QuickBooks Online is now available on the Chrome Web Store

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QuickBooks Online is now

Click here for the US version

Click here for the UK version

Bookmark QuickBooks Online for easy access in your Chrome or Chromium browser! If you don’t have Chrome, click the icon at the bottom of this post to grab it. Most Chrome users must already be aware of the Chrome Web Store and the New Tab page in Google Chrome. On this page you can can have your web application shortcuts and configure them to open in a way you prefer. We just added QuickBooks Online to the Chrome Web Store. Click the above icon or here to install the shortcut on your New Tab page.

Existing QuickBooks Online users don’t need to purchase anything or re-signup for anything. Just install the shortcut from the store (if you want) and login with your existing credentials.

Image below shows how I have setup my Chrome settings, you may choose to do the same way if you wish. I have my home page set to the new tab page, so every time a new tab launches I see my apps listed. From here I can jump to whichever app I want. The new tab page also shows your recently visited sites, so you can just jump to whatever you were browsing last.

Once the QuickBooks Online app shortcut is installed (if you choose to install) you will see the icon on the new tab page. If you want to change it’s launch options, click the wrench on the icon’s top right corner as shown in the image below. If you want shortcuts on the desktop or taskbar, click the Create Shortcut option in the menu as shown below.

Advantages of using QuickBooks Online on Google Chrome include faster browsing performance in general (due to it’s fast renderer and javascript engine), better visuals (due to great CSS3 support) and the browser is considered as one of the most secure ones around due to it’s sandboxing. It also includes fast automatic updating and hence keeping all users on the same version, which helps us developers a lot and also reduces the cost of testing against multiple versions. As we get more people on modern browsers such as Chrome, we as developers can invest more time in using bleeding edge technologies to enhance QuickBooks Online’s experience as a web application rather than spending time on interoperability issues with older browsers. Though I know that’s something a web developer can’t escape from :( but sure it will be nice to have majority of our users on newer browsers.

Few browser tips and tricks for QuickBooks Online can be seen on this blog post. One common issue we are tracking with Google Chrome is the lack of PDF save and print buttons. See the bug here – http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=56072. But you can just right click on the PDF and click print instead. As time passes, we are getting rid of window based popups too, since we also find them annoying.

BTW other web offerings from Intuit on the Chrome Web Store include Mint and TurboTax.

For non-Chrome users
If you wish to try out QuickBooks Online in Google Chrome, click the icon below to install the browser. You can play around with it and try it out.

QuickBooks Online is officially supported under Windows and Mac versions of Chrome.
While not officially supported, QuickBooks Online still works great under Linux and Chromium OS versions of Chrome / Chromium.

Post about any browser issues or possible bugs here or on our forums (preferred so that others are aware too) or via in-product feedback. Since this post is about the Chrome web store, its all chrome chrome chromium chromie, but we as developers love Firefox too :)

Users with companies in both US and UK regions

If you have companies in both regions, you may install both the US and UK versions of the app from the Chrome Web Store. However only one can be used at a given time from the same browser session. If you wish to use them simultaneously, you will have to create a new user profile in Chrome as shown below and install / access one of the apps from the newly created profile. Chrome profiles is a new upcoming feature of Chrome and you may not see it currently. It will be available in Chrome 16 onward. If you wish to try it, you will have to upgrade your version of Chrome by switching channels – http://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel

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7 Comments on “QuickBooks Online is now available on the Chrome Web Store”

  1. This would be great if I didn’t see the following when accessing Quickbooks Online:
    QuickBooks Online
    The app is currently unreachable.

    Yet another service failure. Unacceptable. Just unacceptable.

    • DeBora Hughes-Like Says:

      I Agree with you Mr. Coffman!!!! NOW this is the 3rd time, and in the middle of an journal entry…I’m considering going back to desktop! THIS IS TRULY UNACCEPTABLE!

    • Priyajeet Says:

      I so agree :( Timing of all this is rather bad…This week was bad.

  2. GR Says:

    QBO please update us. I can’t find a real explanation of why it is down again. I need an estimate of when it will be back up. My work day is blown out of the water.

  3. Brice Says:

    This is very convenient – will speed up my work.

  4. Chris Orozzo Says:

    Once again your system is down. I am considering in changing venues all together. Truly unacceptable.

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