Thank You for a great year! We’re looking forward to the next.

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As we reflect back on the year, we are thankful for your continued feedback and excited about the progress we’ve made towards it.  With your help, this past year we introduced many big product features, including:

  1. Customer Center: Your relevant customer data is now displayed on one, easy-to use page.
  2. Company Snapshot: Now get a quick overview of your businesses finances to help you save time and make better business decisions. * Plus feature!
  3. Inventory Tracking Quantities: In QuickBooks, you can now answer the question, “Do I have enough inventory to fulfill the order?” * Plus Feature!

We hope you noticed other changes as well:  our design refresh, browser compatibility…this new blog!

We’re excited about the New Year and what’s coming. There’s a lot to look forward to!

Thanks for your loyalty and consistent feedback.   Please continue to tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what you want.

- Happy New Year from the QuickBooks Online team!

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64 Comments on “Thank You for a great year! We’re looking forward to the next.”

  1. I would like to see a payroll report similar to the one used by the desktop version of Quick Books, visa vis; Employees name across the top and all wages, deductions, payroll taxes listed vertically, so that this information is retrievable without going to the particular employee and having to pull up each pay check. I am sure that many customers would use this frequently, as I do. I see no reason that this is not being done.

  2. I would like to see a payroll report similar to the one used by the desktop version of Quick Books, visa vis; Employees name across the top and all wages, deductions, payroll taxes listed verticalsly, so that this information is retrievable without going to the particular employee and having to pull up each pay check. I am sure that many customers would use this frequently, as I do. I see no reason that this is not being done.

  3. HardyAuston Says:

    Ditto to Mr. Hood!

  4. Lou Gardella Says:

    I like to see online bill pay (one would think you would have it with QB Online). It’s been promised for years! Oh the shame )

  5. Neil Carlson Says:

    As a billable-hours shop with many timesheet-only users and with literally hundreds of client projects in the client list, we are still dying for a nifty timesheet applet that 1) runs outside QB Online and doesn’t time out; 2) allows us to tailor the available client list to each employee’s currently active projects and 3) uses a format that easily and automatically reflects the hierarchical structure of the client list (so that A clients are always before B clients and so forth). Copying the last week’s timesheet is not a timesaver when you work for 20-30 different clients each week and give them different services as well. Number one time waster and thus number one problem with getting quality data for billing and reporting.

    • Agreed. We have to use a 3rd party web based time tracking tool which allows us to assign clients, projects, and tasks to individual employees and subcontractors. We tried QB timesheet but it pulls up every client in the customer list regardless of whether it is an active client, or whether the consultant even works on that client site. It would be great if it was an integrated solution, and we didn’t have to double pay.

  6. My Marketing & Advertising firm is entering our 7th year. I must say that as a small business owner who previously ran a multi-million global department in a Fortune 20 company, that I could not have made it this far without Quickbooks.

    I have a Masters Degree, I have been in charge of a department in a large company, I even a former Army Green Beret Officer and know a few things about leadership…but I will say that there is no way I could have established and run my business and achieved success in this economy without Quickbooks at my side.

    Because of those dreadful PC crashes that happen at the wrong time (My Wife does our books and her machine crashed at the wrong time and we lost our finacials at one point, so a customer suggested that we switch to the online edition in 2007, which was the best business decision I have ever made).

    Now as the President of this agency, I have my finanicals at my fingertips 24×7…that is a very cool tool, and I tell many people to do it.

    Thanks Quickbooks…I know that 2010 will be a great year for us both!

    • Bermster Says:

      THANKS so much for your comment! This is awesome fuel to our fire and we’ll keep working hard in 2010 to help you run your business.

  7. The ability to import PayPal payments on the Online version is essential. The amount of time wasted posting these payments is unbelievable. Yes, you have merchant solutions available, but a lot of our customers pay via PayPal regardless.

