Service outage notification

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We apologize to those of you who have been unable to connect to a number of Intuit websites, including QuickBooks Online, that became unavailable at about 7 p.m. Tuesday, Pacific time.

Our first priority is to restore these websites and give you full and complete access to our sites and your data as soon as possible. We are also investigating the cause of the problem and will take measures prevent a recurrence. We appreciate your patience and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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359 Comments on “Service outage notification”

  1. chris Says:

    lame monkey sauce

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      I agree Chris. :) We know this is not acceptable and apologize for the impact on your business. Thanks for your patience and I’ll let you know when we are back up.

      • Jennifer Says:

        Apology?? I’d like to know what Quickbooks Online is going to do to compensate it’s users for the MAJOR inconvenience… THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!

    • Cristian Says:

      Today is our payroll day, we print more than 40 checks without holding the TAX, now to void and wait until Intuit Fix the trouble???
      We can not wait, our employees will be without check..

      I can’t believe that a BIG COMPANY with a trouble like this!!!

      We pay for the service that we can use…
      We need a solution, we depend on Quickbooks.

      The answer from the customer service is wait and try in 1 hour…
      Who is in charge of the system? Do you know what does mean multiple servers mirrors?

      A very sad day in our company due to Quickbooks..

      • QBO Bermster Says:

        Hey Cristian. We are sorry that your day has been impacted – know that is not fun to have to do something and it’s out of your control. Hopefully you can/will continue to stick with us – it definitely hasn’t been our best day either. :/

        • Thomas Says:

          I am sure you will compensate us financially for such a severe problem. I think a year of free service would be comparable to something of this magnitude. What are your thoughts?

    • R Jannuzzi Says:

      Do you think we could get a small business bailout for this???
      Anyone with connections in DC???

    • R Jannuzzi Says:

      Our company was considering upgrading to Enterprise as we exceeded 14,500 items this month. After watching Intuit/QB unravel in the last 24 hours we will be looking for another software package.

    • Concerned Says:

      Here is what a properly formatted business continuity plan looks like:

  2. pablo Says:

    this is killing my business. have been unable to process CC transactions since 10 PM EST and its noon…14 hours and counting….scary.

    • R Jannuzzi Says:

      Use Voice Authorization
      Visa, MasterCard, Discover 800-228-1122
      AMEX 800-528-2121
      Don’t forget to save the CC#, expiration date, security code and the voice authorization # so you can enter in QB when it comes back up…

  3. QBO Bermster Says:

    Apologies Pablo. The teams are working hard to bring us back online – first/only priority, everyone working on it. We apologize for down time and thank you for your patience.

  4. Brian Says:

    This kind of thing really makes me think about talking to all those discount Merchant account providers taht keep calling. We’ve been down since we opened and I’m a computer repair shop. How good does it look for a computer repair shop to be experiencing technical problems?

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Not good Brian, not good. We apologize for the down time and are working hard to not let it happen again. I ran a little computer service shop a while back, and understand that customers expect you to be on top of technical issues…luckily they were also surprisingly empathetic given they understood the pain of server/computer issues. Thanks again for your patience.

  5. JJ Says:

    This is horrible I have five employees sitting around waiting to process orders into Quickbooks….these outages are happening to often!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      JJ – apologies for the time you and your employees have lost. We are working hard to get you back in action and understand the impact on your business. And will work hard to prevent these in the future

    • Bill Says:

      I can relate JJ. Our bookkeeper has been in my office every twenty minutes since she go here this morning asking me if it’s back up. She has nothing to do until it’s back online. Also, have the president of the company coming in and asking if I think our company data is ok. Hasn’t been a good day so far.

  6. Chris Says:

    Alot of downtime lately for QB online. I may need to look else where.
    I will also be contacting QB for a refund of the downtime. I think everyone should be asking for a credit. I like how QBO reply to everything is the same. When really there is no excuse to be down as much as they have this year and also the length of time they have been down this time is really bad. ALSO QB you should be letting us know what is going on!!! Nothing is being said and when you call your update line it says to call back in one hour for addition info. IT HAS SAID THAT FOR WELL OVER 14 HOURS NOW!!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Chris – thanks for this comment. The team is well aware this is unacceptable for our customers who depend on us. Right now the operation teams have been up all night to get the servers back on line as fast as possible. At this point it shouldn’t be too much longer, but we can’t yet commit to an exact time. We do sincerely apologize for the impact on your business and will work now and in the future to prevent this stuff from happening again.

  7. Alexander Says:

    Can you give me an estimated fix time. My entire business is dependent on our quickbase database and the exact forms tied to it.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Alexander – no exact time yet. The teams are cranking, but given the complexity we can’t yet nail a time. Shouldn’t be too much longer though in the goal and I’ll update this crew when we know more. Thanks for your patience.

      • Talking about the outages and the hardware issues, my question is about the data, our applications, the code etc. Is there any possibility that this could have been deleted or otherwise lost?

  8. John Simpson Says:


    I think everyone understands that systems go down and we all live with that when we decide to outsource. My only issue right now is that we are not getting any additional information as to when you think it will be up. We are all hanging on to the 1/2 hour updates which then rolls to the next update.

    Can you guys please be honest with us as to how long this will really take to get back up and running. I too rely on Intuit’s services to run my business and this is having a major ripple affect.

    And yes, I know you appreciate our patience. :)

    • Arthur Says:

      I find it totally unacceptable that QuickBase has been unavailable for over 15 hours and that Intuit did not have any business continuity plan in place that would have lessened the impact of this outage. Our inability to access QuickBase has severely impacted our business operations. Shame on you Intuit :(

      • QBO Bermster Says:

        @ John – unfortunately we don’t know the time we’ll be back up – the hope is that it is relatively soon, the team is verifying the issue and resolution. I appreciate your honesty with what you expect from us and reminding us the impact on your business. Thanks for the comment

      • QBO Bermster Says:

        Hey Arthur. We also find this unacceptable, and realize that it’s not OK for a web app with lots of customers to be down for this long. Apologies on behalf of the teams for this. No excuses from us. This has impacted not only QuickBooks Online as you said, but also Quickbase. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Anonie Mouse Says:

    How can Intuit have ALL of their properties in 1 Data Center? Your CTO needs to pack his/her bags after this. Where’s the redundancy we were promised? Millions of dollars are being lost through lost sales and operating expenses because of this. How can one of the top online companies in the world let something like this happen? Get ready Tech schools as you’re about to have a case study in business continuity planning for IT Administrators.

    • Hopeful Says:

      I have to agree, I was shocked to learn this morning that they do not have mirrored sites. This does not look good for them…. I would suggest the CEO of Intuit come out with a comment of some sort soon… as this is dragging on a bit too long. The latest comment on Quickbase site is that it will be at least 2 more hours. Which most likely means more than that.

    • fred lebhart Says:

      Agreed 100%, Anonie.

      • Whatshappinen Says:

        I understand you do not have a estimated time yet, but you do know what the engineers are doing and there is no excuse for not supplying your us with play by play of what they are doing. When my web hosting service went down we were given constant updates of everything they thought was wrong and updates of everything they tried until it was restored. I really appreciate them for this and stuck with them. This is a matter of respect for your customers that you do not show. You seem to think that we do not deserve to know what is going on and the lack of consideration and respect for us will be more damaging to your reputation than the outage. I will be looking for another solution and vendor if you do not change your act.

  10. Ana Says:

    I agree!!! We should have get a refund for the inconvience and a stand still in business. This is really scarey and wonder on the security issue. Please advise!

    • Brian Says:

      Are you serious? Its all in one data center? I had assumed they had made some kind of bad rollout. Is this really a service outtage of some sort at one data center?

      • QBO Bermster Says:

        Hey Brian – nope, we have worked to eliminate this dependency risk. Definitely aware that all eggs in one basket is never a good thing.

      • MARIA Says:

        I agree, this is unacceptable. We should be refunded for the inconvenience and for our losses too as we have not being able to process orders or enter new ones. I guess we all rely on QB too much. We’re concern with Security Issues and Data being lost too.

        • QBO Bermster Says:

          Hey Maria, we’re back online now. As for the refund question, we’re addressing this via the support line. 1-800-286-6800. Thanks much and again – sorry from the team here.

    • Shane Says:

      Well, until Intuit decided to move from San Diego, they had redundant everything. Power would have NEVER been an issue, especially if they moved to the new data center down the road. Instead, they moved up to Washington, built their own data center and now, well, you see where we are.

      If my data center clients were out of business for over 15 hours, well, I would be moving to Tibet to pursue a career in Sherp-ing.

      Maybe the bill wasn’t paid and IO shut down the power?

      C’mon though. Intuit should be in the software business, they’re good at that. Leave the data center business for guys that actually do it for a living!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Ana, we’re back online now. As for the refund question, we’re addressing this issue via the support line. 1-800-286-6800. Thanks much and again – sorry from the team here.

  11. Cat Says:

    Can I even trust you with my data? Now I realize how vulnerable I am putting my faith in your company.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Cat — I understand how concerning this is. Rest assured, no data has been lost or compromised. Your data will be completely available to you once service is restored.

  12. Glenn Says:

    Has my data been recovered or have I just lost $109,000.00 worth of account data?

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Glenn — your data is completely safe. This is an outage issue, not a data-loss issue, and we have redundant systems in place to make sure your data is always preserved.

  13. Brian Says:

    Found this on the web…

    There was a massive power outage in the San Diego Data Center last night
    which had an impact on many systems across Intuit and we are having ongoing
    impacts on several systems including QuickBase and reporting. Please be
    patient while IT works to ensure everything is back on line and working as
    expected. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you and your clients.

    The current known applications still impacted are as follows:

    eStore and vanity URLs
    Order Services
    Intuit websites
    Possibly Field Service Management

    My question is, isn’t the point of multiple sites that if one goes down the other picks up? Nice demonstration of a single point of failure.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Brian — thanks for the comment. We definitely realize there’s work to be done to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. Stay tuned for updates on this topic.

    • Anonie Mouse Says:

      So, what failed with regard to the power outage? Did this data center not have redundant power supplies backed up by diesel power generation? Was it a spike that fried everything? Did this data center not have power conditioning equipment?

      Biggest question is? Is all of our QuickBase data fried as well or is it still going to be available from the Active-Active system Intuit has in place? And, if not, when was the last system backup performed to capture data in the case of a total, catastrophic event like this one?

    • Shane Says:

      Sorry, no power outage in San Diego… There’s not much Intuit equipment left in that data center. It’s all up in Washington now…

  14. David Says:

    1:30pm ET Update: “A giant, terrestrial squid has laid waste to our primary data center. Power and bandwidth are being rerouted to our secondary data center while a giant fighting robot made up of smaller robotic lions is being assembled to deal with the cause of the issue.”

    • Brian Says:

      Sweet. I was wondering when voltron would show up.

      • R Jannuzzi Says:

        I think you should have have to post a picture of yourself if you are going to post a comment like this!!! LOVE IT!!!

  15. JJ Says:

    I guess I should start sending Employees home soon I am waiting 30 more minutes before sending 5 employees home =(

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      JJ – we’ll let you know on the blog what and when as soon as there is an update from our end.

      • JJ Says:

        Awesome I am sure my Employees I am sending home will be comforted to hear your response =)

        • Vinny Shalamov Says:

          If you have decided to send employees because Intuit’s servers are down, that is your decision and you need to take ownership of your decision.

          I am not supporting Intuit though.

