QuickBooks Online Service Update

QuickBooks Online is temporaily down. Teams are working to fix the issue and get you back online.  We do apologize for this disruption and thank you  for your patience.  We’re going to be posting updates on a regular schedule on this blog. We recommend you check back here to get these updates or try QuickBooksOnline.com.

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112 Comments on “QuickBooks Online Service Update”

  1. Randall PeQueen Says:

    I’m finished.

    Unbelieveable. The monthly fee goes UP, and the service goes DOWN……….

    Intuit will still get my money. But only once more. Headed to Office Depot now. Please get this thing working so I can transfer my stuff.

    • Kevin Says:

      This is way too inconvenient. What is QBO doing to address this issue. We are trying to run a business and feel that we are being provided a second hand online system.

    • Brian Says:

      my search for a new provider begins today. Twice in less than a months time… unacceptable.

  2. Mike Harnish Says:

    Losing faith.

  3. Deb Wiley Says:

    I need some good answers about why Quickbooks is unavailable. I have switched 80% of my clients to the online version and I need a good answer to give them about why they should stay with it.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Deb – it was a commercial outage in San Diego. Hope we can keep you as a customer for a bit longer…we’re committed to providing a solid product. Thanks for your comment and again, we’re sorry.

      Kristen Berman

      • Sharon Brooks Says:

        And Intuit can’t afford enough backup power to keep things going for several hours? Have you ever heard of solar powered battery backup systems? What a way to run a business!

      • sandra Says:

        I dont believe you Kristen -this has happened before with QB It is now 7:3opm Eastern time and QB has been out since 5pm.Though it was my cpu-unplugged everything fand redid everything only to find that you are down!!!%@%#^&%&^*

        My accountant needed me to use your program I can’t wait to change companys. Your service staff don’t tell the whole truth when you need to escalate a problem it can take 24/48 hours and they leave you hanging and not able to do your job in a small business!!!!! They must work for pres. O to kill small businesses.

  4. Lela Says:

    Wow, I used to trust and love Quickbooks Online and now I’m starting to fear it.

  5. Debbieq Says:


  6. Kat Says:

    Unbelievable that the whole of intuit is off line….again! What is the leadership of this organization doing to make sure service is uninterrupted? I’m tired of explaining to my clients why QB online product (that I recommended) is unreliable.

  7. Bob Says:

    Your uptime/downtime record is piss poor. I think you owe everyone a free month at this point to say the least.

    • Mike Harnish Says:

      Agreed. It would go a long way to proving that Intuit takes its customers seriously. They appear to think that hand-waving “Teams are working on the issue” blog posts are an acceptable substitute for real customer service.

      No, it won’t make up for lost revenue and lost reputation, I know that. But if I contract with one of my customers to provide them a service, and I fail at doing so by any reasonable standard, I refuse to charge them. I take pride in providing value to my clients, in exchange for their payment. Intuit, apparently, does not.

      Now, cue the Quickbooks apologist trolls, if there are any left.

  8. Heather Says:

    Are you kidding me? Do you ppl not realize that this effects our businesses. We just recently lost two days while you were “working to fix the problem.” This is not acceptable. The whole reason that we switched to QB Online is for the convenience..this most certainly is NOT convenient!!!

  9. Greg Says:

    This is ridiculous! Again with the outages? There seems to be serious reliability issues here. We run our business from multiple locations on the road. How are we supposed to be able to continue when we cannot get access?

    Is there another online accounting system? I think we need to start checking.

    • whzkd Says:

      good question, will be looking into that after i get back from vacation IF i ever get to leave for it! Thanks QBO

  10. Bonnie Says:

    DOWN again!?! You have got to be kidding! This is extremely frustrating.

  11. Jerry Says:

    Here’s a funny story. I just upgraded today from the free edition to online plus and then just as I am about to add the first user, the site goes down. I think I am entitled to a free month, what do you all think?

    • whzkd Says:

      heck you’re entitled to a free lifetime subscription!

    • Debbieq Says:

      Jerry Says:

      July 14, 2010 at 11:29 am
      Here’s a funny story. I just upgraded today from the free edition to online plus and then just as I am about to add the first user, the site goes down. I think I am entitled to a free month, what do you all think?

      Obviously you broke Quickbooks, thanks a lot :)

      seriously I can only stall for so long, when the owner of the company finds out QBs is down again he’s going to hit the roof

  12. whzkd Says:

    yep, 2 checks to print then i was out the door for a long vacation, havent had one in 4 years…and now guess i’ll be staying the rest of the afternoon. this is it though, as soon as vacation is over, all 7 of my clients that are on the online version will be switched back to regular QB. I can’t/WON’T keep paying for something that may or may not work on any given day of the week, and I cant ask my clients to keep paying for it either. this is just a load of crap today of all flipping days!

