happen at the wrong time. I was at an ad deadlineand in the middle of invoicing and emailing my customers and everything just stopped!
    Very frustrating.

    Everything needs to be updated no matter what business it is, if not then we’re not with the times. I would jut like to see that when Quickbooks says they are doing maintanence during the late hours that it isnt still happening into the daytime, when the majority of people are using it.
    Quickbooks has great features and would recomend it to non users.
    I do think that we should recieve a credit on our next bill for the inconvenince during normal business hours.

  29. Marc Manna Says:

    To the people wanting to get lawyers involved … grow up. If QBO’s problems are too much for you to deal with, just take your business elsewhere and move on.

    To the people that are trying to justify and/or defend QBO’s outages … yes, all companies have eventually have problems, but comparing a weather-related electrical outage to a poorly planned/implemented/tested computer hardware upgrade/transition is like comparing apples and oranges. I have been using QBO since near the beginning, 7 or 8 years now, and I love a LOT of things about it. However, the outages in recent years have become too long and too frequent. Yes, my ISP occasionally goes down, but never for more than 3 hours. In the past 2 years, I think I would need two hands to count the number of times that QBO has had an outage that is counted in DAYS, not HOURS.

    QBO is by-and-large a great product, but they clearly have some work to do to improve reliability. I’m cautiously optimistic that the new data center they’re preparing to bring online will be a big step toward delivering that increased reliability.

    I agree that the best way to get Intuit to listen to our concerns is by hitting them where it hurts … in the wallet. If you feel that you NEED compensation for the outage, or simply *want* compensation as a matter of principle, then do what Sherie said, and call their customer care team. I did, and was satisfied with the results.

  30. Ed Cummings Says:

    Thanks. I appreciate that there are times when the world does not work exactly as we would like. But, more than anything I appreciate the communication that there is a problem, and updates on the process of correcting the problem. Thanks for the concern that you have with your users that rely so much on Quickbooks Online.

  31. Speaking from the point of view of someone who’s been in the IT services business for over 25 years, and specifically the telecom business, where “five 9s” reliability (only a few minutes of downtime per year) is the mantra, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed and surprised that a data center migration can’t get done without so much downtime. When’s the last time AT&T took your phones down over the weekend to “upgrade a switch”? It doesn’t happen, and make no mistake that major upgrades go on at AT&T (and every other telecom provider) all the time, almost always without customers even noticing. I’m convinced it’s a culture thing–“IT-minded” organizations generally consider multi-hour downtimes to be a necessary fact of life, while “telephony-minded” organizations would never entertain such an idea, so plan for it not to.

    Bottom line, I’m a satisfied QBOE user. It’s a good application that does what’s advertised. And when it’s been down, I do what many have suggested: something else–it’s not the end of the world, but loosing data might be, so careful is better than fast on that front. But a company the size of Intuit should be able to create a maintenance/expansion/upgrade plan that involves significantly less downtime.

  32. Preston True Says:

    Vinay, thanks for the heads up on this matter. I appreciate your willingness to make changes on your end so that we as customers benefit.

    My only request is that you offer some type of reimbursement for the down-time events. My agreement with you is that I pay a monthly subscription for you to deliver your service to me. If you are unable to deliver the service, I’m not sure I’m obligated to pay for undelivered services.

    I’m not leaving you, just asking you take this into consideration.

    -Preston True

  33. Barb Says:

    I just recently switched to QB’s on-line – It has been like learning a whole new software. I wish they could make more like the off line version. And then, when it went down the other day – I really regreted making the switch – I couldn’t do anything I needed to.

    I think there are too many bells and whistles – as a bookkeeper, I just need to plug in my numbers and pull up reports, why does it have to be so complicated?

  34. Steve in HI Says:

    I agree with Bill, but at the same time, QBO should offer a free month or something. They are a business, and we are businesses. If they fail to deliver because of unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control, it is one thing. When they fail to deliver due to their own planned upgrades, there should be an allowance to the customer.

