QuickBooks Online Browser Support

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Internet Explorer 8 / Safari 5: Support has ended for these browsers. Click here for more information.

Internet Explorer 9: Upgrade to IE10 or higher is highly recommended, if possible.

Recommended Browsers

  • Chrome (current stable release)
  • Firefox (current stable release)

Other Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9* or higher (IE 10 or higher recommended)
  • Safari 6.1 or higher (Safari 7 or higher recommended)

*IMPORTANT: For the new version of QuickBooks Online (which looks like this), IE9 is not supported. You will need to upgrade to IE10 or IE11.

Other Usable Browsers

QBO may be usable in browsers and/or browser versions other than the ones listed above. If you experience any browser or platform specific issue while using an unsupported browser, please report it on the forums. QBO support agents will not be able to help you with such issues. When using an unsupported browser, users should know -

  • We are not actively testing QBO on that browser or developing for that browser
  • We will be ignoring or not filing new bugs against that browser unless they are deemed necessary for QBO to function
  • Any existing bugs specific to that browser will be de-prioritized and probably never be fixed unless they are deemed necessary for QBO to function
  • Users can still call support if their issues happen irrespective of the kind of browser they use (eg: generic QBO/ accounting issues)
  • Newer features may not be available or work in an unsupported browser
  • We do not support our full desktop web app on mobile platforms, instead the mobile version is recommended.

Browsers that we block

We prevent QBO access on older browsers. Such browsers are blocked mostly due to issues, lack of testing, low market share and also simply because they are a good riddance from the web.

PDF Plugins

Chrome on any platform doesn’t require a 3rd party PDF plugin since it has one inbuilt.
Safari 6 or higher also has an inbuilt PDF plugin that can suffice under OSX.
Firefox has a PDF viewer extension that you can learn about at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/view-pdf-files-firefox-without-downloading-them
Otherwise for windows you can use the Adobe PDF plugin from http://get.adobe.com/reader/ and try this 3rd party plugin for the Mac if the Adobe one doesn’t work – http://www.schubert-it.com/pluginpdf/

Release Schedule

You can see the release schedules for Firefox here and for Chrome here.


If you have browser specific issues, please report it on our forums (https://community.intuit.com) or call support.

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93 Comments on “QuickBooks Online Browser Support”

  1. Mario Says:

    Again, I am going to request that Intuit support Linux OS and Firefox for Linux. It has been 3 years that I have been running QuickBooks Online Edition directly through the Linux (Ubuntu) OS with no problems what-so-ever. Last year, intuit finally opened the gate so we did not have to use an Agent Switcher to fool the Intuit software. Now it is about time that Intuit remove the useless warning when logging in. It works fine, it prints fine, it emails fine, it calculates fine, the drop down lists work fine, the reports work fine – all through Firefox for Linux!

    • Gene Says:

      I’ll second Mario’s note above. I’ve only been using QBO for a few months, but I’m running on Ubuntu Linux, both 8.4 & 10.4 and Firefox 3.6. QBO has so far worked flawlessly for me in this environment. The caveat message at login about non-support of Linux is becoming annoying.

      • Third. There should be a way for us to check a “don’t show this next time” box so that we don’t have to be constantly reminded that we are second class cyber-citizens

        • Keith T Says:

          I Forth the three previous notes on using Ubuntu and Firefox. It works great for me and my girlfriend. We both have our own perspective businesses and are using it constantly. What a wonderful thing… GOODBYE WINDOWS… :)

          • robertfarr Says:

            I agree with all of the comments about Ubuntu. I run my entire business on Linux and I really enjoy using Quickbooks online. I use opensource tools for everything I do, except Quickbooks. I believe its high time to start taking Linux users seriously. Especially since the trends in the marketplace are really driving towards Linux-based operating systems and mobile devices.

