QuickBooks Online Accountant – Now in Pilot!

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QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) is a new offering being developed to give accounting professionals the tools to work faster and manage their QuickBooks Online clients accounting needs in one place. QBOA has been in Beta since February and is entering into a Pilot phase, the final step before the offering is commercially launched. The Pilot program gives accounting professionals the opportunity to test most of the accounting features which will be in the first release of the product and give feedback about their experience so that we can continue to make it better.

QuickBooks Online Accountant is being designed specifically with the accounting professional’s workflow in mind, here are some of the key features:

Cross-Workflow Tools

  • With the Client List, accounting professionals can manage all their online clients from one place
  • The Accountant Center provides features and reports accounting professionals need at their fingertips

Step-by-Step Workflow Tools

QuickBooks Online for Accounting Professionals Demonstration

Sign up for the pilot

The Pilot program is free. To learn more about QuickBooks Online Accountant and sign up for the free Pilot program, please visit http://accountant.intuit.com/qboa

EDIT: Some reconcile features will only be seen if you switch to the new reconcile. On the reconcile page, if you see a link in the top right corner saying “New Reconcile” then please click to switch to the new one.

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19 Comments on “QuickBooks Online Accountant – Now in Pilot!”

  1. SK Says:

    Can you guys please let us import and convert data in a browser other than IE? Intuit products are pretty much the only reason I’m still tied to MS Office and IE…

    • Darth Says:

      The import component was written as an ActiveX plugin ages ago and hasn’t been worked upon. As a result its IE only. And since its a 1-time task, its not considered high priority to bring same functionality to non IE browsers, so after import you can use whatever browser you want…but for just importing you need IE.

      • Katie Says:

        However, I just tried to do it and it is not compatible with IE 9 (after A LOT of searching I found I had to switch IE 9 into compatibility mode). So, Intuit is going to have to start working on it since IE 7 and 8 are being phased out.

  2. Lynette Says:

    Can not even register in the pilot program. Using IE9. Can get to the user end agreement then when I enter I get an error on the page.

  3. Yousuf Says:

    If any of you are running into issues with seeing the new Reconciliation related features for QBOA then go through the steps listed in the solution of this forum post:


  4. Dave Says:

    Are you going to change the pricing for QBO for people with more than one entity? Will the QBO Online Accountant help? I now have 7 entities in QBO and am getting killed by your QBO vs. desktop pricing differential.

  5. Anne Says:


    I am amazed with this new software but I’d like to know how many clients can be added in one subscription, coz i have many clients now, and could probably switch to this software.


  6. JEFF Says:


  7. Can not even register in the pilot program. Using IE9. Can get to the user end agreement then when I enter I get an error on the page.

  8. Connie O'Brien Says:

    I would like to see a bank reconciliation feature that would allow me to reconcile a “batch” of check numbers. For example I would like to clear “from” check number XXXXXX “to” check number. I reconcile a client with about 3,500 checks each month and it is taking me hours and costing the client way more than it should.

    Anything on the drawing board for this?

    • Bill Says:

      Same issue here. There needs to be some universal select box for each item in the register that can be selected for a single “batch” operation.

  9. Bill Says:

    …. individually selected or not selected … to be included or not included in a batch operation

  10. Danielle Kenyon Says:

    https://qboa.intuit.com is throwing an “Invalid Certificate” message in all my browsers. Whassup?


  11. milly everhardt cpa Says:

    this is totally f’d up!!! i’ve wasted an hour going around in circles trying to ‘accept an invitation’ from a new QB Online client. totally f’d up!!!!! fix it!!!!

    • bglassbrook Says:

      It really can get rather annoying trying to do this.

      1 – If an existing client, you cannot have ANY administrative level (master OR company.) Not that there is any reason for you to be listed as any sort of paid user, as long as this is a coordinated transition.
      2 – You cannot be logged into QBO/QBOA at the time you accept.

      …Yet more reasons to champion hosted or remote access to QB over QBO. At least the new accountant center is the tiniest step in the right direction of functions we are more likely to use.

  12. B Ewing Says:

    The online quickbooks should have a function that will allow the user to print statements for all customers or select customers for the selected period without having to convert to Excel or printing each statement individually. This feature has been included in the offline version of QB for at least 10 years, maybe longer. We have donors that need year end statements and the process to create them from the online system is very labor intensive. It would be nice to have this in an update before the end of 2011. What are the chances of this happening?

  13. cooper Says:

    You need to send your program designers back to school….. have them take one accounting class, and I guarantee they will realize just how screwed up this program is…..I can not recomend this to any clients

  14. I think your software needs a little fixing.

  15. Alicia Wellesley Says:

    Getting errors while using IE. I am not a supporter of MS tools and don’t use IE much. But for quickbooks I have to use them. Is there a way to fix this?

    I love so many features of Quickbooks – besides there is hardly any other accounting software as comprehensive as Quickbooks. And the best part is that intuit’s customer service is great. They do respond.

    Also, the deals and discounts offered by Quickbooks is of great help, especially for long time customers like me who need to upgrade. Recently I found a great quickbooks pro discount which helped saved me quite a lot of money. I recommend quickbooks pro and quickbooks pro plus to many of my clients along with many other products like payroll.

    You guys rock, you do a great job. But there are some small glitches that do need to be fixed. Anyways I am a happy trooper :).

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