    • NCS Says:

      I sent my guys home at noon….told them to call before coming in on Thursday…

  16. Chris Ryland Says:

    Couldn’t we get a little more information about the kind of failure you’re fighting?

    If it’s a power outage, you could explain that, and also explain what you’re doing about it.

    Just hearing that “we’re trying hard to get things back up” isn’t really transparent enough in this day and age. We need to know what’s happening, why, and what’s being done to get things back up.


  17. Brian Says:

    I do appreciate that at least intuit has people responding here even if there is no real information. I would hate to be the people trying to do crowd control. Kind of the cannon fodder.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      :) Thanks Brian. You’ve got the product team here. Everyone is involved is figuring this out.

  18. Arthur Says:

    A Brief History of Internet Outages
    Herewith, a nostalgic look back at unplanned downtime from 1996 to 2008.

    Can we add Intuit to this list ?

    • Brian Says:

      I’d like to point out intuit is the only Business to business company on that list unless you count ebay. All the rest are recreational companies or ISPs.

  19. Brad Says:

    15 hours and counting.

    I find it ironic that at the top of this page, Intuit is selling Google ads. So basically, since Quickbooks is down I can’t collect money from my customers… but when I check the status on this page, Intuit still gets paid.

    The classy thing to do would be to REMOVE the Google ads, at least until the crisis is over.

  20. JJ Says:

    Seems to me this is probably hacker related….I really doubt that a power outage caused this as they have battery backup and generators to prevent this sort of thing. Also what happened to the redundancy? This is completely ridiculous considering my employees are now pissed off at me because I have to send most of them home….

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      JJ – Just to re-assure…this is not hacker related. Your data is safe and has not been compromised.

  21. Rick Says:

    Dear Intuit:
    Don’t let your customers clueless of what is going on! It is not at all in benefit of your company’s image.
    State at least what is the issue!

  22. AHJ Says:

    Being QBO Bermster right now must be a lot like being the CEO of BP.
    We are all learning the downside of cloud computing.

    • Craig Says:

      I would like to thank Bermster and Dave for trying to respond to everyone’s grievances. It cannot be easy. I trust that you and your team are doing everything in your power to restore operations. Do you know if an email will be sent out to all QuickBooks and QuickBase admins when operations have been restored?

    • Shane Says:

      Here, we could respond to the “outage” like BP responded to the spill:

      • Cristian Says:

        I want to see the same but by Intuit!!!

        Come we are going to do it with 1 surge protector and the first server with windows NT4.0…


        What a shame still without Service!!

  23. Brian - Houston Says:

    Good to know it was a power outage and not a security breach….

  24. Marc Brawer Says:

    Out for 16 hours and no real information. I can’t do my payroll. May have to leave QBO

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Marc — I realize how frustrating this is. For now our priority is to get everything up and running again, but we will have more information on this issue shortly.

    • Shaun Says:

      Intuit (NASDAQ:INTU) is one of today’s notable stocks on the rise, up 0.7% to $37.71. The S&P is currently trading 2.2% higher to 1,114 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading 1.9% higher to 10,383.

      Intuit is in SmarTrend’s Application Software industry and this industry is currently in an Uptrend according to our research. We are monitoring many other stocks on the move within this industry.

      SmarTrend is tracking trends for Intuit and other fast-moving stocks every day. Visit our site for the latest trend data and alerts on Intuit.

  25. Shaun Says:

    A little humor from the Twittersphere…

    RT @thewinngroup @IT2U @Heather_QBO *Humor* Can you post a picture of the hard working engineers restoring Quikbooks Online – Agreed I want Pictures :)

  26. Greg Says:

    Will our accounts be adjusted for the downtime? If not, why not.

    • Anonie Mouse Says:

      Greg, great question, but probably not one for the Product team to answer, this would be a question for your Account Executive or Customer Service when everything else is back online.

    • Cat Says:

      Dispute the charges with your credit card company.

  27. Anonie Mouse Says:

    Please fill out the following customer service information for us:

    1) We understand exactly what the problem is: True| False

    2) On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being most agreement, we understand how to fix the problem: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    3) We have the hardware readily available to replace/fix the problem (same scale) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    4) We have the people in place that understand the nature of the problem and have fixed problems like this before. (same scale) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    5) The original problem, that we believe to be the source of the issues has been fixed. (same scale) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    • JJ Says:

      Please answer

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Anonie Mouse — I don’t think I can rate the answers to your questions, but we do understand the problem and how to fix it, and we have people with a lot of expertise working on it. We will have more to say about the cause of the problem shortly.

  28. Tom Says:

    I am the Quickbase administrator for our company and I am being asked by the top level management on what is going on. Im aware that your have your own in-house policies and need to maintain control of the situation but but please provide your customers with some more information. How can I convince my superiors that this will not happen again. Since I have no information on why this happened, what your doing to fix it and what you will do to prevent this in the future I can not stand behind your product. Depending on the impact it makes on our company once the issue is resolved this could hinder our future business with intuit. Im not blaming you for not taking action and repairing the issue, im sure your doing your hardest, but transparency is important in situations such as this. If that’s not possible right now please at least acknowledge that you will be providing more information once this is over with.

    Sincerely possibly jobless,

    Please provide daily downloads to my desktop so I can at least have access to reports during outages. Also would be helpful when no internet is available.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Shaun — I appreciate the humor, but Richard Hallman has not been with Intuit for several years and has no involvement with this outage. Please be assured that we are communicating your concerns to Intuit’s senior management.

  30. JohnBC Says:

    All good Questions/Answers but hounding the IT group will NOT inprove the recovery time GAURANTEED! However, this is pretty bad folks. Ituit, please at learn learn from your mistakes. It would be helpful to post a clear report of the problem/solution when this is all over.


    • Shane Says:

      “Thanks Brian. You’ve got the product team here. Everyone is involved is figuring this out.”

      This isn’t their IT Group. I doubt very seriously their IT Group would be responded to blog posts instead of fixing the problem.

      • JohnBC Says:

        Correct (at least I hope so…).
        And requiring immediate detailed answers to these questions WILL require taking someone off of the solution, thereby increasing the downtime. Would you pester a fireman at your house? Or let him put out the fire?

  31. Igor B Says:

    I’ve read through all of the responses, and I’m livid at the moment by the vagueness. I want an explanation in geeky network related verbose. Please enlighten me on details of the occurrence so I can understand the situation.
    Please refrain from the polite deterrents, we get it… We want simple, ugly and now.

    Thank you for your valuable time.

    • Rick Says:

      Igor, Thank you for being so considerated. My staff are watching South Africa versus Uruguay peacefully. While upper levels are deciding when and who we could migrate the entire business.

      • QBO Bermster Says:

        hey Rick – we really hope you don’t leave. But understand that feeling. The number one thing we must do is ensure your data’s security and performance. And this is something we will continually work to improve.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Igor – thanks for this. We will be diving deeper into the problem and more importantly what we will do to prevent this when we are back up. The intent is not to be vague (although I feel you – these messages have not been specific :), we just need to understand the breadth of the problem before announcing it. Appreciate your comment.

  32. Eddie Says:

    This service might have to be rebranded as Quickbooks Offline soon! Hope to see it back up soon…I’m sure this is a nightmare for yall as much as us. But I wish we could be given at least a timetable — no matter how bad it may be — so that I at least waste less time compulsively checking to see if the service is back online.

    • Brian Says:

      I was told when I called that they would have it up by 11:45 east… which was 3 hours ago.

      • QBO Dave Says:

        Hi Brian — I apologize if you were given misinformation about our time frame. As QBO Bermster says, we have not been able to set an exact time for restoration of service, but we believe it will be soon.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      hey Eddie – apologies for not being able to nail this one – we don’t have exact times right now. Our hope is soon and we’re pushing to make it sooner :)

  33. We are production shop(screen printing & embroidery)at is at the peak of the Football uniform season. We use QuickBase to run our WIP(work in Process schedule). That this point in the day we cannot setup for tomorrows work. This little set back will put us a hole day behind. Just to give you a number that is roughly 1200 pieces with 2.8 imprints at $3.75 per imprints:
    3360 * $3.75 = $12,600 a day. How do I make that number up is their going to be some discount on the next billing statement

    Please do not tell me your sorry If I owe you that kind of money would you accepted “I’m sorry we are working on getting you paid”.

  34. Shane Says:

    Cheap power eh? “You get what you pay for” comes to mind…

    “In the last 18 months, at least five companies, Microsoft, Yahoo,, Intuit Inc. and Sabey Corp., have bought up large swaths of land in central Washington state on which to build large data center operations.
    What’s the attraction? Cheap hydroelectric power, temperate climate and relative safety from natural disasters top the list.”

  35. Shaun Says:

    Hey Guys…

    I just learned what happened to the Intuit servers:

    Now it all makes sense!!!

  36. Hopeful Says:

    Just posted a few minutes ago.

    “Unfortunately this situation has proven to be more complex than anticipated. As of this update, we do not expect QuickBase to be available for at least two additional hours from now.”

    Still not sure why the team responding to this blog (and we thank you for responding so we know someone is there) have not SPECIFICALLY told us what the problem is.

  37. Tom Says:

    Because there is no way anyone from QBO is gonna say anything to put their company in further jeopardy from the sue happy public. Seriously it has to be bad…they are not gonna risk saying anything. Period.
    Most of us have been in similar positions,the first thing you do is STFU and await orders from the ‘bridge’

    LOL on Y’all

  38. Alan Marlor Says:

    Just realized that I needed to turn off Google Adwords as all our leads for the past 16+ hours were going to dead pages on our web site. I wonder what the cost to all Intuit’s customers will be after the dust settles on this one.

    • JJ Says:

      I feel sorry for you that your using Homestead that company is horrible.

      • Alan Says:

        Fortunately we are not using Homestead. But we are using Quickbooks credit card processing and online bill payment which are both down. Along with Quickbase…. So going with one vendor for all these services really can put you at risk.

        • JJ Says:

          Wow that is terrible as we were just about to launch a new website that would use Quickbooks to process our sites orders…I wonder what would happen to the orders coming into our site if they could not be processed….

          • Richard Says:

            Well JJ – Let me tell you what would happen to the orders coming into your site – they wouldn’t get processed and your customers would be calling you screaming at your sales/customer service staff. Hope your staff are thick skinned because this can cause some young girls to cry.

  39. Alex Says:

    Thanks for the update Hopeful.

    In all seriousness power outage is a killer. Not only spikes cause damage to hardware. But File system corruption is another problem. Another company I worked for dealt with same situation that brought them down for a while. Even the best equipment can’t always prevent spikes.

    As of what the main problem is I am not sure, but as a reference to all companies. Have the best back power that meets your power usage and surge protection. Also the servers that maintain backup or any type of file sharing I would recommend using a stable file system (which pretty much only applies for linux) and use redundant methods for data loss (raid and off site backups).

    Thanks and keep us updated,

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Alex — you make some good points. I’d just like to emphasize that we are not having problems with file corruption or other data loss. Once service is restored, all of your QuickBooks Online company data will be fully available to you as usual.

    • Richard Says:


      Power should not be a problem for a company of any size – active filtering, automated spike detection/filtering and in the case of extreem spikes complete disconnection with millisecond failover to generator power can effectively eliminate that as a concern. Having worked at a military data center I know it’s possible – at least it was 20 years ago so it’s probably still true only less expensive than it what then.

      I agree with you that using a stable file system (UNIX) be it Sun/Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX or even linux is preferable to any MS Windows file system. And having mirrored backup servers that come into play via software monitored failure analysis is also considered recommended for any mission critical (such as credit card processing) type system.