            Now I’ll really start celebrating when I see a version of a natively compatible, locally installed, version of Quickbooks. :)

            • Darth Says:

              Unfortunately Linux usage is very low. These our the approximate current numbers for QBO

              Windows 7 – 38.1%
              Windows XP – 32.3%
              Windows Vista – 14.0%
              Macintosh – 13.6%
              Media Center 2005 – 1.2%
              Windows Server 2003 and XP x64 Edition – 0.5%
              Linux – 0.2%
              Windows 2000 – 0.1%

              As you can see 0.2% is too low to give Linux much attention. But we still allow using QBO on linux using Firefox or Chrome even if it is not officially supported. I even removed the warning page for Linux that you used to get after login. Unsure if anything more we can do at the moment.

              What I personally would want is that all those people on Windows 7 and Vista to upgrade to IE9 if they are using IE and want to stick with IE. There is no reason to continue using IE7 or IE8 on those platforms. Better yet would be everyone upgrades to Chrome or Firefox on all platforms.

              • robertfarr Says:

                Appreciate what you have done already… I am going to comment on the statistics because I have a different point of view. Linux doesn’t get much attention because its usage percentage is low. I hear this quite often from software developers, and it does make ‘business’ sense to develop software for the most commonly used operating systems. However, there is a flip side to these usage percentage statistics.

                Ever consider that most people are locked in to using one of the two main-stream operating systems because all of their favorite software isn’t available for anything else? The biggest reason I hear from my clients regarding their aversion to trying an alternative solution is that they need Quickbooks, or some other key software component, that is only available for Windows or OSX. So, its rather interesting that software developers create software only for the most widely used operating systems and therefore they contribute to the reasons why the end users are locked into using those ‘most widely used’ operating systems. They do this to reduce risk and increase chances for profit, I get that. But, I reserve respect for those companies that make their choices based on reasoning that is set just a bit above profits and risk.

                However, if you look at the trends of mobile computing and the changes that are coming for the desktop computer, cloud versions will probably become more viable. With the rapid growth of Android, Linux may yet have a role to play. I’m already running the mobile Quickbooks App on my Galaxy S. So, in a small way, Quickbooks is already embracing Linux, Android style :)

                • Jeff Small Says:

                  I have the same experience. I have quite a few clients that would switch to Linux. The only thing holding them back is Quickbooks. I don’t feel that QBO is ready for production use with Linux, so I have not converted that many people. But I hope we will see more Linux support and then we will be able to switch.

                  Darth – Your stats are nice, but it is a chicken and the egg problem. When will customers use Linux? When Quickbooks works with Linux. When will Quickbooks work with Linux? When more people start using it?

              • Bryan Says:

                The reason why the Linux numbers look so low is because many people including myself just send you a user agent that says we are using FireFox or Chrome on Windows so that they don’t get nagged about using Linux.

                Although I do appreciate the fact that you have removed that nag which I did not notice until recently because 99% of the time I had already switched my user agent before coming to your site.

              • jon Says:

                Hi I may be using an older IE version b/c that is what supports the broker company i work through on their platform. I dont’ seem to have any issues at all working with QB regardless of when I do eventually have the most up to date IE.

      • Darth Says:

        I removed it for linux chrome and firefox, you wont see it after next Friday. However it still falls in the unsupported category.

  2. Harold Says:

    “You should keep Safari updated, I believe the current version is 5.0.5″.

    You believe? You’re not sure? This is the expert, definitive information from Intuit? Another example of Intuit treating the Mac community as an unwanted headache.

    • Darth Says:

      Personally, I don’t use Safari, I use Webkit nightly builds instead (http://nightly.webkit.org/), so I am further ahead in versions than just 5.0.5 :) These builds get updated every night.
      Others use Safari, but then they didn’t write the blog post. Any case, you win, I removed the believe part, since I knew it was 5.0.5 so unsure why I put it in the 1st place.

      Also, majority of our UI developers are on a mac. And there is Google Chrome and Firefox on the mac too, so “Another example of Intuit treating the Mac community as an unwanted headache.” is incorrect.

  3. Colleen Says:

    Why an I not able to view a pdf or save a pf in Firfox 5.0?