  35. Al R Says:

    Isn’t it completely AMAZING what technology enables us to do these days, and how quickly we take these developments for granted? Life is way too short to get so bent out of shape. Unless I missed a news item, no one actually died during that recent daytime outage. Sure it’s inconvenient when this sort of thing happens, but we all stand just as much chance of a company’s web service going down as we do a storm knocking out power or the local office I.T. guy accidentally frying the router or any number of other reasons our technology fails to get us from point A to point B.
    I was actually sort of happy I couldn’t get into the system the other day, gave me a good excuse to stretch my legs and get a coffee.

    Oh yeah, and I love it when people use the term “my lawyer” as if we’re all personally walking around with one on retainer ready to jump into the fray for us at a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t that be a great world to live in?

  36. There is no point in qualifying the loss with a win of “better service” because everything was fine before you all took it down. My bank has a quickbooks type offering that is tightly tied to bank functions. I will enjoy reviewing it as a replacement.

  37. All systems need maintenance and go down. The issue is predictability and preventive maintenance and have an installation that caters for the peaks of the business. Intuit needs to get into a “never-down” system mode whereby rolling server farms run the business following the sun – if you like – for maintenance and upgrade purposes. This is nothing new but requires some decent investment. That is the chicken and egg situation.
    I am supporting the On-line approach because I just HOPE Intuit keeps building the on-line version as a replacement for the QB desktop / enterprise version whereby the online version is just another way to access the system with identical functionality. I am prepared to pay more for that ( but don’t tell Intuit!!).
    I am running other resident systems (QB and Peachtree) too, but I cannot wait to get sufficient functionality on the OnLine version around inventory, purchasing and POS so I can move all my stuff to the web version and hook it up to my web front end / on line store. So, I am not asking too much I think :-)…

  38. John M Stephens Says:

    QB is down so often because they have not invested the same high quality redundant data centers that other hosted SAS providers have. Think about other on-line merchants and how often they are down. The answer is not very often.

    I would think other providers of on-line accounting software are reading this message. The QB user base is begging for an alternative to QB On-line. Somebody needs to fill the void. The future is in hosted apps, not local server based apps.

    The market needs to take action and provide a quality replacement for QB On-Line.

  39. Bonnie Says:

    It is the responsibility of any service provider to anticipate and meet or exceed the needs of its customers. We appreciate your efforts to fulfill your responsibilities.

    In most expansions/conversions, the benefit of the end result far exceeds the unfortunate but necessary interruptions from the process. Inconvenience is the price we pay for progress.

    • While I agree that QB is doing a good job in expanding their service, there is no way that they should need to have this much down time in order to get the new services on-line. My husband works for a computer company that does all of it’s service in the cloud and when they do an upgrade they get everything working ahead of time (off-line) and then there is maybe a 5 minute window of down time when they “throw the switch”.

      I understand glitches happen and it doesn’t always go smoothly, but it shouldn’t this badly!

  40. Jaime Says:

    I have been using QB’s for 12 years and it is a very good system and now I read all this bad stuff about outages? I have recently converted to QB on the cloud as a way for mr to access it anywhere. Can’t it be backed up to my office as well? That way the outages wouldn’t be that big of a deal?

    • The QuickBooks desktop version is an excellent product. This blog is referring to the Quick Books On-Line edition, which, while it can be backed up onto your hard drive cannot be used there as you would have to re-create any changes you made once the On-Line edition goes back up. Once you download a file to your hard drive you cannot pull it back up into your existing QB On-Line account.

      If you are using a cloud solution that runs a desktop version of QB, then weather or not you can incorporate changes would depend on your cloud solution provider.

  41. David Says:

    I am starting the process to leave QB Online because of the availability issues. It’s a shame. Other guys have figured it out.

    • John M Stephens Says:

      We are looking for options as well. But while there are many options for much more money like Microsoft and NETSuite, have you found anything at even 2 to 3 times the QB cost ?