    • Al Says:

      I definitely second the request for importing PayPal payments. I currently have my PayPal IPN right out a CSV file that I import using QImport3, but that only captures sales, not payments I make through PayPal.

      It would be ideal if PayPal were available through Online Banking Center.

    • Yes please! This IS essential. One branch of our business uses PayPal exclusively and the effort required to capture the sales data is ridiculous…

      • Bermster Says:

        Thanks all! One of the priorities this year for the team will be making it faster and easier to enter your data into QuickBooks. We’ll refer to these comments for guidance :)

      • Terri Says:

        Yes, please! I spend so much time making double entries, it’s crazy!

  8. Brian Says:

    I’d love to see support for Google Chrome (web browser) and the linux operating system! I’m trying to get away from Windows and it would be great if your apps were not so OS-dependent.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Charles Sher Says:

    I would like to see the ‘On Line’ version and the ‘Desktop’ versions to be the same.

    As a CPA with clients using both versions it would really simplify my life if everything was the same.

    • As a user, I would like to request to NEVER try to have the Desktop version be the same. Keep the Online version as simple as possible since there are simply too many small mobile companies gravitating to the web and simplicity is a factor that has more people coming, than having options upon options that many never use.

  10. Kenny Says:

    I would like to pay vendors via direct deposit.

  11. Dr Andy Says:

    My New Year’s Resolution: 1920 x 1080!

  12. Lenny Says:

    I would like to see scheduling available and all of the fetures that are in Quick Books Customer Manager.

  13. Sally Says:

    I would like to be able to take a purchase discount at the time of payment without having to go back and revise the invoice. I think QB Online is great!

  14. I second the comment about PayPal — why not make it a “bank” and allow download of transactions (I use it more for purchases than payments)? It would cost $30/month on the PayPal side, but I’m paying that already for access to their Virtual Terminal product.

    It would take someone with skills on both the QBOE and PayPal Payments Pro interfaces, but it could be done.

    Might even be a viable product for a 3rd-party company!

  15. Mike Parker Says:

    Since the purchase of paycycle why will you not offer Exact Pay for Employee Comp Ins through the Hartford Ins Co. This the only regret I ever had changing from Paycycle to Intuit. I thought this would surely happen as Paycyle support was second to none.

  16. Dale A. Brevik Says:

    I would like to print envelopes directly from QuickBooks Online.

    I would also like to see the new customer center expanded to the vendor section.


  17. Dale A. Brevik Says:

    I am an electrician. I would like to do my invoices from my truck (off line)
    and have them download later.

    I don’t do enough to justify using an air card with my laptop.


  18. Ann Says:

    I would love to see a more user friendly time sheet that can reflect what you do on a daily basis vs. a synopsis of what you did for the entire week. This would be immensely helpful since we bill per client and employees work for more than one client per day.

    • Scott Says:

      I second the need for more time input methods. A daily one, that works in a modern way like the new client center, would really help.

  19. Remy Mimun Says:

    Would like to see a tab for Other or one that can be customized along side of Customer, Vendor, Employee. Some of the people I deal with do not fall into any of those categories.

  20. I’d LOVE to have the ability to INSERT a line in a charge. You can add a line. You can delete a line. But you currently can’t insert a line.


  21. Being able to insert a line in an Estimate or Invoice would also be handy. There’s probably other places where it would be useful, too.

    • R R Cooper Says:

      Yes this would help immensely!

    • Area Services Says:

      Inserting lines would be extremely useful. I miss this one feature most. I do long invoices and estimates and I always have to plan them out, which is sometimes hard to do when I have to make changes.

  22. QB Online is the greatest marketing tool used by our Firm. We have strenghtened clients relationship by offering access to their data 7x24x365. We would like to see DD to Vendors and been able to email employee’s DD Vouchers directly to their email.

  23. Nina Caricato Says:

    I just started with QB Online 2 days ago and have discovered that you can’t insert a line in an estimate or invoice. I find that feature really necessary, especially since we tend to do a few revisions for customers before the final estimate is accepted.