  4. Anne Says:

    Great (not). My system does not support any of those upgrades. Am I expected to invest in a new system? running Mac OS X 10.4.

    • Darth Says:

      Aren’t you already on Safari 4? Tiger was supposed to get 4.1x updates.

      I haven’t seen yet what Apple plans to do with OSX 10.4. You may want to wait till OSX 10.7 Lion is released sometime in July to see Apple’s plans. Maybe they will update Safari for 10.4 otherwise you can just keep using Safari 4.1.x

    • Mary Anne Says:

      I second this…..Using Mac OS 10.4 & not able to upgrade to yr suggested versions of browsers.

  5. SoClear Says:

    We have Vista as our OS. Whenever I use Chrome, QBOE goes microscopic. By that I mean, the whole page gets really small (maybe 3 inches wide and 2 inches high). It seems to only happen for Intuit websites. The same thing happened for IPN. Does anyone else have this issue? This doesn’t happen with any other browser. Thanks.

    • Darth Says:

      When you say the page is a microscopic, are you referring to the window itself or just the content on the page? You sure your page isn’t zoomed out? See it under the wrench menu on the top right, Zoom should say 100%

      • SoClear Says:

        The content is what shrinks. It becomes a miniaturized version of the page. The Google Chrome window stays the same size. I realized my previous entry might not have been clear. Thanks for calling it to my attention. Yes, I’m sure it’s at 100%. If I switch to another website, it’s just fine. Thanks for the response.

      • SoClear Says:

        I stand corrected. It was not at 100% for the Intuit sites. Somehow it was at 34%. I changed it as you advised. Not sure why this happened, since all other sites automatically go to 100% and we’ve never changed the parameters. Thanks for your help!

  6. Katy Duncan Says:

    The ‘you should’s are all fine and good, but nowhere do you tell ‘how to’. I’ve downloaded both google chrome and red fox, but I’m still being told I need to upgrade. So I’m missing a step–how do I connect the need for upgrade with what I’ve downloaded?

    • Darth Says:

      The only time you will see an upgrade warning for either Chrome or Firefox is when you have installed versions that have fallen behind. Make sure the versions you have for Chrome and Firefox are at least 12 and 4 respectively. Anything higher is fine too. Versions can be seen via Firefox menu > Help > About Firefox or Wrench > About Google Chrome. If you are still getting an upgrade warning after seeing those versions, post here the user agent that this site shows you – http://whatsmyuseragent.com/

      • annette Says:

        Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

        I upgraded first to firefox and then to chrome and still get message that i need to update. Went to link above and this is what it shows.

  7. Lorraine Says:

    We have been using QB for 4 years and just switched to Google Chrome. Sorry that I took your recommendation. My computer is not recognized by my business banks when I am using Chrome and I have had so much trouble printing payroll records from our payroll company. I am very disillusioned by this browser. Luckily my computer guru kept Explorer 7 on my computer so that I can at least do my work effectively when not on QB. This is a big inconvenience but I am stuck with it.

  8. Michael Questell Says:

    I have business software that does not run well in IE 9 and will not run in Chrome. Please be careful about shutting out browsers as this may cause serious problems for many of your customers.

  9. carmina Says:

    I’m confused about Firefox & Mozilla verzions. I’m on a MAC and this is what I have: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20110614 Firefox/3.6.18

    so Mozilla is 5.0, but Firefox 3.6.18 – so am I ok with this? Everything seems to work well including printing so far (yes, I did the plug-in).

  10. Megan Says:

    Okay, I gave into Intuit, and switched to Firefox 5.0. Well, guess what! The Adobe PDF plug-in that Intuit uses to view checks, etc., before printing DOESN’T WORK WITH FIREFOX 5.0. So far, I can’t find anything else that takes its place.

    • Darth Says:

      see the bottom of the blog post

      • mhughesisawesomeMegan Says:

        Hi Darth,

        Thanks for your response. I saw the new bit after I’d left my comment. However, I did switch Firefox to 32 bit, and then tried to go get the 1.2 plugin, but I’m still getting the ‘not compatible, won’t download’ an error message.