      I can’t begin to estimate the dollar value of interest lost by companies because they could not accept payments on time.

  40. Tony Says:

    The straw that broke the camel’s back… Its just one thing after another with you people… Ive never dealt with a company that has provide such poor service.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Tony. Sorry to hear you are frustrated overall. Would love to hear more about any other concerns with QuickBooks Online service or product. Feel free to email me at Kristen_berman@intuit.comt to share other issues.

  41. Rick Says:

    “Unfortunately this situation has proven to be more complex than anticipated. As of this update, we do not expect QuickBase to be available for at least two additional hours from now.

    I bet that in two hours the next message will be:

    “Unfortunately this situation has proven to be HIGHLY complex than WE THOUGHT, as no answers was found in wikipedia, google and askjeeves. As of this update, we WON’T BET QuickBase to be available for at least two additional hours from now.

  42. Toni Says:

    Folks: Understand that “stuff” happens. How about at least an idea of when this is coming back up. Our bookeeper is in one 1 day a week and that is today! She has been waiting since 9 a.m. this morning. How about some kind of time line, so we can at least plan. Thank You

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Toni – thanks for comment and again I am sorry this has caused you (and your bookkeeper) time. We can’t make an promises yet to when we will get back online. But an update should be coming soon.

  43. Debbieq Says:

    so explain it to me like a 2 yr old. There’s a power outage? as in no lights, A/C etc? Just at the Intuit building? Is this in California? The power has been out over 15 hours and its not breaking news?
    Or not electrical power but power supplies on the servers? Are we waiting for parts?
    Is your internet down? Did a hard drive crash? Is there a virus? Did someone accidentally unplug something?
    I understand stuff happens but you just can’t keep saying “we’re working on it”
    I mean make something up if you have to, what scares me is not saying anything makes me think you don’t know what’s wrong.
    I picture a guy with a flashlight flipping switches yelling “is it on now?”
    and I’m not trying to be funny, I’ve never heard of anything being down this long without details

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Debbieq — unfortunately, we don’t have answers to many of those questions at this time. While we care very much about determining the exact cause of the problem and taking steps to keep it from happening again, our entire focus right now is on getting the service operating normally.

      We will most certainly be posting more information here in the days to come as we have a chance to fully understand the causes of this issue. What we do know now is that there is not a problem with data loss, corruption or security.

      • Debbieq Says:

        “What we do know now is that there is not a problem with data loss, corruption or security.”

        if you don’t know what the problem is then how do you know that?

        • Alex Says:

          “if you don’t know what the problem is then how do you know that?”

          Where you get that info?

          • JohnBC Says:

            As an IT professional I have 364 copies (at least) dating back one year or more of all of my companies’ data via daily backups. That is likely how they know that the data is OK.

        • QBO Dave Says:

          Put simply, it’s sometimes easier to know what a problem is not than to know what it is.

          We know enough about this issue that we can eliminate certain possible causes, and we want to share that info with you. But we don’t yet know exactly what did cause it.

          Since we don’t want to spread potentially false information by speculating, we’re waiting to have that discussion until we’re sure of the facts. Once we are, rest assured you’ll learn about it here.

    • Alex Says:

      Hey debbie,

      The power outage is a done deal I am quite sure it was probably an hour or so max power outage….after that I think they would call it a black out. Back up batteries only last so long especially on servers and backup generators sometimes have problems. I would assume hard drives didn’t crash since their was no data loss. And since its a large company i would assume they use linux server so virus’s wouldn’t be an issue. Almost all 1 million and above companies have their server rooms lock and secure, so that people won’t unplug things.

  44. Anonie Mouse Says:

    It is clear from QBO’s comments that they are still trying to figure out what the exact problem is. They are still, “investigating” to us their own terminology.

    Hopefully, they will find the source of the problem, fix it and then get on with it. My business cannot survive another day of this.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Anonie – no worries. It won’t go on another day. You are dead on, we are currently working [quickly] to bring us back online while also understanding root cause. Thanks for your comment and apologies about the time you have spent waiting.

      • Rick Says:


        With all respect. If you can’t determine what the precise problem is. How can you say: “It won’t go on another day”?.
        Perhaps there’s a hacker, perhaps it is a virus, perhaps Godzilla layed eggs in your server rooms, perhaps you are the first to go down on 2012, perhaps BP will give free oil for 40 years….
        The things is that, until this moment, Intuit can’t even tell their now close to extremely mad customers of what the problem is!! Please don’t promise that, it won’t go on another day. You won’t know what can backfire!

  45. mike wilson Says:

    We rely on quickbooks online for invoicing and payment processing. Our Canadian office wasnt “fortunate” enough to have that option and uses the netwoked version so the’re still in business today.

    Cloud computing without a redundant back-up? What is wrong with your IT department? The news of the sites coming back up better be accompanied by the press release of the firing of your CTO and an offer to buy offline software at a reduced price.

  46. RNSPools Says:

    An email from my bank reads:
    “This is an Alert to help manage your account ending in XXXX.

    The account available balance is -$1,495.66 which is less than the minimum balance of $100.00 in your alerts settings.”

    I think I could use some PAYMENTS FROM CUSTOMERS right about now!
    You know what I’m getting? Phone calls from customers to tell me that they’re TRYING to pay their bill, but CAN’T!!

    Intuit, you are sabotaging my business! First you didn’t mail any of my invoices and now THIS!

    +1 for we’re entitled to compensation. This is an outrage.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Definitely hear (and am passing on) to the whole team your concerns. We are genuinely sorry for this impact to your business.

  47. Kevin Says:

    Intuit is the new BP.

    • Kevin Says:

      Intuit is not the new BP. BP is pumping millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico. This is a service interuption. Get a freakin’ grip. My business is disrupted as well but give it a rest. If your business is going to topple as a result of Intuits issues – maybe you shouldn’t be in business. We need backup plans as much as Intuit does.

      They’ll fix it!

      • Kevin Says:

        Get back to fixing the servers.

      • mike wilson Says:

        As we approach the 18th hour of this outage I am sure all of our back-ups are in full force…the question is where is this 3 billion dollar companies back-up? where is the redundant service?
        who is going to cover the overtime of rewriting all of the work that is being done on our back-ups?

      • Clayton Says:

        “They’ll fix it”?

        Intuit is not telling us what the problem is… So, do they actually know what they are fixing?

        As for Public Relations… Intuit is the new BP.

  48. Horacio Says:

    You should change your company name from Intuit to Outofit.

    • JohnBC Says:

      Good one!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Horacio – really sorry about the outage – this is stuff a product never wants to happen and we’re going to do everything to prevent it in the future – Kristen

      • Surya Avantsa Says:


        How on Earth, do you take all these complaints and not lose your cool? This isn’t your fault personally, is it?

  49. bobn Says:

    Will President Obama be addressing the nation on this crisis?

  50. Sasha Korellis Says:

    I was going to have an Executive Review of our awesome new Quickbase system this morning but alas I couldn’t show it. Now I have to do damage control with jumpy execs that are non-plussed with our vendor choice.


  51. Chris Says:

    I have read a number of posts from individuals questioning the value of cloud computing, demanding compensation for downtime, and just expressing general outrage. After this experience, these individuals may find it worthwhile to develop their own contingency plans, as opposed to putting their faith entirely in Intuit. After all, access to Quickbooks could have been prevented for a variety of reasons outside of a failure at Intuit’s end, such as a power or telecommunications failure at the local level. Some of these situations, like in the Southeast after Hurricane Katrina, were quite widespread. Independent contingency planning should be part of any business model.



    • fred lebhart Says:

      Micky, why not write the orders up and set them aside for processing when the service is back up? you need an offline strategy my friend, there will be days when your internet will be down or electricity is out as well.

  53. Rick Says:


    With all respect. If you can’t determine what the precise problem is. How can you say: “It won’t go on another day”?.
    Perhaps there’s a hacker, perhaps it is a virus, perhaps Godzilla layed eggs in your server rooms, perhaps you are the first to go down on 2012, perhaps BP will give free oil for 40 years….
    The things is that, until this moment, Intuit can’t even tell their now close to extremely mad customers of what the problem is!! Please don’t promise that, it won’t go on another day. You won’t know what can backfire!

    • Alex Says:

      If I had to guess I would guess none of the above…..but only one way to find out…wait and see what results happen.

    • David Says:

      Godzilla is a giant reptile that could not possibly get into their server room. The giant terrestrial squid mentioned in an earlier post is a much more logical candidate. It is yet to be named. I shall name it Kalimaru.


  55. Gray Says:

    It’s been almost 18 hours now and I’m still unsure of what exactly the problem is. I’m listening to hearsay of data center outages but nothing directly from QuickBooks. The lack of real information from QuickBooks really does not look good at all.

    Working in a tech field myself, I understand that problems can happen. I’ve experienced outages and technical problems with other vendors in the past and am generally very understanding to most of these as long as I am kept in the loop as to what exactly happened and what is being done to correct the issue.

    In the past, when things like this have happened, other vendors have always have given regular detailed updates as to what exactly happened and what is currently going on (status reports) on regular intervals.

    About two years ago, one of my vendors had a truck run into their data center and they where giving regular detailed updates as to what happened and what they where doing. This information was invaluable when talking to clients and other stakeholders. I used the updates to inform everyone as to what was going on. The vendor’s reports where used to feed my reports and assure everyone that we knew what the situation was and where in the loop. I always remembered that and even thought the problem caused significant operational problems with my business, the steady stream of information helped to minimize the hit. To this day I still use that vendor because I know I will not be left in the dark and their transparency actually helped me with my own damage control.

    Why is QuickBooks having such a problem doing this? You don’t have to interrupt the techs every 5 minutes and you don’t have to give away the store, just give us something we can use while we take a hit along with you. Give us an idea of what caused the problem and give us occasional status updates us as to what is going on to resolve it. If you must, give it to us as an ongoing story so we can help to field our own clients and stakeholders. That’s all I really need right now while your are fixing things and I’m sure others would be appreciative as well.

    Take care,

    • Shane Says:


      The answer to your question is really quite simple. Companies are always forthcoming with information if the problem is not their fault. I could fill pages and pages with data to indicate such. Unfortunately, the problem was most likely internal and Intuit needs to resolve the problem, then determine the best way to spin it…

      – Mosso/Rackspace down for ~2 days… Cause: NetApp filers failed. Good luck finding a public statement from Mosso stating this…
      – BP Oil spill – Really, do I need to say more?

      …and the list goes on….

    • AZA Says:


      I believe I was working for that vendor when that problem happened, I’m glad to hear that with all the chaos that was going on inside during that time, we still handled it well to our clients, thank you!

      • Gray Says:

        Your welcome AZA! I really empathized with you guys with you guys when that happened and the steady stream of information helped keep my clients at bay too. I only wish QB would be as helpful with this issue.


    • mike wilson Says:

      no loss of data? yay! Can I have mine please?

  56. Frances Newman Says:

    We depend on qb for our payroll and all our bookkeeping. Payroll has to be entered by 5:00 today for our employees to get paid on Friday. Manual checks will be difficult because bookkeeping is done off-site. Can you do anything for us?

  57. Rick Says:

    When a company can’t even say what the problem is, there are only 3 logical explanations:
    1) They are really looking for the problem, but it is so complex that only “Doc” from Back to the Future could go 4 years in the future and get the answer.
    2) The problem is soooo simple and embarrasing that they would be ashamed to make it public…. something like… THERE ARE WOMD (Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Iraq) or during parents day a kid left a lolly pop over a server, it melt and now circuits are fried.
    3) The problem is sooo complex to fix in a reasonable time… meaning… explanation 1 and 2 combined.