  24. Rick Says:

    Along with the ability to INSERT a line on an Invoice, I would very much like to see a SUBTOTAL option. We have some charges that are a percentage of sum of items. Not having a subtotal on the online edition is a problem for us.

    • Area Services Says:

      I agree with that. I also miss this feature. After working online for so long, one forgets about the features that were on Desktop. Not that I would not like to go back to desktop at this time, these small features may seem insignificant in the big picture, but are very useful for invoices and estimates.

  25. Jordan Says:

    I have been a QB pro customer from the earliest days. I am really liking this migration to web hosted solutions. I wish all my software and solutions were this easy to navigate. And so thorough. I also like the upward functionality options that grow as my misc companies grow.
    Ciao and keep up the good, no make that, GREAT work.
    Foxco Management LLC

  26. Jordan Says:

    I would also like the payroll report suggested by others and look forward to it’s implementation. You guys are my most trusted resource in this area, and are on my relatively short heroes list!
    Foxco Management LLc

  27. It would be great if Quickbooks could help Non-Profits track and communicate with Donors.

    If QB could run reports based on Class/Projects while including Donor and Donor’s Mailing address in the reports I could pull info out into excel to merge for Mailings.

  28. Greetings Quickbooks :-)

    Being a QuickBooks Online customer of over eight years and having applied for your credit card processing twice and being turned down both times though my credit record is flawless, I would like to see PayPal integrated back like it was in the beginning back in 2002.

    With the exception of the TD’s for Credit Card Processing with you folks which would have made my life much easier, you have done a fantastic job and I have absolutely no other complaints.

    For this years resolution and to get things a lot better for myself and obviously many others whom have posted here, please bring back PayPal integration for both Accepting/Managing Payments and Posting.

    Thanks as always :-)
    Joseph Anderson

  29. Dan Dickerson Says:

    Will this finally be the year that I will be able to use QBoL on my Windows Mobile phone? You have it for the iPhone and we’ve been promised for several years that Windows Mobile is “coming”.

    Wouldn’t it be great to make your application available to the platform that so many of us use everyday in business?

  30. How about phones using the original Palm OS (not the new Web Palm OS). I have to use that phone for interchange with ACT! on my PC.

  31. Lisa Pierce Says:

    As an association that pays members as subcintract vendors, I would like the option to email check stubs the same way you can email an invoice.
    On the invoice section, you create an invoice and then you have the option to print and/or email the invoice.
    Can you not add an extra column to the check printing window to send by email? Right now there is a check box to select them to print.
    I now pay almost everyone with direct deposit so when I “print” the checks, I actually print them to a pdf and then re-write them as single pdfs to email them.

  32. R R Cooper Says:

    I would really like the online version to add the ability to print purchase orders. Now I have to go back to my desktop version for purchase orders – and I can no longer email them to vendors since the desktop version has expired.

  33. John Ruberto Says:

    Wow, thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions.

  34. Fred Porter Says:

    We don’t have a need for voucher checks in our small family business. I miss the three checks per page in the non-online versions.

  35. Kathie Says:

    I would love to see a tightly integrated CRM (service based) for us to use with QB Online.

  36. Tanya Says:

    I miss the Missing Checks report available in desktop version.

  37. Dan Says:

    When I make purchases with my company credit card, my bank records a description like “POS Purchase “. The POS prefix with the date time stamp takes up 25 characters; when this data is imported into QBO via online banking, only the first 32 characters are used in the Payee field in the register. These 7 remaining characters aren’t incredibly helpful with matching and I need to immediately edit the field to be useful.

    Any chance you can remove this prefix from the Payee field when you import the data? I know other banks do something similar (my friend, another QBO user, uses Bank of America which has the same issue).

    Regardless, keep up the great work!

    • Dan Says:

      Sorry, the description got mangled: it looks like: “POS Purchase [date time stamp] [vendor info]“

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