        After that, I grabbed the other plug-in, and, apart from an invitation to get a license and pay XX for it, it seems to work for now. Just feeling frustrated by it all, I guess :(

        Chrome seems to be working okay on my Mac though. It’s had little weird issues too, but most of them seem to have resolved. *phew*.

  11. Dianne Says:

    according to my information I have upgraded to firefox 5. Why do I still get the upgrade message?

  12. Chuck Says:

    On the go, I use an Atrix 4g Lapdock with an older version of Mozilla built in and running on Unix. Please continue to support this.

  13. Yolanda Moore Says:

    Please give us as much notice as possible before the final date of support. My operating system does not support an upgrade. I am busy shopping for a new computer as a result of your announcement… but… please a little more time would be much appreciated!


  14. Thanks for the update…

    Roland/Client Services
    Adams, Evens & Ross – an Inc 500 Company
    Credit & Collection Solutions for the Employment Industry

  15. darlene coker Says:

    I was just told I had to install the windows operating system on my mac or get access to a pc in order to import my data from the desktop edition to Online. So, who needs to update what? Seems to me QB needs to upgrade its ability support its mac users. This is a ridiculous workaround.

    • Darth Says:

      Unfortunately that is a drag. The import process is a 1-time only thing that requires an ActiveX plugin (since it was written ages ago) and hence requires Internet Explorer. But after the import process is done you never have to go back to windows and macs work just fine. Most of us developers are on macs btw :)

  16. Susan S. Says:

    I am tired of getting this message each time I sign in. once I sign in and accept the “I understand” clause, that should be it, not every time I sign in!

  17. Ken B Says:

    I am running FF 3.6.18 and have tried to install both FF4 and FF5 and neither of the two versions will run on the LapTop that I do my Payroll. I have been able to install both new versions of FF on other LapTops. I have followed FF Help and Window Secrets and have not really gotten a solution to my problem running FF 4 or 5.

    Do you have any suggestions on possible problems I might have on my LapTop?

    • Darth Says:

      They do not run but do install or do they even not install? Do you meet the system requirements – http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/system-requirements.html

      • Ken B Says:

        Both FF 4 & 5 installed successfully and then started to come up. A windows comes up checking the Add Ons FF immediately freezes.

        I am able to get FF cancelled, and tried to restart and nothing happens with the restart.

        I have rebooted and tried to start FF and again nothing happens with FF. I am able to re-install 3.6.18 and it immediately will start up.

        • Darth Says:

          Try it in safe mode, it can be an addon causing issues…log in to safe mode then disable your addons or get newer updates http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Safe%20Mode

          • Ken B Says:

            Thanks for the site to explain that you can start FF in Safe Mode by holding down the SHIFT Key. I didn’t realize you could start Safe Mode that way and thought you needed to Restart thru the Help menu and I of course never get that far with 4 & 5.

  18. Ken B Says:

    Thanks for the site to explain that you can start FF in Safe Mode by holding down the SHIFT Key. I didn’t realize you could start Safe Mode that way and thought you needed to Restart thru the Help menu and I of course never get that far with 4 & 5.

  19. Melanie Dukas Says:

    The reason I have Quickbooks online is because I can’t upgrade my computer right now and regular Quickbooks doesn’t work for me. I guess I will have to find another program for accounting because I am unable to upgrade.

  20. pleasse get the folks at Inuit Complete Payroll in the 21st Century.

    I just had to buy a new laptop running windows 7 (64 bit) and IE 9. I can’t run payroll or transfer payroll GL to Quickbooks online!!!

  21. Shea Ellison Says:

    Firefox 4 was the BIGGEST MISTAKE Mozilla has EVER made!! What were they thinking??? It was TERRIBLE!! I upgraded several times, and each time had SO MANY PROBLEMS that I downgraded back to 3.6.