  13. Casey Says:

    This is getting a little out of control. It used to be a once a year thing. Now it is once a month. I have 10 clients on the online system and run my firm off of it. If you can’t deliver a service that is operational during business hours you should get out of this online business.

  14. GirlFriday Says:

    Weak. Does anyone know anything about FreshBooks or Outright online bookkeeping software? I really need to find something more reliable for me AND my clients.

    • DAVID Says:

      I am in the process of comparing Quickbooks online vs Freshbooks… I have been for about a month. There are features I like on both. First.. Quickbooks online IMO is better than the Quickbooks you install on your computer… boots faster and is simpler to navigate. It is more detailed than Freshbooks which is very simple to use. Outright is a free bookkeeping “helper” accounting system… not very detailed either. If you want simple… go with Freshbooks & the free Outright. Freshbooks is $10 per month cheaper. You can get paid online with paypal via Freshbooks link when your customer is emailed. My favorite thing is the “snailmail” You can mail your invoice through Freshbooks… they will stamp it, supply a return envelope and stub for about $1.79 each! You never have to go to the post office!!!

  15. Kathy Says:

    Thank you for the update.

  16. Steve Says:

    Second time in a 60 day period. Anyone have any good alternatives?

  17. Greg Says:

    Online Accounting: The Next Killer App For Google Apps!

    Listen up Intuit! Google is working on an online business accounting application that will answer the reliability issues that seem to be crippling QBO…If Google moves forward with this, QBO will die a painful death, especially from those whom Intuit has already impacted by repeated outages.

  18. Diane Says:

    I have been using QBO for several years and never experienced the amount of down time we have over this last year. Has some major changes been happenig in QB management?

  19. Alix Says:

    Dear QB,

    This is unacceptable! This has been happening way too frequently lately and our company is quickly losing faith in this product. You need to start refunding money or offer us free versions of QB desktop software. This is ridiculous!

    • Mary Says:

      Unbelievable, again! I managed to keep the last outage from my boss, but no way to avoid it now, and absolutely no way to do business, run payments, pay bills, send invoices.

      I convinced him to convert 3 months ago saying,”Intuit is one of the most reliable, secure servers I know of. I’ve never had problems with them.” And now….?

      Intuit definitely needs to give ALL of us a free version of the desktop version so we can convert back. There isn’t even a way to work offline for a bit and then upload later!

      SO FRUSTRATING and my butt is going to get chewed for Intuit’s problems.

  20. Kat Says:

    Anybody from Intuit listening? Are you reading your blog? Any helpful insights, responses, perhaps just a shrug of your shoulders?

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hi Kat – we’re definitely here! Working to fix and address the downtime. It’s not acceptable and we’re sorry. The updates are coming as frequently as we have them. Thanks for your patience.

      • Mo Cher Says:

        This is the typical ‘canned’ response we continue to hear from Intuit. Nothing about how they will prevent this from occurring in the future, or how they will improve their service. Also- no mention of ho they plan on compensating us… the customers. Intuit seems to feel that there are no alternatives to their service.

        They are wrong!!!! THis customer is moving on… no more Intuit or Quickbooks for me!!!

  21. Diane Says:

    I get that websites are down sometimes, but a program like this being down leaves me sitting at my desk practically doing nothing, just waiting for it to get fixed.

  22. Jim Smith Says:

    CIO needs to be shown the door today, where did this clown get his education. Redundant servers is infrastructure 101. Da!

    • Bruce Says:

      Not just the CIO – it was the CEO of Intuit that the Board of Directors should be firing first, than the CIO. It is time for a NEW MANAGEMENT TEAM AT INTUIT before they eliminate ALL of their customers (us included).

  23. Shaun Says:

    Alright Kids…

    Time to find a new accounting solution.. Any ideas??

  24. Debbieq Says:

    I don’t want anything free, I want reliability.
    It’s like when the cable goes out and they offer a $20 credit. worthless.
    I would rather pay for and get 100% reliability, a credit won’t make me happy if I always have to wonder if it’s going to work

  25. Karen Says:

    ARGH!!!! Always on a payroll day! #$%@!

  26. Greg Says:

    Thousands of companies have made the jump from QuickBooks to Intacct’s award-winning financial management and accounting applications. Named by Inc. Magazine as “Best for Replacing QuickBooks,”

    • Shaun Says:

      Thanks Greg! I will give that a look!

    • Diane Says:


      Are you a QBO customer or are your trolling this site to sell other products?