  58. jlg Says:

    As much as we would like to see the opportunity to recieve compensation for this outage, you’ve got to be certain that somewhere in the legal maze of statements in the service agreement there is something that covers them for this. Alas, they’ll still collect their full stipend for a failed application, and customers will have to suffer for their inability to provide a stable application. You can bet their legal team assured them of that. Any verbal promises made by contractors, salespeople and the like also get trumped by the written contract/agreement. So regardless of what your person said about guarantees, are probably covered in the service agreement.

    Funny that they stopped updating the QuickBase uptime statistics sometime this morning. Still shows 99+ percent uptime.

    • jlg Says:

      And as it regards to them providing updates:
      Their legal department probably has to comb through every statement that is put out there to ensure that the issue is covered under their service agreement, so that they would not be liable for damages from customers. This is probably one of the main reasons why no information about the outage in terms of cause, remedy, etc are available. Technical staff in this kind of situation are REQUIRED to provide regular updates to management on outages, resolutions, causes, etc during any extended period such as this. Management requires it. Whether they divulge that information to the worker bees that do things like monitor blogs or deal with customers is probably at the discretion of the legal department. They almost certainly know what happened, probably know what they need to do to fix it, and might even have an idea when… Nobody wants to communicate a timeline, because that’s like stringing up a noose and putting your neck into it. They would be hung if they don’t meet that deliverable. Hence why the vagueness of the update statements such as these:
      We are making progress toward restoring a number of websites affected by a service disruption. Despite the progress, we’re not yet able to estimate a specific time when all applications will be completely available.
      We understand our customers’ concerns and apologize for the inconvenience. We are committing every necessary person and resource to restore the important services our customers rely upon as quickly as possible. It’s our top priority.

      We will continue to provide updates at 30 minute intervals in case we have additional information to share.

      For non-QuickBase Intuit updates, please go to or

    • Alan Says:

      Yes jlg I think you are right. The contract/agreement probably had something in there preventing Intuit from being responsible for our costs in this mess. And yes some of the writers are correct that contingency planning needs to be also done by us. So my contingency planning will involve how to break free from all the Intuit entanglements I seem to be locked into with my business. Quickbase, Quickbooks, Merchant Services etc. I think as convienient as Intuit has made these services the downside is that if a problem develops it hits you hard. With no assurances from Intuit that they will compensate you for the problems they caused. So my contingency planning will be to diversify and not go with one vendor for all services.

  59. AZA Says:


    I would not say “close to extremely mad” customers, most are already there. Outages happen, we all understand that… extended downtime when it easily could have been prevented with the redundancy that we were promised? I cannot understand. The lack of communication was bad, but it appears now to be a lack of understanding what the problem is- that is worse.

    Intuit has alienated and angered a LARGE number of people today, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars for companies.

    No data loss? Maybe not down the road, but our data is as good as lost to us right now, as we have no way to access our customer information. As far as they’re concerned, we lost their data.

    Shame on you Intuit, not only for having a preventable problem, but for not communicating what it is, and leaving us in the dark, unable to ever trust you again.

  60. Shane Says:

    Uptime is irrelevant unless it’s quoted @ 100%. 99.9% uptime means in a given year, a service can be down for 87.6 hours. Even the worst designed IT architecture will give you that…


  61. Lou Says:

    After being a customer of Intuit for 17 years, I for one am looking to move my accounting. If after 18 hours, they do not know what the problem is and/or are not willing to keep their customer well informed (not vague canned answers) this is not where businesses should have their accounting. If you think they will pay your loses (like BP) you are wrong. Bad service means cancellations. This is not the first time this has happened nor will it be the last. Stuff happens, but to be down for a day?

    Plus, finding out they do not have mirrored servers for critical data/services is unbelievable.

    What were they thinking? They weren’t!

  62. Craig Says:

    QBO Dave,

    You mentioned earlier:
    “Put simply, it’s sometimes easier to know what a problem is not than to know what it is.”

    It has also been mentioned that this was not caused by Hackers. Would you be able to enlighten us as to what else it is not, so that we may provide further assurances to our clients? Any information you can provide would be helpful.

  63. Horacio Says:

    It is not our companies (Intuit customers) that should have a back up plan it’s Intuit. That’s why we pay them exorbitant fees, so they can afford a backup server farm just in case a jet airplane crashes into the server farm or any other act of God. We always make sure we have back ups of the back ups in our industry and company. Intuit should do the same, there is no excuse.

  64. Anita Says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable…..I should not be locked out of processing payroll….I have already paid for the tax tables…even “IF” my suscription had expired I should only be denied access to the updates not the information already purchased!!! Obviously QuickBooks needs some major improvements to their entire system…I do take responsibility for putting trust in Intuit…how silly of me to think they care…lesson learned! Will be looking for new program to invest in!!!!!!!!!!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Anita – we apologize for this outage. We very much do care about you and your business. And work hard to build products that you love. This incident is unfortunate and we plan on not repeating it. Thanks for the comment and letting us know how you feel. – Kristen

      • MW Chicago Says:

        Bermster – simply put, will this be back up today? This is a “yes or no” question, so there is no need to write anything except that.

      • Anita Says:

        I see some have posted that QB is back up….is this limited or is it ALL of QB?

  65. Brian - Houston Says:

    The interesting thing here is that I remember reading and having conversations with Intuit about having multiple sites and redundancy so that if San Diego slid into the ocean my data would still be safe…..

  66. Jim Smith Says:

    Luckily no payroll this week, not like last outage. But we are missing the eft tax payment, who pays the penalty when its late?

    Will CNN start running an ongoing report QB down “DAY 3″? East coast business closing now, all day down, shameful. Will probably just buy the box version after this and give up remote access. Turns out this program is just to mission critical to be “in the cloud” and unreliable.

    • Linda Says:

      Don’t bother purchasing the boxed version. That’s what I have and I still can’t process shipments cause I can’t run the credit cards. I have sales people giving me some pretty mean looks right now and I can’t blame them….Can’t wait to tell the customers there product hasn’t shipped as promised.

  67. NCS Says:

    Sadly this is what happens when a company is run by the bean counters. Outsourced customer support, followed by outsourced IT support, followed by outsourced hosting, outsourced programmers, etc etc. All looks great on paper until it fails.

    Btw..called my bank to look for emergancy credit card processing, $500 special setup fee to have it online today….so, is Intuit going to cover this cost? I’m not holding my breath.!

  68. Dawn Says:

    How is QuickBooks Payroll with direct deposit being affected? Is that down too or is that still operating? Payroll was sent before the outage.

    • Mr. Tulip Says:

      I’m hearing this from Dawn at

      Dawn says: June 16, 2010 at 1:33 pm
      if you do your own payroll – you better look twice. I just completed payroll for the friday, and when i went to enter it in the ledger, i realized that no taxes, social security, or medicare was taken out of a single paycheck!! I knew that there was an issue with merchant services, but not payroll services!!!! This is completely irresponsible!

      • NCS Says:

        That website is now down…seems the problems is getting worse..not better…

      • Dawn Says:

        I’ve seen the “no taxes” thing before. I’m suspecting the other Dawn didn’t know QuickBooks was down, did a payroll update to her desktop because it told her she needed to, and since they were down it corrupted her tables — hence no taxes. I’ve seen that enough times to suspect that’s what happened.

        We have a backup plan in place if payroll services isn’t working, but I’d like an answer just to be prepared. If the back end support for payroll services is still working (i.e. the money was withdrawn from our bank account last night and will be deposited to employees accounts tomorrow as scheduled) then we’re good. Hope I don’t have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out, but if we have to, we’ll deal with it.

  69. Horacio Says:

    Yes we have recently outsourced our inter company help desk. I now have to call someone in India to have the IT guy down the hallway come get some toner out of the closet and put said toner in my printer. And the guy in India got it all wrong on the help desk ticket, it said I was not getting a tone on my phone?

  70. fghartmann Says:

    Please do adddress the payroll and direct deposit issues. I need to advise my clients on who to process their payroll.

  71. Hopeful Says:

    I have been following this all day and I have to say I am disappointed in so many people bashing Intuit for this outage. Yes it is disappointing, and yes, they should have had mirrored site, and yes all of our businesses were affected negatively, and it has all cost us money because we rely on them to help keep our businesses up.

    But overall, our experience with Quickbase has been VERY GOOD. Other than this incident, I can hardly recall a problem with their services, the product rarely has bugs, and the value for the cost is incredible. I challenge anyone to have such a stable environment on their own for the same cost. Probably can’t be done between the data center and the people required to make it all run with very little downtime.

    We are big Quickbase supporters and will continue to be even after this. We all learn from these kinds of events. Hopefully this will result in Intuit installing mirrored systems.

    Thank you Intuit employees, we appreciate your efforts. We understand bad days like today are tough. We are having them with our customers right now as well.

    With all that said, I am praying we are back up tonight, as it will still take me at least a few days to recover from all the lost incoming work orders. Another day will put us over a week behind.

    Still hopeful….

    • Craig Says:

      I agree with Hopeful. Our relationship with Intuit is generally good. More is gained through positive action than negativity. Let’s try and keep it positive.

  72. Peter Says:

    The company for which I am webmaster is one of the companies feeling the “ouch” from this. I agree that it would be nice to get more information about the nature of this problem, and the time it will be fixed. That said, I also understand that predicting things of that nature is extremely difficult.

    I can think of all kinds of things to say, but I’ll keep my mouth shut about them, not being in Intuit’s shoes. At the other end of the comments that have been made here, are real people.

    In particular, I have to say, “Kristen, you are a class act!” You are keeping your cool, or at least presenting a very professional image, in the face of some classless comments. If your tech team has the same level of professionalism that you do, that is a comfort to me.


  73. Wonder Says:

    The Intuit CTO is Tayloe Standsbury (see He can be reached by dialing the QBO update number (800-488-7330) and then pressing #. At the prompt, press *T to transfer. Then press *A to dial by name and spell S-T-A-N-S-B-U-R-Y and press #. That’s 782672879#. It actually rings his phone before going to voicemail; I actually got a human to answer. Wonder how long before they close this loophole. It’s your own fault for handling this so poorly. Yes, diasters happen, but today transparency is key to surviving a disaster.

  74. DJ.StopNoise Says:

    The Retroencabulator has failed and now we need to prevent side fumbling. The main winding was of the normal lotus-odeltoid type placed in panendurmic semi-bulloid slots of the stator. Every seventh conductor being connected by a non-reversible tremmy pipe to the differential girdle spring on the up-end of the grammeters.

    That should fix the problem :)

    • Matthew Maserati Says:

      That is because it’s produced by the modial interaction of magneto reluctance and capacitive duractance :)

      just saying….

    • Glen Says:

      hilarious. I might add:

      The flux capacitor was retracted by the deltoid thermometer, thus rendering the fourth sprocket incapacitated. Heretofore, the medial cranial ligaments had withstood the stress of wintering buzzards; wherefore the engorged pulley system was in full systemic response modality.