      • Sweet Pete Says:

        John and others,
        I just can’t figure out why so many of you keep using the excuse of the low cost of QB online making up for poor customer service and program performance. This program costs between $375-$500 and then an additional $450 ++ for payroll PER YEAR. Please explain how that is such a great deal. I also use QB Pro enhanced with PR for another client and am on year three. It costs $799 flat fee for accting and $400++/yr. for PR. The ONLY advantage I find with the online version is the online access and not having to pay an additional fee for an access program like GoToMyPC. Otherwise, the online version is clunky, disjointed, payroll persecution and an accountant’s nightmare. What I don’t understand is why the already proven elements of the desktop version are not used in the online version.

  42. Whether or not the system isn’t perfect, when your running a business and have payroll and checks to get out I don’t care what time of day or night I choose to work on them. We have a plumbing repair business and it is important for me to have access, and run payroll and do payroll reports required by the government jobs we do. I work on my books at night because I’m busy. If qbonline, can’t run there business and have a quality IT or software, I want mine replaced w/software that I’ll be able to use any time of day or weekend also. In the last month 4 times now this system has been down. Any time I call or email you, I have never recieved any response back. Either letting me know when the system will be back up, or even if you are going to give anyone credits, like you said you would at the end of your term. It would be great to get an answer, I would like to either have my money refunded, and get a CD or download. This online version isn’t working, I don’t care to hear anymore excuses on how your improving, I need somethng that works, not part-time. I have better things to do, like run my business instead of contacting you to see when this is up and running. \\Please contact me so I can get my money refunded for a horrible sytem you have.

  43. Frank, Says:

    I was a QuickPayroll user for many years, and was most unhappy to be forced to the Intuit Online Payroll solution. I don’t need QuickBooks, I just need a payroll program. The standalone QuickPayroll was a wonderful program. Intuit Online Payroll is not. I have been using Intuit Online Payroll for the last few years, in hopes that they would improve. They have not. They are charging four times the fee for a much inferior program. Intuit Online Payroll is very rudimentary, particularly in the area of reports. There are only a few ways to print reports, none particularly useful. I would like to change font and font size for my checks, which was easily done with the previous program. Intuit is very interested in making sure you pay, not so interested in developing their software. I have been congratulating my self for not being affected by their semi frequent service outages, until the one on the 14th. I needed to access my payroll information so that I could do a an EFTPS deposit. I ended up just making a rough estimate. I’m sorry, for what they charge, they should be more reliable. I will be changing to a local payroll processor at the first of the year, for less than half what Intuit charges.

    • John M Stephens Says:

      I don’t think the QB statement about new data centers has anything to do with expanding into other states. QB On-line is unreliable because their back-end server capacity and or redundancy is inadequate for their current client load.

      Any professional on-line service provider has multiple redundant data centers around the country or even the world. As load increases on busy days the load is balanced between the different data centers. In theory one or even two entire data centers could be blown off the face of the earth and the load should be switched automatically to other data centers. We as clients should not even be aware of switch over. On-line accounting is more complicated than on-line shopping, but the concepts are all the same.

      The fact that we are even aware of every back-end problem QB On-Line has would seem to indicate that there is either a serious design flaw in their load balancing systems or QB really does not have complete redundancy in their back-end systems.

      As to QB support, I have always had great luck with them. Clearly these folks are not accountants, but they do know their system. Now trying to contact them during a system outage is a waste of time. I have found that the support people are usually kept in the dark and know less than we do.

      • HarryR Says:

        I am just hoping the issue is not that Intuit is using some half-ass database instead of a real DB2 or Oracle Database that is both bullet proof and scalable.

        • John M Stephens Says:

          The bottom line is, we use a number of hosted applications in our business. CRM, Blast E-mail. Cloud FTP and so forth. None of these services ever goes down. For the same reason every major TV and radio station has 2 transmitters. Stuff breaks. If you are serious about having near 100% up time, the only way to do it is with redundant servers, storage and Internet connection (from different providers)

  44. Walter Grant Says:

    Just curious: Quincy which? Illinois or Massachusetts?

  45. Jon Flink Says:

    Just converted to online the version of quick books, even after reading the blog. I feel strongly this online program will be very successful, Even It is only half as good as QuickBase which is an intuit product, I will gain 40% more productivity with my team. Quickbase is amazing and I am sure they will be running Quickbooks and Quickbase online from the same new facility. Great success is on the far-side of failure .

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