      Just curious….

      • Greg Says:

        I am a QBO customer and I am looking at Intacct and Freshbooks. This repetitive outage nonsense is well past “getting old”. I have a business to run and I cannot afford to be worried about the up-time on my accounting system.

  27. Chad Says:

    1) What server is this blog run on and why isn’t QB online ran on it?
    2) Have payroll to run today because QB says it needs a week advance on DirDep
    3) As soon as I find an alternative for my clients we are done!!!!!!!!!

    • Chad Says:

      Oh its WordPress’ server!!! Hmmm maybe QB might want to call WordPress and have WP help QB get their head out of (you know)

  28. gill Says:

    Just in time for payroll. I love it!

  29. tonya Says:

    Offline again – 7/14/10

  30. Randall PeQueen Says:

    Well. Wish I could have told that guy what his balance was………………….. my husband went to buy a disk. No more on-line stuff. I told him he was an idiot anyway. A good 3 year run though.

  31. JoAnne Says:

    I need help with installing the new version. My .Net old version has crashed with the new version quickbooks installed. With the site down, can I still call for help?

  32. Jim Smith Says:

    Intacct is worthless as well, here is the message in the middle of the day on the site:

    Thank you for your interest. Our website is undergoing some brief maintenance, but your request is very important to us. Please fill out this short form and let us know how we can best help you and we will get back to you shortly.

  33. Randall PeQueen Says:

    New version of what?

  34. Shannon Says:

    AGAIN!! I have been patient in the past, but this is getting to be a bad habit and I can’t run my business this way. I need a more reliable service for my bookkeeping. I thought Intuit was a reliable company.

  35. Jake Says:

    This is very concerning and we will likely migrate away from QB online. Service has been great for years until recently. We recommend solutions to SMBs. If the business hour service uptime continues to degrade, we will recommend against using QB Online. I too would like to know what caused the service outage today.

  36. Mike Harnish Says:

    Has anyone investigated or tried LessAccounting.com? They are, at the moment, up and running, which is apparently quite an accomplishment. If they don’t have payroll, I could outsource that to ADP or Paychex.

    Thanks, Intuit, for providing a forum where your customers can discuss leaving you for your competition. At least you can keep a blog up and running…oh, wait, that’s because you outsourced it to WordPress.com. Good move!

  37. Randall PeQueen Says:

    I’m not gonna say they did this on purpose or was negligent or whatever. I’m just saying we are finished with QB on-line. No matter who’s fault it is, if it ain’t working, it causes undo stress on our business.

  38. Chad Says:

    corporate office phone number is listed at the following:


  39. Wes Says:

    I have to IRS agents in my office trying to audit one of our clients in QBOnline. I don’t want these people here any longer than I have to. Thanks QB for making this a wonderful day. Now I get to see them tomorrow too!

  40. Bob Says:

    Has anyone noticed that not even their main website is up? This seems like a critical problem that goes right to the root of their infrastructure (or lack thereof).

  41. Diane Says:

    Ok, so this isn’t fun for anyone that the site(s) are down, but lets not get mean about it. If you actually bought into QB thinking it would never have problems, there was your first mistake.

    • Doug Says:

      Why is that OUR mistake? I can understand bugs that need to be worked out (and I have been happily working with QBO support to help them with these as I run across them.) But, two major system-wide outages in under 30 days? Now we find out it is due to a commercial power failure (no backup power?). That is what is unacceptable for a business like Intuit. My small local ISP has battery and generator backups at all their facilities, should I expect less from a data center the size needed for Intuit’s online servies?

  42. may Says:

    So absoultely unacceptable.

  43. MarketPlace Interiors Says:

    Great! I’m on a deadline to get paid by a client for an invoice I sent last week from quickbooks, they said they never received it, and now I can’t even access it. I think we all deserve a credit from Quickbooks Online!

  44. Carlos Says:

    Anyone use ClarityAccounting online? Any good?

  45. Scott Says:

    It happens time and time again without reason. It has become rediculous and starting to hate it.

  46. Brad Mortensen Says:

    Just brought my nonprofit up on QBO…great product but really shocked that it has been down twice in less than two months. Quickbooks…you need to give a better explanation than things are complex and we are working on it…how about a free month? We are committed to cloud solutions but will switch to another provider if this keeps happening…

  47. vicky Says:

    Was anyone else having trouble downloading their bank transaction updates, over the last two days with QB Online?

    If so, I’m wondering if everyone kept trying to get the updates manually (like I did, several times with no luck) that it backed up the queue and caused the system to crash?