  75. Mark Mullin Says:

    Once upon a time I worked on MacInTax and heard the story of how Quicken got to be what it was from Scott himself – From what I remember from talking to Scott when we made MacInTax read the first quicken files, Intuit has apparently forgotten every single value proposition that made Intuit what it was. This isn’t an issue of the CTO being a screwup, this is a pretty clear example you’ve completely lost your way as an organization. The reason you’re successful is because Scott worked to make it easier to use the product than any conceivable alternative – and apparently that’s been translated into making it possible to make everyone work harder because Intuit didn’t – wrong direction folks

    • Mark Mullin Says:

      OK, now that this has passed 24 hours

      1) The only reason I’m using Quicken is because Microsoft gave up on money and I didn’t have a choice – it’s not (until now) that I had anything against Intuit, it was Chipsoft I particularly despised, and in buying them and promoting one especial idiot to a position of influence in Intuit, I didn’t like Intuit.

      2) And I can recognize his, and his ilks grubby little footprints all over this situation – his particular claim to fame at Chipsoft was only realizing after the fact that releasing a business tax filing product the day AFTER the deadline amounted to a fart in a whirlwind. Fine, you scaled up – looks like you’ll be scaling down now – and trust me, I know what I’m talking about – the guts of your windows tax engine, once upon a time, were mine.

      Now, lets get into the issues

      1 – my own issue – so I install quicken and try and cut over from money – and the stupid POS thinks either I don’t have an internet connection or that my firewall is the problem – yo, dimwits, instead of telling me to check google to see if I have internet connectivity, WHY THE HELL DON’T YOU CHECK YOURSELF??? Scott would have (if the web was around then) – in essence, you don’t even feel its worth checking if the problem is on your end, you just assume I’m a moron and there’s no charge for wasting my time. Pity, because what you’ve forgotten is what made you. And yeah, I’ll use quicken – but I am not loyal – I’m just trapped for the moment

      2 – another customer issue – IF YOU CAN’T GET A CONNECTION YOU BLOW AWAY THE INFORMATION IN TAX WITHHOLDING AND FICA AND RUN CHECKS WITH NO DEDUCTIONS ????? Without saying squat???? OK, this means I really have to file you under “can’t be trusted to pour xxxx out of a boot” – um, try bringing in a decent architect, and let them fire, or perhaps even shoot the idiots that let that creep out the door – how about I hook you up to a intravenous dispenser with this same logic ? it isn’t _that_ different from screwing around with small business payrolls.

      3 – monetization of your product – seems that if your product can’t connect with the mother ship, it’s assumption is that the product has no license/usage rights – hmmm – DID YOU IDIOTS EVER GET TAUGHT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FALSE NEGATIVES AND REAL POSIIVES ????????? If you can’t phone home, and you have successfully phoned home in the past, then you might want to allow some benefit of the doubt – your desire to monetize everything has probably just cost you a bundle – it shouldn’t take your customers too long to realize this effectively means that if they’ve paid their fees but a large disagreeable tree/hurricane/etc has taken away their internet, they have no license.

      I can’t tell you how appalled I am – I helped build the forerunners of the systems that you sell today, when we didn’t have a monopoly, and it was really scary on more than one occassion AND YOU’VE FORGOTTEN OR DISMISSED EVERY SINGLE THING OF VALUE WE LEARNED. I heard Scott tell the story of how he followed the first Quicken users home to find out how to make the program do what they really wanted — at MacInTax and Chipsoft we went to extremes making sure that customers could move data in and out of the system fearlessly – BECAUSE WE WORKED FOR THEM, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! At this point, I don’t care about the CTO, the CEO, or anyone but Scott Cook – I dare him to defend this mess and say it’s in line with Intuit’s values! If these are indeed Intuits values, well, folks, it was nice while it lasted, but it’s over now.

      If you’ve read this far (and this post is still here)…

      1 – I have to commend the support staff for not deleting it

      2 – You are correct, your data should not be held hostage – Intuit MUST publish a standardized definition of the data, and they must make it possible to get ALL the data on and off the system – anything else is evil – no company has the right to hold someones data hostage.

      3 – You have a right to expect things like tax tables that you had a license for stay on your system and are not replaced with large buckets of zeros – it’s not like the damn things don’t change all the time anyway. That fact should be good enough for Intuit – if you ran a payroll connected, then the next one you run in a disconnected state should produce the same damn result, all things being equal.

      4 – Intuit should change their license/validation/authentication posture to one that assumes you are honest, not one that treats you as a thief – just because Intuit can’t phone home doesn’t mean that the end licensee is a crook – IT MAY ACTUALLY INDICATE THAT INTUIT IS INCOMPETENT (like today)

      Good luck folks – give em hell – for myself, I can only wish Microsoft had held on for just 8 more months – they missed a golden opportunity.

  76. Hopeful Says:

    This was recently posted on Quickbase site:

    “We are making progress toward restoring a number of websites affected by a service disruption. Despite the progress, we’re not yet able to estimate a specific time when all applications will be completely available. ”

    Maybe the support team can describe how this will come back up. Specifically for Quickbase, will it all come up at the same time, or will certain customers come up before others, or applications before other ones,etc.

    Hopefully I am giving you a different question to answer.

  77. KM Says:

    I need to run payroll today. I am in Mountain Time. What is the cutoff if QBO was working just in case your site comes back up (and that looks doubtful). Will you be able to process late payroll submissions when your site does come back up? I need to let our employees know the status of their paychecks asap.

    • MS Says:


      Our company needs to process payroll today by 7:00 p.m. Central Time in order for our employees to get paid on Friday via Direct Deposit.

      Hopefully QBO upholds this deadline time and allows us to process payroll tomorrow/friday.

      We’ll see what they come up with. Good luck.

  78. Rick Says:

    After this is solved, can we know “who’s ass we need to kick?”

  79. Anonie Mouse Says:

    QBO, can we safely assume that this is not necessarily a QuickBase issue, but an Intuit infrastructure issue, that when resolved will automatically fix the Quickbase issue?

  80. qb Says:

    Intuit has stopped answering their phones. The recording states “we are investigating the cause of the problem” – coupled with the absolute refusal of anybody at Intuit to say “we know what the problem is” – let alone sharing that information with the customers – is there even an end in sight? What are the chances that service will be down tomorrow as well? Please let us know NOW so I can make plans to work around the outage if need be.

  81. notHappy Says:

    I find these outages highly unacceptable. Intuit has know of these problems for a while. Every payday the system is down of severely delayed. It is clear that the system is overloaded yet Intuit has done nothing to resolve the problem and now many companies and hardworking individuals are suffering. In this economy that’s like salt on an open wound! I have lost all respect for Intuit.

  82. KM Says:

    Thanks for the information, MS. Can someone from QBO please advise how they will handle payroll for those of us that need to get it submitted today?

  83. Richard Says:

    Any possibility someone installed the .Net framework update on all those servers yesteday and corrupted the interface?

  84. larry m Says:

    intuit is showinng all of the integrity and class of TOYOTA
    TOYOTA is becoming a synonym for poor quality and being unsafe.
    Looks licke quickbooks intends to follow in this path of self destruction.
    Looks like the richard nixon-orack obama school of integrity for your


  85. Lynn Says:

    QB online just came up. Oh Yay

  86. fred lebhart Says:

    I’m going to get my company to start building a desktop app (using the Adobe AIR platform) to pull data from QBO daily, letting you ‘see’ your last backup until it’s replaced by the next backup. that would be useful, right?

  87. chumba Says:

    i gots to pay my baby mama’s ya’ll , bitches be hungry tonight.

  88. Rick Says:

    Quickbase is back online!!!!!!!!

  89. Anita Says:

    Is QB working or not? I am still not able to process payroll!

  90. JohnBC Says:

    Quickbase is NOT back online for Me (4pm MDT)

  91. Horacio Says:

    Still waiting…..tap tap tap tap tap…

  92. Anonie Mouse Says:

    I would not believe any, “_____ is back up” comments unless posted by QBO.

  93. Dave Dorris Says:

    I understand outages happen and all the planning in the world sometimes can’t prevent it. I have definately lost money today, as has everyone else.

    What I’ve been panicking about all day long however, is the question…”WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO TELL ME IF I’VE LOST MY DATA!”

    I did not find this blog until just now, now that I’m back up and running finally. But any time an outage ocurrs, it would be great if you guys could post a simple sentence in addition to your blanket non-statement, that our data is safe. This is critical for peace of mind! Remember, we have no way to backup our systems after we switch to you guys for QBOE!!!


    • Anonie Mouse Says:


      They have no idea exactly what caused the problem or how to fix it yet. They are still trying to figure that out. QBO has stated that all QB data is safe and that it is an infrastructure issue.

      Based upon the fact that all Intuit properties are affected, I don’t think they’re lying to us. If Intuit could fix their problem, then QB would be back up in a jiffy. QB is trapped by the error at the Intuit level.

      My 2 Cents

    • Hopeful Says:


      What service specifically is back up for you. I am using QUickbase, and it is still down for me?

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Dave – your data in safe. We are sorry for not re-assuring you right away that this was the case. There was no data loss here – just a lot of your time and for that we do apologize.

  94. larry Says:

    maybe because of all of your recent outages, a good-faith effort would be to provide each of your on-line customers the box version to prevent lost days, lost sales, lost customers, lost employees, etc

    to have a quality product – response, accessability, integrity and accurate information is not only expected but required.

    how many problems, that will take time, effort, money and manpower were created today that could have been prevented by prompt, accurate information.

    bet nobody at intuit gets what I am saying


    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Larry – we definitely get that we are costing you money and time by being down. No excuses from our end that this hasn’t impacted your business. We are working to get the app back up for all users – fully understanding that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. -Kristen

  95. KM Says:

    FYI for MAC users. I was unable to access QBO from Safari but I am in now using Firefox.

  96. Lou Says:

    QBOL is up!

  97. Mr. Tulip Says:

    QBOE is not up for me.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Mr Tulip – some people are up now, some not. We’re in the process of getting all of our users online – hopefully fast. Again thanks and sorry.

  98. Jared Says:

    This is the SLOPPIEST mess of IT muts I have ever seen… BACKUP your DATA! Have a plan B and a plan C.

    MORE than one data center is usually a good idea, and if you have more than one, it is not very useful today, is it? When you are dealing with tens of thousands of business’ data, it is at the very least, a requirement. Sites cannot go down, let alone our workflow programs, our credit card processors, and every single way we have of executing our business day effectively.

    Our company has probably lost around $20,000.00 today alone and have a ton of pissed off customers who will be giving us calls for the next week down the road.

    And all because… of what?

    My favorite is your very AUTOMATED “we will update you in 30 minutes” script with a new time that has been updated with the same message… in 30 minutes.

    Amazing Intuit. Amazing.

  99. QBO Dave Says:

    Hi everyone — please be aware that it can take some time to bring all systems fully online. There may be a period of time in which some of you can access your data while others still cannot. Also, while service is being restored you may notice reduced performance. We are continuing work to restore full access for everyone as quickly as possible.

    • fghartmann Says:

      Can you please address the payroll processing issues? We all have been asking and no answers have been forthcoming.

      • QBO Dave Says:

        Hi fghartmann — what I know at this point is that we have extended the direct deposit deadline (for today only) until 7pm Pacific Time and the deadline for processing electronic tax payments until 9pm Pacific Time. We will work with you and the tax agencies so you are not penalized because of this outage. The payroll product team will be sending an email to members shortly that will contain more information.

  100. Joe Says:

    Any idea on how far down the list quickbooks online payroll is? Sadly today is our payroll day and I don’t want to listen to the yelling and cursing of our employees unless I can be sure I will be able to process checks tomorrow.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Payroll would be live and active when QBO is up for you. They share the same house, so as soon as you access QuickBooks Online, we should have access for you on payroll.