    Why do you think v5 came out SO SOON afterwards?? I evaluated v5 and found it to have many of the interface and navigation functions of v4 which I despise!! WHERE DID ALL MY FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY GO??

    I have already installed Chrome and Opera, but I really don’t like them as well as I did Firefox 3.1. Firefox 3.1 was the best browser on the market – Hands Down at the time. The range of features and functionality were outstanding. So, I don’t understand why Mozilla had to change the interface so radically in Firefox 4 and now Firefox 5.

    Mozilla and all software companies need to learn what the auto industry learned decades ago. They need to understand the concept of “Transparent Technology”. Change anything and everything you want to make it better, just DON’T CHANGE THE WAY I USE IT!!

    • Darth Says:

      The reason why firefox 5 came soon after firefox 4 was due to firefox moving to a fast release cycle model. You will see firefox 6 soon and then 7 and then 8, all this year. It wasn’t released only to fix firefox 4 issues.

      A faster release model is required to remain competitive with other browsers, specially Chrome that also gets released every 6 weeks. Faster release cycle also insures that technologies keep getting updated soon.

      The speed at which the web is evolving has forced browser vendors to have faster release cycles. IE is the only one lagging – http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8mJWcSWryAk/Tim88qckvZI/AAAAAAAAEEY/pedpdljjlNQ/s1600/Screenshot-20.png.

      From *my* personal usage of Firefox 4/5 vs 3.x, 4/5 won hands down due to its better UI and performance and standards compliance. Firefox 7 has some tweaks that will reduce firefox’s memory footprint that has generally been the issue in 3.x, 4-6. If your issue was the UI only, you may do this http://www.howtogeek.com/58035/how-to-make-firefox-4-look-like-firefox-3/ The only downside of this firefox fast release cycle is that addon developers need to be on their toes to update addons.

  22. ray Says:

    my new HP touchpad browser is blocked. Are you going to enable it? I bought the touchpad specifically to access my account on the road……

  23. Freddie Bercovitz Says:

    This year it’s Firefox 4 or 5 forcing me to buy a new computer, next year it’s Firefox 10 forcing me to buy yet another computer. I can’t keep buying new computers every time you upgrade your software! I don’t have an intel chip and I can’t afford to buy a new computer since I’ve been out of work for 2 years now due to the recession.

  24. Hamish Says:

    Please enable Asus Transformer chrome and Firefoxfor use on main site.

    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Linux Ventana; en-us; Transformer TF101 Build/HTJ85B) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/8.0 Safari/534.13

    The mobile website does not work well, nor allow receiving checks.

    • Darth Says:

      I don’t have a Transformer, but unsure if it will work well as QBO has issues with mobile browsers. I mean you may be able to use it but you might want to punch a pillow there after. Since you are already changing your user agent, try Chrome 13 instead of Chrome 8…do realize we don’t support this whole user agent changing…

      • Hamish Says:

        Can you please just allow it, since I am a paying customer. It is just a website. Unblock it. QB should have enough dough to fully test Android platforms and Linux as a lot of fellow programmers use. Your customer base would grow. What is the issue???? If you need help coding the website to allow it contact me.

  25. ray Says:

    I hear you freddie. I just had to return my New HP Touchpad cuz they don’t support it’s brand new browser either :(

  26. Bev Says:

    Keyboard shortcuts do not work correctly in Chrome or Foxfire

  27. Beth Says:

    Tried to login to QBO and got this message “Sorry, QuickBooks Online doesn’t support your browser at this time. Please upgrade to one of our supported or recommended browsers from below. If you are already using one of the browsers listed below, you might be on an outdated version. Please upgrade to the latest version of your browser from the links below. Thanks for upgrading and keeping the web moving forward!” So I checked and I am on the most recent version of FF v 5.0.1!

    Called support and their suggestion was to switch to Chrome! Seriously? You say you support FF v 5 or higher, so SUPPORT IT! They are “looking into it and will be sure to advise when the fix is available.” QBO – YOU need to be prepared to support users who are “keeping the web moving forward!”