    Either way it’s not good and now I’m forced to look at other options.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Vicky – If you are having problems getting updates from your bank, just contact QBO support. Each bank is different. Any connection delays for online banking did not impact or influence this downtime. Thanks,
      Kristen Berman

  48. Greg Says:

    Just hung up with the office of the President of Intuit, spoke to one of his assistants. She told me that there was a commercial power failure in San Diego, CA that caused this whole outage. Funny how Google experiences similar, if not the same “power outages” and manages to stay up and running. Maybe this will spur Google on in creating a cloud accounting application.

    Call the number below and choose option 3 to connect to an attendant, tell her the reason for the outage is unacceptable and she will connect you to the office of the president where someone will take your complaint.

    Intuit Inc.
    2700 Coast Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    United States – Map
    Phone: 650-944-6000
    Fax: 650-944-3060
    Website: http://www.intuit.com

  49. Robin Ahn Says:

    I’ve completely lost it with Quickbooks and intuit. Y’ALL ARE JUST ONE BIG FAIL

    So much for MISSION CRITICAL services

  50. lisa Says:

    Please, please give us some sort of actual time-related status update. Last time all we heard was ‘we are working on it’ and literally wasted more than an ENTIRE day paying non-working accounting staff when the program was down for more than a full business day. Take an educated guess – should we send our people home for the day and hope for the best tomorrow? And as a side note, I would much rather pay $25 for the month and have my service working than get a free month and deal with data that can’t be accessed.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      We’re estimating between 1:30 and 2:30 for providing service again. This is a target. We hope to have you up and going ASAP.

  51. Bill Says:

    this is pure B…S…
    This is becoming a monthly inconvenience….
    We deserve a free month….
    Intuit they have emergency generators for this problem…

  52. Faith Says:

    The frequent outages are one thing but what I find particularly annoying is the user community doesn’t get any explanation as to what is wrong and what is being done to address it. When a software package has so many users dependent on it to operate, there needs to be a plan for backup operations. What about a redundant server? In this day and age, something like that is a such a simple, low cost solution there is really no excuse for the kind of down time the user community has been experiencing with online QB.

  53. Please email when system is restored. This is getting to be annoying……..

  54. And everybody was happy to save money in the world of cloud computing. Once again we are at the mercy of the provider.

  55. Diane Says:

    Apparently QB is currently working on back-up power right now.

  56. Jeff Says:

    Folks start telling the tech media, zdnet.com etc about yet another total outage!…it’s the only way to put pressure on getting better high availability systems from Intuit.

  57. Diane Says:

    News story in San Diego says there was a power outage this morning affecting more than 2,000.

  58. Shaun Says:

    Here’s a little article that came out YESTERDAY: http://www.contracostatimes.com/business/ci_15504944?nclick_check=1

  59. GirlFriday Says:

    I have QBO and Intuit Payment Solutions for credit card transactions. Just got this email (below) two days ago – They had charged me erroneously and had to refund to my checking account.


    Dear (Intuit Customer),

    At Intuit Payment Solutions we are committed to providing customers with a great customer experience on the terms promised. Unfortunately, we recently identified a problem that resulted in month end fees being applied in error. Upon discovering the problem we immediately began researching and correcting the issue and will be issuing full refunds to customers that have been charged in error.

    You are receiving this message because your account was one of the accounts impacted by this error.

    The correction has been made to your account so that any fees billed in error will not occur again. We are also processing the reimbursement for amounts that we charged you incorrectly, which will go out Tuesday, July 13, 2010.

    We truly value your business and apologize for this error and the inconvenience it may have caused you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-558-9558.

    Thank you,
    Intuit Payment Solutions

  60. GirlFriday Says:

    Is it possible they are being sabotaged?

  61. Lisa Says:

    I just got off the phone with them and the poor operator doesn’t know anything, just what management tells them. I told her there was no SD power outage and she said, “That’s what we were told.”


    • GirlFriday Says:

      Sounds like there WAS a power outage. Not that they shouldn’t have back-up systems, but at least the operator was right.

  62. Mary Says:

    We expect to restore full service to the Intuit websites and online services affected by this morning’s commercial utility power failure between 1:30 and 2:30pm PT.
    We apologize for all of the trouble and are committed to completing this as soon as possible.
    We’ll provide another update at 1:30pm PT.

  63. Mike Says:

    Maybe something else is going on. Could it be that maybe someone hacked into their site. Blackmail???????

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hi Mike, no one has hacked our site. This is a power event, which has affected access to QuickBooks Online. Want to reassure that security is not at risk here.