  101. Rick Says:

    QBO Dave,

    Thanks for the heads up.
    As system might have performance issues, and even if the system is up, will low performance be at any how an issue for my over 900 users? Everyone has an itchy finger on the trigger to fire up and work overnight just to be partially on schedule.
    I’d strongly recommend Intuit to send an email, RIGHT AWAY(the least and easist thing to do as courtesy), to the Quickbase Account Billing Managers/Administrators an email stating that everything is fully restored and business can be ran as usual.
    I won’t compromise my users to have a second dissapointment if for any reason, performance would impact on precision.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Rick — unfortunately, we in the QBO product group can’t speak knowledgeably to the expected performance of QuickBase once their service is restored. They don’t have a blog to my knowledge, but you can contact them by email at:

  102. Hopeful Says:


    So am I interpreting this correctly, that the problem has been resolved and the processes are all starting to come back online? I understand they all won’t be there at once, but it could be comforting to know that we are just left with servers turning on and processes coming online versus the problems still existing.

  103. QBO Bermster Says:

    This is correct – we are starting to get some of our customers back online. We’re still not on a timeline (unfortunately) to share when all users will be back up. But when this happens there will more info to share about the cause and what we will do to prevent it.

  104. I have been a QBO user for 5 years and these outages have become crippling. It is outrageous that nearly 24 hours later the only official statement provided by Intuit is a canned memo… which states nothing useful.

    I think the BBB ( and possibly some regulatory bodies need to be informed of this activity as it now effects our ability to meet our business obligations (like payroll) and significantly effects our cost of doing business. I would suggest that Intuit, and possibly regulators, enact policy which guarantees a level of service and that some level of penalties apply in cases of lost revenue or decreased income. This is the only way to ensure that we are treated properly.

  105. Linas Vytuvis Says:

    Are you owned by BP?
    Similar safety backup plan.

    We loose $100,000.00 per lost potential student.
    So we lost about $700,000.00 today.
    Can you understand that?

    I’m the independent Quickbase developer who built their apps, and they would like to chop my head off and burn me alive, then make me pay for their loss.


  106. Kim Says:

    I have tried all day to be patient. I have employees that need to be paid, commission checks that need to go out, invoices to be entered, and my employees have had nothing to do all day because of this, and I still have to pay them for today. This is crazy, is there any time frame at all as to when we can get back into QB online?????

  107. [...] Service outage notification We apologize to those of you who have been unable to connect to a number of Intuit websites, including QuickBooks [...] [...]

  108. Thomas Says:

    Timeframe – YES – #1 – we need this info. Compensation of loss of revenue – also #1 – what are you doing to compensate us financially?

  109. Randy W. Says:

    This has now gone beyond ridiculous, and I expect will end in a significant body count. To even begin to reestablish a limited degree of credibility, Intuit will need to provide a very cogent explanation of the cause of this problem and the steps taken to insure an unlikely reoccurrence in the future.

    To your fault, the limited canned explanations to date only added to the frustration. If you did not think it was likely that particular sites would be restored during the business day, you should have communicated so expeditiously.

    Intuit has fallen from the ranks of a business partner you depend on daily, to being an undependable and untrustworthy liability.

    • Thomas Says:

      Exactly – I could not have said this any better. What we really need to know is how they will compensate us financially for the cost involved in this massive outage?

      • Kim Says:

        I agree. I did not lose as much money today as some, but my little company cant afford to be down all day long. Compensation is definately something they should do. A year free would be a start!

        • Thomas Says:

          I bet compensation is not a part of their plan – they will just tell us to read the disclaimer.

          • Glen Says:

            At a minimum, we all need to petition for a subscription credit commensurate with the cost inflicted by the business disruption. All of us pay monthly or annually – so start with a free month or year. I am in a customer-centric business, and I know how to make things right when we drop the ball. It’s time for Intuit to step up and put their money where their mouth is. Either that or witness a mass exodus.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Randy – just want to personally apologize for what happened. As you mention we are working on steps and will have specific actions on how to prevent this in the future. The lack of detail is frustrating – what we do know is that the accidental power failure during normal maintenance affected both our primary and backup systems. The restoration process for our systems and services required diligence and time. Again, not acceptable to be down this long by any means and everyone here knows that. Thanks for your reminder and comment.

  110. Linda C Says:

    Is there someway to get timely notification via email once you are back up so I don’t have to keep trying and trying?

  111. Jason Says:

    The “Website Outage” reported on Intuit’s website is not just related to web services or Quickbooks Online! It also affects payroll for QB Enterprise 9.0 Because Intuit’s websites are down the software cannot verify the software owner’s payroll subscription. In other words, even though I have a valid subscription because Intuit’s sites are down my software shows “Subscription Inactive.” If I try to run payroll the result is paychecks with no taxes withheld.

    I have 151 upset employees because I can’t run payroll!

    Anyone know a hack to make Quickbooks recognize that I have a valid payroll subscription without connecting to Intuit’s sites?

  112. Elise Says:

    Ok…as soon as I can access my data, my online clients are off of this. To think I had to get my info from websearches instead of an email from UnIntuit is insane. TOTAL FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF CUSTOMERS….and you did it to yourselves….

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Elise – we are sorry about the outage. Things are looking up and will be online soon. We have communicated through the blog as much as the team was able to and about what we knew about the problem. The team here will continue to work hard on behalf of our customers and we again apologize for the lost time you and your clients had today.

  113. Shame on Intuit Says:

    Hey folks, there has been a incredible lack of transparency on Intuit’s part during this downtime. To only provide your customers with a few general apologies during an service outage is unacceptable. And since we can’t run payroll, we can’t pay our employees and we can’t pay our state and federal taxes. This needs to be brought to the attention of our government and local tax agencies.

    Please join me by emailing and let’s bond together to really take some action to prevent this from ever happening again. We are powerless alone, but together we can force Intuit to change this ridiculous behavior.

  114. A. Weintraub Says:

    Hi Folks: My small company uses Q-Books and we have been struggling all day to deal with this, just as the rest of you have.

    HERE’S WHAT REALLY RILES ME THOUGH — Intuit makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get a complete and usable backup copy of your financial data from the Q-books site. We’ve tried their “snapshot” function and we’ve spent hours on the phone dealing with them over this. The so-called data “backup” is totally unusable and worthless.

    Number one rule of data protection is: have a complete and usable data backup somewhere safe in case the worst happens. You just can’t do that with Q-Books.

    What’s even worse? The fact that this position on Intuit’s part is strictly to keep customers from taking their data and leaving the service. I don’t like being held forcibly captive by any vendor. That’s not good business.

    I’ve never heard Intuit give a reasonable, justifiable business case for why customers cannot download ALL their financial data at any time. For us, I would be doing it daily or weekly if I could – for safety and security. But thanks to Intuit and Q-Books, I cannot.

    Anyone else have an issue with this???

  115. Joe Says:

    Once again your system has been down for an extended period of time, preventing us from processing and shipping orders as well as delaying our processing of payments and invoicing. We almost switched to Intuit for payroll but decided we can’t take the risk of treating our employees as badly as you treat your customers!

    Since this isn’t the first time this has happened Intuit should step up and issue a credit for the service we paid for but did not receive. The typical business is open 20 days per month so issue a credit equal to 5% of the months charges. Once this costs your company money I’m sure you will get serious about fixing the problem!!!!!!!

  116. Marcus Says:

    Where is Brad Smith, the CEO? Customers deserve to be informed at Intuit’s highest level that he will make this right by us. Tell us now, Brad, or risk the continuous negative comments from this blog creating an exodus from your products.

  117. Hopeful Says:

    I have to say I am starting to lose some of my hope. It has now been over 24 hours and there appears to be no end in sight. Like everyone else, I will have some very upset customers if this goes into day two.

    Can someone from Intuit please give more of a specific update than things are looking better and it will be up soon.

    I need to spend time constructing communications to my customers if we are in fact going to go into tomorrow. Please for the love of GOD… please tell us if we will be up by morning so we can properly communicate to our customers.

    • Anonie Mouse Says:

      Don’t lose hope, Hopeful!!! You were our shining light of optimism. We will all wake up at 2am and check our computers and see our systems back online. Hope is all we, and Intuit, seem to have right now.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey Hopeful – Things are looking better – unfortunately we still don’t have a time to communicate to everyone. But the pressure on getting us back up is heavy as it should be and the work continues on our end to get you back in business. Thanks for your patience. -Kristen

  118. Irene Suver Says:

    I think it’s time for QuickBooks to seriously reconsider allowing users to upload their data to our own quickbooks software in our offices. Frankly, for years, I have kept only our accounts receivable online, because I was disturbed by the fact I was not allowed to keep a backup of MY books in MY posession.

    A little less concern about proprietary losses and a little more concern about client peace of mind and safety which was what QuickBooks WAS when I started using it in the early 90’s on a DOS system on version 1.0 — it was a great product, supported by people who understood bookkeeping; and the worries and concerns of bookkeepers in small businesses.

    Now, forcing updates we don’t want onto those of us who use the software in-house and a terrifying lack of reliability online, together with products like checks and envelopes that are so overpriced as to be utterly embaressing in this economy … makes it clear their priorities are stockholders, not customers.

    My loyalty WAS to the software; but the constant upgrades I don’t need, adding options and / or services I don’t want for prices I can’t afford makes me, after twenty years, a very, very unhappy customer. I feel like a victim of a drug I can’t kick rather than a valued customer.

    I want my ALL of my data in MY POSESSION from now on, where I can access it at my discretion — Quickbooks refusal to allow us to upload or backup our online information has been shown to be an outrageous hostage taking of their customers life-blood — our bookkeeping data.

    • A. Weintraub Says:

      Irene – My thoughts exactly. My post is just 3or 4 slots above yours on the page. If a hired bookkeeper tried the same tack, courts would likely find it criminal, given the ownership issue. I feel for you. Be well.

  119. Glen Says:

    I run a company with 15 employees and I depend on the online versions of Quickbooks and Quickbase. Quickbase functionality is imperative; my company is a processing company and without our database being up we have no access to our files. This means I paid 15 people for 8 hours of work today, and got absolutely nothing accomplished. Your outage just cost me thousands of dollars in lost productivity. The LEAST you can do is offer me a free service on both of my subscriptions.

  120. Richard Rothschild Says:

    This is truly shameful, especially in the way PR was handled.
    After being thwarted by Intuit’s Machiavellian security roadblocks, and being forced to upgrade, then to register and re-register my program, I wasted at least two hours trying to “register” my product, so that pending checks would be sent.
    The automatic phone system at Intuit was set on “deceive.”
    At first I was told that the offices were “closed” (like a computer sleeps at night). Then this morning I was told that no one was answering the phone, and to “call back later” because everyone at the entire company is in a meeting. Such outright lies. And “call back later” … as if we have all the time in the world to dial and redial Intuit until they see fit to pick up the phone! So much for customer service.
    Now I discover that there is no backup or redundant system to all this. Astonishing for a huge company that charges premium prices on an ongoing basis for its overpriced online services, then forces customers to “upgrade” (i.e., “shell out on a regular basis”, even if they don’t need to or want to. Or maybe cannot even afford to.
    An apology (and some sort of refund) from Quickbooks is in order here.
    But I won’t hold my breath waiting for Intuit!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hi Richard, the QuickBooks Online team (and QuickBase if you are their customer as well) is sorry. As an org we understand this is not OK and are working to fix it. Thanks for sticking with us as we figure this out – your patience is appreciated on this one. – Kristen.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey again Richard, we’re back online now. As for the refund question, we’re addressing this via the support line. 1-800-286-6800. Thanks much and again – sorry from the team here.

