Service outage update

We’re beginning to restore access to QuickBooks Online and all other affected Intuit websites and services. Many customers already have access at this time, and we’re continuing to work toward full restoration. Please go to the URL to log in.

Our preliminary investigation indicates the outage occurred during a routine maintenance procedure Tuesday night. An accidental power failure during that procedure affected both our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit websites and services offline. While power was quickly restored, we’re working diligently to validate our systems and bring them back into full operation.

We apologize for disruptions we’ve caused and understand the importance of our services to our customers. We will continue working nonstop until all affected websites and services are fully restored.

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22 Comments on “Service outage update”

  1. Scott Niner Says:


    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hi Scott, thanks for your comment. The power failure affected both the primary and backup systems. This happened with the back up systems in place, but it is not OK, and we know that. The teams here at Intuit are cranking the midnight oil to get every user back online and figure out how to prevent this in the future. Thanks for your feedback as we continue to investigate.

  2. Ptown Todd Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. I am disgusted with this whole thing. I am a small bookkeeper and this has cost me hundreds of dollars out of my pocket, not to mention my reputation to all of my bookkeeping clients who can’t understand why I can’t do the simplest tasks for them. I also use their payroll service for my company. Thank God I don’t transmit until next Monday. I’m going to start looking for another product right now.

  3. Ptown Todd Says:

    You know, I was a real devote of all Intuit products, but as I search the web trying to find a way to reach a person or get some better current information, I am only finding more links to apologies from Intuit from all the previous outages. Why can’t they learn?! They are quickly becoming the BP Oil of the online community.

  4. Joan Clarke Says:

    I have just bought Quickbooks Pro 2010 and now want to use it. I bought it because I believed you had a ‘fix’ which would allow me to import MS Accounting data into the product and start using it.

    I can’t. First off today your support site wasn’t working. Now it is and I have downloaded the software fix that won’t run apparently until I ‘register’ my Quickbooks software and I can’t do that because instead of having online registration like just about every other software company I have to ring India to get a number.

    Of course when I do that they can’t help as there is some kind of problem. As a new customer I have to say I am not impressed.

    I do appreciate that problems arise but when they do why don’t you instruct your call centre staff to take email details so that you can let customers know when you are back working properly?

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Joan — I’m very sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. We will be using your (and others’) feedback to improve our communications in the future.

  5. Ike Says:

    I’m still not back up. I’ve been keeping up with this blog and it still seems like the vast majority of QBO customers are still offline. I’m guessing that you ‘hear me’ and ‘understand my frustration’, but could you give us a progress report with a percentage service restored or a timeline rather than an assurance that you are ‘working very hard’? Isn’t there someone at your company who is reading these responses of businesses threatening to sue and saying, “If we just give them better information, they might continue to be our customers?”

  6. Adam Says:

    Looking forward to my 1-2 free months of free service for the interruption.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hi Adam, We’re back online now. As for the refund question, we’re addressing this via the support line. 1-800-286-6800. Thanks much and again – sorry from the team here.

  7. QBO Dave Says:

    Hi Everyone — our engineers have been working through the night, and most systems are back up now. We know that a few of you still cannot get into the service and we’re working hard to get you back in as soon as possible.

    Another thing to be aware of is that some older bookmarks for QuickBooks Online may no longer be valid. If you’re having trouble logging in, please go to and click “Log in” at the top of the page. If you are able to log in that way, you should bookmark that login page for future use.

  8. Rob Says:

    Being in the business of providing financial solutions to small business, Intuit has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that its customers have ready and regular access to their information. This is not unlike a bank… without access to payroll, merchant accounts, and the general ledger it is the same as not having access to your money. Intuit knows that small businesses are thinly capitalized and knows that even small service disruptions can have a large impact.

    I am frustrated because Intuit convinced me that it was a responsible fiduciary, but its handling of this situation has shown me otherwise. A 30-hour outage of mission-critical applications combined with very uninformative updates is simply not acceptable to the business owners who use your products. If we accepted it in our companies we would be out of business.

    Intuit is acting like a software company and that needs to change. Intuit is not Google or Facebook… if those sites go down many small businesses can still operate. The bar is much higher when you choose to be in the financial business. Sadly, Intuit seems to have lost sight of this.

    Intuit, you convinced millions of us that you could make the challenges of operating a small business easier. We believed you, and now you are a $3 billion company. You’ve done us wrong, and now you need to make it right, and quickly. Please restore our confidence in you by doing something extraordinary for the customers who have contributed so much to your success.

    Thank you.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Rob — thanks for the thoughtful comment. We are taking feedback from all of our members to heart, and we’re committed to learning through this experience. Stay tuned for more on our upcoming plans.

  9. Kathy Jenkins Says:

    This is very unacceptable. A few hours is understandable. I cannot believe with all the information that you store for companies, you have such a shortcoming in your back up method. All the companies that use your service are at your mercy. We put our faith and trust in you. I hope this does not mean that all the data that we have has been lost. I think you should start thinking about allowing the customers to back up. I don’t know how this can be done, but I am getting a very bad feeling about this!

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Kathy — We completely agree that this is unacceptable. I do want to assure you that no data has been lost, and we are working as fast as possible on getting our remaining members back online.

  10. Mary Says:

    How has this not received any mention in the media? I just searched NYT, CNN, CNBC, nothing!

  11. Ike Says:

    Tried the new bookmark, multiple browsers, still nothing. Who’s still without service out there? Who’s back up?

    • Mary Says:

      I still have no access, as well.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Ike, Mary — we know that a few of you still can’t get in, and our engineers are focusing all of their efforts on making that happen as soon as possible. We’ll follow up here as things develop. I’m very sorry for the continued problems.

  12. Brian - Houston Says:

    Glad to see you brought it back up last night. For all the crybabies…. the reality is that things do sometimes happen. They are being forthcoming about the cause of the issue and have restored service. Granted, we all wished it had been quicker, but things do happen. If it had been a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, or terrorist act it might have been much longer to restore service.

    This should act as a reminder to you to update your own Business Interruption and Disaster plans. One thing in particular I plan to do is make a monthly task of downloading a copy of my data from Quickbooks in the event that something happens I will at least have my data.

    • Ike Says:

      They have not restored service. They have partially restored service. I have no service. We now know that a power outage was to blame, but for days Intuit has not been forthcoming about what is happening, and they continue to not be forthcoming about a timetable for reinstating service nor how many people are still without service. Does this destroy my business? Of course not. However, if my accountant changed his answering machine message to state that he was ‘very sorry’ and he could not process my payroll for an undisclosed amount of time, and refused to return my calls for three days, I’d fire his ass.

      • Ike Says:

        But hey, that’s life. QBO is a great service when it’s working. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  13. Debbie druey Says:

    My suggestion would be a local backup option for your users, “just in case”, with the functionality of quickbooks pc/mac. Had I had something like this, I would have been fine. Perhaps tricky, but you guys are smart enough to figure this out.

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