      Kristen Berman

  64. Greg Says:


    “We don’t have the luxury of going down,” Smith, 46, said from Intuit’s headquarters in Mountain View. “We are required to be available 24/7, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

  65. Rami Says:

    This is unacceptable Intuit. This has impacted my business. I run a SaaS company myself and if I had this many outages in such a short period of time, I’d feel obligated to refund my clients some of their money. There are also MANY measures that can be taken in order to avoid such downtime. It’s clear that you’re cutting some corners… lesson learned?

  66. Greg Says:


    When a power failure knocked out Intuit Inc.’s servers last month, the outage did more than strand 300,000 customers.

    Intuit now gets 60 percent of its revenue from online products, up from less than half before Smith took over in 2008. That’s come at a price: During the past three years, the company has spent about $300 million on equipment and networking costs, primarily for the new data center.

    Managing customers’ online programs, data and transactions has its set of challenges, as Intuit learned last month. That’s when the computers running Intuit’s Internet services sputtered because of a power failure triggered during routine maintenance.

    Now he needs to reassure Intuit’s millions of customers they can rely on the company.

    In the weeks since the outage, Smith said he’s reached out to customers, asking them how Intuit could ease their concerns. Some asked for a few months of free service, while others wanted assurances it won’t happen again.

    Smith declined to say how much Intuit has spent to beef up its systems.

    “The cost wasn’t material to us,” said Smith. “But it was to our customers. We are working to earn their trust.”

    • Greg Says:

      Let’s see, 300,000 customers at $29.95 a month, that’s $8.985 million a month, apparently still not enough to buy a backup generator!

      I’d be willing to bet that 297,000 of those customers are currently looking at other financial software options and that by end of business tomorrow half of those folks will have made a decision to switch to another system. I know I am switching.

      I hope Intuit’s investors take note of this and demand that those responsible be removed…

    • Dimi Says:

      It seems that Intuit do not have their own data centers
      and are using Verizon’s datacenter.

      I can’t believe that public company like Intuit is using someone’s
      else datacenters for mission critical applications like Quick Books Online.

      quickbooks.com ( –
      MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
      22001 Loudoun County Pkwy
      Ashburn, VA

      UUnet Technologies, Inc., Technologies
      +1-800-900-0241 –
      Intuit Inc.
      6220 Greenwich Dr.
      San Diego, CA

      UUnet Technologies, Inc., Technologies

  67. Carla Says:

    Great, just started the direct deposits last payday, now can’t do them this payday. Will probably switch over to having our bank do them, whatever they charge, can’t deal with this ‘maybe we’ll be working, maybe we won’t’ attitude.

    Everybody is babbling on about servers, just because that’s what Intuit claims what happened last time (and what they’ll probably claim again this time). ‘Servers’ my foot! Does no one comprehend just how many servers, in just how many scattered locations, would have to be taken down, in a coordinated effort, to do something at this level?

    Quite frankly, if this happened to anyone else, the world would say “They were hacked.” And that’s exactly what it sounds like to me.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hi Carla,

      Want to reassure that your data is secure. We were not hacked. The issue is a power event and we’re in the process of restoring power. Hope to have it up (very) soon for you.

      Kristen Berman
      QBO ass. Product Manager

  68. Mary Says:

    Based on how many people use Intuit’s software to run their business, I wonder how much of the Gross US Commerce was lost today? You’d think THAT would do something to the stock market…..

    This is probably worse than a bank going down.

  69. Steve Says:

    Finally, up and running!

  70. Nathan Says:

    Thought it was interesting that QB was back up and running and I hadn’t gotten the email I signed up to receive for when power was restored. Maybe the mail server went down next? :-)

  71. Chris Says:

    Payroll is up and running again.

    • Carla Says:

      Maybe a few small parts here & there are, but all I get is a screen saying, “Server Maintenance – Our servers are currently unavailable. Thank you for your patience, please try again later.”

      I have:

      – cleared the caches in both Firefox AND MSIE;
      – closed out of QB & re-opened it; and
      – closed out of everything and REBOOTED!

      SORRY, but payroll is NOT ‘up and running again’ just because it’s only working in YOUR world – it’s not ‘up and running again’ until it is working in EVERYBODY’s world!

  72. [...]       “I’m finished. Unbelieveable. The monthly fee goes UP, and the service goes DOWN???.” Randall PeQueen said on the QuickBooks online blog. [...]

  73. Karin Says:

    Just came back from the Microsoft Conference in DC. Do you know that Dynamics GP is now available on demand with MyGPcloud? The company that runs the software has been doing it for 11 years and guarantees your uptime at 99.5% or you get your money back. Their track record is spotless. Maybe more expensive than QBO but worth it. Check it out. http://www.mygpcloud.com

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