  121. Rick Says:

    Is there any QBO checking this blog? I know you have been bombarded all day long. The last thing we want know is that no one check these messages.
    A question. Did anything happen in Quincy, Washington? I’m checking online news feeds for local Quincy newspaper and others and there’s on important issues whatsoever related directly or indirectly with your datacenter.

    I can especulate a few things:
    – It is not power related.
    – Some support Quickbook sites are still up and running:
    – It is not connectivity
    – Not a nature disaster or God will.
    – Not hardware issue. if you enter it redirect to the Which basically a replaced index with the message Quickbase unavailable. As a error http 500 error, it is an automated page to show whenever website crashes, maintenance, etc…

    what could be?
    – All points to software related issue.

    What could cause software related issues?
    Not to panic but these days can result on data losses, hijack, virus, hacker, etc…

    Hell breaks lose if the data:
    Data are stolen
    Goes public

    Unless better explanation are offered, I’ll keep researching on “what could it be”.

    Everything above is speculative of course. Let’s hope I AM SO WRONG!

  122. Peter Says:

    Sell your company, and distribute the shares to your customers. It might almost cover today’s losses.

  123. Rick Says:

    Is there any QBO checking this blog? I know you have been bombarded all day long. The last thing we want know is that no one check these messages.
    A question. Did anything happen in Quincy, Washington? I’m checking online news feeds for local Quincy newspaper and others and there’s on important issues whatsoever related directly or indirectly with your datacenter.

    I can especulate a few things:
    – It is not power related.
    – Some support Quickbook sites are still up and running:
    (http….(without triple w)
    – It is not connectivity
    – Not a nature disaster or God will.
    – Not hardware issue. if you enter http… it redirect to the https… Which basically a replaced index with the message Quickbase unavailable. As a error http 500 error, it is an automated page to show whenever website crashes, maintenance, etc…

    what could be?
    – All points to software related issue.

    What could cause software related issues?
    Not to panic but these days can result on data losses, hijack, virus, hacker, etc…

    Hell breaks lose if the data:
    Data are stolen
    Goes public

    Unless better explanation are offered, I’ll keep researching on “what could it be”.

    Everything above is speculative of course. Let’s hope I AM SO WRONG!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hey – Kristen again here Rick, we are here and listening. This outage is not acceptable for our customers and we apologize that it happened and the impact it is having on your day to day business. I mentioned this below, but as a product manager for QuickBooks Online, we take a lot of stock in customer feedback (about not only our performance but the features).

      This episode did not compromise your data. Once the product is up and running you will have full and complete access to your secure data. Thanks for your feedback now and in the future.

  124. Frances Says:

    Is anyone at QB listening?

  125. Hopeful Says:

    Quickbase just came back up for us.

    Thank you everyone for the entertainment today….

    Now we can’t let this drop just because we are up. We all need to ban together and insist on proper answers, compensation, and a proper apology from the CEO.

    Thank you support team for your continuing updates today, even though you didn’t have much to work with.

  126. Arthur Says:

    OH MY GOD, QuickBase is back up and running !!!

    06/16/2010 22:08 Normal Operations
    No known problems

  127. Eric Says:

    Not working for me.

  128. Pissed Off Says:

    Agreed significant compensation is called for.

    The reason we pay a premium to use Intuit’s service is the resources that we assumed would be spent to plan for such disasters. How it possible for such an enormous software company not to have everything mirrored in another location?

  129. Frances Says:

    Me either

  130. QBO Bermster Says:

    Hey – Bermster again, we are here and listening. This outage is not acceptable for our customers and we apologize that it happened and the impact it is having on your day to day business. As a product manager for QuickBooks Online, we take a lot of stock in customer feedback (about not only our performance but the features). Would love any other feedback you have for the team or product – feel free to email me at Thanks.

  131. QBO Bermster Says:

    Jared – thanks for your note. This has a big impact on our customers and on their customers. Want to personally apologize for today’s outage and ensure we will take the necessary steps to ensure this won’t happen in the future. -Kristen

  132. FrustratedINTX Says:

    I am still not up, but I see on here and a few other blogs that some people are finally able to access their DB and QBO. I will be working all night to make up for the lost time my employess had today riding my clock waiting on this to be fixed. So far I have not gotten calls from my clients who tried to access their QBO today, which is a good thing, hopefully they won’t call until it is all up and running.

    I run a small bookkeeping company, I work from home and manage 18 clients who ALL use QBO. I am wondering what the legal ramifications would be if one of them decided to take this out on me in court, thinking it was my fault or that I was trying to steal from them or any number of other reasons.

    I think all 18 of my clients should recieve a year free subscription to QBO!!! I WILL be researching different alternatives to offer my clients, starting tomorrow! QBO may lose 18 all at one time just because of this!

  133. Rick Says:

    When bad things happened we shout but also when good things happens we appreciate.
    Thank you IT and Business Development executives.
    I’ve already notify the corp staff to proceed.
    Nevertheless, I hope to read tomorrow a good explanation of what happened and why it took so long. As customers, we all deserve that kind of respect and honesty.
    Again. Thanks!

  134. John Tucker Says:

    So, what happened to Quickbase? I need to explain this to my boss.

  135. Lisa Says:

    Ok, it is now 11:14 PM EST. I still do not have access to QB. I have not been able to do any part of my job today and am now beginning to wonder if I will be able to do my job tomorrow. I am part owner of an IT company & if any of my clients were down this long, we would be out of business!!!! I cannot believe that Intuit (which is a much larger entity than any of my customers) has been down this long & with very little info to pass on to its customers. This is ridiculous!!! Trust me, your customers deserve an explanation & communication is key!!! I learned that in Business 101…perhaps, Intuit needs to go back to basics in customer relations!!! I certainly hope this gets resolved soon…I cannot afford this outtage much longer. Thank you for reading this.

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Lisa – thank you for posting. Let me know in the Am if you are able to log in again. Apologies for this impact to you business – we know the lack of info was hard as we ourselves wrapped our heads around the problem, solution and root cause. Thanks again for the engagement and comment.

  136. Anonie Mouse Says:

    Quickbase is now up and running!!!! Woohoo!!!

  137. Kendra Says:

    I still can’t get on Quickbooks online edition but co-worker is on it and working (yes, same company). I’ve restarted my laptop, but am still getting the offline message. Can anyone explain this? She’s working and I can’t get the login page…..

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Kendra — are you going to to log in? Some older bookmarks may be causing login issues. If that works, please update your bookmark to use that address.

      If that doesn’t help, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Unfortunately, our help page with the steps to do this is still down, but you can find steps by doing a web search for “clear cache” or “clear cookies” followed by the name of your browser.

      • Lisa Says:

        Thanks for submitting that link…I am back in!!!! YEAH!!! Glad to know I am back in business but I would like to know why it was down & what caused it. Also, I had asked Intuit to email me when site was up. I did not receive an email from them. If it wasn’t for this blog, I guess I would have never known that it was back up.

      • Kendra Says:

        Thanks, Dave. I got on right before I received your reply. I googled quickbooks online and started clicking on every link it gave me. I think the “log in” link is the one that did it, so I must have had an older bookmark like you said. Now back to work, burning the midnight oil….Thanks again.

      • Irene Suver Says:

        This did it after my “usual” link failed; this is a repeated problem with Quickbooks where the front door slams shut and a new sign on is necessary to sign in — there is no link from the old page just a slammed door — I have no idea HOW LONG I COULD have been on today until HOURS AND HOURS into this you suggest this — why wasn’t this ALL OVER here so we could ALL try it!!!

        And by the way I didn’t have the “OLD LINK” I had a new one, but it had to be retyped into my browser rather than being linked to from the bookmark — now why the **** is that?

  138. Scott Niner Says:


  139. QBO Bermster Says:

    Hi Heather. Thanks for your feedback. It’s heard…here is a summary of the current assessment – below. The teams here first worked to recover from the power outage and quickly went to ensuring all systems and services were restored. During this outage (and hopefully you are back online now) we relayed as much information as we were confident was correct – we definitely apologize and acknowledge the lack of detail we were able to provide. Thanks again for your feedback and feel free to email me with any more –

    “We’re also learning what happened. Our preliminary investigation indicates the outage occurred during a routine maintenance procedure Tuesday night. An accidental power failure during that procedure affected both our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit websites and services offline. While power was quickly restored, we’re working diligently to validate our systems and bring them back into full operation.

    Again, we apologize for disruptions we’ve caused and understand the importance of our services to our customers. We will continue working nonstop until all affected websites and services are fully restored.”

  140. Thomas Says:

    I don’t know why I should be shocked but I got up at 3am to do the work I could not complete yesterday because your system was down and I see no progress has been made whatsoever. I see here from all the posts that I am not the only person impacted by this catastrophic outage. What surprises me even more is that we don’t have any more information than we have yesterday and continue to be paralyzed and unable to operate our business.

    I can’t even imagine how long it will take to work out financial compensation for the loss of revenue caused by your negligence or what systems you have in place to deal with that. Honestly I am not even sure if your company can ever recover from something like this.

    An outage of this magnitude will most certainly send your customers running to your competitors, but now on top of this your company will have a huge financial liability to deal with.

    • Irene Suver Says:

      I know this sounds silly, but try retyping the website into your browser directly; do not use a bookmark link — why this works I have no idea — and I doubt intuit does either —-

  141. Sharon Says:

    No doubt Intuit will be filing a claim with its insurance company for losses incurred.

    How many of us will be able to do the same?

  142. Unhappy Camper Says:

    Its difficult to fathom why such a large company doesn’t have backup. Even small companies have a plan B. This seriously concerns me! Is this place being run by monkies? We are losing business here…

    And I know all that can be said in response is “I’m sorry, it wont happen again” But this time last year everything was down for the same period of time. At that time, we were told that it would never happen again. Does that apology and promise have a 1-year expiration?

  143. jules Says:

    There has been no update on ETA for QB Online. I am still unable to get online. What is the current status?

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Jules – we have a fair amount of users able to log in now – I think you may have been the one to email, but want to make sure. If you haven’t check this URL: to log in. We are still working on getting everyone up and going. ETA has to be soon – not sure when though.

  144. Sharon Says:

    I still can’t get into my QB online, can’t do payroll, can’t do anything, this is now 36 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      Hi Sharon – most of our users are back up, sorry that you are still down. We are working fast and furious to get the last group up and going. I would also check the url you are going to – some users have reported they were using an ‘old’ url link.


      • Sharon Says:

        Nope, doesn’t work.

        • QBO Bermster Says:

          OK – hopefully not long though now for the last group of users to get up. Thanks (genuinely) for your time yesterday and today. We know this is not OK and are working to improve the situation as soon as possible.

  145. Cristian Says:

    The service is still down, how to proccess Payroll? we are tied to Intuit i called and i called but no answer when will be up, how Intuit will compensate us all this time?
    More than 45 employees without getting theirs check!!

    Mickey Mouse company, billions dollars for nothing.

    After this outage who will rely on Intuit services?

    Another bad day, how to explain to my boss this situation

  146. QBO Bermster Says:

    Hi Cristian – Most of our users are back online – we are working to get the last group up and going. It should not be long, although I don’t have a time to commit to. Also, ensure you going to the right URL.