  28. Beth Says:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5 FBSMTWB

  29. Steve Says:

    So, I hust signed up for QBO, and just learned the site won’t work with my iPad’s Safari browser. It tells me to upgrade. The mobile app is made for the iPhone, which means it looks crappy on iPad and is as limited on iPad as it is on the iPhone. Any plans to make a full-fledged app for iPad, of make the site compatible with mobile browsers?

    The Elements of Your User Agent String Are:

    That is what I’m running.

  30. ccclabaugh Says:

    I have been using Ubuntu (Natty) with FireFox 5.0 with no issues. Works fine.

  31. Whitteker783@aol.com Says:

    Hello, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, superb blog!

  32. Marvin LaFleur Says:

    Since firefox 4.0 is a bust, and firefox has gone to 5.0, then 5.01, and now 6.0, why is QB in such a hurry to drop 3.6. I am currently using 3.6.20, which firefox just updated. Why can’t you wait until these new versions actually work properly with our operating systems?

    • Darth Says:

      According to usage statistics, FF 4+ was not a bust and many have upgraded. Since FF is on a fast release schedule, you will see versions faster now than before – every 6-9 weeks. It is now automatically upgraded, versions pass faster. Since majority of our users are upgrading / have upgraded (out of a 20% FF user population, less than 4% are on FF 3.6, rest are higher), it is costly to maintain / test old browsers that 1] are slower 2] are outdated by many versions 3] have more interoperability issues (this is the biggest issue) and 4] even Mozilla doesn’t want people using it anymore and are only maintaing it for security updates. FF4+ system requirements are relatively lenient and it works on majority of the machines bought in the last 6-10 years, of course newer the better. Older PPC Macs are an issue however, but even apple doesn’t support them (there is a safari version for those machines that will work).

  33. Mark Says:

    I have upgraded to Firefox 5.0, but it still will not let me enter Quickbooks Online, stating that I must upgrade.

  34. Latrisha Says:

    Quick question for you: Firefox 5 is not support on power pc mac’s, which I have. I LOVE firefox and ran across something called tenfourfox which is a firefox port specifically for power pc users. Will I be able to run qbo on this?

  35. Jane Says:

    I just signed up and now you say I have to upgrade my browser! I can’t! My Mac is too old for any more upgrades and I cannot use any other computer because I must have an adjustable monitor–which was only made on one version.

    I make my living using my computer for custom fabric design, and my finances have gotten too complex for me to do them by hand. QBO was recommended to me, but it’s a total bust if I can’t access it. At least I had not yet hired someone to transfer all my records, but I’m sick with disappointment.

  36. Mary Anne Says:

    My operating system (Mac 10.4.11) won’t support upgrade!!!!!!

  37. Mark Says:

    I’ve upgraded to Firefox 6.0 but still can’t get through.

  38. sue Says:

    i have made the necessary updates and the system still does not “see” that i’m running the correct version of mozilla or IE. VERY FRUSRTATING!!

  39. Mike Pfaff Says:

    I have never used Firefox 3.6 yet I have to see the warning screen each time I log into QB. To add insult to injury, I have to log in to post this when I am already logged into QB. Is this a State run program? It sure operates like one.

  40. matt melton Says:

    i am using firefox– how do I delete the screen warning me of the change– I klow its coming– I dont need to see this every time I log on

  41. Dee Jay Says:

    Quickbooks Online access control system is limited and leaves any company wide open for internal security issues. C’mon Inuit. I can’t believe that you guys did not build in the ability for an admin to choose which ip addresses are allowed to access the system as well as a more flexible setup for user privledges. It’s actually really poor and considering that this is an accounting system that companies rely on, you really should have security as a number one priority. Don’t you think?

  42. Firefox 3.6 lover Says:

    Keep Firefox 3.6 support. Firefox keeps needlessly updating recently without real improvement. 3.6 is stable and works – why force a change?

  43. sherry brown Says:

    i put firefox on accounting system, everytime i pull it says there is a
    ecryted page.

    sherry brown

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