    On behalf of the QuickBooks Online team, we really are sorry for this outage and will work to get you up and going as soon as humanly possible.

    • Scott Says:

      No it is still not working. After logging in, we get the same message that has been there since yesterday.

      I wish you would just stop promising what you aren’t delivering. A year ago when you had a major outage, you promised you would do everything necessary to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. This is now the 3rd outage this year. It’s become a monthly occurance and clearly, no one in your group seems to know what is going on, or more likely, probably doesn’t want to say.

      I suspect we will never know the truth nor be compensated for the two days offline now. Clearly you must have some serious deficiencies in your management and internal expertise to allow a critical B2B operation to be down this long.

      I hope an enterprising lawyer decides to do a class action suit, since given how your company has handled it so far, it may be the only way we will get to the truth and some reasonable compensation.

      Another one of your 100,000 extremely angry customers!

    • JrG Says:

      We’re still down and paying people to look at a blank screen. Thanks.

      You’ve certainly lost our trust. After the lessons of 9/11, how could you not operate a system of this size and importance without running in multiple locations. It’s simply unconscionable.

    • MJM Says:

      Nope…I cannot access QuickBooks either. What exactly does “most of our users” mean? I get the impression that Intuit really has no clue who is able to access its service at this point.

  147. Paul Says:

    New Product = QuickBooks Offline

    More info on the new Intuit Software as a Service (SaaS) application: QuickBooks Offline.

    This from Wall Street Journal.

  148. Jim Coshow Says:

    Time to start shopping for alternatives; any suggestions?

  149. M Says:


    Your sugar coated repetitive replies are exasperating!

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      M – we’re actually not sugar coating – This is not acceptable and the team here knows that and is and will be working to improve the situation. There are a lack of updates on timing/ETA, which isn’t good – This is not due to lack of attention on the issue, but due to the complexity of the issues we are unsure when we’ll be all in the clear. Hope you can understand and will continue to check back here for the updates.

      – Kristen

      • MJM Says:

        Hope we can understand? Good grief, you are starting to sound like a BP executive! No, we cannot understand how a company the size of Intuit can: (1) have a system-wide outage like this, and (2) take more than a day and a half to figure out how to get everything back online! It’s pathetic, and the responses we are getting from Intuit are even more so.

  150. JrG Says:

    BTW, it’s nice that your blog works despite the power outage – it would be a whole lot nicer if your accounting system worked.

  151. Talitha9275 Says:

    Is anybody else still down I know some companies are back up but I feel like Im the only one left out.

  152. Jennifer Says:

    I’m also in for a class action suit.

  153. M Says:

    I’m still down as well.

  154. MJM Says:

    I am still down. I wonder who is actually up. Doubtful that it is “most” of their customers as previously stated.

  155. Hopeful Says:

    We have been up with quickest since last night.

  156. Hopeful Says:

    Sorry I meant quickbase.

  157. BH Says:

    It’s odd that neither the San Francisco Chronicle nor the LA Times have reported anything on this outage. But when I searched for “Intuit” on both news sites, I did get a list of sponsored ads from Intuit. Apparently the trick is to advertise with your local papers so that major snafus like this one will go unreported. Spend a little on marketing, and save a ton in disaster recovery planning.

  158. Paul Says:

    I had six QuickBooks Online accounts. I’ve canceled on.

    Of my five remaining QuickBooks Online accounts, I can access three, and cannot access two.

    When will I be able to access the two remaining accounts?

    This is getting really old.

    If anyone has a suggestion for a replacement online accounting system, please share it here.

  159. MJM Says:

    Hey Intuit, why are you telling the press that everyone is back online when that is clearly NOT the case?

  160. JrG Says:

    QBO Bermster,

    What % of businesses are back up and running? “Most” is not really informative. Is it 51%, 80%, 95% or what? That you can tell us.

    More importantly, is there a chance that data has been lost or damaged?

    And no, we’re not sympathetic to your engineers or other members of your team. We’re customers whose businesses are being held hostage by the lack of planning and competence of your team. You’ve got it backwards if you think your customers should be sympathetic – not to mention completely out of touch.

    We’re in Connecticut and we’re still down. Who else is still out?

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      JrG – hey thanks for the comment. We really are the first ones here on this blog to say this is unacceptable for our customers. We hear the impact on everyone loud and clear and apologize for the pain it has caused.

      – Kristen

  161. Paul Says:

    I am still out on two of five businesses.

  162. Jim Coshow Says:

    Now I’ve heard there may be some lost data.

    I’m going to rack up some very real expenses here in the form of overtime.

    Just like BP: If you don’t have the technology to deal with the worst case scenario you should not be in the business.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi Jim — to be clear, there is no lost data. I’m not sure where you heard that, but we’ve consistently been assuring all of you that your data is safe, and that continues to be the case. If someone you know believes their QuickBooks Online company is missing data, please tell them to contact QBO Support and we’ll help them figure out what’s going on.

  163. QBO Dave Says:

    Everyone whose service is still down — I know I sound like a broken record, but we realize how painful this is and we’re still working feverishly to get the rest of you back online as soon as we possibly can. To answer a couple of questions:

    We have indeed had a large majority of QuickBooks Online companies up and running since early this morning. I don’t have exact numbers at this time, and I realize if your companies are down it makes no difference for you if it’s 51% or 99%. The important thing is that we’re not resting until 100% of companies are fully accessible again.

    We have not made a statement to the press that QuickBooks Online is fully restored at this time. Some other Intuit services are completely online and have been reported that way, but any articles saying that QBO is fully available as of now are quoting us inaccurately.

    Please stay tuned for updates.

  164. MJM Says:

    Hmmm….here’s the statement from your CIO:
    We’re carefully monitoring the sites and the applications that support them to ensure we provide the services that customers expect. And they’re performing well at this time. We’re deeply sorry for the disruption to businesses and consumers and appreciate their patience as we worked to resolve this problem. With service restored, it’s our priority to work with those affected and resolve any issues caused by this outage.

    That statement says that service has been restored. Your service is not restored when it works for some and not others. And how can you say that “they’re performing well”? Complete BS.

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi MJM — I apologize. That notice was posted prematurely, and I wasn’t aware of it when I replied earlier. We should not be making a blanket statement of availability until 100% of our services are restored for all members. As we’ve acknowledged previously, our communication on this issue has seen much room for improvement.

  165. M Says:

    “Some other Intuit services are completely online and have been reported that way” that is a complete manipulation of the truth and an attempt to spin the press and you know it!

    • QBO Dave Says:

      Hi M — no manipulation here. If QuickBase is fully restored, then QuickBase users deserve to know about it. Same goes for TurboTax Online, Quicken Online and so forth.

      We’re very sorry that some QuickBooks Online members had to wait longer than users of other Intuit services, and I’ll be the first to admit that our communication has been far from perfect. But reporting the availability of other services as it happened was the right thing to do for the users of those services, even though QBO was not fully restored at that time.

  166. MJM Says:

    I am now able to access. A mere 41 hours later.

  167. Paul Says:

    I’m seeing several messages like this from QBO Bermster:

    “Hey again Richard, we’re back online now. As for the refund question, we’re addressing this via the support line. 1-800-286-6800. Thanks much and again – sorry from the team here.”

    Does this mean that we have to call the support line to request a refund?

    What is wrong with this picture? Intuit knows what went down. Intuit should automatically issue refunds for lost service time, without thousands of people having to call them to request (argue for?) a refund.

    The accumulated lost productivity of all of these calls is enormous. But for Intuit, the cost is probably less, because they don’t have to issue refunds for the people who don’t call, if they require a call from a customer to request a refund.

  168. Jim Coshow Says:

    I called the support line and they were happy to credit me the entire $2.25!!! When I asked about the overtime expenses I will be paying I was put on hold and finally gave up after a while.

    An automatic credit for a few months servcie might have saved them from all of the negative word of mouth that will follow.


  169. Shane Says:

    Log into your Quickbooks Online, click on the message that says:

    “See all updates on the recent outage. Click Here!”

    Anyone else get a blank page? How ironic! That seems accurate. Everyone at Intuit has blank expressions….

    • QBO Bermster Says:

      It’s fixed now Shane – the link actually goes to this blog. Thanks,


  170. Teresa Says:

    This has just been a tremendous mess. The lack of a viable recovery plan, or the inability to execute it, is unbelievable. My confidence in QBO has taken a huge nose-dive. It would be interesting to see what others are switching to. It appears to be time for a mass exodus, and could very well be the end of Intuit.

  171. [...] similar message on the QuickBooks online blog also noted that the company is still investigating the cause of the [...]

  172. Sarah Says:

    No one wants to hear your apologies when your system goes down on a monthly basis. I bet just like last month when we were down for 3 days in the middle of the month that YOUR billing systems are still working and OUR account will still get hit with the monthly fee in a timely manner. Us on the other hand will not be able to create invoices, have employees enter time, charge our clients for their invoices…you have stopped our business mid month billing cycle TWO MONTHS in a row. WE WILL BE SWITCHING within the week. This is RIDICULOUS! You act like our information and our daily operations don’t matter. And you had all these people sticking up for you like “it happens” NO IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. QuickBook users BEWARE. This is not normal for a Saas Company. Not once in 6 years has our company (also a Saas) let our system go down for more than 2 hours – in 6 years. And the one time it happened, we had a backup. There are other options and I think we should all explore before they loose years upon years of all of our business data, leaving us screwed. But don’t worry, they’ll have a nice apology.

    • R Jannuzzi Says:

      Sarah did you get the email that the assisted payroll is going up 15% next month! I don’t know how a company can increase the cost of their services when they are going down on a monthly basis.

      • Sarah Says:

        Ha! I would never trust QB to be able to pay my employees without problems every time. I’m very glad we made the decision a year ago to go with another payroll provider rather than QB’s. This is obviously a new update they are doing and doing wrong. I doubt they have a power outage on Tuesday’s mid-month 7pm every month. They should have never performed an update to the system without being absolutely sure that all issues with the last update were resolved. QB is big but so was Enron and it crashed real quick…I see QB following with a big growth making them a powerhouse and than complete destruction.

  173. whzkd Says:

    QBO down again!!!! Seriously??? With 2 checks to print and an hour before I leave on my vacation…this is it, going back to regular quickbooks!

  174. Peter Says:

    This doesn’t bother me at all. We switched our service after the last outage.

    • Sarah Says:

      I only wish we had been so smart. Stupid for us to think QB could get it together! Do you mind if I ask what you switched to?

  175. This has hurt our company and caused us more money than even a free membership to sh!tbooks online would cost. Its like seriously I did not think we would have to go through this again during normal business hours. Why offer this service? And to monopolize all QB products so that we can only send things through QB online is ridiculous! I am anxious to see when this will be resolved. Work day is almost over with not much accomplished. Why does everything take so long to get fixed. The estimates still dont fit properly on my screen and I’ve been waiting for this to be fixed for 3 months. This seems like normal web design. I mean come on.

  176. Oh yeah can anyone else give me suggestions for different software? I cant do business like this.

  177. That’s great news, i had to download Quickbooks from that site.
    My business is speeding up, thanks to quickbooks

  178. Sarah Says:

    Of course QB Online is down again. Does this surprise anyone? No amount of free months service they could offer would make up for time and money lost…AGAIN. How many times in a year period has this happened. And all due to “updates” Maybe they should use a testbed before pushing updates that shut our ENTIRE system down.

    • Priyajeet Says:

      Unfortunately though these issues are not related to any QBO in-product updates that you generally hear about on our blog posts…

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